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this is too afraid to return home. how we got a few showers coming into the east this side of the mediterranean we got a few showers also pushing across afghanistan last the clouds showing up here so by the thickest cloud is when she weather was cool says it makes its way towards that western side of the himalayas two degrees celsius the high in kabul on celsius in tashkent into that for massey because that is a side of the magic to say the showers just spilling across good parts of cyprus seeing some wet weather and that will ease over towards western parts of seriously go on into day by thursday settle weather across iraq jordan lebanon should be too bad if some weather to ensue iran still a few showers that touch swarm of that full couple it around five degrees celsius
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the wintry mix making its way east i would say to them that weather too across northern parts of saudi arabia a few spots of right here in doha on shoes day wednesday should be fine to drive it will cola and has been recently but picking up to around twenty six celsius as we go through thursday afternoon possibly see want to see showers towards the red sea but much of the region will stay settled and sunny settle in studies say across a good part of southern africa but shallow as further north. russian filmmaker andre explores how pollutants russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule. by the police . crane six homosexuality because significance of booting to the russian elite is
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that she was like a fake you who controls the cobra in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. of the top stories this the british parliament has authorized prime minister treason made to go back to brussels to try and change shipwrecks a deal but m.p.'s also voted to reject a new deal great said something that may was unwilling to rule out. the venezuela supreme court has declared interim president from leaving the country and it's frozen his assets it follows a request from the attorney general and you know washington gave control of
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venezuelan state assets in the united states. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is in her data trying to preserve a fragile cease fire deal bottom gryphus met with beauty and saudi led coalition delegations. to withdraw from the strategic port city. at least two people have been killed and four others injured in a grenade attack on a mosque in the southern philippines mindanao region it happened in the city of. the area is home to a substantial muslim population in a majority catholic country for that attack follows a bomb in a cathedral on the southern philippine sudden for. a president has ordered all out war against those responsible but despite the violence muslim and christian leaders say they remain united from hollow under. roadside bombings abductions and people displaced from their homes it's part of
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daily life. it is one of the poorest provinces in the philippines and has long been held back by fighting between government forces and the various armed groups bravery is says growing up in this whole town always meant living in fear but as a christian with the majority of the population is muslim he always kept his feet until now. and leo were killed when two bombs exploded at the cathedral where they had gone to pre. a place of worship now was seen and destruction we strongly believe that. whatever religion you are living in all of people living in all knows what kind of bond and friendship we have between christians muslims. dangerous people we don't discriminate regardless their religion this claim of responsibility the government says the
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group was behind the bombings. that's really they keep inserting the. number since we have never been divided as christians and muslims it is shocking what they saw. we've ever seen. the philippine military says the attacks are designed to cause deep splits between the different religions in one thousand nine hundred seventy. right here in front of the. buy back then community. he's promised never to let this happen again well what happened last sunday is proof that communities failed to protect the cathedral and that the business cycle of violence continues here after the cleanup and the few the rules from bobby's like this there is an expectation that life can slowly return to normal but here with the law the most militarized place in the
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philippines it's a case of a short period of relative calm. a respite from the violence. and the next conflicts. until the next attack. salusa the philippines. palestinian prime minister rami al hamdu lillah and his unity government have resigned he stepped down after growing anger over a proposed social security tax and the west bank based offensive groups reconciliation efforts with the hamas rivals based in gaza international observers in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank and going home israel's prime minister refused to extend the mandate of the monitoring mission to an international force acting against israel but as harry force a report spends with netanyahu critics say he's just trying to win votes to enter the israeli military controlled zone of hebron is to enter into
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a parallel world of division and displacement this is sure how to street home to palestinian activist. he says he was expecting the end of the international observer mission here but it's no less worrying for being predictable they were doing. the communication here which can be used by the palestinians to make israel accountable in the international criminal court. the temporary international presence in hebron tiff has been in place here since one thousand nine hundred seven its term renewed every six months on a palestinian market street protected by canopies from settler buildings above traders say the tip reports have done nothing to prevent the steady worsening of the situation. kicking out is the first step towards even wars for hebron because netanyahu was planning to expand the settlements here. but if mission was set up in the aftermath of the one nine hundred ninety four massacre of twenty nine muslim worshippers it had runs ibrahimi mosque by an american israeli settler the city was
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formally divided in one thousand nine hundred eighty percent under palestinian authority control twenty percent including the old city and the site of the mosque and jewish temple under the control of the israeli military those years have also seen an expansion of the presence of jewish settlers here around eight hundred registered as living in the israeli controlled area alongside forty thousand palestinians. they represent some of the most ideologically radical settlers in the occupied west bank drawn here by the city's religious significance as well as the idea of a return to a place deserted by jews after sixty seven were killed in a massacre in one thousand twenty nine. if you are willing to talk on camera until we meet mordechai professes himself only too happy to see the back of the tiff observers their time is up and time for them to get a real job and once the time is up what do you foresee happening i don't i don't see any real change on the ground except for that the i.d.f. will be able to do their job a bit better in stopping terror attacks in various forms one question is why the
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israeli governors waited until now twenty years on to end it if presence here well there are two places to look one is into the most recent to freeport in december which according to an israeli media leak was an extremely critical summation of twenty years worth of israeli violations of palestinian rights the other place to look is in israeli domestic politics israel's prime minister indicated in november that he was considering ending the presence since then he's called elections for the ninth of april there's plenty of political motivation for him to call the votes on the israeli right above the deserted shahada street behind a cage protecting her from rock throwing attacks only iran has only curses for netanyahu and fears for increased violence wants to fix gone hadrons bitter division is set fire to outlast the international mission whose job it has been to monitor it ari force at al-jazeera hebron. five people have been arrested in connection with friday's dam collapse in southeast brazil eighty four people are confirmed dead nearly three hundred are still missing three of those detained who
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work for the mining companies owners the other two engineers who worked on the dams safety. a long time adviser and confidant of u.s. president donald trump has appeared in court in washington d.c. roger stone pleaded not guilty on tuesday to several charges as part of the investigation into possible collusion between russia and trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign so it is the sixth campaign associates to be indicted by a special counsel robert miller's team. a man from honduras has become the first asylum seeker to be sent back to mexico under new measures in force by the u.s. government so-called remain in mexico policy requires some asylum seekers to return to mexico instead of waiting in the united states while their cases play out in court security has been stepped up across kenya since al shabaab gunmen attacked a nairobi hotel complex this month killing twenty one people the crackdown is just life for people living near one of the armed groups hideouts close to the border
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with somalia as mohammed now reports. setting off on our tiring journey travel in kenya region say this person just is becoming more hectic by the day. this bus is heading to the city of mumbai from island and processed through bony forest a hideout for al shabab fighters. military and police checkpoints top the road and due to the frequent stops and such as what was a four hour journey takes a grueling and i was doesn't want to go when i when i got it was the criminals the security forces are looking for are in their hideouts and not in the buses where passage is being forced to get off the buses with their luggage seven to eight times in a trip people are suffering. straddling the indian ocean and kenya's border with somalia boni is effectively a military zone. kenya's
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defense forces were deployed four years ago to clear the gunman's forest i doubt we will stop several times at military checkpoints. for years up to the military operation began gunmen continue to terrorize kenyans in and around boni forest thousands have been displaced from the villages most live in comes for the displaced like this one. for. children was killed in an attack on a live village a few months ago. my children were slaughtered like chicken at night those who attacked us also burnt the houses in the village the security forces brought us here in the morning these people have no access to some of the most basic of services no running water no access for the government's case the
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pottle warning forest where the villages has been cleared. and it's time for them to the time home that if you here are willing to obey. john kerry says says the attacks in his village remain vivid in his mind but no vehicle of these numbers you can be attacking allele caused widespread fear anyone who witnessed the brutal killings will not think of returning there. this growing frustration over what some say is that ability of the military and police to stop the every armed gunman roaming the expansive forest but the security forces say the forest is vast and difficult to navigate they say to attack them time to completely clear it of al shabaab fighters how would i do well just born in forest. against all odds cuts have reached the final of the asian cup for the first time they beat the hosts united arab emirates four nil in a ten semifinal view iand three other countries a blockade of cotton since june two thousand and seventeen but who will now face
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four times champions japan on friday so how moloch has this from them it was dubbed the blockade dobbin qatar taking on asian cup hosts the u.a.e. which one of the four arab nations imposing a blockade on them since two thousand and seventeen but despite the political tension there was plenty of goodwill on show before kick off to the thought that he could once the action started though it didn't take long for things to heat up that . the will do it a little so we were told the qatar despite playing in the stadium with little support would be the ones to go ahead. while in kuki gave them to leave just twenty two minutes in but it got better for the qataris before the break. to their standout player of the tournament early making it to nil with his eighth goal of the campaign thirty seven the home crowd however didn't take what they were seeing very well bottles and shoes were among
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the things targeting the qatari team from the stands had a scan of days after the break the referee's patience was really tested as on field tensions continue to grow as kurdish. pm iraqis tried their best to get back into the game but had little success. and on eighteen minutes they were finally put out of their misery hasa melhor deuce making it the renal it. was. the scoreline going out of the tournament and the disappointment of their founds all seem to be getting too much for the u.a.e. players if my lad meant taking out his frustration with an elbow in injury time it was scored by v.a.r. . and meant he had to be sent off to qatar we're not finished though ha made a smile making it. for nearly to see arguably the biggest win in the history of qatari football this year. the family they now move on to friday final against japan when we see them staged the first world cup in the middle east in
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twenty twenty two as asian champions so held mali al-jazeera. i was watching that much from the fans in doha. well the feeling here is of jubilation and proud moments for the locals and all the ex-pats that have been watching this game it was a very exciting game for them to watch they said that they felt very proud of the outcome of today's game was actually more important for the fans here and then the final coming up on friday qatar went on to beat the u.a.e. for nothing it was one of the most important games they will ever play now many people i spoke to here said that it's just so much. about this case for them given that. the region that qatar finds itself in many fans here said they can't wait to see how their team does on friday but regardless of that outcome it is a very proud day for qatari fans.
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so this is a zero and these are the headlines that the british parliament has authorized prime minister trees are made to go back to brussels to try to secure a better deal but m.p.'s also voted to reject a new deal breaks that something may was unwilling that's ruled out. venezuela's supremes court has barred self declared interim president john gardner from leaving the country and has frozen his assets this comes a day off to the u.s. imposed sanctions on the state oil giant to drive president because i'm a doer of. the coercive and economic blocking measures announced by foreign countries not only the economy of the nation but also. of foreigners living in this nation because of that there's a serious and there's particularly lead and organize all this action that is causing venezuela's detriment. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is in his data trying to preserve
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a fragile ceasefire gryphus met with coalition delegations and urged both sides to withdraw from the strategic city the head of u.s. intelligence says north korea is unlikely to give up all its nuclear weapons odds with president told trump he's planning a second summit with north korean leader kim jong. il people have been killed and four others injured in a grenade attack on a mosque in the southern philippines mindanao region. sudan security chief has ordered the release of people detained during government demonstrations but that failed to protest calling for the end to the thirty year rule of president bashir dozens have died in clashes with police since demonstrations began. five people have been arrested in connection with friday's dam collapse at a mine in southeast brazil eighty four people are confirmed dead nearly three hundred are still missing. those are the headlines we've got more news coming up.
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right after listening post. the world's largest oil company fails to become public tap and. the kingdom of the company inseparable here the world's largest oil. al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab. the company and the state on al-jazeera. from the arab spring and. now. of the most of you and other tens of thousands of. cars. in the city that become a. priest said the country. hello i'm richard gere's berlin you're at the listening
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post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week egypt on january twenty fifth the anniversary of the arab spring most famous day we examine what's left of journalism there and look at some of the talk show hosts who safeguard the cult of personality that surrounds president. and nicaraguan journalist flees the country was he trying to avoid the same fate his father faced in the one nine hundred seventy s. plus the israeli military gives its neighbors a lesson in geography the twitter sphere then escalates it to an all out mean war. it's been eight years since the fall of hosni mubarak and the uprising that briefly liberated egyptians and their media from life under one man rule fast forward to the present day and president. government is doubling down tripling down on controlling the news media measures that rights groups say are unprecedented in the country's recent history hundreds of websites blocked more than thirty journalists
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imprisoned new laws allow for the monitoring censoring and jailing of journalists and citizens as well as targeting online outlets where they are most vulnerable their bottom lines the media rights group reporters without borders warns that egypt's few remaining independent media face probable extinction or exile with the margins of acceptable speech narrower than ever and journalists expected to demonstrate complete loyalty to the state discerning truth in egypt from propaganda gets more difficult by the day or a starting point this week is the heart lacked of the revolutions that came to be known as the arab spring cairo. abdel fattah el-sisi did not wait to get into the president's office before taking issue with the egyptian news media that. this video leaked to a website called rust whose logo remains front and center was recorded in two
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thousand and thirteen. with. sisi was the head of the armed forces appointed by president mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood leader he would later deposed and imprisoned he was meeting with his officers discussing how to deal with journalists empowered by the rule the media had played in the arab spring the fall of mubarak. off camera when he responds to this officer but you get the message. i don't. have a lot of what he was talking in that video has become true that was not. fulfilling prophecy that has allowed anyone to actually control the media as much as possible to get. that. respect. and.
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actually for that ok. to take. a. nice little. for the first time ever in egypt's history those military leaders who are almost immune against any kind of accountability or media criticism found themselves being described in gyptian media and social media as lie or deceiver or oppressors and the definitely didn't like that presidency she said and that is that the revolution have begun to dismantle the sas calls the media and we need to return to a moment where we control the media so he says this is going to take a very large statewide effort because once we control the media and returned the cycle of fear in society then we can have all to make control you know when
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a government wants to transform a media landscape the place to start is if the ownership lever on t.v. is a channel that used to air lively political debates like many other outlets with the new owners it now toes the government line in two thousand and sixteen the state intelligence agency the g.i.'s launched its own channel d.m.c. t.v. then last year the g.i.'s was revealed to be behind an investment group called eagle capital that has bought six newspapers and websites including the site seven as well as on. t.v. it's like the cia is starting its own channel in the us walk quietly buying c.n.n. and buzz feed and hoping that no one would notice the ownership of by the intelligence. agencies changed that it's already a line in some of these private companies by actually either making it completely entertainment and just like movies and sports and such or are advocating for
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a very pro state nationalistic protective kind of discourse security discourse base it will be a hell of a lot well as it can live what the hell are they are you have a look at what you're telling what it had been say bob you watch a channel or a website and you say oh which intelligence agency is behind that almost obligate gyptian government through its numerous security agencies has established private companies buying and controlling various mass media establishment egyptians no longer trust their mass media godless of their private. you have officers the instruction of the news of the tires on what the next day's headlines are all national and private newspapers are practically an identical it has become a laughing stock of the not so hopeful. that the god. the legal landscape is changing too late last year egypt's media regulator the s.m.r.
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see proposed a new law that would allow the state to block broadcasts and websites for breaking rules that were so ambiguously word that hundreds of journalists politicians and public figures petitioned for the abolition of a law that had yet to pass among the laws that have a so-called cyber security law that under the pretext of stopping fake news with strict online journalism and encourages service providers to collect and share data on users and there's a new registration law requiring online news site. it's to pay thousands of dollars just to apply for a license if inforced it could put many sites out of business and discourage others from ever starting up. the last remaining pays for free speech and for some professional journalism was the internet and they are trying everything they can to curdle this remaining space so they started with blocking these websites we have
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seen today find no provisions such as lengthy prison sentences. which means. working these websites would have to observe so many precocious and red lines if cyberspace was the last vestige of political activity then the state will regulate that as well just so that the intelligence apparatus has started to buy media outlets they have nastar infiltrating things like facebook and messenger and whatsapp and if for example you forward messages on whatsapp to several individuals what you get is this dissemination of false information charged under the terrorism law and so this chilling of society and of activism has now entered this realm of cyberspace where people cannot even report on reality. it's not as though the c.c. government needs laws to jail journalists al-jazeera as mahmoud hussein is one of
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dozens of reporters currently behind bars accused of disseminating false news to defame the state's reputation he's been imprisoned for more than two years solitary confinement but has never been charged that's against egyptian law and it's typical . of. these pretrial imprisonment as a means of technically not having any political prisoner a court case is set up you get sent to prison based on that court that pretrial detention lasts four years without a trial ever taking place some gets really. some don't it's all part of a grand illusion manufactured by the regime but there are secret political currents working on toppling the regime and providing support for terrorist. presidency c. has grown accustomed to the journalistic red lines he has laid down with the egyptian media.
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has managed. and foreign news organizations reporting from inside the country are also feeling the heat as are egyptians who speak to them ten months ago this woman told the b.b.c. her daughter had been forcibly disappeared she's been jailed accused of belonging to a terrorist group a reporter for the times of london was deported last year another journalist from france was denied entry cases that have not gone unnoticed by other correspondents based in part. they are trying different approaches. with foreign journalists if you criticize the government wouldn't give you the license to work in the country or suddenly. and we've been asked to leave. all the all live in continuous state of intimidation and exile are not able to do
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that work for the state is now creating a new strategy to deal with the correspondents in egypt where if they get something wrong it's like ok you got that wrong time corresponding to that wrong then sometimes they push for credentials and so i think they are being more proactive in pushing for a certain narrative statist narrative about what's going on in. the member the revolution the fear and access. barrier and people had no problem coming into squares and writing. i'm blogging and tweeting and saying what was happening. president stephen was very weary of the small meant of how can we consolidate power in a way where we can return the institutions controlled under the state and remove the independence that media has had for twenty years and that's exactly what we've seen .
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we'll have more on egypt in the second half of the show right now though we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers not celebes are marcella the elections in israel are coming up in three months time and it would appear that prime minister netanyahu is look who had party wants to make media coverage an election issue what kind of signs are we seeing modest signs billboards as well as online campaigns here's a billboard that's near his party put up and tell of eve it says for leading israeli journalists and that hebrew slogan reads they will not decide the reporters from different outlets print and broadcast how does the t.v. news channel thirteen and the newspaper mary they've all been covering the corruption investigations against netanyahu including allegations of bribery fraud and breach of trust now those cases have been going on for a while now and on some of them involve other israeli media outlets yeah they do
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one involves a newspaper are not netanyahu is accused of offering to change some of his government's media policies and the owners favor in exchange for positive news coverage and the other case involves an israeli telecoms for. netanyahu is alleged to have intervened with regulators on behalf again in return for glowing coverage on one of its news sites. netanyahu denies any wrongdoing in the cases he says the attorney general indicting him is colluding with the left and of course the media we don't see much of nicaragua in international news feeds however president daniel ortega his government is facing political unrest there how was that affected journalists trying to cover this story well it's getting harder for them to reporter many of had to flee the country the latest to go into exile is one of nicaragua's best known journalists got lost fernando tamora is the editor of an independent website of convenience and hosts a number of t.v.
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. last month his news room was raided by police jamal said he and many other journalists have been facing extreme threats and there's a historical irony to this story tomorrow's father was also an outspoken journalist in the one nine hundred seventy s. assassinated for his work during the summers the dictatorship so when i was toppled in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine in a revolution led by the new no data and the left wing sundanese the rebels forty years later i want to jr is holed up in costa rica on the run he says from the other day our government ok thanks myself. back to egypt now and the talking heads egyptians call emperors every night millions tune into televised talk shows that focus more on politics than entertainment the hosts of the programs lecture or pie argue rant sometimes even cry their way through hours of air time talk show hosts form a key filter through which egyptians have come to view their politics and they have
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an outsized influence on the masses under. c.c. talk show hosts are expected to legitimize his presidency and vilify his critics when they do not they have a habit of disappearing from the airwaves just like that television may be dwindling in importance in many countries but in egypt where literacy rates are low it remains the medium of the masses and few institutions are more influential than the evening talk shows or listening posts tarik now for now in the highly politicized world of t.v. talk shows in each. to say that talk shows or of the most important phenomenon in the way that government communicates with the public will be an undersea one time are used under my baby shot if you can already see many even most of you it's consistent it's entertaining. you get the feeling as you're sitting at
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a cafe with them. and don't mistake it for a moment this is not about bringing information to the people this is about bringing the government into your home.


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