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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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of russians for ling for five straight years now more defense spending is unlikely to help brother mia putin's falling popularity defense minister sergei showing who recommends a land based version of the caliber cruise missiles russian ships have launched against targets in syria also a land based medium range hypersonic missile the new frontier in missile technology and there's the land based cruise missile russia already has according to the us this has a range that broke the terms of the i.n.f. treaty and was the reason washington gave for pulling out of the agreement there will be more briefings with and we're going to travel to military sites and factories really produce these weapons to scare the europeans and the world public opinion that they should come to terms with russia that they should make deals with russia not ignore russia because russia has terrible things putin
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says the door is open for new disarmament talks but he's made clear that russia will not cause the u.s. on this if there are to be any new arms treaties which we moscow and washington putin says it's washington that must break the ice will reach allan's down to zero in moscow. totally cols is a professor of national security affairs at the u.s. naval war college he says washington's withdrawal highlights how confused the trump administration's policy really is. well the russians now have the ability to look like the gracious and magnanimous party the americans are the ones that flipped over the table and walked away and i want to be clear about something else be clear about two things first i don't represent the us government and its discussion but the other thing to be clear about is that the russians were cheating i mean there's no doubt about it the russians were in breach of the i.n.f. treaty and i think it was a provocation to first to menace the europeans and to see if they could bait the americans in the simply just walking away from this whole situation now the
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russians can afford to look like they're being diplomatic and magnanimous and leaving the door open for further discussion so i'm sure that it's possible they'd be happy to talk because one of the course skill sets of russian diplomacy is long dilatory diplomatic engagements that don't go anywhere and we just push that horizon further out by dumping the treaty instead of trying to rescue one that's still in effect u.s. envoy stephen begun is expected to arrive in south korea ahead of a meeting with lord korean officials they get is in the region to discuss the next steps in dismantling north korea's nuclear weapons program president trump is planning a second summit with the north korean leader kim jong il the exact date has yet to be revealed. is director of the program on u.s. korea policy at the council of foreign relations he says something will tangible must come out of the next summit. we were really a crunch time in terms of preparing for a possible second summit between president trump and chairman kim jong un and one
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of the things that really was a failing of the singapore summit was the failure to generate a process that would allow both sides to work on these issues of denuclearization and peace and so special representative bigan really needs to speak with his counterparts and outline a roadmap a set of objectives and a process by which both sides can move forward as a product of a potential summit between trump and camp there's a need for the u.s. and north korea to agree on where to begin in this process and i think that the north koreans have actually where they might begin in terms of suggesting back in pyongyang in september. a in international inspection of the young gun site and then that's pending corresponding measures from the u.s.
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and so if both sides kind of line up a small step forward involving trade a trade off addressing yongbyon in return for some measure by the u.s. then at least there will be a basis upon which to begin this process and move forward. well still ahead here on al-jazeera chilling rhetoric from an accused of bombing a cathedral in the southern philippines al-jazeera speaks exclusively to a fighter. remaining as press freedom and human rights record in the spotlight of the takes another step in its growing role in europe. hello you know welcome back we are crossing live on we are looking at some messy weather here across parts of iraq to going into parts of iran over the next few days notice the clouds right here across tehran while in those clouds we do expect
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to see a mix of snow as well as rain temperature tehran only getting up to about nine overnight it will drop down to freezing and that is where that snow comes into play down here across the southern part of iran that is where we're going to be seen some rain that is going to be edging its way towards isa crouchie probably by the time we get to tuesday you will be seeing some rain in your forecast well that same area of rain is also going to be affecting parts of the gulf as well here in doha by sunday we do expect to see some rain maybe some thunderstorms passing through and a mostly cloudy day across the area over towards wu will also be affected there but by the time we get to monday most of that is going to be passing over here towards the east before abu dabi you will be getting a drop in temperature in your forecast and then across the southern parts of africa well a lot of rain in the forecast anywhere from johannesburg down here towards durban even cape town will be seeing some rain that's all due to an area of low pressure that is spinning south of the region but by the time we go towards monday things look a little bit better for cape town but it is going to get
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a little bit worse for durban where the start of storms could be a problem and attempt a few of about twenty seven degrees. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves european muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they lived loved and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim on al-jazeera. welcome
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back you're watching all this is a reminder of our top stories tens of thousands of people have been rallying in venezuela for and against the government of nicolas maduro opposition leader one again called on the military to switch sides just after an air force general became the highest ranking military defector. also a peace deal has been reached between the central african republic government and more than a dozen armed groups the agreement was struck after a week of talks in sudan's capital khartoum and russia says it's withdrawing from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty a day after the u.s. said it would stop observing the arms control pact washington is accusing moscow of violating the agreement. a member of an armed group accused of carrying out last week's twin bombings in the southern philippines as spoken exclusively to al jazeera i still claim responsibility for the attack on
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a cathedral which killed more than twenty people but the military has dismissed this saying it was the work of a smaller group called a jangle jang tamil arlindo again but one of its fighters. what we wanted to do. he got in our car nervous but defiant he claims he doesn't have a name just like the more than twenty other members of the a john a jungle rubin sulu province on the island of mindanao. we want to kill christians this is our gold we don't want them it's a new even if you've blown to pieces that is the best way to get the better days. are you trying to say you want to become a suicide bomber. we will do whatever we can because that estimate that was given to us by the arabs you know mom it says we must read the piece chance the agenda john is an offshoot of the armed group of which has been operating in the
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area for decades i so claimed responsibility for the bombings at a cathedral in law a week ago but the military dismissed that and blamed john john for the attacks the group was originally called lucky nine when it was formed in two thousand and nine by children and or friends of abu so your fighters later on the group renamed itself i junk a junk which means lost command. and there's ten million passes from kidnapping we keep the two million for our group we also extort money from rich families if they don't give it to us even if they are muslims we kill them too . it's a rhetoric that shocks many here despite previous attacks on places of worship the mindanao region was never sharply divided by religion days after the cathedral
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bombs there was another attack in a place of worship this time a mosque in some born the city it happened at midnight eleven people were asleep here when a grenade was thrown inside it killed people instantly this is a second attack in a place of worship within just a matter of days and according to the philippine government it seems as though there are efforts to cause the divisions between the different religions but people here reject it they say they will never let that happen muslims here tell us they are hurt and differing with. christians and muslims are more than just neighbors here. we in through mary we all grew up together we all love one another. there's concern here that last week's bombings will be the mast the but in a heavily guarded mosque preachers for some hope love the sea is stronger
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than violence jim duggan al jazeera lawsuit to southern philippines. where the battle to remove eisel from one of its last pockets in northern syria has displaced tens of thousands of people us back kurdish forces have been fighting the armed group in there is to the un refugee agency is calling for a transit site for civilians fleeing to the whole camp there comes population has tripled in the past two months algeria is eighty two year old president is expected to seek reelection the ruling coalition has named the lizzie's beautifully as its candidate for april's vote but the leader has yet to officially confirm that he'll run for a fifth term in power since nine hundred ninety nine beautifully go was partially paralyzed from a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public james dorsey is a senior fellow at the s a rajaratnam school of international studies he says beautifully is
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a front man who doesn't have much power. essentially. the fleet has a convenient. formal figure as a symbol if you wish which allows the powers that be in algeria to evade having to jockey for a new car the end of that at a time that the country is facing economic issues social unrest as well as a security threat and obviously if any of these threats come to the fore and the government does not prove to be well in handling it he also could be a fall guy he served with his health problems for the last five years six years now obviously he is not in full control in many ways he is a figurehead and the country is affectively run by those who are supporting him. and there is no reason why that could not continue in the sense that it has until now now that is also part of our algeria's problem it is also why he has offered us
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perceived by many in the country to not have delivered a vigil has been held outside egypt's embassy in london for an italian street met in cairo in twenty sixteen junior genie who went missing when when and was later found dead showing signs of torture in november italian prosecutors said they wanted to investigate five members of the egyptian security services over the killing but they say egypt hasn't been cooperating with their inquiry. elections for the european parliament on just three months away you leaders are increasingly worried about groups distributing misinformation to skew the results the ease presidency is commonly held by rumania where so-called fake news is a big problem lawrence lead reports now from bucharest. the manipulation of public opinion is one of the battles of our times and it is spreading through the european union rumania is one of the new front lines at this independent media monitoring
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organization they troll through hours of t.v. footage from privately run news networks owned by with links to major political parties fake news they say is spreading like a virus. very wise. and this sometimes i got the feeling there. are. personal. feeling in media has been trying fake news through the mass protests against new laws protecting corrupt politicians are met with media claims that the demonstrators have been paid to turn up by the billionaire george soros already hate figure in liberal countries european elections are fast approaching national elections in romania later in the year a perfect opportunity it is feared the media owning all of guards and politicians to come together to try to silence independents critical voices this radio
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presenter is one of remain year's most respected broadcasters with half a million twitter followers and three hundred thousand on facebook yet he admits to a sort of self-censorship on social media in fear that hidden forces might have his account suspended more than that he predicts a far bigger clampdown on critical media after this year's elections just as happened in hungary i think in the very next day after mr autobahn win the election the last opposition radio station simply says they exist so. i look to hungary and see music guys want to do the same to us and what of the real investigative journalists like paul who helped expose global corruption through the so-called panama papers the day after his website run an exposé on a high ranking politician he received a visit from the tax police based on
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a fake complaint from a nonexistent accountant his view is that the european union should be doing a whole lot more than it is to support people like him that goes across borders countries themselves cannot deal with these these type of problems you know so there is a need for. kind a law enforcement agency in order to deal with very high level cases and. absolutely absolutely yes while the european commission certainly knows about all this it spends most of its time and efforts on fake news originating from russia but decent journalists in bucharest romania as current high profile much focus minds on the democratic deficit much closer to home largely al-jazeera in bucharest . well a day after winning the asian cup qatar's footballers have been given a royal welcome on their return home to doha moments after the plane touched down
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they were greeted by qatar. three one in the final on friday it is their first ever major title they scored nineteen goals and conceded just one all the more impressive because the tournament was held in the united arab emirates one of four countries that's imposed a blockade on twenty seventeen and that meant qatari fans couldn't travel to support their team. headed down to doha as waterfront where thousands of fans turned out to greet them including al jazeera. nineteen champions of the asian cup i finally arrived in java the fans here i've been waiting to catch a glimpse of these players for hours i spoke to see the problem was he not only of the results. winning the championship but also. under very difficult circumstances that forced the blockade that is taking place between you and
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qatar and three other countries. to not attend any of the games that were taking place in. spite of all that. is made them it's. the world cup in two thousand and twenty two. and finally if you've ever had any travel delays recently spare a thought for passengers on board a hawaiian airlines flight from los angeles international airport on saturday it took off twice but had to return to the airport because of technical faults both times a third was watered by get another technical problem before the truth finally gave up the flight needless to say was canceled. watching officer i'm so ho raman a reminder of our top stories tens of thousands of people have been rallying in
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venezuela for and against the government of nicolas maduro opposition leader again called on the military to switch sides just after an air force general became the highest ranking military defector. thought of was you know you are hand remained to or government workers like the air force general who today took advantage of the amnesty law and put it into effect but we don't expect the armed forces to just make statements we don't expect just that we expect that they will stand up forcefully and powerfully and mouse respecting the constitution and saying that they accept military and aid and they are on the side of venezuela the government of the central african republic has struck a peace deal with fourteen armed groups the agreement was reached after a week of talks in sudan's capital khartoum it's hoped the deal will end to five years of violence between muslim rebels and christian fighters which has uprooted more than one million people and pushed the country towards famine russia says it's
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withdrawing from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty a day after the u.s. said it would stop observing the arms control pact washington is accusing moscow violating the agreement the move has prompted fears of a new arms race and a u.s. envoy is due to arrive in south korea ahead of a meeting with north korean officials stephen bagan is in the region to discuss next steps in dismantling north korea's nuclear weapons program us president donald trump is planning a second summit with north korean leader kim jong. in the democratic republic of congo's opposition leaders urging supporters were involved what he calls peaceful resistance speaking as a rally in the capital kinshasa wasn't that you lose that december's presidential election was rigged he claims the president feel is katie made a power sharing deal with outgoing leave. a charge both men deny and cattles footballers have been given a hero's welcome in doha
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a day after winning the asian cup the team beat japan three one in the final on friday to secure their first ever major football talk those were the news headlines of iraq alone news and next it's people in power here on al-jazeera. tortured entertained in their homeland chinese we hear is our fleet but is there a safe place to go one of many as far as their perilous journey to an uncertain future. on how does iraq. twenty eighteen a new government come to power in armenia amid widespread optimism that its leader they cope with decades of corruption and they're going to make this moment right now he said ministration faces a major don lemon whether to proceed with a huge be defined mining project but some are warning will cause enormous
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environmental damage and in danger of one of the world's rarest animal species. the former soviet republic of armenia has witnessed dramatic changes in the last twelve months. a bloodless revolution led by journalist turned politician nicole push in yet promised an end to decades of corrupt rule this. is just one a snap election and for the first time in years there is open to ms m o first priority is to continue. to call it was and to make
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a real difference is enough minion because. all mania has enjoyed years of blockades imposed by its neighbors turkey and azerbaijan the country's economy never really recovering from the collapse of the u.s.s.r. . previous governments result it's a leasing its mineral rich benton's to foreign mining concerns it was driven by need for revenue but it also cools and momus environmental damage even worse say some of the economic benefits were only ever enjoyed by a few new army of all which will probably have not its cause. they're still new to me sue the woman nor should you. or cool loss of slumbers in the who she's a beautiful show but it would let the police. have the latest of these mining projects is proving hugely divisive supported by the previous government and poised
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to begin work it is said to exploit a massive gold deposits in the south of the country but it is being blockaded by activists who believe that profits are less important than amin is unique environment you can't drink gold or you can't eat galt you can't just bury gold you need pure environment for life. what happens next for the mine goes ahead all the activists win the battle lies in the hands of the new prime minister nicole pushing and. it's a decision that could affect the future of his administration and threaten the ecosystem and even the fate of one of the world's most imperiled animal species. tiny landlocked all mean year is the oldest christian country in the world. blessed with rich soils it is also considered to be the birthplace of wine and even
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today agriculture forms the mainstay of the economy. the magnificent mind ararat where many believe the remains of noah's ark will one day be found is the national symbol. today the mountains of armenia like the fabled on remain a refuge for many endangered animals the hunting ground of the world's rarest big cat the koch asian leopard of which there are estimated to be only ten left in the country. this unique footage was captured by trial cameras. alexander more caution a rule authority on the reclusive animal has been charting the leopard's battle for survival for over twenty years as an awful events and outdated dodig what.
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was shelagh the birds so show up short i missed it. and as such i'm not going to be a lot of color loaf. around our not where that. he is i'd say i'm in the corner but you're not going of course the get rid of. but the fate of this magnificent beast hangs in the balance with the new mind ready and waiting to get into production. yes there is are lots of days many of. them where you are but it was enough to go. deeper within the karabakh ridge a mountain called amel saw which translates as the barren place is ironically the side of a massive gold deposit discovered by anglo-american mining company lydian international who intend to extract the precious metal by means of a controversial he pleasing process. may be an international is
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a biggest for any western culture during the last for been years we invested about five hundred billion over this project is very important for the economy or. we designed the project to be. environmentally. safe first of all he pleased ethnology doesn't have to face down there is no issues with water no issues with the health of community. but local see things differently and fearful that their lives are about to change forever. the tourism in the free trade which have always been their main source of income will be destroyed if the mind goes ahead. spurred on by the recent revolution for the last six months protesters have blocked all roads to the
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mountain stopping for the mine construction. first we leave out to our cars then we bring and now we bring temporary hall was this really this is the place we are leaving to go. this is our scene well that's we must save on the side we thought our mom i know we're almost. on we must save eat right home michael he was not going well really on last night where we jump or you're going to jail you're wrong john i would get your rights your borders are loved you document your for the conqueror go to see i born or sure none of them made her michael jordan got all boards with. many. have come to this remote sports to support the book ages. people like annie from the capital younger than he was a seven year old son is. every time i go to. his
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us can need to stay with him and i just explain him that if i don't go. who who can go so i feel it's some moral duty to go there and to stand with them anyway it's a little bit difficult because i'm a girl and they're all boys but i can say that during this months we became just like family. let us know when there's just this sort of this nice woman ya got so she'll you bastardo here sure should just leave it right it. would do but branch with. the blockade has proved from markedly effective. the machinery and trucks lie idle the project is literally frozen. which is proceeding. it's about hollywood or but now it's more because we're lost people. professionals we
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tell mean eight hundred thousand two hundred seventy contracts. the blockade is making some people just because of the wider implications for not coming one day close all the mines because they will have basically you will be destroyed a big part of your budget thousands and thousands of people will be out of the job armenia's titular head of state president sarkozy and used to be on the board of lydian the blockaders believe he's just one of many power brokers backing the mind his role was more of brokering this potential big investment into into the country as opposed to anything else. on my side has been a fixer for this mining project and we wanted to. we actually
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asked him directly questions of what was his role and asked him to disclose information that is particularly important at the moment. he denied to disclose information when you join a board you saw him challenging. my cautious is absolutely clear what i did absolutely clear. non the less the blockade is a wary of the president preferred to put their faith in armenia's new prime minister nicole pushing on his shoulders the future of the minaya rests a political ad side and in a fired man of the people last spring the shinya was swept into office on an unprecedented wave of popular support. he promised to end the endemic corruption that have dogged his country under the decade long rule of former
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president says suck sand of the republican party his attempt to stay in power by becoming prime minister had set off a political earthquake. the legitimacy i mean social. psychological edge over the public good port was there is they were not popular even ten years ago with this exit because the truth. pushing in a former political prisoner began a long march from the west of the country to the capital yerevan much of the time with his wife at his side in her right at the. heart of it sent up i doubt. we had a good hour to get it hot out to someone else almost. like a slum lord yes that's what has called. us that's important and that's the good knots i levels most economists that. with hundreds of thousands of supporters on the streets demanding he became prime minister instead of socks in
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pushing eunice yoon power in a velvet revolution. he immediately set about tackling corruption with high profile cases like the mayor of yerevan his numerous mansions were filmed by a drain the video of which went viral on the internet. people who are incensed love the options to push you know the. nearest to the little lose a little to those that still can look up you. know to see you spread loose to be something that in your bus almost of the mood of the. culture of corruption came from the soviet era and it wasn't it wasn't fought within the early stages of army as independence just like it was the case on other.


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