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tv   Uighurs Nowhere To Call Home  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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we all love one another. there's concern here that last week's bombings will be denounced. but in a heavily guarded mosque preachers for some hope love the same is stronger than violence jim duggan al-jazeera seduce southern philippines a u.s. state governor has changed his story about a coup klux klan photo which is causing a racism scandal twenty four hours after ralph northam apologized for being in the photo now the democrat from virginia says it's not him the photo taken in one nine hundred eighty four has provoked increasing calls for his resignation my belief that i did not wear that costume or attend that party stems in part from my clear memory of all the mistakes i made in the same period of my life that same year i did participate in
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a dance kind in san antonio in which i darken my face as part of a michael jackson costume i look back now and regret that i did not understand the harmful legacy of an action like that it is because my memory of that episode is so vivid that i truly do not believe i am in the picture in my yearbook. antique shops used to do a roaring trade in baghdad's but years of conflict and threats of kidnapping of force sellers to shut their shops in the markets and go online matheson met one trader who is determined to keep his store and all the pieces of history it holds. selling history in baghdad. has owned his little antique shop for twenty five years these to be dozens of stories like his crammed into baghdad's back streets and the mud in the. iraqis have their history and culture and twined people in turn for the past and they're still in the stalls for the golden era of baghdad.
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during years of conflict antique shops have been shutting down some owners don't to be rich have been threatened or blackmailed and tourists are aware of how a lot of visitors would come to the auctions in antique shops to recollect beautiful memories but the business is dwindling day by day we don't have any tourists because of the political turmoil and the unpredictable security baghdad's few remaining on t.v. shops are mainly here in this little square in the center of the old part of the city most of the time they're closed but occasionally on sunny days like this one they will throw open the shutters some of the stuff may be skimming the surface of being junk but inside the stores there are treasure troves for the avid buyers. many wealthy people who would have bought antiques of art here have left iraq because of the conflicts but there are still those who hope to rediscover baghdad's
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past a one with these antique shops a part of baghdad's good old days some say young people don't pay attention anymore but that's not true i come here to collect been stitched photos of old baghdad these places of bridges that connect the past to the present popular political. stories are also closing because their owners are starting to sell online but first reid says his doors will stay open because his shop is part of iraq's history matheson al-jazeera. and just moments right here on the news hour we'll have more on the extreme winter sport touring the world live will tell you about crust ice that's coming up in a moment. and your husband gavin worsley when four teenagers broke down the back the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this
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happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march twenty sixth seen when violence broke out at the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird serve african you know table coming together in the open there was a far cry gathered because by rolling rolling feel a lot some of it was because the place become involved only start of choice and they just very well and that crowd already been in the media to talk a lot of political pressure on. these people to commit crime interesting the race holy month gets blamed for the actions of the few. people have to base i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well.
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hello again time for the sports news with leo thanks to rain now the team have put qatar on the map as an emerging footballing nation have returned home to a red carpet welcome the new asian cup champions getting the royal treatment a day after defeating japan three one in the final they were greeted by qatar's america to mean been hammered on fannie the asian cup is qatar's first big football trophy be scored nineteen goals in conceded just one beating saudi arabia south korea and the united arab emirates on their way to the title making the result even more impressive is at the turn meant was held in the u.a.e. one of the four countries that's imploded the blockade on qatar since twenty seventeen yet with that arsenal players that they were. working with them for a very long shot others not but at the end i think that.
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what we want that a very strong national group they do very good was older situations with the french and the going. after the arrival at the airport it was on to downtown doha for the team where supporters lined the streets to salute their heroes qatar went into the tournament right to ninety third in the field for world rankings the victory getting fans excited about what's on the horizon for the nation that will host the next world cup in two thousand and twenty two. i'm to go up to oregon three something amazing are you ready for what you'd like to think of this team ready to be done to you i don't really care you're here i feel like proud you know like you know i feel like a baby i think you know like. they won the hold of all thought like i don't say anything but i'm very happy. once the excitement dies down there are bigger challenges ahead for coach felix sanchez and his players the next important date is
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in store months any records and has more. now when the cats or national team left our horror at the start of last month they really were rank outsiders to win the asian cup it's for most of which they've got no track record of success they returned having beaten all previous champions on my way to that final win against japan and the young striker i'm always early who scored nine goals in the tournament a player the footballing world is talking about now it has to be said at a global level asian football does struggle to punch its weight in the twenty four scene world cup no asian teams made it beyond the group stage and last year in russia only japan made it through to the last sixteen but there are many reasons to feel optimistic about what is happening with this cat tsotsi for the last fifteen years a huge amount of work has gone into developing young players of the national academy here the aspire academy and now we're seeing large home grown players finally performing at senior level be historical joy i think hats off the national scene
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resembled the united nations of football can now largely be put to bed the next big test of these players is going to the copper america in brazil in june where the group's alongside argentina colombia paraguayan of a huge test of their footballing credentials but their success is real and it's a huge boost as well as the organizers of the twenty twenty two world cup desperate to move the focus away from sports politics and back on what's actually happening. on the football pitch. from one football event to an even bigger one the super bowl we're less than twenty four hours from kickoff in atlanta where the dominant n.f.l. team of the past decade the new england patriots will face off against a los angeles rams safety is of course a major concern in the lead up to america's biggest game the f.b.i. says it's worried about private and commercial drones being flown near the venue for sunday's event there's a temporary flight restriction in place but it has not stopped drummer users if
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these drones go out of control or the pilot loses control of one they can go into a crowd and cause serious injury and the other of course is when we look up into the air and we see a drone flying in the air we have no idea if it's friendly or if it's someone that has nefarious plans and is weaponized on sunday the pats and rams will play for the vince lombardi trophy one of the interesting dynamics is between the quarterbacks forty one year old tom brady will face jared goths who's only twenty four brady is already the oldest quarterback to start a super bowl with goff being among one of the youngest the patriots have already won five super bowls whereas the rams haven't won a champions ship since the year two thousand when they still played out of st louis of course their fans say they're ready to take over from new england you know i'm looking for. tom brady to be upset and looking for disappointment in his face. a good reaction shot where you know he's defeated he's been a top long enough he's
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a legend let's let some let's new guys make it up to the top. i mean they've had their run they've had one ten plus years almost think it's time for new kids on the block young head coach. of the modern day bella checked in tom brady so why not move it into a new building so now it's time to do it. those rams fans are not alone fans of other teams have also had enough of the patriots' dominance. i'm so sick of the patriots but mainly because they beat us two years ago the super bowl and i was my roommate so if you're not going to lose in atlanta really an offense to get some kind of you know some kind of closure here to the super bowl in this and then we can have a chance of a future just be nice to see the loose. we have maybe the falcons that set me up like. and like everything is doesn't like me. i hate you. and for one of the sports youngest fans to some who are slightly more
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experience and well traveled don crisman tommy hanks will and gregory eaton are the only men to have attended every single super bowl going all the way back to one nine hundred sixty seven back then though they got in for twelve dollars a ticket their tickets for sunday's game are priced around two thousand dollars apiece. sometimes i feel really run of the people. you know you can just go to one that i've got i've already been that all of them it's going to be about iraq. i don't know we just love the game and we got addicted to it i love it you same ball is making headlines behind the scenes at the super bowl in the fan zone. the fastest man in the world tied the n.f.l. record for the quickest forty yard dash he did it in for twenty two seconds after retiring from sprinting he took up football but could american football be next maybe the eight time gold medal winner will be inspired by the big game. another
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superstar le bron james sat out saturday's n.b.a. game and the l.a. lakers struggled without him they took on the golden state warriors where clay thompson stole the show after missing one game with illness he were turn to score twenty eight points leading the warriors to a one fifteen one a one one the west indies fast bowlers have led their team to a first cricket test series defeat of england in ten years jason holder with four wickets including a spectacular dismissal of jonny bairstow similarly destructive was it came our roach as england crashed to one thirty two all out in their second innings in an roche the player of the match with eight wickets all up the windies easily getting the fourteen runs needed for a ten wicket when they're up to nil in the series with one test for me. more rock solid than their cricketers are england's rugby stars they've defeated the reigning champions ireland thirty two twenty in the six nations center henry slade scoring
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two late tries it was england's first victory in dublin for six years and in ireland's fourteen game winning run at home the next one is going to be better than standing on the yeah i would say it's still growing. in the ramp east side when looking forward why didn't that look. when we put together when there's no real you know we never going to have a purcell's we never thought about where the finished article does he want to strive to be better and this is no different now you know this is a supposed high you respond when the term and whether it's a bump on the road or whether it's itself more like a i don't know what but the group of players we have in here that there are they're hurting in there as you go back the first thing we do need more even they get back together is that we've been looking to get better. well this next story is like the loser but on your feet it involves ice skating but it's called crashed ice it's an
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extreme sport event that involves downhill skating and an urban environment on a track that includes steep turns and high vertical drops canadian men one fenlon us one for the women. back to you during really a thank you very much thanks for watching the news hour by for know. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves erupt in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very
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communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life torn civic to and on al-jazeera. to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. killed ten family members and hundred. the wall is passed on to people in power and meets the women heading an eighteen man militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand. and eye for an hour in iraq
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on al-jazeera. all jews iraq. with and for you. as well as president nicolas maduro proposes parliamentary elections as one of old protesters calling for him to leave and to stay. out of there more kyle has his arms there are live from doha also coming up hope
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for peace between muslims and christians in central african republic as fourteen groups reach a deal with the government. yemen's warring sides hold talks to try to salvage a frontal ceasefire in the strategic port city. and the last child refugees held in a strange prison camp a finally getting a new home. as well as president nicolas maduro is proposing a parliamentary elections as pressure grows on him to resign opposition leader who has declared himself interim leader is demanding a new presidential election. news in human reports from caracas. it looked and sounded like a cop. for as far as the eye could see answer an opposition leader call to increase pressure to force president nicolas maduro out. anyone
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else any other alternative is better than this government they've been in power for twenty years and done nothing but starve us. after years of frustrated attempts they feel changes in the air. this time is different because we have to help before the country's carnage. this is the last march we have to go to i was. just hours earlier an air force general defected the first top ranking officer to do so since why the offered them an amnesty a stinging blow who knows that the military's voile t. is crucial to his political survival. instinct. was this it. was.
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going to be. on the other side of president gathered his supporters he's vowed to never give in to pressure from servants of the us empire as he calls the opposition but one of the rejects demands for a new presidential elections he's offering an alternative. i agree but the legislature should be religious by by the country and that we hold free elections with guarantees and may the people decide on the national assembly. would opponents want is for my brutal to go self proclaimed interim president announced his next move the imminent arrival to the border of humanitarian aid for than israel is most needy i say that earlier al jazeera asked him if. the army would defy muddle and allow the aid to cross into that israel and from neighboring colombia and brazil.
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that is i hope that the patriot to serve in soldiers who respect the constitution will withdraw the support of majority and give it to the people of venezuela who need food. as the power struggle continues all eyes will soon be on the border see how this latest challenge to the embattled government plays out to sea and human al-jazeera caracas so who's backing whom in the venezuelan political crisis will the current president has the support of at least six countries and reading russia china bolivia and cuba help with this need to hang glider has the backing of eighteen nations including the u.s. u.k. and ten latin american countries the e.u. also wants to see quite a take power and its government or until midnight on sunday to call a new presidential election. millions of venezuelans have fled the country crisis in recent years and many of them have also held the door of protests in their host
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countries and his entourage reports from bogota and neighboring colombia one million venezuelans of sort shelter. far from home but close to the fight against president nicolas maduro thousands of venezuelans abroad joining their fellow countrymen protesting inside venezuela in countries across the americas in europe this was the scene in madrid central seoul square they chanted we want freedom oh. the signs read no more my daughter and peace justice and democracy in venezuela. into less capital santiago the demonstration was led by wearing. the woman chosen to represent parallel government there but the leader of the opposition and so for a claim the interim president why. now there is no office whalen's or dreaming of a return to venezuela we are very grateful to chile which has welcomed us in
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a very nice way of returning to finish way law is archery a dream that those protesting in santiago say requires an end to my due to its government. we ask this government to leave today we want support so humanly parian aid can come and we can return to our country. but more than three million venezuelans fled the economic and political crisis in their country since two thousand and fifteen in search of food work and medicine venezuelans protesting in colombia the country that has received most refugees said it was their duty to continue putting pressure internationally convinced that challenge to end the latest sanctions imposed by the united states will force them to step down i think this is the only way and finally we found a way to get rid of my daughter and music take the ship ok there's a renewed sense of optimism and hope among the venezuelan diaspora the feeling say
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that for the first time regina change in venezuela is truly within reach. just. at least hills be integrated aimed at ending six years of fighting between muslims and christians in central african republic government leaders struck the deal with fourteen armed groups softer a week of talks ensued done by the united nations and african union fighting has killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands. well the alliance of muslim rebels known as the select overthrew president francois it was he says government in twenty thirteen a few months later rebel leader michel just a day i was sworn in as into him president he was forced to resign after fighting between the slacker and christian vices known as the anti lacka continued the un sent a peacekeeping force to support african union and french forces already there since then cease fires have been signed and violated all sides have been accused of war
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crimes. more on this from kos in we don't have the details about how many of those warlords who what names and so on and what is the basis on which. will be created of the the world itself will be pardoned within the framework of this agreement an agreement that has been proposed by the african union and supported by the united nations hosted by sudan but it is not the first time this happens seven at least seven agreements of this kind had been agreed on in the past but soon to be violated now the hope is that this one can hold because. probably it is the first time that all of the arab league the fourteen rebel factions are represented in the persons of their main leaders that gives hope to the central african people after years of bloodshed and after more than one
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million people have either been displaced killed or displaced or forced to leave the country we also know that the two presidents of sudan and the central african republic according to the information we have right now are going to attend this ceremony to give it more importance it is going to be signed within a few hours from now in khartoum. yemen's warring sides are holding talks on board a boat in the red sea in an attempt to save the file data ceasefire the meeting between the saudi backed government and who the rebels is being chaired by the un's outgoing once a retired dutch general patrick comair the two sides are discussing how to implement a peace agreement reached in sweden last year it called for the withdrawal of forces from the strategic port city of war on this around. joins us here in the studio so how should these talks coming at a very critical time and it's trying to say this peace deal what we know about how they're going so far well there was supposed to meet in the data itself and then
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agree on the modernity of the withdrawing her fighters from the city and the port. and they were facing huge differences over who should take over in the houses are saying they can only hand over control to local authorities if the data the government is saying is no we are the ones who have to take over if failed to come up was there a few weeks ago his convoy came under fire. and this is cited now to go to the boat of the coast of her later to try to bring all the parties however the hoses are very quick all of the attorneys by the u.n. saying that the we are willing to salvage any deal they said that they have been over the last month three thousand violations by the saudi led. coalition against the who of these particular in the data and when you look at the situation on the ground you have fighting in different parts of the country so the it's the environment is really is very turns so is there any sign that there will be this withdrawal of troops of course that was supposed to happen on january seventh and
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hasn't so far i don't think is going to happen for food for many reasons the data itself it has become the focal point of the fight to control yemen between the both these and the government backed by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates that's where eighty percent of the food imports come into yemen if you lose control of the data because control of all of yemen if the hope is that has either it would pave the way for the government to launch a major military offensive to take over the city of the capital some or so the cannot afford to see to show the world are losing the war of the same time the government is determined to take over the data they say the reason why we have a deal in sweden is for the truth is to pull out and for us to take over and i think as we speak the u.n. is grappling to trying to convince both parties to come up with concessions which is not the case of far and as this is such a crucial entry point for any aid coming into yemen to the people eighty percent of
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whom are dependent on it how is that flow of supplies being affected while this is the thing the biggest concern now is that the saudi you a coalition is saying that if the deal collapses. they will resume the campaign they started a few months ago to take over her data and for the un for the agencies operating on the ground they're concerned that if fighting fires up in the area it means a massive disruption of the flow of food into yemen and imagine people in desolate mountainous areas across the country who have to wait weeks and weeks for food to arrive it will definitely exacerbate the humanitarian situation which is disquiet by the u.n. itself as the worst in the world.


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