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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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supportive of dialogue he's sending official letters to them so that they can support this in a format that they want when they want. and where they wants he has also said that there should be no new presidential votes that the presidential election that took place less than a year ago were legitimate they legitimately elected him as the leader we don't need to revisit that he said he also said that he would be open to new elections for the national assembly now remember that as one who is the head of the national assembly so that could be an attempt to basically deny or inquire the leader of the opposition illegitimacy that he has in his position he was asked whether there were russian mercenaries protecting him he wouldn't be drawn on that and said look i can't say i have no comments on this topic he only went as far as to say that he was well guarded and he say suggest that he needs to be well guarded because he believes that donald trump and the colombian government and the colombian maffia
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have tried to kill him really just very briefly i mean as various countries try to rally around madeira how is russia then trying to play this situation. well it has numerous interests in venezuela sees me as an ally it sees him as someone that supports the kind of anti western stance that russia has the moment it also has invested heavily financially in venezuela and understandably wants to see how his assets and interests protected so what is it doing well basically it's trying to hold mature roseline for the moment there is a sense here that if they can get. international mediation that they would be part of the russians could pap's been this process out and if they can spin out then they can pass the moment of crisis from the dura get this whole thing bogged down
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in. forums and seminars and legally in negotiations and that sort of thing could go on for months if not years in if that is the case then they will have stopped the precipitous slide of the venezuelan leadership someone taking over perhaps does not have russian interests in mind they will have protected the assets the they have in venezuela and their interests their financial commitments etc but at the moment there is also an awareness in russia that particular months russian companies that their money that they have plowed into ben is why it is certainly still at risk and they don't really want to plow anymore and so we heard today from lukowich as a russian oil company that they are freezing their contracts with venezuela as well today lori thank you. meanwhile venezuela's supreme court has banned the interim president from leaving the country code has also frozen assets. reports from
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neighboring colombia. it took the government less than twenty four hours to attempt to strike back against the latest round of sanctions the country's attorney general announced that the leader of the opposition and self-proclaimed interim president will be banned from leaving the country and his bank accounts will be frozen. we have opened a preliminary investigation we have come to the supreme court to request cautionary measures cautionary measures as we carry out the investigation against the citizen a travel ban to avoid his departure from the country and to the. property and real estate three the freezing of accounts. shrugged off the announcement as more of the same. i'm not downplaying the threat of being imprisoned i don't want you to see it that way but frankly i see nothing new under the sun unfortunately this is a regime that offers no answers to the venezuelan people the only response is
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persecution and repression. the freezing of those accounts appears to be an effort to complicate a u.s. plan to direct oil revenues to the opposition as they try to win support from military officials still loyal to president nicolas maduro more than twenty countries are now recognized as being this way as legitimate leader yet my daughter still has some international support mainly from china and russia who once again said that the u.s. sanctions are illegal. what the united states and their closest allies are doing with regards to finish is of course very worrying crudely violating all norms of international law and essentially taking a direct course at legal authority in this latin american nation. over more than a week demonstrators have been taking to the streets protesting the dire economic situation and demanding president might do it or steps down. the plane were met
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with force and the threat of imprisonment so in total i think we have some just over forty people are believed to being killed in different manners so far this includes at least twenty six people reported to have died after allegedly being shot by security forces or members of pro-government armed groups this by the violence the opposition is calling for another massive demonstration wednesday and another one on saturday has been a power struggle continues with no end in sight both inside and outside of the country alison. at least twenty eight people have been killed when two boats capsized off djibouti the boats are killing at least one hundred thirty migrants and refugees when they took over shortly after departing many of them are still missing thousands of migrants from east africa often attempt to cross the red sea
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to find work in gulf countries. the saudi you know you coalition in yemen says it will release seven who the prisoners after the who these released a saudi prisoner on tuesday the international committee of the red cross facilitate the transfer of the prisoners back to riyadh he's suffering from advanced hepatitis c. the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffiths says he wants to make prisoner swaps more common to preserve a shaky cease fire. official break here not just zero one when we come back a boss of chinese tech john hawaii's back in puerto she fights against extradition to the u.s. . went to create division in southern philippines could be having the opposite effect on that stay with us. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we're here across
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parts of western europe we have been watching one weather system coming in from the atlantic bring some very windy conditions across the region i want to show you what it did look like here in paris where they did see some snow with this what winter system we had some rain along the coast we had some gusty winds as well but here in paris it was the snow from tuesday to tuesday night blanketing the city of course was quite nice but it did cause some problems along the streets and on the roads there we are going to seeing that snow continue to make its way over here towards the east of the next few days here's their low pressure it's going to hit of course the alps so we are going to see some extended areas of snow anywhere across the north and then down here across the south and parts of italy though it is going to be rain and also across parts of greece and into turkey we are still looking it's a very heavy rain across much of that area up here towards the north though berlin not looking too bad for you with a high temperature few just above freezing at three degrees there well across into the coast of africa we are looking says clouds as well as some windy conditions as well here across parts of algeria tunisia we are going to be seeing some more windy
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conditions maybe some rain in your forecast algiers a high temperature few of about fifteen degrees tunis at thirteen and cairo it is going to be a partly cloudy day few with a temperature of about twenty degrees there. that was sponsored by katherine. went on line. to the leadership for them not to do this or if you join us on a saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion based is a dialogue talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from just your boss or your twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation amount is iraq.
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at the top stories here on al-jazeera the british parliament has given to reason may the go ahead to return to brussels and renegotiate a break that deal with the e.u. has ruled out any significant changes to the agreement. venezuela's president nicolas maduro says he's ready to talk to opposition rival one has declared himself interim leader the jury made the offer during an interview with a russian news agency. and the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen says it will release seven movie prisoners after the who has released a saudi prisoner on tuesday he was transferred back to riyadh where he'll be treated for advanced at the titus c. . china's vice premier league who he is in washington for trade talks with a trumpet ministration they're trying to resolve the dispute but seen the two countries impose trade tariffs on each other relations soured further on monday
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when u.s. prosecutors filed new criminal charges against chinese tech companies and its chief financial officer. joe has appeared in court in the canadian city of vancouver where she's been under house arrest since last month the u.s. is seeking a resolution for allegedly violating sanctions on iran as well as accusations of theft fraud and conspiracy well our economics editor abdallah joins me live now in the studio i would say how much is the arrest of his financial boss become hugely problematic for any speedy resolution of the trade war between the u.s. and china it's rather interesting because steve minish in the treasury u.s. treasury secretary has come out and said listen we can separate these two issues there's death there's different tracks for these two issues to be resolved through and they're more concerned and saw the chinese we the trade dispute between the two nations and the rather resolve that because it's having a huge impact on both economies there's been blowback for the. for the
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u.s. economy big names like paul. harley davidson and. and caterpillar have all come out and said to various degrees this is having an impact on our business that we really need to do something to resolve this issue and we've seen in china for instance that the economy has slowed to a pace of six point six percent that's the slowest growth they've seen in twenty eight years so both sides a very keen to resolve this issue and it's gone as far as trump has actually said himself you know he will intervene in this process in the way issue if it means that he can get a trade deal between the between the two countries so just talk us through what the u.s. is really worried about how are we what's what's the beef here right so basically what the u.s. is adamant about hawaii is an arm of the chinese state and that it's using its
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equipment to spy on an oist noyce and. the criminal indictment basically said that. no way was using hadn't told its banks that they were transferring money and using them to operate in in iran so that was their particular issue but there's a wider implication here because the the washington now and i mean that in a more broader sense because we want to include silicon valley as well as by agencies all of them believes that by letting china and it gets technical at the technological advancements that they will surpass the u.s. at some point they want to slow that pace down so that basically the whole way and the and the other of the tech companies don't overtake and don't become the gatekeepers to technology the next round knology the next developments of very crucial because these five g. technology which all of us will be using not only now phones but you know to. to
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communicate and you know other. technologies like that now you might remember that there was an other company called said t e which was a chinese company small technology company it was accused of the same things as a way was and they cut a deal in the end where basically they were fined and they were limited to the amount of technology that they could buy from us to u.s. companies and hopefully they'll be a similar kind of deal here as well without everybody have been having to be dragged through the courts or we have to leave it there but thank you very much indeed for your time thanks now online for occasional company has been accused of supporting human rights violations against palestinians amnesty international says israeli listings of homes and churches is directly contributing to the expansion of illegal settlements or bad money explains. on the c international is accusing some of the world's best known hotel booking travel companies of supporting illegal
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settlement expansion in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem it says air b.n. b. booking dot com expedient and trip advisor a few link human rights violations against palestinians by listing hotels and activities in israeli settlements air b.n. b. had three hundred listings trip advisor seventy booking dot com forty five and expedient nine after an investigation by al jazeera and human rights watch in november at the m.b. said it would remove the listings in settlements in the occupied west bank but not occupied east jerusalem and the sea says many listings aren't honest about where the hotels are such as one who tell in the far enemy incessant booking dot com says it's twenty five kilometers from the dead sea with panoramic views of the youth who deserts but the website doesn't say it's in an illegal israeli settlement where the bedroom village of qana is less than two kilometers away israel's supreme court
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gave the green light for the eviction of all villages in september israel has offered them two places to move to one beside a former rubbish dump near abu dis and the other an old sewage plant near jericho well armed see international says it's time for these companies to stand up for human rights by withdrawing all of their listings in illegal settlements. is co-author of that report for amnesty he says the websites have a responsibility to withdraw their listings. we think of these tourism companies as as fairly innocuous fairly harmless tourism itself to be a fairly harmless activity but you know we have seen how a wide range of companies international companies doing business with these illegal settlements of have boosted them have help sustain them and help their expansion and this includes these tourism companies there's
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a growing tourism industry in the israeli settlements both israeli and foreign tourists and these companies are helping to drive this tourism and therefore helping to sustain what is an illegal situation under international law not only is this an illegal situation but also these companies are contributing to the human rights violations that these settlements are the root cause of and these companies have responsibilities which have been articulated by the the un guiding principles on business and human rights not to contribute or cause human rights violations and that's why we're saying that these companies these well known companies trip advisor booking dot com expedia and air b.n. b. should withdraw from these settlements. at least two people have been killed and four injured in a grenade attack on a mosque in the southern philippines region of mindanao it happened in the city of zamboanga the area's home to a substantial muslim population in the largely largely catholic country. well the
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time follows a bombing at a cathedral on the southern philippines in the whole president or the tatar as all what he calls an all out war against those responsible but despite the violence muslim and christian leaders say they remain united from hollow john allen doesn't reports. roadside bombings abductions and people displaced from their homes it's part of daily life. it is one of the poorest provinces in the philippines and has long been held back by fighting between government forces and the various armed groups bravery is says growing up in this whole town always meant living in fear but as a christian you know where the majority of the population is muslim he always kept his feet until now his spare it's roomy and leo were killed when two bombs exploded
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at the cathedral where they had gone to pre. a place of worship now was seen and destruction we strongly believe the. whatever religion you're in specially if you're living in a law people living in the law knows what kind of bond and friendship we have between christians muslims. dangerous people we don't discriminate regardless of the religion this claim of responsibility the government says the group was behind the bombings. that's really said to me they keep inserting the. way the cathedral and the number since we have never been the by the christians and muslims it is shocking what they saw it was the strongest bomb we've ever seen. the philippine military says the attacks are designed to cause deep splits between the different religions in one nine hundred ninety seven
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a bishop was shot right here in front of the got the zero he was assassinated by gunmen back then communities promised never to let this happen again well what happened last sunday is proof that communities failed to protect the cathedral and that the vicious cycle of violence continues here after the cleanup and the funerals from bombings like this there is an expectation that life can slowly return to normal but he read along the most militarized place in the philippines it's a case of a short period of relative calm. a respite from the violence. until .


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