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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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the stories we've. told by the people who live. on al-jazeera. the trumpet ministration is accused of selling nuclear technology to saudi arabia ignoring legal objections. to this is al jazeera live also coming up the time limit runs out for car doors to allow syrians to escape a remote camp. five years after nigeria's president promised to clean up this oil mess we'll look at whether failures will hurt his reelection. the standing by their
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man venezuela's military reaffirms its moyle to president nicolas maduro. allowing the u.s. an investigation has been launched into whether trump in ministration is rushing to sell sensitive nuclear technology to saudi arabia a committee in the house of representatives read by the rival democratic party says whistleblowers have warned of corporate interests are being put the head of the law mike hanna reports from washington. the twenty four page report is extensive and reach in detail providing names dates and specific communications relating to u.s. nuclear technology in saudi arabia the oversight committee under representative elijah cummings based the report on what it calls whistleblower accounts evidence provided by career officials within the administration deeply concerned about what
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would appear to be a deeply corrupt process circumventing congress what is surprising us the scope of u.s. government officials. directly involved and nice business to business talks. whipped out this close and potential economic interest in the work that they were doing and that is certainly what is new among those named in the report to president trump's son in law and adviser jared cushion or who refinanced a deeply indebted new york building with a company called brookfield business partners which had just acquired a nuclear services company westinghouse electric under scrutiny as well question his ongoing relationship with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon. and central to the report longtime trump supporter and one time national security advisor michael flynn who the report says was deeply involved in pushing
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a nuclear plan for saudi arabia that included the construction of as many as forty saudi nuclear plants the report says michael flynn was a paid advisor to a company known as i p three international during the presidential campaign through the transition period and even while serving as national security advisor the report ends on february the twelfth that is last week president trump participated in a white house meeting with private nuclear power developers initiated by i p three international and as a democrat led oversight committee commences a large scale investigation the question is whether house republicans will commit to it as well mike hanna al-jazeera washington well you know we spoke to roger shanahan who is a research fellow at the lowy institute for international policy he says the
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allegations give an idea of where the trump administration's priorities lie. it's indicative of president trump's white house's view of u.s. foreign policy in a ration it's really a transactional. less about the nature of governance in the regime and really about commercial opportunities not think this is just further extension or would have been a further extension of that trump foreign policy for the middle east and the gulf in particular the fact that there are too many conflicts of interest here in sydney model flew in for a period of time the national security adviser had been also an advisor to one of the corporations that was looking to advance this nuclear power plant construction project so he certainly would have being conflicted because he hadn't yet as far as where where a link wish to cheat because consultancy company and this number of other former city military offices who appear to be involved as well so while the report is not
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. good everybody about the degree of responsibility this certainly some saying if he is who would have benefited financially from this it if it had gone it. a twenty four hour window opened by syria's government and russia to allow people to leave a remote refugee camp has now closed but no one has been able to get out rock band camp is in the syrian desert near the border with jordan and iraq forty thousand people mostly women and children have been living there some of them for years they've been suffering suffering with little food or medicine and some of the explain why they didn't use the corridor to leave here and never saw the show but i study the crossings opened by the regime and the russian military police are claimed to be safe but the people here are not feeling any safety or stability people here feel as if they are drowning and looking for anything at all to rescue
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themselves the road to the camp has been kind. of people don't believe that these crossings are open. but. for me personally if i leave it would be only to go from one death trap to another if i found a safe place for maine my kids and my family i would go to this visit that opening the crossing is a good step but we wanted to be overseen by the un because of lies we have been told before nobody believes these crossings are safe. or imran khan is live for us now in gaziantep on the turkish side of the border with syria so iran we got a sense from people there of the mistrust and the lack of confidence they have that there is a safe passage here for them. the fact of the russians and the syrians looks like it feels like haven't actually
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negotiated with the free syrian army who are backed by the us who control the camp now and previous. that have taken place that allowed people to leave one area to another it's always been monitored by an international organization like the united nations the united nations and we have nothing to do with this so it feels like the russians and the syrians are putting on a bit of a show according to some people i've spoken to. these people say that actually what the russians and syrians are doing is saying yes we do take you very very seriously we're going to open the door we're going to allow people to leave but they haven't actually negotiated with. those people to leave and that's why you're getting that sense of. even know inside the camp itself the situation is incredible and what are conditions like for the people in that camp at the moment.
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well we've been speaking. to people inside the camp frustration a lot of it has to do with the fact that the camp is simply not a refugee camp as you might. expect it's actually very makeshift lots of people. living in makeshift tents themselves and you have to remember this forty thousand people in that camp in a very tiny area eight hasn't been getting through to that camp the u.n. was only able to deliver aid a few days ago and that was after at least two months where no aid was delivered is a real sense of frustration the big things that they'll tell you is this energy of food lack of clean water and people are simply living on top of each other all right. now a british teenager who joined i saw in syria when she was fifteen years old could be about to lose her right to live in the u.k. shamima begum was one of three girls from east london who went to syria in twenty
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fifteen it is reported the u.k. home office has issued an order to remove her citizenship just days ago she gave birth to a son in a syrian refugee camp a lawyer says they will fight the decision well joining me now from london is the to care and co-director of the institute on statelessness and inclusion thanks very much for being with us so how does this particular case then compare with the others there that your organization deals with and it's it's particularly problematic here because there is a baby involved as well that's right i mean we are concerned with this increasing sin that we see around the word us to giving them so power to stoop citizens of their citizenship and the u.k. has been one of the leaders in this you know unfortunately but it's and if you've seen in other countries as well as you said you needed this is the fact. that bibi
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citizenship is now under a cloud is and isn't a concern because and international law to do with the loss of citizenship in south circumstances is certainly not a standard to be looked up to. so what options does she have at the moment then. well and in the u.k. under current leader three member oxen's lady lawyer. the challenge is of course she's not in the can't. resist number of questions about our bitch in this of the decision sister justice and due process so it's quite a. system balanced against the mormon deschutes these things that the prospects aren't looking great but on the other hand if you look at the needs of the disease and the many it will stick and i can there's a lot to be said for the fact that it is a sin was beaten and out where there would be
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a legal basis for her to challenge it. now the government for their part have argued that they have the right to do this today there are attempts to have to strip people of their citizenship when when they make a decision to go and made it into joint eisel in syria and in the case of this woman she has given interviews in which she did not seem to express any any regret or remorse for her decision has has that you know hampered her case here look i mean it's this is the type of q. suites obviously there is as a whole or in the more center responses and it's also the type of. a secret see can i'm fortunate in in this situation to cause an accident which is quite populist but you tool because because. the recipient of these disputes and he's not someone who will appear to the masses but he to look at. i don't believe go free market the
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country in the u.k. as a clam today did so and it's a rule of law you would find it out i do easy to bring the person over to the country and to try to demand a criminal law and to ensure that the atlanta to stand here today has to eat it and defend the school and security has decided that this is not the right course of x. but it's better to leave this person and be able languishing in a camp. and in a sense export the problem that the u.k. should be taking responsibility for to divide the international community at large it's deeply problematic by no means of libbers do you think that political considerations are are being taken a head of ever had any legal and human rights considerations here it's not to me to second guess that but i would suit that family as a human rights lawyer from an international un and it's not the speak to this
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decision is deeply problematic it also raises questions about do you. who listen superabundant this because there is a whole secretary is basically assumed would recognise this person as as it's it is how it works it is only up to bangladesh and bangladesh learnt to me that this is and then the ukip cannot newts us this is and on bangladesh's regret. it will be interesting to see if the reverse happened but it is shifted to a citizen by to put into a dual citizen off its than. leaving the u.k. responsive. to see how the u.k. would react in that kind of situation and this is what i mean about international cooperation and you keep doing its rule as a responsible member of the international community could speak when you get out speaking to us there from london thanks for being with us. we don't know where the next stand then the u.n.
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offering to step in and help resolve tensions between india and pakistan that have been simmering since an attack interests me at. all saudi soldiers killed as fighting continues along the border with yemen it's all ahead. at other shows a growing again slowly but mostly of indy's iraq in places for they don't however in sumatra peninsular malaysia they have shown themselves to be interested so if you're in k.l. or going to singapore you might catch a. it's not unlikely event but it's still possible for the sas in jakarta to cure is more likely is likely in southern borneo and so the way but the philippines are remarkably dry and much of the main in the southeast asia into china if you like is also looking dry and that's a position which will carry on at least for the next two days and there's not much
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rain the other side of the equator we see a few big shouts up in the top and the straight leave otherwise no they do grow occasionally in the finals of tropical queen's and but this is where most of the energy the atmosphere is it's tropical cyclone oh my having left new caldera news that started to bring a big swell on to the coast of queensland as a warning because that hazardous well that is inducing a bit of a suddenly elsewhere which is cooling breeze a twenty one in melbourne twenty seven there in adelaide that's all right and purses approaching the thirty mark slowly in the gentle sunshine as for rain but apart from those showers in the tropics there's nothing much unless a few showers induced neighbor has been on friday. with the rich q totally in australia wild and ferocious in bangladesh
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earthrise redresses the balance between endangered wildlife and then noisy neighbors. in the forest right there and there's nothing between how you have and that i'm a human habitat learning to live together. how many people here have seen a tiger but if it's. really. hello again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour members of the trumpet ministration have been accused of rushing to sell nuclear technology to saudi arabia and ignoring legal objections the committee in congress led by the rival democratic party is
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investigating the allegations. twenty four hour window opened by syria's government and russia to allow people to leave a remote camp has passed but none of the forty thousand people living in the room are using the passages. a british teenager who joined i saw in syria when she was fifteen could be about to lose her right to live in the u.k. it's reported the u.k. home office has issued an order to remove her citizenship. at the united nations has offered to broker talks between india and pakistan that's after last week's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region those days blast killed forty one indian soldiers pakistan's prime minister has offered to cooperate in the investigations but has also warned of retaliation if india attacks pakistan based in mohammad as claimed responsibility and we spoke to pakistan's ambassador to the u.n. believe he who appealed for secretary general antonio to step in. i
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met the u.n. secretary general this afternoon and before that i met the president of the un security council and to both of them i emphasized the need for the u.n. to play its role and live up to its obligations i told the secretary general that he had put prevention at the very heart of his agenda this is the time for him to act because the situation between pakistan and india is deteriorating we see an escalation in rhetoric from the indian side we see a spate of threatening statements by indian leaders and in occupied kashmir we also see attacks on ordinary kashmiris and on muslims so the situation is very fraught or the death toll from an attack on civilians in northern nigeria has doubled to more than one hundred thirty people the governor of could do in a state where it happened says the motive appears to be linked to a long running violence between christian farmers and muslim herdsman hammered out
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has more from the capital of georgia. an increase in the number of the dead what was expected from the beginning more than one hundred people have been marked as missing in the aftermath of the tocs and now security forces who are being home ping the area looking for survivors as well as bodies say they found more bodies out of the most of them they say well beyond beyond recognition. in the roles of bodies not what is covered. in the villages a told them in the could you local government area there were twenty two children under the age of ten years and tall women we met survivors who told us that hundreds of men armed with guns and other crude weapons had descended on the villages of dorm killing and beheading anyone they saw some of the survivors we met had killed their families and higher families killed in the attacks and this
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area of nigeria is prone to such a tox it is where the mainly muslim mosque meets the mainly christian south. and i jarius president muhammadu buhari came to power with a promise to clean up the needed delta but as he campaigns for reelection it is still a mess of oil spills causing sickness for surrounding villages and destroying their livelihoods i don't know the reports of people living in this part of the niger delta say the contra member when the sign was put up all they know is that the water and soil in the area is not safe the decades of oil spills and criminal groups sabotaging pipelines millions of nigerians are unemployed fishing is how some family survives and despite the danger to their health many men venture into the creeks. are people. dying without having something to eat that
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is where our people normally go back into the polluted water to catch fish selfish gene quarter. in here there's no option environmentalist say the niger delta is an ecological disaster zone scarred by decades of oil spills that a polluted the water killing animals trees and plants village elders say the last time this area was clean was more than ten years ago you can smell the crude oil and it's not pleasant people here say they feel forgotten by the government and exploited by oil companies over the years some communities have taken all companies to court and were financially compensated blessing nor do has taken her case to a district court at the hague her husband was one of the nine activists killed with cancer we were in one thousand nine hundred five by nigeria's then military government she believes the oil company shell was complicit shell has always
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maintained the allegations. all i want is justice every time i go to the netherlands embassy for a visa ad they say no i think some people don't want me to tell the truth about what they did to my husband. others who remember what the place used to look like just when the pollution of the region's water and soil to stop i was very little green i used to go with my uncle to fisher house and this place used to be convent looked like a desert used to be. mangrove forests i mean a very mongrel forest does how it was then we have critics are we going to screech to a different species of fish. the oil companies nigeria's government the united nations and other agencies are sponsoring a cleanup campaign clearing did foliage spilled oil and planting new mangroves but the work will take decades to complete if at all meanwhile amongst all the poverty
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all companies will keep pumping out as much as they can people in the community say they are not benefiting from the some of the things they're demanding are jobs some of the money and better infrastructure how to al-jazeera in the niger delta uganda's ruling party has indorsed president yoweri seventy two run for another term when there are general elections in two years a bill was signed last year scrapping the presidential age limits to seventy who is seventy four has been in power since one thousand nine hundred six saudi state media says four soldiers have been killed while fighting with hooty rebels on the border with yemen who does say they are continuing their military offensive at the border taking saudi positions south of jets and a large number of weapons in. saudi m. iraqi coalition fighter jets launched two raids on an air base in northern yemen the strikes targeted. that is in the north of the capital sanaa which is controlled
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by the. venezuela's military has reaffirmed its loyalty to president nicolas maduro despite calls from opposition leader and the u.s. president to switch allegiance defense minister vladimir padrino says the armed forces will remain in position along the border with colombia despite threats from the u.s. soldiers are deployed at several places to block u.s. aid from crossing into the country as promised to force the chipman shipments to reach venezuela on saturday. if you want to search and sanction us if you want to blackmail us blackmail us but you want to achieve your mission you want to achieve it we'll take the sanctions will listen to your blackmail but will definitely remain with the home with our home but stop the manipulation already and say that this is an issue of a political even personal nature or latin america editor lucien newman spoke to some venezuelans who despite who are also still supporting maduro.
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a tiny primary health care center in caracas has picked that area latin america's largest slum. inside a sixty three year old son said they knew she has broken pneumonia and needs an x. ray medication and much more but there's none to be had she complains that the center is falling apart and that there's no medicine in stock yet she's still a firm supporter of the news wales government. those of us who support the government carry it in our veins we can't be so ungrateful i had a son who had three open heart surgeries thanks to our government not everyone thinks the same but i remained faithful. years of shortages rising crime a social welfare state in disarray and the world's worst hyperinflation has seen millions of venezuelans calling for president nicolas maduro ouster. for twenty years after deceased president hugo chavez introduced venezuelans to the concept of
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twenty first century socialism there are still some true believers. at this diagnosis the clinic doctors are desperate because they haven't received medicine for two months but the community council representatives have an explanation the same one as president model. it's all the fault of the us empire they blocked the entry of food and medicine into venezuela we have money to import what we need but now the empire wants to appropriate venezuela's oil wealth. in actual fact the sale of food and medicine to venezuela isn't blocked although in the last two months the trumpet ministration has applied even tighter economic sanctions aimed to hasten mother's ouster. that makes it even more difficult to import all these food boxes called clapp which mcdougall has been distributing over the last two years a welcome sight of poor residents of all political colors boxes are heavily subsidized they sell for one hundred twenty that is an f.
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. that in here costs more than twenty thousand that is in fact many families depend on this to survives. although critics accuse the government of using hunger as a tool for political control the majority of those on the distribution list like. oppose the government anyway. but not. in quanah sanchez they're among the minority who remain faithful to the promise of the bolivarian revolution at the end we have to give this government time we just have to wait for the situation to. change we need is that evolution it's a dream and nobody said it would be easy especially since we are confronting not just an opposition but the world's most powerful. there was a time when the majority of in israel and shared that dream but after six years of political strife corruption and economic hardships their numbers have dwindled but
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not their stubborn determination to remain loyal to chavez's legacy you see in human i'll just see that in his way that. friends of karl lagerfeld say his humor with passion will live on after his death at the age of eighty five. looks at how he went from an apprentice to a fashion icon. instantly recognisable in the ponytails hat and sunglasses called lagerfeld was at the top of the fashion industry for more than half a century born in pre-war germany his big breakthrough came in the nineteen fifties author moved to paris when he won an apprenticeship with designer pierre balmain going on to find success with fashion houses including chloe. a trendsetter his modern unuseful designs found their way into high street shops like h. and m. giving him unprecedented popular appeal but it was chanel that propelled him to
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rock star status you know fashion is not needed. or a problem in the world who may be more important so that is not the problem but it's an industry and you don't question has to go with time efficient doesn't go with times vision it would be like. lagerfeld dressed some of the most famous people in the world oh the first of the super models miami campbell includes shifa oh jerry hall and even madonna and more recently the offspring of hollywood stars. his outspoken and stinging remarks for their own politics are a person sized and him the nickname keiser call. friends and colleagues in the industry and beyond describe him as a genius and a visionary. lagerfeld spent much of his life in the public eye but remained a launch an elusive figure hiding behind those trademark song glasses. if you want
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to hear that when not working he retreated to his large library of books. he worked primacy to the end and he's behind a huge legacy and his much loved cats to pat. this is al jazeera let's get a roundup of the top stories members of the trumpet ministration have been accused of rushing to selling nuclear technology to saudi arabia and ignoring legal objections committee in congress led by the rival democratic party is investigating the allegations a twenty four hour window opened by syria's government and russia to allow people to leave a remote campus past but none of the forty thousand people living in the refined camp are using the passages the united nations has offered to broker talks between
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india and pakistan after last week's car bombing in the disputed kashmir region u.n. secretary general antonio is also urging max maximum restraint from both sides venezuela's military says it will remain loyal to president nicolas maduro ignoring calls from opposition leader one and the u.s. president to switch allegiance soldiers are deployed in several places to block u.s. aid from crossing into the country. if you want to search and if you want to blackmail us blackmail us but you want to achieve your mission you want to achieve it we'll take the sanctions will listen to blackmail but will definitely remain with the home with our home but stop the manipulation already and say that this is an issue of a political even personal need to saudi state media says four soldiers have been killed while fighting with hooty rebels on the border with yemen who say they're continuing their military offensive at the border taking saudi positions south of
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jan and a large number of weapons in. a british teenager who joined i saw in syria when she was fifteen years old is going to lose her citizenship it's reported the u.k. home office made an order to remove her citizenship her lawyer says they'll fight the decision. uganda's ruling party has endorsed of president yoweri most of any to run for another term when the country holds general elections in two years a bill was signed last year scrapping presidential age limits egypt has executed nine people convicted of killing attorney general his sham barakat four years ago he was killed in june twenty fifteen one a bomb struck his convoy in cairo no one claimed the attack but the authorities pointed the finger at members of the outlawed muslim brotherhood those are the headlines earth rises in the east. the week began with views of ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade war the world's largest
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supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. the relationship between humans and animals has always been one with elements of conflicts but as the number of people on the planet continues to grow it's becoming increasingly strained and in balance. with the world's human population approaching an extraordinary eight billion sprawling settlements and activities are encroaching on animal habitats more than ever scientists estimate humans are driving species
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extinction at around one thousand times the natural.


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