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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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through this area destroying homes killing possibly hundreds of people anger and despair in brazil as people wait for news of their loved ones missing up to a dam collapse. or hooked on heroin in iraq we see how some out accepting help but it's not nearly enough for everyone more than that stay with us. we've got some slutty try whether making its way into japan over the next couple of days off to some well the lively storms recently this area of low pressure making its way across northern areas of honshu through qaida training cold front clears through bright skies start to come back into the chance of one of two showers in c. northern honshu for choose day tokyo gets up to ten degrees getting into double figures over the next couple days you see a bright today a dry day for much of the country as we go on into where to say that dry weather
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stretches across a good part of the korean peninsula into northern areas of china southern china also laci dries a bit in the middle that we'll see increasing cloud and right as we go through the next day i'll say said will have at about seven celsius on tuesday bits of rain around here and that rain becoming more widespread as we go on into the middle part of the week for the south where we're looking at temperatures in hong kong around twenty two degrees celsius lot you know the parts of the philippines but some areas of the country could see some very heavy showers as we go through the next day or so really wet weather setting in the southern parts of the philippines somewhere that say just making its way across the south china seas edging towards lycia more be downpours for a good part of wednesday. russian filmmaker andrina christoph explores had putin's russia impacts the very values of
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the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why does the assume raided by the police to the cease ukraine six homosexuality because significance of booting to the russian elite is that she's like a feature who controls the cobra in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour turkey's president wants to stop this saves that would allow refugees to return to syria president was a typo and says setting up safe zones along northern syria would allow for millions
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of refugees to go back home. a un human rights investigator has discussed the murder of alpha shockley with turkey's foreign minister agnes who is due to have a week long talks in turkey says they are a crucial step towards accountability for the killing of a saudi journalist. venezuelan so proclaimed president one door is calling for two days of protests to demand nicolas maduro hold new elections president producer was sworn into office for a second term earlier this month he's accusing the opposition leader of being part of a u.s. led. now a politician in bahrain has lost his appeal against a life sentence for spying the leader of the opposition party al with uk early man and two of his aides were convicted of spying for qatar in november sound man has rejected the charges as has doha human rights groups have condemned the verdict bahrain cut all ties with qatar as part of a salad. blockade began in june twenty seventh team joining us now via skype from beirut is not
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a fucking deputy director of the middle east and north africa division of human rights watch so tell us a bit more about mana what this verdict by the supreme court means for him. so as you said genocide and that is the leader in its largest opposition political party and that his party was disband by the judiciary in july two thousand and sixteen and we've actually seen that about any government has taken steps to that all opposition political party in the country. should send a man who was first detained in two thousand and fourteen for charges that arose from his exercise expression and since then the of course he was accused of spying for crimes something which didn't have criminal court found that he was not guilty of that which the appeals court subsequently perverse and now the final court in the land has maintained that his conviction and his life in prison sentence
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and to really appreciate the bulls go at the impact of this ruling would really have to consider this is part of at the broader attack by any gun. has been fighting against an expression in the country let me just tell us what this tells us about bahrain's judicial system broadly. we have seen that the judiciary has been used to really in both the rule of the regime and to ensure that all critics are asked dad to be received by many government are not just that the teen arbitrarily dissidents also use them in detention in some places have them citizenship them them from traveling they have banned all opposition parties as well as free media in the country and this is a widespread strategy to try to step out any competent dissent just a final thought from the i mean what sorts of pressures then can the international
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community bring to bear on bahrain given these sorts of injustices. we've seen that and allies have really feel to step up to human rights record with them you know just recently other u.s. secretary of state was in back of the a lot of the elections you know field to mention any of the grave human rights abuses that are taking place in the country we are looking to the u.s. government as well as the u.k. government to ensure that they can use their leverage with the government to free that this in and to create space for society to be able to push the country lama fakih thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera. thinking about human rights groups are describing the jailing of a prominent lawyer in china as a mockery of the rule of law after has drawn a closed court in chan chen last month one conch shell was sentenced to four and a half years for subversion he disappeared during a widespread crackdown not to mists four years ago he'd been in court defending
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political activists victims of land seizures and the banned religious group found in gone china correspondent john brown has more from beijing. for the past three and a half years wang has really been in a legal black hole and until he appeared in court for his one day trial on december the twenty six his family didn't even know if you. is dead or alive he was unable to see his wife during his long time incarcerated before his trial and he also wasn't able to select his own legal team now wang had been part of a a grassroots movement here in china which was trying to improve civil society he gave advice to people who were involved in disputes over land seizures or people who were complaining about religious persecution now in the middle of july two thousand and fifteen president xi jinping ordered a crackdown on this group and some two hundred fifty lawyers and human rights activists were detained and one is the last of these people to have gone on trial
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he's been found guilty of subversion sentenced to four and a half years in jail his wife though has said that she believes her husband will appeal and amnesty international on monday said that this trial was a sham and they called the sentence a gross injustice but i think there is another message coming out and that is china's government is essential east saying that it's not overly concerned about international sentiment towards human rights in china now taxi drivers are back on the streets of madrid protesting against services such as they say rival drivers on ride hailing apps compete unfairly since they don't face the same regulations and costs part taxes block to sex not one of madrid's main avenues as part of the open ended strike. i saw this family responsibility for sunday's bomb attacks on a roman catholic church in the southern philippines but army commanders think that
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abu sayyaf fighters who are linked to eisele planned the two explosions which killed twenty seven people. president rodriguez the charity is visiting some of the wounded in the muslim majority island of hall where the attack took place. so it seems in southeast brazil say there is little hope of finding survivors of friday's dam collapse a torrent of sludge from an iron ore mine killed fifty eight people around three hundred missing as daniel sharman our reports in the disaster zone the search was called off briefly because of fears a second was about to burst. this is the result of the dam burst with spewed out millions of liters of ways from an iron ore mine in minutes it destroyed everything in its path education and infrastructure homes and lives will still didn't come of this so three. but events i'm just looking for a survivor or any sign of life in the wreckage of this house may be a leg or a hand of the person i don't know the way the house was built and fell it's hard to
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see anything but the authorities say there's little chance of finding survivors but families of the estimated two hundred fifty people unaccounted for continue to. move. we found for the nunda looking for his brother pitocin a subcontractor at the mine. i have come to the river to see if i can find some information someone who could tell me something maybe they'll find a body and it might be my brother. the mine owners valet have been fined sixty six million dollars the company said the recent inspection passed the damn safe. this is just one tiny part of the huge devastation in this region a swathe of destruction that swept through this area destroying homes killing possibly hundreds of people many questions being asked about why lessons were not learned from the last such disaster in the nearby town of marianna in november two thousand and fifteen. the town the dean your remains tense these precautions taken
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with news of a possible second dam about to rupture the all through it is evacuated families in vulnerable areas and continue to distribute food water medicine and. she has got a view this is still a possibility it will find survivors until we find every single body the fire department works with the understanding that there are still people alive. some say they will not cannot give up this well there is still some hope. my mom cannot. she's on medication i'm the only one who can go out and look for information. on their al-jazeera roman genial brazil an avalanche of modern rockets crashed into a hotel in peru killing at least fifteen people happened in the southern city of about one k.
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the mudslide broke the walls of the hotel thirty four people were injured. part let's go back to that store in the philippines now where abu sayyaf group claimed to have attacked a church in the southern philippines and in durban joins us live now from the hollow german army commanders say abu sayyaf was behind this attack what more can you tell us. all right apologies for that if we can we'll talk about the german in the bit later but let's move on shall we because the number of illegal drugs factories being discovered in iraq is growing and so was the number of addicks particularly in poverty stricken parts in the south matheson has the story. this is one of the front lines in iraq's latest battle the fight against illegal drugs such as heroin and crystal meth. it's a makeshift treatment center run by police in the southern city of basra trying to help addicts such as has sound. i have been an addict for more than seventeen
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months and then i got arrested by police while i was buying large quantities of drugs to use every day my entire family has disowned me. drug smugglers have been crossing parts of the border with iran which were left with little protection during a four year war against isis importing mainly cannabis and methamphetamines drugs factories have also been discovered on the iraqi side of the border in plantations and orchards in bass or province. where tightening security to prevent the smuggling of drugs and narcotics we're doing as much as we can to stop it but there are ways smugglers are getting past this the treatment center in basra run by the police is one of two unofficial facilities that the city has but they can handle only a few patients at a time so some of them come here this is the last hospital in baghdad and it's iraq's only official addiction treatment center it can deal with about seventy four
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patients at a time and some of these beds are empty at the moment but there are more patients coming from all over iraq every day buzzer province has some of iraq's biggest oil fields but its electricity and water supplies barely work i don't widespread unemployment problem means people here have very little money. irag zante drug force says it sees one hundred sixty loaves of drugs produced in basra province since november that's ten kilos more than was confiscated during the whole of twenty seventeen. if you were out of the bus and i. have reached a seriously as a way the number of people serving or using them is rising more than thirteen hundred people have either been charged with drugs offenses been found guilty. but the police also admit it's hard to stop people making and selling drugs when the only alternative is poverty rob matheson al-jazeera baghdad
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opposition protesters in bolivia have tried to disrupt primary elections called by the government of president as they call for voters to abstain while the first round was held on sunday ponce the vote is aimed at the just amazing the president's bid for a fourth term which they claim is a new constitutional. law a longtime ally of president donald trump has said he will consider cooperating with special counsel robert muller's russia investigation roger stone who was arrested on friday has denied charges of lying to congress and witness tampering. if there is wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that i know about which i know of no one but if there is i would certainly testify honestly i'd also testify honestly about any other matter including any communications with the president it's true that we spoke on the phone but those communications are political in nature there but now i and there is there is certainly no conspiracy with russia no place of programs from thailand makes a tasty meal and service all sorts of other side seafood but allegations of fishing
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boats using slave labor and overfishing didn't go down too well in brussels threaten the ban on seafood imports but that so-called yellow card warning has just been lifted it's going to have the reports from bangkok. thailand's fishing and seafood industry is big business it's the third largest export or in the world. so in two thousand and fifteen when the european commission issued a so-called yellow card warning over unsustainable fishing practices the threat of a ban on exports to the european union was a major blow anough to cause the military government to launch a major overhaul of the industry and a crackdown on illegal fishing implementing everything from vessel monitoring systems to tougher laws against the ill treatment of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers mainly from myanmar even sinking confiscated boats to create artificial coral reefs when the yellow card warning was withdrawn earlier this month it was
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a major relief for the seafood export industry but activists say there is still work to be done. good night as an observer i work on this issue the human slavery situation in taiwan and seems to be well improved but we are not one hundred percent free from it yet we still have a lot to solve especially on restoration of not show resources. thailand is due to have a general election soon the first since the military backed government took over in the coup five years ago some are concerned that the progress on industry reform and workers' rights could be undone the government here says that the success of shutting the yellow card took some tough decisions new fishing laws and a new legal framework were not easy but they're confident these changes will stick even if there's a change of leadership we have the corporation work together that we do fisherman and all the private sector and in geo for the good of the country for sustainable fishery so just why we think these machines in the future we can be
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more sustainable to achieve that goal mark then go back to what we have before but those who run smaller fishing operations say the changes cut too deep and not to the point. yellowcard is only for fishing businesses which many source a food from abroad and merely explore to other countries for us we have so little for export almost none alec catches for canned fish of poultry food she hopes that if a new government comes into power there will be changes not undoing all the new laws but those that hurt smaller businesses will be revised so her workers still have a reason to keep their nets in good shape it's got either al-jazeera bangkok. don't forget you can catch up with all the news on our web site there what is on your screen the address al jazeera dot com. era dot com.
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time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera turkey's president wants to establish safe zones in syria which he says will allow for refugees to return around four million syrian refugees living in turkey an estimated three hundred thousand have already gone back to syria. a united nations human rights investigator has discussed the motives of the turkey's foreign minister. who is due to have a week long talks in turkey says there are crucial step towards accountability for the killing of the saudi journalist stephanie deca has more from istanbul. the un special rapporteur is in ankara meeting the turkish foreign minister she is also expected to come to bowl where she will be meeting prosecutors the main authorities that have been handling the investigation into the murder of. expected to meet friends of the journalists and the people that were involved on that day almost
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four months to the day that she entered that building the saudi khan to that we can't see it because the employees of obscured the door with some of these vans many questions remain where is the body. and who ordered his killing venezuela's proclaim president is calling for protests of the mom the president do a hold new elections he was sworn into office for a second of this month. old's time responsibility for sunday's bomb attacks in the roman catholic church in the south of the philippines but army commanders think fighter's was think twice of the two explosions which killed twenty seven president attaches visiting some of the wounded in the muslim majority out in the hall where they are taught to place. the french president says egypt's human rights record is seen as worse now than it was under hosni mubarak's leadership money made the comments throughout three day trip to the arab nation he's currently holding talks with the president abdel fattah el-sisi at the presidential palace in cairo. an
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opposition party leader in bahrain has lost his appeal against a life sentence for spying shefali sound man and two aides there are with party were convicted in the event of spying for cattle psalm on the qatari government denied the charge and human rights groups condemned the verdict bahrain as part of the blockade of qatar imposed nineteen months ago. right so those were the headlines the news continues here in algeria after inside story starts with thanks so much for. can there be peace in the southern philippines bomb blasts killed worshippers of a catholic cathedral after
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a landslide vote for wider self rule in the mostly the same region will be attacked him the efforts to end sixty years of rule with rebels this is inside story. hello there welcome to the program i'm laura caro it was hoped hall for a century of conflict in the southern philippines was coming to an end last boss on sunday to bomb blasts in the muslim majority south. of the security situation the first explosion was during sunday mass inside the catholic cathedral in hollow the capital of sulu province the second blast happened as soldiers arrived at the scene dozens were killed and injured the attacks followed last monday's referendum in the region of mindanao which overwhelmingly voted for more self rule in an expanded
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autonomous region. in the deal. in just a moment but first a. discussion from manila. the first bomb exploded inside the cathedral while man was on going then panicked survivors and show which church goers rushed out when they were met by a group of soldiers on a truck responding to the first attack that's when the second bomb was detonated right outside the cathedral and according to the philippine military he was placed inside a container box in a motorcycle parked right outside because the joke was this is not the first time that attacks like this one happened is the law the message is quite clear to the philippine government and to all other groups operating. in hollow that that's the law will always remain to be a powder keg all across the mindanao region that despite efforts of the minute she
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basically to contain the situation this is my say entire region of. of mindanao under martial rule and despite multimillion dollar fines that the government and civil society groups are unable to contain hollow at this point it comes at a very difficult time that there is a referendum that means that the mid-term mid-term elections are well underway and it's good to know that even if you look at the map of the law it me seems very small but it is one of the most militarized areas in the southern philippines almost all armed groups in the area operate in hello there's the more islamic liberation front the more a national liberation front and several factions of the notorious abu sayyaf group not to mention private armed groups being run and operated by local political elites there at this point so it remains to be seen how this will impact or at least this attack and in fact the security situation on the ground the philippine government said it will respond strongly against the perpetrators this is
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a malawian dogon for inside story. well as tamala mentioned there was a referendum last week in the mindanao region and nearly three million filipinos took part eighty five percent back in agreement to create a self administered area called bangsamoro the referendum follows a peace deal signed back in two thousand and fourteen between the government and the moro islamic liberation front or m i l f rebels gave up their goal of an independent state in exchange for more autonomy the m.i.l.f. has agreed to demobilize up to forty thousand fighters and end their decades long rebellion that has killed more than one hundred thousand filipinos and displaced millions of others thanks. so plenty to look at today and let's bring in our guest now to do so in the middle are we have jose antonio caserio a defense and security analyst and former consultant of the national security
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council in the philippines in c.m. reap cambodia via skype we have emma leslie director of the center for peace and conflict studies and also manila via skype is steve rude for me the philippines country representative for the asia foundation a very warm welcome to all of you jose let's first of all address these bombings we've got at the time of a recording the show some twelve hours after the attacks no claims of responsibility but who are the prime suspects here. well the thing is that it's really difficult to say who are the prime suspects who are actually did it but of course the prime suspects would either be. you know or or any of the of the groups that actually mentioned even private arm groups could have been behind it to solve destabilisation for whatever political agenda they have so it's still too early to a certain and might even be done purpose of fluid by this whoever did that saw to
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saw confusion to who really is behind it so that. it will mean more difficult for the government to track who who who under undertook this very dreadful act of bombing the cathedral. but i say to either go at it had only ling or to believe this attack is the last week's referendum where of course a huge majority voted for a new era of self governance in this region but notably hollow rejected this well i think the fact that subaru rejected it and the bombing are disconnected facts. actually the elements of which was mentioned by correspondent have pledged allegiance to the law mixtape and this technique of a second bombing taking out the responders is an escalation that we haven't seen yet here in the philippines and it's sort of the speaks technical assistance from islamic state to increase the impact of the kinds of attacks that was undertaken
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and it really undermines doesn't it how difficult peace in this region is the m.i.l.f. may have come to some sort of agreement with the government but there are many other groups such as abu sayyaf that still pose a huge threat. yes indeed a fact part of your group that the government reached with the m.i.l.f. is a complicated series of measures on both sides that lead to the decommissioning that was mention of the m.i.l.f. riders and much of that has yet to happen so while we will see you some decommissioning as a result of the public past in the future there are many hurdles to be left over ok this referendum that happened last we can became five years after the peace agreement between the government and the m.i.l.f. why did it take so long and why indeed as steve mentioned we still in the process of decommissioning all settling because that outcome of the agreement takes time to
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implement certainly because as a as you can hear a lot of stakeholders and a lot of complex politics involved but i think that what happened in hollywood today highlights the need for this this process to continue to be fast tracked because engaging a large moderate muslim population of one point five million people come out and vote yes to this referendum shows the need to bring this middle population up to some level of strength to some level of equity some shared sense of development but more importantly to address a historic and just a set spain that's the decades and which this population is hungry to have a chance to show how they might govern this area now none of us are naive enough to think that that doesn't go without some level of ongoing challenges some outbursts of violence certainly haven't we manage extremists groups but empowering this population and this particular autonomy gives that
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a robust chance of some level of peace and security going for him ok jose how much autonomy will mindanao have well before i answer that also like the address of. that how long did it take well. if we look at that there was supposed to be already in. congress was supposed to have work agreed on this law during the previous administration but just to show how fluid the situation is in mindanao there was this incident where in police were killed in a operation against one of us a. form of foreign militant and the the botched operation led to a backlash against an earlier attempt to pass a bunch of more of basic law now. back to your. question.
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in many there's a level of autonomy except for defense and military matters that remains under the national government and that is a very tricky issue now because of the fact that our the. moral autonomous region tries to find its way through governance. it will have their assault of issues like this where in how will the military and police. operate in and in their region especially if for example the perpetrators of such of its events are are identified with any major secessionist secessionist group and usually that's the tricky part that's a that's a very big problem because that's when. obstacles are are there that is an interesting one to use against that is their own feelings of course they've gotten cancer test facing them already now and hollow how do they
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respond to this particular attack it's going to pave the way isn't it for many people to look at how the minute she's going to respond in the future. it's a test case of how well yes of how not just the military itself but the entire national screwed up or out those on the national government will handle this and the police the intelligence and so on so far so this the government has to show not just resolve in running out of them but but competence in doing so in and bringing our own and bring to justice the correct people there the ones who really perpetrated it if not then this will be seen as a as a weakness in the government and you might then have of such operations being launched by. groups that are against the of the the east of the peace process just to advance whatever extremist advocacy that they have and.
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mindanao from is from central to to western and western in the now is chock full of those types of of minute than extremist or even criminal organizations. and many of them can operate either by themselves or under the. remote control of a nother group it's not impossible to imagine that even though it does have the hallmarks of of an ice isis type operation that given the level of lawlessness in law that that might have been carried out by let's say extremist group.


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