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the taint in egyptian jails. and all his colleagues we stand oppressed from. china says the u.s. is engaging in political manipulation not a criminal charges are filed against telecoms john way. below and down jordan this isn't a zero live from doha also coming up al-jazeera speaks with a un special rapporteur who is in turkey vested in the murder of journalist. venezuela's president lashes out at the u.s.
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for imposing sanctions on the state owned oil company. and retailers one of food shortages as the u.k. parliament prepares to vote on terrorism a's latest plan to leave the e.u. . concerned and disappointed that's china's response to the u.s. justice department announcing criminal charges against telecoms giant hawaii and its chief financial officer beijing is calling on washington to stop what it described as unreasonable suppression of chinese firms well the charges filed on monday include fraud theft of trade secrets and conspiracy reynolds reports. top level government officials lined up to announce the u.s. will prosecute huawei china's biggest most influential telecommunications company for a broader array of alleged crimes the criminal activity alleged in this indictment
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goes back at least ten years and goes all the way to the top of the company. to grand jury indictment charge while away with theft of corporate secrets they zhen of u.s. sanctions on iran obstruction of justice and other offenses officials singled out joe while ways chief financial officer and daughter of the company's founder who has deep connections with the chinese government the u.s. says mung worked to evade u.s. sanctions on iran by selling while way products to tehran using a front corporation set up by wall way mung is under house arrest in canada the us plans to extradite her for prosecution the defendants are variously charged with conspiracy bank fraud wire fraud violations of the international emergency economic powers act when you on during an obstruction of justice the detention of
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mung has infuriated the chinese government which is pressuring canada to let her go free beijing arrested two canadian former diplomats in what is widely seen as retaliation officials outlined a tale of auditions corporate espionage in which while way officials tried to steal secrets from t. mobile about a smartphone testing robot called tapi weiwei entities directed employees to take photographs take measurements and take other protected information without permission. and finally when all this still did not get them what they were looking for they tried to steal tapi robotic arm in order for engineers in china to replicate it. the trumpet ministration has been sounding the alarm about china's efforts to achieve supremacy in high technology while way components are being used
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to create the new architecture of global super high speed five g. internet technology officials say that threatens u.s. national security as americans we should all be concerned about the potential for any company beholden to a foreign government especially one that doesn't share our values to burrow into the american telecommunications market and the charges come against the backdrop of the damaging u.s. china trade war which has stretched on for months trade talks between the two countries will resume on wednesday robert oulds al-jazeera but the chinese government says the indictments against unfair and immoral because now they will just as the foreign ministry said with no evidence they using the state power to discredit and attack disconnected companies this sort of behavior is unfair and immoral as
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a department responsible for the same history we consistently encourage chinese companies to act in accordance with international rules and market principles and develop foreign economic cooperation on the basis of abiding by local laws well i'm a tongan as a political analyst visors the chinese government he says the move will receive a massive backlash from chinese consumers. well within china i think they see it as a tactical ploy by donald trump bombing remember this is it's not unusual for donald trump to engage in a bit of drama firing missiles during the dessert course with xi jinping sailing ships warships through the taiwan straits before negotiations and then sending u.s. warships within the twelve mile area of the parcel she shot. while the his group group is actually negotiating in china i think from donald trump's point of view it makes good tactics to try to put your opponent off by doing these types
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of things unfortunately for him i think china is was kind of expecting this they're still not happy about it but in the end this is just political theater i don't know that the chinese are going to change any position because of this but it could have a backlash within china itself hallway is massively powerful popular they have overtaken the crown as the number one provider of cell phones within china there are a source of great pride and you know chinese consumers might react to this by saying well if they're going to attack our companies we will not stop buying american goods. now the u.n. human rights investigates and leading the international inquiry into the mode of the saudi journalist. is meeting with istanbul's chief prosecutor special wrap up you know this column on isn't a week long visit to turkey with a forensic and legal team on monday she met with turkey's foreign minister
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stephanie decades outside the saudi consulate in istanbul where the murder of took place steps so we understand you managed to speak to the un special rapporteur what was she been saying. that's right well she's not giving any official media statements or press conferences while she's here but we did bump into her by coincidence because her schedule is not being made public she was walking around here she said that she wanted to get an impression of the place she's not being allowed in at the moment this is exactly what she had to say. what is your impression of just really with the foreign minister nothing ok are you related to the saudis and are you really. made a request to the saudi government for access to the consulate. and in saudi arabia we are waiting for their response to be fair. requests to them
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quite quite late so we need to give them a bit more time to. question or you think you know. we just want to have a sense of it and we have respect for you calling on the authorities to give us access at some stage when we are here. or she will now be meeting with the chief prosecutor this is of course in charge of the investigation the turkish investigation into the murder of understanding from our store says she's also going to be meeting with the fiance of. some journalists are really piecing together trying to get information from the officials from the investigators from personal friends as to what may have happened here she brings with her british lawyer also a portuguese forensic analyst a medical professor and again as we heard from her there she is still waiting to be allowed in and also she wants to meet with the saudi officials here so the next couple of days will be trying to piece together what is a very complicated picture
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a very controversial picture and she keeps stressing that this is something that she's taken upon herself because it was such a gruesome murder with such grave consequences in her words and she feels that the u.n. and member states are not doing enough to push for an independent investigation or rochester in istanbul stephanie thank you. i was saying the fragile u.n. brokered truce in the yemeni port city of data stepping down after just a month on the job it's unclear why retired general patrick is leaving he'll be replaced by a danish general who led a peacekeeping mission in mali the u.n. envoy for yemen motm griffith is urging warring parties to withdraw all troops from the data quickly after they missed the january seventh target agreed your increased troops last month. now supreme court judges in pakistan are hearing an appeal against their acquittal of a christian woman who was sentenced to death a blasphemy. spend eight years on death row and sold in the prophet muhammad
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acquittal last october spawning death threats nationwide riots by one just party supporters on their appeal for review of that decision of the joins us outside the supreme court in his town about come on so we're still waiting on the supreme court verdict time porton does this ruling. the ruling invade crew shirt because blood for me laws in this country have become controversial and have led to many dead not right now where door that that supreme court had started dating that. rates warrant the uploading of that sentence against b.b. the code for the practitioner is right now giving a dog human figured into the reports we've received outside the court to decide. that if you protection and even a separated and of course they'd likely to turn it down because that court had
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already a sure they were addicted indicates on october the thirty fourth and rate third day of. the project you should read there were many. there were no holding up go indeed an important case because of that then here david d. of the gate and the ramifications then gave. a baby under don't think your default is quite that nearly have been deployed around the court and also about our military forces that fall and come out if the court upholds her acquittal will she be free then to leave pakistan and there are reports daughters have already been spirited away out of the country canada. yes indeed did that day's war days anticipated because all. the reaction on the streets which brought this country toward joy instead stated they were the negative
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main between the government and the protest that the government told the protestors that if they wanted to fight a view predation that the government were to have no objection to dad but because of their dead baby she was moved by a special aggro of a few months ago she would do it. she's being kept under protective custody because the government had said that she would not be allowed to leave the country by david accord if. she is a quit date and the petition escrow know which warns the dead center inserted be maintained and. that she is likely to leave for canada which had already offered. her lawyer also facing dead state had left the country he's come in specially for this case is very confident that gates client is going to be equated by the supreme court that you see behind me come all. a lot
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also to come here and al-jazeera including after months of protests the palestinian authority puts a hold on a plan and social security tax. on the first fiddles the health of victims of the brazilian down collapse as the search goes on four hundred still missing on that stay with us. hello again to welcome back we're looking at some very nice conditions here across the northern part of thailand or the next few days on satellite you not seeing very many clouds across much of that area so for bangkok we're looking at a nice day for you at thirty three degrees there really not changing too much as we go towards thursday maybe a few more clouds coming into play but over here towards the philippines it is going to be very cloudy up to the north and even some showers down here towards the south well as you go down here across parts of australia we're still dealing with the heat the temperatures for melbourne over the last few days have been going up
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they are going to continue to go up until we see a break in those temperatures in the next few days here's that funnel boundary right there anything to the north is going to be very very high and of course tasmania has been dealing with a while far as across the area so here on wednesday melbourne thirty seven degrees few adelaide at about thirty six degrees as we go towards thursday that front begins to make its way to the north as well as to the east we are going to see some of those temp just come down drastically so for melbourne thirty seven degrees all the way down to twenty one that is going to be a nice break for you there sydney is going to be about thirty five but we are still dealing with plenty of rain up here towards the northern part of queensland and the flooding situation is going to continue so for townsville it is going to be a very wet day for you and our temperatures are going to be about twenty nine degrees. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short
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stories that highlight the human triumph against the arts. al-jazeera selects. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here this hour china says it's concerned and disappointed after the u.s. justice department announced criminal charges against telecoms giant huawei and its chief financial officer the accusations of fraud and theft of trade secrets. the
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u.n. human rights investigator leading the international inquiry into the murder of saudi journalists. is meeting with istanbul's chief prosecutor agnes color mars in a week long visit to turkey with forensic and legal team. pakistan supreme court is hearing an appeal against the acquittal of a christian woman whose blasphemy conviction was overturned last october that led to three days of protests. throughout the united states is stepping up the pressure on venezuelan president nicolas maduro the white house has imposed sanctions on the country's state owned oil company blocking around seven billion dollars in assets because in some of the reports. the united states is now putting its money as well as its endorsement behind the venezuelan opposition posing sanctions on venezuela's state owned oil company pether they said the path to sanctions relief for pet of ace is through the expeditious transfer of control to the interim president or
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a subsequent democratically elected government who is committed to taking concrete and meaningful actions to combat corruption the trumpet ministration has president nicolas maduro in its sights hoping to weaken his support with the military which now controls the oil company and so far is standing behind him the duro vowed legal action to protect citgo it's us me subsidiary thumbelina. with this move that trying to steal citgo promised the venezuelan people to be on alert for his buying up today the united states has decided to take that road of stealing the company citgo from venezuela and that is an illegal rather the aim of the sanctions is to direct oil revenues to the self declared interim president and opposition leader won by del rio who's calling for a day of protest on wednesday international observers declared the last presidential election a fraud demonstrators have been taking to the streets over the country's dire
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economic situation facing violence and mass arrests people are obviously hungry and tired and desperate the situation in venezuela it's very difficult and they don't see the possibility of change anytime soon the trumpet ministration has been warning security officials to back off we want the venezuelan security forces to know how strongly we think that president lied oh the national assembly the opposition and most importantly american personnel are not harmed this is an unequivocal statement on our part of the race for. their forces were good but the president has made it very clear. on this on this matter that all options are on the table while the united states makes the rats and withholds money the opposition is offering immunity to members of the military who joined them more than twenty countries have now recognize one why don't know as venezuela's legitimate leader
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and more are threatening to do so unless new elections are held christian salumi al-jazeera washington the philippine president has ordered security forces to crush fighters linked to isolate a bomb in the roman catholic church abu sayyaf claimed responsibility for the twin explosions which killed at least twenty seven worshipers and injured dozens during sunday mass attacks were in the hollow capital of ceuta province in the fossils of the philippines with alan duggan is there. when the tragedy strikes there's always that period where people expect that life will go back to normal well here in the law that sense of normalcy is a relative it is the most militarized area in the southern philippines and it has been that way since the philippine military established a permanent presence here decades ago but soldiers are still here because it is still home to several armed groups yesterday the secretary of national defense told us that it is able to operate because of its continued support from communities the
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secretary of national defense admits that is an even harder battle by winning hearts and minds. i feel really sorry. if. we can do anything except listen to these stories. we are all friends we are humans they are human christians and muslims we are all deceived it happened early sunday morning the first bomb exploded while mass was ongoing then panicked churchgoers and survivors rushed out where they were met just outside by soldiers responding to the scene and that's when the second bomb was detonated there have been efforts across mindanao to resolve the leg decades long conflict in the region a referendum last year was met by jubilation but not here in the law what happened
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here is proof that a lot remains to be the region's powder keg. that was just six days left until brags that british retailers are warning about possible shortages if the u.k. crashes out of the european union without an agreement a joint letter was written to parliament some a dozen major chains it says the supply chain of fresh food from europe would be severely disrupted reducing availability and shelf life for many products britain imports almost a third of its food from. well u.k. parliament student votes on amendments to prime minister tourism a deal that leaving the e.u. late on tuesday in the twenty sixteen referendum fifty two percent of voters were in favor of leaving but in some areas the yes vote was much higher and the hayward visited the city of grimsby in northern england. it was the world's biggest fishing port with a fleet of hundreds of boats and thousands employed to sort. anything the
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man. she's still synonymous with grimsby in britain very little this court made it clear that. seventy percent of people who live in this area voted to leave the european union some blame the e.u. for the decline of the industry here when you look at it emotionally throughout the u.k. it's massively important because a lot of people would've thought about the fisherman when they were voting a bit. of no doubt about. it may have been misguided but nevertheless a lot of people thought well the fishermen deserve better opportunities and better chance and that's the basis on which some people voted nearly all the fish brittany is imported but most of it is processed in grimsby and about a third of the five thousand strong workforce involved from eastern europe about eight hundred fifty thousand new cars coming from europe i handled it it's river
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terminal attempts though reinvention haven't stopped shops from shutting and high levels of deprivation because it can win a case of people jobs. so. it seems to be getting worse so we need to take control make our own decisions rather than. a ten minute drive from grimsby and you're at britain's largest port some of the fish sold in grimsby makes its way through here where wide range of. goods the transported to and from the e.u. . it is a quick turnaround to get the ship ready to go back to where it started its journey in the netherlands and all it takes less than twenty four hours and millions of dollars are being invested in the poor to ensure it's ready to cope in a changing landscape post breck's it we're already seeing some growth as people concerned about the potential impact on some of the southern ports such as dover
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have made a conscious choice to come into the humber because they see that as a viable alternative to bringing trade in and that obviously will have a boost on the local and regional economy grimsby has been living on promises of a brighter and better future for years it is often forgotten and the politics of westminster trying to shape it and the rest of the u.k. speech are still a long way away and the heywood al-jazeera in north east lincolnshire cameroon's main opposition leader has been arrested maurice come to his party has held sporadic protests since he lost a disputed presidential election in october come to says he defeated president paul beer who's been in power for more than thirty years but the government's called him an outlaw for not accepting the election results. funerals are going to hell for some of the victims of a dam collapse in southeastern brazil the number of dead now risen to sixty five nearly three hundred people are still missing after the disaster in the town of
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burma denio on friday. as the story. the first funerals are some of the first victims to be recovered and identified the whole town of bora genial is grieving their brothers and sisters sons and daughters were employees and subcontractors of valley the company that owns the iron ore mine where the dam burst. thank you we didn't hear anything from the company and if we had looked to him his body would most probably still be in the mud after the accident we wanted information. francis was thirty four years old married and with a four year old daughter. was missing you know how many people would ever be found how many fathers mothers and kids how we going to cope now i don't know how i would cope but my brother how would his daughter cope without her father how my father being about his son. dozens of bodies have been recovered but many hundreds more
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remain unaccounted for and with a far we don't have space for more than three bodies in the funeral parlor so many people are gathering here i might end up doing a collective funeral in the sports center where i think. emergency teams are still involved in the rescue operation although most say there is little hope of finding more survivors. after the tragedy the morning this is a mining town but it's a small town where everybody knows everybody else and with many many more funerals to come the anger people here feel is only going to grow there are already signs of it at lessons not learned at insufficient investment in safety it's mostly directed at the mine owners that the same part owners of a nearby mine were at them burst in two thousand and fifteen killing one thousand people and causing immense environmental damage. others in his profoundly religious country have their own way of showing their grief and support was local
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it was lisa g. here we came from a nearby city to give emotional and spiritual side. i thought these people who were suffering brought donations to but we're mostly here to hug and console on neighbors mining is the region's major employer amidst the grief and the recriminations the brazilian government the mining industry and this devastated community must now tackle what is emerging as one of the biggest crises in the country's history. from a genial brazil. the palestinian authority has put its plan social security tax on hold after months of protests announcement was made at the same time president mahmoud abbas revealed he's forming a new government are in force that reports now from ramallah in the occupied west bank. for months now palestinians in the occupied west bank have been protesting with the frequency and in numbers that haven't been seen in years not against the israelis but against the palestinian authority over its plans to impose a social security law involving
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a new compulsory contribution from workers many of whom don't trust to get the money back in the future now president abbas's fatah party has announced consultations on forming a new mode of government consisting of factional members of the palestine liberation organization and in doing so has frozen the implementation of the social security act pending cabinet confirmation what clearly we have today is giving the blessings of such accommodations regarding form anything in your government yet we would wait for the cabinet to morrow and the announcement of the cabinet for an insight into just how unpopular the measure has become just talk to people like muhammad omar and his wife mara mohammed works for the national insurance company morris a psychologist they started out married life in a small rented apartment and with loans that need service are. one hundred to two hundred dollars less every month after we have paid everything else when this social security law ducks seven point two percent of my salary that's more than one
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hundred fifty dollars so takes away from my daily life my kids any extras the basic things they need to live with dignity. the idea of a safety net for palestinian workers enshrining sick pay redundancy protection and pensions is not in itself unpopular but people here have become ever more suspicious of deal forty's ability to deliver and not to use their future pensions to cover current budget shortfalls. the palestinian authority has been trying to implement a system of social secure. since two thousand and three but yet again even after expressing its determination to get it through this time it is that back there was significant opposition against some of the elements of the policy for example it's discriminatory aspects against women but above all else there's been a widening deficit in one vital commodity trust. political analyst says there's no reason to expect that to change in the immediate future with the very system of governance up for grabs so how can you talk about this man but at the authority and
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in the same time you would try to convince the people in that they will be enough that two decades for instance and they will get it back mohamed amr says he doesn't even trust that this latest freeze on the scheme is real until he sees an official proclamation from the president himself he intends to keep protesting harry force at al-jazeera ramallah. but a quick check of the top stories here on al-jazeera china says it's concerned and disappointed after the u.s. justice department announced criminal charges against telecoms giant and its chief financial officer the accusations include fraud and theft of trade secrets beijing's urging washington to stop what it calls the unreasonable suppression of chinese firms. you know they. just as the foreign ministry said with no evidence they're using the state power to discredit and attack to signal to companies this
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sort of behavior is unfair and immoral as a department responsible for the same history we consistently encourage chinese companies to act in accordance with international rules and market principles and develop foreign economic cooperation on the basis of abiding by local laws the un special rapporteur who's in turkey investigating the murder of saudi journalist. is meeting with istanbul's chief prosecutor agnes calamari is on a weeklong visit to the country with a forensic and legal team which has not yet had access to the saudi concept where she was murdered last october. supreme court judges in pakistan are hearing an appeal against their acquittal of a christian woman who was sentenced to death for blasphemy bibi spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet muhammad her acquittal last october sparked death threats nationwide riots by religious party supporters and their appeal for a view of the decision if pakistan's highest court rejects the appeal the christian mother of four was expected to seek sanctuary for over the us government has
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imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil company it's the latest move by washington to push president nicolas maduro out of office who says the sanctions are legal and has vowed to take action the u.s. national security adviser john bolton is appealing to the venezuelan military to back the play and interim president won by door. with just sixty days to go until briggs's british retailers are warning about possible food shortages if the u.k. crashes out of the european union without a deal a joint letter was written to parliament from a dozen major stores says a supply chain of fresh food from europe would be severely disrupted reducing availability and shelf life for many products britain imports almost a third of its food from the european union. right for those the headlines is going to news here on al-jazeera a.j. select statute that's all but. we
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understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. my bag it was my drug if i had my drugs. i do everything i don't have my drug i cannot do anything.


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