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with the special prosecutor what we don't know is what else robert muller may have up his sleeve he may have additional charges that he could bring against roger stone that what might compel him to turn evidence against the president we just don't know at this point we've kind of seen this thing play out over and over again where people close to the president like his attorney michael cohen and his former campaign manager paul man a fourth say that they would not talk and then ended up flipping against the president and we could see that again play out with roger stone a new round of talks between the u.s. envoy to afghanistan the taliban will be held in doha next month is on my sleeves and is in kabul to brief the government on the go to when the seventeen year war secretary of state. says the u.s. is serious about pursuing peace taking america's armed forces home. or affords. afghans eager to learn more about the peace talks between the u.s.
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and the taliban. government leaders in kabul are not commenting they have complained about not being involved in the latest round of talks in qatar's capital . afghans we spoke to hope the talks in doha will help and the war while others are skeptical for example made what has been the we are very hopeful all the afghans are tired of for exploration in suicide attack in this country they are hoping for a brighter future and i am very hopeful that these talks will bring a bright future for us and for the future of afghanistan. we afghans don't trust groups affiliated with foreign intelligence agencies the u.s. must talk with the afghan people because we are the ones who suffer this is not peace what kind of peace is this the us own boy to afghanistan is in kabul to brief president assad funny on his meeting with the taliban. and reported that
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there had been significant progress the taliban though we're being cautious saying talks with continue to overcome obstacles one of them is agreeing on a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops initially the taliban dismissed any overtures towards the u.s. as long as american forces are in afghanistan. the taliban has rejected direct talks with the afghan government which it considers an american puppet but peace in afghanistan goes beyond internal disputes the u.s. hopes neighboring pakistan can play a crucial role in the talks the afghan government and the white house have often accused the pakistani government of providing weapons and shelter for taliban fighters accusations denied by leaders in islamabad we would like to see us and
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that in front of one is stand as friend of the region so they're having exited there must not abandon afghanistan in terms of their social economic development restoration of. the development process the u.s. hopes the doha talks will lead to a cease fire and power sharing agreement that would pave the way for tens of thousands of us a day to troops to pull out of afghanistan. al jazeera. there have been more anti-government protests in sudan's capital khartoum they coincide with a visit by president bashir to egypt where he accused the media of exaggerating the extent of the unrest here morgan reports from khartoum. it's his second visit outside his country in less than a week as to dance president armorel bashir faces continuing calls back home to end his thirty year rule and step down calls that started six weeks ago and to which he has remained defiant to heat. there is
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a problem in sudan we cannot claim that we don't have a problem but some media take it out of size and dimension it is an attempt to clone what is being called the arab spring in sudan it has the same slogans programmes and requests it also has the same use of social media however the sudanese people have learned the lesson that they have seen what happened in some of the states that went through the so-called arab spring and its negative implications wedding the sudanese people are very alert and will not fall into anyone's trap to destabilize sudan. the demonstrations started in mid december in the city of odds over rising bread prices it quickly spread to other parts of the country with thousands taking to the streets demanding that and bashir who's been in power since one thousand eight hundred nine and his rule security forces are accused of using excessive force with bullets and tear gas used to disperse peaceful unarmed protesters. the government says twenty nine have been killed since protests began rights groups say that number is at least fifty with dozens more
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injured. opposition to bush years rule is not only industry some political parties have lend support to those protesting and on sunday the federal party one of the parties in the national government announced that it's withdrawing its participation in the government becoming the third party to do so since the demonstrations began in the for the earlier with your ear to well although there are g.m. has lost legitimacy and the ability to deal with the political crisis and trust in the regime has been lost we hope that the president steps down and paves the way for an interim government that is agreed upon by all sides the protests are seem to be the biggest challenge to be here since he came to power and some analysts say the ruling party is running out of time to find ways to overcome it. hard with. the withdrawal of the federal party today is a sign that the ruling party is weakening so it has to take a step back and find a solution to the wave of protest of was more political parties will withdraw from
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the government and join the opposition movements. a movement triggered by an economic crisis which has become a nationwide call for change and to which there seems to be no end in the horizon he moamar going to al-jazeera. a wildfire has swept across cape town's famous lion's head mounted in south africa firefighters have been battling throughout sunday night trying to bring the blaze under control as the fire moved towards residential neighborhoods a number of people evacuated their homes helicopters with water buckets were used to douse the flames cape town suffered drought conditions for almost all of last year. gunmen have attacked a village and begin a fast so killing ten people it happened in the northern san jose region because is seen a surge of arms attacks by groups in recent years after it began supporting a un peacekeeping mission in neighboring mali. the afro jazz legend known as the
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son of africa has been laid to rest at a state funeral in zimbabwe all of could see died on wednesday at the age of sixty six hot on the tussle reports from his hometown. saying goodbye to zimbabwe's and one of africa's iconic leases and the bass way they know how the song and dance. are live on which you could see officially known as to who died on wednesday after a four decades long career doing what he loved one of my favorite things that he said was that he wants to tell stories and he's a poet he's telling those stories and the music is just an accompaniment to telling those stories. because he started performing in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven singing protest music during the war to end a white minority rule more than forty years and sixty seven albums later his knees
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it inspired generations around the world. in as much as it's a sad time that he's done what he leaves us as a legacy of his music so in wellington then in the message of the music there's a lot of profit there's a lot of in. looking at african cultural beats here really new in many many different beats within zimbabwe and further afield and those he tapped into so his music is authentic and substantive. was the. was. there. with the songs largely stayed clear of politics he chose to mainly sing about. people struggles and hopes in zimbabwe with its huge economic and political
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challenges he was seen as an entertainer teacher and unifying you should certainly rest in peace and that is above we have lost a really unifying spirit but i think that we should take advantage of every year. to build it up. we took as he was given a state funeral by zimbabwe's government which has declared him a national hero as a u.n. goodwill ambassador he said he wanted to spread hope through his music his fans say they'll remember him for his inspirational songs that try to make some way africa and beyond a better place al-jazeera zimbabwe. an avalanche of modern rock has crashed into a hotel in peru killing at least fifteen people it happened in the southern city of auburn cry the mudslide broke through the walls of the hotel thirty four people were injured. in the french capital protesters rallied to call for an end to
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violence and disruption caused by three months around the government demonstrations like the so-called yellow vests they're also using clothing to identify themselves . from paris. things movement in france created online and now on the streets of paris they call themselves the red scarves and they say they're fighting back against months of finance and disruption by yellow fest protesters thousands marched through the city to demand an end to the yellow vest blockades and demonstrations they hedged unity and respect for fraudsters democracy and institutions calling up on the drink on us here we are here to say i know there are laws in france and in europe i should be respected and the violence must stop and this detestable image of france great by minority of people of course demonstration is right i appreciate the right of the most special will demonstrate
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. it does not i would say justify violence some people here say they used to support the yellow vests and many share their concerns over the rising cost of living but they say the weekly scenes of unrest are too much on saturday police and yellow vests demonstrators clashed again in several cities across france since the movement began in november eleven people have been killed and dozens injured. as the red scarves reached by steal a symbol of the french revolution the divisions between the two movements was clear behind those beliefs. right. here in the past and. not on the steps of the opera house or yellow vis protesters and it's something of a standoff with both sides taking each other. see them and if the movement was really against violence then most yellow vests would approve were not for. well
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it's obviously but listening to their slogans and when you look at them it seems more like a pro macro march to me emanuel mack car has been promoting his national debate initiative aimed at quelling the yellow fest demonstrations by giving people more of a say in the way that france is run opinion polls suggest the french president is regaining some popularity after months of low ratings macro hasn't commented on the red scarf movement but he might hope it is a sign that the tide is turning in his favor the tasha butler al jazeera paris. dozens of mothers in yemen demonstrated in the port city of aden demanding the government provide information about their missing son the women have been demonstrating daily and rallied outside the interior minister's home it's believed most of the men are in detention and were captured during the ongoing civil war aden is under the control of the saudi backed yemeni government. the number of
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illegal drug factories being discovered in iraq is growing and so are the number of addicts particularly in poverty stricken parts of the south matheson has more. this is one of the front lines in iraq's latest battle the fight against illegal drugs such as heroin and crystal meth. it's a makeshift treatment center run by police in the southern city of basra trying to help addicts such as has done. i have been an addict for more than seventeen months then i got arrested by police while i was buying large quantities of drugs to use every day my entire family has disowned me. drug smugglers have been crossing parts of the border with iran which were left with little protection during a four year war against isis importing mainly cannabis and methamphetamines drugs factories have also been discovered on the iraqi side of the border in plantations and orchards in bass or province highlands. we're tightening security to prevent
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the smuggling of drugs and narcotics we're doing as much as we can to stop it but there are ways smugglers are getting past this the treatment center in basra run by the police is one of two unofficial facilities that the city has but they can handle only a few patients at a time so some of them come here this is the most hospital in baghdad and it's a rags only official addiction treatment center it can deal with about seventy four patients at a time and some of these beds are empty at the moment but there are more patients coming from all over iraq every day buzzer province has some of iraq's biggest oil fields but its electricity and water supplies barely work i don't widespread unemployment problem means people here have very little money. irag zante drug force says it sees one hundred sixty loaves of drugs produced in basra province since november that's ten kilos more than was confiscated during the whole of
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twenty seventeen. but the bus and i. have reached a serious level the number of people serving or using them is rising more than thirteen hundred people have either been charged with drugs offenses all been found guilty. but the police also admit it's hard to stop people making and selling drugs when the only alternative is poverty rob matheson al-jazeera baghdad survivors of the auschwitz death camp gathered at the site to mark holocaust remembrance day it comes after a year which is seen an increase in anti semitic attacks including the fatal stabbing of an eighty five year old holocaust survivor in france in october a gunman killed eleven jews in a synagogue in pittsburgh the deadliest attack in its kind in u.s. history a plate of prawns from tyler makes a tasty meal so there's all sorts of other thai food but
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a geisha is of fishing boats using slave labor and overfishing didn't go down well in brussels the european union threatened the ban on seafood imports so-called yellow card warnings just been lifted the reports from bangkok thailand fishing and seafood industry is big business it's the third largest export are in the world. so in two thousand and fifteen when the european commission issued a so-called yellow card warning over unsustainable fishing practices the threat of a ban on exports to the european union was a major blow anough to cause the military government to launch a major overhaul of the industry in a crackdown on illegal fishing implementing everything from vessel monitoring systems to tougher laws against the ill treatment of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers mainly from me and mine even sinking confiscated boats to create artificial coral reefs when the yellow card warning was withdrawn earlier this month it was a major relief for the seafood export industry but activists say there is still
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work to be done. good night as an observer i work on this issue the human slavery situation in thailand and seems to be well improved but we are not one hundred percent free from it yet we still have a lot to solve especially on restoration of not show resources. thailand is due to have a general election soon the first since the military backed government took over in the coup five years ago some are concerned that the progress on industry reform and workers' rights could be undone the government here says that the success of shutting the yellow card took some tough decisions new fishing laws and a new legal framework were not easy but they're confident these changes will stick even if there's a change of leadership we have the corporation work together we do fisherman and all the private sector and n.g.o.s for the good of the country for sustainable fishery so just why everything is to change in the future we can be
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more sustainable to achieve that goal model and go back to what we have before but those who run smaller fishing operations say the changes cut too deep and not to the point. yellowcard is only for fishing businesses which many source a food from abroad and many explore to other countries for us we have so little for export almost none alec hatches for canned fish of poultry food she hopes that if a new government comes into power there will be changes not undoing all the new laws but those that hurt smaller businesses will be revised so her workers still have a reason to keep their nests in good shape it's got either al-jazeera bangkok. palestinian protesters and israeli troops of clash near ramallah in the occupied west bank comes a day after a palestinian man was shot dead during a confrontation between israeli settlers and residents of more via the village
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thousands of mourners attended his funeral on sunday israeli police say they're investigating the killing. with a look at the headlines now turkey's president is looking into establishing safe so that would allow for refugees to return to syria around four million syrian refugees currently live in turkey an estimated three hundred thousand have already would turn to syria. it's been almost four months since the journalist walked into his consulate in istanbul never to be seen again now the u.n. human rights investigator looking into his murder is meeting with turkey's foreign minister the special rapporteur says it's a crucial step towards formal accountability for the killing of the saudi journalist who was a critic of the crown prince seventy deca has more from istanbul. the un special
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rapporteur is in ankara meeting the turkish foreign minister she is also expected to come to stamboul where she will be meeting prosecutors the main authorities that have been handing the investigation into the murder. expected to meet friends of the journalists and the people that were involved on that day almost four months to the day that she entered that building the saudi consulate we can't see it because the employees of obscured the door with some of these vans many questions remain where is the body. and who ordered his killing for as well a self-proclaimed president why and why though is calling for two days of protests there demanded let's hold new elections the president was sworn into office for a second term earlier this month. i still is claiming responsibility for sunday's bomb attacks on a roman catholic cathedral in the southern philippines but philippine army commanders think. were linked twice or planned the two explosions which killed
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twenty seven people. the french president says egypt's human rights record is seen as worse now that he was on the house they were barak's leadership emanuel micron made the comments during a three day trip to the arab nation you currently holds is holding talks rather with president of the. presidential palace in cairo. human rights groups are describing the jailing of a prominent lawyer in china as a mockery of the rule of law of the his trial when a close caught in june last month showing was sentenced to four and a half years for subversion disappeared during a widespread crackdown on activists four years ago.
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hello and welcome again to rewind i'm elizabeth prana when we first launched al-jazeera english more than ten years ago our goal was to seek out the sort of documentaries are the channel simply weren't doing well here on. this. yes. but he couldn't see a business where there. are limits to relations between the two come here is not the answer and egypt is. friendship and that depend on. it into actually going to be in our two peoples houses.
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and so nationalist big other relations between our two countries have been boosted and second you know the last few years on all the seeds and in domains military and political and security culturally and economically and the high level of god the nation bit our two countries regarding the international issues that he's i have dealt with so many issues with president mccall and we haven't been watching the signing of so me that riemann's and moment understanding in the things of. youth trade and the j. and other fields and the level of understanding to establish a strategic partnership with the french development agency through nineteen twenty two twenty twenty nineteen twenty twenty three hour meeting today was an
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important starting point for the general reforms being applied to leading says twenty six even older to deal with the description says the nomic of the economy of egypt for decades and this has been supported by the international economic organization organizations we have agreed to give momentum of cooperation and to reduce the trade volume and investment but there are both countries to increase the strategic and political race. between egypt and france and hence i stressed to his accident say that egypt welcomes the french companies and will support these companies to be a part of our big brother rejects and get lots of benefits from being involved with this companies in our big brother defense companies in
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particular very welcome to agencies i have expressed my interest. to have a corporation between the heads of big companies both come true as you said and the day we will have ten me and his excellence a social meeting and we hope we will get big benefits from this meeting for the sake of our both countries also discussed ways of supporting this educational and cultural cooperation between france and egypt within the gratian twenty nineteen there as the year of the friendship shown in a culture and both countries have had their name packed on the servers ation the egyptian leader has been affected by the egyptian rioters the french people and the president barak all are quite interested in the
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old civilly and the old egyptian civilization friendship scientists have been a great part in knowing more and more about your pharaohs how to our discussion is today also has a sort of a common vision regard to contend with our cooperation to fight terrorism that hits the security of both countries the entrance of both comes less and is a direct threat to our efforts to achieve to have a sustainable development it's also another challenge that is facing the welfare of our two peoples we share the reviews regarding the. riots in both countries in the region and the little peon region and says the important of importance of these principles that have been recognized universally being a cause of a stone in all the efforts big exerted by egypt scolds welfare the
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egyptians if you are going is asians just let the. thought it is and civil authorities are all working in older to keep i meant say in the human rights because we understand deeply the heritage of the civilization that will lead to the developments of the people and development of the country and this will take my phase to another phase according to our aspirations national aspirations and he human responsibilities and this regard we need to deal with the human and rights problem in a comprehensive understanding because they're all interactive and we cannot proceed with human rights separate way the freedom of speech freedom of living freedom of getting welfare freedom of getting medical care system of good single education and these rights are quite important here in egypt and this is part of
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our responsibility as i said towards our people there's a spark of our constitution to protect the human rights the dipshit people has to have the right to evaluate how much they are enjoying freedom social and cultural and medical freedom and education in our country this also will enable our still exist to face the phenomena of terrorism at the increased level of crimes relating to pay a trade and we need to be quite keen to protect our people and to protect the human rights in the region we also discuss the regional problems of the. your concern regarding libya and syria the pirates in the issue of the coast of africa the illegal immigration the relations with the european union and the priority of being head of the african union and also those guns the chances to achieve
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cooperation between egypt on drugs to give moments of the development efforts in the african countries i have assessed my firm stand firm stand to the political efforts. the regional disputes to maintain their sovereignty. of contrails and not to allow any foreign interference in order to. bring this ability to this region of this part of the world to accident say you're most welcome here in egypt are you once again express my appreciation to the support being given by france to our country and our relations are being so great in all many fields spank you very much and allow you mr president to give you the floor please the float is use thank you very much president thank you for your. welcome your hospitality you
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my companion to me and to my wife and to tell occasion accompanying me here that the. president since he came to paris in the autumn of twenty seventeen invited just today kyra now and of course we have had a number of telephone conversations since that time. with regard to the international situation in the region and this trip to egypt is very important for me i would say it is the opportunity for me to strengthen relations with an essential partner in the region a partner with whom we have a very strong and reciprocal relationship. with president sisi we have had very very long exhaustive and profound conversations on bilateral questions but also the international agenda and i think that we can say that we have
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a lot of. ground in common. we have been working for some months already and are together about the situation in libya this is a major factor in terms of stability for both countries and we have been defending our various viewpoints for the last month or so and we have really two objectives here to come together the first one is to fight terrorism and that. is in support of all those players in libya who are doing the same thing and the second one is to try and obtain a national concord or. agreement and in this respect france has put forward a number of initiatives. particularly with regard to in the context of the sinai crew conference and we have. exchanged views with many of the
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participants in paris. and i think that through that work we have managed to consolidate reconciliation in the territory in question we will see in the upcoming weeks and months the results of that. obviously the work we've done has been done very closely in conjunction with the u.n. but we also work very closely together to coordinate our activities in syria on the fronts in egypt. to members of the small group composed of seven countries which are determined to find a sustainable solution to the situation we are absolutely determined to do that both of us and this morning we said syria. must. get an inclusive agreement of a political nature that is in accordance with the u.n.
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security council resolution to that effect and we are trying to implement that. this work will be pursued in the formats which we decided upon. and we will continue these discussions in the upcoming weeks. with other players in the region. in order to obtain a constitutional and political resolution and one which will enable the powers that be. achieve stability. but we have very much that political discussion campaign upon in order to make sure that the political situation remains stable and our determination is to follow the u.n. line. and the constitution and political agreements we have also had discussions as to the whole question of palestine and israel but the peace process
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. i'd like to applaud here particularly with the commitment of presidency see in this dialogue. and i think that we are both convinced. that we can work together on the multiple initiatives which are on the table for the next months. and. we believe. that. a solution to the problem can only happen through dialogue and discussion this is a point of view which we have been in unseating for some months now africa of course was also another important topic of our discussions and exchanges. in the next couple of days of course the president says he will take over the chairmanship of the african negro league something and we will be working very closely
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in terms of keeping operations in africa and which france is absolutely convinced that this is central to work with the african union. this is obviously over and above all those topics we talked about our bilateral relations that was the real core of our discussions particularly with regard to fighting terrorism. and the determination to guarantee stability and security. in egypt. egypt like france. looked. like a. bit of a problem with the microphone so the president. of egypt in the last couple of years has been beleaguered by terrorism.
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that stopped that but that you're not hearing anything as the president. ladies and gentlemen says something or i ring us we're just waiting for apparently a technical problem to be cleared out there in the presence of the press conference being given in cairo by the president of france. just moments ago after he gyptian counter our. i think.


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