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united states is withdrawing forces from syria well they are going to try to store a new war now in latin america venezuela we're not going to give them that satisfaction peace stability and understanding will prevail in venezuela in spite of all the efforts of the countries present here who are trying to trigger a war the us secretary of state was not there to listen holding a brief news conference before walking away and leaving the council still in session behind mike hanna al-jazeera united nations help is turning to anguish in brazil over the increasing likelihood that hundreds of people missing after a dam collapse won't be found alive so far thirty four bodies have been pulled from the muddy disaster zone after the dam next to a mine caved in on friday danielle shaima reports from the town of provide. the heavy rain only makes moretti fraught rescue operation much worse many have been saved being cared for at this center relieved distraught concerned about their
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missing loved ones you know the feeling is that you're going to die that is the end of everything and you don't know which way to run. for president job olsen are all visited the disaster area but didn't stay long his ministers are overseeing the rescue and relief efforts. that soon will the mud is being monitored by local and national institutions at this moment the heavy part is moving more slowly as we have several monitoring points along the river and we are tracking its movement. an investigation is underway into how the dam burst releasing millions of liters of ways from the iron ore mine the owners vale expressed their sorrow they've already been fined sixty six million dollars but they were also part owners of a mine were a little over three years ago a similar downburst one thousand people were killed damage to the environment was immense we still don't know the scale of this tragedy on either the human or the environmental level what is known is that lessons were not learned from the last in
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the them but two thousand and fifteen nobody was prosecuted nobody took responsibility many already asking whether they'll be ignored again here it's there it's disheartening it's sad what callousness where are the authorities spare the petitions how long are people going to die for things like this how long we'll be crying for our loved ones. were sent to the morgue in search of a missing husband banjul he wasn't there but he doesn't know where he is she may never know and will join others wondering how another down they were told was safe as course such death and destruction are. birman guignol was ill. still ahead on al-jazeera searching for his brother why concern is growing among families of protestors detained in sudan blasts makes messages facebook grand big changes for three popular brand forms right critics who want our privacy still isn't guaranteed.
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hello there we've got quite a few showers a bit of southeastern parts of asia at the moment actually in the north of there we're not doing too badly there is seeing plenty of sunshine as we are for many of us across viet nam to a bit further south the showers a pretty lively out of them into now i think we'll see some pretty to killie heavy ones as we head through into choose day so in the south i think that's where we'll see the wettest of the weather meanwhile towards the west we're also expecting quite a few showers here some of them making their way into somalia and singapore is also looking pretty so big lots of showers here i mean further towards the south of us some of us hey we've been watching this tropical so i claim very very closely now it's moving away from australia though so it shouldn't cause us to much of a concern here instead we're watching this area of wet weather over parts of queensland now this one isn't expected to develop into
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a cycling but it has given us a lot of wet weather some places of see more rain than they have in the last ten years rule so seeing a lot of flooding and some landslides due to the system as well it is going to gradually ease but for the time being we're going to see lots of wet weather for the northern parts of queens and that will continue on monday and for choose day to say staying very very wet here meanwhile towards the south it's certainly not as hot as it has been in melbourne that still thirty three degrees on tuesday we will . rewind returns or care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries. i was tickled and know like any other student rewinds continues with most me going into a war zone he said the first thing to look for is the exit it's all how to get it
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it's all to get out that nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour two bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines have killed at least twenty five people it happened during mass on the island of. venezuela's president nicolas maduro is denouncing an ultimatum by some e.u. countries to hold new elections within the next week he says it's a plot to topple him and i hated emergency debate at the u.n. security council the u.s. backed opposition leader why do himself interim president of venezuela and rescuers
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in southern brazil have so far recovered thirty four bodies and they're losing hope four hundred still missing after a dime next to a mine collapse. now there's been a funeral for an eight year old boy who crossed the border from mexico to the u.s. as part of a caravan of migrants and asylum seekers philippe gomez alonzo from guatemala died in the u.s. custody he was a second child to die wife while being held by american authorities last month thomas fell ill after being detained with his father. america's top diplomat has described the latest round of talks between the u.s. and the afghan taliban as encouraging michael bell says his government is serious about pursuing peace in afghanistan and bringing u.s. forces home but there is still a lot of work left to do as hashem reports. an apparent breakthrough in negotiation taliban sources say their leaders are paving the way for around fourteen thousand
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american troops in afghanistan to leave within eighteen months if we turn goof. and i still will not be allowed to use of got it as a base to target u.s. forces that will only actually be implemented if the other items are also agreed and which are for the taliban much more difficult including direct negotiations with the afghan government reaching agreement with the afghan government and moving into some kind of interim or transitional ministration but after repeated and failed attempts to the seventeen year old afghan war the peace process has a long way to go afghanistan's president has voiced his skepticism a soft money warning the terms of any agreement bus include approval from the afghan government so i surely will basically be thinking ok my work starts now all
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this follows the appointment of one of the taliban's co-founders as leader of the group's political office based in the qatari capital hill had a brother who was. for eight years in pakistan has a history of supporting peace talks. the pakistani government which has been accused of providing safe haven for taliban fighters also had a seat of the negotiating table in qatar the draft agreement is reportedly conditional an opportunity perhaps to test the waters and see if it eventually and the longest running u.s. war. a little easier the u.n. human rights investigator into the murder of journalism wants access to the crime scene in the saudi consulate in istanbul agnes kalam are has also asked to visit the kingdom but hasn't had a reply the u.n. special robert horan executions is deal in turkey on monday. is executive director
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of the arab center in washington d.c. he says there is growing pressure on the united nations to pursue its own investigation into the murder of jamal high shoji. but there has been a lot of international pressure directed at the particularly office of the secretary general at the u.n. to initiate some response if you will some initiate some investigation on behalf of the international community with regards to the murders so recently the secretary general has appointed a group of three representatives to kind of represent him and the united nations are showing this invented investigation the group is headed by again this column up as you just stated in addition to helena kennedy a member of parliament and wanted to know if the portuguese investigator
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and saw these people have requested if you will that group has requested access to the saudi consulate the site of the scene of the crime in istanbul so that they can begin their investigation an admission to a visit to the kingdom of saudi arabia to be briefed about the investigation in terms of the saudi investigation in this regard and they have been turned down more protests have been called against sudan's president omar bashir hundreds of people have been arrested during a government crackdown on demonstrators and their families are demanding to know where they are him orgon reports from the capital khartoum. starts his day in the capital with phone calls and internet searches his hoping to hear some news about his brother was a man who went missing on the twentieth of january after protests in sudan second largest city home to the man. we were directed to inquire with national security and we were told to fill out
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a form and we did that but haven't heard anything yet we did that on the twenty first and don't yet know where he is we don't know how he's doing if he has access to food or water or place to sleep. six weeks of antigovernment protests started on the nineteenth of december over rising food costs the cries were changed to calls for president obama to be sure to end his thirty year rule. is refusing to hand over power security forces have been criticized for firing bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters. the government says twenty nine have been killed since protests began rights groups say at least fifty have died widespread arrests have also been reported with activists and opposition figures targeted sometimes in their homes. there's growing concerns for their safety the government's long been criticized for torturing dissidents and activists sometimes resulting in death the number of activists who have been arrested since anti-government protests began in
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december is not known many remain in detention with no access to their families or their lawyers with reports of torture from those who have been released many families say they're concerned about the safety and health of their relatives and that they want to know who is holding them and where political parties including members of the ruling coalition such as the popular congress party are adding to calls by rights groups for the release of protesters imprisoned. peaceful protesting is one of the rights provided in the constitution and is an international right people should be able to express themselves the killing of protesters is something we don't support and neither do we support the arrests of the ruling national congress. it meets the arrests of activists but accuses them of inciting violence and says they will be charged and tried in court atop the furred home when. the security forces are risking people for doing their jobs as per the country's laws and constitution but the families of those arrested have the right to know the being held and get in touch with their lawyers will be presented in
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court and charged and those who don't have a case against them will be set free. will has and doesn't mind if his brother appears in court as long as he turns up alive and well he will morgan al-jazeera sort of tomb another round of protests is expected in paris to demand the french government immediately act against climate change demonstrators plan to gather on sunday just a day after the yellow vests movement marked eleven weeks of demonstrations the yellow vests started running in november against the proposing crease in fuel taxes that was later scrapped is since grown into an anti-government movement that says present environment is out of touch with ordinary people. now facebook has announced plans to integrate three of the world's biggest messaging applications whatsapp instagram and facebook messenger the social media giant says it's working to get the three applications talking to each other while still running them as separate forms the plan is still in its early stages facebook want
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the photo sharing app instagram in two thousand and twelve for a billion dollars it picked up whatsapp two years later for a whopping sixteen billion dollars in cash and stocks all three services a popular with about two point six billion users between them it's also understood that the merger will expanding christian for messaging but facebook still faces big questions about its handling of users' private information. this is facebook's business model this is how they make money by gathering data on you by adeline's in your profile you and then using this intimate insight to manipulate your behavior for profit that's how they make their billions we have to stop being surprised when surveillance capitalists like facebook act like surveillance capitalists they are factory farms for human beings they farm us for our data that's their job that's how they make money so let's not be surprised when they act exactly as their business model demands facebook incorporated by its very existence exists to
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erode our privacy so nothing that they do protects our privacy they make money by eroding our privacy so there's really no fix for this as long as we have facebook and instagram and they have this business model what we can do is we can fund ethical alternatives to these businesses silicon valley is not going to fund them it's not going to come out of venture capital because they fund facebook and google and they're very lucrative you know this this business model is very fine actually lucrative but we can fund it from the commons so why don't we use money from the commons to create ethical technologies that belongs to the commons we need to start thinking differently in europe especially. outside of the us outside of silicon valley if we're going to solve this problem we can't solve it within a the bounds of the same system that created the problem itself to south korea when i say fishing event is attracting more and more people nearly two million have
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visited over the three weeks it's been running an accounting of how john calista the border with north korea and as rob mcbride reports has hosted the political thought on the peninsula will mean even not to crowds in the future. it's everything you can think of doing with ice and then some. sliding down it rolling over it just staying up all it most especially fishing through it. what your own county trades on the tourism potential of being one of the coldest places in south korea in winter by the end of the festival some twenty thousand fishing holes have been drilled so you'll has just caught her first fish it takes a long time she says at the next hole park's on june knows it. has to freezing aside one's boyfriend has brought her here for a special treat this is my first time and it's fun i can't one pull on the line is
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a great feeling. and for those who dare there's the chance to strip off those restricting layers and brave the near freezing water to catch them and hold on to them any way you can it's definitely for the adventurous for those who simply don't want to wait for a face but want to get in there with their. parents or take. probably. for sixteen years has been building its brand helped by the humble mountain trout by the truckload they're released cotton then served up along the frozen river if i see what you've got i see is what you do look says the county chief it's forty centimeters thick you could drive a tank across it but that's just what this town doesn't want less than thirty kilometers from the democrats rise own frontier with north korea the current peace
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moves are good for business. like to be able to farm in the child for use in the festival in the north and see north koreans come here to take part to see an era of peace has always been my hope for south koreans the intriguing possibility of going north beyond the wire i'd like to maybe. we'll visit north korea one day winters there are colder still but even the prospect of war north korean welcome until recently was unthinkable robert broad al-jazeera watching current use of korea. and the slogan i'm fully battle with the headlines on al-jazeera to bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines have killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of responsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of hold rescuers in southern
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brazil have so far recovered thirty four bodies and they're losing hope four hundred still missing after a dam next to a mine collapsed state prosecutors are frozen assets belonging to the mining company to pay for damages venezuela's president nicolas maduro is denouncing an ultimatum by some e.u. countries to hold new elections within the next week he says it's a prop to topple him in a heated emergency debate at the u.n. security council the u.s. backed opposition leader one who has declared himself interim president. there's been a funeral for an eight year old boy who crossed the border from mexico to the u.s. a spot a caravan of migrants and asylum seekers philippe gomez alonzo from guatemala died in u.s. custody he was the second child to die why while being held by american authorities last month gomez fell ill after being detained with his father. facebook has announced plans to integrate three of the world's biggest messaging applications
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what's up instagram and facebook messenger the social media giant says it's working to get the three applications talking to each other while still running them as separate forms the plan could be completed by the end of this year more anti-government protesters are expected on the streets of paris to demand french action against climate change the yellow vest movement meanwhile has been holding demonstrations for eleven weeks now. in the ember against the proposed increase in fuel taxes and accused president emanuel mccall of being out of touch with ordinary people and freezing temperatures in serbia haven't deterred the latest protests demanding more freedom of speech state t.v. headquarters in the capital bank raid was surrounded during an eight successive weekend of protest president alexander who she is being urged to loosen what demonstrators say is his tight grip on serbia needier he denies life in democratic
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freedoms one after the balkans war in the one nine hundred ninety s. those are the headlines on al-jazeera rewind is next. on counting the cost plenty of no shows damage but lots of talk from leaders there about an economic slowdown what the chinese president said about gray rhinos black swans boss and the cost of holding the u.s. budget to ransom. counting the cost on a visit or. hello and welcome again to rewind on elizabeth. when we first launched al-jazeera english
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more than ten years ago our goal was to seek out the sort of documentaries on the channel simply weren't doing well here on rewind we revisit some of the best of them to find out how they came about and how the stories moved on well today we rewind into two thousand and six and one of the earliest of those programs for more than thirty years muhammad made was a legendary figure in africa and video journalist who chronicled the momentous events of the second half of the twentieth century a turbulent time for the continent mo and me was a series made by muhammad son sunday in which he tells the story of his father's career and camera picks the agency has father created a brave and highly respected figure in africa mohamed came to global prominence when his film and photos of the mine nine hundred eighty four ethiopian famine shocked the world and led directly to the international live aid phenomenon where today we're returning to the final part of the series which tells the tragic story
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of mohammed's death and the legacy he left behind the first let's take a look at some of the stories he chronicled for newspapers and t.v. stations across the world.
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yes. well as you can see muhammad's korea took him to the heart of the action an
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africa boss in a tragic twist it was finally to find himself on watching me at the center of a global story here is the final episode of law and me. my name is sally mommy son of renowned photojournalist muhammad or me dad was a regular commuter to addis ababa one reason was that he published the in-flight magazine of ethiopian airlines we still do. data business colleague brian todd lee checked in on november twenty third one nine hundred ninety six flight eight hundred nine six one to nairobi a saturday dad flew in first tightly in business.
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it was a last minute decision to take brian along he hated flying. captain lola but it takes me aboard a flight simulator. it's programmed to reenact what happened to flight eight hundred six one was anything unusual that any any premonition you had about this flight. now it does my daughter for the day. i celebrate the birth of the tom and i cannot for the flight to the beautiful day sun it's guys claire. started out very nice. when we took off when the plane took a. before it even leveled out. we heard the i heard
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some noise coming from back and then i noticed two gentlemen running up the aisles towards the cockpit so they came into the cockpit take a moment on i mean there are three of them they took the fire extinguisher and they started beating the copilot crawled along. i said guys hold on what's going on here shut up the flight is hijacked ok no problem i saw mama didn't even come out twice the cabin to the passenger compartment economy class and talked to. to some of us to try to to to to assist him all to stand up against the hijackers but. most people i think a little too scared so i assume he is a very brave man and. what none of the passengers knew was that the hijackers had demanded to be taken to australia ironically they picked australia out of the
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in-flight magazine the dot himself published. ok guys i told them. this flight is destined to nairobi we don't carry inaccurate australia let's london nairobi really pure and then we can go to australia i don't i told them it's impossible. the hijackers refused to allow captain a body to refuel at nairobi or mumbai so. so you kept going then you possible bus and yeah and then last known bossa and i was trying to fly along the coast right so that i don't want to be far from the. they are the line. then he said why are you flying along the coast of australia is somewhere to this direction. and i took the ok i thought i had the heading. and now this message came you know if you told. you see this it's
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a small fuel we're running out of fuel guys so we discovered something like this. so you were circling the island of this i was sort of coming at diana i decided out of anyone else right because the seats are dead and. i now flight eighty nine six one was circling above the camorra side. so i just kept on going i told the guys we're going to die they're running out of fuel i'm a railroad well already lost one engine. then started talking with the guys and this time it took my make up i told the passengers they descendant the man rev run. grab the last one engine you took of starvation and we're going to die that engine varies so he'd run out of fuel it already lost one engine. and that he had no alternative but to crash on and that's when the realize. this is ending differently is that we all thought that that would be where she usually people will feel if you
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want to report the other sort of thing but you know that's when the panic set in and the reality actually dawn of us oh yeah this could be the end one time i heard the door open yes i attended about i saw your father standing on a dime he was standing and talking to you i decided to study i don't write you a thing he doesn't reply i could see by the justice that just as he was making he was trying to get people to stand up. and help him. and stand up to it again you know stand up to the streets but most people would. think rather too to scare. you things because he was a he had been in this situation many tell us or he's been in many trying situations as we all know and i guess he stands up to these challenges a lot easier than most people would you know. now that a plane as a descending right as good he said wow in the time you have to go. true or false
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but i doubt i said guys this is finished now without all that people know that to do with my right hand side i don't know they did it here is the single adult on my list. disengage that he did from so in this country i'll be on the control right then i disconnected the heart of planet earth. and i had to start lying to myself and just he was struggling like this and it was pushing and i was on and i was not trying to recover from that condition you know he was doing like this. and i was trying to recover people and screaming and shouting calling up jesus. running up and down the aisles people trying to put on their life jackets and not finding them the skills. we were about twenty one thousand we witnessed got injured right. so you were just basically gliding off to that point that's where the twenty
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one thousand feet you were just blood was up twenty one thousand feet yes started to get hot on the plane the lights on the to flicker started to aspire and they got us on the dock. and those old is you know people were screaming and it was just so a lot of panic and croft. and trying to be gentle in this time working side by that ok you have to hold on to politics and i was talking to my son as we came down and people could actually see what's on both sides of the plane that sort of went quiet this was like the last few moments case that they're going to make it now you know make it. and i just kept looking. out the window and i could see water this is good. to start the other day. and then finally. i guess maybe five or ten so. akins before we hit the water i went on it's just my
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eyes and held on to the seat and from this waiting for the impact on the. honeymoon couple from south africa taking photographs on the beach. but. people were struggling to get out of the seats and you know tugging onto others and you know all that was a bit scary because i was underwater and of course you have to hold your breath all this time as the shock yeah but finally i did get out. and i got out i looked up and that's i saw the sky. and i said ok this must be the other side must have crossed over and then when i leveled out and looked at the ocean us all these both looked like tourists said ok it must still be our hunt so. at.
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the moment. the camorra ends and the holiday makers bring the passengers assure alive dead and halfway between. of dad there is no sign. of one hundred seventy five passengers from thirty six countries one hundred twenty three perished including the hijackers of dad there were still no news only an ominous silence. i went to. wilson airport nairobi with my friend duncan willetts we chartered an
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aircraft to fly us to mouli the capital of the corps where makeshift morgue set up . so we drove to this meat factories right right near the ocean and we went inside and there was poured probably eighty to one hundred bodies lying on the floor in rows and they were covered by sheet and we had to basically go through each one to find brian and dad totally was on the flight as well we had to go through each one to find them so i dug and started at one end and i started at the other end and. i found dad body and. i really didn't know what to do what i found is what he and i put the sheet back on and i walked outside and i brace basically brought down what
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were your thoughts on the floor we never actually talked about this when we were there we didn't really say much on the trip there did you think he would have made it there when we were flying over or you pretty convinced that he had well i was i must admit i was pretty convinced that he died you know we were true it would try to you know tell you maybe oh i would be or you know we have a couple of drinks there you live it but i knew we had because there's no noise from and you know how do you survive we would have heard that was his job to tell the world over you know report on it and sadly these was it for birding that we both go. what did you feel you were close to the both of them very close to the both of them what did you feel a devastated absolutely devastated that the going such would take you. a completely nonsensical useless waste of time money when the thing that should never never have happened i mean car accidents happen you like it but it doesn't go as we all know that the fact that some people survived and some people didn't two thirds died and
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that's what they say is the average for the corrections not unfortunately you know to bryan was in the column business business and everybody in business. you father didn't survive but the guy next to him now whether he didn't know his seat belt fastened which is typical mounted you know. neither and he shot out a lot of them got killed because he cracked their head on and on and on the luggage thing. had he been able to choose a way to go i think this would have been one of those not necessarily the hijack or a botched hijacking but the fact that it was the biggest story of the day he wasn't even covering it it was the biggest story of the day it has put him down in that it did it kept his status to legendary because of the way died that he just been you know an old man that passed away this leap that drama would have been that the
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drama of his life wouldn't have been there and he had that drama right to the very end and you know i think that in some way that gives you some consolation for whatever it's worth his life philosophy was that if i can do it anybody else can. we are in the most powerful profession in the world the stories that we do reach millions of people we can make a difference and if we use that power responsibly it can change the world and it can change africa which desperately desperately needs it. what you see in in my office and it is my office it's not his office it's my office but what you see in my office is a memory to somebody that i idolized but somebody that it cheve more than any
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other african journalist has achieved in history and i want to remember that whenever i feel that it's too much that i can cope with this that i can handle a situation i just have to look around me at what he achieved and i have the strength to continue and i have his pictures around because i feel he's still watching over me to a certain extent i think i've spent the last years since he's died trying to prove to him that i am not the disappointment that he thought i was was the she was at that was and it was. i have this recurring nightmare of him not having died in that plane crash
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and walking into this office and screaming at me and saying or the have you done to my office where all my things get out of my chair and get. out from behind my desk and what are you doing here i do have i mean it's not a nightmare that he's still alive that's not the nightmare i bought but it's the repercussions and me sitting there trying to justify what i've done over the last decade to. immortalize his memory to a certain degree and to continue his legacy and to continue his company.
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i think there would be an inner peace i would call at a certain point in my life where i would feel that i have nothing left to prove to them i think. perhaps. a string of awards perhaps some recognition for what i've done would. allow me to sit back and say. i hope you're happy now. the final episode of ma in may well as we know a lot has happened in africa since two thousand and six and although mother is no longer with us his sound so lame has carried on the camera for extradition and he's
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here with us now to talk about keeping faith with has father's mission and the role of generalism and today's africa it is great to have him with us here today wonderful to be here elizabeth thank you thank you i believe that george series more than made it was actually the first that was broadcast on al-jazeera it was the opening series or documentary series that was done and it kind of you know it when i was pitching it to to the original team that started all jazeera i felt that it takes all the boxes that al-jazeera was stand you know stood for wanted to portray itself as which was stories. on the sols. stories that dealt with parts of the world that many bother broadcasters rarely looked at it was a story of a muslim who wasn't a terrorist you say in the film that you have this recurring nightmare that you're never going to live up to the men's work of your father how do you feel about that
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now i still have the same night where i look i realize i've come to terms with his life his life was was truly unique in an african context in the global context and you know the body of work i've now spent time looking at the body of his work it's just phenomenal you over three million images that he clicked in forty odd years how do you think africa has changed in the two decades since his passing both bad and good what i think i think it has changed it's changed a lot. in some ways it's changed more in the last two decades that it did in the last fifty years before that there is been the technology has been a huge leap things like mobile money and. and and all these apps and wonderful innovations that have come out of the quantum of leadership has been a massive problem in kenya alone in two thousand and seven and twenty seventeen we
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had this massive election problem when two thousand and seven we have post-election violence in south africa we've got a whole change of guard with people getting fed up with corruption so some things haven't got worse how dangerous is it still to film in many parts of the continent you know when he was operating one of the things that he taught me was how to get in and out of war situations and for him no matter how gung ho or passionate he was no story was ever worth dying for one of his favorite sayings to me which i'll never forget is not. is he said i'm not afraid of the bullet with my name on it but i don't want to be killed by the one that says to whom it may concern going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's not how to get it it's how to get out because there's no point of nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places and putting your life on the line but in the end unfortunately he did die. not by not from a bullet it was
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a to whom it may concern kind of a situation it was a case of his luck running out but not just his luck with a lot of other people and it was it was a freak accident it was a it was. a hijacking that was not necessarily was unnecessary it was a bunch of amateurs if there is such a thing as amateur i jack ors these were a bunch of amateurs nobody to this day ever been able to explain how they got on that plane they were escaped convicts how they got passports how they managed to make it onto that flight and he tried to live very and to convince them yeah he was not got we had spent most of his life negotiating with our maniacs i mean that was what he did for a living and so he you know he tried he did everything remember this was pretty nine eleven had been post nine eleven i think you know hundred people would have stood up and jumped on top of these guys and tried to take the plane back and tragic end but an absolutely extraordinary life we thank you very much something
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for coming in and talking to us about about him that's what an absolute pleasure thank you very much thank you on that set from us but do join us again next time and check out the rewind page at c.n.n. dot com for more films from the series on is the problem thanks for joining us see you again soon. rewind returns i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries live i was the top of the class and on the other student rewind continues with. my neighborhood i was like screaming get the settlers we want leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the. rewind on al-jazeera. driven by outrage and
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spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticised repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like was so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty thirty or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. in september twenty seventh team from the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted in favor of independence from. the joy it was short lived as the iraqi government reacted forcefully against any idea of separation. al-jazeera world travels to the
6:48 pm
kurdish regional capital of overbuild to investigate independence and the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera. these are live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes killed while celebrating sunday mass in the southern philippines at least twenty five people are
6:49 pm
dead after two bomb explosions at a catholic cathedral also politicians and diplomats argue over venezuela's power struggle will speak to people who've fled across the border into colombia. waiting for word on their loved ones to stall relatives of hundreds of people missing after a dam disaster in brazil losing homes. also we meet the woman blazing a trial in transforming village life in the pacific island nation of van watch. welcome to the news are two bomb explosions at a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines are killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of responsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island hauler victoria gate and because more. the first blast was inside the cathedral as worship is celebrated
6:50 pm
sunday mass that was followed by a second explosion in the carpark a security forces were arriving there's been no immediate claim of responsibility they are trying to disrupt the peace process they're trying to destabilize it it's like four men being some sort of this time is a shock and to show that the government will not be able to control the area that the the places that that there is conflict the attack in the capital of solu province comes six days after a referendum on the neighboring island of mindanao that is in the muslim dominated region overwhelmingly approved a deal for more self rule eighty five percent of voters backed in agreement between muslim fighters and government leaders in manila for a self administered area in mindanao which will be named bangsamoro. voters in neighboring salue province where is rejected it there are attempts to stalk up
6:51 pm
communal conflict but the thing is that so far none of these attacks on the churches have resulted in such type of hatred between muslims and christians. the predominantly catholic philippines has been plagued by decades of separatist conflict in mindanao more than one hundred thousand filipinos have been killed and millions displaced by the fighting despite the reconciliation process attacks like this show armed groups still pose a threat to peace in the region victoria gate and be al jazeera. is the company of sulu province walid south of the mindanao island it's considered part of the predominantly muslim mindanao region i think looted in the new bangsamoro autonomous region agreement. that is covering this for us from the capital manila let's just start with an update of what we know.
6:52 pm
or what we know is at least twenty five people were killed many of them state forces the first bomb exploded inside the church where mass was ongoing early sunday morning and as survivors and panicked worshipers rushed out they were met by a a military army military truck that was responding to the first that the nation that's when the second bomb was detonated and it was placed inside the container box inside a mortar cycle right outside the church you know this is not the first time so here that this church has been attacked if you've actually been inside many parts of of the roof has been caved in for many years there was an attack in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven bishop was killed there was an assassination shortly after the peace agreement was signed with a more national liberation front and this comes at the very sinister time still it is important to remember there is that there is no claim of responsibility at this point and even the philippine military is holding up any speculation what it's
6:53 pm
saying basically is that it's going to respond strongly against the aggressors ok so that's the situation the holo island has its own issues and while as i think you've mentioned previously militant groups have had a presence on the island it hasn't sort of been so pronounced as it has until now no one's taking responsibility we can see that but the thing dissolve pointing so who could be behind the attack and who is active on the oil and. that's a good question so here that's a question that many here are also asking there are several armed groups operating in whole or a very very small island but a highly militarized zone in fact perhaps the most dangerous place in the philippines in terms of security there is of course there are bases for the more islamic liberation front the biggest armed group in southeast asia that just had a successful referendum the first phase of its referendum with the philippine
6:54 pm
government there are still of course there's still the presence of the more a national liberation front they original group that led the rebellion in the one nine hundred seventy s. that led by enormous worry however there is still an ongoing peace negotiation with the philippine government there are private groups operating with ties to local politicians and there is of course the notorious abu sayyaf group known to operate these kinds of an exit these kinds of operations and usually though they haven't claimed any responsibility of the i would say yes but there are several factions of the abu sayyaf at this point so this you can you just imagine the situation a very small island a highly militarized island of course this spike an enormous amount of intelligence operations they spike hundreds of soldiers on the ground that a group was able to basically successfully detonate two bombs at the same time we have to look at of course if there was an interloper ration in the ground if there were collusions within several armed groups together and where there is in fact it
6:55 pm
is related to the referendum that has recently been operated or if it is also connected to an upcoming midterm elections in the area as you say she's trying to investigate exactly where this situation leads to but obviously you've touched on the referendum it's interesting though that perhaps of the militant groups that you've mentioned in the list of the last should possibly be wooed about the way. will going. to be. guilty because we saw a very intense armed military operation we own mindanao back in twenty seventeen against are you still and if anybody wants to go up against manila right now manila seems to have the answer well definitely i mean just an hour ago. office of the president released a statement basically that the ten well at least the spokesperson said that the
6:56 pm
government intends to put in court crush those and god bless criminals and of course that perpetuated these attacks that's a very telling sign that the government is going to hit hard into law but then we know that the long term implications of this i mean this fight attacks on churches all across mean then now there has never been more of these attacks like these have never polarized communities you know but there is clearly a message that's being sent that no matter what the efforts are of both the philippine government the more islamic liberation front civil society groups the message is clear that whole law will remain. hard for are these government the government to control you know the philippines or at least sorry that mindanao region has been under martial rule for over a year we're talking about forces there on the ground twenty four seven we're talking about tighter security control in checkpoints this message is clear you may be able to control many other areas but not hollow it will remain a powder keg in mindanao well we'll leave it there of course absolutes with you
6:57 pm
through the night thanks very much let's head to the americas now as well as president to supporters have denounced moves from some european nations which they believe are part of efforts to topple him spain germany france and britain and set a deadline for nicholas madrid to call new elections within a week if he doesn't join the u.s. and recognize the opposition leader. as the new interim president. you know what i don't know the european union say they've given us eight days to call for an election must go to hell venezuelans don't take orders from anybody. quick reminder of who's backing who in this political crisis russia says any moves to remove nicolas maduro from power are illegal while turkey and china are also standing by him mexico with the newly elected leftist president is recognizing murderers leadership for now or do as allies bolivia cuba and nicaragua say they remain
6:58 pm
committed to him canada has joined the u.s. in backing or position leader one quite dar and a host of latin american countries are also supporting him as the interim leader and as we mentioned the united kingdom spain germany and france say if they do or doesn't call elections they'll swing behind quite down michaela reports now on how these divisions are playing out at the u.n. . a highly unusual weekend session and at the outset russia made very clear its opposition to the proceeding arguing that any u.n. involvement in venezuela constituted a violation of that country's sovereignty particularly when you're still who rules we don't see any external threats coming from what is taking place in venice well or venezuela does not represent a threat to peace and security if anything does represent a threat to peace it is a shameless and aggressive actions of the united states and their allies aimed at the ouster of the legitimately elected president of venezuela russia demanded
6:59 pm
a procedural vote to continue the requisite mine members voted to do so but the four votes against a signal that yet again the security council would not be speaking with a unified voice now it's time for every other nation to pick a side no more delays no more games if you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with merger and his mayhem that's a sentiment echoed by u.s. allies the united kingdom making a clear ultimatum we believe that one why don't you is the right man to take venezuela forward and we will recognize him as constitutional interim president if new elections are not announced within eight days the venezuelan foreign minister was allowed to put his country's point of view and seize the opportunity for a show and tell of what he called illegitimate u.s. intervention in latin america the united states is withdrawing forces from syria
7:00 pm
well they are going to try to start a new war now in latin america venezuela we're not going to give them that satisfaction peace stability and understanding will prevail in venezuela in spite of all the efforts of the countries present here who are trying to trigger a war the us secretary of state was not there to listen holding a brief news conference before walking away and leaving the council still in session behind mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. millions of others wayland's of escape the economic pain and political turmoil finding refuge in neighboring countries latin america editor lucien newman reports now from kuta on colombia's border with venezuela on whether they're considering returning home. they've come from all over this way across the border into colombia some months ago others just yesterday and they're hungry. so when they get to sit.


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