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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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this official narrative. masking a larger battle a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara on algiers. yemen's port city of hyundai there is on the verge of collapse as aid agencies wall of worsening humanitarian conditions. and sami said this is al jazeera live from seoul coming out it in various ways where it hurts the u.s. imposes oil industry sanctions to the pressure on president nicolas maduro to quit legal victory for
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a christian woman in pakistan who support all that widespread protests. stop the unfair crackdown on chinese companies paging reacts the u.s. filing criminal charges against huawei. fighting has again flared up in cities across yemen putting a six week old u.n. brokered ceasefire in jeopardy nor really dire situations pushed fourteen million the yemenis close to famine now the retired dutch general in charge of the truce has stepped down from his role hopes of keeping the agreement intact fading reports . the ceasefire intraday appears to be on the verge of falling apart fighting has intensified on the outskirts of yemen's main port city further north government troops backed by the sergeant led military coalition are on the move to capture
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areas near the who think controlled capital sanaa un envoy martin griffiths met who think him and to plead with them to maintain the data ceasefire which began six weeks ago. the hands of the rebels political council told the u.n. envoy that saudi arabia is undermining the truce no economic now and our focus is to consolidate the front lines our success will depend on what we will achieve militarily this is the retired dutch general who was given the job of ensuring the delicate ceasefire doesn't fall apart patrick comer met leaders of the yemeni government in exile in the city of aden. and he's due in her day it may be his last official mission his being replaced by a danish general who led
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a peacekeeping mission in mali. the day the cease fire agreed during talks in sweden in december calls for her theory to withdraw from the city and port its the main gateway for much needed aid and food into the country the fighting around it has burned millions are threatened with famine. the truth is say they will pull out but won't hand over the area to the enemies and they say saudia marital led forces must stop attacking her data who are the fabled cabinet that we need to fight against aggression and santa fighters of the battlefields that should be our answer to those who want to escalate yemen's government and president of the hardy reject the who are saying they must withdraw immediately and a lot of the yemeni army to take over. if the day the ceasefire collapses completely millions of suffering yemenis will be waiting even longer for the four
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year old war and i smile but i'll just. the u.s. will allow the leader of venezuela's opposition to control some of his government's assets that are in u.s. banks this comes after the white house ordered sanctions on the country's state owned oil company to block around seven billion dollars of assets president nicolas maduro is accusing washington of trying to steal its all reserves as pressure is increased or of russia says the sanctions are illegal the u.n. says at least forty people have been killed during venezuela's recent violence including twenty six shot by pro-government forces in january the twenty first to the twenty sixth more than one hundred fifty people were detained including seventy seven children six hundred ninety six people were held in custody on january the twenty third alone complete health it reports from washington d.c. . as the united states continues to push for venezuela's opposition to gain control
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of the country's oil wealth new announcement coming from the u.s. state department the deputy spokesperson robert do you know announcement that the secretary of state might pompei o has certified the authority of venezuela's interim president to receiving control certain property in the accounts of the government of venezuela held by the federal reserve bank of new york now the reason the united states says it's taking this action is in order to safeguard those assets for the benefit of the venezuelan people this certainly building on those sanctions that were announced on monday in the midst of all of this the united states continuing to say that it is not ruling out some sort of military intervention with regard to the ongoing instability in venezuela asked directly about this on monday the national security advisor would only say that in the eyes of the united states all options are still on the table however there was
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a lot of interest in a legal yellow no pad that bolton was holding and the words scrawled on it were five thousand troops colombia colombia does share a border with venezuela and this would certainly be a market escalation of u.s. military involvement if the united states were to position troops along that border . yeah events from bogota. well these new sanctions will have an extremely damaging effect in venezuela and the ability of the government to operate that's because the venezuelan government relies on the hard currency the u.s. dollars and we see this selling barrels of oil to the u.s. on a daily basis to function the government also needs this money to redistributed to businesses in the country. imports ninety percent of its food for
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example and to do that businesses need the u.s. dollars because the local currency. is not recognized anywhere anymore in the world at this point so there's also no doubt among experts that these sanctions will make the humanitarian crisis in the country even worse than i do or government will try to use these sanctions to blame the government for the situation for the worsening economic situation in the country every day and plea the u.s. believes that now is the time to put this kind of pressure on my doodle and see if this will convince him to step down. a suicide bomb attack in northwest syria is reported to have killed a person and injured others the blast targeted a court building in the rebel held city of idlib some of injury has more from
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guards in taps near turkey's border with syria. according to the details emerging from it lip city the capital of it province this was a coordinated attack against the salvation government the civilian arm of the body which controls the province much of it is militarily controlled by how yet there either sharm a group which is formally linked to al qaida and was known as a list or a front according to the details there was a clash outside the building then a female suicide bomber entered and blew herself up at the reception area this is the second attack this month in province according to the local government but to deny that it is the political arm of. that this is an attempt to try and derail the local control of it lip and to shore that is is not secure according to these forces is secure but according to russian foreign observers there has been fighting that has been going out of calm has been gaining control and pushing out other
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groups from the ground and this is a source of concern between the turks and the russians. least thirty thousand people have fled a town in nigeria because they wrongly feared boko haram fighters are about to attack the u.n. says people panicked and security forces are taking the town of run moved out. concerned and disappointed that's china's response to the u.s. justice department announcing criminal charges against telecom giant weiwei and its chief financial officer beijing is calling on washington to stop what it describes as unreasonable suppression of chinese firms the charges filed on monday include fraud theft of trade secrets and conspiracy adrian brown reports from beijing. while away is a company that has come a long way very quickly not just china's largest telecommunications company but also now the world's second largest maker of smartphones bigger even than apple
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sales worldwide are doing well in spite of allegations its products contain technology that can be used for spying china's government says the trumpet ministration is envious of weiwei success and is trying to halt its progress by tarnishing its reputation you know me for for some time the u.s. has smeared suppress the chinese enterprises and tempted to suppress their normal operations their strong political motivation and maneuvering behind this. fun choose day while ways executives also rejected the wide ranging criminal charges filed against the company by u.s. prosecutors including bank fraud obstruction of justice and theft of technology. they also dismissed criminal claims against its chief financial officer main one joe who was arrested in canada last month and faces extradition to the united
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states that case is now feeding into the existing tensions between beijing and washington on china's leaders will perhaps be suspicious about the timing of these charges coming just as officials from the united states and china a jew to resume crucial talks in washington the aim of those negotiations to try to reach a settlement in the two countries long running trade dispute but the chances of that happening now would appear to be in serious doubt adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. mancow and stein is the chief analyst for digital service at the technology advisory firm i.t. all japan he explains why while why technology is unsettling wash i think that the big question here is really around security because if we talk about the upcoming five g. network rollouts you know five g. networks are not just going to be about phones they're going to be about cars
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they're going to be about factories they're going to be about everything and the prospect of a chinese vendor deploying this in the u.s. or japan or the u.k. is somewhat unsettling for local governments and i think that's really what's driving this so actually in the last five to ten years china has really really evolved and mature and i was in beijing last week and they were showing their five g. networks they could do three gigabits per second the four g. networks can only do fifty megabits per second so there has been quite a substantial improvement in the technology on the chinese side but the u.s. has to rely on a foreign vendor anyways because there's only really three major players in this market who are nokia ericsson and while way still to come on al-jazeera cyprus prepares to host a regional summit we'll tell you how it's coming coping rather with an increase the number of asylum seekers the first funerals are held for victims of the brazilian dam collapse as the search goes on for hundreds still missing.
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hello again welcome back to here across parts of china we are seeing some rain as well as snow across much of western and central china over the next day you can see here on our forecast map expression the higher elevations we're talking about the snow but that's going to move quite quickly over here towards the east so for shanghai winds are going to be a problem as well as going to a rainy day few low clouds with the temperature there of about eleven degrees by the time we go towards friday that system will be pushing out and better conditions for you but also cooler air as well down towards hong kong though we do expect to see attention there on thursday of about twenty four degrees well here across india not looking too bad now but we do expect to see some clouds coming into play that's going to come in from the levant over the next day or so here we go on for new delhi here on wednesday with cloudy conditions there as we go towards thursday
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those clouds start to make their way towards the east a lot of snow in the higher elevations but down here towards the south really not looking too bad colombo it is going to be a little bit warm a few there at about thirty two degrees and then here across much of the middle east we are watching one weather system bring a lot of clouds across parts of northern and western saudi arabia even a shower too could be a problem but here in doha we do expect to see about twenty three degrees as the high on wednesday and as we go towards thursday it is going to be about twenty four miska a nice day if you are temperatures of twenty four degrees. whether online. for them. or if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion they say is a diana talking about a legal friend you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including and some people are seeking to tell everyone has
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a voice and us here at aussie or twitter and you could be on the street and join the colobus conversation on mt is iraq. you're watching out to syria time to recap our headlines now the six week old cease fire and the data appears to be on the brink of collapse. day there as well as on the outskirts of the capital and the retired general in charge of the troops step down. at least thirty thousand people have fled the town in nigeria because they wrongly feared boko haram fighters were about to attack the u.n.
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says people panicked when security forces protecting the town of moved down. the u.s. well the leader of those opposition to control some of his government here in the u.s. banks this comes after the white house ordered sanctions on the country's state owned oil companies around seven billion dollars in assets president nicolas maduro is accusing washington trying to steal it's all the. pressure is increased to replace him russia says the sanctions are illegal. and a christian woman who spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet muhammad is free to leave pakistan after this court judges are held their decision to acquit her. b.v. was sentenced to death but acquitted last october the court decision sparked a nationwide riots by religious parties supporters who demanded an appeal. come on hunger has more from islamabad. police force
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a landie paramilitary for children rangers have been for don't read alert across pakistan and specially here in the city of islamabad where the court has dismissed a view protection from the dating back pakistan against the equator lafarge your baby and for maintaining the death sentence awarded to her by a law court that supremes court throwing that petition out and what is considered to be a landmark judgment for the progress on your daughter did they tell you being a big challenge they have already arrested their senior leadership of their daily gallop back pockets down that of god's will minimize the pro days against the word nigger of the supreme court are here baby was thrown out special aircraft or islamabad under protective custody her daughters we're told according to reports have already moved to canada and they didn't dare to bury their dead baby to
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relieve pakistan in pakistan the blasphemy laws have become controversial because of the misuse of the law and by certain religious parties rejects brought this country through our world you will stand still every time the court has ruled in favor of people who have been accused wrongfully of blasphemy this is indeed a test case for pakistan the government is confident that they will be able to deal with the after effects of their judgement and that is also because the senior leadership of the dead eagle a backpack gets on including cars or motor and raids we have been arrested by your daughter did several months ago. five people have been arrested in southern brazil in connection with friday's dam collapse born three hundred people were killed in the torrent of muddy waste from an iron ore mine three of the detained work for the mine company's owners the others who are engineers who worked on the dam safety.
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british m.p.'s are due to vote in a few hours time and what happens next be their first chance to propose their own solutions to break that drags it dead long after they overwhelmingly rejected prime minister's reason may's draft agreement earlier this month. hundreds of pro briggs's supporters are taking part in a rally outside the british parliament ahead of the amendment vote to leave means leave rally is calling on the government to one of the two thousand and sixteen referendum result seventeen point four million backed braintree. palestinian prime minister. this unity government have resigned and the west bank based father who conciliation efforts with girls is a mass leadership and handed the unit has headed rather the use of government since it was formed in two thousand and fourteen how a force that has more formal mala. a sizable crowd here in menorah square in
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central ramallah celebrating one of the big decisions to come out of palestinian politics this week the decision to freeze the implementation of the highly unpopular social security will that many people here felt would have taken money out of their salaries without guaranteeing that money back in the future in terms of pensions the other big decision of course is that which was confirmed today in the cabinet meeting the dissolution of the current palestinian government the prime minister rami handler tending his resignation to the palestinian president mahmoud abbas however things won't change immediately that government will continue to carry on administering affairs here in the occupied west bank while mark what about tries to implement the plan that was announced at the weekend that plan being to try to get more power away from the existing institutions of the palestinian authority but the feeling is that he may well try to move to dissolve the palestinian authority altogether in the near future and towards the palestine liberation organization. mahmoud abbas's party its executive committee or central
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committee rather at the weekend saying that it wanted to reform the government using the factions the existing factions of the p.l.o. to occupy important positions within that government this though will be an extremely difficult task trying to get all those factions on. especially the left wing factions which are deeply suspicious of the current regime it is also an attempt many feel here to try to get a more political politicized government to try to stand up to what has been happening in terms of the policies being implemented here both by the israelis and by the trump administration it also leaves open the question of exactly how mahmoud abbas is trying to secure his own succession whether he wants to try to map out a plan or leave it to his rivals to argue through for now though the same situation prevails the same government will stay in office despite having resigned as the parson leadership tries to assess and move forward with these consultations and
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these negotiations hundreds of italians have rallied outside parliament demanding the release of dozens of migrants stranded at sea by the. forty seven people have been stuck on a rescue ship off the coast of sicily for nearly two weeks they were picked up in waters off libya but italy's government has refused to let them in. my gratian will be the focus of a summit of mediterranean leaders in cyprus they draw on tuesday the divided island has become the main target for smugglers trafficking migrants into europe the government says it's been swamped with requests for asylum they would chase reports from the casea the buffer zone that divides the island between the turkish controlled north and the internationally recognized republic to the south stretches for more than one hundred miles it's easy for the human traffickers to find a way through these are some of the boats they use now impounded and beached by the
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police. to find themselves closer to baghdad in the catholic charity keratitis does what it can to help most of them are too afraid to show their faces . just so is the case. so. told us he was forced to provide sexual favors to smuggle him across the prophecy. of this man said he'd now lost all hope he had a new job lived on the streets and was always hungry there are hundreds more like him because here they've come from across africa or the middle east and asia seeking safety and a better life but finding themselves in a limbo in a country that can't afford to look after them the numbers are quite staggering i mean there were over a thousand one hundred. with very limited capacity for services to
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catch up so this is a. place to keep everything falls apart leaders from seven e.u. countries bordering the mediterranean are beating here for a summit to see if they could reach an agreement on how to tackle the problem the cyprus government say the only solution to the crisis is for an automatic relocation mechanism to be put in place which would allow the distribution of asylum seekers throughout the european union. but borders are closing all over europe the. door has been living in a mosque since he arrived from syria eighteen months ago it's the life for his three year old son. at least it's better than living in the street maybe cheeto al jazeera because here. qatar is taking part in what's been called the blockade darby
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they're playing host the united arab emirates in the semifinals of the asian cup since june two thousand and seventeen the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and they have imposed their land there in sea blockade on gaza after accusing it of supporting terrorism has denied all the allegations but the facts of the dispute have been felt at this event let's go live now to dorset just bari who's at a fan zone here in doha moments ago doors heard people cheering even from here inside the studio what's going on there i guess someone scored a goal. yes definitely sami qatar score its thirteenth goal in the asian cup tournaments the first against this game against the u.a.e. in the semifinals the fans here just went crazy jubilation and excitement of course and this is a very important game for the locals who could not travel to the united arab
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emirates to support their national team now that is one of the main reasons this event is so important to the qataris and they've shown up across the city in various positions like this one to show support for their team and i'm going to speak to a qatari soon right now who will tell us what this game means to him ahmed what does this event mean to you today this event is a very big thing for us especially for us that there is not only got there is it important every residence in doha that's why everyone decided to leave his house to come here to support this game. especially know it's in the semifinals and hopefully the other will win and move to the fore in the states. and why do you think their team is going through right now like today do you think they understand how important this is for their country they really understand what it is very important for the country especially when they're playing in the u.a.e. in a place that it's not their house their home and all of the supporters are u.a.e.
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and there's not that there is or it's a very important game for us and they know that we are always behind them most of what to do in order to go there where would you have liked to go gone to abu dhabi to show your support for your national team would be amazing early but the opportunity for us to go and support the national team from the beginning to the end why didn't you we couldn't go for several political issues which led us to come here outside with all of the residents in doha in qatar to support a deal together because we are all one thank you very much mohamed it so sami there you have it every eventful few minutes since qatar just called. and the excitement continues here for now. looks like there's more excitement to come those jabari there thanks so much the main opposition leader in cameroon has been arrested following weekend protests about the disputed presidential election
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results maurice canto says he won october's election not president paul the government describes kanto as an outlaw for not accepting the result eighty five year old president gear has been in power for more than thirty years and denies ford in his reelection. marine scientists from turkey are gathering that warm clothes jus to set off for antarctica their forty day trip is tokyo's third scientific expedition to the frozen continent so in course all has more from istanbul. turkey has been conducting an ambitious for important international arena this time to become a major player in the scientific field this group of turkish scientists are having to untie arctica to establish a temporary base station which is called to this national scientific base as part of a national form of program this is the third expedition scientific expedition to the coldest continent on earth and these scientists are going to be studying on climate
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change which is a major global problem and they will be correcting data on the dynamics of this global problem we have about mining national projects scientific projects mainly about the marine life sciences and for international projects coming from poland bulgaria ukraine and chill right what's in talk to provide us that's the information from past and we know all our prisons and the scientists are trying to model the future of this circus scientists tell us that they all of this started working on the free fabric base in two thousand and eighteen they are very excited about going there because this is going to be the first time that they have their own base and on track to that without granting from any other country and they say by this space they will gain the chance to become a consul's a permanent member and on target a car on the continent where they believe the future is hidden. five police
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officers have been injured during a raid on a suspected drug house in the u.s. state of texas two of the officers were shot in the neck when they opened the front door of the property in houston both of undergone surgery and are in a critical but stable condition two suspects were killed at the scene. let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now the six week old cease fire in the any port city of data appears to be on the brink of collapse fighting has flared in her day there as well as thais and on the outskirts of the capital sana'a and the retired dutch general in charge of the un brokered truce has stepped down the u.s.
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will allow the leader of as well as opposition to control some of his government are in the u.s. banks this comes after the white house ordered sanctions on the country's state owned oil company to block around seven billion dollars of assets president nicolas maduro is accusing washington of trying to steal its all reserves a christian woman who spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet muhammad is free to leave pakistan after supreme court judges up held their decision to acquit her. b.b. was sentenced to death for insulting the prophet muhammad. last october nationwide riots by religious r.t. supporters who demanded an appeal of the supreme court decision a suicide bomb attack in northwest syria is reported to have killed one person and injured others the blast targeted a court building in the rebel held city of. china says it's concerned and
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disappointed after the u.s. justice department announced criminal charges against telecom giant weiwei and its chief financial officer the accusations include fraud and theft of trade secrets. british m.p.'s are due to vote in a few hours time on what happens next with briggs it will be their first chance to propose their own solutions to break the deadlock after they overwhelmingly rejected the prime minister's draft agreement with you earlier this month. a syrian prime minister. government have resigned. the west bank based conciliation efforts with garza's hamas leadership. headed the unity government since it was formed back in two thousand and fifteen. headlines the news continues here on our just after the stream we're back at the top of the hour stay with us. can tell a story without uttering
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a single. conventionality if you like. witness through the man. on al-jazeera. millions of venezuelans are wondering what lies in store i made it cool for the presidency that is divided into the support i think ok and i'm all they could be as an interim president maintains his push for power we want to hear from you on your part to be a twitter. president nicolas maduro is facing as president a challenge to his leadership by the head of the country's national assembly. declared himself interim president and made anti-government protests in the capital caracas.


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