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tv   Food For Thought  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2019 8:33am-9:00am +03

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and autocratic powers are determined to defend their interests and new political reality creating more uncertainty and anxiety in the world. music thousands of students in the u.k. have skipped school to march against climate change that's the first time young people in britain have taken part in a movement that has seen protests across europe since august calling on the government to take urgent measures to address the crisis france's growing impatient with britain's indecision of a break that's after britain's parliament rejected a motion to support prime minister to resume a strategy to leave the european union france's europe minister says the economy is hurting because of britain's unpredictable approach it should use any britain he killed i'd like to tell our petition friends it's time to decide if they want to live in friendly terms or leave or probably it's their choice in the end certainty was reinforced yesterday by another difficult search in the commons and this is may and it's hanging over the business community. now it's
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a showcase for the best in british fashion with big names such as burberry victoria beckham and erdem this season's fashion week takes place just weeks before the u.k. is due to meet the european union and as emma haywood reports the british fashion council which organizes the event has backed calls for a second referendum. there's no room for error every garment have to be perfect before it leaves this factory floor and. about eighty percent of staff are from eastern europe and if what fashion entered the years creating clothes for big british brands the u.k.'s planned end free movement of people a good post breadth it is cool thing on thirty. people have to ask the end of the rail industry it's not that the glamour that you see on the what we've got is people's lives it's real jobs it's the scales and that's what we've got to continue
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what we've got to remember made in britain has huge potential but we need the workforce to be able to. fashion always tries to be one step ahead london fashion week they're looking to next season only this year that will be well beyond britain's planned exit from the e.u. . and passion is big business the industry adds nearly forty two billion dollars to the u.k. economy every year and employs eight hundred ninety thousand people. great empathy and diversity have always been the driving force behind the global success of the u.k. fashion industry being able to access the right kind of talent from both here and abroad is vital to its future fashion industry leaders want the u.k. to be able to continue to recruit and trade freely with europe in the same way they have. catherine ham no two is one of the country's best known designers and
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often blends passion and politics her message is unequivocal. it's. going to be. the industry politicians. something the u.k. to still be at the cutting edge of this.
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welcome to our top of the sport here's some thank you very much former n.f.l. quarterback calling topper nick has reached an out of court settlement with the league cup when it had claimed he was being treated unfairly because of his political views in two thousand and seventeen kaepernick and another player
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recreated the alleged that team owners that were colluding against them the pair made headlines for protesting against racial injustice by kneeling during the playing of the national anthems before games while kaepernick hasn't played since being released by the san francisco forty nine ers three years ago but reid is now with the carolina panthers in the daunte statement on friday the n.f.l. and lawyers for the players said the parties have decided to resolve the pending grievances and the resolution all of this matter is subject to confidentiality agreement so there will be no comment. on saturday premier league champions manchester city will find themselves in unfamiliar territory or city are taken on force to newport county in the english f.a. cup is the world's oldest national football competition and is open to hundreds of teams as well as the country's elite clubs and event which kicked off with
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a seven hundred thirty six teams is now down to the round of sixteen county are the lowest ranked aside to have made it to the fifth round reports on there are likely story. for one hundred forty six years the f.b.i. has brought the champions of english football to grounds that rather avoid this is the parade in south wales the modest home of newport county it's about to host the last sixteen match against one of world football's richest clubs manchester city and it's the pitch that provides a fascinating ingredient in this match between the big guys and small guys the cops share this pitch with. which means around sixty games are being played on it already this season and it's not in the kind of condition that premier league football as would expect but great stuff you know they do a terrific job this probably pitches the most utilized pitch in the country given that there are three changed playing playing on it but of course we play on it we
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can we are used to the nooks and crannies except. you know hopefully that will help on the day the existence of this card is never taken for granted formed in nineteen twelve in one thousand nine hundred nine the card was so full of debt it was liquidated but the fans came together and launched a new car that rose through non-league football regain their league status and now has days like this to mike a city proud i think is the biggest game in the club's history you know you have people come in come in there for tickets and there's a lot of people who didn't manage to get tickets and i think if we had a bit of a bigger stadium i think we result. there were over eighty places between you can see a new premier league leaders city but leicester were knocked out of the cup on this ground last month and this is their best i can't run for seventy years manchester city's last game was a six nil when i have a chelsea pep guardiola is unlikely to pick his best team for this match but one of
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the second choice players will be worth more than newport's entire operation mind you but this is a card with the players officials and fans are in it together and refusing to be looked down on by couldn't get a crash small's we got rough. will you be jewish. and surprise me if you treat my. mother maybe she is a treat you come on how do i know one of. my anything but if you. don't have a fancy coming apart on a particular the pitch topic to make. a better understand. why clubs are proud of the english football structure now billionaires from across the border are coming to what people write the compass points which shocks will be bigger than this. newport brazilian football team flamingo have been back in action for the first time since the training ground fire killed ten
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players around fifty thousand fans attended the game against rivals from the men think the match at rio's america on our stadium had originally been due to kick off last saturday just hours after the incident the victims of the fire were all aged between fourteen and sixteen police are still investigating the cause of the place . he had a role football gianni and since you know has repeated his believe that the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar could be expanded to include other host nations qatar successfully bid to host the thirty two team competition but the fee for president is keen to increase that number to forty eight and has suggested some games could be played in neighboring countries since two thousand and seventeen the four our states of egypt saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates have imposed a blockade on qatar. we need the world to discover the gulf region which is
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beautiful which is full of. people who want to open themselves to the world and i think we should grab this chance in qatar and maybe in neighboring countries as well and this will be i think very very positive for football. based t.v. network been sports has teamed up with six major north american sports leagues in its ongoing. broadcasting piracy they're asking the u.s. government to take action against the saudi arabia about our operation be out cue the n.b.a. is just one of the league's being shown on be out q illegal channel providing providing access to live sport in a statement being said saudi arabia has permitted the operation of the most sophisticated broadcast piracy that the world has ever seen topsy simona halep is one step away from winning the cut open and moving up to second in the world's
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rankings but the world number three was made to work hard in her semifinal against and as. was four one down in the final set before eventually taken them out six three three six six chill play belgium's immerses in the final. and six times skiing world champion muscle her show has missed out on the seventh gold medal instead the henrik christophe's and the all the norway has claimed at the diets than the title in sweden is his first ever medal ajah world championships at her show finished up with the silver. on sunday and this one. and two time already champion has made a less than a glorious with turn to the sports making his first start and nine years the fifty one the all the senate was forced to retire from reilly sweden after the spin lost one the world title back in two thousand and two. and this is more later on.
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thank you very much of course you can find much more news on the web site the address al-jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera dot com well that's it for me down told the news hour don't go away though about a moment with more news. an
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army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. with the most billion people in the world
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food production is under increasing strain to keep pace with the growing global population. sirrahs environmental solutions program discovers new ways of feeding the world sustainably. eighty thousand just from this bit of liquid that's unbelievable to see there's the vegetable of the scene right there. on al-jazeera. because we have an invasion of drugs invasion of gangs invasion of people and it's not acceptable justifying a national emergency u.s. president donald trump ensures he has the funds to pay for a war with the us mexico border.
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alone down in jordan this is obviously a lawyer from coming up venezuela's president nicolas maduro explains to al-jazeera why he won't let us get into his country. protesters on the haiti remain defiant and say they won't stop demonstrating until the president steps down. and skipping school to save the planet look at the grow. an youth movement that's raising awareness of climate change. the u.s. president has declared a national emergency to access billions of dollars for his controversial border wall senior democrats and republicans have accused trump of a gross abuse of power the democrat controlled house judiciary committee is already investigating saying it raises serious constitutional issues committee i'll get has more from washington d.c. . fulfilling a twenty sixteen presidential campaign promise in a most i know conventional way i'm going to be signing a. national emergency. after the us congress refused this week to approve
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president trump's request for five point seven billion to build a wall along the u.s. southern border trouble circumvented the legislative body by declaring a national emergency truck now has access to eight billion dollars already approved by congress to build three hundred seventy six kilometers of wall to stop illegal immigration even though the white house won't say exactly where we want to stop drugs from coming into our country we want to stop criminals and gangs from coming into our country his democratic opponents in congress say the crisis is manufactured and motivated by racism there's concern about this february tenth tribe tweet yarg use a wall is needed to stop the influx of forty two million latin americans into the united states something trump says would be
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a disaster. opponents are vowing to overturn what they say is the president's power grab and defend congress's constitutional authority to decide how taxpayer money is spent through legislation and in the courts but trump is pushing back arguing other presidents have also made emergency declarations to achieve political goals like president george w. bush made similar declarations after the september eleventh attacks those continue to this day trumps already anticipating legal challenges but he expects to prevail in the courts as he points out he did when his ban on travelers entering the united states from some muslim majority countries was also challenged we will then be sued and they will sue us in the ninth circuit even though it shouldn't be there and we will possibly get a bad ruling and then we'll get another bad ruling and that will end up in the supreme court and hopefully we'll get. a fair shake and while we're in the supreme
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court but the legal and legislative challenges will be long and lengthy with presidential campaigning already underway donald trump's attempt to keep twenty sixteen campaign promise has become a twenty twenty presidential campaign issue as well kimberly helped at al jazeera the white house trump has described an invasion of migrants drugs and violence flooding into the u.s. from mexico but his move to build the border walls like to be challenged in court the eagle immigration across the border is at a twenty year low and a wall won't prevent migrants crossing at legal points of entry to request asylum promising the wall will stop the flow of drugs but government data shows eighty to ninety percent of current cocaine and methamphetamine a traffic through official entry points with marijuana being the only exception the president also made bold claims about the country's murder rate saying thousands of lives would be lost if he didn't act but there's little data linking crime to
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immigration john hendren joins us live now from washington d.c. john so now that from a signed off on his emergency what happens next i'm just like to be a challenge do you think. well the democrats and other opponents are likely to throw every possible roadblock in front of the president's wall that they can first off as you mentioned the house judiciary committee the house is newly controlled by the other party by democrats is now going to investigate the president the head of that committee representative jerry navl we believe your declaration of emergency shows a reckless disregard for the separation of powers and your responsibilities under the constitution there's definitely going to be hearings that will of course be very public there will also likely be after that legislation that would seek specifically to stop the president from taking this emergency action however that
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would have to pass the senate and then a presidential veto so what is likely to happen at the same time is those court challenges there will be outside groups some of which have already announced they'll do that could be some within the congress itself and then other interested parties like the state of california which is it said that it would challenge it as an overreach and the basic problem at the bottom of all this is that the u.s. constitution gives congress the power to spend money that what the president is doing is taking money that congress has already approved and spending it for a purpose that congress has specifically not allowed him to do so this is going to be a big fight and it could last a long time i don't know what sort of political fallout is that likely to be from all of this especially for republicans now and in the future. well republicans are going to have to answer for this because they have largely stepped in lockstep with the president there are some republican voices however that are clearly cognizant of this because they have warned the president that by taking this step he opens
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a precedent that republicans will not like if there is a democratic president who is not getting what he wants from president i'm sorry from congress and then decides to declare a national emergency over climate change or gun violence so republicans will have to answer for that and this battle could still be going on in two thousand and twenty when there is a presidential election trump will have to answer for why he has not built that wall if in fact he's been prevented from doing so and other republicans will have to argue that they have done what they can on this front and explain why they took the action they did all right john hendren then washington d.c. john thank you what it was a political science professor at iona college she explains more about the other types of challenges that some could face and we'll have that in a moment but let's move on. because in an interview with al jazeera venezuela's president has accused the u.s.
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of trying to destabilize his country nicholas madeira says the u.s. backed opposition has called for bringing aid on its harbor a twenty third is nothing but political theater that he wanted sent it but there were also criticized european nations for supporting u.s. military intervention he says that the u.s. involvement in iraq and libya has achieved nothing but death and destruction. i think that some europeans made a mistake when they supported the american war in iraq can you ask any of the coalition countries was it necessary to intervene militarily in iraq and divide it and kill millions of its people i think they also made a mistake when they bombed libya and killed more than one hundred thousand civilian candies errors be corrected i think they made mistakes in their destructive policy approach in syria and are making more mistakes with venezuela.
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this does not happen and will not happen any material that comes from outside the country must be subject to certain conditions such as inspection and taxi in all countries whether by air sea or land and then there will be no problems there for the trickle presentation they're attempting on february twenty third will not happen. after conducting a dialogue with the opposition in the dominican republic we agreed to hold the early presidential election in the first four months of last year after which part of the opposition withdrew and did not sign the agreement and eventually it was agreed on may twentieth these elections were conducted according to the law and the constitution and with international and local observers ten million voters participated in the elections and eighty six percent of the voters voted for me therefore the interim legislative elections were done and anything else is just whims an attempt to destabilize the country from the white house. there was lots in
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america and it's on the sea and human has more now from. the u.s. state department has confirmed what until now had been rumors and that is that u.s. military aircraft will be bringing some two hundred tons of emergency food and medicine to kuta colombia which is on the border with it is swear that this is part of the supplies that the opposition leader one bible says he will bring into venezuela unfriendly the twenty third defying a prohibition by president nicolas maduro originally while also that it would be some twenty million dollars worth of emergency food and medicine now he says that he will probably be able to collect as much as two hundred million dollars worth this as he sends yet another appeal to venezuela's military which supports president nicolas maduro telling them they have eight more days to quote decide on whether to defend or or support the people in the constitution of in his way a law or defend a dictatorship. time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back india bourne's of
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a strong response that mourns the victims of a deadly bomb blast in tasmania. and defiant nurses in kenya walk out of wards and onto the streets despite threats from the president more nice things. hello we've got more wet weather into central parts of china that rain will sink is where a little further south you see the thick of cloud pushing over towards shanghai as has been the case over the past couple of days don't see bad down into the southeast but they make the most of it hong kong twenty four degrees celsius there is that wet weather for the east the side of china central areas seeing some snow and then it's a mix of rain sleet and snow for many as we go on into sunday and that wet weather will sink a little further south was even hong kong could see a few spots
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a friend twenty one celsius here so temperatures falling away fun to drive across much of india china philippines also generates a fair the showers say will continue as they should do across much of malaysia northern parts of indonesia still seeing some a rather wet weather for saturday and i think as we go on into sunday what's a still into a good part of java to carter for example could see some localized flooding is the right really sets in through the second half of the weekend could also see some weather making its way towards flank the eastern side of the island over the next couple of days and basin pieces of plant just moving in here for much of india here it is fine and dry with pleasant sunshine think a cloud up towards northeastern corner it will gradually make its way further north and east.


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