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not just because of the section but because. their capacity so that they could even produce more. you know they have to find that infrastructure is just not there u.s. immigration officials all falls feeding detainees on hunger strike in protest against conditions at a texas detention center immigration and customs enforcement known as i say eleven detainees at the el paso processing center have been refusing food some for balls in the moment a report by the associated press has phoned up to thirty people striking most all from cuba and india in mid january the u.s. judge authorize the force feeding of sixty trainees being treated and fed through a plastic liezel tube the immigrants say they're protesting to it's verbal abuse and threats of deportation from guards they're also upset about lengthy lock ups while awaiting legal proceedings for longer as a senior research for human rights for she says force feeding can be regarded as an
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act of torture it's so invasive and so painful that human rights watch has agreed with medical experts that force feeding someone who's competent to decide it it to understand what the impact of not eating is reaches the level of cruel inhuman and degrading treatment under human rights law on it and it can also be torture we found that you know there are a troubling number of deaths in u.s. immigration detention this is a system holding now record numbers of people forty eight thousand people as of this month more than ever before that's forty eight thousand at a time but it leaves that adds up to at least a half a million a year and it's a system in which we've seen dozens of deaths and in fact we found in a report we published last year that a large number of those deaths are linked to the neglect particularly medical neglect not responding to people's needs and not providing adequate care. dramatic new video has been released showing the moment and last week in southeastern brazil
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at least one hundred fifteen people died in the disaster and hundreds are still missing victoria gate and he has more from the moment of the day. nothing could stop this wall of sludge and mont on the right of the picture employees can be seen driving around the mining complex in brazil seconds later their vehicles a swallowed up by tons of iron ore waste. parts of the nearby town of brahma genia were also engulfed a week home from the disaster brazilians paid homage to the victims rescuers post the search for survivors as ten helicopters hovered about the accident site releasing flower petals just as was a squirrel all the flowers that were released or donated by people to smore ning as a way to show their affection and respect for the victims. mining is the area's main employer amidst the grief and the recriminations many
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a worried about the future i go out of the image of a guy right now from a genial will fall there will be unemployment the majority of people work in mining so the town will go down like i did my residence anger is mainly directed at the mine owners they all the same pattern is of a nearby mine where a dam burst in twenty fifteen killing one thousand people and causing immense environmental damage the wave of mud is now moving towards a major river there are fears it could contaminate water supplies victoria gate and be al jazeera well still ahead here on al-jazeera will tell you what's behind the rise of the economic freedom fighters in south africa the populist party prepares to launch his manifesto for the coming elections and counting celebrates football history the asian cup becomes the first major trophy for the twenty twenty two world cup hosts.
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hello again or welcome back we're here cross north america we're following sing a break from the polar vortex it's beginning to recede states and into canada but what we are still seeing is some cooler water down here across parts of florida i want to show you some video that has commence from st petersburg these are dozens of manatees and what they're doing is they're actually staying in the warm water just off this power plant and they really need waters anywhere between twenty degrees and higher anything lower than that could be detrimental to the manatees well we are going to see some rain showers down here across parts of florida over the next few days and we're also going to be seeing some very heavy rain out here towards parts of california a new storm system is making its way in from the pacific that's going to be some very heavy rain all the way down towards los angeles as well as some higher elevation snow and that is going to continue and move east as we go towards sunday
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all the way up towards calgary where we are going to see some colder air coming in to you as well minus twenty three is going to be your high well across parts of the caribbean we are going to see some better weather for the south but up here to the north it is going to be rain across much of the bahamas now so twenty six degrees here on saturday a little bit better by the time we go towards sunday but a beautiful day across suns domingo with a temperature twenty nine degrees and also some rain in panama city with a temperature of thirty two degrees for you. tortured entertained in their homeland chinese breeders are free but is there a safe place to go why don't you suppose they're perilous journey to an uncertain future. run out is there. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of films that matter to. al-jazeera. talk about they're watching all deservedly so whole robin a reminder of our top stories the united states is withdrawing from one of its main nuclear weapons agreements with russia saying the nineteen eighty seven intermediate range nuclear forces treaty has been consistently violated also the taliban says u.s. president donald trump appears to be serious about taking his troops out of afghanistan it also wants to establish an islamic system and any peace deal. also as well as one has rejected
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a mexican in europe wine proposal to mediate between him and president nicolas maduro the opposition leader who's declared himself interim president is backed by several western and latin american countries. senior figures in turkey's ruling party the un special rapporteur all executions who's looking into the murder of sandy journalist jamal khashoggi they say agnus shares their frustrations and fears that everyone suspected of involvement won't be brought to justice saudi arabia insists its rulers had no knowledge of the killing inside its consular office in istanbul last october. the united nations delegation has shown that their objective is to convey the facts and deliver true evidence in case to the whole world they have listened to my testimony as a friend of jamal khashoggi we have no hope of reaching justice as long as the first suspect saudi crown prince mohammed bin is in full control of all aspects of
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governance including the judiciary the united nations investigation team has the same suspicions and are trying to reach the truth objectively and therefore they are seeking help from turkey. the south african opposition party the economic freedom fighters is launching its manifesto ahead of elections later in the year basis polls show that support for the populist group redistribution agenda is growing is the climb to third in the popularity stakes for me the miller has more johannesburg i believe south africans may argue about the strength of opposition party the economic freedom fighters the party won six percent of the vote in the last general election in twenty fourteen having been formed just a year earlier perhaps in significant when compared to the sixty two percent majority support of the ruling party the african national congress but surveys suggest the e.f. if as it's known here has grown by up to thirteen percent since then we are the only growing political organization in south africa quantity in terms of quantity
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will be in the majority in parliament we have been leading in terms of key to begin to issues on land on fluid can sheen on the discourse on corruption on jobs on the basically ever think all major political events have got to happen in south africa have been that in mind by the infant was since it establishment it's become arguably the most vocal party in south africa's political landscape can you please look organize our. journalists are they still be you repeatedly disrupting parliamentary proceedings much of its anger directed against former president jacob zuma who's accused of corruption and leading numerous protests against unemployment we're not going to be intimidated inequality racism and other social issues. while the e.f. five certainly has its appeal specially amongst young south africans the party's
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had a tumultuous relationship with the media its leader julius malema has on several occasions threatened to deal with journalists who leases serve the interest of so-called white. an awfully capital is accuse the media of protecting senior politicians including presidents the ramapo some. while the year fair has promised to tackle corruption it's based its own scandals malema was charged with fraud and racketeering in twenty fourteen related to government contracts and recently the party was linked to the alleged looting of the v.p. s. bank when millions of dollars were reportedly transferred to the brother of the deputy president of the fifth party and both men have denied any involvement how do you justify the growing what do they have to offer and stop the what are they promising i believe that the bible is the role in south african politics that you don't really have to invent anything you don't have to come up with. out so
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innovative ideas about what you're going to do in government in order for people to look your direction and forward sometimes just taking an anti establishment position it's enough in a country that has an unemployment rate of more than twenty six percent mostly made up of the young yes there has promised to create jobs and provide free education for all but it's been criticised for a lack of detail on how it will do this or al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. in libya at least for forces loyal to a warlord khalifa haftar have been killed during hostilities in the cells fighting brokered with another group in the tone of good war after the libyan national army is seeking to expand its control in the south its main stronghold in benghazi in the east the world health organization says the campaign which began to weeks ago has left fourteen dead and injured dozens. israeli forces have opened fire on palestinian protesters in garza injuring at least thirty to hundreds gathered for
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the weekly demonstrations near the border fence east of the gaza strip the rallies began almost a year ago to pressure israel to allow palestinian refugees to return to their former homes now inside israel the u.n. envoy to the middle east and then the gyptian delegation are meeting hamas representatives in garza to find ways to stop the violence. the new. president to there to meet to bring to the united nations egypt and the movement the leadership here to this indicates two things the first one is the palestinian national project in its integrity and the palestinian question in its political dimension as well as the situation in gaza and the march of return to break the blockade that general national guards of the west bank and jerusalem and all of this is now a t. junction at a very critical and precise stage. u.s. senator conley cory booker of new jersey has become the latest democrat to enter the race for the party's twenty twenty presidential nomination the forty nine year
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old has been a vocal critic of president donald trump he joins a crowded field of democratic candidates with eight others officially in the running booker is the second african-american to join the race after kemal harris. another prominent democratic contender senator elizabeth warren has apologized over a d.n.a. test she's done to prove her ties to a native american tribe she has been criticized for claiming some of her ancestors were from the cherokee nation president trump has repeatedly told over the issue calling her pocahontas on twitter thailand's government is being accused of not taking bangkok's pollution problem seriously as the city chokes on a worsening haze that shut schools for two days just this week officials are experimenting with unusual solutions as way and he reports. face masks have become a necessary fashion accessory in bangkok the thai capital and its people a choking under heavy air pollution oh no this makes me gravely concerned about my
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health every time i'm outside i feel i shouldn't breathe air at all i hope the situation won't last long. i think the government should have better measures like car free days that would help reduce pollution closing the schools helps and offering discounts on public transport would also schools were ordered to close for two days but some here say the government's response has been slow and at times bizarre it spied water into the air and launched drones to spray water from the air i think your finger on combating polluting any of it with strength. from many respect the. it back is a p.r. stunt the government has defended its actions but doesn't seem to have a long term plan to fix the problem the bangkok administration has called for help from experts there are many causes of the pollution which is made worse at this
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time of year because of the still dry weather conditions farmers burn off their fields their respect and of course bangkok's notorious traffic the city has a fleet of old diesel buses that emit smoke and fumes more rigorous testing of emissions has begun and the prime minister has even floated the idea of ordering diesel vehicles off the roads it's become a sensitive issue a thirty seven year old blogger was arrested and charged with violating the computer crimes act for writing that a woman had died because of the pollution the police say it was false and he could be jailed for up to five years wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. it's confirmed australia is having a record of a summer january was its hottest month since records began in one nine hundred ten the average temperature exceeded thirty degrees celsius the bureau of meteorology says the heat waves contributed to a summer of extremes of the wildfires in the drought stricken south and flooding in the tropical warmth of the country.
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the footballing world by winning the asian cup for the first time they featured pumphrey wall in the final. couple remarkable tall and. this was the moment the nation's dream became a reality. i tars national football team played their seventh and final match in the tournament beating the four time asian cup champions japan three to one. and they did it without a single qatari fan in the stadiums because all the matches were played in abu dhabi. since june of two thousand and seventeen saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the u.a.e. have imposed a land air and sea blockade on qatar accusing of sponsoring terrorist groups a charge qatar has denied. since then travel to those countries has also been
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restricted. the spike the politics surrounding this asian cup games qatar fans are simply proud. it's a great feeling thank goodness we got here after a lot of hard work and perseverance. i can't describe my feeling today i feel as happy as any arab especially when my country achieved something like this it was a great game too and to beat such a great team like japan makes it an even bigger achievement it's a win for the amir the amir father and everyone who lives in qatar and every era every one without discriminating between them. it was a great game a very exciting game and thank god that the qatari team won i want to thank our boys what they've achieved from the start of the tournaments to the end. once the trophies were handed out in abu dhabi the real celebrations began in doha. the new champions are expected to return home on saturday where they will receive
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a royal welcome. as these asian games. to an end qatar's national football team has proved that they are ready for the biggest football tournament there is the world cup and twenty twenty two which will be held in qatar as the final whistle was blown in qatar became the champions of the seventeen asian cup games fans put onto the streets to celebrate their country's was sure win this fight the underdogs in the tournament certainly the celebrations will continue well into the night here in doha dosage of bari al jazeera. and it's a surprise that the qatar victory in abu dhabi of asian cup is the top story on our website at al-jazeera dot com. your child is there with me said remind her of all top stories the united states is withdrawing from one of its main nuclear weapons agreements with russia saying the
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nine hundred eighty seven intermediate range nuclear forces treaty has been consistently violated we provided russian ample window of time to mend its ways and for russia to honor its commitment to bar that time runs out russia has refused to take any steps to return real and verifiable compliance over these sixty days the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the n f treaty effective february second we will provide russia and the other treaty parties with formal notice that the united states is withdrawing from the un after really effective in six months pursuant to article fifteen of the tree the taliban says u.s. president donald trump appears to be serious about pulling its troops out of afghanistan it says a for withdrawal is the first goal towards resolving the seventeen year conflict. also says it wants to establish an islamic system to any peace deal.
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but as well as opposition leader has rejected an offer from mexico and you're required to mediate talks with president nicolas maduro one who's declared himself into room president says the negotiations won't be neutral he's called his supporters back on the streets this weekend promising the biggest march in the country's history and for why because president laurent gbagbo has been released by the international criminal court two weeks after being acquitted of crimes against humanity back there has been accused of inciting a wave of violence following disputed elections in two thousand and ten. dramatic video has emerged showing the moment of a deadly damage collapse at a mine in brazil last week one hundred fifteen people are confirmed dead and almost two hundred fifty is still missing the disaster unleashed a wave of sludge and mud in the southeastern state of minnesota get us. u.s. senator cory booker of new jersey has become the latest democrat to enter the race for the party's twenty twenty presidential nomination the forty nine year old has
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been a vocal critic of president trump and he joins a crowded field of democratic candidates with eight others officially in the running those are the headlines about more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's one of the least. i make of it every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories to tell you they listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. in china's western border region of shing junk the government has launched a widespread crackdown on its muslim weaker population. an estimated one million readers have reportedly been forced into detention camps for so-called reeducation. the chinese government
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says it's to prevent religious extremism shinji i'm cool we will change you really good story i mean that i'm sure. what the shoe for. those who can are leaving the country but are finding china's growing international reach hard to escape. i'm steve on this episode a one on one east we followed the weavers fleeing repression and ask can we find a safe refuge. is stand by for centuries the turkish city was a key trading post along the ancient silk road running from china to europe. today it's the end point in the long journey for we escape in what they say is china's
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harsh rule we do well we are you and i am in turkey i feel thankful that i can see the sky because i haven't seen sunshine for a long time so for me sunshine is freedom. i have to worry is from the city of cashcard inching john it's there he devoted his life to teaching young children the weaker language. i love my language it's beautiful we're going to use my mother language it's more than one thousand five hundred years written history and her to literature. but add to well he says one day chinese authorities suddenly ban students from learning weaker and he was thrown in jail. and wanted to see if you are one of them now having fled to turkey or do well he is
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speaking out about china's secret detention centers where he says we are being beaten and tortured it haunts him to this day it's always on your mind. there's no escaping it no because our fall. our heart is still there importer we are presently here my body is here but my call still there. for years the chinese government denied the existence of these facilities but with satellite imagery we were able to locate where abdul while he was jailed over a period of fifteen months he says he was moved between these three centers in the city of the room. other muslims have also reported being held in these low key. other human rights groups secretly recorded footage inside this center. chinese
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officials say they are for voluntary job training but the individual cells with bars locks and surveillance cameras suggest something much different. experts say china has build more than a hundred to imprison we. do well he likens them to concentration. they are in fake gold officials in st what do you think there and goal is they want to. delete with or they want them. to believe chinese communist party as a god this is what hitler done poor israel people jewish people you just said that you see the chinese government acting like hitler do you believe that's true yeah it's true because you put more
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than one million in concentration camp what one can describe it. abdul well his account of his treatment within the walls of the facilities is horrific. prostate is very bad. the first thing they ask me to. look at my clothes. my clothes and they slit my step my but dick they have used me more than twenty chinese guy. used your. that any man can except. yourself he raped you. so i
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cannot. i can forget that i didn't tell anybody of tim until now i have talent. because i'm i feel shame in the morning three police asked me one day if you guys in power what you will what you will do to us. look i'm human be i'm the animal like you. what followed he says was more violence this time at the hands of inmates they put me in the cell with the drug addicts and with the killers. and they beat me. twenty four hours and where were the guards were. the guards. don't care. they want
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to. because. if you torture the law it means that you cooperate with them during the interrogation. abdu well he believes the rapes and beatings were orchestrated to force him into admitting he was a terrorist i am a scholar i am a writer and i have never thought about that i am not a terrorist i am not the separatist and what i confess. one east interviewed more than a dozen other former detainees all share similar stories of abuse. and do well he says even outside the facilities almost every aspect of daily life are we use is controlled. there are reports more than a million chinese officials have moved into weaker homes to monitor families up
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close. the authorities justify their actions saying violent riots in attacks by weaker separatists over the past decade have killed hundreds of people the government says they are trying to stamp out extremism extremism what kind of extremism for example my younger sister she is teaching job at the high school and . is he exchanges. do well he says several of his family members have been sent to detention centers as punishment because he fled china. the fate of his younger sister the geography teacher worries him most. we can all put together. two kids one this six year is not. going to know what top. the next day
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do while he takes us to meet another former detainee. who are going to see her and she is because like us and he's from kazakhstan and she recently came over here yeah earth two months ago. to well years documenting the abuse detainees say they suffered hoping the world will take note and hold china to account. most of us kate the camps are too fearful to talk worried china will target their families but global hard to lower is angry and wants to share her story. yes this is. how long were you held for. so. you counted every single day calamitous the numbers parklands on your plans on what
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a soccer mom but. we'll look at the bus stop. says she and other inmates faced constant humiliation. there is. the kim dejected arms the ship. took to the top of the ship. at night the cells brought more misery for become an image of the position of the me up and said them must have had to be low cut out of the atoms wonder what comes . of them all now then we want to get them to spend the times had was almost a little skit see tools the men the little in school and you may get your prize for some of the most of the mayor. says the police had no reason to arrest her she'd been visiting to buy clothes to take back and sell in classic star. she isn't
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even chinese but is a card like citizen something she says police changed on her records. i mean if i mean i'm the mom but you get that mean lucifer under normal a bit of pleasure i mean the wonder woman's cause of the bitter i mean a bit of it is this because there's some i mean problems from the past. what did they say to you when you told them that you are citizen. dr until sutton seemed to construct a bilodeau. must have that moment in his bed it was muslim rebels some business that's the kind of joseph campbell sosa jungle no women couldn't that's the number . during her time in detention. she was never charged with a crime and never appeared before court. instead she was subjected to terrifying
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interrogations that sometimes lasted twenty four hours and to michigan a. mission called. action the. police was appalled at some sort of could put up as a sort of. start in detention. last thirty kilograms and as constant nightmares mainly local didn't the men look. good doing it although the. china defends their training centers releasing this fifteen minute video on state television. we girls are shown eagerly learning chinese. getting job training.


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