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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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and little mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. well you know. some of the. venezuela's opposition leader meets the national assembly he wants to bypass the president and bring in humanitarian aid and. hello again on this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. knowing this president he will rely on distortions and made up. senior democrats pull no punches as the war of words begins ahead of president trunk's state of the union address.
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to stay on and they chip shop parliamentary committee approves a proposal to extend the presidential term to six years the climate change catastrophe facing the himalayas with serious consequences for almost two billion people. usa trucks carrying food and medical supplies have started arriving at venice colombia's border with venezuela as pressure builds on president nicolas maduro to resign in the face of a challenge from opposition leader. hundreds of venezuelans in knees have been lining up border towns trying to buy meds the aid is being delivered those requests we declared himself into in president last month but isn't clear if military forces who remain loyal to president maduro will allow the supplies into the country guardo himself has appealed for the aid to be less true and has been meeting
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national assembly members him in the capital caracas is also held talks with business leaders and has reiterated his call for free and fair elections in venezuela. we're going to give you a little hasn't been easy to get to hear a lot of businesses and workers have had so i want us to border and leave venezuela and we have to lay the foundations once and for all you not only for our social fabric and also we should be able to give it rise to a sustained democracy. i mean this is a stain freedom and that's absolutely fundamental to think body in the union. al jazeera stories a bow has the latest from caracas where here outside of a national assembly where you lawmakers with one while you go inside are discussing how to get humanitarian aid into the country we know that this week some medicines and food will start to arrive to the city of kabul that's right next to the border
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between colombia and venezuela what's not clear yet is how that aid is going to make it into the country the government of nicolas my boudoir said that that entering that date would be illegal and that's why why there has been appealing to the troops to the military to allow that aid inside the country saying that it's not only for the population but also to their relative to the relatives of the mill military her who are also suffering from the economic crisis that exists in this country today what we know is that the opposition is also hoping to create what they say is a humanitarian corridor that's going to be composed by members of religious groups n.g.o.s and doctors among others and to protect that aid so that it can reach those who needed them most there's lots of talks of dialogue countries like turkey like mexico like your wife say but the way out of the current crisis is that dialogue even nikolai mother would have said that he's willing to negotiate but the opposition is saying that this time they don't want to sit down and discuss anything at all that back in two thousand and seventeen after enormous protests the
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government used those talks in order to win time and in the end they ended up calling for a presidential election where the opposition was under represented that that election was filled with irregularities and that's why they're saying that they're not recognizing me. as president of venezuela and that's why they are demanding general elections as soon as possible. and as on their m.p.'s he has more from last year in the colombia border where aide is waiting to enter venezuela. this is shaping up to be the next frontline in the battle for control of venezuela we're standing in front of last in the bridge that connects colombia with venezuela here in the border city. this bridge was in now curated back in two thousand and fifteen but never opened a victim of the growing tensions between colombia and venezuela has the situation
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the economic crisis deteriorated in venezuela in the exodus of venezuela migrants are overwhelmed here this city on the border in colombia and this is the place the building that you see behind me where the a the sent by the usa id the united states relief agency is expected to arrive on wednesday the first number of trucks or being loaded in the capital. and are expected to leave. in the coming hours however there is no plan in place at least for now on how to push this aid across the border into venezuela. is no that they need the help of the venezuelan military to do that and there is no indication that the government in venezuela or the military wants to do that and actually we saw pictures that were shot by
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a local newspaper here that show that there is a huge truck blocking the entrance to the bridge on the venezuelan side. well pope francis says the vatican is willing to mediate in venezuela if both sides are asked speaking about his plane which returning from a visit to abu dhabi the catholic leader also confirmed the president maduro had sent him a letter. the will of both sides it is necessary both sides have to ask for it and that is what happened in the case of argentina and chile they have made really bad they were small steps that are needed in diplomacy in the last one is mediation. negotiators they need to move closer together to begin the possibilities of dialogue this is how diplomacy is carried out hundreds of thousands of venezuelans have entered ecuador as they flee the crisis and most of them continue south to peru they are long was ecuador's foreign minister from twenty sixteen to
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twenty seventeen he says the situation in venezuela is dividing world powers and the outcome could be dangerous as this is happening domestically similarly internationally you have very polarized positions on the one hand united states clearly backing way though on the other hand you have other countries such as russia and china still supporting the mother of government the europeans are sort of siding more with the united states which i think is a big mistake i think the europeans really have a chance to try and push for negotiations for dialogue for peace but even with inside the european union in its member states there are different positions as we just saw so i think this is exactly when you need negotiation when you need dialogue when the positions are so entrenched on either side in this case both inside venezuela but also at the global scale we have the story sort of stalemate which is potentially very dangerous and could lead to more violence. the
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international criminal court has released the former president of ivory coast who will now go to belgium laurent gbagbo has spent seven years in custody at the hague and was the first former head of state to go on trial up the i.c.c. he was challenged with crimes against humanity have to violence erupted following the disputed twenty ten election belgium's foreign minister has said there will be no limits tobacco's movement under his conditional release. now donald trump's due to deliver his second on delayed state of the union address in a few hours time the us president was forced to postpone the event last month because of the longest government shutdown in american history let's go live now to roslyn jordan who's on capitol hill in washington where as we have there a former republican strategist on just an hour ago saying this isn't to the
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lawmakers this is trying to be the president's thoughts straight into the american her what is it you think he's going to say. well it's our understanding that the president is going to talk about the need to invest in info infrastructure that he's going to talk about the need to be more transparent in terms of prescription drug pricing he's going to talk about the goal of trying to eradicate h.i.v. by the year twenty thirty but the president is also going to spend a considerable time spelling out the argument for why there should be a security barrier or border wall between the united states and mexico the president according to his aides is also going to describe the process for installing such a security barrier in the hope that congress would actually appropriate the funding for this project or that if they came to this the president would also try to
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explain his legal reasoning for why invoking a national emergency would have to happen now of course there is a lot of a consternation about this last option republicans have already informed the president that doing so could lead to incredible political controversy and perhaps a blowback for republicans running for office in twenty twentieth's so they are trying to persuade the president to not exercise this option it's worth pointing out that the president's advisers telling him calmly said earlier on tuesday that's how the president is very much hoping that using the national emergency alternative won't be necessary that said. the democrats here on capitol hill are very much skeptical about what the president is going to say and perhaps just as important how he's going to say it this is the senate minority leader chuck schumer. knowing this president and his penchant for hyperbole he'll probably say the state of our
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union is stronger than it's ever been before in our nation's long history thanks to him. knowing this president he will rely on distortions and made up facts mislead the american people the only question about the president's state of the union how often will he distort how often will he make up facts how often will he resort to fear and divisiveness. chuck schumer not mincing his words of course are a lot more female democrats now in this listening to the state of the union than that was the last time the president gave a speech that launches them but how do you think generally what he's going to be saying is going to go down with a little mike. well when it comes to matters of domestic policy good government spending tax policy infrastructure policy that last item might get some bipartisan support but other issues clearly have not just congressional
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democrats but congressional republicans splitting with the white house the president is expected to talk about foreign policy about what's happening in venice well for example about u.s. relations with china about the situation with north korea but the president has already risen found incredible resistance from members of his own party when it comes to withdrawing u.s. forces from syria as the president has argued that the fight against isis is over they disagree and so there's going to be pushback on that democrats for their part are probably going to push back most vigorously on anything about border wall funding but they're also going to be saying that they want to see more done to help middle class americans working class americans for americans they say that the president has been much too interested in helping the very richest of the rich and
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not doing enough to improve the standard of living for ordinary americans so it's really really whatever he says there's going to be someone sitting in the chamber who's not going to like what the president has to say. and they're speaking to us live from capitol hill. now the egyptian parliament is advancing plans to let abdul fattah el-sisi staleness president well beyond the end of his term and initial proposal to extend cc's presidency by another six years after twenty twenty two has been approved by a committee of m.p.'s the house speaker said next week m.p.'s will receive a report on all the new proposals ahead of a vote in parliament the move is raising fears of a growing author of terrorism in the country eight years after the overthrow of hosni mubarak and pay who support cc's government says changes are needed to help the country deal with ongoing conflicts in the region. in one thousand thirty four
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us president roosevelt amended the constitution and increased presence limits during the second world war these were compulsory circumstances due to war in one thousand nine hundred six the egyptian president amended the nine hundred ninety one constitution also due to war we are going through a war that is more intense the bourne sinai and the wars you're facing but other countries that i would not like to name. however members of the opposition in parliament call for the proposals to be shelved that there will fold them up to the transfer of power is a moral principle which was created by the revolutions of the twenty fifth of january of the thirtieth of june. it is impossible to tamper with this moral principle otherwise we will end up without morals and will fail to preserve the principles we have all agreed in this constitution. still ahead on the program giving another try governments of central african republic agrees a deal with fourteen armed groups twenty years of violence and the businessman is being held in the u.a.e. and put face one hundred fifty thousand dollars fine for wearing
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a towel football. places say that the heaviest rain has now eased in townsville but i'm afraid that weather yes it does stay in the forecast as we go on through the next couple days still plenty of cloud there across a good part of queensland then we are going to see further heavy downpours generally to the south of townsville but a good parts of central and southern queensland seeing more big downpours as we go on through the next few days becoming a little lighter a little more sparse minimal sporadic as we go through thursday is still there nevertheless the flooding concerns will stay in place heavy showers to make their way across tasmania high temperatures there from melbourne for adelaide thirty one thirty eight degrees over towards the southwest and colder in perth one of two
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showers say they could be on the lively side with some fund but a bit of weather making its way into new zealand so as we go on through the next hour seven not too bad it's colder than it has been recently she was a fresher fifteen celsius there for crosschecks twenty five degrees there an open mic in pretty good as we go on through the next couple of days but little bit of increasing cloud just spinning its way across the country really therrien quite nicely but some decent spells of sunshine some sunshine sue into northern parts of honshu southern areas of japan seeing some cloud and right but brightening up with this day. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be foolish is you know it's very challenging given we've got to kill because you have a lot of people that are devoid of political. realities of people believe that tell
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the real story i'll just mend it used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. welcome back reminder of the top source. that as well as a self declared interim leader wang house call for the safe passage of humanitarian aid during a meeting with national assembly members in the capital caracas u.s. trucks carrying food and medical supplies started arriving at the colombia venezuela border the international criminal court has released the former president survive recurs to when i go to belgium laurent gbagbo was acquitted of crimes
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against humanity after being accused of ordering attacks following the disputed twenty ten election and egypt's problem and says advancing plans to let abdel fattah el-sisi stay on as president well beyond the end of the movie is raising fears of increasing authoritarianism eight years after the overthrow of hosni mubarak. afghanistan's president says they will be no peace deal between the taliban and the u.s. without the involvement of the government ashraf ghani made the comments space talks are being held in moscow without any government representatives present the talks only involves taliban delegates opposition politicians and. former president karzai hours before they started the taliban launched another attack against the country's security services killing at least twenty six service members in the northern province of continues tony betty has more from kabul. we are told this was
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a pre-dawn attack on police checkpoints at an army base on the outskirts of condors which is the provincial capital that six hundred fifty kilometers north of kabul a group a large group of taliban fighters attacked three police checkpoints and the base we're told that twenty six personnel were killed eleven of them were police officers and the taliban have claimed responsibility for this the afghan authorities say that at least twenty two taliban fighters were killed and about twelve were wounded but this is not be confirmed by the taliban who i say confirmed the attack now it shows that even though the taliban had meaningful breakthrough so-called breakthrough talks with the u.s. just a little over a week ago the peace talks may be one thing but when it comes to war it's business as usual i think they're underlining their strength they've been gaining territory in the last three months and they want to push this to the wire and show that they can strike when they want and inflict casualties so the nice president omar al
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bashir is hosting a ceremony marking the end of peace talks between rival factions from central african republic a deal between the government and fourteen armed groups was reached on sunday in khartoum after two weeks of un led negotiations a formal agreement will be signed in bungay on wednesday and represents rare hope for one of the world's poorest nations thousands have been killed and millions displaced since fighting began in twenty thirteen mohamad van has more from cutting . the government of the central african republic and fourteen rebel leaders have signed a peace agreement that has been long in the making difficult negotiations for over a week here in the sudanese capital khartoum the heads of state of sudan and the central african republic have attended the signing with initials here today the final signing will be on wednesday in the capital bangui the capital of the central african republic but what distinguishes this agreement is that it is a it is the fruit of first time head to head face to face negotiations between the
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rebel leaders and the government of the central african republic it is labeled an agreement of peace and reconciliation and it is going to open the door for a unity government in that country and also for an honesty to that have been leaders that are misty to that of the leaders has been a sticking point in the negotiations so all the parties to the this conflict and the sponsors i hope that this time around this agreement will hold and it will bring final peace to the people of the central african republic they can offense so its military says it has killed one hundred forty six feiss in three operations in the border with mali the army's operation was in response to monday's attack in cane when armed men stormed the village killing fourteen people nicholas haq is following the story from senegal as capital dhaka. general movies when you go on national television late on monday night that this operation took place across
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hundreds of kilometers of border area the brickie so shares with mali not only were there troops on the ground but it also involved planes and helicopters and the support of the french special forces that have a base in. it was in the region of cane in the province in bonn in the loom region and in bomb were in the cahsee province this all happened on monday and this is a region where there is no physical front chair it's a region used nomadic herders that come across mali into brick so in search of food and water now no one has been able to independently verify the circumstances of the death that occurred during this operation but it's certainly a small victory for the bikini army that have come under attack they say it's in response to an attack on villagers late on sunday night where armed men went house
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to house killing villagers and it comes just days before the start of the u.s. training operation flintlock that will take place. now what's clear is that this conflict that started in a region of mali is spilling outside of its border across the region into neighboring countries and brick has suffered the most loss but this comes as a victory for the forces. who are facing what it seems an unending conflict. doctors teachers and lawyers have joined anti-government protests in sedona after two men were killed in custody the sudanese professional association called for the demonstrations off the teacher care who was arrested in the eastern state of saleh was pronounced dead on sunday his relatives say his body showed signs of torture their last incident began in december with protesters demanding
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president omar bashir step down and end his thirty year rule. the u.k. foreign office says it's helping a british man who's been arrested in the united arab emirates after he wore a national team shirt to a football match twenty six year old. travelled to the u.a.e. for a holiday in january whilst i was there he went to watch a match between cats are in the wrong where he wore cattle shit the game is reported he did not know he committed an offense which is punishable with a fine and a prison sentence rather sterling is the founder and c.e.o. of detained in dubai a u.k. based organization that focuses on the detention of foreign nationals in the u.a.e. and other gulf states she spoke to us about what the u.s. may have been trying to prove with our rights arrest. it seems that he was detained simply for wearing a. qatar football surface and this is now crime in the u.a.e.
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any sort of sympathy towards qatar and this has been a major and ongoing issue that has disrupted the lives of many in the u.a.e. but i think in at least case of course he would be aware having attended a football match where qatar is actually playing that it would be wrong to show support for the team that you are obviously supporting so he was arrested and he claims that he was mistreated by the author of these shores he later then returned to the playstation to make a report about the mistreatment and was an apparently charged with slandering the u.a.e. also over seas in making such a report so i think you know problem here is obviously the u.a.e. is using. the dispute between qatar and the u.a.e. and other gulf nations as a way to. perhaps show qatar that the upcoming twenty twenty two match is going to be equated disputes between the countries the u.k.'s prime minister says she has an
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unshakable commitment to prevent a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland to resume as a for visiting northern ireland where she's been trying to reassure residents about her breasts and plan paul brennan report from belfast. northern ireland has the u.k.'s only land border with the european union and the businesses of this province a feeling the uncertainty of a more acutely the most threesome a promise an unshakable commitment to avoiding a hard border northern ireland does not have to rely on the irish government or the european union to prevent a return to borders of the past the u.k. government will not let that happen i will not let that happen to resubmit a speech offered reassurances that the business leaders here found it less than reassuring and there were no new specifics about what alternative arrangements might be found to the northern ireland backstop. the biggest fear is
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a no deal that we cannot sleep walkin to new deal situation so in our best this is across the u.k. are not prepared for a new deal situation so i don't think anyone can really prepare it's very difficult to prepare for what would a new deal look like if it doesn't work then we have to go back and i was in military suits to you know what what is going to work and what is a compromise solution and they've all committed and everybody doesn't want to see a border crack in northern ireland so they have to come up with that solution if if her efforts in europe don't succeed this week if there is a hard border what you're talking about is the systematic dust and aggression of a supply chain that has been built up not over twenty years of peace but over forty years of membership of the. reason they will go to brussels later this week determined to avoid a hard border the e.u. has the same determination but each has very different ideas on how to guarantee that i'll come over in an al-jazeera belfast. is such a say it's the climate crisis never heard of but the environmental disaster looming
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in the world's tallest peaks will affect an entire continent more than one third of grace years in the himalayas and the hindu kush will melt by the end of this century even if current efforts to combat climate change succeed that's according to a. study and if the world fails to stop temperatures rising by more than one point five degrees celsius the loss of ice sheets will be doubled one point nine billion people in south asia that's a quarter of the world's population depends on the glaciers for water a rise of even two degrees celsius will disrupt rivers from india to china reducing ivy peaks to bare rock and possibly devastating crops well hannah suffered is an environmental research at the university of california she says we need to take steps now to protect those who will be affected by climate change. that's very much in line with recent news that we've seen showing that the peace and magnitude of
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climate change is even greater than scientists have said even as recently as in the past five or ten years in october there was a big report from the united nations international government our panel on climate change that showed that greenhouse gas emissions are warming much faster than we expect we've also seen a recent report showing that sea level rises accelerating so again very much in line with recent reports showing that actually is needed and needed now with this report shows is that it's critical to take action because if we don't take action and then we could see the last of the glaciers in the region double so if something bad is going to happen but we can take steps to limit it from being much worse at the same time we can't fool ourselves and think that nothing is going to happen we're already seeing the impacts of climate change today so we need to take steps now to protect those will be affected for instance by thinking about how to reuse water when you won't have as reliable water supplies. scientists researching
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elaborate sales in new zealand have made an unusual to scan every i found the working u.s.b. stick at a sample of scene face east they were allies saying to studying what the seals were eating on the u.s.b. was this video footage of an identified person kayaking assailant playing in the water was said to say that consent about how they are they will swallow the u.s.p. and they face the footage in the hope of the stick so in a coming forward. these are the top stories and i'll just sit around venezuela self declared interim leader one who has been meeting national assembly members in the capital caracas is calling for the safe passage of humanitarian aid into the country u.s. trucks carrying food and medical supplies have started arriving at the colombia venezuela border but it's uncertain how the aid will or without the cooperation of the military which has remained loyal to him battle president nicolas maduro tour
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is about has more from caracas it's not clear yet what and how and what's going to happen because the has already said that he won't allow that aid to come into the country and that's why in a way why there has been appealing to the soldiers and troops in general saying that that aid is not wholly for the population in general but also for them and for their families because that's they opposition has been saying that appealing to the military in general is that the hold all of venice well as i was suffering for the enormous economic crisis that exists in this country hyperinflation shortages of food and medicine among other things. the international criminal court has released the former president's arrival ricos to will i go to belgium laurent gbagbo has spent seven years in custody at the hay and was the first former head of state to go on trial at the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the disputed twenty ten election as foreign minister has said there will be no limits
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tobacco's movements under his conditional release. egypt's parliament is advancing plans to let abdel fattah el-sisi stay on as president well beyond the end of his term an initial proposal to extend cc's presidency by another six years after twenty twenty two has been approved by a committee of m.p.'s it will need to pass a final vote in parliament as well as a national referendum before it becomes a constitutional amendment. so the nice president omar al bashir has hosted a ceremony marking the end of peace talks between rival factions from essential african republic a deal between the government and fourteen armed groups was reached on sunday in khartoum after two weeks of un like negotiations a formal agreement will be signed in bungay on wednesday. those are the headlines stay with us earthrise coming next. as venezuela is on the brink.
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with two men facing off for power. one of them self-proclaimed interim venezuelan leader one why don't. talks to al jazeera. the conditions for existence on a sustained by complex web of climatic processes. i mean the rains predictable seasons and consistent temperatures all allowed life to flourish.


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