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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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mr trump tried to give mr irwin exactly what mr you're going to ask for in syria and so it's a puzzling reaction when i decided to make us an enemy again but perhaps for domestic reasons that you sort of you know i don't think the u.s. position is that we could change here with respect to saudi arabia mr trump seems to be fairly well fixed in his view of how to deal with saudi arabia must pay always been there and i don't think that mr brown statements are likely to change is that position by years of war in syria has created high demand for artificial limbs hundreds of thousands of people have lost on slags or both especially during the bombardment of opposition held areas many of the maimed children some of them javid has moved from gaziantep in techie near the syrian border. up till when i think about what happened she says i cry this is
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a two year old child. like millions of other syrian children she struggles with the painful memories of how she lost her leg and have brother. we first met her three years ago when she got her first breast thetic leg she started school since then and made new friends but now she tells us she gets bullied as well for having an artificial leg and for being a foreigner as she grows older the artificial limb needs to be replaced with a bigger one this is also true for other patients whose bodies outgrow their prosthetics. sometimes my classmates just leave me alone other times the children can call me things like hey you with the leg keep walking like this so what young child has been telling me is that she wants to go to germany her father tells me that their case has been pending with the authorities for the last three years now that the situation in syria is karma the cases at this center continue to pile up
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in twenty sixteen they had three hundred people who required prosthetic limbs now that list has grown to two thousand but with more restrictions on who can cross the border into turkey they've opened a smaller workshop inside syria which has its own set of challenges because after eight years of war find qualified technicians difficult it cost somewhere between three to nine thousand dollars to make a prosthetic limb costs depend on injury and whether it's a hand or a complete foot or a leg. man to head the war is still happening patients who require limbs are chronic and with time they need more care many of these cases appear after the fighting has finished people need to continue their lives regardless of their disability with rising inflation and winning help it's difficult to keep producing high quality prosthetics every time the exchange rate in turkey changes it means fewer limbs can be many factored but for children like donor fatigue rising prices
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and border problems don't mean much all she dreams of is to overcome what hinders her from being treated like all the other children in her school. job it out of the era. still ahead on al-jazeera why this thirty five year old photo is threatening to end the career of a rising political star in the united states and how odd to see him doll drawing inspiration from russia. hello the skies allow us to clear across southern parts of china we're approaching the new year of course think linq out into central areas could produce some longer spells of rain as we go on through the next day or to take
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a fair amount of dry weather as well as set of the cases that go through monday go on into tuesday that cloud does thicken up enough for some rather heavy spells of right from time to time shanghai gets up to about eleven degrees celsius hong kong gets up to around twenty three degrees because a lot of dry weather and that's why we're stretching down across a good part of the philippines plenty of sunshine here and then as sunshine is fantasy much of malaysia down into indonesia the biggest shallows always a little further south will see some very heavy downpours pushing into southern parts of borneo but we simply shows that java will see some very wet weather just around smart to thailand stays generally set fair as you go on through monday but choose day could see some showers just pushing into the gulf of thailand from time to time as some showers also pushing towards shore lanka at the moment you see some cloud showing up him up just south asia that's fine and dry some pleasant sunshine coming through but i think mccloud up towards mobile piles of pakistan some snow by over the high ground it is slowly but surely making its way further east. the
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weather sponsored by catalona. high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. patrolling coom farm and family is tough with no outside support comet's longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets morocco village superwomen.
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again you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour president donald trump has told a u.s. t.v. network that sending the military to venezuela is an option he's also said he's turned down a meeting with venezuelan president nicolas maduro. pope francis has arrived in abu dhabi the first ever papal visit to the arabian peninsula roman catholic leader will be in the region for two days. turkey's president. has criticized the u.s. for not taking a tougher line over the murder of saudi journalist. he was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october last year. i was surprised foreign takeover of a container port in sudan has left workers there angry and fearing for their livelihoods. and the workers at the port sudan container terminal surprised by a sudden takeover of the port by
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a philippine company. following an agreement with the sudanese government the so-called international container terminal services ice e.t.s.i. will operate the terminal for the next twenty years these workers say such an agreement could affect their livelihoods and their basic rights i would highly motherly not recently reject this agreement because we haven't been consulted about it our primary demand is a guarantee that our workers won't become homeless or redundant because of the agreement we want to make sure the new job terms obviated in the previous ones the deal was signed after two years of secret negotiations are because of the one hundred twenty eight pages document has so far been released so then has already received a four hundred and sixty million dollars down payment from the philippine company which says it will run the operation from its headquarters in dubai a lot of the laws. for the interest of our nation then in the red sea state in
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these terms are done must be shown the benefits of the agreement and what happened huge amount of money that's been paid to sudan have been demanding access to drinking water from the nile since nine hundred fifty six this am old enough to bring the nile itself to us and not just a water pipe the workers say their concerns are further deepened by the fact that the philippine company is based in dubai and worry that it is all a front for the united arab emirates to take control of all of sudan's red sea ports which richard with the not them hard there were five but his three of them came from dubai first the dubai ports company itself secondly a branch in saudi arabia and thirdly the philippines company which is the third under cleared face of dubai the philippines company said that their headquarters is in dubai there lies the connection with dubai ports. the agreement gives the philippines company a monopoly on operating all of sudan's container terminals this despite
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a recent memorandum of understanding with doha that would have meant a massive investment by qatar to develop the historic port of swac and now the deal looks unlikely that it might be hard to shake up another set of the most serious part of this agreement is that it gave the philippines company an exclusive right and prevented sudan from having partnership with other countries especially qatar which are located four billion dollars to develop the port of the working poor sudan or refused to comment on the agreement and denied access to the port the port workers themselves are worried of the total control by dubai which had entered similarly unpopular poor takeovers in somalia and djibouti before being expelled from those countries having already blocked access to the container terminal last week the port workers say they will continue to demand their rights be protected. and dizzier khartoum by israel has begun building
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a new barrier along its border with gaza when finished the fence will be sixty five kilometers long and six meters high force it has more from west jerusalem. well this is confirmation that work has now begun on what has been a longstanding plan by the israelis to build a much more substantial much higher much stronger border fence along the israel gaza border it will run along the same course as the underground barrier which israel has also been constructing to prevent tunnels from gaza and territory into israeli territory and it is accompanied by a warning from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that despite the fact that elections are upcoming in israel ninth of april is the date for those elections to take place that israel would take any military action that it deemed necessary unless hamas continued to ensure that quiet prevailed along the border of course the protests have been going on on that border for ten months now there are
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also efforts underway by the egyptians and the qataris to try to ensure that quiet prevails the political leader of hamas which controls the gaza strip is melania is in cairo there is an understanding that the egyptians are saying that they will maintain the opening of the rough our border crossing if hamas continues or does more to restrain the border protests but the fact that the these protests and the situation on the border is extremely tense and could lead towards an escalation has been evidenced again today sunday with the publication of a video which showed what took place on the twenty second of january when an israeli soldier was struck in the helmet by a bullet fired from gaza and territory islamic jihad claiming that that was their action shooting that israeli soldier after he himself had been firing into a crowd of protesters the fact that his helmet protected him from significant
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injury or even death could be really the line between what might have been a major escalation and which what and what actually took place which was an israeli tank firing on a hamas border post killing. one thomaston even so it does remain an extremely delicate situation and on top of the fact that already according to the united nations last week we have seen two hundred ninety five palestinians killed in these ten months of protests six thousand injured by live fire twenty nine thousand injured all together now the democratic governor of the u.s. state of virginia is refusing to step down despite growing calls for his resignation the controversy began when a photograph emerged of two students in costs you one in black face the other as a member of the klu klux klan it is alleged that one of them is ralph northam but after initially apologizing for it he now says it wasn't him she had reports from washington this is the first year that caused the outrage but appeared on now
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governor ralph northam is medical school yearbook page in one thousand nine hundred four on friday the governor apologized but on saturday he said it wasn't him of rule reason he so sure the time he did wear a black face my belief that i did not wear that costume or attend that party stamps in part from my clear memory of other mistakes i made in the same period of my life . that same year i did participate in a dance contest in san antonio in which i darken my face as part of a michael jackson asked that explanation proved too much particularly for members of his own policy the democrats the party's senior leadership both nationally and in his state are urging them to resign a message repeated by democrats on the sunday talk shows i think he should resign now he then can contribute to their style but he as i said he should do it as privates and i think this country hasn't dealt well with the issues of race i mean
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we have a president who is a racist the democrats have to capitalize on donald trump on the republican policies handling of race a recent poll found that sixty three percent of americans disapprove of crumbs handling of the issue but the controversy in virginia is a reminder of the democrats' open poor record on race so that you get to know them to step down as quickly as possible but you know like all the southern states has a long history of democratic party racism just a few weeks ago the state's african-american lieutenant governor justin fairfax who would succeed governor in all of them if he does resign walked out of the state senate rather than preside over a tribute to confederate general robot elite will briefly be obese. in twenty sixteen then democratic party presidential nominee hillary clinton had to apologize for statements like this that seem to defy black communities the kinds of kids that are concept of predatory no conscience no empathy at the time then president bill clinton was signing legislation that led to record african-american incarceration
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and that's also an issue that's likely to hold true biden if he runs in twenty twenty not only does he take credit for such legislation he was against desegregation in the seventy's we made so much rock norm appears to believe he can ride this control was throughout but perhaps things have changed which may be problematic for democratic politicians who in the past of turned a blind eye or even pandered to white voters for electoral gain. the upsurge of racist violence and rhetoric since donald trump's integration how's that to a renewed sense among a radicalized younger democratic base that racism will not be tolerated in their party shihab rattansi al-jazeera. a grammy nominated rapper has been arrested by u.s. immigration officers for overstaying atlanta based musician twenty one savage moved to the u.s. from britain as a teenager in two thousand and five but didn't renew his visa when it expired a year later he was convicted on drug charges five years ago and now faces deportation artists here in doha are drawing inspiration from
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a russian add on guard it is part of a cultural exchange program between qatar and russia. went to take a look. evocative chromatic colors and abstract shapes experimental arts in the form of architecture technology and science. all on show here in a full fire station now in our together in the country capital eighty one masterpieces from some of the most influential figures in russian art history the director of the exhibition says it's one of many aiming to inspire young artists qatar is in a moment in time where it is looking at technology looking. science are really when you see that across the country you see with the different institutions that are happening and we are part of this and it has to start somewhere it's part of a year long cultural exchange between the two countries russian art in the twentieth century challenge traditional concepts inventing art with science
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astronomy and mathematics ought experimentation was interrupted in the one nine hundred thirty s. would come in this leaders or did artists to present an optimistic future to the masses but revived in the fifty's and sixty's. this is always be annoyed. me fifty years ago in one thousand sixty eight this was the time when i learnt a bit of knowledge you may never see. him. from shop linear lines geometric objects and spatial dimensions evoking futuristic ideas as well as connected god this inspired by floating pieces of facts in a bowl of chicken broth soup. this piece. is called tower the architect an artist designed this meant to be four hundred metre tele of glass
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and steel that each of the structures was meant to revolve at different speeds it was so ahead of its time but never built a symbol of what could be achieved in the form of modern architecture. were. the country artist in residence says he's inspired by the works. explores different mechanisms and takes on the idea of moving or. coincidentally enough of always fun but also linked in very strongly towards my work as i also have worked with kinetic architecture and also three d. modeling based art as well this idea of a moving object. would be placed in the middle of the room and consistently moving as world remains dynamic to me. artistic exchanges between countries and generations sends the message that radical innovations are a sign of forward thinking mohammed al jazeera.
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all right let's get a round up now on the top stories on al-jazeera president donald trump has told a u.s. t.v. network sending the military to venezuela is an option he's also said he's turned down a meeting with venezuelan president nicolas maduro says. well he is requested a meeting and i've turned it down because we're very far along in the process you have a a young and energetic gentleman but you have other people within that same group that have been very very if you talk about democracy it's really democracy in action the pope francis has arrived in darby the first ever papal visit to the arabian peninsula the roman catholic leader will be in the region for two days he'll meet a leading muslim clerics and hold an open air mass for thousands of catholics turkey's president has called the saudi crown prince and the former foreign minister liars over their handling of the murder of journalist. richard type one
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also lashed out at the u.s. for not taking a tougher line against the kingdom over the case ashaji was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october last year. el salvador is voting in the first round of elections to choose a new president former mayor of san salvador with an anti establishment message is leading opinion polls japanese carmaker nissen has scrapped plans to build its new generation s.u.v. in britain car giant says it will now make the vehicles at its plant in japan and uncertainty over breaks it was making it hard to plan for the future israel has begun building a new barrier along its border with gaza when finished the fence will be sixty five kilometers long and six meters high the democratic governor of the u.s. state of virginia is defying calls for his resignation it follows a scandal over
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a college yearbook photo showing students in costume one in black face the other as a member of the klu klux klan. denies appearing in the picture. those are the headlines in such stories next. catalan wins the asian cup victory for the world cup the smallest host nation puts it on course for twenty twenty two but will the big win in the united arab emirates ease or exacerbate tensions in the gulf this is inside story.
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except. that. hello and welcome to the program dennis cattles football team started the asian cup ranked a lowly ninety third in the world but after an illness flawless monthlong torn amid country players brought home their first major trophy all the more remarkable because the matches were played in the united arab emirates is one of the four countries imposing a twenty month long blockade on qatar so cattery fans were banned from going to cheer the team on and the players in do it outright hostility on the pitch. a full reports. a triumphant return for the asian cup football champions the mirror of qatar welcomed home the winning team after they beat japan three one. then it was off to
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a victory parade on doha's waterfront many of these fans couldn't attend the tournament in the united arab emirates. they could only watch the action from afar off to the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt seven ties with qatar and imposed a blockade in twenty seventy two i know it's a great feeling thank goodness we got here after a lot of hard work and perseverance. i can't describe my feeling today i feel as happy as any arab especially when my country achieved something like this it was a great game too and to be such a great team like japan makes it an even bigger achievement it's a win for the amir the amir father and everyone who lives in qatar and every arab everyone without discriminating between them. the team faced a hostile reception throughout the tournament crowds through shoes and bottles at the players when they defeated the u.a.e. in the semifinal. and no qatari fans were allowed in the stands so supporters from
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oman stepped in to cheer albeit with discretion. but despite the political tension overcame the odds to win its first major football trophy showing perhaps that sport can triumph over politics. well let's have a look at a few other examples of how politics and sport of merged in history african-american athletes jesse owens one for gold medals at the nine hundred thirty six olympic games in berlin presenting a huge challenge to nazi leader adult hitler's ideas of aerion supremacies the mexico city olympics in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight is perhaps best remembered for. sprinters tommie smith and john carlos giving the black power salute as a u.s. national anthem is played at the munich olympics in one hundred seventy two eleven israeli teen members were killed by the palestinian group black september and the
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winter olympics just a year ago brought the two koreas together marching under one flag and the first combined women's eisele he team in decades. all right let's introduce our panel now here in doha we have mahfood ammara head of the sports science program at cafe university is also the author of sport politics and society in the arab world in amsterdam via skype we have james dorsey he's a senior fellow at the s. rajaratnam school of international studies and he's the author of turbulent world of middle east soccer joining us from london is rob paris an international football writer welcome to you all but mahfood can i start with you because of course everybody loves a champion everyone loves success but how significant is this victory for cattles footballing prowess. thank you for having me this is very important because qatari
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from number one the won the bid to host the fifa world cup they received many criticism on one of the criticism was that doesn't have the football culture i mean this victorian but in all there is a football culture of year and there is a system which is in place in terms of football development and the victoria is in with literacy of this system and rob coming to you in london i mean how big a surprise was a seventy you cover international football the time this is their first major international tracey what will you completely go up slant by it. i mean it was an astonishing feat their run to a first ever semifinal then the final winning it and only conceding once on the way while winning all seven games scoring nineteen goals is an incredible performance and one that will also bring renewed scrutiny on the team the interest in terms of how the team is being put together how it's progressing towards challenging in
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twenty twenty two but as we saw when the u.a.e. lodged a yet complaint with the asian cup organizers after losing the semifinal about the eligibility of two players there will be then that focus and questions that there will have to be addressed and they'll be that is natural as a team progress they get more successful at it but what it does show to the world i think for cats are is the fact that many thought that the team might be embarrassed on home soil in twenty twenty two now there's a different narrative and no be a sense of just what can the team achieve and debt games and answer them much of the tournament seventy one for the cattery games was played in a real sense of toxicity i mean it was hostile hughes bottles thrown on the pitch for the team did exceptionally well given that but what's the role of faith in all of this given that these matches were played in such unsportsmanlike conditions well i think the role of faith is far more cut and blix and goes far beyond what
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happened during the asian cup what the country victor is just has done this really is as much a sporting achievement as it is a political achievement in the narrow band of soccer of football politics but also in the broader band of geopolitics and feet first role in that has been on both levels because it in a sense what you have is that sports and politics are inextricably interlinked and that has become nowhere more clear then in the gulf over the last twenty months because of the rift among the various gulf states. to which they increasingly play right muffet coming back to you in because you've got firsthand knowledge haven't you of the system that's been put in place here in cata because this this special team hasn't come about through accident has it there's been a lot of investment made over time starting not even with this amir but with his
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father you know i think of the asian games i think that will host the young two thousand and six where i think the key moments for the strategy of qatar using sport for development and for you know for in and also in terms of elite sport development and though we have now in qatar a system in place where you have you know the all the in all the. kind of the stakeholders working together in or so you have aspire academy that are in or providing the the coaching and the techniques and you know helping in developing the kind of the skills and also you have a spirit or a more providing the health and in all science provisions and you have other stakeholders in the working together and developing this system. we're in now we see the in all the products of the system with this national team but not
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only in football but also in other sports as well and. james you were sort of alluding to the fact that this is more about more than just football which i accept but are you suggesting that katter's participation in the asian cup and its eventual success is actually changed anything in the in terms of the geopolitical situation. well i think what you're going to see the years that got us victory is going to escalate the opposition by primarily united arab emirates and saudi arabia to go to hosting the world cup and we've seen a lot of that already over the last several years. but at the same time of course it is in there and enhanced got just position because what got out of the way got to will play this is to say that it as before and despite that it has the resilience to reform. to perform despite the diplomatic and economic boycott that
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has been opposed on it and that it didn't need has the sort of football culture of the for performance dos to world cup indeed let's look forward ten to twenty twenty two rob and as has already been mentioned it it does put castro in a very good position doesn't it. deals with a lot of the criticism which suggested that cattle was not particular footballing nation and this is a victory that is being celebrated around the arab world which of course twenty twenty two is meant to be as well well perhaps not in all part of the arab world some of the newspapers in dubai and headlines such as unlucky japan loses the final no reference even sick to catherine those headlines so just shows how the diplomatic and political discord actually spills over into the sports pages and i think just when we thought and reviewed the organization is quite stable for the twenty to twenty two world cup fever and its president johnny fanciness seem to
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term into metal with it to try to cast himself in this role as peacemaker he said he wants to try to ensure other countries in the region have games at the world cup even though cats are one that vote in two thousand and ten i think he's looked at what the i.o.c. president thomas barker achieved with the winter olympics last year bring in the careers together and seize a role himself to be something more than just a sport. minister aides say he sees himself as having this ability to bring countries together where perhaps the politicians have not succeeded so far so i think that is going to be that the big issue in the coming months does in favor and in france you know try to force gains in twenty twenty two on other countries in terms of certainly going against what cats are right that iran in the eyes of the tournament want. that's an interesting point rob put it to james because currently feature is is looking at a feasibility study as to whether or not to expand twenty twenty two from the
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thirty odd of the thirty two teams to forty eight in if that were to be the case that would involve the participation of other countries in the reason i those countries who are currently blockading cata how complex how how plausible is this as an idea given the current situation if i can take what rob said a step further i think the notion that forcing the c.i. a situation which got there would have to share the hosting rights with other states in the region is pie in and that that would serve to bridge build bridges and. to spark every conciliation process is pie in the sky now whether the infant teano the face of president consciously or unconsciously is doing so in effect he is trying is serving the agenda of both united arab emirates and saudi
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arabia in the sense that they would in the not deal situation like the seat got to deprive the hosting rights and if it cannot be deprived of that at least be forced to share the glory and that he's trying to do by eyes or forcing is by forcing a situation which you would have an expansion of the number of competing teams to already be in two thousand and twenty two instead of at the two thousand and twenty six cut as it's scheduled but you do see this effort on a much broader scale for example in the. proposition that jut janeen for tina likes put forward by japanese venture capital fund soft bank which wants to invest twenty five billion dollars in fee for and to. create two new comp. fissions and that again is part of a greater effort but quickly on the part of the se but to a lesser degree on the part of the emmy rowdies to enhance their influence within
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global soccer government and the saudi efforts to allow it not be particularly successful right ok we're mahfood asking you now because you'll hear how do the caches feel then about the prospect of this increase in the number of teams participating in twenty twenty two and of course the prospect of of possibly sharing matches in the world cup event with other countries. i think so far in all they are going with the in or the idea of this events you know the two thousand and twenty two is going to be a host of qatar and on the qatar and that's the you know on the basis that there would be the holes and of course in all the events being promoted as being the fifa world cup not only for qatar but for the whole region but when it comes to you know the to the the delivery they already know invested a lot in terms of meeting all the requirements of the farm there have been many
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visits of before on the basis that all the events will take place here in qatar but of course you know the we don't know what will happen in next four years i hope that we hope we all hope that you know this in all kinds of conflicts will be resolved very soon and maybe this may be some good signs and i have been for the social media they could see many saudis an emeritus were celebrating the success of qatar in one because you know of the end of the day this is a team and arab team from the goal from the region that won this trophy by when it comes to showing in all the some of the much as or in terms of co-hosting i mean that's i think it's too soon to say anything about it right now i mean the qatari in the organizers are you know are going to. for these events to take place here in qatar with the hole but the borders will be open and will be in all. of history
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beautiful more only for qatar but for the whole region and also mccourty for the visitors to come and see how qatar has advanced in terms of its development using sports as one of the means rides and gains a little bit early he sounded just a tiny bit cynical as to what the measure of asian could be behind fief is particularly germany inventiveness. desire should we say to expand the number of teams taking place and indeed to spread the glory of the world cup do you feel that it's just a complete pipe dream that spreading the love if you like spreading football can actually build bridges where politics and diplomacy count well first of all i think that. indeed i am a bit cynical about the journey in france he knows approach. i think he has been doing the bidding of others but on top of that the notion that. soccer or football
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can be a driver of bridge building is simply not brought borne out by history with other words if you have an environment in the gulf in which for tightness we're looking for a way of building bridges then football can make a contribution however football is not going to be the vehicle that's critical that convince others to change the political stance and suddenly look for reconsideration and just to give you an example out of history we can go back to one nine hundred fourteen christmas when the brits in the germans in world war one declared a cease fire for twenty four hours to play a soccer game as subsequently for you it was killed millions of people and the same is true going back to the two thousand and seven iraqi winning of the asian cup which brought together people in the streets of baghdad at a time of heightened sic tarion violence for twenty four hours and they then went
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back to kill each other behind ok well rob if the beautiful game doesn't have the power of reconciliation embedded in it looking forward ten to twenty twenty two do you foresee that for that there will be obviously there will be negative and that that have an impact if the blockade is still in place just in terms of logistics and holding the world cup here. yes i think obviously and the mass influx of fans that cattles never seen before would be a serious and significant impact impact on the country and i think many thought the burden would be eased by the fact fans could stay in dubai fly in for games for instance and fly out again and help the east in that logistical burden so that will be one of the challenges if you can't fly in directly as we saw the fact a cattle team can even fly directly to abu dhabi for the asian cup they have to fly via q.a. i think one of the other issues that hasn't been touched on in terms of this
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co-hosting plan that johnny fancy you know is trying to introduce in the region at this point i made when i interviewed him fancy you know in october given all the human rights scrutiny of cattle in the advances that catalyze had to make in the plans put forward would he also impact request human rights strategies from new co-host in the region and would there be the need for them to sort of make some of the changes that cattle has had to to abide by fief is request and that would be another layer of complexity in terms of spreading the co-hosting and spreading the hosting of the tournament and games clearly you can see where they go and please continue james. i just wanted to take this one step further with just if that indeed the economic and diplomatic boycott of got that were to continue at the time of the world cup in qatar this is going to be a real problem for for the saudis the button
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a nice the end the rowdies because they're set and citizens at this point run a risk if they were to travel to gattaca so you will have for the first time a world cup in them in the arab world and in the gulf of which citizens of major countries would be barred and that probably is going to force a situation in which the south but he's the governor he's the best raise would have to breach their own boycott because otherwise this would create domestic issues. alright and coming back to my food all of this. political tension this regional rivalries taking the shine some was off what is an exceptional development. achievement in terms of cattle or its commitment to sport and indeed its football success i'm particularly taken by the fact that i think cafés any country in the world that has a national sports day which underlines its commitment i think what is interesting
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now the national sports day has been taken over by other countries neighboring countries and there's been and now it's we have national sports that i think in us maybe saudis or saudi arabia are also thinking of having the similar events yeah i think sports is you know is unique here in qatar it's. you know one of the pillars i would say of in or in all of development in the country in terms of using sports as a means of looking for other to diversify the economy in terms of sports for development spoil is of the heart of the how the city's now is being reshaped and redesigned in all. in all it's quite unique in the in the here in qatar and maybe that's why other countries in neighboring countries are maybe trying to maybe apply this the
9:43 am
similar system of using sport as a means for development of course you are in qatar there have been one of the. then the sudan port and so on the power of sports may be earlier than other countries in the arab world in particular in the region saudi arabia is also now is more open to this idea of having you know using you know the kind of the capitalizing on the on sports and more as a means for development there so i think about will in or even in the other parts of the arab. are things that would be particular to the elite sports system or maybe twenty two. votes in on terms of you know trying to use it as a best practice and rob judge from from what you've seen in terms of katter's footballing performances in the asian cup how much how much of an improvement have you noticed how far they're footballing credentials
9:44 am
burnished now by their for performance and obviously looking forward to twenty twenty two what do you how do you rate their chances or the made the world stand up when they be switzerland a few months going to friendly and that was pretty noteworthy victory in the fact it's quite a young team that won the asian cup it shows that much not many years of progress ahead of them i think what many people looking at will a big name coach be brought in to manage the team at all michael emerson name and perhaps what might put cattle off that is the fact the big name coaches who are in charge of teams in this tournament like licky and eriksson did not do well at all so that's the question do they stick with we what they've got or do they still bring in the big names or joe simmering you know in in cattle the other week doing some television punditry and it's all about now how the team progresses and that big challenge will be in the summer because they're going to be playing in the copper america the south american championship and in the group state of argentina so that's going to be one of the challenges that will show just where the teams are
9:45 am
ok james i think you're going to get the last word to you because you've written a book called the turbulent world of middle east soccer is the turbulent world of middle east soccer any less turbulent today following this amazing victory on the part of cattery football. i think the turbulence is going to be different from the time that i wrote the book and that was in part referring to the popular approach of two thousand and eleven but in terms of turbulence itself i think you're going to see greater rather than less turbulence all right thank you all very much indeed gentlemen mahfood. here in doha james dorsey in amsterdam and rob harris in london thank you very much indeed and as ever if you want to see this program again you can go to the website al-jazeera dot com if you want more discussion as perhaps you might you can go to our facebook page facebook dot com for slash a.j.
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inside story there's always a to us as fair as well our handle is at a.j. inside story i'm at martine dennis from the whole team here in doha thank you for watching international. my main dish every weekly news cycle going to see a recent breaking story segment of course there's donald trump town through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all they're listening post as we turn the cameras on the media
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focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as well we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that each other's lives but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. the world's largest oil company fails to become public water tap and. all the kingdom of the company inseparable we're the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic
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weapon. saudi arab coke the company and the state on al-jazeera. and faints can tell a story without uttering a single word. the unconventionality of life. witnessed three demands of the. on out is iraq. iran has i'm speaking in doha the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is not ruling out military intervention in venezuela while russia has warned against the move in an interview with the us television network
9:49 am
c.b.s. trump also said he has refused to meet with venezuelan president nicolas maduro while he is requested a meeting and i've turned it down because we're very far along in the process you have a a young and energetic gentleman but you have other people within that same group that have been very very if you talk about democracy it's really democracy in action krista salumi has more from washington. president trump gave away very little in the way of details when asked about venezuela reiterating what his cabinet officials have been saying since the united states first put its support behind the opposition leader won. that all options are on the table including a military option but he declined to say what would justify intervention on the part of the united states when pushed he also said that he had turned down a request to meet with nicolas maduro the president in recent months would not
9:50 am
answer the question as to whether he would meet with him in the future to perhaps try to persuade him to step aside saying that the process was already far a log from the national security advisor john bolton we know that the united states is preparing to deliver humanitarian aid to venezuela in the form of medicine surgical supplies and nutritional supplements the problem for the united states is that the material government has refused to allow this aid in which raises the question of how the united states plans to deliver it the international community of the red cross has warned that trying to deliver aid without an agreement from security forces would be risky pope francis has arrived in abu dhabi it is the first of a papal visit to the arabian peninsula the roman catholic leader will meet muslim clerics and hold an open air mass so he's president richard type and one has
9:51 am
criticized the u.s. for not taking a tougher line over the motive of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october el salvador is versus voting in the first round of elections to choose a new president full mayor of san salvador with an anti-establishment message is leading opinion polls. japanese carmaker nisanit has scrapped plans to build its new generation s.u.v. in britain the company had warned uncertainty of a break as it was making it hard to plan for the future paul brennan has more from london now this announcement from the san we think was due to come out on monday but because of leaks in the media it's been rushed out and the letter has been issued by. ficci now he doesn't specifically say that bracks it is this is the actual reason he says there are wider issues in the car industry at the moment they're having to invest a lot in to deal with new emissions rules that have sweep that have swept across
9:52 am
europe but he says that the uncertainty over the way it is going to pan out has certainly weighed on the minds of the decision to the company's decision to make investments in the north of england now the extra oil was due to be made both in japan and the north of england what they're going to do is consolidate production just in japan he also says though that there shouldn't be an impact on jobs at that massive plant in some of the land at least not in the short term because the other models that are made there for example the very successful eco model called the leaf that will still continue to be made in the in the hundreds of thousands of units at sunderland israel has begun building a new barrier along its border with gaza when finished the fence will be sixty five kilometers long and six meters high nearly three hundred palestinians have been killed in months of protests along the border. the democratic governor of the u.s.
9:53 am
state of virginia is defying cole's phase resignation that's after a scandal over a college yearbook photo showing students in costume including one in blackface ralph northam denies appearing in the picture those are the headlines such as you know what's next. for.
9:54 am
this month's loses some from iraq. people here speak m.-a z. and an ad for asiatic language going back several thousand. the arabic language only came to north africa in the seventh and eighth centuries. the only grab your liver is the second largest america and has its these mountain. lives in one of the mountain villages here and sings in m a z it's about the harshness of her life and out of many other women. and there are lots more women here than man. isis song is about women suffering in the region feeling imprisoned she says
9:55 am
without food or water were no one can see them. and that's what the story is about. the villages near the source of the river are poor and geography plays a major rule in iraq poverty three quarters of the four million people living in poverty in morocco live in rural areas. this is spotty mom who's bringing up her three boys. and ibrahim virtually on her own kid they would have. left that model there so what if they think that she needs. to go as one then explain that that this law that says yes. condoms again. can you tell them. is that.
9:56 am
the last. let's get a mass. that the was that her. that's just some. i said john karr own i left behind say middle sister in law how long they were it is they'd issue it is it what it said i was sure they would it did but i've got a fetus that. i want softly us that there's some wild animal goodness in the that's not so in that that they have. safe and i. hope. we can it is so to them craig's in need. and i'm. going to follow. yes and say our order there then there. are still some vents i'm not going to go.
9:57 am
then that. there are no real jobs here for many of working age so most of them have to leave for bigger farms or cities to find jobs leaving their families for long periods at a time. so the women have to do pretty much everything. operates a small cafe for tourists and passers by but you could hardly call it a real business. like many here she lives more or less on the poverty line. clear or didn't and crime and all of our demands i'm asking the. ones that go on said our door sister dad endorse them all i don't want to let our. once of investments. hadn't seen that i made them that's in the sales laden sales
9:58 am
i don't want. in two thousand and five morocco begun its national human development initiative support project with a million dollar budgets aimed at improving people's living conditions and reducing poverty by twenty fourteen the overall poverty rate had been cut by about half but there's still a yawning gap between urban and rural poverty official figures suggest that over eighty percent of the rural population still lives in poverty or are considered. so there are still i should. say. you can tell a lot about a society from its cultural expression including its music and song and in december
9:59 am
speaking community separation is a recurring theme. of. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh. oh. my. god. he's got only one more gentle that is just
10:00 am
a lot of the deaf. that's no. this is a very little bit from a is not a lot of it's i made the handle is still kind of ordered or so with. this thought oh yeah that's pretty good if a lot for nothing and after. that for having ridden a horse to the house in a day it wouldn't sound that can a one of them. even though it's i meant it had to get a vehicle after you. if fine if that's enough. and there's also the head of one of the fans again. overall life expectancy in morocco is only a few years lower than in europe and the united states but the harsh living conditions in remote rural areas and poor access to health care affect long deputy . literacy.


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