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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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well. this is. this is the al jazeera news our live from london coming up venezuela's opposition leader meets the national assembly he wants to bypass the president and bring in humanitarian aid. knowing this president he will rely on distortions and made up for senior democrats pull no punches the war of words begins ahead of president
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trump state of the union address on c.c. to stay on on egyptian parliamentary committee approves a proposal to extend the presidential term to six years. among the ones with the sports news including go in go in. the incredible lindsey vonn crushes of the last of the event and she isn't quite finished yet. we begin this new. self declared interim leader has been meeting national assembly members in the capital caracas he's calling for the safe passage of humanitarian aid into the country u.s. trucks carrying food and supplies out of left bogota bound for the colombia venezuela border delivering the aid would require the cooperation of the military which has remained loyal to him battled president nicolas maduro well in the last
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hour has been speaking to business leaders in caracas he reiterated his call for free and fair elections in venezuela assume this possible. we're going to give you a little hasn't been easy to get to hear a lot of businesses and workers have had to i want us to board and leave venezuela and we have to lay the foundations once and for all you're born not only for our social fabric and also we should be able to give it rise to a sustained democracy. i mean this is stain freedom and that's absolutely fundamental to think body in the me and. a teresa bernard joins us live from caracas throw it crazy we heard a little bit about what one guard there were saying that what more can you tell us about the discussions he's been having today. well one why the have a very busy edge agenda a year in income tax and in venice will engender earlier today he was here at the
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national assembly discussing several issues from creating a transitional government let's not forget that his main objective is to create a transitional government that will call for presidential elections once again that's the big demand that they have for nicola mother lou and also they were right here at the national assembly debating and voting on how to proceed with the humanitarian aid how to allow humanitarian aid to get into the country what we're hearing is that they would like to create a humanitarian corridor that would come be composed by religious leaders doctors n.g.o.s that will protect and allow the aid to reach those who needed it the most of course this won't be easy we know that the government of nicolas maduro has says that to these humanitarian aid is a political show by the opposition that would allow the intervention of the united states and the country he was also attending as we heard earlier a meeting with business leaders saying and speaking about how important it is to change the rules and allow us to allow investment to promote investment in this
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country because what he says is that many many changes need to take place in venezuela in order to come out of the current political but also economic crisis that we're seeing today with hyperinflation shortages of almost everything and he says that it's very very important that the main measures that that he takes as as entering precedent is to start making the necessary changes to get out of venezuela out of the current economic crisis with this apparent momentum that the house with the encouragement from the international community with the attention that he seems to be getting battered. do you get the sense that any idea of mediation with madeira is a long way away from his mind. well we're hearing the demands of by countries like russia china turkey even mexico in countries like europe why but they would like to see some type of negotiation from
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taking place also we heard earlier today president nicolas maduro saying that he's willing to negotiate in fact he sent a letter to pope francis asking him to mediate in the current crisis and the vatican answered that their thinking and there would be like that they could be an alternative to sit down and negotiate the problem is that what we know right now is that the opposition is saying that they do not want to negotiate with the current administration back in two thousand and seventeen there were enormous protests here in venezuela violent protests that left over one hundred people dead and what the opposition says is that the government used the negotiations that happened right after that in order to take advantage of the situation gain time and then that they ended up calling for presidential elections that were filled with a regularities and that's why they're saying that this time they won't negotiate with us the picture of trey's approach in caracas where we can now go to alexander around p.s.a. who is in last year and this house near the colombia venezuela border we understand
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as a tourist was talking there of this talk of a humanitarian corridor or where is the aid at the moment is actually at the border . now it's not here yet through what we've heard from the colombian outlawry that. first trucks are being loaded bogota the capital. structure expected to be some point to. reach. probably tomorrow wednesday we've also heard that there is a second location where aid has arrived from usa id the united states relief agency most likely that book at our mangan our borders is roughly fifteen hours from here driving the book at our manga five or six hours so
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it's the trucks doing the believe today we might see the first group of humanitarian aid arriving on a wednesday and it will be stored in the building that you should be able to see behind me as you were saying we are at last as this is one of the bridges connecting colombia to venezuela but this bridge while it was the now great did back in two thousand and fifteen and never opened a victim of the growing tensions between venezuela and colombia as the situation deteriorated in venezuela and the exodus of people into colombia again all the talk is about whether they can get in but with a tidal wave of refugees coming across the border the colombia venezuela border other songs what is it that those refugees desperately need. that means that there's something that really worries the colonials tories to use
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the waves glam to push a the insides of venezuela is the fact that so many venezuelans there are in need here on the colombian side my hope to get this food and medicine on the colombian side. you can see them but i can see them in front of me there are a couple of dozen venezuelan migrants who are here now and that are hoping to be able to get some of that aid i was speaking to a a lady here said she needs an anti-seizure medicine that she can't find or can't afford in venezuela she said that medicine costs twenty thousand believe it is inner city in venezuela that's roughly eight u.s. dollars but she makes minimum wage which now is comparable to seven and a half dollars in venezuela so that tells you just how great is the need for these people along as the plan it's clear that the old story sees the united states the
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colombian i'll tory these who are working together to try with that with of an external position to move their savings to be any sort of don't have a clear plan on how to do that and as that is i was saying the military will be fundamental here they would need to cooperate to bring this help inside the country and reach the people and distributed in venezuela studies and i found around p.s.a. with the very latest on the colombia venezuela border thank you. or pope francis says the vatican is willing to mediate in venezuela if both sides are asked speaking aboard his plane returning from a visit to japanese the catholic leader also confirmed the president maduro had sent him a letter. basically the will of both sides it is necessary both sides have to walk forward and that is what happened in the case of argentina and chile. there were small steps that are needed in diplomacy in the last one is mediation. negotiators
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they need to move closer together to begin the possibilities of dialogue to boil this is how diplomacy is carried out. of more on this let's speak to the former ecuadorian pharmacist again long who joins us now live from paris thanks very much for joining us on al-jazeera i was first talk about the situation in the country there is so much sameness pressure from outside as well especially the west promotes this one guardo as interim leader do you think that the situation inside the country is recognized for this i mean how how much is the country turning against president arroyo or how polarized is it. good evening thank you for having me i think the situation in venezuela is very serious indeed i think we shouldn't under play the seriousness of the political
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crisis the economic crisis with this hyperinflation we were hearing about and problems with shortages which has social repercussions there's an institutional crisis between different pillars of power the legislative branch not recognising the executive and vice versa the government not recognizing the national assembly so there's a very serious situation however i think we should be careful not to push the narrative that the whole of venezuela wants to. undergo a regime change that the whole of venezuela is against my daughter i think that is not this sometimes feel this simplistic line has been pushed in some of the narrative that you hear and i think it's much more complex than that i think it's a very polarized society with two very entrenched camps both promo duno supporters but also very emboldened opposition we've seen in the last few days with marches on both sides with on both sides with important mobilizations on both sides so it's
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very important that we understand that these people are convinced in their. political beliefs that there. is a very polarized situation in venezuela and it's important that we don't throw more oil on the fire and that we don't encourage what could be a very very dangerous outcome even the possibility of civil conflict and some of it even mention civil war and if indeed as i was saying those internal influences external rather influences around the world if they are pushing in that direction do you a seriously believe this could take things out of that is that just warning that there should listen. well i think just like you have sort of a stalemate inside venezuela with both forces sort of unable to a knowledge other clearly the modal regime is now facing some difficulties with sanctions and has lost some popularity but similarly the go i dos self-proclaimed
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president this is sort of a new figure as well say for a self-proclaimed president doesn't have the support of the military and will struggle to achieve his ends as this is happening domestically similarly internationally you have very polarized positions on the one hand united states clearly backing away though on the other hand you have other countries that is russia and china still supporting the motherhood of government the europeans are sort of siding more with the united states which i think is a big mistake i think the europeans really have a chance to try and push for negotiations for dialogue for peace but even within inside the european union in its member states there are different positions as we just saw so i think this is exactly when you need negotiation when you need dialogue when the positions are so entrenched on either side in this case both inside venezuela but also at the global scale we have the story sort of stalemate which is potentially very dangerous and could lead to more violence you were just
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hearing about a wave of migrants this could become significantly worse if violence erupted if there was. god forbid. foreign intervention military strikes and it's really important that this very tense very difficult moment in venezuela both sides are convinced that negotiation is the key we have a first initiative the day after to morrow on the seventh of february in montevideo in europe why international actors should seize that opportunity particularly european actors shouldn't align just with a president trumps sort of hawkish policies on that america and should really understand that it's not. so the case whereby the whole of venezuela wants rid of motherhood and you still have a very entrenched is the camp with very strong. defense of the chinese the political process and we risk therefore a lot of violence and further polarize ition and yes and it was if i can just
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quickly quickly ask you from what the pope indeed was saying today he was offering to be he said it had a letter from president maduro but it needed to come from both sides does that give us a clue that actually it is the the president the current president that would be willing to sit down and go shake more than the new comer if you like. well so far that's certainly the case i mean all those signs in favor of negotiation i come from the government sites and from the mother's side and we've seen the self-proclaimed president one way though a little bit more reticent this may have to do with the fact that he feels that he has the overwhelming support of the united states of a number of latin american countries that have turned much more rightward there's been a real shift in latin american politics in the last couple of years towards much more conservative governments in the region the right wing and those have supported the trump trump but president trumps policies in the region and towards venezuela
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and certainly a good example of that is brazil with the new president both or not it was sort of adopting this very hawkish line this may be emboldening. one way though particularly since yesterday got some significant support and recognition from a number of key players in europe and i think those key players should be saying well you know maybe you don't have the support of the military this could take a long time this should this could get get significantly worse before it gets better and it is in everybody's interest in negotiate this is why you know diplomacy was invented this is why we have politics to avoid war and this is a crucial conjuncture in order to give way to diplomacy give way to politics and avoid what could be a terrible war for venezuela but also for its neighbors. this would affect latin america as a whole the venezuelan issue is
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a very present issue in the domestic agenda of all of venezuela's neighbors we saw it it was an issue in the mexican elections it's been an issue in the brazilian elections there's a new sort of climate of cold war in a region in which venezuela plays a key role and we really want to deactivate that to deescalate conflict which is why i think again europeans. hopefully the united states but i'm less optimistic on that front should really send a message to go though we need to negotiate fairly fascinating to get your thoughts on a stefan record or in foreign minister graeme thank you so much for joining us. thank you and some news just coming in now the international criminal court has released the former president of ivory coast who will now go to belgium long back bo spent seven years in custody at the hague was the first former head of state to go on trial how the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity the violence erupted following the
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disputed twenty ten election foreign minister has said there will be limits to bag movement under his conditional release coming up on this al-jazeera news out from london a british man is being held in the u.a.e. and could face one hundred thirty thousand dollars fine for wearing a catchall football shirts with temperatures plunging into iraq there are calls to protect the children living in displacement camps and then sport skiing's new frontier competitors fly in for a groundbreaking event in northern pakistan. now donald trump is due to deliver his second term delayed state of the union address in a few hours time the us president was forced to postpone the event last month because of the longest government shutdown in american history let's go live to roselyn jordan who is on capitol hill in washington so i was just saying was it speed at
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all off or up to this state of the union but it's up to now what can we expect him to say. well the president's aides have said that the president is going to talk about among other things the need for a trillion dollar infrastructure package to replace. crumbling roads and bridges and to upgrade the country's power grid he's going to talk about the goal of trying to eradicate h.i.v. on a global scale by twenty thirty he's going to talk about transparency in the cost of prescription drugs but of course the big issue that people are going to be listening perhaps most closely to will be the president's argument for why there should be some sort of security barrier or wall as the he calls it between mexico and the united states the president according to his aides is going to give a very i.d. taled argument for why one there should be this kind of barrier to why it would be
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embarrassed if congress would appropriate the money for the security barrier and three why it would be legally sound to declare a national emergency if congress did not appropriate the funds of course it's this sort of talk that has a congressional democrats already criticizing the president's of the remarks even before they are delivered this is the senate minority leader chuck schumer speaking earlier on on tuesday. knowing this president and his penchant for hyperbole he'll probably say the state of our union is stronger than it's ever been before in our nation's long history thanks to him knowing this president he will rely on distortions and made up facts mislead the american people the only question about the president's state of the union how often will be distort how often will he make
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up facts how often will resort to fear and divisiveness. he says ing a very different audience of lawmakers than the first state of the union how much is he talking to them and how much is he actually talking to the american people and how will they receive his speech. well let's unpack everything that you describe see because i think this is all very important first the president isn't speaking not so much to congress even though there is a constitutional mandate that he deliver a message describing the state of affairs in the united states on an annual basis he's not giving the speech to the five hundred thirty five members of the house and of the senate who are sitting in the chamber tonight he's really speaking to those who are watching on television listening on radio watching the speech online and he's really trying to build public support perhaps most notably for his idea of a border wall the idea being that if you get enough public support they will be
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inclined to put pressure on their representatives to in turn actually make the funding for that border wall possible so that's to whom donald trump is speaking to members of congress who will be listening are going to be delivering their own political messages this is no longer the old fashioned everyone gets together in the room to hear the sprog the president give an analysis of what has happened and what he would like to see happening in the year ahead people are coming in with gas or people who are representing one political issue or another people are dressing in certain ways and notably democratic women in the house of representatives are going to wear white they say to symbolize their commitment to fighting for policies that are family friendly that support women's rights that support children and protect children and you're going to see a number of potential presidential candidates and already announce candidates
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sitting in the hall listening and being and taking notes on what tell me trouble say that they can respond really not so much as sitting members of congress but as potential successors to donald trump come twenty twenty one so it's going to it's not. typical stated you have a lot of different political agendas at work at this particular moment but to get your thoughts also in jordan less speaking to us from capitol hill. the egyptian parliament is advancing plans to let abdel fattah el-sisi stay on as president well beyond the end of his term and initial proposal to extend cc's presidency by another six years after twenty twenty two has been approved by a committee of m.p.'s the house speaker said next week and peace will receive a report on all the new proposals ahead of a vote in parliament the move is raising fears of a growing all for terrorism in the country eight years after the overthrow of hosni
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mubarak and then pay who support these government says changes are needed to help the country deal with ongoing conflicts in the region but about a lady in one thousand thirty four u.s. president roosevelt amended the constitution an increased presence limits during the second world war these were compulsory circumstances due to war in one thousand nine hundred six the egyptian president amended the nine hundred ninety one constitution also due to war we are going through a war that is more intense the born sinai and the wars you're facing but other countries that i would not like to name one of our members of the opposition in parliament called for the proposals to be shelved. that there will fold them up to the transfer of power is a moral principle which was created by the revolutions of the twenty fifth of january of the thirtieth of june. it is impossible to tamper with this moral principle other wars we will end up without morals and will fail to preserve the principles we have all agreed in this constitution. doctors teachers and lawyers
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have joined antigovernment protests in sudan after two men were killed in custody the sudanese professional association called for the demonstrations of the teacher care who was arrested in the eastern state of was pronounced dead on sunday his relatives say his body showed signs of torture the unrest incident began in december with protesters demanding president obama step down and end his thirty year rule. and the sudanese president omar bashir is hosting a ceremony marking the end of peace talks between rival factions from central african republic a deal between the government and fourteen armed groups was reached on sunday in khartoum after two weeks of un led negotiations the formal agreement will be signed in rome a wednesday and represents a rare hope for one of the world's poorest nations thousands have been killed and millions displaced since fighting began in twenty thirty hama deval has more from
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coffee. the government of the central african republic and fourteen rebel leaders have signed a peace agreement that has been long in the making difficult negotiations for over a week here in the sudanese capital khartoum the heads of state of sudan and the central african republic have attended the signing with initials here today the final signing will be on when is the in the capital bangui the capital of the central african republic what distinguishes this agreement is that it is a it is the fruit of first time head to head face to face negotiations between the rebel leaders and the government of the central african republic it is labeled an agreement of peace and reconciliation and it is going to open the door for unity government in that country and also for an honesty to that have been leaders that misty to that of the leaders has been a sticking point in the negotiations so all the parties to this conflict and the
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sponsors hope that this time around this agreement would hold and it will bring final peace to the people of the central african republic still to come on this news hour the first deaths are reported in the australian city of townsville as as authorities warn of further flash flooding in the hours ahead. here at the play with chinese communities around the world celebrate in the most important holiday of back alley. and in sport why manchester united's former manager is skating on thin ice here in more ways than one of the healthier they fell for later. hello we've got something of a sun sign sandwich across central parts of europe at the moment clear skies here
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on either side of that rather more the way of clouds where it's cloudy. but some decent temperatures coming in the area of a cloud just pushing in across the northwest corner of us in london in the cloud in the right not so great but at least it's going to be on the miles i ten for paris let's get into the well down into single figures falls and five hundred five degrees celsius and two celsius there for walsall down to the southeast is looking pretty wet into grace western parts of turkey seeing some heavy rain temperatures here around thirteen degrees celsius you'll notice some bits and pieces of snow across those eastern and northern parts and that's going to the cases be going on into thursday more of the same minister moscow i should not say bad not as mild as the ten eleven that we got data to the south a saturday up to the northwest but look at the areas there it's going to be pretty windy for the south fifteen celsius immigrate fine and dry have fun to drive into morocco and algeria as we go through wednesday but some wet weather just clipping
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the far north of libya making its way further east fizzling out in the process seen very strong winds made lifted dust in this hour. the silence has been this. belief this. is one of scandinavia some largest iron ore deposits. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth. and those defending their way of life. gala a witness documentary on al-jazeera. and the reported world on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the
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days looking forward to full dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. welcome back reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera venezuela's the south declared interim leader wangari joe has called for the safe passage of humanitarian aid during a meeting with national assembly members in the capital caracas u.s. trucks carrying food and medical supplies have left bogota bound for the colombia
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venezuela border. international criminal court has released the former president of ivory coast. lauren baguio was acquitted of crimes against humanity after being accused of ordering attacks following the disputed twenty ten election i'm sorry senate minority leader chuck schumer has accused donald trump of failing to unite the u.s. ahead of the president's state of the union address. also look ahead to president trump's speech charles moran joins me now from washington is a political strategist with the republicans on what's with the trump campaign thanks very much for coming on to. talk to us about the state of the union address first of all if i can just pick up on what seems to be one of the latest polls about the approval rating of thirty nine point five percent i think the president has at the moment how crucial is it really. comes across that the states you need to address and really i don't know transmits into the homes of the american people
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. thanks for having me on sue some of the polls are saying thirty nine percent today i saw on the front page of drudge it says forty eight percent still hovering right below that fifty percent i think everybody understands that the state of the union especially in the trump era is more of an opportunity for president trump to deliver his message past congress and straight into the homes of average americans and i think democrats are clearly picking on picking up with this and they're going to be looking to deliver their message to president trump has plenty of opportunities to communicate his message and his use over the last couple of months especially over the last month with the government shutdown to really communicate what his policy plans and objectives are now if we look at last year president trump did roll out a number of policy initiatives and he was actually successful at accomplishing some of those such as realigning trade deals dealing with some of the tariff situations and some of his health initiatives so actually i look forward to seeing the speech
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to see possibly what in the next year he wants to who he wants to achieve as we know he's very good at putting a positive spin on things they talk about change maybe the chinese might not see as quite such a positive light i just want to talk a little bit about the people lay has been talking to him he's close vicinities got nancy pelosi on his shoulder he's gone dozens of new fame l. democratic candidates who have come in how do you think you might be able to win them around. well part of the problem is that donald trump is being stymied by democratic opposition he has point blank said she's not going to negotiate on border security harris the junior senator from the state of california has said that unilaterally she will not vote for any trump nominee for any judge position so i mean when you've got people who are unwilling to compromise unwilling to even have the conversation it's very difficult in this town where you need to
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compromise to get anything done to work with the opposition party so i think what donald trump is going to attempt to do is to bypass congress and take his message to the people because that's truly where the energy is going to have to come from for him not only to either use executive power which may be rumored is something he's going to have to do with the wall but also to bypass the political chatter here in washington d.c. to force members of congress are put pressure on them to actually act and cooperate with the president's you mention the wall are we going to be hearing a lot more about immigration and the war the one thing that seems to really resonate for best rolf away with people over the world i think we're going to hear some conversation about the immigration situation i mean clearly this speech was supposed to be last week it got bumped a week due to the government shutdown so we were not anticipating having to do this speech tonight and that's going to be over you know overshadowing part of what's
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happening so you know the again the speech but to an extent president trump has got a whole plate of policy agendas that he's going to need to continue to advance and even though the government is just been reopened and we're in this three week interim period where the government is funded and we are looming on another shutdown president trump has not halted from continuing to advance a number of policy agendas and there's a quite a few of them that i think that have been leaked that we're going to be hearing about tonight while we look forward to seeing what he does have to say thanks very much for joining us tell us more around. the u.k.'s prime minister says she has an unshakable commitment to prevent a hard border between northern ireland the republic of ireland there is a may is visiting northern ireland where she's been trying to reassure residents about a plan may is to use to travel to brussels on thursday to try to renegotiate the conditions of the hours backstop paul brennan reports from belfast. northern
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ireland has the u.k.'s only land border with the european union and the businesses of this province a feeling the uncertainty of a more acutely the most threesome a promise an unshakable commitment to avoiding a hard border northern ireland does not have to rely on the government or the european union to prevent a return to borders of the past the u.k. government will not let that happen i will not let that happen to receive a speech offered reassurances that the business leaders here found it less than reassuring and there were no new specifics about what alternative arrangements might be found to the northern ireland backstop. the biggest fear is a no deal that we cannot sleep walk into a new deal situation so in our best this is across the u.k. are not prepared for a new deal situation so i don't think anyone can really prepare it's very difficult to prepare for what would a new deal look like if it doesn't work then we have to go back and i was in
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military salutes to you know what what is going to work and what is a compromise solution and they've all committed and everybody doesn't want to see a border crack in northern ireland so they have to come up with that solution if if her efforts in europe don't succeed this week effort there is a hard border we're talking about is the systematic dust and aggression of supply that has been built up not over twenty years of peace but over forty years of membership of the year. to say we'll go to brussels later this week determined to avoid a hard border the e.u. has the same determination but each has very different ideas on how to guarantee that i'll come over in an al-jazeera belfast. france's yellow vests movement joined forces with a major union in a day of nationwide protests over taxes and buying power tensions were lower than in previous protests though there were scuffles with place following rounds of tear gas previously the communist practice c.d.t. and other unions have refused to collaborate with the yellow vests but the c.u. chief secretary general said they now have the same demands. the u.k.'s foreign
12:38 am
office says is helping a british man who's been arrested in the united arab emirates after he wore a cattle national team to four march twenty six year old ali is asked to travel to the u.a.e. for a holiday in january also when it was that he went to watch a match between cattle and iraq where he wore a cattle again it's reported that he didn't know he committed an offense which is punishable with a fine prison sentence rather sterling is the founder and c.e.o. of detained in dubai a u.k. based organization the focus is on the detention of foreign nationals in the u.a.e. and other gulf states she spoke to us about what the u.a.e. may have been trying to prove with our friends arrests. it seems that he was detained simply for wearing a. qatar football surface and this is now crime in the u.a.e. show any sort of sympathy towards qatar and this has been
12:39 am
a major and ongoing issue that has disrupted the lives of many in the u.a.e. but i think in elise case of course he would be aware having attended a football match where qatar is actually playing that it would be wrong to show support for the team that you are obviously supporting so he was arrested and he claims that he was mistreated by the author of these shores he later then returned to the playstation to make a report about the mistreatment and was in apparently charged with slandering the u.a.e. also pretty is in making such a report so i think you know problem here is obviously the u.a.e. is using. the dispute between qatar and the u.a.e. and other gulf nations as a way to. show qatar that the upcoming twenty twenty two match is going to be equated disputes between the countries the united nations children's agency says
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iraq's future could be at risk if more isn't done to protect its children unicef says freezing winter weather could be fatal for some of the one hundred fifty thousand children in displacement camps is also calling for more money to be spent on education for matheson reports from baghdad. some of these children may not live through the plunging temperatures of iraq's winter. the un's children's agency is warning that those already weakened by hypothermia and disease after severe flooding in november might not survive the home's cold. we need a lot to be done health is the lifeline of our society but we're not seeing much happening people organize rallies but our calls are falling on deaf ears unicef says iraq spends just under six percent of its annual budget on education even though many young children are determined to go to school. or little schools open across the city of mosul our school is one of several which have more than six
12:41 am
hundred students we can barely cope with unicef says there have been big improvements when it comes to health care for children it says that less than one percent of children die in childbirth and that's because eighty five percent are now having in hospitals it also says that ninety two friends of the iraqis children like these children have this in baghdad are likely to go into primary school but he says that number drops significantly when they get to secondary school the state of security in areas which have been badly affected by calls. according to unicef in areas such as the northern province of nineveh and in bus or province to the south only one child in every form goes to secondary school instead many have to work to help support their families there must've challenges of it if the situation continues as it is today in iraq the children of the future will have very little
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future how are you going to provide today so they have a future for tomorrow how are you going to invest in them so they can aspire for a future a future that they are part of the government has set up a three hundred million dollars fund to help the poorest people in areas. hardest hit by conflict but unicef insists more needs to be done to stop children like these becoming iraq's last generation wrote months al-jazeera back down. afghanistan's president says they will be no peace deal between the taliban and the u.s. without the involvement of the government they may be common says peace talks were held in moscow without any government representatives present the talks only involve taliban delegates opposition politicians and former president hamid karzai hours before they started the taliban launched another attack against the country's security services killing at least twenty six service members in the northern province of can do the bodies of two people have been pulled from the storm drain
12:43 am
during catastrophic flooding in the australian state of queensland days of severe rainfall described by forecasters as a once in a century event has forced thousands of people to flee their homes andrew thomas reports only city of townsville. from a safe distance sun our sight seeing the gates of the ross river down been fully open since sunday the river downstream though can only take some of the overflow away much of the rest is here surrounding and submerging people's homes tens of thousands of them emergency services and the military rescued hundreds here but not too could be saved the bodies of two men were found inside a store bought a drain they were suspected of looting a shop nearby the prime minister visited townsville on tuesday to offer comfort and
12:44 am
consolation as the waters recede were so you'd hear. and we start to move from the response phase to the recovery five's there will be big shops for the community as we saw in this morning as they return to their homes not the home the city is flooded in places the way it's like his noble and those whose home so the state of the water coming to see its power. much. is the biggest. kind of freaky actually. with the dam dates of the reservoir upstream fully opened to prevent any risk of that dam bursting what you're saying is well over a million liters of water a second pouring down right here the river banks are high enough to cope with that but that's not the case further downstream in the suburbs on the heart of townsville. well over a year's worth of rain fell in townsville in less than a week and the forecast is for more downpours all though not with the intensity of
12:45 am
the last forty eight hours so the worst should be. andrew thomas al-jazeera towns. now millions of people around the world have been ringing in the lunar new year and they are hoping for for chain prosperity and the year of the pink has a lot at stake limeade trade dispute between china and the u.s. and its consequences for ordinary citizens brown has more from beijing. well this is the town park or park in the heart of beijing and a very popular place to come on the first day of chinese new year now traditionally the year of the pig is a year in which you make friends and make money so that possibly bodes well for the current talks between china and the united states to try to diffuse their trade differences the outgoing year the year of the dog was not such a good one for chinese people the economy here continued to slow and many people
12:46 am
lost their jobs so what do ordinary people want in the year ahead. i wish all my family members will have good health and a much better life in the new year than i have a son so i have a big mission to accomplish in my life for the new year i'm getting married i hope all my family will happily stay together for china's president meanwhile she jinping has been touring a neighborhood here in beijing extending new year's greetings and also trying a bit of dumpling making eating dumplings at this time of year is of course very popular indeed even amongst chinese leaders. and on monday night some eight hundred million people tuned in to watch the annual chinese new year television goller this is the most watched television program in the world even more people watch this than the super bowl which of course was shown in the united
12:47 am
states less than twelve hours earlier many of the people you see here in the town park are domestic tourists they've come from other parts of china to feast and to celebrate and it's a celebration that for many people will last until the weekend. scientists researching a leopard seals in new zealand have made an unusual discovery they found a working u.s.b. stick in a sample of sealed feces they were analyzing to so they want the seals were eating on the u.s.p. was this video footage of an identified person kayaking and a sea lion playing in the water the searchers say they're concerned about how the animal swallowed the u.s.b. and they released the footage in the hope the sticks owner will come forward. still to come and sports fans.
12:48 am
business updates by qatar airways going places together.
12:49 am
business updates by qatar airways going places together. so thank you very much they most successful. of all time says she will compete. despite crashing in the last of a championship lindsey vonn had a bad fall during the super g. at the world championships in sweden she says she'll still be able to compete in the downhill. the beginning of the end it wasn't meant to be like this. but seconds into final will championships lindsey vonn super g. race followed the script of the rest of her farewell season the american crushing
12:50 am
out with barely a glimpse of the talent and power that has made the most dominant skia of the modern age yeah i've got a bit of a shiner. and i'm feel like i've been hit by an eighteen wheeler but other than that i'm great and now aged thirty four valma has brought forward her retirement to make these world championships in sweden have final flourish a training run on monday so high finish eleventh but the missing college in honey and choose days rice merely underlined that it was nearly time to say goodbye it is what it is i can't change it i done my best my entire career i've worked as hard as humanly possible i've come back from way too many injuries and i'm not able to do it and that's just life you know it's not quite time to go yet still isn't ruling out with another world championship gold and some days downhill she already has two
12:51 am
and may regrets only have a taking home warm olympic winner's medal. but its high performance in the season long growing of the world cup that will be remembered eighty two wins putting how within four of the all time record set by sweden's in the last stand thirty years ago. i. see has transcended skiing in the sport will be relieved to have what seems to be a tailor made replacement in the kayla schiffer and the twenty three year old winning the super g. at the world just perceive it as rush i heard disappointment should be brief in the context of a career that has raised women skiing it's a new heights mckayla schifrin is victory here completes her coronation as the new queen. in alpine skiing routes the top has been carved out by lindsey vonn her crash may be one of her last memories of the sport but it's not what she'll be remembered for pole race al-jazeera or to sweden. well it'll be difficult for
12:52 am
anybody to surpass the achievements of lindsey vonn but might we one day see a world cup skier from pakistan the country's winter sports federation and military are combining forces boost skiing's popularity in the country david stocks reports . the mountains of northern pakistan spectacular but traditionally considered a dangerous no go area military operations aren't out of the ordinary here but not like this one pakistan's air force flying in competitors from around the world to take part in an international ski tournament ten thousand five hundred feet above sea level the military opening its doors to its own personal ski resort and now tar determined to change perceptions. this is inspiration for five years stunning message to all of the world. is there for the rest of nature. these very. beautiful things. worth there's an enthusiasm for the
12:53 am
interest. and reach through this venue and enjoy these facilities in five years from these mountains have been plagued by tribal violence for centuries and reminders and never far away but ski races from nearly forty countries still made the journey to get a feel for pakistan slopes and the feedback was positive. real like the snow condition mountains everything is perfect and real like people so much because there are so kindly to us very very happy to be. this kid does it do look more and . more this is even bigger it's a slow go world championship even. winter olympics here it wasn't all about the international visitors pakistan's top national skiers were there too with the perfect opportunity to showcase their talent and learn from some of the world's
12:54 am
best. me and my teammates who. were just looking forward. as well as skiing snowboarding ice skating and ice hockey competitions. held for the first time in the country pakistan's winter sports federation in collaboration with the air force is determined to inspire youngsters not only to get involved but maybe one day even bring home gold medals we have or have em in coming international competitions and specially when reading is ready for anything we should have five thirty euros getting the national flags and giving crowd a major five years from hosting the olympics may still be some way off but the more pakistan puts on events like this the show not only to boost sport and terrorism but also project a more positive image of the country all around the world david stokes al-jazeera.
12:55 am
favre has announced how the organization of the next world cup in twenty twenty two will be governed in the van up to the tournament in qatar football's world governing body says it set up a joint venture with cata to streamline the organization and improve efficiency in a statement fifa said they'll hold a fifty one percent share of the venture with the katter organizing committee the remaining forty nine percent we are here today because the we think that the by joining forces we can be a better team to deliver the world cup and it means also that does the trick is getting closer to got that and that now that the world cup in russia is completed the whole focus for free is under the liberty of the capital one cup in four years defending english premier league champions manchester city have the chance to go back to the top of the table for the first time in two months if they win at sabots and on wednesday but city on currently does live a poor drop points in recent matches and city manager pep guardiola expects plenty
12:56 am
more twists and turns between now and the end of the season. three for it is a goal we are already done so the champion was liverpool no favorite and moving three days we are leading or we are seven points behind. so try to be calm in that situation i said my feeling in the last week's show will be a lot of surprises and will be tough for every team to win on games because. the contenders in contenders and all the teams had their abilities capacities in in a skills to to make create problems joe is a marine your eyes become the latest high profile individuals in the world of football to be found guilty of times fold in spite the former manchester united manager has been given a one year prison sentence but once any jail time radio has instead a great supplier file of more than two million dollars defenses are likely to undercut income when he was managing well madrid seven years ago it is john of
12:57 am
another was fined more than twenty million dollars by the spanish tax authority of us it's been an event for wait for more and you know the portuguese was involved and invited to drop the ceremonial packet a k h l guy but he suffered an embarrassing full on the ice was captured on video by the crowd and posted all over social media snobby really been a great few months for the man who was once for guarded as the special one or one of the my so many sites in sport is the new england patriots celebrating a super bowl victory nesta might add one million people on the streets of boston after the pages return from the latest drop in atlanta on somebody thirty three victory over vance because they say so for both a combination of coach bill belichick and forty one recruits apart from brenda in the good news for these crimes is that neither is planning to retire. and just keep on going keep on winning thank you elaine. that's it for me states as in full of
12:58 am
this news hour but i will be back in a moment with much more of the day's news don't go away. a short films of hope. and inspiration a series of shorts personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people still missing when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development and we can best making sure the people on the left behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground join us for this historic shift in american politics to bring you more room moved we need documentaries and life moves on air and online take the worst possible material you radio grounded into dust comparable to flower and make a reliable and put it into place where people live it is a cause colossal event. as well and for many people a few here this is the silent heat. but doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a murder we have created an enormous and little mental disaster. and investigation
1:00 am
south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. i'm. sure you. know some of it i like. that as well as opposition leader makes a national assembly he wants to bypass the president and bring in humanitarian and . other again on suits us and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. knowing this president he will rely on distortions and made up facts senior democrats pull no punches as the war of words begins ahead of president charles state of the union.


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