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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed tonight based one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. zimbabwe's president calls for a national dialogue after weeks of protests that have led to deaths and arrests. down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up not backing down the call for more protests in sudan as anger grows over the police crackdown on demonstrators. the british prime minister unveils another version of the brigs
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a plan but it looks a lot like one that's already been rejected. under arrest in venezuela detained soldiers accused of plotting an uprising against president nicolas maduro. zimbabwe's president. has called for a national dialogue to address protests of a rising living costs he took to twitter to condemn demonstrations which he said were not peaceful but he also promised to investigate allegations of violence by security forces he said violence on misconduct by our security forces is unacceptable and a betrayal of the new zimbabwe chaos and insubordination will not be tolerated misconduct will be investigated if required heads will roll but i'm not god made those comments just hours after cutting short his trip abroad where he'd been seeking foreign investment and the time he was away activists say twelve people.
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been killed charlotte dallas reports. zimbabwe's president emerson meninga to seem to the steps of his least seven eight seven digit this is one of the world's most luxurious private planes he had used it for a fundraising mission to russia because external. meninga took off ten days ago just hours after stunning zimbabwe ends with the news he was doubling fuel prices due to an economic crisis on the tarmac the man he had left in charge vice president general constantino chewing. when people demonstrated against the fuel hike to ingo oversaw a government crackdown on protesters were killed many more were shot by security forces more than six hundred people have been arrested the latest high profile arrest was jeff at morier the head of the main trade union confederation he organized a general strike last week as proteus whip the country the government also shut
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down the internet only people with something to hide shut down the internet only people who are up to no good sat down people's rights to express in to sharing information to shedding light on a situation on monday the high court ruled the internet blackout illegal and demanded to be restored nationwide the director was issued by the minister with no power in terms of enabling x. to issue such a directive the power to issue a directive in terms of the interceptions of communications was it is there through the president himself nor are the president's men in power from up mugabi just over a year ago he promised to revive the shattered economy but it still struggling the decision to double fuel prices was his answer to months of shortages that's what drivers queue for hours to fill up essential is like brayden medicine have also been hard to find. zimbabwean economy has collapsed and even with the president
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back it won't help the situation won't change years although he has the people and you must also realize that is a. manager of fifteen sixteen million people as many. from what's known as the dream get some points watch to see if he can deliver and aims to the economic and now security concerns shiela ballasts al-jazeera more protests are expected in sudan as anger about the government crackdown on demonstrators continues thousands rallied in germany following the death of a student protester twenty four year old trainee engineer died of his wounds after he was shot during protests last thursday your positions as forty seven people have been killed since demonstrations began last month when the government raised the price of brain damage well met one family that lost a loved one of the hands of the police. the home of dr bao because of the honeyed
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in ca two has seen a constant stream of mourners since he was shot dead during an anti-government protest on thursday his house has also become a meeting place for supporters and sympathizers who are well within what he'd been one of my five children he's my only son he never had a problem with anyone but he was always wanting to help those in need. three of the sisters are also doctors they say he was shot by members of the security forces are to makeshift clinic that he set up in the capital. the family showed us a photo of a man in civilian clothes pointing a gun to words the house while their brother was treating the wounded. though some saw a video of a shooting nearby on the same time at least two protesters were want to. buy a colleague try to rescue the doctor who was shot. him as he's.
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been listening to all the words that the people who were killed in sudan look killed because they did anything wrong look i think it's got broken not a single house broken you people who are going out. to say you know if you screw it . i was a forensic expert says the doctor was shot from behind could not. be found on pieces of metal in the room and in the lower part of his lung they'll be studied to determine the caliber and the type of weapon used. so then security forces and police deny any role in the killing of protesters with the. us police never used any live fire to any protest sites or any other occasion we never use live bullets in any situation. the same denials have been to eat aerated by the head of intelligence and the target of the protestors anger president omar and bashir. the governing security doesn't kill people the weapon that's
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being used to kill dr berwick europe the home it is not of any type that our police possess or any that existence today. by god i say it's the regime that killed my son i will never doubt my certainty about it but i give in on what i mean i'm sure they purposefully decided to kill doctors but my sister was arrested with the others they detained this told them that they were specifically looking for doctors who help protest. the type of force being used by the government to quell the protests is adding to the controversy and confusion about the killings the government has employed militia to help the army combat armed groups in sudan for decades what's attracting attention now is militiaman our mosque in their faces while attacking unarmed civilians in the streets of khartoum and other major cities and i think what they what they think it then there is
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a very dangerous and unprecedented situation now when men in civilian clothes can carry guns battens a mass their faces to confront protesters this proves the existence of a shadow army which is seniors ruling party leader talked about and yet you see him move anyone with him in the who do. as protesters chant peaceful peaceful they are drowned out by gunfire and tear gas scenes of collective punishment like this are say the government's opponents a daily occurrence. so is the break into homes our security forces severely beat anyone suspected of hiding protesters the government says twenty six people have been killed so far in a month of protests to demand the better life rights groups say the total is at least double that. the government's announced the setting up of an official commission of inquiry but protests that broke out over the rising of the cost of living last month continue to intensify and spread across the country and with
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every new protest to kill hundreds more turn out demanding an end to the thirty year rule of president bashir. a disease caught on. britain's prime minister tourism a has outlined her plan b. for how the u.k. will leave the e.u. just a week after parliament rejected a briggs deal that includes more discussions on how to deal with the contentious issue of the irish border and scrapping registration fees for citizens in the u.k. post briggs it still pains accuse me of failing to present an acceptable backup plan many now want to take back control of the budget process and are considering an historic amendment that would let m.p.'s propose new legislation and force parliament to debate it the house of commons remains divided with different factions calling for a range of options including leaving without a deal owning a second referendum or seeking a customs union with the e.u. and reports from london. this was
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a prime minister in apparently conciliator remote i'm listening she said i will keep you informed she told m.p.'s but there is no plan b. for bracks it's only more talks about salvaging her plan a we will be more flexible open and inclusive in the future in how we engage parliament in our approach to negotiating our future partnership with the european union second we will invent the strongest possible protections on workers' rights in the environment and we will work tried and if i how we can ensure that our commitment to no hard border in northern ireland and island can be delivered in a way that commands the support of this house and the european union the opposition labor party leader was unimpressed the prime minister's invitation to talks have been exposed as a p.r. sham every opposition party politician. wants to. every opposition party politician came out of those meetings with the same response contrary to what the
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prime minister has just said there was no flexibility there were no negotiations nothing has changed. in brussels there's been a frosty reaction to the idea revisiting negotiations and it's too late for assistance i don't know why though really no change in the world who could even though it would seem motorists are cool because no willingness to open the door of books again and a polish suggestion about a five year time limit on the northern ireland backstop the insurance policy to avoid a hardboard on the island of ireland has been rejected by dublin i made it very clear that putting a time limits on insurance mechanism mechanism which is what the backstop is effectively means there's not a backstop at all at westminster several different groups of m.p.'s are now devising ways of using a variety of parliamentary amendments to force the prime minister to change course if we don't find a way forward the u.k. is leaving the e.u. in the twenty ninth of march and us basis of no deal so let's legislate to stop
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that let's take that away take that risk away but hold a gun to the head of parliament which is in effect to these at least trying to do as march the twenty ninth looms the prime minister a strategy appears to be to go back to brussels and test to the e.u. his willingness to risk a no deal breck's it but he is also testing the patience of this parliament and it's not to talk clear which side will flinch first paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back how young people in china are coping with a slowing economy and a lack of job prospects and the race to be the democratic challenger to donald trump and twenty twenty just got a little more crowded and more on up stay with us. l.a.
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for a change the snow is not the real story of europe we've had significant rain or into the western part of the mediterranean for the barracks more recently said sardinia in sicily and italy is that arc of plant there this is snow there's still snow running through ukraine but that's gone by tuesday and this is the picture of what's the next frontal system coming down through the u.k. into the low countries france and the norns by there's some snow in that because the air behind it is quite cold and the air in front isn't particularly warm either so a bit of proper winter swinging in from a different direction i suppose and that maybe start the presses off again we'll see rain and start slow particularly for in the alps rain over the water over italy over the arcs again and down the adriatic coast you're nurses with those spreading out through austria and cream once more if you're in northern germany it just remains cold so actions in the mediterranean which means the coasts of algeria in tunis here will catch some of that right and increasingly a strong wind which of course will bring the city up so temp to maybe irrelevant
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where we will be feeling very nice on wednesday and it will be good if you intend to go out on to the waters it's all in fact that rains for its region is here and you can see it dips down into northern parts of libya ahead of it it's quite warm in egypt. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what is this race is it a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drugs this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to pay for the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here this hour zimbabwe's president. has returned home and called for national dialogue to address protests of a rising living costs while he was away and seeking fun investment out of a site twelve people were killed. more protests are expected in sudan as the government crackdown continues on demonstrators thousands running in the month following the death of a student protester twenty four year old died of his wounds after he was shot during protests on thursday. on the british prime minister has presented an intelligent friends a plan to parliament a week after the first date was rejected to resume wants to hold more talks with the e.u. on how to keep the irish for the open. now twenty seven soldiers from venezuela's national guard have been arrested after a video appeared on social media showing
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a solid demanding president a do rose removal stories about reports. these are members of the believe aryan national guard in venezuela they say the does not recognize the government of any. leader. we need the support of the people of venezuela take to the streets here we are. this is what you wanted to defend the constitution here we are here the troop it is today. it happened at a military base in got the sec attack us the ministry of defense said forty people had been detained. people from the area took to the streets to protest they set up roadblocks and barricades the national guard responded with tear gas and rubber bullets seven of them are there. i have relatives in the house over there i have an aunt who's with her children they're practically kidnapped and they're showing right for them to die of hunger the people have to go out to defend their rights i
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the incident took place stenches in venezuela increased once again after he was sworn in for a second time in office. the opposition and countries in the region including the united states say they won't recognize his presidency because the elections in may last year were filled with irregularities and that's why they have been calling on the military to rise up against the government. there offering immunity to all of the military personnel all polls modeled off that he says the opposition and the united states are trying to overthrow a legitimate government. this is not the first time a group of members of the security services rise up against. last year a helicopter pilot. was killed after throwing grenades at government buildings. is believed to have the loyalty of his top military command that plays
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a crucial role in his administration and that's why the opposition is hoping it is the regular troops that will push change. there is how will. u.s. troops based in syria become the targets of eyesores fighters for the second time in less than a week a car bomb hit a checkpoint. in syria's kurdish controlled north east just as a joint convoy of u.s. and kurdish forces passed by at least five people were killed u.s. troops were not among the casualties the attack comes just weeks after the u.s. president announced a pullout of troops from syria. well monday's violence happened in the house aka province where people say there's been a surge in attacks on checkpoints in recent months kurdish fighters there are still battling to clear isolate from the region assad and jane has more now from gaza on the turkey syria border this is a second attack in five days on u.s. forces and their allies inside syrian territory just a few weeks after the u.s.
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president declared that syria is for your vice and that's operation done and he will be pulling out pulling out his troops an assessment that not just his commanders but his own team does not see eye to eye with one of his envoys had to resign because he did not see that mission the mission has been accomplished in syria and with these attacks it's becoming clear that the united states might need to stay longer inside syrian territory this attack and came days after the attack in a town which is a bone of contention between the united states and turkey as it is falling out of this so-called safe zone on the turkish syrian border there is a road map to member that is being discussed and the united states would like to see a role of the no call entities there inside syria whether they are the kurds or the arabs to be part of the government which takes over rather than handing it over completely to turkey of turkey on the other hand has had this open communication again with the united states today president calling the u.s.
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president saying that his forces are ready to take charge and also addressing a local audience here in turkey and telling that the durkee will be closely monitoring how are these promises going to pan out that have been promised to turkey it says it has been reported here that the turkish president says that in his forces are ready to take on an operation east of the euphrates river this is going to be all the all the way throughout not just the turkish syrian border but the words the edge of the iraqi border as well so not that remains in this complicated question of how and who will be pulling out and who. we'll be left in charge. a taliban suicide bomb i'm going to attack is killed at least forty three intelligence and security personnel in afghanistan it happened near maidan shah the capital of wardak province southwest of kabul a truck packed with explosives was driven into a training center run by the afghan intelligence agency after the explosion other taliban fighters dressed in police uniforms stormed the base some reports say the
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number of those killed could be more than one hundred. meanwhile the taliban has announced it had resumed talks with american officials it released a statement saying taliban leaders met u.s. diplomats in qatar where the group has a political office talks between both sides of gay men to him over the last six months the u.s. appointed special envoys on the hollywood sad to lead negotiations in september the taliban insist the u.s. must leave afghanistan seventeen years after they invaded the country and response to the september eleventh attacks a sticking point in the goshi ations is inclusion of the afghan government in the peace process the taliban regard it as illegitimate and say only negotiate directly with washington or david seventies a former deputy u.s. assistant sect of defense for afghanistan and pakistan is not surprised by the increase in taliban attacks. in the run up to peace talks whether it's in the afghan conflict or other it's common for one side or another usually the side that
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is weaker to mount amount greater off military operations to try and strengthen its hand for the negotiations and this appears to be one one other at reason for this kind of attack by the taliban at the same time as negotiations are slowly proceeding forward this is a war that's been going on one way or another for over forty years and the fact that the talks continue even in this case where the taleban yesterday said they would not talk to the u.s. and then yesterday they did talk are today they did talk with the u.s. shows that the talks are proceeding now will they achieve anything or they won't achieve anything until the taliban and other afghans sit down together and really discuss peace the taliban have used this excuse of not wanting to talk to the afghan government is a way to essentially the flecked real talks real peace talks can only come when afghan sit down with afghans but as long as the taliban are talking to somebody in
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this case the u.s. that shows that there is a possibility of the real peace happening and in many ways the role of pakistan is key the u.s. a negotiator ambassador zalmay khalilzad was just in pakistan for several days before he went to doha and the pakistani prime minister imran khan is visiting doha as well it's not clear exactly what role pakistan is playing but they may be playing a newly positive role ten sailors have been found dead and another fourteen were rescued after two ships caught fire in a crimea russia's transport ministry says survivors jumped into the sea to escape the blaze is that it may have broken out during the ship to ship fuel transfer both vessels were under the tanzanian flag with crewmembers from turkey and india. a court in tokyo has rejected the latest bad request by the former miss sun boss carlos go on the sixty four year old has been detained in japan since his november arrest he's accused of underreporting his salary and transferring personal
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financial losses to miss sands books is widely expected move the c.e.o. and chairman of the stands french partner in the coming days. the slowdown in china's economy is increasing the pressure on the country's job market and young people in particular are feeling the pinch a record number of new graduates are looking for work this year while those who have jobs say they're working longer hours for less pay katrina you has more now from beijing. taking a swing at life's precious. doubt chinese you'd like to come here to break things and blow off steam. i don't like the lifestyle it is too fast i have to get up early and finish late. story working long hours for little pay is common among customers at beijing smash room. opened by just some friends last year she says china's economic slowdown is pretty low
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pressure on young people so that. many people including my friends are feeling the pressure when the whole economy is slipping down many of my friends have to look for new jobs so many people are pressured from work so expect to see more clients after chinese new year the twenty eight year low slump in growth and uncertainty over the trade war with the united states are starting to be felt in china's job market. according to a joint report by remain university and job site job pin demand for stuff in the december quarter was down twelve percent compared to the previous year while the number of job seekers grew by about eight percent chinese students preparing to enter the workforce. petition this year alone about eight point three million are expected to graduate beryl wang is one of them the massive student has been trying to find a job for when she completes his studies in june but so far she's had no success
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after trial a lot of trials the interviews are the writing task i've gone through a lot but i haven't received any offers in the two miles barrels optimistic she'll find something after the chinese new year in february but many of her friends have given up on beijing moving to smaller cities where it's cheaper and there's less competition for the engine and the young people and a lot of pressure i think the government is very worried about unemployment which may lead to social unrest the official unemployment rate is about four percent but that's way below the truth last week the chinese government announced a new measures to stabilize the job market start ups will be entitled to bigger larns and companies with zero few layoffs will be rewarded. with employment pressure in china set to continue drilling is sure weren't too long before she returned to the smash room china's bad economic news continue to pile up it's
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likely the glass here you will to. al-jazeera. nearly eight hundred fifty former diplomats and academics have signed an open letter to china's president calling for the immediate release of two canadians michael coverage and the michael spate of war were arrested in beijing last month on allegations of espionage the symmetries of nineteen countries one president xi jinping the detentions will result in greater distrust of china there arrests are believed to be retaliation for canada's detention of huawei vice president mainland joe at the request of the us. to russia now where public trust in the president vladimir putin has fallen to its lowest level in thirteen years public opinion research centers polls suggest trust in putin dropped to thirty three point four percent he won a landslide election victory and the new sixty a mandate in march his overall approval rating is just over sixty percent. now the
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california senator comes to harris is the latest to enter an increasingly crowded and diverse race to be the democratic challenger in the twenty twenty u.s. presidential election about a dozen politicians have already announced their intentions jabber tanzi takes a look at how some of the leading contenders are positioning themselves. of tamil and jamaican descent senator camilla harris claims to be in tune with the progressive left wing of the party i'm running for president me i'd say but that's precisely where she's facing skepticism she's recently adopted leftwing positions like free healthcare for all but her record included opposition to progressive criminal justice reform this is the problem for many of the democrats who have officially announced or are signaling that they're going to run things have changed since bernie sanders one forty three percent of the democratic party base is vote with his left wing platform against hillary clinton for the nomination in two thousand and sixteen for years the route to the nomination was courting the center and right wing of the party now the left are demanding
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a say too i'm going to run for president the united states kristen gillibrand early right wing positions on immigration gay rights and guns are a liability even though she says she's changed the closeness to wall street is a particular problem texas politician better or rook often billed as a progressive by mainstream outlets hasn't supported universal health care or free college education is also a member of the clinton i corporate friendly new democrats and wanting an exploratory committee for president even elizabeth warren long a champion for holding corporations to account has been received skeptically for her pledges that she's simply a capitalist who wants to give corporations the chance to do the right thing she's also had to shift to foreign policy in recent months no longer to see expressed kneejerk support for israel for example and she supports a u.s. withdrawal from syria i have decided to run and will be making a formal announcement within the next week that something hawaiian democrat has long a spouse she supported sanders in twenty sixteen but the extremely conservative views on homosexuality she wants supported and her comments on torture and what she calls
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a radical islam have raised suspicions on the left the candidates who announced earlier often the ones who have the most work to do before the perceived front runners declare so they have to establish themselves with the progressive left before bernie sanders makes his decision please. please please don't give up. but maybe you have records closer to the center and the right of the party and former vice president joe biden is currently perceived to be the leader there and frankly until we know whether those two are running the outcome of this race is pointless to predict she ever turns the elders here at washington. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera zimbabwe's president. has returned home from a trade trip and called for a national dialogue to address protests of a rising living costs activists say that in the time he was away twelve people were
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killed and then god took to twitter to condemn demonstrations which he said were not peaceful but he also criticized police violence more protests are expected in sudan as anger about the government crackdown on demonstrators continues thousands rallied in undermanned following the death of a student protest twenty four year old trainee engineer died of his wounds r.t. was shot during protests on thursday the opposition says forty seven people have been killed since demonstrations began last month when the government raised the price of bread. but as prime minister to resign may has presented an alternative briggs it plans a parliament a week after thursday it was rejected may want to hold more talks with the e.u. on how to deal with the irish border she also dismissed calls for a second referendum and refused to rule out a no deal breakers that. u.s. troops based in syria have become the target of i still fight as for the second time in less than a week a car bomb hit a checkpoint in syria's kurdish controlled northeast just at the joint convoy of u.s. and kurdish forces passed by. at least five people were killed the incident comes
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just weeks after the us president announced the put out of troops from syria. the afghan taliban is having talks on tuesday with a u.s. envoy follows a major taliban attack on a base in wardak province on monday the government says at least forty three intelligence and security personnel were killed ten same as have been found dead and another fourteen are rescued after two ships court fire near crimea russia's transport ministry says survivors jumped into the sea to escape the fire is those who may have broken out during a ship to ship fuel transfer both vessels were under the tanzanian flag with crewmembers from turkey and india. public trust in russian president vladimir putin has fallen to its lowest level in thirteen years the public opinion research centers polls suggest trust in putin a drop to thirty three point four percent. victory a new six year mandate in march well those were the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story station thanks so much. sat here has never
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been a real easy sell for an investment of the reserves around the world are they understated or overstated they own those shares you're a company for the people by. they are there to keep the peace but many are killed targeted by armed groups the latest to die un troops in mali so what hope is there for u.n. efforts to keep the peace in conflicts around the world this is inside story. of the program i'm richelle carey they were deployed to many of the world's trouble spots lightly armed with limited authority the united nations peacekeepers known as
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blue helmets have increasingly come under attack they've been repeatedly targeted and melly now the most dangerous mission to serve in.


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