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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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and. today's action ensures they can no longer loot the assets of the venezuelan people the u.s. sanctions the venezuelan state owned oil company in a move to force president nicolas maduro to step down. on have him speak of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up fraud and theft the u.s. follows criminal charges against the top chinese telecom company while way. i think it absolutely essential that we have a dialogue about human rights that is coherent with our own objectives french
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president presses the egyptian leader on human rights telling him the situation has worsened under his rule. retailers want to food shortages as the u.k. parliament prepares to vote on prime minister mays plan to leave the e.u. . the united states is stepping up the pressure on venezuelan president nicolas maduro to leave office it's imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil company blocking some seven billion dollars in assets it is the latest in a series of moves by the trumpet ministration to push would do without u.s. national security adviser john bolton has not ruled out a military option now is the time to stand for democracy and prosperity in venezuela. i reiterate that the united states will hold venezuelan security forces
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responsible for the safety of all u.s. diplomatic personnel the national assembly and president go idaho and the violence against these groups would signify a grave assault on the rule of law and will be met with a significant response question salumi has more on this now from washington. oil is venezuela's largest source of revenue and the united states is venezuela's biggest customer forty one percent of their oil exports come to the united states and their biggest foreign asset is citgo the refining arm of their oil company and that's based here in the united states and crucially the state owned oil company is controlled by the military which is key to nicolas maduro staying in power so the goal here by the united states is to hold back this money from the durhams government and transfer it to over to forces who are loyal to the opposition leader won as steve mentioned made clear earlier today the united states is holding
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accountable those responsible for venezuela's tragic decline we will continue to use all of our diplomatic and economic tools to support interim president quite oh the national assembly and the venezuelans people efforts to restore their democracy national security adviser john bolton said that the united states is beginning to hear from mid and low level military in venezuela that they are and back to behind the opposition leader want we have no way of independently confirming that but we do know that the defense attache from venezuela that was based here in washington d.c. has declared his support for the opposition the administration is being asked how far it's willing to go in order to continue its support for this leader they say it's a matter of national security here and all options are on the table. as it has been
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denied permission to report from venezuela to race a bow has been monitoring developments for us from argentina's capital one of saudi's. shortly after the united states and mounts that people were seizing venezuela assets that they reassess affects in the united states one way though and now that it was starting a plan to take control of venice with us for ng assets and also naming new directories of venezuela's state owned company they sat and also up sequel which is the subsidiary company in the united states of by the way so why go also announced that it was going to request twenty million dollars worth of for aid to enter into the country it's not here yet how he's going to do this because they were asked by the us said that humanitarian aid was not going to enter into the country and less its quality needed with the united nations and way that he's also calling for more protests the next one is expected to happen on wednesday and then later on on saturday venezuelan government is saying that they have tried to negotiate with the
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united states that they're trying at the united states respect to venezuela and sovereignty some venezuelan officials are saying that the united states it's trying to overthrow directly the government of unequal i'm a little staging a coup and that it's trying to repeat in venezuela what happened in syria and in libya. other trump administration is also keeping up pressure on chinese telecom giant who are way the justice department filing a series of criminal charges against the company they include fraud theft of trade secrets obstruction of justice and conspiracy thirteen charges are against the chief financial officer men one jew she was arrested in canada last month at the request of the u.s. for allegedly violating sanctions on iran these cases make clear that as a country we have to carefully consider the risks that companies like wall wave pose if we're going to allow them into our told communications infrastructure.
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today's charges serve as a warning that the f.b.i. does not and will not tolerate businesses that violate our laws of struct our justice and jeopardize our national security or dianetics the book has more now from washington. when the u.s. government made this announcement today it made it bringing together members of the department of justice the f.b.i. the federal bureau of investigation homeland security and commerce department the a ten count indictment claims that how waste stole company secrets from the u.s. telecommunications firm t. mobile claim that it stole the information about a robot a phone robot that to mill pole was developing taking pictures of this robot and then sending that information back to china so that to how way could develop a similar robot that ten count indictment also alleges that the company offered bonuses to employees for stealing this information the director of homeland
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security kristen nielsen said that this was a major security violation national security violation for the united states wilbur ross the commerce secretary said that this was a law enforcement action and had nothing to do with trade negotiations going on between now between the u.s. and china but you have to wonder if this might not play a role in those negotiations the french president has criticized egypt's human rights record during a visit to cairo emmanuel cross says the situation has worsened during president abdel fatah his cc's reign now tasha butler reports from paris. seafoam emanuel micros first trip to egypt is proving to be a delta could balancing act the french president wants to boost cooperation trade with my robe will deliver mistral miss each on human rights issues of luminol presidency she came to paris in october twenty seventeen we had a long discussion about that and i think things have not gone in the right
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direction since since that time there have been bloggers journalists and activists who've been imprisoned that is a reality and though i have respect for egypt i cannot ignore this. president abdel fattah el-sisi suggested that egypt needed no lessons in human rights. b.g. it will not advance by bloggers egypt will thrive and work on effort on its children's perseverance we are doing economic social political and religious reform for macro it was a change of tone from the twenty seventeen meeting with sisi at the time had said it wasn't france's place to lecture egypt over civil liberties some campaign isn't from olds have been urging that brought to take a tougher stand on human rights and end arms sales to cairo these activists in paris say that they have proof that french weapons such as armored vehicles and surveillance systems have been used by dorothy's to crush dissent. because it read pression that is made in france because some weapons and technology sold by french
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companies as a larger oppression of the syrian book edition imagine. france is one of egypt's main arms supplies but no major weapons contracts was signed on this visit with a forty deals were made in other areas such as transportation despite emmanuel marc ross criticism of cairo's human rights record there's no doubt that the french presidency is egypt as a key ally in the region but some analysts say that the diplomatic importance that french presidents have traditionally given to cairo could be misplaced. france is always best on an alliance with egypt to solve regional issues but its misguided efforts between france and egypt to find a solution for libya have been a total failure and on other issues egypt has lost much of its power and credibility. macross always said that he's a president who believes in talking frankly on this occasion it's an approach that may please campaigners but is less clear what impact it will have on future
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relations between paris and cairo natascha butler al-jazeera paris. well the president of the philippines has promised the those responsible for the bombing of a catholic church will face justice well regarded thirteen visited the scene in the south of the country where at least twenty people were killed in the attack later claimed by arsal from the island of hollowed jamila reports. hello sulu has a rich history chinese arab and spanish traders have all made it home in centuries past but now it is rife with armed groups holo is one of the most militarized places in the philippines the philippine military established a permanent presence here decades ago but armed groups continue to have bases here including i will say yes known for its widespread criminal activities.
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factions pledged allegiance to eisele a few years ago but the government claimed it was winning the fight against the group sundays attack suggests that may not be the case at least twenty people were killed in twin bombings inside the cathedral and in the car park outside in the center of the law i saw has claimed responsibility for the attack. the. problem with is that they have always been protected by local communities where they get support living local politicians we made our way to the cathedral where the devastation is beyond human comprehension body parts remains scattered on the ground a place of worship now a scene of death and destruction. now we're right inside the church where the first bomb exploded it happened as mass was ongoing. the country's top security
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officials are here inspecting it for the first time and where they were standing as you can see is where the bomb was placed and the civilians and survivors rushed out where they were met by responding soldiers in an army truck and that's when the second bomb was detonated president of the go to church iraq to see for himself the aftermath of the attacks his splendid those responsible will be caught and punished just so we could go to referendum vote was overwhelmingly in favor of a new autonomous region with its own government in mindanao it came after years of negotiations between the philippine government and southeast asia's biggest armed group the more islamic liberation front it will provide greater powers for filipino muslims in the south many people hoped it meant a lasting peace was finally
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a real possibility but not here in the law the cathedral bombing is a reminder that the spite peace efforts whole law still remains in the now as powder keg jamila dogon al jazeera holo salusa the philippines all right still ahead on al-jazeera off the months of protest the palestinian authority puts a plan social security tax on how. i'm the first funerals are held for victims of the brazilian dam collapse as the search goes on for hundreds still missing. from brisk. to the trunk or to those of southeast asia. hello there the weather is all quite quiet over the southeastern parts of
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china at the moment the temperatures aren't too bad shanghai's about eleven degrees in force in hong kong where it twenty two but we will cloud thickening up though during the day on tuesday and by the time we get to wednesday it looks like that will be thick enough to give us a lot of rain and a fair amount of snow for many of us has already quite wintery in the northern parts of our map here a bit further towards the south of the southeastern parts of asia there's been plenty of sunshine here over the past few days in the philippines the only real area where we're seeing significant rain is in the south and here it's just not that what weather's going to be pretty lively over the next few days they from india now doesn't like it's going to be fairly wet on tuesday and even wednesday's not looking too impressive but it was the last one or two showers will be with us coming and going in borneo and do expect a few of those around k.l. and singapore fame india looking largely fine and dry for us now this area of cloud in the east is breaking up that is so it looks like it should be another draw a day as we head through tuesday and into wednesday further north though we are
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seeing more clouds sweep its way in say for some of us in pakistan soaking pretty wet suggesting the day on wednesday a lot of snow on the high ground as well as that works its way across southern parts to where bring rain but it will bring a drop in temperature. the weather sponsored by catalog these. russian filmmakers. explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can tradition and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why was i voted by the police to the seas ukraine six homosexuality the significance of the russian elite is that she was like a feature who controls the cobra in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. government has imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil company it is the latest move by washington aimed at pushing president nicolas maduro out of office he says the sanctions are illegal and he's vowed to take action. the trumpet ministrations also keeping up its pressure on chinese telecom giant who while wait justice department far the series of criminal charges against the company and its chief financial officer they include fraud and theft of trades. french president has criticized egypt's human rights record on a visit to cairo emanuel says it appears even worse now than under the deposed president hosni mubarak. turkey's president is looking at establishing what he
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calls a safe zones which would make it easier for refugees to return to syria about four million of them are living in turkey but an estimated three hundred thousand have already. returned to syria where some had been jav aid has more now from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. in the last few months turkish government has closed down a number of refugee camps inside turkish territory perhaps making way for these refugees to go back to syria president have our go on saying that three hundred thousand people have returned to syria but these people have gone back to areas which have been under turkish back to rebel fighters for a number of years in the area of to rob lowe's and bob which came under rebel control under the administrative control of turkish government in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen respectively so people here are reluctant to go back until they find and they make sure that the security situation allows them to go back and
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rebuild their lives and you have to remember that the the people who are into are not just from these northern parts they're from all over syria who fled the violence and the fighting and you take a step back you see that this statement from their bardon saying that four million refugees need to go back to turkey to go back to syria and turkey is in this war on humanitarian grounds only and does not want any territorial gains from this is coming on the backdrop of a number of statements that have come from not just the syrian government but the russian government as well turkey and russia held a meeting between the two presidents quite recently perhaps not achieving the core sort of results that they wanted and the book in the point of conventional means the northern part of syria which will be which the u.s. forces say that they will be withdrawing sometime soon which is under good control of kurdish fighters as well as at the problems of the being the last rebel stronghold where turkey says that it is under the control of mostly local arab fighters but russia disagrees and says that it is the under the control of a
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a barrier from a group that it sees as terrorists the palestinian authority has put its planned social security tax on hold after months of protests in asmer was made by president . bass his prime minister has offered to resign our aforesaid reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. for months now palestinians in new york apart west bank have been protesting with the frequency and in numbers that haven't been seen in years not against the israelis but against the palestinian authority over its plans to impose a social security law involving a new compulsory contribution from workers many of whom don't trust to get the money back in the future now president abbas says fatah party has announced consultations on forming a new mode of government consisting of factional members of the palestine liberation organization and in doing so has frozen the implementation of the social security act pending cabinet confirmation what clearly we have today is giving the
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blessings of such accommodations regarding form anything in your government yet we would wait for the cabinet to morrow or the announcement of the cabinet for an insight into just how unpopular the measure has become just talk to people like muhammad omar and his wife mara mohammed works for the national insurance company morris a psychologist they started out married life in a small rented apartment and with loans that need service are. one hundred to two hundred dollars less every month after we have paid everything else when the social security law ducks seven point two percent of my salary that's more than one hundred fifty dollars so it takes away from my daily life my kids any extras the basic things they need to live with dignity. the idea of a safety net for palestinian workers in training sick pay redundancy protection and pensions is not in itself unpopular but people here have become ever more suspicious of the authorities ability to deliver and not to use their future
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pensions to cover current budget shortfalls. the palestinian authority has been trying to implement a system of social security since two thousand and three but yet again even after expressing its the terminations to get it through this time it is that back there was significant opposition against some of the elements of the policy for example it's discriminatory aspects against women but above all else there's been a widening deficit in one vital commodity trust. political analyst says there's no reason to expect that to change in the immediate future with the very system of governance of the grabs so how can you talk about this month at the authority in the same time you would try to convince the people in that the syrians will be enough that two decades for instance of see if they will get it back mohamed says he doesn't even trust that this latest freeze on the scheme is real until he sees an official proclamation from the president himself he intends to keep protesting
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harry force at al-jazeera ramallah amnesty international is calling bahrain's justice system a complete farce after an opposition leader lost is appeal against a life sentence man and two colleagues from his in were far forty were convicted in november of spying for qatar man and the qatari government deny the charge and bring you more in a developing story from houston in the u.s. state of texas five police officers there have been shot and they were serving in a restaurant in a residential area when they were attacked more details on that story as and when we get them funerals have been held for some of the victims of a dam collapse in southeastern brazil the number of dead has now risen to sixty five nearly three hundred people are still missing after a disaster at an iron ore mine in the town of abramoff gene you know on friday most
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of them are presumed dead dam had recently been inspected the cause of the collapse remains unclear. algeria daniel surely has more now from. this is just the first of some of the many funerals due to take place here in the town in the next few days weeks. as i speak something like fifty eight bodies have been recovered this is a small town of about seventy thousand people everybody knows everybody else people here obviously morning at this stage but asking the questions of the company the mining company valley as to why it was that the warnings were not heeded from previous accidents in the state of the mining state where less than four years ago a dam burst its banks in the town in the town of marianna killing nineteen people something like three hundred or more people missing from this latest disaster which happened just a few days ago so a town in mourning but the town also asking questions about how this was allowed to
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happen and whether in this mining community more of these cases where. dams which are inadequate and ready to be identified. with just sixty days left until break that british retailers are warning about possible food shortages if the u.k. crashes out of the european union with no agreement a joint letter to parliament from a dozen major chains is warning that leaving the e.u. without a deal could threaten food security it says the fresh supply chain from europe would be severely disrupted reducing availability and shelf life for many products britain imports almost a third of its food from the e.u. . i want to say parliament will vote on amendments to prime minister teresa mayes deal for leaving the you the u.k. remains split on one of its most divisive issues fifty two percent voted to leave in a twenty sixteen referendum and i hear words visited one region where the live vote
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was far higher. it was the world's biggest fishing port with the fleet of hundreds of boats and thousands employed to sort and sell the stock then it. was. i won't say she's still synonymous with grimsby and britain very little this court made me feel that. seventy percent of people who live in this area voted to leave the european union some blame the e.u. for the decline of the industry here when you look at it emotionally throughout the u.k. it's massively important because a lot of people would of other thoughts about the fisherman when they were voting a have no doubt about that in some cases it may have been misguided will nevertheless a lot of people thought well the fishermen deserve better opportunities and better chance and that's the basis on which some people voted. nearly all the fish britain eat is imported but most of it is processed in grimsby and about
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a third of the five thousand strong workforce involved from eastern europe about eight hundred fifty thousand new cars coming from europe i handled it it's river terminal attempts though reinvention haven't stopped shops from shutting and high levels of deprivation because the. case of people jobs. there is so pervasive it seems to be getting worse so we need to take control or make our own decisions rather than. a ten minute drive from grimsby and you're aiming at britain's largest port some of the fish sold in grimsby makes its way through here where wide range of goods are transported to and from the e.u. . it is a quick turnaround to get the ship ready to go back to where it started its journey in the netherlands and although it takes less than twenty four hours and millions
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of dollars are being invested in the poor to ensure it's ready to cope in a changing landscape post breck's it we're already seeing some growth as people concerned about the potential impact on some of the southern ports such as dover have made a conscious choice to come into the humber because they see that as a viable alternative to bringing trade in and that obviously will have a boost on the local and regional economy grimsby has been living on promises of a brighter and better future for years it has often felt forgotten and the politics of westminster trying to shape it and the rest of the case future still feel a long way away and the heywood al-jazeera in north east lincolnshire. attacks by the group boko haram over the past decade have forced more than three hundred thousand people from their homes in nigeria cameroon chad and nisha regional leaders and aid groups meeting in nigeria's capital have been addressing the refugees plight now many reports from. its tour have years since the launch of
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a regional protection strategy for refugees in the region but life hasn't improved for many living in the area. boko haram attacks have escalated in the past three months despite the nigerian government declaring victory over. two years ago when i knew a conflict has recently forced additional three hundred and twenty thousand people in four countries from their homes and the crisis is getting worse this situation is dire we don't want to alarm anybody but will call attention of all the governments including the international community that this situation is not improving we have a situation that is. desperate if i would say so. and if the war with isn't bad enough the meeting you know you heard of other threats to regional stability. the united nations says in addition to come back to the foreign
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countries in the next chapter reads in part facing growing humanitarian challenges they include separatist fighting in cameroon and farmers competing for land with cattle herders in nigeria as well as broken fossil and beyond their fighters displeased hundreds of thousands of africans the united nations is warning of the crisis will worsen unless they are addressed quickly. the nigerian government says it's achieved success is incompetent violence but has also admitted the continuing attacks particularly remote regions is close and you know it was he would return to china. most of this we want areas access to interventions sometimes very very difficulty with. some other types and some communities like this come part two that also have that people that plate. number in countries of. china we have also one hundred influx of
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refugees coming from cameroon ages is one more than two million of the eleven million population in the lake chad region urgently need help the united nations says. the demand for help will probably increase if the number of book or on the tax is introduced a desperate situation now in which the u.n. says could become even worse in the next ten years on the decrease al jazeera reporter. this is al jazeera let's get a roundup of the top stories the u.s. government is impose sanctions on venezuela's state oil company it's the latest move by washington to try and push president nicolas maduro out of power and he says the sanctions are illegal and it's valid to take action the trumpet ministrations also keeping up the pressure on chinese telecom giant who while away the justice department filing
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a series of criminal charges against the company and its chief financial officer they include fraud and theft of trade secrets these cases make clear that as a country we have to carefully consider the risks that companies like wall wave pose if we're going to allow them into our telecommunications infrastructure today's charges serve as a warning that the f.b.i. does not and will not tolerate businesses that violate our laws obstruct our justice and jeopardize our national security and five police officers have been shot and injured in the u.s. state of texas they were serving an arrest warrant in a residential area of houston when they were attacked the french president has criticized egypt's human rights record on a visit to caro emanuel mccrone says the situation has worsened during president abdul fattah his cc's time in power turkey's president is looking to establish what
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he calls a safe zones which would make it easier for refugees to return to syria about four million syrians are living in turkey. funerals have been held for some of the victims of a dam collapse in southeastern brazil the number of dead has now risen to sixty five nearly three hundred people are still missing after the disaster at an iron ore mine in the town of broome machine you know on friday most of them are presumed dead british retailers are warning of possible food shortages if the u.k. crashes out of the european union with no agreement to join let's it's a parliament says a no deal brings it could severely disrupt the fresh food supply chain from europe those are the headlines inside stories next.
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a u.s. led team is in turkey to investigate his murder wants access to the saudi consulate in istanbul where the journalist was killed but will it get any and will this end dependent international inquiry and make any difference anyway can saudi arabia be held to account this is inside story. into the program i'm richelle carey. a critic of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon the journalist was killed at the saudi consulate in istanbul almost four months ago now but his body or remains have never been recovered.


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