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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 13  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2019 7:32am-8:00am +03

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a much more serious issue the wife of an anti-government activist arrested in sudan has told al-jazeera she's had no word on her husband's whereabouts sudanese american ridwan dollars was detained by security agents six days ago in the capital khartoum his wife nancy says he was planning to take part in a demonstration the next day activists and students have been protesting since last month calling for the resignation of president omar al bashir demonstrations began off to the government raised the price of bread nancy dowd says her husband is a peaceful activist and she's adding the u.s. to help free him i do hope that they will put pressure on the sudanese government to be able to assist in his release definitely counting on them with any leverage we have with the sudanese government to make sure that that happens as quickly as possible along with the release of all of the other political detainees he's always been
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a peaceful protest or he is. has been concerned for many years about the state of sudan and he has been trying to bring change. the voice of all the sudanese are really crying for freedom for peace and for justice. no ruler should be in control for thirty years so really calling now for omar al bashir to step down. is a dictator that has been exploiting and oppressing the people for for many years. nigeria's anti trafficking agency has found tens of thousands of missing women in southern mali many have been sold as sex slaves and gold mining camps at least twenty thousand have been taken many from rural areas and are being kept in appalling conditions in some cases as many as one hundred fifty girls a crammed into just one hot the agency believes there could be others in neighboring countries as well as plans to go to ghana and senegal next. where
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exploited by virtue of the ability from me through our communities in various parts of nigeria six different states to be precise. tricked into going into mali giving the impression of doing to be getting jobs. and the usual story some of them are actually docked it. back from school snatched by traffic. zimbabwe's president is about to investigate accusations of assault and torture by his security forces and a synagogue was calling for a national inquiry following the violence during protests against steep increases in fuel prices but rights groups fear nothing will change the reports from harare. he says he doesn't want his family to visit him in hospital he's afraid that could
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be victimized for associated with someone police suspect participated in anti-government protests. in. the business for. proof. ridge. last week suburbans demonstrated against a fuel price hike which had more than doubled overnight the government responded with force more than six hundred people were arrested. in the east zimbabwe's human rights commission says more people died in last week's protest injuring orcus post-election violence the use of excessive force specially the use of life i mean it's not called for when dealing with civilians they should be other methods of controlling crowds and we believe that recorded very well trained police force in the country julius short of his son's death was senseless he was shot outside
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a police station calvin was twenty two years old and loved playing football in zimbabwe humanity is a. fairly. normal life he's being safe. he's being wasted. he's listening. in this environment that it's a new dispensation dispensation we're going to do lip licking whatever people are amused it was. thrown in the dustbin. now you think bush tactics president god what took power for robert mugabe just over a year ago he promised to promote democracy and freedom of speech some zimbabweans are disillusioned. he didn't do that. was just saying we. need. to see not kill them so we are. revolted the president has cut short
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a foreign trip and promised to investigate the crackdown by security forces zimbabweans are watching him after last week's violence some say they think speaking out against a government that could come after them had mythos al-jazeera had. a car bombing has killed at least one person and injured fourteen others in the syrian city of latakia or there is he's found a second device at the scene and defused it just before it was due to blow up the attack comes only a few days after another explosion hit damascus apparently targeting security officials then a caller has more from beirut in neighboring lebanon. two bomb attacks in the past three days the bombings in government controlled territories tuesday's that bombing in la to kill sunday's bombing in damascus south of the syrian capital that attack was believed to have been a targeted assassination a security personality it is still not clear whether or not he was injured or
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killed it is very hard to get information out of government controlled territories but the bombings really an indication that the situation is still not stable but the question is how is this happening after the government managed to push the opposition push eisel away from areas under their control last year they've they managed to regain a lot of territory pushing the rebels up to the north so how can the opposition operate behind rebel lines so it calls really into question the ability of the government to maintain security in sixty percent of the territories it controls but if you watch the area and state television analysts immediately predicted that this there's a new phase in the conflict they're talking about the possibility of more bombings and and that the situation is going to destabilize further now many in the opposition will say this is the government's way of keeping people on their side to scare them and to tell them that your best option is to continue to support us because public discontent discontent really is growing inside government controlled
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territories because the government has been unable to provide them with fuel prices are are rising and there are no jobs so it's a really a very very difficult situation for the government and yes they control sixty percent of the country but they still do not have the legitimacy from the outside world and clearly from these attacks not all is well a weather update is next but still ahead on al jazeera a taliban attack on afghanistan's intelligence community raises questions about talks with the u.s. . binny's pink sky and spy the taj mahal. are as the sun sets in the city of angels. hello there we're still seeing some clouds roll its way across turkey you can see it on the satellite picture gradually drifting its way eastwards it has brought us
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a few showers but i think on wednesday most of the outbreaks of rain will be confined to the far west coast so elsewhere it should be fine and dry the temperatures aren't too bad either beirut getting up to around eighteen degrees and force in baghdad which should also be eighty which is above the average for this time of year and those temperatures will rise further as we head into thursday this time up to twenty one here in doha temperatures are also rising just a little bit so i think on wednesday will get to twenty three but by thursday will be up at twenty four and those temperatures at night time will also be rising as well so you will notice that it won't get quite as cold over the next few nights them towards the southern parts of africa and we've just watched else desmond disintegrate that's been giving us some very heavy rain a lot of flooding as well over parts of mozambique and now that once disintegrated another one appears to be forming here it is gradually tracking its way southwards and as we head through wednesday and into thursday it will be drifting its way southwards as it does so it's going to drag plenty of clattering behind it so i foresee madagascar soaking very wet as we head through the next couple of days they
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could easily be some flooding here but actually in the northwestern parts that's where we're expecting the heaviest rain. there with sponsored by qatar race. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the movement that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has cooled base our legal protest and instructed police to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice people voted for lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks join the global. sation on al-jazeera.
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welcome back and a reminder of our top stories this hour venezuela's president nicolas maduro says he has ordered a revision of diplomatic relations with the u.s. that's in response to vice president mike pence declaring support the opposition leader who's calling on venezuelans to protest on wednesday. the wife of an anti-government activist arrested and has told al-jazeera she's had no word on her husband's whereabouts sudanese american it was detained six days ago nancy dao de jing the u.s. to help free him. talks between the taliban and u.s. special envoy. will continue into a fed day in qatar they are happening as details emerge about one of the west attacks against the n.d.s. afghanistan's intelligence service in the seventeen year war the taliban attacked a training base in modern shah and water province on monday the n.d.s.
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says thirty six people died and fifty eight were wounded in the attack. it's one of the worst attacks by the time to seize the group was pushed. by u.s. forces. one. drove a truck with explosives into a ministry called pound what followed was called the church officials witnesses say several dozens of people helping killed the missile. it was a really dangerous you see in this explosion was really low. windows of our house and other houses close to the area were broken and the wounded ones were taken to different hospitals here and leak out of. the facility is a brand by an elite intelligence unit in charge of training tribesman to fight the taliban. the attack is another indication of
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the armed groups growing influence last year taliban fighters launched a series of attacks across the country including a suicide bomb attack in the capital kabul in january at least one hundred people were killed mostly civilians analysts believe the taliban is increasing its attacks to gain more leverage in crucial talks with u.s. diplomats in qatar what we had today in my down shot was a tit for tat forward the united states in the african government is doing to the taliban so the taliban i think they're coming out of that hibernation period they're trying to carry on the same policy where do going to inflict damage to the african government and its international counterparts and talks are underway in doha where the taliban has a political office u.s. special representative for afghan peace zalmai is meeting senior taliban members
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here the talks underway to find and to the war in afghanistan and establish a unity government the u.s. old boy recently told the region seeking help from our allies including pakistan and in many ways the role of pakistan is key the u.s. a negotiator ambassador zalmay hollows was just in pakistan for several days before he went to doha and the pakistani prime minister imran khan is visiting doha as well it's not clear exactly what role pakistan is playing but they may be playing a newly positive role. let's be easy the taliban does not recognize the government in kabul and insists peace talks will only start when foreign troops leave afghanistan by a zero. bangladesh has given permission to the un special rapporteur on human
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rights and me and all to visit an island where we're headed refugees will soon be relocated young he leave will visit child and in bangladesh on thursday the uninhabited area will be home to more than one hundred thousand re-injure refugees who fled man all rights groups have criticized the move saying the island is prone to flooding and will be similar to a prison many of the refugees are living in critical long camp in bangladesh natasha going to aim is their. the dash is facing the enormous challenge of how best to host almost a million rohingya refugees cox's bazaar is now home to the largest refugee settlements in the world and the government says people keep streaming over the border from me and mar at a rate of about forty thousand a year this mega can't is congested it sits on an elephant migration route and in less than two years the jungle has been heavily deforested one of the solutions the government has is to move about one hundred thousand rohingya refugees to
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a remote island it's called passion charge it's about a four hour boat ride from the mainland it is uninhabited and it's prone to flooding that is why it's controversial you want special rough for tourists since the crisis began she has been pushing for access keyless island on tuesday she told al-jazeera she is now going to be allowed to take a tour and that will happen on thursday she promised me last july when i came here she said you can go after the rain so i think she's taking you know she's fulfilling a promise because the rain has stopped and it's a dry season and i think she's willing to let me go and show to the world what it really is on this tour of the un special rapporteur says she'll be looking to ensure the government can ensure the safety of the refugees the government says the refugees will have better accommodations on the island and an opportunity to make a living in another development this week the commissioner with the refugee relief
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and repatriation commission told al-jazeera that the government is quote eager to relaunch the process of repatriation soon now that process was halted in november due to an outcry and a lack of volunteers we spoke to a group of hindu ra hinders who say they're ready to go back home but only last. well brazil's new president has laid out the welcome mat for big business and major investors on day one of the wild economic forum in davos climate change and the digital revolution are among some of the major issues on the table but the focus has also been on some of the big names missing this year reports from davos.


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