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the relationship between the two sides remain fractious not keast because most of our but sonnie also allied himself with neighboring iran. in one nine hundred seventy five the algerian president who made t.n. sponsored an agreement between baghdad and to her on he brought together the shah of iran with the van iraqi vice president saddam hussein. the agreements put an end to reign in support for the kurds in return for iraq's relinquishing sovereignty over half of the shots a lot of waterway. in one nine hundred seventy nine they reign in revolution erupted overthrowing the shah it's all the end of the committee and sponsored agreement. a year later the eight year war began between iraq and iran mr wood but is there any screwed this time democratic party supported iran and
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saddam hussein retaliated by abducting thousands of kurdish men and boys in edible province. and then when the at our main boffing when we look at so a lot. of that is that the only walk felt a tug. of war what the fear the hold for the feeling of all other one of them. other than your own kind of only watch you. on the phone or oil by a lot what does that slim we do not play than ourselves. just add up the lump that there were of there no as for the let me add all of. them to their work of stop the will of orders. of done. in the final days of the iran
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iraq war in ninety eight in the kurdish city of halabja just offer than attack using chemical weapons killing between two and a half and five thousand people and injuring sauza is more. the attack has been internationally recognized as part of the and fell genocide against the kurdish people by president saddam hussein's regime the iraqi high criminal courts ruled the halabja massacre an act of genocide in march twenty ten. in one nine hundred ninety iraq invaded kuwait leading to the first gulf war but saddam hussein was defeated by a coalition led by the united states in one nine hundred ninety one. some of iraq's southern and northern provinces rose up against the interim iraqi government and the coalition imposed no fly zones in some areas including the kurdish regions. the iraqi kurds benefited from the defeat of saddam hussein and gained autonomy in
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northern iraq in one thousand nine hundred one under the united nations and in particular operation southern watch which in forces a no fly no drive zone in one thousand nine hundred two there were kurdish parliamentary and presidential elections and the kurdistan regional government the k r g was formed. in two thousand and three and you u.s. led coalition invaded iraq and kurdish peshmerga fighters joined in the overthrow of saddam hussein. in a post-war referendum and new iraqi constitution was approved which recognized both the k r g and its parliament but kurdish baghdad tension remains. also want to see a lot of distortion. what. were a few walked over on the no no the store over me surly comint be no office clerk
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and the earth does so to so get at the earth. knowing just to be a couple and finish i can record offer for the store i list if they're from are that i want and as i am a financier now what i mean. is that limb of the limb limb or the limb use rather than stiff. as your ass the office of iraqi foreign minister ibrahim al jaafari if damage could ask him the same question as to why the two thousand and seven referendum didn't take place. after initially agreeing to an interview the minister leaser pulled out. the other day you don't know why i did not see other just today i'm not a harlot in facade a door in facade of the vatican the mother misha.
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you know the door on the other side of. the two thousand and three u.s. led invasion plunged iraq into a period of chaotic political instability which saw the emergence of a relatively new armed group eisel. the group gained global prominence in early twenty fourteen when a trophy iraqi government forces out of key cities in western iraq and captured moved on in the north. of this it to the kurdish region of northern iraq in april twenty seventeen five months before the independence referendum took place. the iraqi governments with the support of international forces including the u.s. u.k. france germany and turkey had launched a major military campaign in twenty sixteen to retake muso from eisel in what became known as the battle of mosul and. kurdish peshmerga forces joined the
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operation and fought alongside the iraqi army. the joint force defeated eisel in july twenty seventh teen and the borders of the kurdish region of northern iraq were extended. this is but najaf a town a nineveh province in april twenty seventeen it was under the control of kurdish peshmerga forces. on the highway i saw three. and to it in a gentle manner and out on the hind month. bad. enough to judge a book as i have to walk a softer and sob. bob. after the referendum the kurds lost control over but najaf and other areas of nineveh province. the borders of the kurdish region. seem constantly to ebb and flow in line with kurdish
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fortunes and the complexity of modern iraqi politics. it was against this historical backdrop the de kurdistan regional government held its independence referendum in september twenty seventh seen. there are several iraqi kurdish political parties and while they all support self-determination they often disagree on how best to achieve it. the two largest governing party is are the kurdish democratic party. and the patriotic union of kurdistan depi u.k. there's also the movement for change known as koran and the kurdistan islamic union dickie i you. one time it and miss had visited the k r g capital that have been a few months after the twenty seventeen referendum disagreement and resentment about the timing of the vote still festered among the different political leaders.
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that jena six hundred tuneup from an auction judged the brain and were not in a tub of water consignee and a director. will know you. were not a journalist had them involved. in that. but . at the door. while tammet and this had wasn't it a bit after the referendum he met the head of the kurdish democratic party and the then president of the k r g. it was mr wood better than me who had ultimately decided the referendum would go ahead and when. hell
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can or. at least if there are three september and finn was. going at the lower tunefully to solar u.v. to souls love him a new one in sanford was on our soil. only when the story will have to be a really sharp chorused only one animal stirred and use of raised if there are. no them oh. and. mark. got all feet consortium are you. it's impossible to begin to understand iraqi kurdish politics without first examining the differences between their main rival parties. the kurdistan democratic party the k d p is led by mr wood but sanny with the city of edible as its power base. the better than a family has been
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a dominant force in the kurdish cause for two generations and continues to occupy a prominent place in the minds of its people. many continue to regard mr odes father most of far as the founder of the kurdish revolution and posters of him are everywhere across the region his son mesereau would stood down as the k r g president after the referendum but is still leader of the k d p. d p's main rival is the patriotic union of kurdistan the p.-u. k. funded by the legion i'll tell a body their base is insular many to the southeast of it. in sublists city or hold court out of sight of the lovable to cook with the salami to his feet because the democrats could start with a total
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a lick of start up in the soup to associate. sitting so close on a little to. the edges and yes a loss of confidence kaluta true of. random holloman down. to philly. because of all the kurdish infighting civil war between the different factions erupted in one thousand nine hundred four and lasted for years inevitably wider middle east politics further inflame the conflict . could be a kind of how the neck in full effect it could be a count at the heart or brain i'm about the same with many of the same cat and i got how badly it had the accordion how can a more. the woman of the. more even remember that after a bit of an obama. getting the oil in the hole and done a lot. of are there going to miss circle but i didn't feel
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fee for a month from marianna topple what at the border and sort of looked at the whole ugly me. cottage at a little. bit of an aside but could be an old had a good could year but here that has a hard into it has been over. the left so will not be you know how to cool could year low you can add new. you do. not you can necessarily. crotty. wall of the one united first if you are a village of my peer that. records. all the critics parties were united in support of the idea of an independence referendum and mesereau designed
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he had his way by staging it in september twenty seventh teen. but the plot thickens. other countries both in the region and in the west are now thought to have played a part in both encouraging and discouraging the votes activity tomar no quite honest. these are all of the hard. work here that will be a swat team feast of top of the top of euro low who know who. will like you. cannot said my god my car and my soda bottles and some of us if there is a collision. while a segment is c.s.c. low levels i want to get more say he and them are. all.
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alone but the. analysts to know them are going to be well for years with no one. that. there for. a moment i don't associate there with. a say yes or there was any was a home at the helm of it about condoms to charlene war levy another woman and of a bean. and those are no more nor them socially was about what they said mr goes on . you should know how we are who did enough to open with a demand for this after i had known a surprise was referring to the french intellectual media figure writer and longtime supporter of the kurds will now own the levy. he was once described as quote perhaps the most prominent it's electable in france today of all cheery and jewish distend levy was targeted for assassination in two thousand and eight by
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a belgian based armed islamist group. an avowed supporter of israel some consider his role in the referendum controversial see it but time it and miss had asked him about this involvement and his presence at one of the polling stations on the day of the vote as an observer and a look at the whole island a few markets looked at our area where we were had when markets looked at our that have occurred but there was only one only one little among a lot of international law. that your sofa and there are a lot of the sherrick as i was a lot of others as ambassador gold brace us former minister a lot we were of maybe i don't know maybe fifty one hundred they're going to we re prisoned. the international community watching looking at the regular radio of the of the vote and but had levy been
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a genuinely impartial observer had been since he was a known supporter of the referendum us of saddam. and it's different what one of the lot. of push you can do you can do two things is two different things and i've set up dr exactly in the same time you come in you can be a long time supporter or you could this cause you can't think in the depth of your heart that you're like iraq is a loss of fiction and that kurdish nation is a real one you think that i thought that. after that. it is very important the day when devolved cops it is very important to check the vote is a good law that nobody is feeling the the boxer's as it happens in so many countries coming up turkey iran and the united states all put pressure on but is
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there any and the k r g not to go ahead with the referendum but in the geopolitics of the middle east israel emerged as an unexpected supporter i think the israeli people itself is very population. felt sympathy for the sukkah of the schools while number one because they recognize something of their old this teeny into this you know the girls. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera. the world's largest oil company fails to become public water tap and. other kingdom of the company
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inseparable here the world's largest oil producer and left in the world like a definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil in the middle east most potent economic weapon. saudi arab. the company and the state on al-jazeera. you're watching over their arms the whole ramadan and these are all top news stories to bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines have killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of responsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of hollow. brazilian
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firefighters a warning that a second mining dams at risk of rupturing close to where a dam collapsed on friday in the bedroom while he no thirty four bodies have been found but hundreds are still missing state prosecutors of frozen assets belonging to the mining company vale to pay for damages. venezuela's president nicolas maduro is denouncing an ultimatum by some e.u. countries to hold new elections within the next week he says it's part of a plot to topple him the u.s. is backing opposition leader on the wide he's declared himself the interim president in a heated emergency debate at the u.n. security council russia china and turkey rejected what they call the legal moves to remove from power. but i don't know the european union say they've given us eight days to call elections go to hell venezuelans don't take orders for anybody. to bomb attacks in northern iraq and killed four police officers the police chief in the turner assured guards two died when
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a roadside bomb exploded near their bus carrying them to work two others were killed in the second explosion as reinforcements arrived. iraq says it will summon the turkish ambassador over the death of a kurdish protester to turkish troops opened fire on demonstrators in the north west on saturday night kurdish protesters stormed a turkish base inside iraq's semi autonomous kurdish region they said four civilians were killed in a turkish raid last week turkey often carries out raids and air strikes in iraq targeting the kurdistan workers' party which it considers a terrorist group. russian tanks and troops of commemorated the seventy fifth anniversary of the ending of the leningrad siege eight hundred thousand lives were lost during the second world war battle with hitler's troops the kremlin says occasion is important for all russians to remember. but on saturday in paris the yellow first movement marked eleven weeks of demonstrations they first rallied in them boro against a proposed increase in fuel taxes that was later scrapped those were the headlines
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and back with the news hour in half an hour here on al-jazeera stay with us. the kurds of northern iraq would like but do not have their own permanent state. but in twenty seventeen the leaders of their semi autonomy screw this town regional government they key argy in it a bill held a referendum on whether or not to separate from the rest of iraq the answer was a resoundingly yes. but the central government in baghdad rejected the result and took reprisals against the region. in going ahead with the vote the k r g had ignored the advice of its neighbors and traditional allies. the only country that openly supported the referendum was israel but it denied
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having any influence over it in any way our lives. and shove. me further suit your. own. journey if it be diet colors don't it was just allowed to damage a ship in the washer when washoe had to have acted honestly if another why and if you let me open how to her for me how the ledger work what allowed for others so i don't doubt of what was said to a civilian at a tune which is a militant you will call me discipline many of them just have to fuck up a side while fathomless right if you're bad at the area and more into their list if that. i had a sora. in can it been an out and see if my com let me. alone israeli let me or can get out of. the deal by moderates very little i learned more
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careful look. i don't use or say it's a had in one. it's now me and the more of what he'd more then let a year and that is quite a distance that they had to sift i listened and it was a listen even a minute anyhow it does let me could assert. the i live the way you do and mark up with a liquid. with ernie and. you could all movement. canyon to the woman with a this and you saw the whole be mr minister. other beer to further see damage in this hand as the french electoral observer whether he thought israel had benefited from the referendum i think the use of id
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people itself is quite a leap operation. felt sympathy for the security schools while. number one because they recognize something of their old and this unique into this you know of the girls this this tin ear for people dreaming for independence seeing this in the bonanza refused to buy the although of nations that can say it but not believing obama to see tamina pointed out that the iraqi kurds might not agree with the comparison of their cause with israel's position he made the point that israel has occupied large areas of the palestinian territories and. i told you that there is some similarities between the two distributors felt such a search by the israelis i don't tell you that there is identity of the just it is
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it is of the same force. the referendum arguably put the iraqi kurds in the most exposed position they've been in since autonomy was announced after the first gulf war in one nine hundred ninety one. iraqi governments reprisals had affected them economically and limited their freedom. give back to the world by this if that was enough there was. a bit of a solemn as in zero. seven missive that. it dropped you have distorted. potulny but. that the guy did what for. the next my had been you happen that much of the central iraqi government in baghdad few the referendum is unconstitutional claiming it threatens national
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security and stability. but al jazeera wanted to find out what discussions had taken place between the kurds and baghdad immediately before the referendum as well as between. kurdish parties themselves behind closed doors. to matter how are you. not to norman have been a doctor i don't see the should resign him an edge in your cough i may just stop but that. i don't read on the half of the. list if the who when she caught unaware that. whatever he had her to just said it was the further well know how well it in. a lot on the meadow but this desolate of the involved a lot of that kind of. call them and. other must mean which had been. called the most we loaded and of course. early. yet another to
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had our little help and i know that. they are g.'s western neighbor took a much tougher line the turkish government has a long standing difficult relationship with the kurds on its own soil and threats in military and economic action against those in iraq. to me it. kinda need. a push to. be a neck and neck and. even i'm talkin stuff and talk now if. we have. one month we had a walk. through the. that minister the. gift and the arc around
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that is our list of the number that we already do a lot of. well in the. other car out of the star of course stuff you know you're going on a not in the can and i had to have an equal fear could be a way to have a man on top of what the heck. out of a few one of. them a lot of b.o.r. and for a woman for as your limited. a lot of the more than you and to have. had that i could have sung. fifi took if you don't who kept us on our level. the iranian government took a similar position to that of baghdad and turkey. basters non-target of our. of us through the door ajar omar fox that there would be see already there are more waters about terrorism
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a daw is. just we're going to the pressure from neighboring countries meant a lot of last minute shuttle diplomacy in the lead up to the independence referendum somewhat secret some in the public domain. the included a secret visit to the kurdish region of northern iraq by the commander of the iranian puts force major general qassam sulaimani. because i'm sorry money was. a young. to. come off mother how i haven't gone be stiffed or mother cannot adopt my deacon was that. well yeah. i would bet that he continued to insist that the decision to hold the vote was not
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affected by any outside influences for or against. to deal with before the vote then us think we terry of st rex tillerson route to pakistanis to try and persuade him to pursue a dialogue with baghdad. before the us would recognize the need for a friend. at the moon saw the i mean. nothing with the head let me feel more like oh no no no i just. feel like i don't know what the list by the don't like by them or they. have. been at the low enough. ron howard thurman. about the. want to.
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say you did. that sold out. at the. well the time was when a place where you will just let up if you are the ones on the other not a dude you're a dirty old dude been in behalf of others. and making your own a saying in the us or about as an atheist if that. will your only rather minute of kleffel i'm your queen how old do and i know you are the middle aged colin i'm sorry buno learnable will be a new to judah list a militarised i was in in washington when a very high ranking. i mean personality
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of care g. came to to to see the americans in july the offices of the of but they warned of state department where empty jaw dry he had no clear reply he had no clear red light and no clear green light america this i'm sure it was unclear later america said we had told you you should not have god this is untrue they did not say they did not say they let him go. on and not a sharpness and i shot at one man somewhat on the sun had stepped out and i thought the same theme other some laughing at phantom three more difficult. yanni feet are said affably none other. than that of any moon was modest if that in which
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it is if though it up in that not. being. less up it could just tiny omac on to shove. the case over thirty for me and. i had most of them after all and when you could. wouldn't it. be too dear to the men who now own uk with a ribbon to cobble it just the mishap told burn our own reliving that surest has you of the koran movement for change didn't think the referendum result was accurate you should ask the same question to all those i can provide you the least of international observers coming from eastern europe from france from america from south america. had livy issued their report as a refer them observer i did not release a formal report but they made
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a formal statement saying that for me it was. an example. in the mushroom of storm. after the referendum however the iraqi government in baghdad delivered its own response to the overwhelming vote. for the previous decade the iraqi kurds had been trying to gain control of the oil rich region around the city of kirkuk ninety five kilometer south of it. they had even raised the kurdish flag. to weeks after the referendum the iraqi army decisive be recaptured control of the city after the surprise withdrawal of kurdish peshmerga forces.
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that had. sort of. jim are. the fuck up my house it home athenian posed. wrong on the water well you can't. change what has shit. what. bush. did it could go. to tom international a tad. bad.
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more than. that. well i would be numb to it could be that until quite a. bead. do you mean a leg up which adama mouthed me to destroy work on a little cooler up here would be done by the lab and i would see what is as clear now i'm stuck to them of the last killie bit and one alarm went out can can can bother to fork out my enema mage wanted to die how did what i needed could stand your mama inside or had to mile your money or can you inside that ark if you measured the look would come into that little candle quality article about the. mental of a man you're cold and then a to have another mop of hair metal. and quite a deal of the. i've been less than a lot to learn how those are so one of them is their own i'm glad of that let me
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out of mine i thought of you mother won't leave you mother your goal is to stop when i got on my list and you're calling my list of them now. other than the are lucky and some other general prove what lack of them had a third. son then who is you know a good. got a coke levies off you have him with us of dover ok for the civil society i had. no heard of. any. c.s.e. . clerk human much a study. in the fall of. dr hyderabadi. the shock. of the did you notice if that is the one to take it was lucky little you could have a little so yeah i mean who wouldn't teach you how to that without killin you're going to need it and does about a dud when it should i deserve the good deed i did x.
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gun but that we'd want of something called you were lucky to lety to a dida this of toad facade on the twenty ninth of october twenty seventh teen mr wood but zanny stepped down as the president of the kurdistan regional government over the major political disagreements on the referendum and its result. many muslim brothers only but there on the. left has met the yet i can't. even look. at these men how to mess with words and the admission that you were better studying and beauty was dean below par and they meant basement about. a same as i do but as any woman. salad artist if that teacher time will cost a mint how do you know. you had to do she added to g.
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you don't know who another would be and no work on your list of where tom looks the . c.b. artist must with balls and he is a great bush merry go a great commander but he is not the wisest the most wise political. and that is. this maybe but they don't believe so there is a second reply which is that most will buzz any new that it will apparently it will not but really so he said maybe it is you what i think he's all my career a political career in exchange of real east or equal mover of the crew visuals bad the list if there were much other kind of a saying a message about as an insta hab min set a luckily for him at the other woman but not enough and the saide mess or the
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better than ashara. figure goodness if that far then you're at how can a shop other than local deli luck to that. that's what we saw her no other comes up like and fell and we're going to call and talk but you don't like that i wanted to know understand up in torment that a term for hell would be some happy naleo we tell you. the outcome of the kurdistan regional governments referendum has had a big impact on this part of the middle east as well as representing a serious setback to the idea of kurdish self-determination whatever positive spin must road but is there any may seek to put on it. it cannot have done other then dense their ultimate collective hopes for their own permanent kurdish state.
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hell were difficult even for sa in your urine you know how you can allow modafinil to do if she's in the garden thought the real short all of them are well had come and live the unit here who must either model for they aren't but that a lot more data has. well i love to lie about the weather to see of the whole of the. now let's consider when alicia could we were shocked that all for over thirty . can anyone else on the marla shall be fit to live massive. after the referendum the k r g suffered economic hardship and an international embargo but the relationship between edible and best dad slowly improved. in k r g parliamentary elections in september twenty eighth teen turnout was low
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the referendum outcome unpaid public sector salaries and alleged corruption may have undermined people's faith in iraqi kurdish politics. but the two traditionally dominant parties the k d p a p u k one sixty six of the one hundred eleven seats and looks set to dominate k r g politics for years to come. reflecting on the independence referendum one key argy representative and leading p.d.p. figure said that independence is what the iraqi kurds want the dream of independence she said will never be extinguished. high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their
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husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home and farm and family is tough with no outside supports come much longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets my rock roots village superwoman. from the waves of the snow. to the contours of the east. and i there we're seeing plenty of showers a proponent of south america at the moment fortunately there is in argentina run quite as heavy as the ones we've seen recently said still
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a few of them of over the next few days but not quite as heavy as those that we've seen so they shouldn't cause us any problems further north or those of a brazil will still be quite poky in that we gradually tracking their way west winds as we head through the day on monday so quite a few of them here as we head up towards the central americans in the north we're watching the weather very closely because this area of cloud here is really pulling itself together during the day today we're looking at heavy rain over parts of mexico and then that stretches all the way up through florida and into the bahamas heavy downpours for the north here and then as that system gradually hits its way southwards as we head into monday we'll see that rain ten a little bit like to say still graham wet for us across the rest of the bahamas and into cuba on monday just quite as wet as it will be for other places today ever further towards the north it always gray on the satellite picture it's just really the cold weather that we're seeing over north america at the moment really quite cold and it will get worse as we head through the week as well for the time being there minus twelve will be the best we can hope for in chicago so still very cold
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for us there was some wintry weather making its way in from canada that gave some of us heavy snow. there with sponsored by count time riis. p. twenty. eight has brought us peace of mind importance and now we can go all the invest. money and do many things. that we could do previously feel what could have been the war. time is coming we really believe. put the seal on the back to reality was. the theme because they see this meeting. i believe the future of the plantation to be put to good t.v. is pretty bad but. we must seat from being the supplier of rubbish he is
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to. it and exporting barely read it but then. to form but it needs. to be able to enjoy the finest cup of tea in the world. the morris who wonderful herb in the wood the chinese the peace the big off the gods. problems with three nations have been. pretty good souls who go. there to watch the illusion one consumers to go back to quality in bed happen. to own who would be able to read t.v. or read the same enjoyment as it's big to be to do the deed about predict what use will people still on the good roll back and ship
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over from you know. russian filmmaker andrea christophe explodes have put ins russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian growth why does o.c. assume raided by the police to misuse the crane six homosexuality because significance of booting to the russian elite is that she is like a fake you who controls the cobra in such a putin's russia on al-jazeera. february on al-jazeera reinvestigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath old is toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria books out as their world
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showcases the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will be outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where community polarized by mining and questions the heritage february on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. the whole robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes killed while a prelude to bomb blasts leave at least twenty five dead at
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a catholic cathedral in the philippines. also brazil damn close disaster relatives of the hundreds missing face a painful wait for news also no fuel no cash no bread we'll look at the roots of the movement against the dons president and see if he has any chance of fixing them . and russia marks seventy five years since the end of the siege of leningrad but not everyone is convinced a military parade is appropriate and with all the baseboards novak djokovic weeps to the seventh australian open title in a dominant display against rafa nadal that story and more later this means a. welcome to the news our two bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines of killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of responsibility for
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the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of hollow jamila arlindo god has more. the first blast was inside the cathedral as worshippers celebrated sunday mass that was followed by a second explosion in the car park a security forces were arriving there has been no immediate claim of responsibility they are trying to. disrupt the peace process they're trying to destabilize it it's like like for men things of this time is asian and to show that the government will not be able to control the area that the the places that. there is conflict the attack in the capital of sulu province come six days after a referendum on them in the now region voters in the muslim dominated region overwhelmingly approved a deal for more self rule eighty five percent of voters backed an agreement between
9:51 pm
muslim fighters and government leaders in manila for is self administered area in mindanao which will be named bunsen model there are attempts to stalk up of communal conflict but the thing is that so far none of these attacks on the churches have resulted in such type of hatred between muslims and christians. the predominantly catholic philippines has been plagued by decades of separatist conflict in mindanao more than one hundred thousand people have been killed and millions more in displaced in the decades long conflict in mindanao and despite the reconciliation process attacks like this show that armed groups still pose a threat to peace in their region dogon al jazeera manila the least crews the result is the research director of the dialogue for civilisations research institute in berlin is a think tank that researches international relations and security and she joins me
9:52 pm
now live from berlin via skype good to have you with us live on this. let's just begin with the whole island i mean it has its own issues and the as yet no one is taking responsibility for this attack but where do you think the finger will point. good afternoon and thank you for having me yes there has been no claims of responsibility but as usual there are the usual suspects and one is of course the ceja which has been outlawed as a terrorist organization that remains relatively active especially after the invasion in two thousand and sixteen although they haven't yet this late claimed then responsibility which is a bit unusual the other usual suspect is of course the rival faction to the m i l f that the latter have begun entered into a peace agreement of the government and the rival faction the m.l.l.
9:53 pm
. who was also linked to the invasion in twenty thirty nine in sabah again because of their opposition to this peace agreement so these are the usual suspects if i may say that could be behind the we sent a bombing today in exactly that areas. mindanao region the island of mindanao have all been under sort of military. military authority for some time. who are in terms of. how threatened do these smaller groups whoever they may be feel now after the five actually i'm alive pardon me have not signed the sort of peace agreement with the government we've seen a large majority of muslims in the region want autonomy and voted for it's very positive actions happening right now and that mr moms must feel quite threatening for those that don't agree with what's going on in manila. of course these are you
9:54 pm
might say the last throes of the last gasps of attempts to resist but some of those resistance unfortunately come from far powerful forces the governor off a little governor ton has been known to oppose joining the bangsamoro and in fact on october thirteenth he filed a protest at the supreme court testing contesting the constitutionality of the law so that still pending one city izabella city in basilan also refuses to join the bar so you have these small pockets of resistance and they could potentially be you know sources of trouble as we probably have seen today where in. any area of the philippines is attacked obviously miller runs into action and we saw the military come down very heavily in marar way against eisel back in twenty seventeen
9:55 pm
now that a form of peace agreement has been signed between manila and the i have to think that those two forces together might start to act against the likes of i saw an abu sayyaf and again give these armed groups and their supporters real food for thought about whether they want an armed conflict. well to the credit of the philippine government and the philippine military this passage of the bunch more organic law has been a joint collaborative sustained effort or over the years that started way back two decades ago and began in the administration of president mean a keno that respect up my present a tear to it and we've reached this stage now of the law finally seeing foolish and let us hope that the philippine government and the philippine military continue this core laboratory joint efforts together with the communities i must see in
9:56 pm
mindanao who overwhelmingly ratified this law and let's hope that this concerted efforts are going to lead to a lasting enjoy peace which the citizens of mindanao and also the entire philippines that been waiting for for a long time so let's hope that that these efforts will continue to bear fruit and these very last stages when the plebiscites are going to be concluded will result in more positive more enduring results indeed watch very closely what happens in the philippines miss dora zora thanks for joining us from berlin thank you. hope is turning to anguish in brazil over the increasing likelihood that hundreds of people missing after a dam collapse would be found alive so far thirty four bodies have been pulled from the muddy disaster zone and firefighters are warning that another five may also be on the brink of failing the newish one report from the town of from watching all. the heavy rain only makes moretti fraught rescue operation much worse many have
9:57 pm
been saved to being cared for at this center relieved distraught concerned about their missing loved ones. the feeling is that you're going to die that is the end of everything you don't know which way to run. for president job olsen are all visited the disaster area but didn't stay long his ministers are overseeing the rescue and relief efforts. see that soon all the money is being monitored by local and national institutions at this moment the heavy part is moving more slowly as we have several monitoring points along the river and we are tracking its movement and investigation is underway into how the dam burst releasing millions of liters of ways from the ira nor mine the owners vale expressed their sorrow they've already been fined sixty six million dollars but they were also part owners of a miner a little over three years ago a similar downburst one thousand people were killed damage to the environment was immense we still don't know the scale of this tragedy on either the human or the
9:58 pm
environmental level what is know is that lessons were not learned from the last november two thousand and fifteen nobody was prosecuted nobody took responsibility for many already asking whether they'll be ignored again if it's there it's disheartening it's sad what carelessness where are the authorities spared the petitions how long are people going to die for things like this how long will be crying for our loved ones. were sent to the morgue in search of a missing husband banjul he wasn't there but he doesn't know where he is she may never know and will join others wondering how another down they were told was safe this cause such death and destruction that. berman guignol was ill but as well as present it was murder has rejected an ultimatum to call elections within days describing european countries as insolent for making the demand staying germany france and britain say if the deadline isn't met they'll join the u.s.
9:59 pm
in recognizing opposition leader one word of the interim president but madeira and his political allies are home or at home and are refusing to budge. you don't have what i got i don't know what the european union say they've given us a taste to call for elections go to hell venezuelans don't take orders from anybody . earlier the u.s. called on the world to pick a side in venezuela's past trouble during a heated meeting at the un security council russia which backs accused washington of trying to engineer a coup michaela reports a highly unusual weekend session and at the outset russia made very clear its opposition to the proceeding arguing that any u.n. involvement in venezuela constituted a violation of that country's sovereignty particularly when you're still who rules we don't see any external threats coming from what is taking place in venice well or venezuela does not represent
10:00 pm
a threat to peace and security if anything does represent a threat to peace it is a shameless and aggressive actions of the united states and their allies aimed at the ouster of the legitimately elected president of venezuela russia demanded a procedural vote to continue the requisite mine members voted to do so but the four votes against a signal that yet again the security council would not be speaking with a unified voice now it's time for every other nation to pick a side no more delays no more games if you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with major and his main that's a sentiment echoed by u.s. allies the united kingdom making a clear ultimatum we believe that one why don't you is the right man to take venezuela.


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