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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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thousands to leave el salvador in search of safety many as part of migrant caravans heading north to the u.s. kevin kasem or as the former vice president of costa rica he says the next president will have to find a way to engage with el salvador's gangs the fact of the matter is that you gangs have become so powerful that they get to it serve control over entire swaths of the territory of the country. particularly in the in some of the main cities and in some ways you know where or who wants to run for office has to line an accommodation. with the gangs because they they have become political actor in their own direct if that's not unique tools of her though i mean do you in in a similar way you find this kind of the nominal and in in the but whalers in rio in brazil you find it in the townships in kingston jamaica and for
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a long time you you know you could find the same kind of thing in the southern italy with the much so you know it has become not simply a security issue but also a political one. well still ahead here on al-jazeera why many north and south koreans believe they'd be stronger working together. on the ferry behind a withdrawal why many afghan women think a u.s. deal with the taliban will limit their rights to stay with us here on al-jazeera. however we've got some dry weather coming into many parts of the middle east area clapp sliding its way across iran easing i would towards afghanistan and that could be the the main focus for disturbed weather over the next as you can see i strolls
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its way across the gulf as well facing us here in qatar but look a little further north some snow there into afghanistan but some places of cloud and rain even pushing across into pakistan further west this fought a dry beginning to twenty one in by rates nineteen degrees celsius in baghdad and also into kuwait city come choose day. gets a chance to dry out further north amazed that we want to snow flurries around afghanistan still seeing if the snow that just around the western fringes of the him alas elsewhere it stays fine and dry twenty celsius there from baghdad i'm full kuwait city and we're going to see some of the dry fine weather stretching its way down across much of the arabian peninsula then we have got a fresher weather coming in here in doha twenty two celsius on monday our rain bad the that weather that we saw through sunday that's sinking away that's moving through clearing away brush guys do come back aim high temperatures try to notch up
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their top temperature here in doha of twenty three degree celsius and choose day. tortured entertained in their home where chinese we are free but is there a safe place to go when he has followed their perilous journey to an uncertain future. on al jazeera i mean this is different whether someone is paying for someone to read this but when you meet you think it's how you approach an individual and i think it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story in out.
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welcome back you're watching. the reminder of our top stories president donald trump has told a u.s. t.v. network that sending the military to venezuela is not shouldn't he's also said he's turned down a meeting with venezuelan president nicolas maduro. and turkey's president of the world has criticized the u.s. for not take new tougher line over the murder of sunday journalist jamal khashoggi who was killed inside saudi calls for office in istanbul in october last year. and the former man has claimed victory in el salvador presidential election. says that he's won outright securing a majority of the votes the thirty seven year old campaign doesn't anti establishment outsider promising to stamp out corruption. but processions for thailand's long delayed general election gathering pace registrations open for potential candidates voters head to the polls on march the twenty fourth in the first elections since the military took power nearly five years ago when he reports
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from bangkok. this is a fictive lead the start of the election campaign with prospective members of parliament from the thirty constituencies in the capital bangkok coming here to register for the vote and this is a scene that is being replicated right around thailand on monday there's a lot of excitement a lot of anticipation that the democratic process is beginning this is the first election of course since the military coup almost five years ago my bank lived on today is the start of the change from military dictatorship to democracy i am delighted to see our country get back to the democratic process we are not quite sure if democracy will be entirely restored due to many changes of laws under the regime but we still need to do our best if people decide to chance to government and enable the political parties to form a government then we have
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a chance to not only to form and democratic government india future will be able to amend if i see dushan and being a tree back to a democracy one also this week the political parties have to register with the election commission the candidates to become prime minister now this is potentially a very controversial part of this election because the senate which is handpicked by the military government has the power to appoint an unelected prime minister someone outside parliament someone outside the political parties now that person could be the current prime minister. the man who led the coup in two thousand and fourteen he's also been nominated by one of the political parties to be their candidate and we'll find out this week whether he's accepted that nomination. the u.s. special envoy on north korea's and solway is expected to arrange the details of donald trump and kim jong un's next summit many business been hoping the meeting can help revive joint economic projects between the north and the south bright has more from
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seoul south korean business leaders anticipate what a second summit between kim jong un and donald trump might mean for the economies of both careers they only have to look to the case only industrial complex to appreciate both the opportunities and the risks. it was shut down three years ago when relations were near their lowest point and many factory owners believe after the past year of reconciliation led by south korean president moon j.n. it's time to restart it. are long must we endure this agony of the way to the region we have not raised our voices before was because we believed when genes commitment to enter korean economic corporation. opened in two thousand and two just on the northern side of the border between the two careers the complex brought together south korean
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management and investment with north korean labor to offer a glimpse of what a unified economy might look like it's an intriguing prospect south korea is one of asia's richest economies north korea is one of its poorest in recent years south korean investment has increasingly flowed to other asian countries but given the chance north korea would seem to be the more obvious destination. of clear terms of distance ok sun is less than an hour away which is nothing compared to china and vietnam there in a tariffs and we are the same nation. for many to have workers from both careers working alongside each other is the true reward of moving closer together. we are the same nation we speak the same language activating k. song would also help create jobs in the south and if the success of case song could be recreated elsewhere so the argument goes that imagine what
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a unified korea might be capable of bright al-jazeera soul. or japanese carmaker in a sun has scrapped plans to build its new generation s.u.v. in britain the extra oil was going to be manufactured in the northern english city of sunderland the car giant says it will now make the vehicles and its plants in japan nissan had warned the continued uncertainty over brakes it was making it hard to plan for the future a surprise foreign takeover of a container port in sudan has left workers angry and fearing for their livelihoods . khartoum. and the workers at the port sudan container terminal surprised by a sudden takeover of the port by a philippine company. following an agreement with the sudanese government the so-called international container terminal services inc i c t s i will operate the terminal for the next twenty years these workers say such an agreement could affect
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their livelihoods and their basic rights i would probably know recently reject this agreement because we haven't been consulted about it our primary demand is a guarantee that our workers won't become homeless or redundant because of the agreement we want to make sure the new job terms obviated in the previous ones the deal was signed after two years of secret negotiations are because of the one hundred twenty eight pages document has so far been released so then has already received a four hundred and sixty million dollars down payment from the philippine company which says it will run the operation from its headquarters in dubai a lot of the laws. for the interest of our nation then. the state in these terms are done must be shown the benefits of the agreement and what happened huge amount of money that's been paid to sudan have been demanding access to drinking water from the nile since nine hundred fifty six this am old enough to bring the nile
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itself to us and not just a water pipe the workers say their concerns are further deepened by the fact that the philippine company is based in dubai and worry that it is all a front for the united arab emirates to take control of all of sudan's red sea ports which richard with a lot them hard there were five but is three of them came from dubai first the dubai ports company itself secondly a branch in saudi arabia and thirdly the philippines company which is the third under cleared face of dubai the philippines company said that their headquarters is in dubai there lies the connection with dubai ports. the agreement gives the philippines company a monopoly on operating all of sudan's container terminals this despite a recent memorandum of understanding with doha that would have meant a massive investment by qatar to develop the historic port of swac and now that deal looks unlikely. and now has said that the most serious part of this agreement
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is that it gave the philippines company an exclusive right and prevented sudan from having partnership with other countries especially qatar which are located four billion dollars to develop the port who work in port sudan or refused to comment on the agreement and denied access to the port the port workers themselves are worried of the total control by dubai which had entered similarly unpopular poor takeovers in somalia and djibouti before being expelled from those countries having already blocked access to the container terminal last week the port workers say they will continue to demand their rights be protected have advised our dizzier khartoum. the troubled ministrations efforts to strike a peace deal with the taliban and withdraw u.s. troops from afghanistan have left many afghans worried while some were encouraged by talk of the war ending others fear to deal with the taliban could limit women's
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rights as well. need a reason owns a coffee shop in the afghan capital kabul she's one of millions of women whose lives have been transformed since the u.s. led coalition removed the taliban from power business of equipped i think freedom for post taliban women is a big achievement and if we once again go backwards there will be a big step back and a very heavy price for us. many afghan women are worried about a peace deal between the united states and the taliban they don't want to go back to a time when their rights were limited. i won't accept a pace that asks me to go back and sit at home i will raise my voice and never be ready to accept a peace that costs me my freedom restricts me and makes me wear a burka and puts me in a cage. it's been nearly two decades since the taliban was toppled from power since then of the eight million schoolchildren in afghanistan more than two point five million are girls in two thousand and four women were able to vote for the first
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time in decades more than a quarter of the seats in parliament are reserved for women and they make up nearly a fifth of the workforce but rights campaigners say all that progress is at risk obviously we all want peace afghan women part want peace the afghan people want peace we have headed back to our but i think when it happens this trashed and when we are not included and we are not being talked to we are not being consulted in terms of what we are worried about what we want from this group that's going to come back and giant joined the government then we are worried that we are going to lose strides the taliban say they've moderated their approach to women's rights but there are no women involved in the peace negotiations and many say they have too much to lose to take the taliban at its word victoria gate and be out there. in the u.s. fans of the new england patriots have been celebrating their victory in the super bowl the final score against the los angeles rams was thirteen to three it's the
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six total for the patriots equaling the all time record set by the pittsburgh steelers the game is the most watched television event in the u.s. with an estimated one hundred million viewers. the event was for its commercial breaks as it is for the sport itself the washington post and its first super bowl ad. right. there some together to. raise it back to tom hanks it highlighted the dangers of journalism. under the cover. knowing. knowing there's. no way.
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in kenya a ban on cutting or trading in mangrove trees as many across the island the government says the move can help combat climate change but residents argue they have no other material to build and repair their buildings reports. the dense forests of kenya's llama island and cutting down these trees is now beyond the government's ses the money groups can help reduce the impact on the bottom and caused by extreme weather. on the island lie hips of money group pulls confiscated from traders of the law he had to issue his polls to multiple two way but they have little value in the f.a.a. this is not one word for construction try and only fit for use this fire the bat has made life difficult for us. a seven hundred ton of the lime houses was does in
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a today unesco world heritage site in two thousand and one. means the people living here aren't allowed to make alterations to the buildings in the town's old quarters was a section of three hundred year old jimmy faces imminent collapse. oh ship us are now forced to prey on just one side of it but due to the man group the building cannot be properly repaired. nor the material will last as long as months of polls due to the use of coal mine in construction. it's all right we are not making the government our houses are collapsing and the rainy season is coming we will have a disaster here if the government doesn't heed all calls. monger of treason or last couple and sings they refused greenhouse gases by capturing carbon dioxide and taking it out of circulation but some argue that doesn't mean they can't be harvested more though seventh the percent of mongrel forest in kenya county they
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say that isn't full but say the local community which has been using traditional methods of conservation to protect the forest they say the government is unnecessary. this is the man leading the complain to lift the man grew by. the lesson passed down to us from past generations is one of caring and nurturing the mangroves we don't cut down to destroy but use the selective harvest intake mix we learned from our forefathers. with the farm knowledge that people will be the direct victims of natural disasters if the law among groups that depleted the government for now remains unflinching in its position. mohamed had a while just zero.
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zero with me so whole rahman a reminder of our top stories several major countries are set to recognize venezuela's opposition leader. as interim president that's after a deadline passed for president nicolas maduro to call for new elections is offering to hold early congressional polls instead u.s. president donald trump has told a u.s. t.v. network that sending the military to venezuela is an option he's also said he turned down a meeting with madeira where he is requested a meeting and i've coded down because we're very far along in the process you have a a young and energetic gentleman but you have other people within that same group that have been very very if you talk about democracy it's really democracy in action in other news pope francis has arrived in abu dhabi it's the first ever papal visit to the arabian peninsula the roman catholic pontiff will be in the region for three
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days he'll meet muslim clerics and hold an open air mass for thousands of catholics turkey's president has called the saudi crown prince and the former foreign minister liars over their handling of the murder of journalist. he was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october a former man has claimed victory in el salvador's presidential election. says that he's won outright he's got over fifty percent of the vote with only half of the votes counted the thirty seven year old campaigned on an anti establishment. platform promising to stamp out corruption is two major rivals have admitted defeat . a refugee footballer has appeared in a court in bangkok to fight extradition to bahrain. be who's been living in australia was detained in thailand while on holiday he says that he fled bahrain because of political repression human rights groups say he could be tortured if he sent back to the democratic governor of the u.s.
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state of virginia is defying calls for his resignation it follows a scandal over a college yearbook photo showing students in costume one in black face the other as a member of the klu klux klan those are the headlines more news in half an hour do stay with us here. faced with growing financial burdens separate money from a student loan chase credit card leads me thirty one cents. i don't have a husband left me a pension my future scares me because i don't want to as the dream of retirement fades away. do something try to keep it above water hard. on al-jazeera. in china's western border region of xing junk the government has launched a widespread crackdown on its muslim population.
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an estimated one million readers have reportedly been forced into detention camps for so-called reeducation. the chinese government says it's to prevent religious extremism she and young and. she and you really good i'm sure who are the shoe for. those who can are leaving the country but are finding china's growing international reach hard to escape. i'm steve on this episode a one on one east we followed the weavers fleeing repression and ask can they find a safe refuge.
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is stand by for centuries the turkish city was a key trading post along the ancient so growth running from china to europe. today it's the end point in the long journey for we escape in what they say is china's harsh rule we do well we are you and i am in turkey i feel thankful that i can see this. because i haven't seen sunshine for a long time so for me sunshine is freedom. i'd do well he is from the city of cashcard inching john it's there he devoted his life to teaching young children the weaker language. i love my language it's. beautiful we're going to is my mother language it's more than one thousand five hundred years written history and worth the literature. but abdu well he says one day chinese
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authorities suddenly banned students from learning weaker and he was thrown in jail . and wanted to see if you can one of them now having fled to turkey to do well he is speaking out about china's secret detention centers where he says we girls are being beaten and tortured it haunts him to this day it's always on your mind. there's no escaping it no because our fall. or heart is still there importer we are politically here my body is here but my. fuel. for years the chinese government denied the existence of these facilities but with satellite imagery we were able to locate where our do while he was jailed over a period of fifteen months he says he was moved between these three centers in the
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city of the room. other muslims have also reported being held in these locations. a human rights group secretly recorded footage inside this center. chinese officials say they are for voluntary job training but the individual cells with bars locks and surveillance cameras suggest something much different. experts say china has build more than one hundred to imprison we. do well he likens them to concentration. they are in fake gold officials insane what do you think there and goal is. they want to. delete were they want them. to believe the train is communist party as a god this is what hitler done poor israel people
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jewish people you just said that you see the chinese government acting like hitler do you believe that's true yeah it's true because you put war then one million in concentration camp what one can describe it. abdul well these accounts of his treatment within the walls of the facilities is horrific. prostate is very bad. the first thing they ask me to. look at my clothes strip of my clothes and they slap my step my but dick they have used me more than twenty chinese guy.
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used your. that any man can have except that you're saying he ripped you. so i cannot i can forget that i didn't tell anybody until now i have talent. because i'm if you shave in the morning three police asked me one day if you guys in power what you will what he will do to us as. look i'm human be and the enemy like you. what followed he says was more violence this time at the hands of inmates they put me in the scale with the drug addicts and with the
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killers. and they beat me. twenty four hours and where were the guards were. the guards. don't care do you want to be tortured by the us. if you torture the law it means that you cooperate with them during the interrogation. abdul well he believes the rapes and beatings were orchestrated to force him into admitting he was a terrorist i am a scholar i am a writer and i have never thought about that i am not a terrorist but i am not the separatist and what i confess. one east interviewed more than a dozen other former detainees all share similar stories of abuse. at du well he says even outside the facilities almost every aspect of daily life
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for we is controlled. there are reports more than a million chinese officials have moved into weaker homes to monitor families up close. the authorities justify their actions same violent riots and attacks by weaker separatists over the past decade have killed hundreds of people the government says they are trying to stamp out extremism extremism what kind of extremism for example my younger sister she is teaching job at the high school and . is he exchanges. do well he says several of his family members have been sent to detention centers as punishment because he fled china. the fate of his younger sister the geography teacher worries him most. we can all tell you had. two kids one this six years not.
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in the what. the next day i do while he takes us to meet another former detainee. who are going to see her and she is called like us and has been called like a son and she recently came over here yeah earth two months ago. to well years documenting the abuse detainees say they suffered hoping the world will take note and hold china to account. for. most of us kate the camps are too fearful to talk worried china will target their families but global hard to lower is angry and wants to share her story.
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yes this is. how long were you held for. so if. you counted every single day calamitous the numbers parklands on you no plans on but. back at the bus stop. says she and other inmates faced constant humiliation. there is. the kim dejected arms the ship. took to the top of the ship. at night the cells brought more misery for become an image of the position of the me up and said them must have had to be low cut out of the atoms when the. best of them will know them you want to get them to spend the times had was almost a little skit see tools the men the litigants called on you may get your plans for
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the hospital mr the mayor. says the police had no reason to arrest her she'd been visiting to buy clothes to take back and sell in kazakhstan. she isn't even chinese but is a card like citizen something she says police changed on her records. i mean if i mean but you get that mean lucifer under normal a bit of pleasure i mean the wonder woman's cause of the beard of being a bit of it is this because there's some i mean poems from the past. what did they say to you when you told them that you are citizen. this something also dr phil sutton seemed constructor bilodeau. must have that moment in his bed that was most memorable some business that was the kind of joseph campbell saucer jungle no woman couldn't have the number.
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during her time in detention. she was never charged with a crime and never appeared before court. instead she was subjected to terrifying interrogations that sometimes lasted twenty four hours and to michigan a. mission called. action the. purpose was a look at some of what i could to put up as a sort of. start in detention. last thirty kilograms and as constant nightmares. local bent the men look. good doing it although the.
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china defends their training centers releasing this fifteen minute video on state television. we girls are shown eagerly learning chinese.


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