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reuters news agency is reporting the e.u. has added saudi arabia to a draw for instance of countries that pose a threat to the blog the list includes countries seen as having a lot its controls against terrorism financing and money laundering saudi arabia is already under international pressure over the murder of journalist jim ok so gee other countries already on the list include iran iraq syria yemen and north korea giorgio who is the chief executive of gulf state and six he says this will put more pressure on saudi arabia to change its ways. so of course important to keep in mind that this is merely a draft it's subject to change but of course the fact they were even talking about this in the first place bodes poorly for riad let's keep in mind that in september the f.a. t.f. decided not to give saudi arabia full membership for many of the reasons which are obviously in play here saudi arabia is going to need to make some changes in order
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to convince its allies in the west that its leadership is very sincere with all of this talk about countering extremism returning to so-called moderate is a lot there is definitely a war of narratives in which saudi arabia is facing some major problems saudi arabia is trying to convince western governments and societies that the kingdom now with mohammed bin some man at the helm is truly committed to this campaign against radicalism and violent extremism it really undermines their argument that the problems are coming exclusively you know from the usual characters iran the qatar turkey the muslim brotherhood it's adding momentum to the arguments that saudi arabia has also been a root cause of terrorism from at least certainly a financing standpoint. we got a weather check coming up and then
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a car bombing and security threats out turns out you know my land is the bridge that clock ticks down. and role play with the purpose of a group gives davos delegates a taste very different reality. hello there it looks like the flooding is continuing i have a part of indonesia at the moment we've had the worst of the weather in the southern parts of seoul away see and this is where we currently see the worst of the flooding very widespread there as you can see we've got thousands of people that have had to evacuate their homes due to the water rising there now as we head through the next few days we are going to see more rain here but as you can see over the past few hours we've also seen plenty of what weather here that's affecting us in the northern parts of borneo to this system there is gradually
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beginning to said less rains as we head through sunday the wetter weather is actually a bit further north just in the far northern tip of borneo if we head into monday that system might disintegrate but the rains that are over parts of java begin to push a bit further north woods again say for many of us in java and bali it is looking pretty wet as we head through monday over towards australia and here we've got one storm with us that's gradually tracking its way away towards the west so it shouldn't cause us to much in the way of damage but we've also got plenty of cloud for the northern parts of queensland this is already given us a lot of heavy rain but fortunately it looks like the system isn't going to pull itself together so it will gradually dissipate as we head through the next few days i think for sunday there in townsville it's still going to be a very very wet one. on counting the cost plenty of no shows seem damn lost but lots of talk from leaders there about an economic slowdown what the chinese president said about gray rhinos
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and black swans boss and the cost of holding the u.s. budget to ransom. counting the cost. but again you're watching out as a reminder the top stories this hour and at least nine people have been killed and many more fit dead. near a mine in brazil more to cascaded through nearby towns and fall. donald trump has
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backed out and has agreed to temporarily end the government shutdown without getting the money he wants for a portable u.s. president signed a bill that will fund the government three weeks. people living in a predominantly muslim area of southern philippines have voted to create a new autonomous region called bangs more on the electoral commission says eighty five percent of people you know work for and. at least fifty nine people are being killed by floods and landslides in indonesia aerial video of go in south sort of ways the province as shows the extent of the floods triggered by torrential rain that's been falling since tuesday dozens of communities were inundated as rivers. roger stone a long time ally of donald trump is jay back in court on tuesday charged with seven crimes that are linked to the investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election stone is accused of being a conduit between trump's campaign a wiki leaks and lying about it how to hide reports now from washington d.c.
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. the walking out of the federal courthouse in florida roger stone seems to be channeling his first political boss former president richard nixon the gesture of a disgraced man who when faced with impeachment was forced to resign the presidency for stone his legal challenges are just beginning but he's vowing he won't testify against his longtime friend us president donald trump as i have said previously there is no circumstances whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president nor will i make that rice to ease the pressure on myself i look forward to her calling and vindicated special counsel robert muller says stone was talking to both the trunk campaign and julian assange founder of wiki leaks about hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign when asked about it by a congressional committee still allegedly lie we had a very frank exchange and then when
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a person promised to tell the committee the truth the indictment says stone sent an e-mail to him saying he should prepare to die and his dog would be killed as well it's very interesting to see the kind of people that the president of united states have surrounded himself with in this connection to the integrity of our elections is obviously something we have to get the change to back wiki leaks has denied doing anything wrong and the president reacted in a tweet again calling it a witch hunt and that there was no collusion but this is the first indictment to clearly link the hacked e-mails with the trump campaign and bruce fein says more charges are still possible you can issue what's called sue. proceeding indictments and add counts that aren't there necessarily in the first grand jury allegations so you can say you hold it to ratchet it up say all right if you don't cooperate we're going to bring in more indictments against you so that's certainly a possibility roger stone has been known for decades as
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a man who revels in police dirty political tricks who doesn't back down sending that message by tattooing nixon's face on his back netflix even made a documentary about him i revel in your hatred because if i were ineffective you would know he's about to find out if he's crossed the line from controversial to criminal. behavior al jazeera washington. a recent bombing in several hijackings in northern ireland second largest city have raised fears of a new paramilitary threat police are looking at the suspected involvement of dissident republican groups and you are a and as new parker reports from london dairy bricks it may destabilize things further father michael county is a catholic priest in northern ireland second city during decades of upheaval community leaders played a vital role in easing tensions many hope violence was a thing of the past but after such a days car bombing some fear it could be
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a sign of things to come there's more horrible time a horrendous time on the way up little bitterness. under people put against hamas because some people supported the struggle or the people who opposed the struggle so families were torn apart as a personal view that while there is a british presence in ireland i think there were always be people who. resist that and people will try to have the british out of ireland i force the bomb was crude and highly unstable a delivery vehicle was hijacked and left outside london dairies courthouse this is the moment it went off there was no loss of life and little damage but the bombs reopened old wounds two more days of security alerts followed including two further hijackings of vehicles by masked men five people were arrested and later released no groups claimed responsibility but police suspect a hard line republican group the new are a. very sore some of the worst fighting during thirty years of sectarian violence
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it was a conflict between nationalists mostly catholics who favor a united ireland or unionists mainly protestants who want northern ireland to remain british twenty years ago opposing sides signed the good friday agreement bringing an end to the fighting but this isn't where the story ends some rejected the peace deal and in the past twenty years distant republican groups of periodic lee resurfaced in an attempt to reignite violence which is what police suspect may have happened here outside dairies courthouse these are not new and aims but they do have a new political context. northern ireland's devolved power sharing government collapsed two years ago leaving a political vacuum in the province and breaks it happened opening up a fierce debate over the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland an e.u. member the good friday agreement guaranteed an open border ending military
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checkpoints and customs posts a no deal breaks it could mean the return of hard infrastructure the new ira views any border as a target should faine was once the political wing of the provisional ira they signed up to the good friday peace deal renounce violence and are now at the center of northern irish politics we believe that there are. great ireland as they express the people of ireland and the democratic nature the bombings being condemned across northern ireland's entire political spectrum peace here was hard won but it remains fragile neve barker al-jazeera terry nigeria's main opposition party has halted its election campaign for three days in protest against the suspension of a top judge president mohammed who bihari made the decision about chief justice of water on again on friday he's accused of failing to declare assets the opposition people's democratic party says bihari is damaging nigeria's democracy ahead of
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elections in less than three weeks different states of the judge would likely rule on disputed results. kenya is serene beaches and nice climates have long been a magnet for tourists especially from europe but attacks and kidnappings by the young group al-shabaab in recent years have scared visitors away how to day reports now from. the war on sunday beaches of kenya's long island tell the stories of its troubles in good times this beach will be full of tourists bringing much needed income for beach boys into a guides but holiday makers have shown that enormous results home after a spate of attacks by al shabaab fighters people who live e.s.a. visit as a static to return i would find it very peaceful and trying to. not notice it was lovely and i took us a picture. we sent them back and people say happy to say yeah it's
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a lovely first impression a little. more island itself has largely been peaceful its proximity to somalia has worked against it. has been walking he has a beach boy for thirty years so we used to get into. some of the places don't treat you like you are you but everything now becomes very tight and. it's hard for us organize a long trip because people are still. about it's the kidnapping of a french tourist from this mode in two thousand and eleven which prompted the kenyan government to send its troops to somalia and more than eighty is the only the open ocean leaned into or portion protect the country still born in somalia and is slowly recovering from the effects of the talks al-shabaab
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says its attacks in kenya in response to the presence of kenyan troops in southern somalia. mohamed always goes on official tour guides association he says there's been a decline in the number. of the time. anyway in case. reports by the media that the gunman who carried out the recent attack in nairobi passthrough lamu have affected us any attack anywhere in kenya does some of the progress we've made. was the government's warnings to them. so they can then coast. every morning at the waterfront young men jobs. it's these young men but what it does most. they say they're now planning and festivals and cultural activities to attract more visitors to the island and hopefully help it regain its glorious past.
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activists have been trying to keep the plight of refugees on the agenda at the world economic forum in switzerland while a group gave delegates a taste of what it's like to flee their home and risk their lives looking for safety journal reports now from dolls. it's a long way from the champagne and can of praise that define the set. but even some of the world's most powerful people have been humbled by this experience of life as a refugee. when a soldier is yelling at you and there's no one else around you you become like everyone else you're just human why are we here at the world economic forum it's the same go to improve it's committed to improving the state of this world and our
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world and he's changing sixty eight million displaced people. who sits in this forum they are the people who can shape this world now living a very different experience of reality is real life refugee muhammad her son muhammad here with the world economic forum's young global leaders program mohammed is a citizen of nowhere having spent twenty years living in kakuma camp outside nairobi the plectrum of the world economic forum provides i mean a it's tremendous and it has the potential to solve these problems on sunday from a back to the camp and i don't know how things will be from there on but i hope that i'm a minister who has inspired enough people to act in bring tangible results to the coming we don't want to be the forgotten people forever so for all the talk about davos damp squib this year with headlining world leaders largely absent this is still a place with three thousand of the world's most powerful most influential people meet each year most are not here to make headlines they're here to make deals and
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while it may be true as some critics of the world economic forum suggest that the global elite gathered here in davos has had a hand in breaking the global system that doesn't mean that they can't be involved in fixing it oxfam's executive director believes dabbles has an important role to play trump is no it. is not. may's not dealing with public i'm going to be our country's they've got to sort out the issues of inequality in the other countries but this is a place for influence and there are big businesses here politicians and you would have media and then us who work with ordinary people i hear we're here to talk to each other and give each other from this it and find solutions. in the basement beneath her feet the refugee experience moved some to tears there's nothing like a screaming soldier to make one seek and unlimited in the dark journal how
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al-jazeera davos switzerland. astride his defense. the asian cup title has been ended by the united arab emirates it was a tight quarter final match. but the got a lucky break in the second half a sloppy but. by i mean on the edge of the box he went around keeper of matthew ryan. one of the games and put the united arab emirates into the semi. and they will play for a place in the final of the countries. in the second half cut his abilities how to break through early in the strike the goal was enough to put their first asian cup semi final you know country fans they were able to attend the games because of the on the journey economic blockade which is supported by the u.a.e. but a handful of the money fans with the senate right. so
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this is out zero these are the top stories and hundreds are missing feared dead after a dam burst in the brazilian state of minas get ice and workers for the mining company surrounded in sludge when the structure collapsed near the town of ramadi you know firefighters will continue the rescue effort and search for survivors at least fifty nine people have been killed by floods and landslides in indonesia aerial video of go in south sulawesi province show the extent of the floods triggered by torrential rain that's been falling since tuesday dozens of communities were inundated as rivers burst their banks donald trump has backed down and has agreed to temporarily end the government shutdown without getting the money he wants for board of all u.s. president signed a bill that will fund the government for three weeks. the u.n. security council is set to meet later on saturday to discuss a political crisis in venezuela the u.s. backs opposition leader john greater who's declared himself interim president but
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russia and china support nicolas maduro. people living in a predominantly muslim area of the southern philippines a voted to create a new autonomous region electoral commission says eighty five percent of voters backed the plan it emerged from a deal in two thousand and fourteen between the government and separatists to expand the powers of an existing self administered area the region is trying to resolve one of asia's longest running conflicts a reuters news agency is reporting the has added saudi arabia to a draft list of countries that pose a threat to the blog the list includes countries seen as having lax controls against terrorism financing and money laundering saudi arabia is already under international pressure of the murder of germans to mark other countries already on the list include iran iraq syria yemen and north korea to nigeria where the main opposition party has halted election campaigning for three
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days in protest at president how to behave suspended the chief justice well the on again is accused of failing to declare assets the opposition people's democratic party says the allegations are politically motivated brought you up to date with headlines here and others are coming up next we have counted the cost. and can tell a story without uttering a single. conventionality of life. witnessed through the lens of the. on al-jazeera. alarm housing seeker this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week on a slippery slope no shows and gloomy predictions set the tone for this year's world economic forum in davos. why the chinese president is talking about black swans and
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grey rhinos the world's number two economy slows. us who's paying the price for the longest government shutdown in american history. by every year the world economic forum in davos is a chance for leaders from across the globe to talk about the biggest challenges facing the planet but this gathering was notable for those who didn't make it to the swiss alps u.s. president donald trump shine is paying and the u.k.'s to recent may were among them pressing problems back home care many of them away but for those who came there was plenty to talk about the international monetary fund cut its global growth forecast china's economy grew at the slowest pace in twenty eight years and according to oxfam the world's twenty six richest people are worth as much as the poorest half of humanity or some question the way it arrived at those numbers more people fear
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that a widening wealth gap is ripping apart the social contract on which the world economy is built john howell has more from davos. a chill has settled over down ass and that's not just the weather leaders of some of the world's biggest economies china the united states france and the u.k. have stayed away to find crises at home crises fueled by nationalism populism and those left behind by globalization it is everything the world economic forum is supposed to stand against and yet this year's big ticket visitor is brazil's new president far right nationalist valsin r.-o. here to launch what he calls a new brazil then there was a big. we intend to reduce the size of the residence state the parties and carry out reform such as the social security reform tax reform we wish to relieve those who produce and undertake business and projects from the weight of
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a heavy state that's good news for business less so for those who depend on state aid it's an odd look for an annual gathering traditionally built on bridging divides it does say that there's a bit of a shift and that those major leading democracies in the world are exhausted tied in knots have problems but it also says this community here of globalists is perfectly willing to flirt with their liberal leaders in the world. compensation came in the heavyweight fight against climate change identified as a major world threat having heard both scenarios call for economic development in the amazon delegates listened to royalty interviewing a british knight of the realm what advice do you have all my generation and what's what can we build on that you have started we have to recognize. that every breath of air we take every mouthful of food that we take comes from the natural
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and that if we damage the natural world we damage ourselves it's what the forum aims to do best global box office in the name of a better world the theme of this year's world economic forum here in davos is the fourth wave of globalization the digital revolution it predicts a world in which technology competes with workers of all stripes blue collar and white in which the winners of globalization get ever richer but fewer in number it is a world in which inequality deepens and political leaders no longer have all the answers . well joining me now from london is jeremy cook chief economist then head of currency strategy at money transfer provider world first thanks very much for being with us so lots to talk about for those who were gathered in davos this week not the least of which is this international monetary fund outlook for the global economy warning of
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a global economic slowdown how likely is that in your view will start to two thousand and nineteen. in markets has been particularly rocky in the data that we've been getting from the two largest economies in the world the u.s. and china has been poor so certainly we haven't started out on a on a strong footing and the i.m.f. is warning about scenarios and also the results of economic pressures that we've seen throughout the course of two thousand and eight which will likely be cruel to bear over the course of the next twelve months or so a lot of it is focused on politics a lot of it is focused on the trade fallout between the u.s. and china and how that ripples around the global economy obviously there's a focus on breaks it as well in the just the rise of protectionism that we all seeing in some of the dialogue around global trade so the i.m.f. is warning that if this is not a rested suiting than the global economy which is just what in two thousand and seven in two thousand and eighteen was starting to build starting to become a little bit more solid it is already
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a risk we got some disappointing numbers on the chinese economy this week the biggest slowdown in the second biggest economy in the world in nearly thirty years and we have chinese president xi jinping warning in a speech of what he calls black swans and gray rhinoceroses what does he mean by that it simply put a warning that things can come out of the ether very very quickly even for something even for a colony of the size of the size of china's and obviously the economy that has been running at such huge amounts of growth for such a long long time now i don't think there's anyone really are. who is naturally predicting a recession in china you know most economies would still kill for a growth rates of six percent so the slowing is the story more than the sudden stop and a sudden stop and a reversal but this is a continual poll by the chinese government to emphasize to both international investors and to businesses who are there are the chinese or have operations within
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china the government support will be that to allow further stimulus to continue the growth picture that they have been sick that may be a cause and interest rates by the people's bank of china or maybe allowing banks to simply lend more money it may be a devaluation of the currency although i don't think that would then think that would happen but i think it's more a domestic and international message to make sure that no one feels that the chinese authorities are in any way asleep at the wheel at the moment and this whole issue of global inequality is an ongoing concern and oxfam put out its annual report but there are questions about the methodology used to compile those figures what's your view on that. it's always difficult when looking at these brig macro big macro as to wealth predominantly either away from developing nations or how much of a developing nation or a consonance wealth can be seen against the stock portfolio of someone who happens to own a very very valuable e-commerce business and there's always a difference between stocks and flows and growth and growth there off over say
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there is no doubt that there are very very poor people and a lot of the world and there is no doubt that there are people out there who have a huge almost on some ounce of the amount of wealth that could be spent better as opposed to sitting on a on a business is balance sheet we heard out of davos over the course of the wake that a lot of people are starting to talk about well taxes whether this is an increase in taxes to seventy percent as the democratic congresswoman alexandra cortez has been talking about what likely impact that would have on wealth creation in some of the richest economies out there davos isn't going to solve inequality over the course of a four day period in a very very exclusive in a very very secluded ski resorts the rich will continue to rich will continue to get richer hopefully government government moves over the course of progressive tax regimes what allow the poor however to be able to catch up
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a little bit good to speak of thanks for being with us thank you now warning from air bus over the risks of a no deal brags it employs more than fourteen thousand people at twenty five sites across the u.k. please don't listen to the brakes it is madness which is thirds of it because we have huge plants here we will not move and we will always be here they are wrong of course it is not possible to pick up and move all large u.k. thick juries to other parts of the world immediately. however aerospace is a long term business and we could be forced to redirect future investments in the event of a no deal breaks it and make no mistakes there are plenty of countries or very who would love to build the wings for it was a craft and with all the uncertainty over briggs it some people in the u.k. are beginning to stockpile basic necessities including food and medicine a company in leeds has been selling a brags it box billed as
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a thirty day survival kit lauren sleep reports recently that linda is taking no chances she bought her bricks at box a few weeks ago inside isn't a freeze dried food to last a month she isn't rich because of three hundred pounds nearly four hundred dollars but she has no regrets she supports leaving the european union as soon as possible remain supporters would say you've you're a bit crazy you know what if you stay in the european union and then you turn to the packet packets and things like this it is possible paid us i can see what they say and i can understand why we may have want to remand. but i'm looking more long term i want democracy back for my children and grandchildren i don't want to go down the route that we it looks like where we're being dictated to how things need today. james supplies the bricks and boxes. he's traditionally done
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business with aid agencies dealing in disaster relief in recent weeks he's seen a big uptick in sales inside the u.k. a year's supply for a family costs more than twenty thousand dollars if we're going to know their scenario which is possibly going to cause a hiccup in in in the customs system at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for law and customs guys so the company plans put into place properly and so there is always going to be a disruption for the least the first three to four weeks for us to try to sort out what to do in possibly longer if they need to or further infrastructure the inexorable logic of a no deal bricks its means fresh food which would normally come from places like the dutch port of rotterdam getting stuck and rotting in lorries before it can reach supermarkets several have already said they too are stockpiling tins or nonperishable foods that acknowledge they could run out in little over a week empty shelves and panic buying seem inevitable it's become common for
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politicians who support hard bret's it to say well so what if we can't have bananas and tomatoes for a while the country's been through much worse what for some seems entirely pointless exercise a source of self-imposed blockade is for many others a small price to pay for getting rid of the malign influence of the european union yorkshire voted leaving the bricks at referendum by a small margin this part of the country is known for its grit and determination if no deal is as bad as many fear if medicines do start to run out they may very well need it's all right still to come on counting the cost how building a boat clad in flip flops is raising awareness of a serious issue. for first a week of term or venezuela some world leaders are saying they'll recognize one.
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the head of the national assembly as the interim president opposition efforts to replace nicolas maduro with the transitional government have been having an impact on the bond market nearly all of venezuela sixty billion dollars worth of international bonds are in default but this week venezuelan government and state oil company p.d. vs abrams posted their biggest gains in a year investors are betting a change of government will help fix the world's worst performing economy but any new government will want to review deals made by its predecessor with russia and china will be looking at that next week in our special focus on venezuela who are its biggest creditors and what does the future hold for people there and here in the middle east qatar is buying up five hundred million dollars worth of lebanese government bonds qatar which remains under a saudi arabian led land sea and air blockade sees it as a good investment which will help stabilize the economy lebanon has the third
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highest debt to g.d.p. in the world and eight months on from an election politicians there still can't agree to form a government moody's lowered lebanon's credit score further below investment grade on monday the ratings agency cited risks the government may default on repayments and the first foldable five g. smartphone the chinese telecoms giant hallway said it is launching it next month using its very own technology away is facing restrictions in several western countries of the concerns its products could be used for spying the company's chief financial officer main one joe continues to fight extradition to the u.s. she denies accusations the company illegally broke u.s. sanctions against iran. of france left a fifty seven million dollar fine on google this week it is the first major penalty brought against the us technology company since new e.u.
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privacy rules came into force regulators said the search engine giant failed to fully disclose to users how their personal information is used now from unpaid coast guard members to absent airport screeners more americans are feeling the pain of the longest government shutdown in u.s. history but president trump and the democrats appear no closer to ending the political deadlock over the funding for a proposed wall along the border with mexico rob reynolds reports. a month of shutdown gridlock and political posturing a month of misery for eight hundred thousand government employees going without pay in a sign of just how bad things are now kraft foods corporation opened a grocery pop up store in washington giving away cheese macaroni mayonnaise and so on to cash strapped federal workers. the pain spreads across the country on coast guard bases and research laboratories along the borders and in airports the partial
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government shutdown is hurting families and disrupting vital government functions for example the transportation security agency reported that about ten percent of its airport security screeners have been unable to report to work due to financial hardships we have to have been evidenced based conversation president donald trump and democratic house speaker nancy pelosi are no closer to an agreement i am here today to break the logjam on saturday trump offered temporary protection to about one million undocumented immigrants in exchange for funding his wall the plan includes five point seven billion dollars for a strategic deployment of physical barriers or a wall. democrats said no way saying trump must agree to end the shutdown before they'll talk about border security both sides have resorted to jabs
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jobs and juvenile antics speaker pelosi suggested trump don't plans for a televised state of the union speech during the shutdown in retaliation trump snatched away military aircraft. palosi planned to use for a trip to afghanistan that kind of pettiness and as nothing for the american people and has reached a high water mark in my experience and i've been here all. fifty years polls show americans are weary of the dysfunction in d.c. about sixty percent in a recent poll disapprove of trump's handling of the shutdown. the economic damage is mounting according to the financial services company standard and poor's the u.s. gross domestic product loses one point two billion dollars each week the government is closed or about one thousand nine hundred eighty four dollars a second. jamie dimon who runs j.p.
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morgan chase the biggest bank in the us says if the shutdown persists it will reduce growth to zero maybe everybody should start stocking up on that mac and cheese well joining me now from london is russ mold investment director at stockbrokers a.j. bell thanks for being with us so we've heard so many stories about unpaid government employees having to sell their possessions and going going on gum to go fund me pages and missing their payments and so on talk us through the effect that this is having on the us economically the longer this goes on or one of the ironies is at the moment it's quite hard for us to tell because of the government shutdown we aren't getting the normal regular monthly economic data that we would expect some of the releases that we could use to judge the u.s. economy aren't available the one that we have seen an independent survey on american consumer confidence from the university of michigan that's just reached its lowest level german the trump presidency so it does seem to be starting to have
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some effect and a negative effect one of the things that that is affecting it at the moment is this this government agency the small business administration com process in new loans that that's having a really bad effect on small businesses isn't it you would certainly expect so i mean credit is the lifeblood of many economies so if small companies can't get access to it they probably have limited resources of their own it is a potential negative it'll be interesting to see again if they start to show up in some of the smaller companies sentiment service that the american government publishes as and when it gets around to publishing them which at the moment unfortunately it isn't and there's no doubt that this shutdown is bad for the economy but there's varying estimates at the moment on just how bad some say if it last so we ended january could knock a half a percentage point off of economic growth what's your view on this and could this lead to recessions well well that's a really good question because lots of economics were worrying about a recession last year anywhere though those fears of. been proven unfounded but the
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the what our white house economic advisory council member kevin hassett he actually gave some numbers out on wednesday saying he thought that each week that the shutdown continued would knock around an eighth of a percentage point off u.s. g.d.p. growth now there are many forecasts out for the first quarter the moment the new york federal reserve is forecasting two point two percent growth so if you take mr hassett number literally multiply that by all thirteen weeks of the first quarter you're certain looking at u.s. g.d.p. growth being celebrating to no more than one percent in the first quarter if those an earlier estimates are correct so that would be the worst number since late twenty fifteen and what effect is this having on investor sentiment in the u.s. obviously it was a rough year twenty eighteen many people took some took some big losses there how nervous are investors about the effect that this is going to have on the overall health of the economy. at the moment they seem remarkably calm the s. and p. five hundred index one of america's major stock market benchmarks is actually up by
6:42 pm
five percent this year now as you said that's a big rally after the hammering that a lot of stocks took in the fourth quarter last year but there seems to be still some confidence that this is a short term problem now admittedly speaker pelosi in the house of representatives a democrat has raised the temperature again by forbidding president trump from given the state of the union speech on the twenty ninth of january so that's the next step maybe she will be hoping that provokes some form of compromise from the president and in the in the present himself seems to be equating the success of his term with how the u.s. stock market goes so you would expect him to to want to start to find some sort of solution and some surge but at the moment share market investors got lots of other things to worry about oddly enough it doesn't seem to be the shutdown do you think this will set a precedent though for the future if and when this is resolved that mechanisms will then be put in place in the u.s. governing system to prevent anything like this happening again that if there's any any sort of political deadlock you can't use that the u.s.
6:43 pm
budget is as a weapon any more. well in theory congress could present on a president on with a bill and ask him to take it all leave so that there are things that congress can do this is the balancing mechanism that america house through its its bi cameral system the president says there are multiple of the overseas which means one power can become too dominant over all the others so i think the checks and balances are there the current unfortunate situation is we have a very very combative situation in washington where the two political parties are probably filed in the bin for a very very long time i think the system seems to work pretty well at the moment the people operating it well perhaps using its best effects ross mold good to speak with you thanks very much thank you and finally it washes up on beaches and creates giant floating waste patches in the sea the u.n. estimates the by two thousand and fifty they'll be more plastic than fish unless the industry cleans up its act mohamed atta reports now from lima kenya on an unusual project aimed at raising awareness. this is the bullet at the heart of
6:44 pm
what is being hailed as a plus to clear pollution flipflop as it's called is the world's first doll and highly over cycle ocean plastic recovered from the beaches of canoeist coastal towns. the boat was built here in lumber a home of traditional small heated dull building and it's all seen by these man alyssa kunda and his team of craftsman our big dream was to have a big dowel going up to capetown around the world but then according to the challenger limited. we had this prototype to experience our set point to prove ourselves that we can do it. for a long time these tiny condemn island was untouched by the outside world. is now and that is civic and the work global title plus the pollution. a community of a few thousand people dealing with the problem of washed up waste which begins its
6:45 pm
journey thousands of kilometers away and according to the latest scientific studies the scale of the problem is much bigger than our fault plastic pollution is still just limited to the east african coast it's a global problem with huge potshots of sea covered by plastic that is poisoning and strangling wildlife the united nations is now warning that there would be more plastic than fish in the sea by twenty fifty of drastic action is taken. those behind the flip through people who say they're doing their part to raise awareness on the growing crisis of plastic pollution we basically want to showcase to the world what you can do if you have if you use plastic sensibly that you can get plastic a second life and more importantly that. it does not make sense to have anything called single use it's just it simply does not make sense in this time in iraq to
6:46 pm
use something once and throw it away the boat symbolizes that the boat is now on its maiden trip to the island of zanzibar five hundred kilometers away the team will be stopping at a very village and town on their way to tell people of the dangers of plastic waste in the oceans. the sort of money to flog it off it's marked with the beach so competition on a race between plastic waste boats built by some of lumbers children with the knowledge that plastic waste can be tom into something useful the team which has now partnered with the us clean seas program says they're planning to build a much bigger which can sail for the field and help in highlighting the potential of recycled plastic. and that is our show for this week remember you can get in touch with us by tweeting me at. and do use the hash tag j.c.t. see when you do or drop us an e-mail counting the cost at al-jazeera dot net is our
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address there's more for you online at al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. that will take you straight to our page which has individual reports links and entire episodes for you to catch up. so that is it for this edition of counting the cost and as i'm speaking from the whole team here thanks for joining us the news on the edges there is next. the battle over the minimum wage heated up across the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way to choose if you give your average worker a little more money they're probably going to be able to pay the bills or maybe they'll spend a little bit more on me to fifty right now so fifty k. painting would be able to survive in twenty first century america i'm nervous we cannot afford for one of us to move a job. on al-jazeera. in
6:48 pm
the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islam it period in the field of medicine. saw instant to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. to such a magical that the more i learn about that the more i respect science in a golden age with professor jim miller on a. this is al jazeera.
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alone so rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes voters in the muslim dominated southern philippines approving autonomy deal raising hopes for an end to one of asia's and longest running conflicts also at least nine people killed and hundreds more missing after a dam burst in brazil sending a tolerant of sludge through a mine farms and homes also donald trump temporarily ends the longest u.s. government shutdown but there's still no money for his border wall. and why there's little hope for a breakthrough as the u.n. security council has discussed the power struggle in venezuela. and its border agents a full cup hosts the united arab emirates knock out the defending champions australia to set up a semi final showdown with arch rival cattle. welcome
6:50 pm
to the program voters in a muslim dominated part of the southern philippines have overwhelmingly approved a deal for a new autonomous region the new region will be called a bangsamoro is the poorest area in the philippines the electoral commission says eighty five percent of voters back to the plan it emerged from a deal in twenty fourteen between the government and separatists to expand the powers of an existing self administered area the government has faced off with the multiple armed groups for decades in one of the longest running conflicts in asia. take a close look at what's led to the unrest in the southern philippines well it's in the one nine hundred sixty s. when there was the killing of at least twenty three filipino muslims by the army and that triggered a separatist uprising in mindanao more than one hundred thousand people have been killed and millions more displaced on the island the moral islamic liberation front or the m i l f as it's known is a key player in the separatist movement
6:51 pm
a peace agreement was reached in twenty fourteen following two decades of negotiations with the philippine government and that's led to a new law that paves the way for the creation of the bangsamoro government in return the m.i.l.f. will give up its weapons and demobilize its thirty thousand fighters joining me now is graeme on web he's a research fellow at the rajaratnam school of international studies and joins me now via skype from singapore good to have you on the program again mr webb i mean is this the end of the violence and is the island about to see a new era of peace. absolutely not and this is still early days in the peace process that we are seeing our own before very eyes it's only when you know something like the good friday agreements which you are under good or not ireland peace process of the one nine hundred ninety s. and so it's a far cry from that so what we're seeing here is and of is a very important milestone because for the first time
6:52 pm
a plebiscite has been undertaken that has led to our very loud voice by the majority of solvent filipinos and in particular muslim sort of filipinos in mindanao bearing a few of the provinces that will have to vote in the coming days and are of the opinion that what is being proffered by the manila government is as feasible as it can be right now one of the big changes or what the previous agreements which failed is and you want to watch to resource sharing and wealth sharing and equals of these mechanics will have to be worked out clearly but i think the spirit of it seems to be going in the right direction did you say the spirit of the agreement is going in the right direction yet in the back of everybody's mind that always the this this nagging doubt about whether pieces achievable and is there a way forward. for all of these groups in terms of saying it's through the ballot box is one thing implementing it on the ground is
6:53 pm
a very different task i mean i've been to mindanao i've seen those differences between the urban areas and the rural areas of the island and there is a huge disparity between those that do have and those that don't. you're absolutely right i also know i mean the conditions in this island philippines and many parts of. parts of the philippines are gone the state is in no it was at primly. the conditions are extremely be what talking about the competent g.d.p. of some of our and us dollars these people are suffering and a good idea yarning for better tomorrow and hopefully pockets of more societies will work together i mean there's sheer distrust to be honest and you ignore that but i think this is a decisive step now what needs to happen is that the key player right now that's in the driver's seat the moral islamic liberation front will have to you know
6:54 pm
reconfigure itself and you don't wear the political hat won't put down its arms and it has and the other rebel fighters will have to be mobilized and come to the table and start to work with the central government and so this is going to be you have to go into political mode you're going to have to establish a viable administration and you're ocracy and demonstrate that you can't legislate if you didn't politic do that and to really take into you know into the hands that destiny of the people in mindanao it was still very early days and it got great answer all of that and so there will be a lot of what that has to be undertaken indeed when you are a fighting force like the m.i.l.f. and then you end up having. government tolls you end up going to the administration side of governing do they have the experience do they have the people behind the gun that are able to take those positions of administrative. power
6:55 pm
and importance to be able to move this peace process inverted commas on to a position where the people on the ground will actually see a visible difference. honest answer to the questions or healers nor they don't have the experience or have to are learned to go along and this is where the risks are because they don't have the wherewithal to navigate through the complexities of politics and mean it's not easy to deal with egypt air ministry or by any stretch any. you know and you want to empower the central government i mean what's there what's different here is not to talk to present exactly has looked at some of his campaign promises in trying to approach the. discussions differently and he has and i think one of the game changes we saw last year was when the m.i.l.f. aligned itself with the central government to take on the fight against the islamic state. which are you know helped to forge
6:56 pm
a little bit more trust on board sites and so that's been followed through but it remains to be seen what's going to happen next i mean no good i mean sorry let me just come in they could you touched on a point to my final question very briefly for you is about that influence of other smaller radical groups like i saw we saw the philippine army go in very heavily into marar we in twenty seventeen on the island and that's caused great upheaval for many thousands of people and that in itself is is something that both the m.i.l.f. and central government in manila have to keep an eye on is making sure that they can actually contain or eradicate other radical groups to make sure that development proceeds the way they would like to see for the majority of the people of mindanao. you're absolutely right i mean this which is scratching the surface you know i mean the political drama and dynamics under you know underpinning. your politics and and whatnot is extremely complicated and fluid as as you would know i
6:57 pm
mean look there's a little region has to go has it taken port and we have to i would say are over there and you are going to completely different opinion about what went on in me looks like for that region and sort of you know what all we can be that refers to what will come out the vote or what they're like i mean sort of the amber alerts are a lot of what they get in bringing together disparate stakeholders impact that there is human and to come out of united front to actually make these things happen and i think many of us here in the region in south easy job still quite skeptical because the presidents are not reassuring or just say what does a great man webb joining us from singapore thanks so much good to see you again thank you thank you. least nine people are being killed and hundreds of missing after a dam burst at a mine in southeastern brazil thought he or i and mine near the town of you know in a minute dead a state was in the process of being decommissioned when the dam collapsed on friday
6:58 pm
and twenty fifteen there was another dam disaster in marianna around one hundred thirty kilometers away involving the same mining company that has more. on a wave of reddish orange sludge was sent spewing into the countryside when a series of three dams collapsed the failed structures unnoticed tailings dans filled with residue from iron ore mining a risky operation is underway to evacuate people from vulnerable areas in and around the nearest community below four tickle me the town the prevent the needle efforts are also being made amid fears of widespread pollution to prevent contaminated mud and sludge reaching a refutal by your hydroelectric plant with the national water company said could happen in two days president job asa noddle said he was sending cabinet ministers to the region to oversee the operation. tomorrow morning along with the defense minister who will go to bellow his art there the governor of minish date
6:59 pm
will join us to fly over the region to evaluate the damage and take all the necessary measures to lessen the suffering of relatives of possible victims as well as the environment and assure. who created the fish while iron ore mine is owned by the brazilian mining company vale they were part owners with the straightly and b.h.p. billiton of the mine also in the state of mena should rice burst its banks in two thousand and fifteen nineteen people were killed and the whole community is submerged by mud that was called brazil's worst environmental disaster they'll officials have said they're very saddened by what's happened to us. we miss. you it's with great regret that i confirm the collapse of the dam i have no words to describe how disappointed and sad i am about what just happened it's beyond anything i could possibly expect i want to tell you that volatile do everything
7:00 pm
possible to help those affected. however environmentally stay the company and the country to fail to learn the lessons of the money on a disaster that al-jazeera call us middle is the secretary of the brazilian government organization climate observatory he says this will have a big and probably long lasting environmental impact but we're speaking about in the air it is cool to reach op the two hundred twenty kilometers far from the dan and that have been a fact that we could have been affecting the couple of days. from the leakage of the of the of. this substance that we're dairy in to them and we're speaking about several cities along this that the reverse this rebirth might mean affected by the pollution the soil might be affected by the pollution
7:01 pm
and well. in in addition we have hundreds of people that harm might have been killed by the accident we haven't learned.


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