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to sunset across asia. the pacific explorer i'm told fascinating stories one on one east. this is al jazeera. alone has this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes today's action ensures they can no longer lupe fiasco the venezuelan people the u.s. sanctions the venezuelan state oil company in a move to force president nicolas maduro out of power. fraud and theft the u.s.
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files criminal charges against chinese telecom giant weiwei. and. i think it's absolutely essential that we have a dialogue about human rights that is coherent with our own objectives the french president presses the egyptian leader on human rights telling him the situation has worsened under his rule. and retailers want to food shortages as the u.k. parliament prepares to vote on prime minister may's plan b. to leave the e.u. . the united states is stepping up the pressure on venezuelan president nicolas maduro to leave office it's impose sanctions on venezuela state oil company blocking some seven billion dollars in assets says the move is illegal and has vowed to take action it is the latest in a series of measures by the trump administration to push maduna out u.s.
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national security adviser john bolton has not ruled out a military option as well now is the time to stand for democracy and prosperity in venezuela. i reiterate that the united states will hold venezuelan security forces responsible for the safety of all u.s. diplomatic personnel the national assembly and president go idle any violence against these groups would signify a grave assault on the rule of law and will be met with a significant response it during my time this shows that their objective is to take our riches what is the objective of the government of the united states take the properties from venezuela the riches of venezuela finance but as money and life run by a spotted take away our country of course the salumi has more on this now from washington . oil is venezuela's largest source of revenue and the united states is venezuela's biggest customer forty one percent of their oil exports come to the united states
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and their biggest foreign asset is citgo the refining arm of their oil company and that's based here in the united states and crucially the state owned oil company is controlled by the military which is key to nicolas maduro staying in power so the goal here by the united states is to hold back this money from the durhams government and transfer it to over to forces who are loyal to the opposition leader want as steve made clear earlier today the united states is holding accountable those responsible for venezuela's tragic decline we will continue to use all of our diplomatic and economic tools to support interim president quiete the national assembly and the venezuelan people efforts to restore their democracy national security adviser john bolton said that the united states is beginning to hear from mid and low level military in venezuela that they are and back to behind
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the opposition leader want we have no way of independently confirming that but we do know that the defense attache from venezuela that was based here in washington d.c. has declared his support for the opposition the administration is being asked how far it's willing to go in order to continue its support for this leader they say it's a matter of national security here and all options are on the table. as it has been denied permission to report from venezuela but i suppose been monitoring developments for us from argentina's capital one aside. shortly after the united states and mounts that people were seizing various way less assets that they reassess assets in the united states one where you go and i know that it was starting a plan to take control of venice with us for ng assets and also naming new directories of venezuela's state owned company may they sat and also up sequel which is the subsidiary company in the united states of by the way so why go also announced that
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it was going to request twenty million dollars worth of for aid and thrown into the country if not here yet how he's going to do this because they were asked by the us said that humanitarian aid was not going to enter into the country unless it's quote he needed with the united nations and way that he's also calling for more protests the next one is expected to happen on wednesday and then later on on saturday when this will end government is saying that they have tried to negotiate with the united states that they're trying but the united states respect to venezuela and sovereignty some venezuelan officials are saying that the united states it's trying to overthrow directly the government of unequal ahmed a lot of staging a coup and that it's trying to repeat in venezuela what happened in syria and in libya. of course garcia was the deputy director at the u.s. department of commerce under president trump he joins us now from washington to talk more about this thanks very much for being with us so is this sort of pressure
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going to bring a bounce i mean let's essentially call it what it is regime change in in venezuela . well this is an administration that came into office really adamantly opposed to too much foreign policy intervention i should say foreign policy of the trump of ministration has really been to avoid unnecessary intervention abroad that said the president has been advised by john bolton the national security adviser that this is simply a matter of significant importance secretary mission and both national security advisor john bolton today saying that the united states has all options on the table including but not limited to military support to recognize the interim president. that said this is a result of the united states believing along with twenty one other nations that the last year's elections in venezuela were in fact a ramp random with corruption and fraud so this is a very serious action the president has taken at the advice and consent of his as
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a national security advisers are you concerned though that this measures like this could end up doing more harm than good particularly on the venezuelan people who have been suffering a great deal as it is. well that's always the question is is this going to do more harm than good as any type of intervention abroad by any other nation going to do more harm than good you know on the one side there is the argument that the venezuelan people have their own voice they should vote in those who believe that they believe should run their country and run their state owned enterprises on the other hand there is the objective perspective that there has been rampant fraud rampant corruption and that by cutting off the snake from its head where this corruption lies you can then return the power to the people return the power to a legitimate leader and allow the state owned enterprise to have less corruption operate in more free market fashion which as we see from the president's. objectives with china and many other nations is his goal to see truly free fair and
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reciprocal trade without the tipping of the scale that we've seen for many of the state enterprises abroad is there a potential for this though to batch turn violent and spock a civil war in venezuela. well that's something that we certainly are hoping to avoid think that's why the president has used all diplomatic and financial means to impose sanctions on venezuela and the state or the oil company because this is something we want to avoid we want to avoid boots on the ground we want to avoid military intervention by using diplomatic pressure by using financial pressure as we've done with many other of our adversaries around the world were hoping that that is the solution we certainly do not want to put men and women of the u.s. military in harm's way that is the opinion of the president the opinion of his national security advisors but as bolton national security adviser bolton said today all options are on the table. what do you know i just want to come back to
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your earlier point that this this intervention by the trump administration seems to go against their sort of stated policy of not. somewhat say isolationist not not getting involved too much in and foreign entanglements. what do you make of the fact that he has the president has gotten support from other countries on this particularly in in western europe in canada and also from some democrats in the u.s. . right well this is a bipartisan. approach that we're seeing certainly from the members of the house and senate on both the democrat and the republican side certainly as the white house receives consistent pressure with the new democrat led house there's going to have to be some type of the bargain bipartisan coalition and moving forward with this action that said i think that using the ability that the white house has to convene foreign leaders to build
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a coalition of those twenty one other nations to put pressure on the door regime to cede power to the guy ido interim presidency many scholars certainly from the national security and defense community believe that this is the route to go to build a coalition of the willing so to speak i think that the white house is taking heed that advice and certainly taking it into consideration as we explore all the other options that are out there including but on a little but not limited to military action what are we to make of. the self declared interim president of venezuela i mean is the u.s. right to to put their support behind him i mean how much to do do we know about him . well you know the jury's still out on garrido i think that the white house certainly has had boots on the ground you know with respect to the special operations those who have been speaking with back channeling with the both of the
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door regime and the idaho presidency as it's from president it's going to be a very difficult undertaking to see the transfer of the military assets from to go in this interim presidency but this is in effect in speaking the terms of a legal sense from the u.s. legal system very much like a receivership you place the assets of the venezuelan people the venezuelan state on the prizes into some type of a receivership in order to preserve the value of those assets to preserve the value of that collateral if we can do that with a friendly regime that regime being the regime we can ensure that that state of enterprise per preserves the value of its assets preserves the value of the collateral so that the venezuelan people are consistently not being ripped off not having the roots of the fruits of their of their assets and the riches of their nation being siphoned off by a corrupt regime so i think that that is truly the approach behind this that's the
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psychology behind this approach to make sure we have a regime that is trustworthy that can be subject to oversight that it agrees to inspections and so forth i think that looking down that path the venezuelan people will be in a much better status if we're able to have some oversight into into the operations of that state of enterprise good to speak with you chris gussy it thank you thank you sir now the trumpet ministration is also keeping up the pressure on chinese tech giant weiwei justice department filing a series of criminal charges against the company and its top executives among the accusations of fraud theft of trade secrets and conspiracy rob reynolds reports. top level government officials lined up to announce the u.s. will prosecute huawei china's biggest most influential telecommunications company for a broader array of alleged crimes the criminal activity alleged in this indictment
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goes back at least ten years and goes all the way to the top of the company. to grand jury indictment charge while away with theft of corporate secrets they zhen of u.s. sanctions on iran obstruction of justice and other offenses officials singled out joe while ways chief financial officer and daughter of the company's founder who has deep connections with the chinese government the u.s. says mung worked to evade u.s. sanctions on iran by selling while way products to tehran using a front corporation set up by wall way mung is under house arrest in canada the us plans to extradite her for prosecution the defendants are variously charged with conspiracy bank fraud wire fraud violations of the international emergency economic powers act money laundering and obstruction of justice the detention of
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mung has infuriated the chinese government which is pressuring canada to let her go free beijing arrested two canadian former diplomats in what is widely seen as retaliation officials outlined a tale of auditions corporate espionage in which while way officials tried to steal secrets from t. mobile about a smartphone testing robot called tapi weiwei entities directed employees to take photographs take measurements and take other protected information without permission. and finally when all this still did not get them what they were looking for they tried to steal tapi robotic arm in order for engineers in china to replicate it. the trumpet ministration has been sounding the alarm about china's efforts to achieve supremacy in high technology while way components are being used
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to create the new architecture of global super high speed five g. internet technology officials say that threatens u.s. national security as americans we should all be concerned about the potential for any company beholden to a foreign government especially one that doesn't share our values to burrow into the american telecommunications market and the charges come against the backdrop of the damaging u.s. china trade war which has stretched on for months trade talks between the two countries will resume on wednesday rob reynolds al jazeera let's get reaction from china to those developments now a jim brown joins us live from beijing so agent how china going to respond to what are some serious charges against the company that it's been seen as a poster boy for the china's economy. yeah absolutely i think the
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chinese commentators chinese leaders will feel this is yet another attempt by the trumpet ministration to tarnish the image of one of china's most successful companies they will feel that these laws have no these charges have have no merit and that they are anti competitive and in the case of one man joe the chief financial officer of weiwei and abuse of human rights china feels that you know in a sense the the campaign against our way is all part of a strategy to try to contain a resurgent china and friday for instance the foreign minister of china wang ye complained about what he said was the discrimination and slander against companies like holloway in europe but he might also really have been referring to you know what is happening to while away in places like the united states china says you know the accusations that holloway uses technology that enables you know spying
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espionage is without foundation they say there has been no evidence so far presented to to prove that was the case and then there are the suspicions over the timing of these charges coming just a day or two before u.s. and chinese trade negotiators resume their talks in washington there is a truce at the moment in the tariff war but that truce is due to expire in a month these talks could well be the last and best chance of avoiding a resumption of the tariff war so china doesn't believe these charges are or a mere coincidence so yes china will be mulling over these these allegations but also i think will feel stung by by the language that was used to describe you know what while way is accused of at the timing of this as well is interesting given the trade talks between china and the u.s. which are set to resume in washington this week.
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yes and i think that you know it's pretty clear that actually we have to remember that a key complaint of the united states is theft of intellectual property and that's exactly what these charges accuse huawei of now china while denying it is involved or ever been involved in the theft of intellectual property has quietly in the past few months been working on new laws to addressed the protection of intellectual property so it's conceding that it is a problem one of the same time denying that it's ever been involved in it all right adrian brown lifeless in beijing thanks for plenty more ahead on this news hour after months of protests the palestinian authority puts plans social security tax on hold. and hoped on heroin in iraq and see how some addicks are getting help.
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plus later in sport japan of reach the finals of the asian cup and looking to become a five time asian champ. solar still ahead but first the man leading the u.n. team tast with overseeing the truce in the yemeni port city of data is stepping down retired dutch general patrick kamat is leaving his post after just one month the reasons are not clear and it comes though as the u.n. envoy for yemen martin griffiths confirmed the timeline for both warring parties to withdraw from the data that a prisoner swap deal has been postponed for now. amnesty international is calling bahrain's justice system a complete farce that after an opposition leader lost his appeal against
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a life sentence. men and two colleagues from his party were convicted in november of spying for qatar both sound man and the qatari government deny the charge amnesty says the course of the solution is yet another nail in the coffin for the right to freedom of expression in behind the french president has criticized egypt's human rights record on a visit to cairo in one year macross says the situation has worsened during president. time in power the tasha butler reports from paris. so far emanuel macro's first trip to egypt is proving to be a delicate balancing act the french president wants to boost cooperation and trade with cairo want to live from a strong message on human rights that means of what president since he came to paris on october twenty seventeen we had a long discussion about that and i think things have not gone in the right direction since then since that time there have been bloggers journalists and
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activists who've been imprisoned that is a reality and though i have respect for egypt i cannot ignore this president abdel fattah el-sisi suggested that egypt needed no lessons in human rights was a length of police will not advance by bloggers egypt will thrive and work on effort on its children's perseverance economic social political and religious reform. for macro it was a change of tone from the twenty seventeen meeting with c.c. at the time he said it wasn't france's place to lecture egypt over civil liberties some campaign isn't from olds have been urging that cross to take a tougher stand on human rights and end arms sales to cairo these activists in paris say that they have proof that french weapons such as armored vehicles and surveillance systems have been used by dorothy's to crush dissent. and that is made in france because some weapons and technology and sold by french companies as a larger oppression of the syrian book edition imagine. france is one of egypt's
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main arms supplies but no major weapons contracts was signed on this visit with over forty deals were made in other areas such as transportation despite emmanuel mark cross criticism of cairo's human rights record there's no doubt that the french presence sees egypt as a key ally in the region but some analysts say that the diplomatic importance of french presence have traditionally given to cairo could be misplaced. france is always best on an alliance with egypt to solve regional issues but its misguided efforts between france and egypt to find a solution for libya have been a total failure and on other issues egypt has lost much of its power and credibility. macross always said that he's a president who believes in talking frankly on this occasion it's an approach that may please campaigners but is less clear what impact it will have on future relations between paris and cairo natascha butler al-jazeera paris
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the turkish president is looking into establishing what he calls save zones which would make it easier for refugees to return to syria about four million of them are living in turkey an estimated three hundred thousand have already returned to syria and some of the german has more now from gaziantep on the turkish syrian border. in the last few months turkish government has closed down a number of refugee camps inside turkish territory perhaps making way for these refugees to go back to syria president have our go on saying that three hundred thousand people have returned to syria but these people have gone back to areas which have been under turkish back to rebel fighters for a number of years in the area of to rob lowe's and bob which came under rebel control under the administrative control of of turkish government in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen respectively so people here are reluctant to go back until they find and they make sure that the security situation allows them to go back and
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rebuild their lives and you have to remember that the the people who are into are not just from these northern parts they're from all over syria who fled the violence and the fighting and you take a step back you see that this statement from their bardon saying that four million refugees need to go back to turkey to go back to syria and turkey is in this war on humanitarian grounds only and does not want any territorial gains from this is coming on the backdrop of a number of statements that have come from not just the syrian government but the russian government as well turkey and russia held a meeting between the two presidents quite recently perhaps not achieving the core sort of results that they wanted and the book and the point of conventional means the northern part of syria which will be which the u.s. forces say that they will be withdrawing sometime soon which is under good control of kurdish fighters as well as at the problems of the being the last rebel stronghold which turkey says that it is under the control of most the local arab
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fighters but russia disagrees and says that it is the under the control of a a barrier from a group that it sees as terrorists or the palestinian authority has put its planned social security tax on hold off the months of protests the announcement was made by president mahmoud that bass is prime minister has offered to resign our forces reports from the mall in the occupied west bank tools. for months now palestinians in the occupied west bank have been protesting with the frequency and in numbers that haven't been seen in years not against the israelis but against the palestinian authority over its plans to impose a social security law involving a new compulsory contribution from workers many of whom don't trust to get the money back in the future now president abbas's fatah party has announced consultations on forming a new mode of government consisting of factional members of the palestine liberation organization and in doing so has frozen the implementation of the social security act pending cabinet confirmation what clearly we have today is giving the
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blessings of such accommodations regarding form anything in your government yet we would wait for the cabinet to more or and the announcement of the cabinet for an insight into just how unpopular the measure has become just talk to people like muhammad omar and his wife mara mohammed works for the national insurance company morris a psychologist they started out married life in a small rented apartment and with loans that need service are. one hundred to two hundred dollars less every month after we have paid everything else when this social security law ducks seven point two percent of my salary that's more than one hundred fifty dollars so takes away from my daily life my kids any extras the basic things they need to live the dignity. the idea of a safety net for palestinian workers enshrining sick pay redundancy protection and pensions is not in itself unpopular but people here have become ever more suspicious of the authorities ability to deliver and not to use their future
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pensions to cover current budget shortfalls. the palestinian authority has been trying to implement a system of social security since two thousand and three but yet again even after expressing its the terminations to get it through this time it is that back there was significant opposition against some of the elements of the policy for example it's discriminatory aspects against women but above all else there is. a widening deficit in one vital commodity trust. political analyst says there's no reason to expect that to change an immediate future with a very system of governance up for grabs so how can you talk about the. authority and in the same time you would try to convince the people in that they will be enough that to dick it for instance and they will get it back mohammed omran says he doesn't even trust that this latest freeze on the scheme is real until he sees an official proclamation from the president himself he intends to keep protesting
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harry force at al-jazeera ramallah. all right still ahead when we come back open for business but for how long the longest government shutdown in the u.s. is over but avoiding another one still a big hurdle. as it prepares to host a regional summit we'll tell you how cyprus is coping with an increasing number of asylum seekers. and this spanish strike has a fresh chance to rejuvenating his career far into the details later in sport. by the spring time flowers of a mountain lake. to the finest snow fall on the interstate. and i bet the weather isn't quite quiet over the southeastern parts of china at the moment the temperatures on too bad shanghai's about eleven degrees in force in hong
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kong where it's twenty two but we will cloud thickening up though during the day on tuesday and by the time we get to wednesday it looks like that will be thick enough to give us a lot of rain and a fair amount of snow for many of us has a really quite wintery in the northern parts of our map here a bit further towards the south of the southeastern parts of asia there's been plenty of sunshine here over the past few days in the philippines the only real area where we're seeing significant rain is in the south and here it's just not that what weather is going to be pretty lively over the next few days they from mindanao doesn't like it's going to be fairly wet on tuesday and even wednesday's not looking too impressive but as it was the last one or two showers will be with us coming and going in borneo and do expect a few of those around k.l. and singapore fame india looking largely fine and dry for us now this area of cloud in the east is breaking up that is so it looks like it should be another drawing day as we head through tuesday and into wednesday further north though we'll see more cloud sweep its way in say for some of us in pakistan soaking pretty wet said you're in the day on wednesday a lot of snow on the high ground as well as that works its way across southern
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clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. again you're watching al-jazeera minder of our top stories this hour the u.s. government has imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil company it's the latest move by washington pushing nicolas maduro out of office he says the sanctions are illegal and he's vowed to take action. also keeping up the pressure on chinese telecom giant huawei justice department as far the series of criminal
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charges against the company and its chief financial officer they include fraud and theft of trade secrets. the french president has criticized egypt's human rights record during a visit to caro. says it appears even worse now than under the deposed president hosni mubarak. funerals have been held for some of the victims of a dam collapse in south eastern brazil the number of dead has risen to sixty five nearly three hundred people are still missing after the disaster in the town. on friday the new reports from there. the first funerals are some of the first victims to be recovered and identified the whole town of bora geno is grieving their brothers and sisters sons and daughters were employees and subcontractors of valley the company that owns the iron ore mine where the dam burst thank you we didn't hear anything from the company and if we had looked to him his
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body would most probably still be in the mud after the accident we wanted information. francis was thirty four years old married and with a four year old daughter. was missing you know how many people would ever be found how many fathers mothers and kids how we going to cope now i don't know how i will cope but my brother how will his daughter cope without her father how my father be without his son. dozens of bodies have been recovered but many hundreds more remain unaccounted for and with a far we don't have space for more than three bodies in the funeral parlor so many people are gathering here they might end up doing a collective funeral in the sports center where i think. emergency teams are still involved in the rescue operation although most say there is little hope of finding more survivors after the tragedy the morning this is a mining town but it's
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a small town where everybody knows everybody else and with many many more funerals to come the anger people here feel is only going to grow. there are already signs of it and lessons not learned at insufficient investment in safety it's mostly directed at the mine known as the same part owners of a nearby mine were at them burst in two thousand and fifteen killing one thousand people and causing immense environmental damage. of those in this profoundly religious country have their own way of showing their grief and support in this local usage year we came from a nearby city to give emotional and spiritual support to these people who are suffering so we brought donations to you but we're mostly here to hug and console on neighbors mining is the region's major employer amidst the grief and the recriminations the brazilian government the mining industry and this devastated community must now tackle what is emerging as one of the biggest crises in the
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country's history. burma genial brazil of four police officers have been shot and injured in the u.s. state of texas two are in a critical condition police were serving arrest warrant in a residential area of houston when they were attacked two suspects were killed at the scene it was the first day back to work for hundreds of thousands of federal employees in the united states that's after friday suspension of the partial government shutdown the longest in u.s. history but as our white house correspondent kimberly how he reports there is still no long term solution. back on the job. after more than a month without pay at the end of the week most of the eight hundred thousand federal workers some who relied on charity handouts during the shutdown will have received the money owed to them feel relieved to be back and looking forward to get back to work i am very proud to announce today on friday u.s.
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president donald trump agreed to democratic demands to reopen the government while both sides continue to debate trump's push for five point seven billion to build a border wall along the us mexico border it's a debate that led to the thirty five day us government shutdown and could shut it down all over again the president doesn't want to go through another shutdown the best fix is to be able to do it legislatively but if congress particularly democrats in congress would rather play political games and actually do their jobs and fix the problem than the present will be forced to take a different path trump is not ruled out declaring a national emergency to force through the building of his border wall as little time for congress to reach a deal government funding runs out february fifteenth leaving federal workers to wonder what's next people buckle down and just try to get back to work and and see about going about the business of their day the congressional budget office
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estimates the shutdown the longest in u.s. history cost the country at least three billion that won't be recovered the impacts aren't just economic immigrants awaiting hearings before federal judges are facing months of delays in already backlog states like california new york and texas cross the country three quarters of immigration judges were off the job during the shutdown could be again if there's not a funding deal some scientific research has also been hurt after the shutdown caused grant applications for medical and scientific research to be put on hold but the environmental protection. agency and the national science foundation absences of large numbers of workers processing tax returns at the i.r.s. america's tax agency means many expecting refunds will now wait weeks or even longer as a level of continuity that's required for what they do and now you're asking them to operate on
5:38 am
a temporary or three week basis in terms of how they work and i think that only makes their job that much more difficult it's a future filled with uncertainty adding to workers' concerns a projection from president donald trump he's skeptical congressional republicans and democrats can reach a deal in a recent interview he put negotiations at a less than fifty percent chance of success kimberly helped get al-jazeera the white house we just sixty days left until brags that british retailers are warning about possible food shortages if the u.k. crashes out of the european union with no agreement a joint letter to parliament from a dozen major chains warns that leaving the european union without a deal could threaten food security it says the fresh supply chain from europe would be severely disrupted reducing availability and shelf life for many products britain imports almost a third of its food from the e.u.
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alone choose their parliament will vote on amendments to prime minister teresa mayes deal for leaving the e.u. the u.k. remains split on one of its most divisive issues overall fifty two percent voted to leave in the twenty sixteen referendum and heywood went to one region where the leave vote was far high. it was one of the world's biggest fishing ports with the fleet of hundreds of boats and thousands employed to sort. that it. is still synonymous with grimsby in britain very little this court made the. seventy percent of people who live in this area voted to leave the european union some blame the e.u. for the decline of the industry here when you look at it emotionally throughout the u.k. it's massively important because a lot of people would've thought about the fisherman when they were voting
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a bit. of no doubt about. it may have been misguided but nevertheless a lot of people thought well the fishermen deserve better opportunities and better chance and that's the basis on which some people voted nearly all the fish brittany is imported but most of it is processed in grimsby and about a third of the five thousand strong workforce imposed from eastern europe about eight hundred fifty thousand new cars coming from europe i handled it it's river terminal attempts though reinvention haven't stopped shops from shutting and high levels of deprivation because too many followers can win a case of people jobs. it seems to be getting worse so we need to control a make decisions rather than. a ten minute drive from grimsby and britain's largest port some of the fish sold in grimsby makes its way through here where wide
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range of goods the transported to and from the e.u. . it is a quick turnaround to get the ship ready to go back to where it started its journey in the netherlands and it takes less than twenty four hours. and millions of dollars are being invested in the poor to ensure it's ready to cope in a changing landscape post brix it we're already seeing some growth as people concerned about the potential impact on some of the southern ports such as dover have made a conscious choice to come into the humber because they see that as a viable alternative to bringing trade in and that obviously will have a boost on the local and regional economy grimsby has been living on promises of a brighter and better future for the years it is often forgotten and the politics of westminster trying to shape it and the rest of the case future still a long way away and the heywood al-jazeera in northeast lincolnshire and migration will be the focus of
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a summit of mediterranean leaders due to be held in cyprus later on tuesday the divided island as become the main target for smugglers trafficking migrants into europe the government says it's been swamped with requests for asylum they went to reports from nicosia the buffer zone the device the island between the turkish controlled north and the internationally recognized republic to the south stretches for more than one hundred miles it's easy for the human traffickers to find a way through these are some of the boats they use now impounded and breached by the police. but will that to find themselves closer to baghdad in the catholic charity keratitis does what it can to help most of them are too afraid to show their faces and i don't mind what they will just say is the case. so. this man told us he was forced to provide sexual favors to him
5:43 am
who eventually smuggled him across the buffer zone is very typical of this man said he'd now lost all hope he had a new job lived on the streets and was always hungry there are hundreds more like him indicus here they've come from across africa the middle east and asia seeking safety and a better life but finding themselves in a limbo in a country that can't afford to look after them the numbers are quite staggering i mean there were over a thousand one hundred. with very limited capacity for services and for immigration to catch up so this is a challenge. because when you've got home. to cook. place to keep everything falls apart leaders from seven e.u. countries bordering the mediterranean are beating here for a summit to see if they could reach an agreement on how to tackle the problem the
5:44 am
cyprus government say the only solution to the crisis is for an automatic relocation mechanism to be put in place which would allow the distribution of asylum seekers throughout the european union. but borders are closing all over europe. abdul has been living in a mosque since he arrived from syria eighteen months ago it's no life for his three year old son. at least is better than living in the street maybe to al-jazeera because here. spanish taxi drivers. in their cars on the streets of the capital madrid to protest rivals like traffic was blocked on one of the city's best known avenues as part of an open ended strike drivers there say they cannot compete with ride hailing apps because they don't have the same costs and regulations to stay on the road city leaders say they're trying to find a solution but progress is slow human rights groups say the jailing of
5:45 am
a prominent lawyer in china is an attack on the rule of law of this trial in a closed court in tianjin last month wang chung was sentenced to four and a half years for quote subversion of state power and disappeared during a widespread crackdown on activists and opposition and lawyers four years ago. when we come back.
5:46 am
i'm going to. go.
5:47 am
and again attacks by the armed group boko haram over the past decade have forced more than three hundred thousand people from their homes in nigeria cameroon chad and mishit as many dreams reports from above. its tour have years since the launch of a regional protection strategy for refugees in the chad region but life hasn't improved for many living in the area. boko haram attacks escalated in the past three months despite the nigerian government declaring victory over the two years ago. the nine year conflict has recently forced additional three hundred and twenty
5:48 am
thousand people in four countries from their homes and the crisis is getting worse this situation is dire we don't want to alarm anybody but will call attention of all the governments including the international community that this situation is not improving we have a situation that is. desperate if i would say so. and if the war with boko haram isn't bad enough the meeting you know you heard of other threats to regional stability. the united nations says in addition to come back to the foreign countries in the next chapter reads in part facing a growing humanitarian challenge they include separatist fighting in cameroon and farmers competing for land with cattle herders in nigeria as well as broken fossil and beyond their fighters displeased hundreds of thousands of africans the united nations is warning of the crisis will worsen unless they are addressed quickly. the nigerian government says it's achieved successes in combating book violence but has
5:49 am
also admitted the continuing attacks particularly remote regions is close and you know it was he would return to china. most of this we want areas access to interventions sometimes very fertile to she calls with. some other types and some communities like this come part two that also have that if without how you claim to number in countries of. china we have also one hundred influx of refugees coming from cameroon ages is one more than two million of the eleven million population in the lake chad region urgently need help the united nations says the demand for help will probably increase if the number of book or on the tax is introduced a desperate situation now which the u.n. says could become even worse in the next ten years of a decrease al-jazeera reporter. skittles for now has far thanks very
5:50 am
much japan a book their place in the finals of the asian cup they did it by knocking out the tournaments top ranked team around the samurai billy ran out three male winners in all the goals coming in the second have. played it a match winning performance the vertebra and forward getting on the scoresheet twice and then sealed the win in injury time he should have now had the chance to be asian champions for a fifth time well after that defeat carlos carroll set down as boss of the round the portuguese head coach the team for eight years he took around to two world cups and help them become the highest placed asian team in the fever rankings japan's about it's an asia cup final will be decided on choose say they are up against catherine what's being done the blockade darby cats are unbeaten in the tournament but as david stokes explains all have pretty much no supports in the stadium talk
5:51 am
about maximizing home advantage the united arab emirates has bought all the remaining tickets for the semifinal against cancer and handed them out for free but crucially only to their phones effectively blocking away support so not for the first time this tournament catalyst players will largely be alone when they take to the pitch in abu dhabi but despite the prospect of a hostile crowd of forty two thousand they fancy their chances they are the form team after all with five wins from five and no goals conceded so far. they think they deal very good with it and of course all of us we know that that is the pressure riggers is a semifinal but they think we are more confident under pressure to play this game cats are entitled to eight percent of the match tickets but next to no fans have risked traveling that's because since two thousand and seventeen cats are has been the subject of a land sea and air blockade by the u.a.e.
5:52 am
bahrain and saudi arabia who they beat earlier in the tournament the qatari players themselves had to make a five hour journey by kuwait just to compete instead of what ordinarily would be a forty minute flight. they have had some support both more than one thousand oman fans turned up to cheer them on in their quarterfinal whenever south korea tossed progression has certainly caught the eye coming into this tournament very different to how they came in two thousand and sixteen two thousand and fifteen are expected to do really well potentially even when a day and a very good group of players a golden generation so to speak even this time around it's been completely different in terms of the expectations on the national team and they've done absolutely fantastic when perhaps the success shouldn't come as a surprise head coach felix sanchez has worked with these players for years many of them were part of the team he led to the under nineteen asian cup title four years ago and most of them will have a bigger stage to perform on when they host the world cup in two thousand and
5:53 am
twenty two being the a.f.c. right now and having a group of young players playing with such passion playing such skill and as well getting the results on the ground is fantastic and no doubt they will be the they will form the core of the team that will represent us in twenty twenty two and i'm absolutely confident it will do us proud there again world cup organizers no doubt hoping that it's the players rather than the off field politics that take center stage david stokes al-jazeera. i'd let it go madrid have completed the signing of spain international marotta on loan from chelsea the twenty six year old joins the league aside until the end of the season follows a difficult spell for morata senses that big money move to chelsea the blues signed him for nearly eighty million dollars in two thousand and seventeen bodies only manage sixteen goals in forty seven appearances his move follows gonzalo wayans arrival at chelsea on loan arsenal boss and i am really says his team's home match
5:54 am
against cardiff on tuesday will be played in remembrance of a million no solid the argentinian had signed for cardiff from french club but the plane taking him to wales went missing all over the english channel last monday emery himself came up against salah while managing p.s.g. illegal all fault. to. non to god of the. play you don't buy a lot family friends. do all that we are going to remember then but after i think we are going to play well much we have a member in. that is world number one novak djokovic says he won't spend long enjoying his when at the australian open the serb won his final against rafa nadal on sunday adding the trophy to the u.s. open and wimbledon titles he already has he now wants to hold all four grand slams at once for the second time in his career with maze of french open crown already in
5:55 am
his sights. i don't want this to sound arrogant but i've done it once why not do it again i mean i'm just one slam away from that i'm not the only one that. has been in this situation before and there have been holding three out of four. you know many times throughout their careers and. you know everything is possible in life so it's kind of feel as if you know i have israel's blockade of gaza has left two million people struggling with unemployment power blackouts and crumbling housing but in the town of kind eunice a group of young men are finding new purpose through a sport tailor made for an urban landscape scarred by war charles strafford reports from southern gaza. you have his friends do their warm up exercises in this cemetery in kommunist in the southern gaza strip. they are cool infuse you
5:56 am
asked a discipline developed from french military calls training. evolve seeing your environment in negotiating its obstacles in a free often dangerously acrobatic way the boys don't deny the irony of practicing among the graves many of the people buried here were killed in wars with israel. this gives me a different feeling from other sports pocket it takes us away from israel see all the suffering we experience when we practice with you emotionally and mentally away from the refugee camp here we are. the group calls itself the hard core gaza many of the walls and buildings they used to practice on scarred by bullets and partially destroyed. it was set up in two thousand and five the guys who say they practice bush me every day they say that despite the difficulties they face here
5:57 am
israel's and land and sea blockade only motivates them more. what i feel is free they said always like a month. you know so well flying going to do this without bossing things with a little things up on the walls so as we. let's say because we have a lot of obstacles in in life so. we are the walls and in front of us easily without you know difficult. they say they dream of being able to dupont cool outside gaza but israel has always refused them permits to leave despite the challenges they face the love of this physically demanding and risky pastime gives them a sense at least that there is no barrier they cannot overcome. on eunice gaza and. that's it for the.
5:58 am
kids here with more days. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell us. about it. fluent in world news short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the
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odds. al-jazeera selects. al jazeera. it's. where every. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence
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leaves european muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim on al-jazeera. today's action ensures they can no longer lose the assets of the venezuelan people the u.s. sanctions the venezuelan state owned oil company in a move to force president nicolas maduro to step down. and on the clock this is out there on live from doha also coming up fraud and theft the u.s. files criminal charges against top chinese telecom companies wallet. and the
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buffett i think it's absolutely essential that we have a dialogue about human rights that is coherent with our own objectives french president presses the egyptian leader on humor.


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