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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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we would rather have that fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. there on the clock this is the news out live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes and of the ice and attack against the u.s. and kurdish forces in syria hours after israel fired missiles at iranian targets need to mask and. dozens are killed in a taliban attack in afghanistan as the u.s. begins another round of direct negotiations with the group. presents another version of her brakes a plan but it's not much different from an already rejected proposed. plus so i put
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in for business one of the oldest streets in baghdad gets a new lease of life. so the new u.s. troops based in syria have become the target of eisel fighters for the second time in less than a week a bomb or random tis car into a checkpoint in syria's kurdish controlled northeast just as a joint convoy of u.s. and kurdish forces passed by at least five people were killed no u.s. troops were among the casualties the incident comes just weeks after the u.s. president announced a pullout of troops from syria. well monday's incident happened in a province where residents say there's been a surge in attacks on checkpoints in recent months kurdish fighters there are still battling to clear eisel from the last foothold in the region as only binge of aid has more now from gaziantep on the turkish syrian border. this is
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a second attack in five days on u.s. forces and their allies inside syrian territory just a few weeks after the u.s. president declared that syria is for your vice and it's operation done and he will be pulling out pulling out his troops an assessment that not just his commanders but his own team does not see eye to eye with one of his envoys had to resign because he did not see that mission the mission has been accomplished in syria and with these attacks it's becoming clear that the united states might need to stay longer inside syrian territory this attack and came days after the attack in a town which is a bone of contention between the united states and turkey as it is falling out of this so-called safe zone on the turkish city of border there is a road map to member that is being discussed and the united states would like to see a role of the no call entities there inside syria whether they are the kurds or the arabs to be part of the government which takes over rather than handing it over
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completely to turkey of turkey on the other hand has had this open communication again with the united states or the president calling the u.s. president saying that his forces are ready to take charge and also addressing a local audience here in turkey and telling that the durkee will be closely monitoring how are these promises going to pan out that have been promised to turkey it says it has been reported here that the turkish president says that in his forces are ready to take on an operation east of the euphrates river this is going to be all the all the way throughout not just the turkish syrian border but the words the edge of the iraqi border as well so not that remains in this complicated question of how and who will be pulling out and who will be left in charge but a few hours earlier the skies over the syrian capital let up with explosions as israeli warplanes launched air strikes against iranian military targets so no one has more on that. israel has repeatedly struck targets inside syria for years but
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rarely admits doing so now it is confirming the attacks and providing information saying it's targeting the elite couldst force unit of the iranian revolutionary guards israel has lifted the veil and its message is that it has no intention of stopping the strikes as one of the new we have a permanent palsy to strike at uranium entrenchment in syria and her whoever tries to hurt us israel operates in syria with russia's approval moscow turns a blind eye when the strikes don't weaken the syrian government and when the israeli military gives the russian military prior notice the russian defense ministry doesn't usually comment on the operations but this time they didn't just provide details about syrian army casualties but that syrian air defenses destroyed israeli missiles russia will send. some messages to israel. course it will. continue providing. more
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missile systems or more. rockets. there are reports that russia wants israel to stop targeting in and around the damascus airport it's a difficult balancing act for moscow it has a good relationship with israel but it wants commercial planes to start landing to end syria's isolation but the airport is also important to iran israeli officials have said civilian cargo planes are used to transfer weapons from to her and to iranian backed groups in syria including lebanon's hezbollah they also say iran's privately owned mahaan air is one of the carriers suspected of carrying war material to syria the airline has been under u.s. sanctions and now the german government has decided to prevent it from landing at german airports many of the strikes targeting damascus airport coincided with reports of iranian planes landing on sunday air flight was about to make its
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approach before turning back according to israeli media the latest wave of attacks is the second in less than ten days and the third since the u.s. announced last month plans to withdraw american troops israel was concerned the u.s. pullout would strengthen iran which has vowed to stay in syria as long as required but israel too made a promise and that is to keep up the airstrikes until iran leaves. beirut or let's hear from our correspondent hard for so has more on the israeli air strikes from a lot. well it's just eight days since the last time the israeli prime minister was speaking very openly about an israeli air strike inside syria that came last sunday two days after that airstrike a much more limited one it was also the same weekend that the outgoing military chief gary isengard was detailing in a much more comprehensive way exactly what israel had been doing over the last few years targeting iranian interests inside syria really putting an end it seemed or
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at least moving away from the policy of ambiguity which israel has been surrounding its activities for those years up until this point the reason for that change well there are two explanations being posited here mainly one of them being domestic politics elections coming up on april the ninth benjamin netanyahu under serious pressure over three separate corruption investigations a potential decision by the attorney general re indictment coming within weeks it's expected and so it suits his political profile certainly to appear strong and in charge of israel's security at this time also the it may well be that the military wants to message iran and indeed syria that it is willing to do more and escalate its activities over syria further and messaging this before it does so certainly there has been analysis that changing this policy does run the risk of iran and syria potentially using that as a reason to be more open in their possible escalatory actions and that is certainly
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one risk that the israeli government the israeli military appears to deem worth taking at the moment. a taliban suicide bomb and gun attack has killed dozens of intelligence and security personnel in afghanistan it happened in the maiden sharr the capital of wardak province southwest of kabul a truck packed with explosives was driven into a training center run by the afghan intelligence agency after the explosion other taliban fighters dressed in police uniforms stormed the base some reports say the number of those killed could be more than one hundred. well the attack came hours before the taliban announce resumption of talks with american officials the taliban released a statement saying its representatives met with u.s. diplomats in qatar where they have a political office talks between the two sides have gained momentum over the last six months the u.s. pointed special envoy zalmay khalilzad to lead negotiations in september the
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taliban insists the u.s. must leave afghanistan seventeen years after it invaded the country in response to the september eleventh attacks a sticking point in the negotiations is the inclusion of the afghan government in the peace process the taliban regard it as illegitimate and insists they will only negotiate directly with washington well david said ni is a former deputy u.s. assistant secretary of defense for afghanistan and pakistan and he says he's not surprised to see attacks during talks with the taliban. in the run up to peace talks whether it's in the afghan conflict or other it's common for one side or another usually the side that is weaker to mount amount greater off military operations to try and strengthen its hand for the negotiations this appears to be one on one other at reason for this kind of attack by the taliban at the same time as negotiations are slowly perceiving forward this is a war that's been going on one way or another for over forty years and the fact
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that the talks continue even in this case where the taleban yesterday said they would not talk to the u.s. and then yesterday they did talk are today they did talk with the u.s. shows that the talks are proceeding now will they achieve anything or they won't achieve anything until the taliban and other afghan sit down together and really discuss peace the taliban have used this excuse of not wanting to talk to the afghan government as a way to essentially the flecked real talks real peace talks can only come when afghan sit down with afghans but as long as the taliban are talking to somebody in this case the u.s. that shows that there is a possibility of the real peace happening and in many ways the role of pakistan is key the u.s. a negotiator ambassador zalmay khalilzad was just in pakistan for several days before he went to doha and the pakistani prime minister imran khan is visiting doha as well it's not clear exactly what role pakistan is playing but they may be
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playing a newly positive role. thousands of rallied in sudan after the announcement of the student protest that had died of his wounds he was shot so alongside a doctor on thursday the opposition says forty seven people have been killed during a month of protests and that more than one hundred cities have taken part reports now from khartoum. the home of dr. has seen a constant stream of mourners since he was shot dead during an anti-government protest on thursday his house has also become a meeting place for supporters and sympathizers. of my five children he's my only son he never had a problem with anyone but he was always wanting to help those in need. three of the sisters are doctors they say he was shot by members of the security forces are to makeshift clinic that he set up in the capital. the family showed us a photo of
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a man in civilian clothes pointing a gun to words the house while their brother was teaching the wounded. those sorts of video of a shooting nearby on the same time at least two protesters were wounded. was a colleague try to rescue the doctor who was shot. yes i remember. the word that the people who were killed in sudan looked killed because they did anything wrong you know well look i think it's got broken not a single house broken you people who are going out. to say you know if you screw it . i was a forensic expert says the doctor was shot from behind. we found pieces of metal in the room and in the lower part of his lung they'd be studied to determine the caliber and the type of weapon used. so then security forces and police deny any
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role in the killing of protesters stormed the. us police never used any live fire to any protest sites or in any other occasion we never use live bullets in any situation of. the same denials have been to eternity to by the head of intelligence and the target of the protesters anger president on bashir. the governing security doesn't kill people the weapon that's being used to kill dr barbecue or of the homemade is not of any type that our police possess or any that existence today. by god i say it's the regime that killed my son i will never doubt my certainty about it but i get to know my media and i'm sure they purposefully decided to kill doctors but my sister was arrested with the others they detained this told them that they were specifically looking for doctors who help protesters . the type of force being used by the government to quell the protests is adding to
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the controversy and confusion about the killings the government has employed militia to help the army combat armed groups in sudan for decades. what's attracting attention now these militia men are mosque in their faces while attacking unarmed civilians in the streets of khartoum and other major cities and. then there is a very dangerous and unprecedented situation now when men in civilian clothes can carry guns battens a mass their faces to confront protestors this proves the existence of a shadow army which is seniors ruling party leader talked about and yet you see him move anyone with him who do. as protesters chant peaceful peaceful they are drowned out by gunfire and tear gas. scenes of collective punishment like these are say the government's opponents a daily occurrence. so is the break into homes security
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forces severely beat anyone suspected of hiding protesters the government says twenty six people have been killed so far in a month of protests to demand the better life rights groups say the total is at least double that. the government's announced the setting up of an official commission of inquiry but protests that broke out over the rising of the cost of living last month continue to intensify and spread across the country and with every new protest to kill hundreds more turn out demanding an end to the thirty year rule of president bashir. or or dizzy. a plenty more still ahead on the news are including the presidential runner up in the democratic republic of congo and his supporters remain firm in their demand for a recount despite a call to. the race to be the democratic challenger to donald trump in twenty twenty just a little more crowded. and soaring to williams is looking back to the dominant best
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the latest from the australian open coming out and still. now that in britain's prime minister tourism a has returned to parliament to lay out a plan b. for how the u.k. will leave the e.u. just a week after breaks a deal suffered a crushing defeat that includes more discussions on how to deal with the contentious issue of the irish border and scrapping registration fees for a use it isn't in the u.k. post breaks it still several m.p.'s accuse me of failing to present an acceptable backup plan many now want to take back control of the brakes a process and are considering a historic amendment that would let m.p.'s propose new legislation and force parliament to debate it the house of commons remains deeply divided with different factions calling for a range of options including leaving without a deal holding a second referendum or seeking a customs union with the european union o'brien reports now from london. this was
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a prime minister in apparently conciliator remote i'm listening she said i will keep you informed she told m.p.'s but there is no plan b. for bracks it's only more talks about salvaging her plan a will be more flexible and open it inclusive in the future and how we engage parliament in our approach to negotiating our future partnership with the european union secondly we're going bend the strongest possible protections on workers' rights and the environment and third we were trying to find how we can ensure that our commitment to no hard border in north manage and on and can. be delivered in a way that commands the support of this house and the european union the opposition labor party leader was unimpressed the prime minister's invitation to talks have been exposed as a p.r. sham every opposition party politician. here every opposition party politician came out of those meetings with the same response contrary to what the
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prime minister has just said there was no flexibility there were no negotiations nothing has changed. in brussels there's been a frosty reaction to the idea revisiting negotiations and is it too late for systems i don't know really you know changing with the old they would see more to it to cool because no willingness to open the door of books again and a polish suggestion about a five year time limit on the northern ireland backstop the insurance policy to avoid a hardboard on the island of ireland has been rejected by dublin i made it very clear that putting a time limit on an insurance mechanism mechanism which is what the backstop is effectively means there's not a backstop at all at westminster several different groups of m.p.'s are now devising ways of using a variety of parliamentary amendments to force the prime minister to change course
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if we don't find a way forward the u.k. is leaving the e.u. in the twenty ninth of march that's basis of no deal so let's legislate to stop that let's take that we take that risk and we. hold a gun to the head of parliament which is in effect what that means trying to do as march the twenty ninth looms the prime minister's strategy appears to be to go back to brussels and test to the e.u. his willingness to risk a no deal bret's it but he is also testing the patience of this parliament and it's not to talk clear which side will flinch first paul brennan al-jazeera westminster . well there not a buck on is that an associate professor at dublin city university and he says both the republic of ireland i nor the night and want to avoid the return to a home order well we don't even have to imagine we only have to be old enough like myself to go back twenty thirty years when there was a hard order as a result of conflict in north america which in itself was assuaged by joint membership and they were about twenty or fishel
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a border crossings between north and south now there are almost three hundred open border crossings between north and south and it seems it's fiction was you don't know what you're talking between north and south not has facilitated a whole range of cultural political economic interaction between the communities north and south who it might be stressed are not in favor of the kind of current situation they may want to backstop they didn't want breaks it that's the position people living in the republic apart and it's also the position of the majority of people of northern ireland that's something that's somewhat obscured by the fact that trees amazingly missing to one side of the argument in or around us to do you keep because it's parliamentary arithmetic in the house of commons and the democratic republic of congo for supporters of the presidential runner up have been arrested police brought crowds from attending a rally at martin for yunus party headquarters in the capital kinshasa on sunday the highest court rejected fodor's demand for a recount of the vote and declared her feelings and she said katie the next
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president an african union delegation to spain to visit after initially saying it had serious doubts about the election result for me to miller has more now from conscious. two groups of supporters have been gathering in this area into chestnut just across from the national stadium on the side of the road supporters of martin fight who do who are challenge the election result of the constitutional court saying he won that election his challenge was dismissed the supporters yes say he was robbed of the victory they say that the outcome of the election was determined not by the vote but fight a nomination people from the side of the roads will run across to the other side of the road where they started throwing stones at supporters of felix she say katie he's been named the president by the constitutional court and he's true to be sworn in of this week that's when police intervened firing rubber bullets on. these protesters say felix chase
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a kid he was named the winner of the election off to striking a deal with outgoing president joseph kabila fairly certain he said he never met john locke today felix who is calling himself the president is behind kabila our worry is that the shadow of joseph kabila is behind felix to security it is not felix who will lead the country it is kabila it is kabila who will run the government that looks up or is the absolute felix and not when he is not our president because we did not vote for him everyone around the world knows that our president is for you lord that we will continue to come out until our rights are restored if guns are needed we will use guns to claim our victory protestors blocked the road and threw stones outside the headquarters of the embassy party m.l.c. is part of the opposition coalition that put for you to forward as a presidential candidate he was expected to address supporters here but did not a pia we construct the secret in the national unity it's because he's effective is does we have too little too you know if we needed it done to me we face this
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kind of the court of shun me for negotiation regarding that we duffy let's showing dick. thank you don't it be lead call it that way we say it's all dis distilled do we have it j j really change the mood cut coalition is appealing to the international community for help but influential african states like south africa and kenya have congratulated president elect feel extra security on his when the southern african development community says the d r c should be allowed to transmission peacefully. but these protesters say if the elections didn't work they will bring change ranger hindu refugees in by the dash say they are desperate to return home a plan to send them to me and ma was halted last november but hundreds of thousands of revenge of muslims are still afraid to go back after they were attacked by me
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and most military two years ago and toscanini reports now from coke's is bizarre. you can see it in their smiles and even in the way they walk the route who endured atrocities in medium are now feel safe here in the world's largest refugee camp in bangladesh but there's a group of four hundred fifty people who live isolated and are guarded almost around the clock they're a hindu minority among the persecuted muslim minority population they say in twenty seventeen they fled out of fear of reprisals for refusing to join an armed group and amnesty international report says almost one hundred hindus were massacred hindus we spoke to say they believe it's now safe to return home to me and mar. we don't have any peace of mind by living here our soul is crying aloud for our homeland and. for most of these refugees returning home is
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a terrifying thought last november there was widespread panic and protest after the bangladeshi government announced it would reach an agreement with me in march to repatriate about twenty two hundred refugees the u.n. war and forcing them to return would be a violation of international law when no one volunteered to go the repatriation plan was halted sixty five hindus were on the list according to the bangladesh refugee relief and repatriation commission how about it if they got any of the got we were already in packed up but no bus or anyone from administration showed up. the commissioner says that's because it couldn't meet a core demand of the hindus and doesn't want to differentiate between them and the rest of the room refugees he says it would be easy to transport them all at once as
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they've demanded however ultimately this hinges on the me in mark government if that is the result and we're not going to get ourselves the readiness for all of them to go back and. formalities and completed them definitely for now the hindus have no choice but to try to adapt to life within the protected confines of their camp i don't know when we want to have any fear once we're able to land our fate on the border will gain our strength back until then they like the rest of the rohingya refugees here must wait for governments to decide their fate it's not going to aim al-jazeera cox's bizarre bangladesh still ahead here on al-jazeera a tense moment in venezuela as some soldiers question the presidents who just busy and call for an uprising. as a new airport in israel takes off why palestinians are grounded. for coming up
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twenty minutes or so host nation the u.a.e. given a real scare the asian cup far will be here with us. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. and they were as you probably know it should be dry in china this time the we've had at least three pairs it has not been in the cloud that is still his just well maybe with another one but no the forecast is now for a draw a couple of days which is hovering from what you say ten in shanghai to twenty in hong kong yes and persistent morning mist and forbidden smog in places where otherwise it's fine looking weather raining breeze for the science those that are adding to the strength of the showers that are more of a tropical depression has even been given the name but this is the remnants of now
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to the eastern side you notice of the philippines has come in and it's gone back again that is a bit of a gap before you pick up the more usual shastra it more or less malaysia and indonesia but there's a bit of focus here more into these here in java the southern part of borneo look particularly and so the ways in which you can't even see into these awful cross cloud as the philippines central philippines once again from the east we get battered with a persistence of rather a slow moving clump of thunderstorms and on the subject of slow moving tops thunderstorms there is one it was significant rain through pakistan it's concentrating now on the far north in jammu and kashmir on the indian side significant rain and snow maybe a meters with. the waiver sponsored by qatar and race. in the next episode of science in a golden age on me exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islam and the period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of
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alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his company procedures of those which most do we used to do it. all while. science in a golden age with professor jim a lily on al-jazeera. as it takes our tougher line on migrants organized crime is making fast profits from their misery. people and power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. the math and the migrants on al-jazeera what.
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but again you're watching others here a reminder of our top stories this hour i sold says it turned out a suicide car bombing that targeted a u.s. patrol in northern syria no u.s. troops were among the casualties the incident comes just weeks after the u.s. president announced a pullout of troops from syria. a taliban attack has killed dozens of intelligence and security personnel in afghanistan the truck packed with explosives was driven into a training center run by the afghan intelligence agency this came hours before the taliban announced they had resumed in k.c. ations with the u.s. officials in qatar. british prime minister tourism a has presented alternative routes a planned it's just a week after her first deal was overwhelmingly rejected it includes more discussions on how to deal with the irish border and scrapping registration fees
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for e.u. citizens in the u.k. post briggs it. from israeli supreme court says it's axing congressional measures that declared the presidency of nicolas maduro illegitimate the judges also ruled that the leadership of the opposition dominated congress itself is invalid durai was sworn in for a second six year time on january the tenth despite widespread condemnation of the his main opponents were banned from running against him meanwhile government officials say twenty seven soldiers from the national guard have been arrested after a video appeared on social media showing a sergeant demanding president maduro his removal trees about reports. that these are members of the believe aryan national guard in venezuela they say the does not recognize the government. neither one of you need the support of the people of venezuela take to the streets here we are this is what you wanted to
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defend the constitution and here we are period. the troop it is today but it happened at a military base in got the sec attack us the ministry of defense said forty people had been detained. people from the area took to the streets to protest they set up roadblocks and barricades the national guard responded with tear gas and rubber bullets seven of the men are there. i have relatives in the house over there i have an aunt who's with her children they're practically kidnapped and showing right for them to die of hunger the people have to go out to defend their rights. i the incident took place stenches in venezuela increased once again after he was sworn in for a second time in office. the opposition and countries in the region including the united states say they won't recognize his presidency because the elections in may last year were filled with irregularities and that's why they have been calling on
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the military to rise up against the government. there offering immunity to all of the military personnel all polls modeled on that he says the opposition and the united states are trying to overthrow a legitimate government. this is not the first time a group of members of the security services rise up against. last year a helicopter pilot. was killed after throwing grenades at government buildings. is believed to have the loyalty of his top military command that plays a crucial role in his administration and that's why the opposition is hoping it is the regular troops that will push change. there is a war. more than thirty three thousand people were murdered in mexico last year breaking the record set in two thousand and seventeen that have been more than two hundred thousand homicides in mexico since the government to ploy the army to fight
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do. trafficking in two thousand and six the new record reveals a challenge facing the president and his men were locals open to go and see establishment leftists who took office in december with a promise to cut violence and non-polar pulled snow from mexico city. violence in mexico continues to break records recently released statistics suggest two thousand and eighteen was the most violent year the country has seen in more than twenty years experts argue that impunity ranks among one of the main reasons for this increase in violence coupled with the splintering of drug cartels and weak government institutions it all two thousand and eighteen registered more than thirty four thousand homicides but again these are government statistics not all homicides are reported it's believed the real figure is actually higher president lopez over the top has said he wants to attack the issue at the root creating opportunities that will lessen a person's desire to get involved in crime the president has however not outlined
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any specific plan for addressing the high levels of violence that continue to plague mexico in president lopez over though it has been criticized for his proposal for a national guard something that critics say will only further militarize the country this is a strategy that the president's predecessors have been applying for the last twelve years a strategy that many say has only worsened the problem now violence is up fifteen percent comparable to this time last year so there is an expectation that two thousand and nineteen could continue to shatter records. the u.s. possible government shutdown has now hit the one month mark it's the longest on record eight hundred thousand federal workers are affected but president trump and the democrats appear closer to ending the political deadlock over the funding for proposed border along the border with mexico reynolds has more from washington d.c. . a month of shutdown gridlock and political posturing a month of misery for eight hundred thousand government employees going without pay
5:36 am
in a sign of just how bad things are now kraft foods corporation opened a grocery pop up store in washington giving away cheese macaroni mayonnaise and so on to cash strapped federal workers. the pain spreads across the country on coast guard bases and research laboratories along the borders and in airports the partial government shutdown is hurting families and disrupting vital government functions for example the transportation security agency reported that about ten percent of its airport security screeners have been unable to report to work due to financial hardship we have to have been evidenced based conversation president donald trump and democratic house speaker nancy pelosi are no closer to an agreement i am here today to break the logjam on saturday trump offered temporary protection to about
5:37 am
one million undocumented immigrants in exchange for funding his wall the plan includes five point seven billion dollars for a strategic deployment of physical barriers or a wall. democrats said no way saying trump must agree to end the shutdown before they'll talk about border security both sides have resorted to jabs jobs and juvenile antics speaker pelosi suggested trump don't plans for a televised state of the. the union speech during the shutdown in retaliation trump snatched away military aircraft. palosi planned to use for a trip to afghanistan that kind of pettiness and does nothing for the american people and has reached a high water mark in my experience and i've been here almost fifty years polls show americans are weary of the dysfunction in d.c. about sixty percent in
5:38 am
a recent poll disapprove of trump's handling of the shutdown. the economic damage is mounting according to the financial services company standard and poor's the u.s. gross domestic product loses one point two billion dollars each week the government is closed or about one thousand nine hundred eighty four dollars a second jamie diamond who runs j.p. morgan chase the biggest bank in the u.s. says if the shutdown persists it will reduce growth to zero maybe everybody should start stocking up on that mac and cheese rob reynolds al-jazeera washington. california senator camilla harris is the latest to enter an increasingly crowded and diverse race to be the democratic candidate in the twenty twenty u.s. presidential election about a dozen politicians have already announced or considered extremely likely to announce she ever tuns it takes a look at how some of the leading contenders positioning themselves. of tamil and
5:39 am
jamaican descent senator camilla harris claims to be in tune with the progressive left wing of the party i'm running for president me i'd say but that's precisely where she's facing skepticism she's recently adopted leftwing positions like free health care for all but her record included opposition to progressive criminal justice reform this is the problem for many of the democrats who have officially announced or are signaling that they're going to run things have changed since bernie sanders one forty three percent of the democratic party base is vote with his left wing platform against hillary clinton for the nomination in two thousand and sixteen for years the route to the nomination was courting the center and right wing of the party now the left are demanding a say too i'm going to run for president the united states kristen gillibrand early right wing positions on immigration gay rights and guns are a liability even though she says she's changed the closeness to wall street is a particular problem texas politician better or rogue often billed as a progressive by mainstream outlets hasn't supported universal health care or free
5:40 am
college education is also a member of the clinton i corporate friendly new democrats and watching an exploratory committee for president even elizabeth warren long a champion for holding corporations to account has been received skeptically for her pledges that she is simply a capitalist who wants to give corporations the chance to do the right thing she's also had to shift to foreign policy in recent months no longer to see expressed kneejerk support for israel for example and she supports a u.s. withdrawal from syria i have decided to run and will be making a formal announcement within the next week that something hawaiian democrat told see go but has long a spouse she supported sanders in twenty sixteen but the extremely conservative views on homosexuality she wants supported and her comments on torture and what she calls a radical islam have raised suspicions on the left the candidates who announced early are often the ones who have the most work to do before the perceived front runners declare so they have to establish themselves with the progressive left before bernie sanders makes his decision please. please please don't give up. but
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many have records closer to the center and right of the party and former vice president joe biden is currently perceived to be the leader there and frankly until we know whether those two are running the outcome of this race is pointless to predict she ever turns the al-jazeera washington to russia now where public trust in president vladimir putin has fallen to its lowest level in thirteen is the public opinion research centers poll found trust in putin it dropped to thirty three point four percent between one a landslide election victory and a new six year mandate in march it's a role approval rating is just over sixty percent. minority muslims in the philippines voted in a long awaited referendum on autonomy the people of min in the now island where asked if they back a plan by separatists in the government to create a new self administered area so culmination of a peace process and decades of conflict in the region results of the votes will be
5:42 am
known later this week to maryland says from. there from bullets to ballots after decades of armed conflict millions of filipinos voted whether to accept or reject on the tunnel was government designed to provide greater powers for muslims in the southern philippines the more islamic liberation front the largest armed group in southeast asia negotiated for almost twenty years with several administrations in manila and what's called the b o l the bangsamoro organic law may finally be ratified by president clinton he go to terror to rep a leader is guest there votes early and we very. often we find someone. will be right to fight and we find someone. will be stuffy in the am i is committing itself to the democratic process
5:43 am
after decades of war against the philippine government's armed forces you autonomy would pave the way for an estimated thirty thousand m.i.l.f. fighters to give up their weapons the island of mindanao has been held back by decades of armed conflict since the muslim rebellion began in the one nine hundred sixty s. more than one hundred thousand filipinos have been killed and millions more displaced as the referendum began army commanders reassured voters they were in control but some voters became impatient. in one of the precincts a growing crowd a signal didn't meet for the military to intervene in the us soldiers asked voters who cast their ballots to leave but some refused others said they've been waiting for hours and weren't given the chance to vote right outside the precincts where
5:44 am
hundreds of voters they say are upset because they were not allowed to vote polls just closed at exactly three o'clock local time here and they are chanting yes the b o l. o are gonna. be the moms we only believe in one result god willing just to be your. was some m.i.l.f. supporters say they are ready to return to war if the referendum result this in turn out to be favorable to the rebel group the result is expected to be announced in the weeks time until then government leaders are appealing for calm. in the region with a reputation for violence and electoral fraud peace is precarious here jim duggan al jazeera cut about the city southern philippines israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has opened his country's second major international airport
5:45 am
passengers have begun flying in and out of the new order on the red sea border with jordan the jordanian government is unhappy with a five hundred million dollar project it says the new airport violates international law as well as jordan's aspace well as israeli celebrates the airport opening the bombed out ruins of a building in gaza are a symbol of what's might have been for palestinians chance traffic reports from what was once gaza's. gaza's airport was a symbol of hope for a future peace between israel and palestine. it cost eighty six million dollars to build with funding from the japanese the germans the spanish saudi arabia and egypt but it was opened in november one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the opening ceremony was attended by fat the us president bill clinton and this is all right now so has all not was
5:46 am
a manager in the airports administration it saddens him to be here now. but it was great working here we all loved our jobs we had like one family from the manual workers to the high officials it was a beautiful symbol for palestine it showed the world that we palestinians could operate an international airport. the yasser arafat international airport as it was called could handle seven hundred thousand passengers they could fly to and from cyprus and various capitals around the middle east it was a symbol of hope after the nine hundred ninety three oslo accords the airport stopped operating during the second intifada or uprising against israel's occupation in two thousand israeli fighter jets bombed the control tower and radar station in two thousand and one shovelful seen palestinians feel both sad and angry about this the apple two have helped our economy so much and it employed so many
5:47 am
people now it lies in ruins. twenty five years after the failed all slow peace initiative and three walls later zuhair walks through the rubble despite the destruction of a life he wants briefly knew he says he still won't give up on hope chance trafford al-jazeera gaza. the oldest streets in iraq's capital is finally reopened after being blocked off a seventeen year is. street was once the center of baghdad social and business life but it was closed during the u.s. led invasion well now the government has opened it up to try to show you that the city is safe is robust. this is our rush the street it's one of the most iconic streets in central baghdad there's been a street all in this route for the best part of a hundred years it dates back to the early days of the ottoman empire in the sixteenth century but all rashid street came into being right about nine hundred
5:48 am
sixteen that's when the british suffered a serious defeat at the hands of the autumn ones to the south of baghdad to commemorate that victory the military governor of baghdad coming up atia said that this street should be built during the u.s. led invasion of iraq the street was closed and that's because it's a very strategic importance for baghdad it links we are off i day in the central bank behind me to baghdad's main based business district which is just a few kilometers on the other side that was very important and it was very likely that it was going to be a significant targets of the street was closed but seventeen years later it's reopened for decades all of the sheet street was the center of baghdad social life there was cinemas here and restaurants and cafes and hundreds of small businesses in its heyday was in the one nine hundred fifty s. when money from oil started to make its way into the iraqi economy and people had more money to spend but over the years the buildings have fallen into disrepair
5:49 am
particularly during the years when the streets being closed the government is hoping that this by reopening the street will send two messages first of all that the project problems in the center of baghdad might get a little bit easier but perhaps more importantly that the city of baghdad is getting back to normal and it's safe. still ahead we go towards full. cool.
5:50 am
5:51 am
thanks very much three time champion saudi arabia have been knocked out of the asian cup japan beat them one nil to reach the quarterfinals of the tournament for the eighth consecutive time a first half goal by tech a hero tom ieyasu was enough to send the samurai blew through where they'll face the vietnam in the last eight to pan other tournaments most successful side and are looking to be asian champions for a fifth time. i mean i'm happy that we were able to win against one of the best teams in asia and our players were able to play strong with tenacity because of that we were able to keep a clean sheet and win the match. defend we played most of the time to gain their half and we controlled the ball and had position but we like to find a touch and determination to transfer the position into goals but i would like to repeat that i am still something to fight with their performance the main goal for a head coach like me is to come up with ideas for the blues and they have to be
5:52 am
implemented on the pitch and they think they did it well. defending champions australia are through but only just they struggle to create chances in their match against is bacchus on the game and no well after extra time the socceroos eventually scraping through four two one penalties you know we're in the quarterfinals you know the men were in their opposition and you know it's a bit it's going to take a big score to get the job done you know with the suspensions in. playing a part so it's really important we recover no i've seen joy in the occasion to not because you know penalties are such a tough occasion but then obviously tomorrow we focus on the next game. australia face host nation the u.a.e. next the emraan is bounce back from a late equaliser converting a penalty in extra time to twenty three two they only just hung on kurdistan glowing a great chance to send it and at the end. eventers have re-established their nine
5:53 am
point lead at the top douglas costa getting the first goal of the season as the champions crushed bottom side he will train l. even will expect a much tougher game next time out they faced six place but. sort of williams has made him phatic statement of intent of the australian open the american be well there once more how it been three sets to move into the quarter finals in melbourne so hell malik reports. serena williams has taken a major step in reestablishing herself as the player to beat in women's tennis. to move on to the quarterfinals in melbourne the american had to be world number one simona halep and it looked early on that things would be easier than expected williams dominating the first six one. how it didn't capitulate though she responded showing the kind of form the got into last year's final she took the second six four and the comeback was on the wood but after saving three break points williams would go on to break color and take
5:54 am
a pool to relieve would. she served out the ceiling at six four to claim the match was williams is now a step closer to winning an eighth australian open title on the twenty fourth the grand slam overall she faces carolina discover in the next round she's always someone that comes out. and plays well i've got to return a little bit better to the extent that we play a potential semifinal opponent for the woman that dominated her in last year's u.s. open final naomie of soccer i was the japaneses through to the last eight she got there by beating and start your service over in three sets the twenty one year old will now face the leanest with alina next. it was a day of frustration for alexander's vary of in the men's draw the four seasons never been to the court finds in melbourne and you have to wait till next year to change that the top finals champion was beaten by militant round it and. the
5:55 am
canadian swept him aside in three sets and will now face france's lukas pool next fall's rev however the wait for a first grand slam title continues. surely. this mission. we never want to know much as. she watched carney should corrie is also into the last day he came back from to sit down to be public arena booster in the near five hour marathon. the japanese planes been to the quarterfinals three times before melbourne but has never got any further he faces a mammoth task to progress though as he'll be facing world number one novak djokovic. the serbian be danielle medvedev in forces to progress. djokovic just chasing history if he wins the tournament it will be his seventh triumph in melbourne making him the australian open as most successful player of
5:56 am
all time so he'll mallett al-jazeera. tom brady's new england patriots are back in the super bowl for a third straight year the patriots will take on the l.a. rams on february the third both the a.f.c. and n.f.c. championship games were decided in overtime rex burkhead ran in the winning touchdown for the pats against the kansas city chiefs in a thirty seven to thirty one victory brady now has a chance to win a record sixth super bowl title in the n.f.c. decider the rams spent the entire game playing catch up against new orleans saints gregg's airlines fifty seven yard field goal benchley gave the rams a twenty six to twenty three overtime win at thirty two shaun mcveigh is the youngest head coach to lead a team to the super bowl. i've never goes in an atmosphere like that ever it was so loud you know we had some communication issues from the start we've dealt with big time adversity and kind of personifies woods i've seen this this is been really
5:57 am
throughout the course of the year fell behind guys just kept competing kept swinging in wasn't always perfect but guys made enough plays and i think really the overtime period personifies what this team is really all about fans in l.a. have every right to be excited as an l.a. franchise it's been close to four decades since surrounds made the super bowl the rams did win the title in two thousand but that was then the team was based in st louis. we're going to do the baby let's go. the best way to get up in. the ramp to know what they say. they've been working to get back to this point when no time and that's all your support for now more later i phone for thanks very much indeed for a good let me just nudge in the direction of our website al-jazeera dot com is the address all the stories we're covering plenty of comments and analysis. that's it
5:58 am
for me in the clock the rest news out of. this week's counting the cost of prime minister's briggs's deal is rejected as britain pulls towards a messy exit why zimbabwe's government wants people to buy less fuel plus classy models last call because worries about the trade will. counting the cost on al-jazeera. called the mountain which is saying has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said china list as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but
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journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. sure to films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short possible stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. over who could afford it four hundred people it was true you had to be one to. save your bed are computed a free copy for everybody one zero zero zero selects. where
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ever you. another tack against us and kurdish forces in syria ours off to israel five missiles as a rainy and targets near damascus. hello i'm the stasi of hay and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up dozens are killed in a taliban attack in afghanistan ahead of another round of direct u.s. negotiations with the group. to reason may present another version of have direct that plan but it's not terribly different from an already rejected proposal.


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