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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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at night in a stalking somali patrolled streets police ski and not. for lack of. a tired of gang violence they use the maternal approach to prevent crime. devoted. a. little bit by the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live the mothers of ring could be this is europe on al-jazeera.
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oh you and a fist for all practical purposes yes i support science and truth one of the figureheads for the new atheist movement if you believe something without evidence then that justifies anything to do except that religion has done good things despite all of our modern police and americans who believe that science holds all the answers in the world be a better place religion dissipate to more of yes mehdi has done goes head to head with richard dawkins on al-jazeera. and this was different whether someone is going for some of his favorites at this point we think it's how you approach an official and if it is a certain way of doing it conjures sides in a good story and fly out. at the time it was the worst environmental disaster in brazil's history but it was also a tragic for paste of what was to follow. people in power investigates claims of
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warnings ignored. i'm the disturbing ties between lawmakers and the mining industry that catastrophe here on trial for dozens and dozens of corruption charges brazil river of mud on. two separate bloss in syria as u.s. backed forces fight to gain i suppose last remaining territory. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up with a deadline looming the u.s. house the latest round of trade talks with china. the rescue mission is called off after
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a fire kills at least seventy people in the bangladeshi capital. roman catholic bishops hold a summit with the pope on the church's sexual abuse problem. how in the past few hours there's been two explosions in syria in different parts of the country one was a suspected car bomb near and show hey village in did his daughter an area held by the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces at least fifteen people have been killed and dozens injured the other bloss was in a freenet where another suspected car bomb went off in the center of the city at least four people are dead and many injured. this comes as the s.d.f. and other groups battle for control but who's i suppose the last remaining territory in syria and for now the evacuation of civilians from the east village has been put on hold imran khan has more now from gaziantep on the turkey syria
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border early on thursday morning it was announced by the s.d.f. spokesman for northern syria most probably that trucks would be sent to alba whose village to pick up the remaining civilians now we're hearing reports of those trucks actually came back empty handed and we don't know why there's been no word from the s.d.f. as to the reason those trucks came back empty now at the very beginning of this conflict we saw the s.d.f. tell us that there really six thousand civilians in the village itself over those two weeks a number of those civilians have actually been able to leave the largest number was on wednesday when some two thousand civilians including some myself fighters were able to leave now what happens is when they reach s.d.f. safe areas the eisel fighters are taken to a prison where they are detained and interrogated the i saw wives and children are taken to a separate part of a refugee camp where they are put and then the civilians of post on another side of
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that camp now the fight is incredibly difficult for villages because of the civilians that remain there just to give you an idea of the sense of the village itself most of it's actually been destroyed there's a tented city on the outskirts of the village and that's where all of the civilians that remain allegedly. to be now the fight itself is going to be incredibly difficult because i still had a very long time to prepare for this the hardcore of those fighters are now in tunnels waiting for the s.d.f. to come in but certainly there are enough civilians who remain in whose village to slow the fighting down and for the s.d.f. to be very careful about going into the village. meanwhile one hundred fifty iso finds is detained in syria have been handed over to iraqi security forces the iraqi military is on high alert fighters who try to escape across the border they're concerned they could try and regroup in areas once controlled in northern and
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western iraq that has more from mosul. iraq he forces far mortars at eisel targets across the syrian border the village above guus the last i saw controlled territory in syria isn't far from here the mainly kurdish u.s. backed syrian democratic forces or s.d.f. estimate there are around three hundred eisel fight is still inside the iraqi military and pro iran armed groups are determined to stop them escaping across into iraq. they've set up cameras around ten kilometers inside syrian territory to monitor eisel fighters as the s.d.f. offensive goes on while the iraqi military operation against eisel across the border in syria continue we on this side are fortifying our positions we have installed thermal surveillance cameras across the border inside syria territory
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there is joint cooperation with us the pro iran armed groups and the tribal sheikhs we are getting aerial support from the u.s. led coalition u.s. intelligence says eisel evolved from the last remnants of al qaida in iraq and by two thousand and fifteen it controlled around ninety thousand kilometers of territory across syria and iraq an international coalition of more than seventy countries has been involved in the fight to reclaim the territory. this is all that remains of the square more than four. he declared himself. what he described as the caliphate that was fighting continues on the syrian side of the border against the last. fight is there of. sleeper cells among iraqis living close by. these are iraqi military checkpoints around the town of heat in western anbar province. weisel was defeated here in two thousand
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and fifteen but sleeper cells have kidnapped and murdered a number of people in recent weeks. and his wife son sit with their grandchildren at the home they both suffered under the brutality of isis rule and are terrified by the thought the group could ever one day return. to more s.d.f. in syria have pushed toward the border the more difficult it has become for iraqis to work in the countryside nearby there i saw in the desert around here it's terrible that i kidnap innocent people the government and the army need to thoroughly search this area because i still are still hiding here the people here have suffered so much and there i celebrity. the head of iraq's intelligence says eisel fight is a regrouping and recruiting mainly in the rural areas of north and west in iraq they want controlled u.s. military intelligence believes the territorial battle against eisel across syria
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and iraq has been won but the fight small groups of fighters and sympathizers across this region will go on. mosul. u.s. china talks are under way in washington a chinese vice premier leader who is holding trade talks with u.s. treasury secretary steven minutiae in the u.s. president has threatened to raise tariffs on a range of chinese imports worth two hundred billion dollars if a deal is not reached by march the first she had written c. is live for us now in washington with more on this so she had how are those talks going. but chinese on u.s. sources are suggesting that a lot of progress has been made in beijing last week and now in washington the big news in the last few hours was leaks that discussions are based around six different memoranda of understanding and one in particular caught a lot of people that was apparently
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a proposal by the chinese to buy six thirty billion dollars more u.s. agricultural imports each year that would go some way to reducing the trade deficit between us and china which particular excise is donald trump other memorandum of understanding apparently being discussed on. forced technological transfer which was what the u.s. calls at the chinese chinese often so they don't do this at all but it's that u.s. allegation that in order for u.s. businesses to operate in china they're forced to hand over sensitive technological information that trade secrets in fact apparently i know you are also cyber theft on currency and this is the interesting one and i know you all know tariff barriers to trade this is significant because. one of the main two moments from the u.s. is something that the chinese suggest is basically also going to lose all sovereignty over their own economy that is and subsidies to its own industry to the made in china twenty twenty five policy of the chinese government subsidizing
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heavily high tech industries high value service industries as well in order to compete on the global stage the u.s. says that's actually a market distorting policy and wants china to stop the trial has been saying no wait you can't do that to our economic policy will be interesting to see what they come up with on that particular issue because that is the major sticking issue and as far as this march deadline that they say mean how how when he does the u.s. to that deadline. well depends on who you ask the main trade negotiator robert lighthouses says it's a for donald trump meanwhile said in recent days it's not a magical a magical date there are rumors that there could be a sixty day extension it does seem though that it's in both parties interests to reach some sort of agreement as quickly as possible so they not allow these talks to fail for donald trump it would be a disaster because it would mean that he's once again it would suggest that he's not the great deal maker he said he was the republican agricultural land is
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suffering because of the decline in agricultural exports to china will be further economic consequences going to the twenty twenty alexion but also for china will be economic consequences there's a fair among some some apparently in china that if they that the talks fail having got this fall then the next round of talks would see the u.s. be even tougher and go sure it's negotiations and also president xi is under a certain amount of domestic pressure because of the economic slowdown in china he needs a victory too on the economy he can bring back some deal with the u.s. would be very good for him so there's a lot of incentive to reach should deal right now there whether that's by march with us it's unclear all right she had thanks for that she had written c. in washington now the rescue mission as been called off in bangladesh's capital dhaka after a huge blaze tolls from several buildings in the old town at least seventy people were killed and forty others injured in a fire broke out in a residential complex which housed a chemical and plastics warehouse it took hundreds of firefighters nearly twelve
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hours to bring it under control and your challenge he has more from the. we are in that dark medical college hospital near the morgue it's a very tragic scene out here we saw many people actually carried their loved ones in their coffin i spoke to the outside is here the police officer in charge who is supposed to identify and process this he said so far they were able to identify thirty seven bodies many other bodies might need even d.n.a. testing but a lot of relatives are waiting here they want to know and see if their loved one is among the dead bodies that is in the market a very really tragic thing out here as far as the government goal is the.


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