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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the five thousand five hundred kilometers so russia has these options that are kind of quick to roll out on the cheap and can show the worlds that it is developing new technology thank you for that challenge is in moscow for us let's get the view now from washington christian salome is therefore as a christian the americans must have been expecting this reaction. well certainly critics have been warning that this was the likely outcome of the united states withdrew from the treaty it was not going to bring russia into compliance but rather force them to withdraw as well and the warning coming from these critics whether it's former secretary of state colin powell or the arms control association a nonproliferation group is that this could lead to a costly and dangerous missile competition between these two countries and the united states knew that was a risk they've been threatening to do this since last year and russia had moved to their satisfaction on the issue and even now with nato backing up the united states
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russia just seems to be digging in of course the president of russia vladimir putin says that they are in compliance and that the united states has been unwilling to negotiate so i don't think this is a big surprise for the united states but for the united states this is about more than just russia it's about china as well with u.s. intelligence officials warning that both countries are seeking to expand their global influence china is not a party to this treaty it has deployed long range missiles the kind that are banned under the treaty in asia and the united states says it's worried about that president says his hands are tied to deal with these issues because of the treaty and that's why they are withdrawing now china we are hearing for the first time from the foreign ministry of china in response to that president trump has suggested that he would like to renegotiate the treaty and include china and that china is opposing the u.s. withdrawal from the treaty saying that it was an important bilateral agreement
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a treaty of great significance and when asked if they would be willing to negotiate a new deal they have said no this is a bilateral treaty it should stay that way they should work to improve the existing agreement so they're showing no interest. in getting involved in and signing up to an agreement with the united states on that front. the united states for its part now saying that it has no plans to deploy any missiles or test any missiles it's looking at all of its military options and and we've got russia on the other hand saying that it will respond in kind to whatever the united states decide to do next thank you for that question salome live for us in washington d.c. or here now is alex got topless with more on what the withdrawals mean the world has changed dramatically since the signing of the intermediate nuclear forces treaty or i n f a nine hundred eighty seven designed as a confidence building measure to reduce the possibility of nuclear war the treaty
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hope guarantee peace between the two cold war rivals the van soviet union and the united states with eighteen years after the cold war ended nuclear missile technology has spread far and wide who has this technology china or north korea have demonstrated their ability to build increasingly sophisticated missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads further and further india and its rival pakistan have also been developing missiles we can strike their enemy with improved accuracy the u.s. and russia believe the i.n.f. treaty has held them back from developing increasingly codes and weapons so by pulling out and with fewer constraints they could now be a new phase in the arms race and if the atmosphere of mistrust continues it could have a negative effect on other arms treaties but the new strategic arms reduction will start agreement the street for renewal in two thousand and twenty one less now speak to be a tourist scene executive director of i can the international campaign to abolish
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nuclear weapons which was awarded the nobel peace prize in twenty seven thousand she is live from geneva beatrice very good to have you with us on the news great president putin had worn russia would respond in kind after this u.s. decision to withdraw from the i.m.f. just how wearing a situation is this for you are we going back to a nuclear arms race. thanks paula yeah it's this is a really dangerous situation the i.n.f. treaty made us safer particularly here in europe these prohibited missiles were meant to be if you know fighting a nuclear war in europe on our cities on our territory here so this is extremely dangerous situation not just warning on the new nuclear arms race coming it's already here six months from now both the u.s. and russia will be able to possess short and intermediate range nuclear missiles for the first time in thirty two years and other rising super powers like china could also increase their stockpile what kind of dangerous do these weapons pose
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who's a risk and what consequences well of course do grew up as a global threat so everyone is at risk but in particularly the countries in europe i mean these are where these weapons were meant to be fought and that's why the treaty was so important to europe and it's really disappointing today i think to see their reaction from many european countries is silence or even just very complacently backing up the united states in this this is a very worrying development we're going back to one of the most dangerous times in our history of the cold war and there needs to be a huge effort to to prevent this kind of very negative development right now are you hopeful that the deal can be salvaged. well the deal can always be so saved if the two countries want to save it but what we've seen in this last year when they've been threatening to withdraw raising concerns about violations is that they're not particularly interested in saving and
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so i'm not but if you're hopeful for this treaty but on the other hand i'm very hopeful about disarmament arms control international law in general the majority of states in the world do support international law and agreements to curb nuclear weapons we just had this nuclear weapons provision treated negotiated just a year and a half ago that means the nuclear weapons will be prohibited under international law also but is a really progress species i mean it seems that we are witnessing a wider unraveling of the whole system of control treaties your organization icann has been fighting for a complete ban of nuclear weapons how do you how can you pursue this mission even you know when longstanding multilateral agreements no longer standing well i think of it that's more to the world than just trump and putin right now we see that these two actors are moving in the wrong direction but the rest of the
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world has a very big responsibility in pressuring them to the negotiating table and also china and the other nuclear arms states as long as the rest of the world is silent and complicit in this they're going to be able to behave like this but over the majority of states in the world participate in these negotiations we have seventy countries that have just signed this treaty and the more countries to join the treaty on the prohibition of weapons the more pressure is going to increase on the nuclear arms that it's thank you for speaking to us beatrice been thank you for sharing your views with as beatrice spin is executive director of i can and you can hear more of her views about the rise in tensions between nuclear powers this is al jazeera exclusive interview with the director of the anti-nuclear campaign when the group was awarded the nobel peace prize in twenty seventeen watched a special by clicking on the special series tab at al-jazeera dot com. qatar's national football team is expected to return to doha in the coming hour they were crowned champions on friday after a stunning japan with
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a three one win at the asian cup final in the u.a.e. the team's in for a royal welcome the emir of qatar to mean being hammered all funny is expected to meet them at the airport thousands of supporters are already celebrating in doha to speak to the richest and who's at the airport where the team is expected to arrive very shortly tell us about what's happening there and what were expecting. i think it's going to be a really emotional few hours for that seem that delays somewhat delayed but in everything else that of this tournament that timing was absolutely perfect impairing in mind they've not just pulled off the biggest footballing victory in cuts or history they did it in really hostile difficult situation in the united arab emirates of course one of the countries that's currently blockading cut so i mean that the team had virtually no funds at any point during that sort of a lot of the fans watching that solomon unfold here in doha would have loved to
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have been watching games over in the emirates but unable to travel that many were situations in the group phase for example where they played a game against north korea who were barely four hundred founds in the stadium for that going and then you had the direct contrast of the semifinal against the host nation the u.a.e. really hostile difficult atmosphere for the players to perform in the national anthem was booed before the game they had water bottles and shoes thrown of ensuring that goal celebrations but it seem insane it's composure this team of young players who've lost they come through the national spark out of me here in that same spirit in that's history they've had together really came through really came to fruition in those moments and it culminated in them beating japan you know the regional superpower of asian football full time previous the champions beating them three one enough final on friday so i think the chance for them to finally beyond home soil be able to celebrate amongst the home fans will be a very emotional moment for these players thank you for that and then at the
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airport in doha we will of course check in with deal when the team lands in just a few minutes here in qatar capital now the team will also hold a parade along the doha sea front a cornice to show off the cho fee to supporters who as you can see have lined up bad also barry is on the cornice for us tell us about the mood. well the mood here is very festive as you can imagine and fans are anxiously awaiting their national team to welcome the champions into their home town and of course there have been telling me that they can't wait to show them how proud they are some of the fans i spoke to said they are very very happy not only the fact that they are coming home champions but the way they conducted themselves in a very difficult circumstances in the u.a.e. without any fans present there the fans i spoke to one hundred one thing to say to me the most common thing they had was they can wait to see one of the most valuable players on the national team and that is of course twenty two year old album was
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alley he's a striker who broke all kinds of records during this. championship games and he actually broke the record for most goals scored in a competition in the asian cups right previously held by rain. so they're very very anxious to see their champions return home and they're counting down the minutes. just show us if you can what's happening around you a little bit north of cars or obviously but what else is happening on the cornish. well these cars are actually trying to find parking spots or fans that are trying to figure out where they can park their cars because we're expecting the team to actually come along this route in a bus and this area has to be cleared of all the vehicles they're going to be crossing through the parties and turning around and doing the victory laps among the fans and so that the way here is police local police are telling me they're trying to figure out where to direct the traffic so the fans can be on board when
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the team arrives in their box ok dorsai thank you very much we will also check in with you later when that parade begins on the corniche back qatar's wayne has been trending around the world sars here to tell us about the online reactionless certainly celebrating here but they're also celebrating online the online traffic has actually been huge especially in the gulf region with some the highest numbers of social media users in the world in this area now set up a tree messages are being shared online with the image of cats turning to twit so it's a gretchen ate his country calling it an arab success and a victory for the team despite the difficulties that have come with the blockade in this person says cattles when in the a.f.c. cup in the u.a.e. off to thumping them in the semi's during the blockade he says you cannot. commit sin or is that just gives you no idea of how people are thinking their own cheese day immoralities lined up to get free tickets to the semifinal that's because you
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foreign teams have brought a majority of the seats reportedly ensure castle supporters couldn't get hold of them. and this person hates sweets and we were banned from entering and supporting them in the games so they brought it home to us but it didn't end there because this video went viral and it's been viewed over a million times showing shoes being held at the courts reteam and actually considered to be an insult in arab culture and it's prompted an investigation by the asian cup womanizing. and that didn't go unnoticed on social media because the absence of high ranking you're at your fish was at the closing ceremony so hand over the trophy and also the lack of coverage on the caps routine even in local and razzi media was picked up by those people online and choosing instead to focus on japan's losses seem cats i couldn't fly to darnley back to dohar because of the land and sea embargo by the blockade in
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country so they chose to drive to amman instead leaving this scene behind them in abu dhabi. various people all mani's and they're celebrating when but it seemed came to an end when as you can hear the sirens from the emirates police they showed up because anyone seemed to support cats in the in the u.a.e. rather be it in person or even on social media faces a prison sentence of up to fifteen years and more than one hundred thousand dollars in fines. meanwhile people are sharing these videos online coming out of yemen's capital saana where the sound yuriko nation has been fighting to see rebels for nearly four years they've been celebrating capsules win with fireworks and some of the scenes also you can see in gaza where people there have been sharing sweets a lot of food and celebrations on the streets there by the palace in. well herons
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our home celebrations are considering swell into the night the city is gearing up to host the fifa world cup in twenty twentieth's we did offer to get some of those pictures and videos or even thoughts from you on one so it's an instagram now as well just search for my name. sorry thank you very much qatar celebrating its first asian cup win in pictures on our website at al-jazeera dot com some great photos on there on and off the pitch also crowds gathered at several special builds giant screens around doha to watch the final match against japan because many fans as you heard were not able to travel to the u.a.e. as you're watching us on facebook live coming up a story for you about how bob rains why a two d. humanize homeless people last for months on we look at the investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi to stay with us. the out the in. the in the in.
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the. hello get or welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across iran we do expect to see some mixed weather over the next few days partly up here towards the north down towards the south though it is going to be quite wet across much of the area you can see tehran is going to be seeing a mix of rain and snow high temperature few of nine degrees here on sunday by the time we get to monday things improve but a lot of that messy weather makes its way over here towards east crotchety by the time we get to monday evening into tuesday morning you could be seeing a passing shower as well where here across the gulf those same showers could be a problem here in doha even thunderstorms could be a problem on sunday as they make its way through twenty two degrees is going to be the high with the mostly cloudy conditions and that rain and thunderstorm activity pushing through w. we see the same activity as well and by the time we get to monday better conditions but it could be a little bit cooler as those winds switch out of the north for muscat
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a high temperature few of twenty five degrees there where we have been seeing a lot of what weather down here across parts of south africa and that is going to continue over the next few days you know as the clouds pass into durban right there as well as indicate damn we do have an air of low pressure just off the coast that and that is going to keep mostly windy conditions across much of the area so for durban mostly cloudy and rainy few at twenty seven johannesburg at twenty three degrees for you. high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home farm and family is tough with no outside supports comet's longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets my records village superwomen.
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the latest news as it breaks the different is about to blast bottles ossified the statistic in the ritz with the this time go for the truth is to not come up with detailed coverage why though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and calls for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. man. to man.
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the headlines on al-jazeera and the top trending stories on our website al-jazeera dot com a number one there russia suspending its participation in the i.n.f. treaty a day after the u.s. did the same number two qatar preparing to welcome its asian cup winning team a parade planned here in doha and number three our top story on the news great today and that's a venezuelan general recognizing opposition leader one guy do any fuel on there and you've missed it watch our interview a lot american editor lucien human sat down with wide open as well as opposition leader and self declared leader to ask him about his next moves it's all there on
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our website at al-jazeera dot com. and the taliban says president donald trump appears to be serious about pulling u.s. troops out of afghanistan a spokesman for the group says such a withdrawal is the first goal towards ending the seventeen year conflict he added that they'd like to establish an islamic system made up of all afghans earlier this week the u.s. envoy said they had been agreements in principle towards a framework peace deal by it was drawn up without input from the afghan government which the tiny band regards as illegitimate and let's remind you of the tunnel band's history and i've got on the stand it emerged after the soviet afghan war before its fighters took over the country in one. nine hundred ninety six imposing their own harsh interpretation of islamic law the two thousand and one us invasion of afghanistan toppled the taliban but it launched a lengthy campaign against foreign troops and the u.s. backed government the taliban has since regained strength some analysts believe it
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controlled as controls rather as much as forty percent of the country and the u.s. military believes it has about forty thousand active fight as talks started between taliban leaders and u.s. diplomats in cotton last summer and they're due to resume at the end of this month i recently me is on the office of the afghan president he explains why the withdrawal of u.s. and nato troops along with a peace deal will depend on the situation on the ground then surely if there peace has to come in afghanistan through the afghan government if the parliament has to come to the negotiating table with the afghan government if we want to see a peace deal because previous experiences in afghanistan unfortunately has shown that excluding the afghan government from the process has had bad repercussions and consequences we have seen in the one nine hundred ninety s. when the afghan government and people were excluded from the peace process we saw
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the ceasefire broken within hours in what ensued were massive conflicts so as laid out in the road map to peace by president obama that from funny. rule we want all of want to participate in our democratic process. the roadmap to peace that's that's that's made by the afghan government is premised on a constitutional framework inclusive e.-t. justice for all democracy in basic rights so obviously we want to give up on violence come to the negotiating table in eventually cut a deal with the afghan government in parts of it in our democratic process in our political process through democracy. is there hope for peace in afghanistan what are the chances of a breakthrough watch this interesting discussion on inside story on the subject at al jazeera dot com meanwhile tribal chiefs and keryx in afghanistan say
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a new polio vaccination campaign won't be targeted by the taliban five million children in high risk areas need to be vaccinated but as al jazeera discovered many parents are still suspicious about the vaccine tony berkeley has a story from kabul this is all it takes just a couple of drops of vaccine and this baby has protection from polio the highly contagious virus attacks the nervous system and can lead to paralysis mainly in children under the age of five. the daughter all vaccination program in the capital kabul is relatively straightforward but in rural afghanistan threats against medical staff and deep rooted suspicions about vaccines have led to outbreaks of the virus. home alone moment often the men are not willing to have their kids vaccinated but with a lot of effort to be usually convince them to allow it. thirty years ago polio was rife in one hundred twenty five countries affecting three hundred fifty thousand
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youngsters annually today only three countries still suffer from the virus but i was twenty seven cases last year twenty one of them were in afghanistan a lack of access for vaccine teams because of the continuing conflict is a major reason of course we are worried about the. security. threats they are for because during the companies doing these they have to move from security. force to immunize our children. tribal leaders in clerics have told the government taliban fighters won't target medical teams and their families will allow their children to be immunised unless it's controlled and eradicated the world health organization estimates that up to two hundred thousand children a year could be affected by the polio virus but despite this people here especially in rural areas are still deeply suspicious and i now. know we are not vaccinating
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our kids because these vaccines are coming from the infidels and west to us it has bad effects on our kids and most of our people are against it. so we are not happy with these vaccinations because we heard stories of the polio vaccination is not good and it's used for spying and that the ingredients used are also not allow this . these use started spreading eight years ago after a fake polio vaccination program was used as cover in neighboring pakistan to find some of bin laden now as a consequence of that in parts of south and east afghanistan medical teams are not allowed to go door to door only mosque to mosques and that's another reason why afghanistan's battle against polio may take some time to win tony berkeley out a zero a couple. of february second marks four months since washington post. was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul his body still hasn't been found
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a united nations special rapper toure has been in turkey for the past week leading an independent investigation was last seen entering the consulate on october second he never left the building prosecutors in saudi arabia have charge and number of saudi men with this matter the turkish authorities want to whether ordered the killing also held to account stephanie decker has more from istanbul. agnes is wrapping up a weeklong visit here in turkey she's met with the foreign minister she's met with intelligence officials she's met with the chief prosecutor of course the man in charge of turkey's investigation into what happened exactly in that building behind me she's met with friends of jamal khashoggi and she's also met with his fiance trying to get a picture of what exactly happened on that day exactly four months ago now it's not clear at the moment where the she has been given access to those recordings that turkey has of the murder also she was wanting access to forensic and scientific
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evidence so we do understand that she will be issuing a statement to the leader in the next couple of days or so with her preliminary findings what now well though we're expecting a full report from the un special rapporteur in june to the human rights council i think it's significant because it comes at a time when it seems that all countries are normalizing relations again with saudi arabia this is of course a political minefield if you will all countries very much invested in getting the most political mileage out of this but also afraid to really damage their relationships with the kingdom so she's doing this in her own capacity i think it's an important time and certainly in her words the gruesome killing the it has grave consequences if she really wants to put it back on the map because in her words neither united nations nor any of the member states are pushing hard enough for independent investigation i think it's worth remembering that four months on regardless of saudi arabia saying that it has indicted eleven men five of those facing the death penalty we do not know who they are we don't know who ordered the
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killing and most importantly still the body of jamal khashoggi has not been found stephanie deca in istanbul they don't forget we're going to special page up at al jazeera dot com on the jamal khashoggi murder investigation all the latest developments on there as well as opinion pieces and discussions. dot com. and the battle on the for one of the last eyes of control pocket. northern syria has displaced tens of thousands of people u.s. backed kurdish forces have been fighting the armed group in dairies or the un refugee agency is calling for a transit site for civilians fleeing to our whole camp the camps population has tripled in the past two months osama bin job reports from gaza can take on turkey's border with syria. for the last eight weeks kurdish fighters have been battling mostly from one of the armed groups last pockets in northeast syria they are confident that most areas are now under their control individual problems activists say more than two hundred people have been killed in
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the fighting shelling and airstrikes by u.s. led coalition forces we are. all. writing to respect their obligation and. international humanitarian. so really in. many families had to leave and fought the syrian red crescent says more than twenty four thousand people have been displaced in a matter of weeks it's a lot riskier at night but more people arriving to nearby camps but we were besieged in because we're so hungry and tired for two days we had no sleep and no food for fifteen days all that was available was grass leaves and bark from trees there was a humanitarian crisis brewing in the remote desert areas under rice and a lack of food made worse by a shortage of medicines and doctors in the last few days dozens of isis fighters
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have surrendered some civilians say they had stopped them from leaving and the mostly kurdish forces are concerned but i still fighters and their families may have fled among the civilians. you have to get seventy five percent of the movie working with a little sub device present iraqis twenty percent syrians and five percent foreign those from central asia europe america germany and other parts of the world in addition to isis atrocities in the area coalition attacks have also reportedly killed civilians for the how the us led coalition always said that their strike targeted i saw positions yes in some cases they surely will but these positions were in heavily populated residential areas this is why dozens of innocent civilians were being killed. unicef says that these thirty two children have been killed because of violence displacement and harsh conditions in northern and eastern syria the world health organization says it's extremely concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation as more families arrive in already crowded
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camps aid agencies are demanding unhindered access to people in need it's clear that ice a lot longer controls territory but what comes next is also a cause for concern for rights groups and aid workers tens of thousands of people in there of need rehabilitation and they say lasting peace will only come if the marginalized people are given hope and opportunity. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world this hour after more than a week of talks the government of center african republic and fourteen armed groups have reached a peace deal they green into his reach in sudan's capital khartoum fighting between muslim seleka rebels and christian anti baloch of fighters has continued since twenty thirteen the conflict in central african republic has uprooted more than one million people and push the country towards famine. now it's been dubbed israel's a path i drove a stretch of highway north east of jerusalem inside the occupied west bank that
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splits into by an eight meter high wall one on one side the drivers are israeli on the other their palestinian harry fossett has a story. the israeli occupied west bank is hardly devoid of barry is but few tell the story of division here in quite such a dramatic way this is road for three seventy northeast of jerusalem the left side is for those with palestinian papers the right for those bearing israeli documents side by side but each part of an entirely different road network some of labeled it the apartheid road last month palestinian and israeli activists blocked the highway calling it discriminatory part of plans to annex the west bank opening the road in january the israeli public security minister said it would help create mutual life for palestinians and israelis ensure security and strengthen israeli sovereignty. for israeli settlers it allows for fast direct access to jerusalem without having
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to queue at checkpoints and while the palestinians half of the road is cut off from jerusalem it has sped up traffic going north and south mohamad has brought his vegetables here from hebron in the southern west bank. job it was then hard yes we palestinians are restricted and limited israelis can use any entrance and any road they like but this road does make it easier for us provided there are no other obstacle and. palestinian leaders say any such benefits will be overwhelmed by the future cost as stark and as concrete an expression this is in the current situation the occupied west bank in terms of separation between israelis and palestinians in terms of continued israeli control here there is for many palestinians also a fear that this is a precursor to a white a separation further down the road. this stretch of highway is part of a plan to connect the palestinian cities of ramallah and bethlehem but the other part of that plan involves extending illegal settlement building east of jerusalem
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in a way that palestinians say will encircled the city and split the west bank into it heads the corner and north and south but of course they made it in the world. twenty eight. the connection between east and west for the israeli people without saying that we are a block in the middle of the future state of palestine. for the moment road for three seventy is two things the timesaving link for israelis and palestinians both as they travel between separated zones and a monument to the unresolved conflict between them are a force that al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. in the us the democratic governor of virginia has apologized for taking part in the race is photo shoot thirty five years ago ralph northam says he's one of two men photographed in his medical school yearbook that shows a man in blackface in another in a. robe the picture has led to calls for him to resign from republicans and several
12:35 am
democrats but he says he won't step down cyrus back with the online reaction to the stories our government or them has lost support from allies including virginia's legislative black caucus the mistreated statement the group says it feels completely betrayed and in another it says those excusing the pictures are just as culpable now the discussion online has centered actually on whether gov nor them should be excused because of how long ago the picture was actually taken now this person from virginia says i don't want to be represented by anyone who thought this was ok so to where at any point in time and calls for his resignation that's the key it's the timing but many like ellie also believes the conversation isn't focusing on the harm it caused to his classmates in real time he says there were black people in his school in nineteen eighty-four and same in the following years imagine what they must have thought on the other hand there's another side to this because matt raines theories people are digging up dirt he says because of
12:36 am
a statement that was made on abortion now northern became a polarizing figure this week during a debate about an abortion access bill in virginia comments he made an interview let's see accusations that he supported in infanticide and something he calls shameful and disgusting he put that in a tweet saying i have devoted my life to caring for children that's that sweet that he posted a few days ago not now another hash tag that has also been used in the mix for this story is governor just in fairfax many people have been tweeting this section which is. seem to have lost. one but it's part of the constitution from virginia it says in the case of the removal of the governor from office or in the case of his qualifications death or resignation the lieutenant governor shall become governor in this case it's this man here justin fast facts now ralph and all that has announced plans for a saturday morning news conference is online and media speculation is all local
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speculation that he might resign so we'll be watching this space and will keep you updated for this indeed sour thank you very much for that coming up for our viewers on facebook a story about some kids shutting down false narratives about black history and in support qatar are bringing home the asian cup trophy and celebrations are in full swing will be here with the very latest shortly deceive us.
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right out of a hamas script examining the headline we begin with the fractious issue of palestine and israel in the u.s. news in the setting the discussions what makes them different as far as you're concerned sharing personal stories with a global audience nobody feels safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. i said we're talking about football again in sports today and cut ties asian cup
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when they are about to land any moment now yes yes they are about to land in doha off the coming from the emirates via oman after their victory over japan in friday's asian cup final we've been hearing some of the reaction to that much earlier in news grid seems reception. imminent as foley says but let's just catch up on the much that brought all this excitement to die out david stokes with a wrap of the action. the but this is as big as football gets in asia cattle were going for their first major trophy but standing in their way with a full time champions japan forty three places above them in the world rankings they may have been underdogs but qatar struck the first blow and a spectacular one two was was. as allie had eight goals in the tournament already but number nine was his best yet
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the twenty two year old with an overhead kick breaking the competition's goal scoring record set back in one thousand nine hundred ninety six when a simple tony kushner's a fantastic start for qatar and soon it got even better was another stunning goal this time from abdel-aziz had term they were two no up at half time who would you see two things started to go against them after the break though first they lost to eleven hookey to a nasty looking head injury and then for the first time in the competition they finally conceded a goal to cooney mean amino giving japan hope and it promised to be a nervous finish. that was until an intervention from the referee and v.a.r. japan would judge to have one pulled in the area which gave qatar a penalty and akram a faith a chance to win it for his country if you think you know i was. they held on
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through five minutes about a time and then the championship was there as. nineteen goals and just one conceded their improbable run to glory was complete. its perfect preparation as qatar prepares to host the world cup in three years' time they did so al-jazeera. on the richardson is following the excitement for a series on the phone i'm just looking at the pictures here it doesn't look like the players have actually come on to the tarmac at the airport just on the what do you say why you are. here just to explain what's happening here the derives a lift it seemed imminent for that moment when it come down the steps and meet the mayor only the national broadcaster here is allowed to be filming suffer the time being every other news channel including al-jazeera has cameras down but it's going to be a hugely emotional moment it's as we've mentioned the united arab emirates is one
12:42 am
of the country's blockading at the moment a country where at the moment it is an offense to show public sympathy towards cap so as a consequence they've been playing this tournament in a very bad cue when none of the fans thousands of fans ready to greet the team here and many authorities fans in the past would have taken a short thirty to forty minute flight over to divide to watch that payment and follow the tournament. as it is that it hasn't been possible so it's going to be a hugely emotional night when the team does arrive and finally get to celebrate this historic title win with their own fans and after they've done that where do they go from here as a football team. well this huge also has them now around this team it has to be said on on a global level without downplaying what's just been achieved which is incredible they just beat four previous asian cup champions including japan in the final on
12:43 am
friday to lift this trophy globally asian football is struggling to punch he's white. level of the mind if we look at the twenty fourteen world cup no asian teams made it out of the group stages we go back to the world cup last year on each upon the streets of the last sixteen. so they go now to an even bigger test really where they are as a football thing they've been invited to play in the corporate america south america's biggest football tournament in june which being hosted by brazil they're the group's alongside argentina colombia and power of course so that is going to be a huge test of exactly where they are as a football team but it's also part of the meticulous planning that has gone into developing this national team a team that's come through the hugely ambitious national academy project the aspire project which has been in operation now for the just really in the last year which he was finally saying those talented young players come through at senior level so there's a lot to be optimistic about with this saying
12:44 am
a lot of good young players an anomaly the player he's got nine goals to women breaking the asian cup record for all time a player with a whole footballing world is talking about the riches and i for us waiting for the landing of the castle at the airport and thanks very much will come back to bit later on. he said the team is landing any moment now hang on flight radar twenty four you can see the team's plane circling around. causing a lot of excitement no doubt when they do finally land after that long. ok in the world of skiing we have some sad news for fans of lindsey vonn the alpine legend has announced her retirement she'll be calling it quits after the world championships in sweden next week to a oh god. i'm not doubting yeah and that was she almost is a fans of followed her health updates closely especially over the last year when
12:45 am
annie's kept getting worse after an early season wipeout she posted updates after updates of her surgery wounds and then recovery videos of our getting back to work vonn has eighty two world cup wins and wanted to retire after beating the record of eighty six but in a post we've all been expecting on announced her retirement on instagram saying it's been a emotional two weeks making the hardest decision of my life but i have accepted i cannot continue ski racing my body is broken beyond repair and it isn't letting me have the final season i dreamt of my body is screaming at me to stop and it's time for me to listen well if anyone's going to break records all the all time record of eighty six world cup wins it's likely to be us olympian mckayla shifrin she had another win this weekend and has fifty five world cup wins they had named she's only twenty three she hasn't commented yet on vaughan's retirement pates would be back with you later for more sport including an update catalyst football team lance
12:46 am
back in doha with the asian cup trophy now parts of ali we will have all the latest on the celebrations here in doha paul of course thank you very much for that that will do it for today's news great remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times the hash tag eight jaitley it's great for me for the back to bornholm team here in doha thank you for watching and we'll see you back here at city of fourteen at fifteen hundred g.m.t. tomorrow sunday. you and. webring on al-jazeera we investigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining
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industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath old is toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria votes out there well it showcases the best of the network's documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will be outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining towns questions the heritage february on al-jazeera . i made it every rekey nice cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then listening finest as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that night and demands on al-jazeera. rewind returns
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a care bring your people back to life start with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya was the job of the plus and like and the others through the rewind continues with the shake to rock my neighborhood i was like screaming get us so close we won't leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the prettiest you know your creation rewind on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand in a very different way were there before we don't need. a high profile venezuelan general declares his allegiance to self-proclaimed president one why don't the first active military official to do so this is demonstrators gathered for mass protests both for and against the government of
12:49 am
nicolas maduro. hello i'm maryam namazie you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up a reciprocal response for damage putin suspends russia's involvement in a major nuclear treaty following a similar move by the united states and that tens of thousands of civilians flee fighting in northern syria the u.n. says they must be given safe passage. we begin this hour in venezuela where pressure is mounting on president nicolas maduro to step down after a high ranking air force general declared his support for the opposition leader one why does francisco yanez who is the first active venezuelan general to openly back why go as called on other members of the military to break away from the douro this
12:50 am
after venezuela's top military envoy to the united states turned on the duo last week. the local mom addressing you to say that i deserve all the authority of the dictator nicolas maduro and i recognize one guy who is the president and. charge of it is the law ninety percent of the armed forces do not side with the president we sided with the people over the israel. but the air force which is still loyal to nicolas maduro tweeted this in response they said we cannot have expected less from the trades had the vision general francisco esteban yanez rodriguez nephew of the corrupt general yanez mendez who is by the way being investigated by the comptroller general for corruption hash tag always loyal never traitors meanwhile the opposition has called for rallies across venezuela they have already started in the capital caracas madonna has until sunday to comply with
12:51 am
a deadline set by the european union to hold elections. has been speaking to al-jazeera he says he's not interested in talks with nicolas maduro latin america editor lucien human. so you had any battled president nicolas maduro overseeing military exercises intended to let opponents know that he has the means with which to crush in israel as internal enemies are clearly not intimidated by the man who insists that he's venezuela's legitimate leader looked at all the part of an interim president as he called on the news wayland's to return to the streets on saturday to further pressure president maduro to resign. in an interview with al-jazeera self-proclaimed president quoting white door declined offers from mexico why russia and the e.u. to bring both sides to the negotiating table. here they are not to conflict in size at all we have peace and entire country to the wants change and
12:52 am
a very tiny group that sustains itself with weapons stolen from the republic and with constant threats against the same army that sustains them and a citizenship that is massacre in their stand the very good intentions of mexico and europe and i understand the ultimatum the european union has given maduro the opposition has been willing to negotiate we tried everything we have boded we have abstain we gun hunger strikes we have protested and they have killed us washington says that all options are on the table would you support u.s. military intervention if all else fails we will do everything possible so that in the shortest time possible with the least social cost we can generous to belittle ungovernability in the country to attend the humanitarian emergency to reactivate production in the country and to achieve freedom venezuela but when pressed he refused to rule it out. earlier u.s.
12:53 am
national security chief janet bolton issued another ultimatum to my little advising him to resign quickly or he could end up in guantanamo where the u.s. has a military base for suspected terrorists. despite close coordination and support from the u.s. why dog dismissed accusations that the white house is dictating the terms of regime change. meanwhile spain's foreign minister just separately says the u.s. is pressuring the e.u. to cease dialogue efforts. this as model and his opponents each prepared to take to the streets to test their strength it's taken at least forty lives in less than two weeks you see in human al-jazeera caracas. or less america and italy joins me now on the phone from the venezuelan capital caracas and lucio we know that the opposition have called for the biggest protests yet this weekend i know
12:54 am
that you are we see there on the streets of the capital tell us about turnout. yes i am i remember is this is the norm is why not all these years that i pick up that it's well left ever seen such a large amount of people out on the streets they all carry that is the way to flag the kerry side saying why has the tried to she has done to me that israel is saying that that is a system of. prisoners going to follow like the berlin wall side also rectangle both of them are directed at the armed forces but that's a tissue of the only ones that are being made to come and join us the highway does but if you look at the highways absolutely black this is our people are moving very slowly going to european union office which is the final part of point of the march but because once it's out i can say it softly just the people can start to send the messages that give you a preview two thousand joint united with many latin american countries and one
12:55 am
white soul as needed for a president of venezuela you don't get to last till midnight sunday to just look out the need to see holding. that transparency can really. respond to countries in the e.u. except to the pretend italy they would recognize whitehall as it's for president but this is a kind of extra push for the european union. and so we're just getting a flavor of the developments out there on the streets you can see people there's almost a scan of the like atmosphere with flags waving and instruments being played do you have any information all any rallies that might be taking place in parts of the capital in favor of ema during government. so the phone communication there is actually terrible because to renee people here but we will
12:56 am
see if managed to speak to someone just a minute ago always act the rally that was called by some political class. i took at the opposite side of the city added to this rally to enter the presidential palace and there are a lot of people there as well but what i can gauge of it as i say i would put it that's difficult from where i'm standing but the fire that the far left michael the what was taking you know but it is a what turned out as a clearly like a pleasure each other straight but. all right well thanks very much from our latin america remark at italy seaman there in the venezuelan capital caracas apologies for the quality of the phone line there but we definitely got a sense of what's happening there at the moment protests are taking place with the opposition calling it on the biggest demonstrations yet but at this point it's not clear if these protests are likely to result in any shift in the political standoff there in the country. now
12:57 am
in all the stories we're covering president vladimir putin has announced that russia will withdraw from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty on friday the u.s. said it would stop observing the arms control pact in six months time if the two countries signed the treaty in one thousand eight hundred seven both sides of accuse each other of not keeping to the agreement. we will do it this way our response will be symmetrical our american partners stated they will stop their participation in the treaty so we will also stop they stated that they will do research and development of arms so we will also do the same russia won't deploy new land based short range and intermediate range weapons neither in europe nor in other regions of the world unless similar american made weapons appear in those regions all our proposals in this sphere remain on the table as before doors for talks are open at the same time i am asking the foreign
12:58 am
ministry and defense ministry not to initiate any talks on this issue let's wait until our partners open a dialogue with us. joins us live now from moscow and we have already had longstanding allegations that russia was violating the treaty they deny that and now saying that they are withdrawing in response to the move by the united states but is there a sense that they could still be open to some sort of talks or negotiations to ease these tensions. well the russian position as vladimir putin was explaining it earlier on today is that russia has been trying he says to engage the united states in all sorts of negotiations over arms control for several years and russia says already refused and says the essentially they've been ignored what he has articulated in this meeting is
12:59 am
that yes the door is still open for new. weapons discussions with the united states but it will not be russia that instigates those it will have to be the u.s. there comes to moscow comes to. open the door. to the kremlin and says like let's sit down and have a talk about this and let's try and work out a new treaty something that can replace the. intermediate range nuclear forces treaty of course at the moment there is no such thing and no sign from the u.s. that it is going to do so. and we know that the united states despite the fact that pulling out of this treaty that main security concern has been the missile capabilities of china are you getting any sense if if what moscow's position is on that. well i think.
1:00 am
basically this the i.n.f. treaty was something that was drafted between russia or the soviet union have a time and the united states and what has happened in the ensuing years is that although those two countries had to hold the what the treaty said they needed to do other countries namely china which weren't included in the treaty have been allowed to push ahead with their own weapons developments the fitted into the class of missiles that russia and the united states weren't allowed to go into that was always more of a concern i think in the united states which views china as an adverse or e. for russia its relationship with china is different and recent years there has been what you might call a. thought or
1:01 am
a an alliance that is built ins in some ways with russia and china acting together looking out for each other's interest so i don't think russia has ever had.


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