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of the king it is known to the public roles in thai films she was put forward by the party loyal to the former prime minister taksin shinawatra who was ousted in two thousand and six now lives in exile army chief and currently the trial of channel will also contest the march twenty fourth he seized power from the democratic government in twenty fourteen making himself prime minister dominic fulda has written a book on the tire royal family he says that friday's announcement represents a dramatic shift. well the rumors have been floating around for about a month and nobody took them very seriously because it's such an enormous step but this way they've built up and of course to date the rumor has become a story this is a big big departure traditionally the monarchy palace of kept well apart from politics. suddenly that was a whole mock of the last king who appoints right so they kept apart from party politics any interference was avoided this this situation is intriguing
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because princes it is technically no longer a princess she was the first born of king bhumibol own but she married an american in one thousand nine hundred seventy two and spent thirty years living in the us and because of that she forfeited her title she wasn't stripped of them it's so if you marry a common you lose your titles if you're a type princess and she came back and those titles have not been restored so there's speculation about whether they would be restored and this plays into a very complicated narrative that concerns the coronation which is due after the election in may and we have to see what will happen she's one of three candidates for this particular party for prime minister we'd have to see what happens after that if after words she had a titles restored that would be a very interesting development
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a weather update next year on syria then we'll tell you why over half of sudan's university professors leaving the country and. first for europe's largest major film festival were at the burn anomaly film festival in germany. hello there the weather is all quite subdued over the southeastern parts of asia at the moment the satellite picture is showing plenty of sunshine across the philippines and across through parts of vietnam cambodia and into thailand we have a couple of showers a further south want to rather picky ones over parts of somalia and into java and we're also seeing a couple over parts of borneo but even here i think predominantly we're going to see fine weather as we head through the next few days so lots of dry weather then just one or two showers for us in borneo
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a few more showers force in java and across into somalia as well i think in singapore we could also casualty roll they have to chose at times down towards australia and here we've got warm weather front that's moving away from the southeast it's a lot cooler behind it and do expect there to be a little bit more in the way of wet weather as we head through saturday so wet and cool for us in melbourne it's temperature just of twenty degrees further north it is now a lot drier forcing queens on the top top top of queens and white just catch one or two more showers but really the area of low pressure is moving away now and taking the wet weather with it so things definitely improving for us for western australia well here we still have the heat with us to the temperatures all the way out but around thirty six or thirty seven degrees over the next few days the temperature is also rather high in christchurch at the moment. billions of dollars have been stolen from malaysia. the whistleblower good supposed
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big deals and criminal cover. you know when east investigates. the biggest banks. on how do you. have enough to hold out whether someone is going for some of the very rich that's going to be in the tree think it's how you approach the show and that's what it is a certain way of doing it can't just. inject a story in the out. hello again this is al jazeera let's take a moment for lunch of the main news this hour the u.s. envoy to venezuela says that the time for dialogue with president nicolas maduro is over washington wants him to leave the country trucks with aid and supplies from
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the u.s. arrived at the venezuelan border in colombia. reports the new york times says the saudi crown prince threatened to go after jamal in twenty seventeen in a conversation intercepted by u.s. intelligence for had been sound on his hood saying that he'd use a bullet against a shock. and in an unexpected twist the sister of thailand's king has been declared a leading candidate for prime minister in the upcoming elections the army chief who's the current prime minister also. iran has unveiled a new long range ballistic missile the announcement was made in the underground facility as part of celebrations marking the fortieth anniversary of the revolution it's a show of military strength after the u.s. withdrew from the iran nuclear agreement last year and imposed sanctions on iran. zain this ravi reports from the iranian capital. any time iran unveils a weapon of this magnitude it is militarily significant it is technically an
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escalation of of the military capability in the middle east and it stands to reason that that raises tensions but at the same time we have to remember that iran does much of its military activity most of its operations both inside the country and abroad in allied countries the forces that it has deployed are conventional military forces and it does most of its military operations it conducts those operations with conventional military arsenals so it's important to this is really one of those stories it's important to stand that it's as significant what didn't happen this was not a launch this was an unveiling i think iranian strategists are aware that a launch would escalate tensions and send the wrong message and this unveiling is very much about messaging the messages to both allies and enemies to allies in europe who have criticized the missile program iran's ballistic missile program it's a message to say don't waste your time don't waste your breath we will continue to develop the weapons we feel we need for our own defense to enemies it is
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a signal that we have the capability to retaliate when fired upon now it is the fortieth anniversary of the islamic revolution that brought the current republic into power for decades ago so the timing is also significant the military leadership here wants to get maximum p.r. value for its developments for its advancements senior white house adviser jared krishna is expected to travel to the middle east later this month donald trump's son in law will present part of his peace plan for the region during his visit krishna will brief diplomats on the economic section of a u.s. proposal for peace between the israel between israel and the palestinians will take him to amman framed saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar. protesters in sudan are calling for the release of activists detained during weeks of demonstrations against president obama al bashir. the rally was called to express solidarity with the hundreds of people who've been
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arrested since protests over a rise in the price of bread began in december human rights activists say that at least forty five people have been killed president bashir has a knowledge that growing economic hardship has angered young people but he blames foreign sanctions for the troubles or the unrest in sudan is having an impact at all levels of society and it's not just dividing public opinion but also members of the same family i'm a ball reports from khartoum. thought his hard earned middle class status was secure now he says it's under threat. i mean university professor but my salary is no longer enough so i started using my car as a taxi it's the same economic condition behind these protests across the country. stops our university to join a group of professors wa putting forward a political roadmap which they say could get sudan out of its crisis and
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a sudan for hyla right now sudan is trying to get out of its present situation through a peaceful transition of power so we need to discuss why sudan has failed to introduce the culture of political will turn it is why are we speaking about it now when we could have done so right after independence. high hopes there but low expectations here because these intellectuals say they are used to being ignored. so many initiatives like this one of the launch but the government listens to and gives prestigious status only to those who carry arms intellectuals and never considered worthy of such privilege such feeling of neglect a constant suppression of freedoms and. of a worsening economic situation have pushed thousands of sudanese professionals to leave the country in search of better opportunities those include more than fifty percent of sudan's university professors on the c.s. . divan sided vision of power politics leaves open wanting to be the only two
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options i did accept to be sidelined or you leave the country being sidelined is the option that is a struggling with patiently but not his children his son anymore is has joined thousands of young protesters who have been marching for political change since december. a movement towards importance has led to disagreement between father and son. what's the use of you going to those protests and what use it's for our freedoms it's not just about the economy we need political change in our country. the generational rift within our blues family is seen even within the families of some of the members of the ruling class many of their children have also during the protests saying it's not just about economic or social status but rather of both the need for a liberal democracy that can transform sudan into
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a prosperous and modern nation. dizzier. sera leone's president has declared sexual violence a national emergency it follows outrage over the rape of a five year old girl who was left paralyzed from the waist down president julius not to be zero also announced an increase in the next one sentence for sexually motivated crimes from fifteen years to life in prison. rape. is the. third. i don't know who we are. here. who are probably. your. all. amazon chief
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jeff bezos is accusing the publisher of the national enquirer of extortion and blackmail the world's richest man of the owner of the washington post says the tabloid threatened to publish intimate photos of him unless he dropped accusations that some of its reporting was politically motivated in a blog post. raised questions about american media and relationship with saudi arabia am i the author of the inquirer is a strong backer of president donald trump and has denied that its reporting was politically motivated france says its military cooperation with cameroon will continue despite the united states withdrawing some of its assistance u.s. officials announced the suspension on wednesday accusing security forces in the west african nation of committing human rights violations it comes after videos circulated online appearing to show security forces shooting civilians cameron has cooperated closely with the u.s.
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in the fight against the group boko. i would say our quake is deputy director of advocacy and government relations at amnesty international in the u.s. he says the suspension is an opportunity for cameron to address its human rights record. it sends a message to the cameroon security forces that business as usual is no longer acceptable and that they need to change and initiate new serious reforms the abuses that we're talking about not only terrorize the population and the people that the security forces are supposed to protect but it potentially also radicalize certain people it created grievances and it certainly cut off any kind of cooperation with the security forces in counterinsurgency efforts all of those i think would have aided boko haram more than what is going on here and the relationship is not ended it's just basically been suspended certain parts of it so it's i think an or an opportunity for cameroon and for the other countries in the alliance to sort of
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revisit their obligations to comply with human rights after nearly eight years of war syrians living abroad are using their creativity to continue the message of change and resistance some are using music others performing arts officer a sullivan job at metz one such group near the syrian border with turkey. for centuries their route has been used to express joy or pain it's the instrument of choice for syrian artists such as jihad in yemen the used to design graphics and indeed years in aleppo and fled across the border to gaza. when the syrian revolution began you had started to sing tunes of resistance. aleppo remain at the heart of the uprising until it was seized by syrian government forces for the help of iranian troops and russian jets. he tries to immerse
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himself in writing songs and composing music but what he saw in aleppo never leaves his thoughts. if not for a long time we crossed the street where children were playing with a yellow football i heard the sort of a barrel bomb and we ducked we went to check on the kids and all of them but. dead do you know how painful it is to see body parts of young children scattered in front of you i will never forget that. many syrians had no idea that their creativity would. bring but now. their message of change and resistance are you an art you had in yemen designed some tyrant comedy sketches to take a poke at armed groups the assad regime and fellow syrians they say laughter is the best medicine and that's why they have created a small studio with the help of a turkish friend. first it wasn't enough but now they make ends meet by selling their content to some online channels. says they don't know if their work makes people happy but it helps them forget their pain even if it is for
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a few minutes. we didn't leave aleppo we had to escape from aleppo from the regime the bloodbath and the destruction at the beginning we just wanted to deliver a message now that we have an audience people always ask us for more. the group says much of serious creative talent is now scattered some of been killed some opted for living under the regime while others are living in other countries. this didn't romanticize about the message of the revolution and see it was only about freedom they have hope they will return home some time. these days that's all they dream about. the berlin international film festival festival is underway dozens of films will be screened during the several of them vying for the top prize the golden bear this year many
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a directed by women. is that. a burly name braces the film festivals as our leaders saying to the man who's stepping down after eighteen years in charge the stars were out for the opening movie the kindness of strangers its danish director lola scale figure is one of seven women who have a film in competition hoping to win the famous golden bear and the actress heading the jury says that can only be a good thing that's nima shows and. just cinema is changing and women are breaking through i hope there'll be more women from the whole world coming through from south america and africa and countries like china because we need the point of view of women from around the world. something else the berlin ali is synonymous with is political films like the brazilian fact space nine hundred sixty s. drama getting its world premiere here. well as he says goodbye to the berlin ali the man in the black cut de to cosmic nose he leaves behind an event that's earned
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a unique place in the film world it's just a lot of fun and at the same time you can think about we just hear you saying it's a little bit like your getting night because it's in a way a comedy and people will laugh but to see you see a pretty tough segues and that's again it's like have yeah because it's a kindness of strangers and says what. you can double says. the. edge. is. another contender for the golden bear is the golden glove by fatty who won billions top prize back in two thousand and four this german drama plunges you into another time and place it's based around a real life nine hundred seventy serial killer in the red light district of hamburg . also in the running this drama set in mongolia.
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revolver around a herd's woman who gets pregnant after spending one night with a young police officer. clearly there's no shortage of variety here or a stardust. al-jazeera at the berlin film festival. good to be with us hello everyone fitting in here in doha the headlines and as they are the u.s. envoy to venezuela says the time for dialogue with president dickless muro is over washington wants him to leave the country trucks with aid and supplies from the u.s. have arrived at the border in colombia a report of the new york times says the saudi crown prince threatened to go after jamal khashoggi in twenty seventeen in a conversation intercepted by u.s.
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intelligence. saying that he'd use a bullet against a shock. in an unexpected twist the sister of thailand's king has been declared a leading candidate for prime minister in the upcoming elections the army chief who is the current prime minister also run. emerson chief jeff bezos is accusing the publisher of the national enquirer of extortion and blackmail the world's richest man and owner of the washington post says the tabloid threatened to publish intimate photos of him unless he dropped accusations that some of its reporting was politically motivated in a blog post but also raised questions about american media inc relationship with saudi arabia am i the owner of the inquirer is a strong backer of president on the trump sierra leone's president has declared sexual violence a national emergency it follows an outrage over the rape of a five year old girl who was left paralyzed from the waist down president julius mother b o also announced an increase in the maximum sentence for sexually
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motivated crimes from fifteen years to life in prison as the headlines of news out for you in a little over twenty five minutes to one of one east. the strength of al jazeera is that because we have to expand if not for people of color to watch and actually share the information with the al-jazeera team and that. it's been branded the world's biggest heist at least four point five billion dollars stolen from malaysia's sovereign wealth fund one indeed. the former prime minister najib razak faces almost forty criminal charges. and the malaysian financier jolo is wanted by authorities in malaysia singapore and the united states . i'm steve cho on this episode
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a one on one east we investigate the deals and alleged criminal cover ups that rob malaysians of billions of dollars and track down the accidental hero who blew the whistle and. it's been a massive fool for malaysia's former prime minister najib resign like ousted from power in may last year he's banned from leaving the country and his family homes have been raided. police seizing two hundred and seventy million dollars worth of cash and luxury goods could be good but a lot of gifts it was are not fair you know to parade and to put a value on the steam's as far as i'm concerned i was not doing anything wrong. but is not a result of faces mounting charges
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a name asis from the past slips into the cup at all kuala lumpur. and in these. years. the swiss national info. banket turned businessman is regarded as a hero in what's being dubbed the new malaysia today xavi just is a keynote speaker at an anti corruption summit he provided the crucial evidence exposing the lead scam that saw more than four point five billion dollars siphoned out of malaysia's sovereign wealth fund one him to be. acting against criminals can be very dangerous they would do anything to keep the money they have no libyans and with this they took everything from us i spent ten months in jail and they made my wife suffer long they. they still be indians from poor people and
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just because. i have to forget you know they have to pay. at home in switzerland the shore of lake geneva office the serenity xaverian his wife noura crying. the past three and a half years have been tumultuous as a couple found themselves in broiled in malaysia's financial scandal. their nightmare began in twenty fifteen when they were living in thailand and building a resort. laura was visiting family in switzerland with their eight month old son when the thai police arrested her husband for review or area when i went to work for. your thing matter of time. and the second i knew he was arrested i knew it was because it was already and i could feel
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it was going to be bigger than. than what it was. petro saudi is a company at the heart of malaysia's stolen billion in two thousand and nine it entered into a one point eight billion dollars joint venture with one aim to be. the deal was struck on a make a yacht in the mediterranean on board the now fugitive malaysian financier an alleged mastermind jolo who then prime minister najib resigned and his wife. and the hosts petro saudi cofounders prince turki a son of the late king of saudi arabia and to record by at the time to record buried was one of saving is best friends february two thousand. contacted me a couple of times. office because they signed
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a deal with the malaysian. money and they needed directly the guy that you could trust. to run to run the company. xavi went to work with a record by eight and another director patrick mahoney but seven months into the job he says things started to sour it said that if you receive a lot of money you become crazy that's a fact i sold up direct started buying a flat after you bought. renting your in the south of france it's probably unfamiliar euro's weak everything becomes like extravaganza so i started to treat me like a star in west treating other people very bad xavier resigned in april twentieth levon he says he was all moved two point five million
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dollars and to ensure he paid he had more than two hundred thirty thousand confidential emails downloaded from the company server on to a hard drive. again there were a lot of money involved. access to the financial gutters also they were going to be what would be i would worry until. three years later he says he still hadn't been paid so he began looking for a potential buyer for the dark. british journalist claire brown had already been investigating suspected corruption behind one in d b what first caught my eye was the fact that the young son a step son of the prime minister of malaysia had been targeted as the producer of one of hollywood's most expensive movies the reason rizzi is a stepson of knowledge of resign act and one of the producers of the twenty
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thirteen one hundred million dollar hollywood blockbuster wolf of wall street he was claiming he put his own money in and there was really no there was no money behind trees so where was this money coming from and looking into it deeper i had very quickly ascertained that at resist side there was this young financial low who was connected to one and dubious advisor so what i was asking was a very simple question to begin with were the missing billions that no one could account for that had disappeared from one and were they in any way linked to the tens of millions that suddenly the stepson of the prime minister was able to invest in this film about theft and large acts. those search for answers led her to a meeting with xavier in twenty fourteen i went to bangkok and i met this strange
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man in the middle of bangkok who someone of war may be a russian mafia she was scared and i was going to be in a world that it. luckily that my hunch was correct and it was a former director of patricide none other than. he explained how he gradually had begun to realize there was something very troubling about this joint venture with one m.t.p. . he started to show me some of his emails that he had from this database. the one in d.b.a. petro saudi deal struck on the yorkshire required when nature to initially invest one billion dollars in the joint venture and petro saudi to contribute energy concessions valued at almost three billion dollars. it's very easy and i listen at money what they did the bin in the front company something that
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could appear very legal and they found this very beautiful name. it looks like it's the official oil company of saudi arabia that's the only quality but. this beautiful name so the frame of the gun where the stub of. the e-mails showed those billions of dollars were the petro saudi energy concessions had been hugely and fraudulently overvalued something's a.v.o. always suspected and now believed was crucial to the alleged criminal scam in two thousand and nine. but you can hone and ask me if i knew a company or a guy that could evaluate the four to billions. they said no way i'm going to us. a company that is worth pretty much nothing for the billions
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but it seems mahoney in a bird age got what they wanted by restricting the work of the value asia is cause of work is to have value. a number of assets not look at the owner of the title. so you just overlooking something is nothing i can see is. giving privilege or not is not belonging to. and xavi is cache of documents revealed even more fraudulent activity he was flicking through very quickly and there was there was one sort of bank transfer. i said to him can we go back and look at that because there was a seven an awful lot of zeros i'm assuming it was a seven hundred thousand dollar transfer but actually was there as an extra three cirrus on that was it a seven hundred million dollar transfer and he said yeah seven hundred million. the
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dart it clearly showed that only three hundred million of malaysia's one billion dollars cash investment made it into the joint venture account. seven hundred million winch to his suite spank account controlled by none other then joe law. you should of all the red flags. go through and wanted to. go. according to the tens of millions then allegedly flowed from there to to record and on to prince turki and patrick mahoney. and are no into the world back then also as the u.s. department of justice alleges into malaysia's then prime minister knowledge of reserve acts personal bank account because they were there with
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a well. but a symbol of the. use the channels the bank accounts and that's when i saw that enormous number being transferred to a company that belonged to that it was an offshore instrument belonging to. that was when i knew i had a. shattering story. but very real wanted to point five million dollars before he'd give her the dollar i'm not sending this to your back bidder. this is worth a lot of one i just want to recover my money. i knew this was a story i couldn't just turn away from just because i didn't have a few million dollars in the end one of southeast asia's biggest media financial crepes got in touch and told me that they wanted to speak to us and what would be interested in buying salvias story. in february twenty fifth deen a deal was done xavier was promised two million dollars by the media conglomerate
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andrew castle brown left with a copy of the data a few days later she published her first story heist of this century. four months later xavier was jailed in thailand on a charge of attempted blackmail against saudi it was a terrible shock and there were some very very terrifying pictures i mean he is surrounded by heavily armed guards he was in handcuffs he was being he was being paraded for the malaysian media so therefore you could see that there was conspiracy here at the highest levels. back in malaysia then prime minister knowledge of reserve was facing a leadership crisis as he tried to explain one him degrees mind boggling fifteen billion dollar debt. xavi is a wrist was the start of a relentless campaign to discredit the former insider petrocelli announced it
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was a victim of a crime by an unscrupulous ex employee and hired a dart a security expert who then discredited castle brown t. stated to the world media that i had forged the data and that i had doctored it and that there was you know that i was lying and it was. that these things were being said so i knew something incredibly awkward was going on at a very high level and clearly hugely funded. and things would become even more or just design a.v.o. was about to go into court to apply for bail. while. ok the door open and there's a. bottom from scotland yard international investigation it's between
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you between malaysia and thailand the government does in anything wrong but we need you to cooperate with us you have to plead guilty. otherwise you go to prison. i'm not going to prison i'm not going to plead guilty of things i haven't done that that's ridiculous. xavier was denying to pale and jail what he didn't know at the time was the even leishman the so-called paul scott was not a scotland yard officer but instead a security consultant employed by petro saudi who seemingly had influence over time . i couldn't speak to no one. give me thought even where he worth. thousands of kilometers away in switzerland nora turned to claire rukh also brown for hope. we sat down and i you know and together
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i wrote the real story against what was being poured out against him in in malaysia and we published that. but then came a phone call for laura from the so-called poor scotch he was with xavier calling from the prison in thailand to tell her scotland yard was on the case laura told me yes they're the same all the savini subdue is to cooperate with the strategy of the scotland yard detectives mick to a little crime receive a slap on the wrist at this point i'm beginning to think why is the scotland yard detective asking survey to mit to something and nor someone i don't know but we have to put our trust in them in the hands because so obvious telling me i have to cooperate in prison in bangkok xavi a was cooperating meeting the so-called paul's guard and patrick mahoney regularly xavier's says paul dictated
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a confession it cleared petro saudi and one him to be of any wrongdoing and implicated rew castle brown in a plot to bring down malaysia's prime minister najib resign back i would have to confess whatever they wanted you have no idea what is the job you have to live up to understand i really wanted to go home to be with my wife and with my son. a bang directions xavier was marched out for a few carefully selected media interviews. a paper closely aligned with malaysia's then ruling party was first stop if you read the interview it's the same structure i started out. i'm a bad guy i'm a greedy guy you know the that i've been manipulated i work with journalists
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bloggers in court the nation with the opposition when most of the point he said class tampered with the daughter well you know that's one of those moments i knew i hadn't i knew he knew i hadn't so i knew exactly what was going on i'd taken my own sort of journalistic route to establish by that time that there was no official scotland yard investigation even though the t'ai police was saying that they had british scotland yard detectives working with them on the case in bangkok realised that we were talking about an extraordinary conspiracy the most oday shifts conspiracy. the one in t.v. scandal was escalating rapidly phonology brazil news breaking around the world that almost seven hundred million dollars had been deposited into his personal bank account. just as the attorney general was reportedly preparing to charge him with
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misappropriating one m.t.b. functions the prime minister sacked him from the position it was not merely because charges were but to be double that i had not been fully interviewed and if charges were noble before full investigation that's not probable. in orcus twenty fifteen under normal pressure xavi just pleaded guilty ensuring he'd be locked away until after malaysia's next general election i remember it was in the morning. with the foreigner. through here couldn't believe. just think. with angry
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a with was being played with being forced to do things i didn't want. my husband or them alone and desperate i had my son no it was on earth yeah i think it was one of the. of the worst time of my life. but laura didn't cut ties with petro saudi she says they were now promising an early release for her husband patrick called me and he was i mean but you know if. we had to do that for the press or the shaw don't worry you will celebrate christmas song with your husband. and you know this that's the point where. you know i have to have a backup plan. and corporate of the things that i was making
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sure that everything was recorded to make sure that if when the i could prove when they're done. laurie says patrick mahoney pressured her to download an application on her phone so she could record conversations with clear blue castle brown that could then be used to incriminate the journalist. actually i managed to record them . who they are pretty in a way because they forgot that every time they would call me it would've been recorded. many of the recordings are now evidence for criminal complaints the couple have filed in switzerland and the united kingdom and have also been shared with other all thora g.'s including the f.b.i. the prime minister of malaysia was often the subject of discussion so this is
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patrick mahoney and me he's saying that everyone is is in a lot of troubles and the prime minister of malaysia basically is in let's say a lot a lot of troubles because of what they've. seen one year this group. that . he. it seems they are six he's simulate. what are it's. that you know it's just that in the situation or people who are you that has. a propensity to stop laura plays another recording with patrick mahoney he tells who he's going to be sent the list of questions the malaysian police will ask to say via when they interview him in prison call or pretty sure the civil case channels of human will. usually deny.
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it he can see retreat there on the gesture it's pretty balanced on defense force and i detest sure you can see the access he has to prison because paul is going to be sent to a few days before this interview with the malaysian police to prepare him he then tells laura that her husband must stick to the story they have been telling credible trying to for the military and outlets are fortresses if you. finally eighteen months after his arrest xavier was released not because of petro saudi but rather a royal amnesty from the time i keep. your free money expert from the country because as a free man. there may be other feeling to think here and it was not pretty. with free or they're pretty it's amazing really the
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lives finished and we started. the fight for the troops. so it was and of a chapter a very bad one. and it was the beginning of a new war. as xaverian lura rebuild their lives at least six countries around the world are investigating one m.t.b. linked to corruption and charges are being laid. to unnamed petro saudi officials are under investigation in switzerland for fraud money laundering and bribery of foreign officials. to recode breda and the so-called paul scott whose real name is paul finnegan didn't respond to the allegations put forward by one or one east through his lawyers patrick mahoney denies all allegations made against him and any wrongdoing. neither petro salaries
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headquarters nor former cole or owner prince turki responded to our attempts to contact them. through his media adviser joe no declined to be interviewed i do think they regret they know there are on the najib regime this clip at the government as being expert. everything's thanks to the. recently xavier received two million dollars from the malaysian media conglomerate but one wonders if the petro saudi direct is had paid say via the money he says he was on whether the rules biggest heist would have been exposed i don't know that's that's a beautiful question if i want to. tell you of course i
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would have given that that. i thought you can go back in history. breaking stories. as we. focus on how. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. in the next sixty minutes. they urgently need aid that's been blocked at the border
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as the political crisis worsens. a new report. a year before the. was murdered. and breaking with tradition the world princess who could become thailand's next prime minister. and in sport we'll have the latest from the world championships in sweden were also in britain where the world of horse racing has been plunged into crisis by now outbreak of influenza. the u.s. says the time for a dialogue with venezuela's president nicolas maduro is over washington wants him to leave the country and hand over power to a transitional government trucks carrying food aid from the u.s. have arrived on the colombian border city but it's not clear yet how the it will
6:50 pm
enter venezuela without the support of the military which still backs president nicolas maduro one area which desperately needs venezuela's crumbling public health system and the coastal city of barcelona fourteen children have died this week alone from contaminated food and water hospital workers say there is a dire need for medicine theresa bo has this exclusive report. ok. this is a pretty tricks emergency room at the hospital in the venezuelan city. about three hundred kilometers east of us here dozens of children are in desperate need of proper treatment most of them have been diagnosed with a more b.s. is a form of dysentery transmitted by contaminated food or water. is three months old she suffers while her mother says she has been abandoned the adebayo my daughter has diarrhea she almost had a heart attack we have nothing you arrive here and there is nothing i was in
6:51 pm
a crisis because i thought i was losing her children here have diarrhea with blood in it and i have vomiting but nobody is helping us i want this government out now it has destroyed us. we were allowed to film because staff here say they want the world to see that they are unequipped to save children's lives just this week fourteen children have died the figures could climb you can see how desperate the situation is here there's several children on each one of those where people are telling us that there's no medicine and there are not enough syringe is among other things many of the children that are arriving here are dying from one day to another madeline in my teen years baby boy was one of them he was two months old on tuesday night he died he's forty remains in the hospital because she hasn't been able to get together the money needed to buy a coffin i didn't but i don't i don't live there is nothing here they have no
6:52 pm
medicines they don't have food and now my son as did the. people who believe the outbreak was cost when a switch by broke and contaminated the local water supply there was no chlorine or other chemicals in supplied to treat the water parents with their children continue to line up for treatment staff at the hospital say they don't have the resources to help. with any of them here three years ago we stopped receiving goals and alcohol thrown out of syringes all serums to hydrate children. the government of president . denies there is a humanitarian crisis in venezuela however he recently announced he is reforming the country's health care system. this is a public company recovered by the revolution because while it is going to produce all the medicines made for its public health care system and social security we can reach everyone like it should be and socialism. the situation in the last city
6:53 pm
hospital is one of the reasons why this self declared entering president of venezuela one way the law says humanitarian aid is urgently needed but some aid officials advice if it does a rival it needs to be carefully managed well you want to put in work on the work of humanitarian aid as a mechanism that every country has it's a mistake to make politics out of this there are great needs in venezuela and it has to be controlled managed by the united nations and other agencies so rich as those who need it. a crisis that has people at this hospital watching and hoping that their children will survive. but a salon or venezuela. more now on that u.s. aid shipment that is waiting at the colombia venezuela border has more on that. honking their horns to larger t.q. later lorries in six mile or trucks arrived in the border city. carrying
6:54 pm
the aids relief elements same by the united states relief agency usa. this is part of a larger plan by the opposition together with its international supporters to try and start a humanitarian corridor. but it will not be easy given the fact that president. remains steadfast and its refusal to let the aid in the bridge called to last you. should become a humanitarian corridor is a block on the side with barriers and large trucks the aid will be brought or is being brought now inside a a warehouse where it will be stored for the next few days we know that there is a food and medical supplies much needed by the population and we'll get
6:55 pm
more details the morning of friday when the u.s. here together with the colombian government and four deputies from the national assembly will give a press conference and give us more details of the aid and their plans on how to bring it inside. president arroyo has launched a petition demanding the u.s. stay out of venezuela's affairs speaking at a rally in the capital caracas he once again denied the existence of a humanitarian crisis. because of their meat soil resources minerals and other great wealth critics are pushing an international coalition hated by the united states so that they can commit an act of insanity and militarily attack venus while under the focus excuse of a humanitarian crisis that does not exist. comfortably we will go to the
6:56 pm
white house bring in more than ten million signatures calling for peanuts while a to be respected demanding peace fourteen is why law. turkey is accusing saudi arabia of not being transparent when it comes to the investigation into the murder of journalists. ankara says its findings are in line with the u.n. human rights envoy investigating the case special offer to agnes call maher says. that was a brutal premeditated killing planned and perpetuated by saudi officials she's been on a week long mission to turkey to examine evidence now all this says that report and the new york times says that saudi crown prince threatened to go after and two thousand and seven or to this report mohamed bin solomon told an aide that he would use a bullet against the journalist if he did not return home and his criticism of the
6:57 pm
kingdom the conversation was intercepted by u.s. intelligence agencies which he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in october of last year stephanie decker joins us live from istanbul so stephanie there is a lot of. moving parts here that all seem to be lining up as more information comes out about what happened to. well the preliminary statement from this. does as you mentioned there are point the finger of blame firmly into the hands of saudi officials in her words premeditated planned and executed by saudi officials in terms of more clarity i'm not sure if she got that yes she was given access to a part of the wood or recordings that turkey's intelligence services have that of course alleged to have recorded that killing she says it was gruesome but she
6:58 pm
couldn't independently verify if they didn't think she was handed a copy also turkey to further allow access to things like forensic scientific and police reports i don't think they gave her access to that but certainly it is a damning preliminary statement richelle and i think you know it's important because i'm this color mad as the only political actor when it comes to this story which is so politically loaded so she's going to be giving her findings to the u.n. human rights council in a couple of months from now may june and i think it remains to be seen whether then there will be a call for a fully fledged international investigation that of course isn't the case at the moment and i think also people will tell you that potentially that will need security council approval and there will be countries that veto that because of course their relations with saudi arabia very important to many countries involved and i think that's also why it's been so complicated to really move on any form of serzh as to what happened and who ordered the killing. stephanie decker live for us
6:59 pm
in istanbul stephanie thank you. morocco has suspended its for just a patient in the saudi u.a.e. coalition's battle against hit the rebels and yemen the moroccan government has also recalled its ambassador to saudi arabia assures the mounting on the coalition to end its assault on yemen level america's participation in the war has not been clear. as a political analyst specializing in the middle east and north africa he joins us now from the moroccan capital about thank you very much for your time so what do you make of what morocco has done pulling back well first of all the morocco considers that the war on yemen was useless was very bad it has created. problems in yemen it has destroyed the economy it has a high casualty among the population especially the children that's why it has left
7:00 pm
of this coalition and the now it seems that morocco and saudi arabia have a. diplomatic problem in the sense that morocco has recalled its ambassador simply because recently the alarabiya has air or the program which is properly sorry you about the size of the more arkansas america considers that the conflict or the solder issue is a red line so that is why it is really recall in its ambassador and i think the relations or in real crisis the other point is morocco has been extremely friendly with qatar and did not take sides with saudi arabia concerning the feud that other countries of the g.c.c. had with qatar and the is.


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