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tv   Rainmakers Of The Outback  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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al-jazeera world travels to the kurdish regional capital of the building to investigate independence and the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera. all you want your knowledge is there i'm still wrong in doha these are all top news stories as many as thirteen people have been killed in the past two days in venezuela according to rights groups opposition leader hoyer in the dark has declared himself interim president but nicolas maduro insists that he is the elected leader the u.n. secretary general is calling all sides to pursue every effort to prevent violence to reasonable reports. thousands of people responded to the call by the opposition to take to the streets they're calling for freedom and they won venezuela's security forces to join their fight to end the presidency.
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we are using what they are throwing at us to continue with our protests we want an end to the usurper and demand freedom. they will sloper they talk about. who was sworn in for another six year term earlier this month. one way you don't is the man that challenges his illegitimacy he's the president of the national assembly a powerless opposition controlled body that has proclaimed him the country's interim president oh i swear to assume the powers of the national executive as the interim president of venezuela to secure an end to the usurpation and treasonous government and to have free elections if it is to be like god and country reward us and if not let god and country demand. on wednesday why the last claim to office was recognized by u.s. president donald trump and several other leaders in the region who regard a dictator he still controls the military and the country's main institutions.
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accuse the united states of promoting a coup to take control of venezuela's oil resource considered to be the largest in the world and. the only interest really my judy is to which i swore before the people to respect and be respected and for the independence sovereignty and the peace of the republic are decided to break diplomatic and political relations with the imperialist government of the united states those on the street say they are tired of an economic crisis that has forced millions of people to flee their country venezuela's national guard used tear gas and rubber coated bullets to disperse them. the united nations is asking both the government and the opposition to deescalate the situation and agree on a dialogue but those who oppose the government say the time for talk is. they want solutions for the problems millions of people in venezuela face every day and have stopped believing. has the answers to resolve them.
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human rights watch on the group of british m.p.'s a saudi arabia has failed to respond to their request to visit saudi women activists in detention the deadline of january the ninth for a response by the saudi embassy has not been met. we're not formally engaged when i say we presented the panel in a letter to the saudi ambassador on the second of january and then a couple of weeks later we were followed up with a letter. formally of congratulations to the new foreign minister in saudi arabia and also again in that letter. for george drawing attention to the the outstanding requests that there was to the saudi government to engage with us and oversee giving the reasons why we believe it would be a wise thing to do for saudi arabia to officially engage with us and enable us as a panel to be able to consider their side of the. side of the story
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alongside the evidence that has come from human rights watch and amnesty international and other. organizations including one might say the united states state department feelings just a caterer is due to be sworn in as the democratic republic of congo's new leader the inauguration ceremony is underway in the capital kinshasa this marks the first peaceful transfer of power since the d.l.c. gained independence from belgium in his last televised address as president outgoing leader joseph kabila urged the public to support his successor more protests are planned against sudan's president as he reaches out to support from allies on wednesday among the shia but qatar's i mean in doha it was bush's first trip abroad since the demonstrations started last month witnessed is not what this is next time but with more news in half an hour to stay with us here on al-jazeera .
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when i was offered. i'm from france our present i'm one of many one in a crap what level a name is what a body. cut from. a grew up in a place called christmas creek it's in western australia. as a child i remember stories about the past i heard about
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a life in the great sandy desert i'm a family go from. here stories about or old to help them sell by. economy jealous or living or. i have never seen them. or them of the level of their war from the desert. their parents or their problem going forward in an ever olympic. christmas creek callistemon where my family were working. my father. had stock when you had to sell a burger of what they are and that's how the government going to your name roll for . one may you and i must tell my family took me to a color station called. people there said i'm a project of the mining on guess
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a good land. right. to see their kids into our genes. that's me. it was the first time i went just my people fighting for their country. back. the mining company ended up grinning at me. but for us it was still a victory. it put out fine for a man writes on the map. but as a kid i remember the excitement of being there being part of something big. back. when we return christmas craig my father as usual was away working and mustering camps. but i never felt all alone. we had big mobs of all people looking out for us. for me it was like having a big extended family. literally my grandfather
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from my mother's side was very special to me. is a man of. no words you never know it for a minute wisdom and then he just you don't want him to fail to catch up with what you don't. or spider. brother but he was always a come father to me us different. he told stories all the time. together when his wife dolly. and fish were coursing for millions are you ready you never let up but. ever since i was a young boy spawn i was always singing. singing and dancing at all and community
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festivals. it was always about corner and the great sandy desert. the country he was forced to leave after the county again the white men. not. only in spotter always dreamt about getting the land in the desert back for many years we had been fighting for land rights and nine hundred ninety two things began to happen. when he talked up for additional lands and smashed them for additional wildlife where he brought the diseases and the alcohol where you committed the murder. where you took the children from their mothers for the first time australia has recognized the legal existence of aborigines prior to white settlement the high court has recognized there were people here and their descendants have rights. the
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mabo decision showed us that we could legally claim our land back. to claim it back we have to prove we have a continuing relationship to our country. in one thousand nine hundred ninety four my grandfather where only a spotter took me to take entry. and been bank there for forty years. it was my first trip to the country. i decided to shoot a video it was a new way of showing evidence for land claim. all i had with the old be a killer. we
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took a white photo with us is can name is jalen a guy there called him daniel. the land council asked me if i would be interested in conducting a lamb climb under the new native title act. and one of the first people that i met was wider who told me that is his country was. and. when they were going to go there. i read you know how to get to where he wanted to go and he drew maps of his country on the sand in fitzroy crossing and really it wasn't done to scale i'll tell you about. no one goes in this part of the great sandy desert no one travels in it it's almost inaccessible. like us it's like a different world for me. i have to see that in school of dance. and of know as
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i think god. oh things began to happen we knew they were getting closer because people were starting to burn the spinifex. and that if. i only hear stories about that snake spirit living in the water but i didn't believe it i followed on for us with my camera. it was hard to keep up. the running and shouting coming to visit the admit we have family. we have got to get out if. they did they took us to a small wet spot in the in the desert who was just this small puddle this small patch of wetness and this was this is
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a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days. were numbered there are going to be a lot of some of the young fellows that we were with and myself we started on what do you know what. they're doing now yeah. you know what i want to. know what. i think if you know anything about what you love you know because we painted. and under orders. they were going to. come out of it i don't know we're going to be like that but i don't know. i never saw my grandfather literally so happy. that it will kill you but i know you're. more than just that. there's just.
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this. week. that i live that you know that you're. sitting around a lot but now compared to mine and me up the stories told me as a kid. i really want to go understand what was going on here. is a man's area. man. bring women now are for taking out the little. only to find his wife she leaves the woman. is for a war and a woman so the disk makes no wood ai. and the damn visitor. activity yeah. took the woman back to camp but then i can see that
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something else was happening. spider was using the good and the mud pulling out. to make this go around a want to get at. it. told me that it represents the dog that same thing goes what did colin. see there could have been a day owning it represent a cloud and water then tip it over that's the rain it's coming down. there without . the. load. then what of it are all over on our own. that you have to ask for the first time i understood when the grandfather's dance came from. and the meaning of his headdress.
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the. being in a place where spot it literally grew up was really emotional. you know you'd like it like going back to a place. on country. oh no you believe going home. not that i am literally inspired or were trapped into something it was a feeling a lot and they were doing it. alone they said we had to we had to go now like right now ok so we packed up the camp and headed off a spider and literally really can only get as far from the place as possible and we drove home we drove and we drove and looking out into the west where the water hole was located were all the storm clouds and lightning rain.
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and then i realized that is the rain making praise that was what i already am spyder were doing today. they brought the rain. ritually made rain to her drs parts of australia and they were known widely as the as the rain makers. but i want to first find out there with my grandfather literally. i saw something that changed my life without any person on the trip and be able to trust that mail believed in me to carry on this responsibility i mean it's a big it's a big thing big job. but to get a good day fitting for more people at the transfer market would. it make you feel
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good inside. that confessional causing. daniel get a davenant's because from the trip. he started to write the report. for me the trip that were not made me want to find out more. i wanted to learn about our history. when one fellas came into our country in a. they want to water. they drove us off our land and turned a country and huge cal station.
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and then added counting camel he wanted us hundred one dollars or they can look. at two thousand kilometer track through our tribal lands. they call it the coming stock route and it destroyed a traditional way of life. just three solar sounds but. if. you want to. be used. to make fifty one wells for de kalb. only problem that he didn't there were any clue where the water was so he kept it out as a people. them up. and stop them a water. when he let them go if one of the trucks at the ran to get water.
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they imprison the water inside metal and with boxes of. their wells were closed and several more people around trying to get down could they want to. most of my people had to move away on their traditional way of life. among them well my grandparents spot i was a young man when he left the desert to find only his promised wife she was working as a housemaid and i got a station up my white grandfather. now better off that he didn't like desert people because the looters various cattle. when he seems bada or better over it chased him off if he's going to name just a fried name so as bada ran down to aruba and he clammed up a robot creek. bed rover he went dead judge a man just under
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a tree. or spider he was on top when he's in the fire coming over he jumped down and he landed next bottom and on more falls that's why its name is padda. spot ngoni ended up working on christmas gray color station. you know parents should let. the old stuff and we know there were billions to stay you know have been more than answers and they're made the station folks to what. we finally became citizens and got a kharaj after the nine hundred sixty seven referendum. but even the station owners refused to pay more people equal wenches. after decades of working there they were loaded on to trucks and dumped on the banks. that was to build
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place a bus ride crossing. fitzroy went from a population of sixty people to a refugee camp up to a thousand. they had nothing to do no work no nothing. while. system. wide. blue. was dry leaves for a. drug. and only kept their country alive by learning to paint. it comes naturally because of ceremonies and painting up on bodies and sand drawings. it was the beginning of good interest never you know not the. straw they became famous artists and the
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paintings sell around the world used to be in to new york london you name it they've been everywhere. this is one of spotless paintings he only paints gordo. i want to hold a left in the desert. and back at it. in a moment paper from the ground sandy desert came up with a b. plan to get their country back. they were going to paint their country for evidence. they traveled to win any an edge of the great sandy desert with more than fifty people from four different language groups. a monument you know to my love of god. the first man that was planted on the lawn or
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a canvas represents the coming stock route. it was to have to come here to watch for this. it was important for the own people to paint their country because. they're no speak english and they can't read or write. the canvas is like a map a bird's eye view of their country that shows the stories and where people used to walk. and it's a pretty damn good map. it took nearly a week to finish the painting. and then came the time to use it as evidence came. along. that told fred chaney from the native title tribunals or about. what i. mean that it. was about kind of i want to let it settle back i mean that this was all just so you know
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i mean. in the modern day and i know we're not. we're friends. you you know not me and i mean. this is where we used to dance. that i get that. this is. right. in order to land them along your own people to canvass to canberra one of the politicians and the country belongs to us.
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my sister nearly she was just. this is a country that represents our songs and our dance and our culture and not only that but as you can see with the you know the vastness of this map it's a link up between all the different tribes in the great sandy desert trying to explain aboriginal society you know in an aboriginal background not a region people is is a task in itself. or that you will surrender so we hope you don't get brainy after this am trying to. have it i'm going to hand my hand i write the paper not that upon occasion but interested. so the national
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gallery borrowed the canvas for an exhibition. it was like living not country with strangers. no family to look after it. there were a canvas i spent the last two years at the national gallery and something like a million people stored. adore people there wanted it back and sent me to canberra to get up. and. that's my little cousin brother. would spot. me. this is the first glimpse of a big deal out. here we're got back. when they stand on it it's just like standing on your
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homeland it's like going home. most of them will never see in the country. they too well. it makes them sad and they cry. they cry for their. whole. family. have never met me and they don't know how that i had or not. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away the list a covert military in the financial dog and you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on the face of the situation they're living in that's when all of us can identify with the story.
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russian filmmaker andre explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why wasn't the assume raided by the police to seize ukraine homosexuality the significance of your book into the russian elite is that she was like a feature who controls the cobra in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in the last bottles of this that authentic in the ritz with that this time go for with this. with detail coverage has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and call for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness
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it hundred. you're watching al-jazeera i'm still wrong and these are all top news stories rights groups say as many as thirteen people have been killed in the past couple of days in venezuela opposition leader. has declared himself interim president with backing from the us and some regional powers including brazil but nicolas maduro insists that he is still the elected leader the u.n. secretary general is calling on all sides to pursue every effort to prevent violence. felix to suggest he has arrived and is due to be sworn in the democratic republic of congo's new leader the inauguration ceremony is underway in the capital kinshasa this marks the first peaceful transfer of power since the d.l.c.
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gained independence from belgium president as it could be the public to support his successor. human rights watch and a group of british m.p.'s a saudi arabia has failed to respond to that request to visit saudi women activists in detention the deadline of january the ninth for the response by the saudi embassy has not been that we are not formally engaged when i say we presented the panel in a letter to the saudi ambassador on the second of january and then a couple of weeks later we then most of followed up with a letter. formally of congratulations to the new foreign minister in saudi arabia and also again in that last. for george drawing attention to the the outstanding requests that there was to the saudi government to engage with us and oversee giving the reasons why we believe it would be a wise thing to do for saudi arabia to officially engage with us and enable us as
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a panel to be able to consider their side of the. side of the story alongside the evidence that has come from your rights watch and amnesty international and other. organizations including one might say the united states state department. now turkey has renewed its call for an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi its foreign minister says the president has given the order for the case to be carried to an international level sure she was murdered in the consular office in istanbul last october the trial for some of the suspects has begun in saudi arabia have to riyadh refused requests to extradite them you can follow those stories of course on our website at al-jazeera dot com back with the news hour in thirty minutes but we continue on al-jazeera with a witness to stay with us. it
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was a sad day in the late ninety's when my gabby passed away. my grandfather in there was always a country in an orderly part away our shared. much and i didn't care about what was happening in my life. with worried. he already lost two grandsons to grope and was desperate to help me. and. it was important for the langley to take are not more young people so they can learn on a country. with the youngest one on the trip. it
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felt good to be out there no pomp and no destruction. spot it took me to or not fires or don't know we are coming that's part of it like spiderman up to the closer we got to the faster you let them fires. when you got to do is want to everywhere it was flooded out. i first got on it was good plenty of warning. but then i saw a spider he was upset. got that look i don't know no. but. i don't know your mother ever met.
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or not was or coming up with water when i am going to be out of my. the little patch we cleaned out bring up no ground water it now was covered. buttery on the. left goes along the course. you're. wrong with that margaret i've never done that i would love. to know why don't i don't. that having already got a lot of. spider
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just get tournaments to make for listen to. what. he does there will be new knows the new fires and singing. and asked for a sign that he's alive that. purpose . it's good to feel the rain it means.
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whatever. day. or night and that he has bought a scene or not. no doubt a little o'donnell the next morning. i had no mother. yet i didn't know one then i know that will never have i mean by a. gun the other night. a lot of not. a lot about.
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our. own people i mean been back there for a long time it's like meeting someone you haven't seen a long time. his own life gotten only well blown out here and then the spurs come back you're going . to live. their lives. oh. yeah. they're out of that other.
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country's reputation spreading into what. we're getting ready to go on the road. to prisons festivals everything. on the tommy. and yet again i mean that it really. you know one of the. fortunate. a little bit of it. was great being on the road
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meeting new people. it was not so free broke can everyone not a party. front like iraq's got. mobile home. park and this poor woman told me recently that. our land claim took nearly fifteen years to get through the cold and many of the are people of god on the way. but it looks like the big day has finally arrived. we having the determination yet been any where there were a canvas was painted. found . a vice that the core. service.
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will have to do. the number that are so much. looks quite fit. with your because you've got your breath on a three. plants running she was. right. humans are. starving. and every year. the law says to all the people of syria. this is your last day ever. that it always has been your. going to tell you who want. thanks. this bad thanks i'd meant i had a feeling something was wrong. why did. make judge call out spiders name.
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some people cut their country pretty. much but you got nothing. and i got a guy here i really. hope. that everyone can read and understand that you're not. all that hard work and nothing was all gone. and. it took them weeks to find out their problem was the boundaries the glenn claim. asked the old people when your country is going to hear its pros trendline on a map. groundless that's not a boundary. is binah
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can't understand what the confusion is all about it's his country and always has been his country in his mind and never lost it in the first place. the problem is the one federal law it's written on paper and it only changes. the book for or is written in the. underground and on the countryside and it is never changed. ever since the determination of. the time was running out to possible only known it was there that i love them never i think they never they are very. very good idea that. that got that got.
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only a little boston and when i was made to seem interested in old spider. spine i won't be here for long. i don't think they'll be any more off for him. one thing i knew i had to help him. and if you are going to look at what i'm going to lay out your neck about. iowa lies a workshop on people from the knowledge. that
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. i decided that's my. long commo grandfather would only let me die. when somebody dies you can't say the name they used to be. it's a big thing in the family decides it's the right time for answer.
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to. this time really that i'm a lot. the boundaries of the land came. through that line a different way could have been coming still could. we have to map the boundaries properly and the damage. once again. was happy to join us.
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going into the minima do you. and i worry not his growth of the sort not even i going to kind of going to is going that would seem poor were not of any good yeah yeah. yeah i've pointed out it really happening learned about money i know and good. coming was caught in a frustrating. spot i was always insisting he knew the best way to go i think a lot of all that i don't really like when i leave and i would have i believe that in that event that we did good on that. but i don't mean that other given that he had no idea when that will level what is going on over there and i'm learned playing with a what you would have under what don't but then play a. little part of the right side of the gate then let me get on and then let me
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know if i'm the one that you've given but if you have the yeah well i never do anything but i'm on the look at what i don't know yet and then forget dale then we're not really good at it or not. the room. for not understanding. or not am. when a form of animal. and i. did not have any of that we didn't have one of the larger. world.
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that led to it i don't know going to we're going to want to know everything that oh yeah we can't remember it and we do it we really knowing you might never finish but we're there by you i already let you know more about here and then i don't know yet carrie reading. she's warning about court. if the dead know where list go when they're going. country than. they used to seed people i had left them. and he was going to. clean it but it was an awful lot of the country. and now it is. really me. just like my soul. were
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nonaligned. who i am john. were not allowed to go. oh. my love i did not. know. we're going to write it with. you right that i don't. know my love for my going you know we're never going to win.
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over the place you mean for the way. i kept busy can focus on my attention on the spot of land came and a final trip. you know who the legend just. concrete and. all of the country. strong. if they say that and. and i don't need me.
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in terms of them. they showed a country they gave us back a country. and we got to. go on day one. twenty years ago only and do dances on could be canvas. credits and. i stepped in first and then just. angered me and she ended last. week and.
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we finally arrived at or not after five hot days. and it was dry. me and my learning of the. game. over. to an.
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i knew it was the last time sparta would ever say good on he was here to say goodbye to the wall he loved his whole life. and handed over to us telephone us.
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we woke beyond our people. following in their footsteps. i'm holding out just drove all spider and or more people. we made a mess brain make it up the desert. it's like a cycle of life young people deposit down to us and we get a prize run to our children and they get a president but their children. i
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also became a grandfather for the first time out of five daughters i finally had a grandson. it helped me understand my grandfather. i would be able to take him out bush like they did for me to jim the country. as for what happened to the one country. in a long metal box at the center infrastructure. is just like our land here and nigella is fighting to be a free car look after. you can't let him get caught up and leave him like that you're going to pin him up so that the water can be free. to believe the unsold flats. a place like no other.
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for generations formed by the sun later. but the discovery of precious lithium below the salt threatens to change their way of life forever. witness. from long flowing on in the winds to an enchanting desert breeze. elegant a welcome back to the national weather forecasts where across the southern part of brazil into argentina uruguay paraguay over the next day a lot of scattered showers are going to be in your forecast now and it's going to
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be a hot day here in the sense yet on thursday thirty nine degrees but over towards rio we do expect those rain showers the area particularly to expand across the region even sao paulo you'll see some very heavy rain as well temperatures though will remain into the low thirty's across much of the area where cross the northern part of the caribbean over the next day a frontal boundary in from the gulf of mexico is going to bring some very heavy rain showers not only for parts of cuba but also appear towards the bahamas so for van a very heavy rain showers today that front starts to slide a little bit more towards the southeast have any attempt is going to drop from twenty seven degrees here on thursday to about twenty three degrees here on friday so a little bit cooler but still rain showers particularly in the morning time and then here across eastern seaboard that same weather system is going to bring some very messy weather here anywhere from boston new york all the way down towards miami where those could be thunderstorms so a temperature in new york here on thursday of thirty degrees and then as we go towards friday that front starts to make its way towards the atlantic and those
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temperatures do come down so we're going to see in new york at two degrees washington at three in ottawa minus the wind that sponsored by cat time and nice. rewind returns i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera struck him. entries in liberal i was the top of the class and now i'm like and the other student rewind continues with mono and me going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's not how to get it it's all to get out that nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you were. told. this is al-jazeera. along so rahman you're watching al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes russia china and turkey reiterate that support for nicolas maduro after the u.s. and others declare he is no longer venezuela's president. also british politicians and lawyers press saudi arabia to respond to their request to visit detained activists. in ecstasy katie is sworn in as the democratic republic of congo.


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