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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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an admitted that have actually accused have of burning his houses in that southern town of missouri multi all right. thank you so. the right to pray in palestinian territories under threat by israeli occupation . and france debates what to do with hundreds of young people who joined by soul and whether they should face justice will have the story of one fighter and his family. hello there for most of us across the southeastern parts of asia there's plenty of fine weather to be found at the moment the philippines is the dry as we are across many parts of vietnam through cambodia and into parts of thailand as well time
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could just see one or two showers there at times as we head through tuesday and wednesday but most of the wet weather will be further south for some of us and some much are we likely to catch one of the rather lively downpours as we are over borneo as well a bit further towards the south and the showers that we've got over australia are just drifting their way a bit further south now through parts of queens and down into new south wales and also thunder and lightning on this not a great deal of what weather and i think we're going to see more of the same as we head through the next few days most of them later on during the day elsewhere though largely fine and dry and for some of us in the west getting pretty hot again say thirty three in perth there as we had three cheese day wednesday down to thirty one but the heat spreading east so force in adelaide will be up at thirty seven so quite hot sticky day for us over towards new zealand fine and dry for most of us here twenty two a maximum in all can should be some good spells of sunshine here it should also be falling force in christchurch the fine weather continues as we head through the day on wednesday maybe it will cloud for the south and in there but further north
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that's where all the messy weather is and here they could be some very heavy downpours indeed. a face can tell a story without uttering a single lie. and knowing. a simple touch in for. the unconventionality of life witness through the men's of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera.
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coverage take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera at least twenty five people are now thought to have been killed along venezuela's border with brazil as security forces try to block foreign aid coming into the country and the u.s. vice president is jus in the colombian capital bogota to meet venezuela's opposition leader. and other regional leaders. the afghan taliban is co-founder and political head is in cata for talks aimed at ending the country's seventeen year war paula abdul ghani baradar is among several senior taliban members who meet the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad for four days of talks. the libyan war a little too early for half the forces are reported to have killed at least nineteen people in the southwestern town of mosul militiamen torched houses and destroyed farms after us forces have taken over several oil fields in the area.
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now a few hours from now the french president emmanuel macro will meet his iraqi counterpart in paris the two are expected to discuss the. fate of french eisel fighters who are being held in iraq that within the last few years hundreds of young men and women left france to join eisel in syria and iraq until recently paris was a player is having them back but now france is considering bringing some of them who have been held by syrian kurdish fighters and one of them is quenton lubrano a thirty year old born in the south of france david chaytor has more it was from this village in the south of france contact the bram began his journey to syria with his wife and infant daughter adopting the name abu sama. he became a leading propagandist and recruiter for i saw no phone call interview in this
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video he urged others to join him and burned his french passport now he's one of the many fighters and their families who've surrendered to american backed kurdish troops attacking i still say last stronghold he still with his wife but now has four children back in france his father jack a retired truck driver said his son had been think he was skating for more than a year of innumerate where the only modest they were struggling to find food starve themselves so the kids would have as much to eat as possible and then to so people fighting amongst themselves even friends it became odd and what really disgusted him is that the means and left with their own families and abandoned them in france alone more than two hundred thirty people being killed and i saw linked attacks since two thousand and fifteen it's feared the french fight is now in the custody of kurdish forces in syria could escape detention so plans are now underway to
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bring them back to france to face justice. the horrors of black friday nov thirteenth twenty fifteen when the isolette tax claimed one hundred thirty lives in paris are still painfully fresh in france contango brown was a close associate of the men who publicly claimed eisel were responsible for the slaughter and he tweeted about the sense of power he had holding a kalashnikov assault rifle. in his village they're all opposed to the idea that men like him should be repaired treated to france always the innocent they've got nothing to do here they should stay there they made a choice they went there now they should take responsibility for their choices. either holiday pick fair or just down the road we found more nuanced opinions this is the choice isn't to leave them there or do we take them back if we leave them there will be killing them for the children of the fighters though there is great
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sympathy a way should be found to bring them back continents parents long to embrace the grandchildren they taught they would never see david chaytor al-jazeera. in the south of france bahrain's top courses up held the prison terms of three relatives of an exiled human rights activist syed ahmed has been living in exile in britain since twenty twelve he was sentenced to six months in prison by the bahraini government for taking part in protests against the role of family during the arab spring his brother in law mother in law and cousin was sentenced to three years in jail in twenty seventeen on security charges the un has described the case is an unlawful act to reprise of. european and arab leaders amazing for the second day in egypt for talks which are focused on security and migration the summit in sharm el sheikh is being chaired by the gyptian president abdel fattah
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el-sisi and the e.u. council president donald tusk this is the first ever joint summit between the e.u. and arab league countries on sunday president's urged governments to unite behind the goal of defeating terrorism. twenty five years ago a jewish settler killed twenty nine palestinians as they worshiped at the ibrahimi mosque in hebron since then muslims say it's been more difficult to worship freely at holy sites than at smith reports. it's time to make the call to prayer at the mosque of abraham in have room to get to the room he uses to spare needs the israeli army in the synagogue on the other side of this partition to open the door but this site is the burial place of abraham a sacred to jews as it is to muslims soupy as often happens he says is being ignored
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is not drowned out by chanting in the cynical. eventually he gave up the steel divider was put in after an american israeli far right settler shot dead twenty nine muslim worshippers in one nine hundred ninety four the police told al-jazeera that there's an agreement with the palestinians that there is no call to prayer on certain jewish holidays are filming was not done during a holiday i think it is awakening people or how to defend their property their rights their holy sites and it is empowering the palestinian more and more to steadfast in this conflict more hard to forward to find their way out of it in occupied east jerusalem at the al aqsa mosque israeli authorities control when and who can or cannot worship in these places every time attracts a significant police presence and many of the worshippers who come to the mosque will tell you that they find that intimidating the israeli police will say that they have to have a presence to maintain security. here
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a jordanian led islamic body the walk manages the holy sites a lot of his time is spent pushing back against israeli attempts to encroach on a recent example in our x. was when worshippers forced open a gate to a meeting hall it's been closed by court order sixteen years ago because a group that used it was associated with a palestinian group hamas a whack says the group has long disbanded but the police want to keep it closed with a really good. daily basis with backing the settlers with allowing for and i think the site and it is challenging not only the walk with people of the city even on fridays your holiness the i have to submit my gaze to the soldiers to the israeli military groups in order to enter the site and to pray for half an hour and come back from the same get to collect my documents my id after two israeli police
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officers were killed and they are x. a compound in twenty seventeen metal detectors were installed at the entrances worshippers refused to pass through. eventually israel gave up remove the detectors and the palestinians celebrated israel maintains it's only taking security precautions it points to the metal detectors that jewish worshippers and everyone else must pass through to access the wailing wall the palestinians will say though they're the ones living under occupation. al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem. for years president donald trump says he's extending a deadline to increase tyrus on chinese imports after what he's calling substantial progress in the latest round of trade talks with beijing higher level is a more than two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products were due to be imposed from march the first gabriel elizondo has more from washington. on sunday we'd been getting some information out that the discussions on sunday were not so
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much focused on these individual issues but they were focused more on how to enforce a potential agreement so that was a good sign coming out of the meetings on sunday and when people are talking about how to enforce an angry agreement that usually means they're pretty close to one but the good news here for both beijing and washington at least is it looks like they're very close to a deal more now from katrina you who has reaction from beijing well chinese state media here in beijing have announced substantial progress on these talks and the delay to the end of the trade trade truce and this is definitely good news here in beijing we're expecting a very vibrant response from the chinese financial markets a surge in shanghai and hong kong and this is definitely something that chinese businesses will also be welcoming we have to remember that china is also undergoing a slowing of its economic growth and people are very concerned about the future of china and these trade tensions have not been helping and especially when you look
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at the manufacturing and the tech industries there have been thousands of job losses over the last few months so this is definitely good news this will help to restore confidence. for people running businesses here in china and india economy generally it's also good news for u.s. businesses who are operating here in china some of these issues that they were discussing during these trade talks real sticking points of intellectual property technology transfer they've been waiting years if not decades to see some sort of concrete regulation how they can better manage these things so this is good news for them as well the not quite celebrating yet we still have to see what the details will be if president xi and president don't do meet in america sometime in march so they'll be watching this very closely indeed. and some news just in yemen's the rebels have delayed partial withdrawal of their fighters from two ports they were supposed to pull out of salif and ras supports just outside who data this
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is being seen as a may just set to a un broken deal between the rebels and the yemeni government reached in sweden last year. senegal is waiting to see if been reelected president a result isn't expected for days after millions queued to cost their vote nicolas hogg ripples from the capital. counting the vote under the careful watch of party observers and a nation waiting for the name of its new president. will it be incumbent president salva. or edriss sick or the outsider was months ago months ago. but. we want to be as transparent as possible so that no one questions the results so we will announce the names publicly front of every once present. voters came
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early some queuing for hours patiently waiting their turn is seventy six year old ascended jai it's his eleventh presidential election and the twenty year old put a candidate who's voting for the first time. i want change there is corruption and dysfunctional justice system this needs to stop growing i want stability so that we can live well and peacefully avoid stability and change a promise candidate solid running for a second mandate says he can bring but rival candidate edriss sachs says cells failed to deliver so far political cover song goes further saying the political system has failed the people. setting goals population is rapidly changing most are born after two thousand these milena want to see a new form of leadership that addressing issues that matter for senegal i think specially one of them like. he has been like his voice has really it could run like
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really young people because his young himself is saying that it's time to change the system and also like all the candidates like it is a say in my taking on how to address it in the own way a different part of the programs but i've seen lacking in this campaign. issues around when around like environment especially none of them really address it for my opinion in a serious way to opposition rivals karim wadded former mayor of the car khalifa salo were barred from running in the race after being convicted for corruption the opposition accuses saul of using the courts to crackdown on dissent. this is the polling station of my d.n.a. in downtown de car it's a stronghold for the opposition and despite the calls for president. to boy called this election people came out to vote because there is a long tradition of democracy in senegal and whoever wins this election will be in charge of a country wealthier than ever and estimated fifty billion dollars of oil and gas
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has been discovered off the coast of senegal forty qatif years the culture of corruption and believes only the rich and the powerful will profit from this you well a sudden john believes it will improve the lives of all to the gillies two different voters two visions for senegal future nicolas talk al jazeera the car green book has been named best picture at this year's off because the film tells a story of a friendship between an african american concert pianist and his italian american driver in the one nine hundred sixty is the film also won oscars for best supporting actor best original screenplay rob reynolds has more on the big winners from the red carpet. academy award for best picture which a green book a choice that is already generating some backlash with critics saying the film is a superficial take on race relations in the united states the best director award
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went to funds a quarrel own for his roma and that film also picked up the best foreign language oscar olivia colman one best actress for her role as the man queen am in the favorite and rami malek took home an os her for his portrayal of the tormented rock star freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody spike lee the veteran director took home a an oscar for best adapted screenplay that's the first time that he's managed to take a statuette back from the ceremony and lady gaga although she she was up for a best actress award didn't win that one best song for shallow from her film a star is born. one best supporting actor again for the green book and regina king won best supporting actress for her portrayal in if beale street could
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talk. for sake of the top stories here it is there at least twenty five people are now thought to have been killed and along venezuela's border with brazil as security forces try to block aid coming into the country and the u.s. vice president might pence's jus in bogota to meet venezuela's opposition leader. as well as other regional leaders. that the money handle at the moment we estimate there are twenty five people dead and eighty four injured the thing is we don't control the hospital the military controls it the people they killed they put them in an armored vehicle and took them to a military base that's why we're not sure of the exact number of dead the afghan taliban sco founder and political head is in qatar for talks aimed at ending the country's seventeen year war. on the baradar is among several senior taliban
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members who meet the u.s. envoy zalmay khalilzad for four days of negotiations the taliban's pushing for a full withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan about us presence is seen as a significant boost to the talks. the libyan war lord holly for half those forces a reporter two of killed nineteen people in the southwestern town of moon. militia men torched trials in destroyed farms have to us forces have taken over several oil fields in the area. yemen to the rebels have delayed the partial withdrawal of their fighters from two ports they were supposed to pull out of saif and ports just outside today they're the two terminals are used for shipping grain into oil the withdrawal wants to be the first step in a un brokered deal between the rebels and the yemeni government reached in sweden last year green book has been named best picture at this year's oscars the film
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tells a story of a friendship between an african-american concert pianist and his a tally an american driver in the one nine hundred sixty is and those are the latest headlines from us here at zero coming up next it's witness. on counting the cost this week breaks it and cambodia it's the southeast asian economy that's most exposed to the u.k.'s e.u. divorce plus nine months later lebanon finally has a government but its economy is screaming for attention. counting the cost on al-jazeera. more.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century. influenced the course of history sold such gave did not get enough credit for ending a bust and you want to be a big historical figure but he was monday the biggest hog call in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on.
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hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters and it is a problem coming up in the next sixty minutes reports that venezuela. has claimed many more lives than first as neighboring countries meet to discuss their next moves. a senior afghan taliban leader arrives for talks with the west. is on the agenda off to seventeen years of war and libyan war. killed at least nineteen people in the southwest with a captured several oil fields. and the oscar goes to. the segregation era road trip drama best picture at the oscars for a look at why diversity is perhaps a much biggest. and i'm lee harvey and they were sporting headlines at the oscars to launch their latest political ad this time focusing on women and sport narrated
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by tennis three. opponents of venezuelan president nicolas maduro expecting the u.s. to outline new ways of forcing him from power when a coalition of mostly latin american countries mates in colombia later on monday trump administration officials say u.s. wise president mike pence will announce clear actions to them about restoring democracy and getting aid and to venezuela where u.s. backed efforts to bring food and medicine all over the brazilian boy have ended in violence forces loyal. five opposition supporters at least twenty five people may have been killed opposition data on why though is calling for the well to consider all options to resolve venezuela's crisis echoing comments from the white house that hasn't a possible u.s. military intervention angered by colombia's support for his survival my daughter has severed diplomatic ties with his neighbor and ordered its diplomats to leave
6:51 pm
the homage on june begins our coverage now from that i'm on the brazilian side of the border a second round of clashes between venezuelan migrants and venezuelan security forces in as many days calm was eventually restored but things didn't stay quiet for long. as pro-government venezuelan demonstrators converged on their side of this border with brazil. chanting their support for president nicolas maduro insisting like he does that they need no outside aid and only when i said we came to sing our national anthem to show how we respect the sovereignty of all people so others also need to respect our sovereignty we're not begging for anything. a short distance down the same road new allegiances were announced. as two soldiers who defected to brazil the night before declared their support for venezuelan opposition leader. as
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a venezuelan patriots i feel pain it pains me to see all the suffering people. at times the defectors were cheered even though there was little to be cheerful about. it's almost sunset and as you can see behind me brazilian security forces are still blocking access to the brazilian side of the no man's land between brazil and venezuela for the past few hours the only vehicles we've seen coming through are ambulances then shocking news a new albeit unconfirmed death toll from three days worth of clashes between security forces and opposition supporters in and around the venezuelan town of santa ana. at the moment to handle at the moment we estimate there are twenty five people dead and eighty four injured the thing is we don't control the hospital the military controls it the people they killed they put them in an armed vehicles and took them to a military base that's why we're not sure of the exact number of dead leaving these
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venezuelans to wonder just how much darker the coming days maybe mohammed. and parker dima on brazil's border with venezuela. now for latin america editor new benches in the venezuelan city of san antonio. venezuelan security forces again denounced in the aftermath of saturday's violent response to unarmed protesters i blame for the first time the un high commissioner for human rights strongly condemned the use of excessive force by venezuela's national guard and especially pro-government armed groups the venezuela's government has a different explanation that. the plan was to use terrorist to cross the simone bridge run over anyone they saw people and then blame the government of nicolas maduro. as for the quality or pro-government armed gangs whom we saw take over the streets and shoot the protesters in san antonio rodriguez claims there is
6:54 pm
a legal colombian paramilitaries who operate on both sides of the border. however after taking refuge from the gunfire we were able to see and film members of the college devils alongside national guardsman while they looted a close store then surely some of the guardsman joined in to pick through the booty call it deals maybe paramilitary but residents tell us they are venezuelan operating an open complicity with security forces oh yes and the men there they belong to the government and they come through here threatening people slashing tires breaking windows. i mean i shot someone there on the corner there stealing motorcycles. on sunday morning they were still roaming the streets albeit more discreetly near the now closed cmon believe that a bridge oh it's here that we found more of an israel and preparing to migrate to one of the countless illegal border crossings fleeing the violence and poverty that
6:55 pm
is driving millions of in israel from their homeland to sea and human are just sita san antonio and israel are. let's get more on this now we're joined by calling harding latin america analyst and former journalist covering the region for the independent newspaper and he's joining us from manchester in the u.k. mr harding very good to have you with us on al-jazeera before we look ahead to the lima group meeting in both or later on monday let's talk about the situation on the borders how much have these age shipments made that situation even worse you know with the military blocking it from entering the country sometimes using deadly force well i think one of the dangers as far as the opposition is concerned is that just are probably going to just illusion will spread among those who got their position. asked acting presidents that supporters. the the opposition chose decided to make the issue of get humanitarian aid into that as
6:56 pm
well and that abrasion going to do that they hoped that the military would. it not allow is am i doing that or disobey president maduro are actually beginning to undermine their lead to the collapse of the measure a regime that hasn't. and i think now there certainly was a lot of disagreement on the border area and it certainly includes. that happen so you know the opposition really marked the only other. really yellow day there so bad so far her disappointment and deaths but what do you make of the reports that a number of military and security forces did abandon their policy after being tasked with denying aid to their fellow citizens and you know i think it's something like five military leaders have abandoned the border now. well the problem is that the ones who are hundred they're saying have the nerve now lay down
6:57 pm
their arms going to the other side you're going to go into a long that these are only other ranks you know this is obviously not a significant but what is needed it really is a tire unit or their offices to go over to the opposition this is what they the opposition were rather counting on and that hasn't happened so it's discipline has . as the main change and of course as i asked me how it's from the previous reports to. the government there are two million little pieces it's about evolution's in this way and of course the gangs the collective us this week seeing are lawrence themselves that they're not going to be not going to get ways eliseo. if the really the opposition is casting around and ask why joe has sat there he's calling on the international community to consider all options and what does that mean you know he is going to be meeting with us why is president mike pence in the gulf and bill
6:58 pm
with a what does all options maine doesn't mean possible military intervention from the u.s. . well who knows i mean i think that would be. a step further than has been really seriously considered so far although. the u.s. government and people like marco rubio the senator from florida to ensure foreign policy formulation of cap that option on the table. in order to try to show the major issues that the u.s. means business first as you see the new majority government no compunctions actually people i'm doing. whether this will now lead to some u.s. led military intervention is still remains to be seen it's possible there will appeal still believe a group is not a latin american countries. adopt some sort of multilateral action now
6:59 pm
perhaps not the u.s. but we'll have to see what humility is from today's meeting. or mr harding thank you very much for your time and your expertise on the subject we do appreciate it that is calling harding live in manchester thank you. let's move on to other news now and yemen's hokie rebels have delayed the partial withdrawal of their fighters from two ports they were supposed to be sunny and rough supports just outside how they there to comply with the u.n. broken down range with yemen's government in sweden last year the hope they say the government isn't holding up its end of the agreement. the afghan taliban is co-founder and political chief is and qatar for talks aimed at ending the seventeen year war. that is among several signatories of on members who meet the u.s. special piece on boy. over the next four days but all those presents a seems a significant boost for the discussions that's going out to our correspondent
7:00 pm
stephanie decker who is covering these talks for us and doha so as we mentioned stephanie a lot of hope around the gunny but other's presence at the talks but what are the issues that they're trying to work through this time. there's a couple of issues on the table and they will be difficult one of them is a nationwide cease fire and the other one is the withdrawal of u.s. troops the u.s. still has around fourteen thousand troops on the ground in afghanistan the other one is to get the taliban to talk to the afghan government that is something that hasn't happened as of yet they're not involved they're not in doha they haven't been involved in other talks and the last one is to ensure that afghanistan is it uses a staging ground for groups like eisel and al qaida so there are very complicated matters on the table i can tell you is very secretive trying to get confirmation whether they've started or not it's the taliban not commenting the americans not commenting the company's not commenting but we do know confirm from various sources
7:01 pm
that as you mentioned that is he had his presence i think significant it seems to be the most senior level of talks between the taliban and the americans since the conflict and there are words come.


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