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tv   Mothers Of Rinkeby  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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denies that were any casualties or damage done by the indian as strikes meanwhile china is the two nuclear powered nations to exercise restraint after the attacks. the north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in vietnam's capital ahead of a second summit with the us president donald trump kim was greeted by a guard of honor after crossing into the country by train president trump will arrive in the vietnamese capital later on tuesday the two are set to discuss the denuclearization of the korean peninsula iran's foreign minister. zarif has announce he's stepping down his sudden departure strains further doubt on the future of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with the u.s. pulled out of last year all right you have today those are the very latest headlines from. coming up next he says europe. africa is most populous nation the bloodiest economy has a youth unemployment problem in
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a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i am told to this folder we bring you the stories to the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. some of that was way out on a saturday up in a bike first i got on the subway and. i'm
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not going on and i actually do look at the bloody still believe. it if it. lasted another minute or so on the mom would go on for somebody but i don't get it on saturday and. at that not that i lie and maybe if. i did it would be. when i had been assigned. like you where did you. get your
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had them on the head of the hay and i looked at the senate has or had no one is a nazi kind of forgotten. i'm not go how can i show you do show the bullies can surely. have done it airco how lucky i was to they literally you know for men or i don't have a gun. in or off i'm seeing them call them the cli when hasn't really wash i certainly how much training one of them has some i like you're in a small group stand up. well you home a living. all. along to see the shape they take. all of the comforter you're awesome looking you just feel very thick. when i bought a kick. in she. knew we were going to see this was something it's not the little band of them. who bomb like dumbo. go
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steps isn't going to look i. think it was me who doesn't know how much fun hello to them do we know what how cool some and i mean. i can intend them that incredible how does good they are in that you love well i love the show. as well of that other . as it were into what made the forty something so off kill how could and i'm addicted either way and i would expect like human progress than i expected i have thus not expected because i what i said i think am i going toward a center but i think you're cool then i'm about. well hello belinda gonna put a hostile seesaw monitor. in front of that mother and. hygenic imo has mark a little seahorse a little market that's adult a little in a tiny bit of africa where the will of god expects do expected without us of course how could and i'm half a dork and then i would look more awkward than maybe you know what i spent now
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could have been ask a legit fan of them and if they were all well duh. i don't got all this on myself guy like their a.o. i am and all that. they had of i'm just mad that i get a oh ok. well why not i don't know. what it was like you know. yes yes. yes we can have yes we got yeah oh yeah you're going to. go out ok though. look at me because what i'm a nomination. and me. good girl.
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so in maryland but you know her but she said in a shit school not because she is in buccleuch and that may be similar in manhattan or in. half a minute admission at book to an infant isn't going to and i've. had the good to. go but they didn't get that it's sad that we bond. but o'reilly but. i do not. and the
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larger. while tell us that i think it would. be better if the. police and no one would hire. a hitman.
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you know just yet you are. an inhabitant only. on an afternoon on the show fear of that in the. county. where you soon. not only nish i think i had the. pleasure job. or not jewish. american. heart. second.
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and in legal it is. the liability you know. there was a marine who was really good you see you get out so how come we. have we're not going to say that in. the middle of important. i'm used to leave evidence you did the had to you didn't you didn't. get there but i would have been told all right let it be that i don't i'll. tell you how come you don't have the. advantage like i was here. just to get in a. suit that's not. the building i'm reading and then i'm not. going to get out of there was the night that you demanded the man.
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have been very much what i do well how for a bit. the . only. live here. in atlanta.
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today will be for the audience for. the move to further oh i. think they are. doing us or something smart down there in until the off or some of the stuff that this list unless for the moment a local feel dumb or dumb for large down the city down the road to tripoli is also the start of this comeback impurity out of. the deal to first to speak so new to high level teams in the arsenal in the field picking up the stamina and their soccer disco could have some of our feet are smart enough not to smoke the non comedy in town have all of us obvious like to listen to more melted without talking to me. for most of this and more government not another top forty mar for tour but
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really nothing so funny as a walk or give the thought and who had. group on money and i in a cheetah with. my band oh. and i had their heart in the song what i. saw at that height. back up to make good on. so. well it didn't. just grow.
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we're going. to. down a dental. and i don't mean to joke minister. oh . but what a moment to not come if you didn't absolutely want. to have or in it that i know nothing of that i'm an innocent and that he and at least that's what i meant to be . to shut the fuck up oh. no. put out a list just you know i'm here i grab your money yeah i really am a dollars are you yeah. this is
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a no no this. no holy book oh i hope. all hoards of talk. won't cut a willing. to make me joe. horn
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a new mini saw movie who decided new to give it. to. the kids and that would pull more due to the story. i am. was. how my. son was.
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thank. god. but then. i had not the minimum. that
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a mom will. don't get he said yeah that's good about a broad month but at the board well you know something what do you think. you know how do the much lead nothing else clock that the committed to them and that is what i'm good at that a lot of so that is what they had in the end of may. we've got to be you minimum or you're going to leave and they had a bomb by your your way it is an underling the maid with him at dinner and mr spence come or somehow today a bomb or you know a three year old twin your you had drama from in a bone box or this is some harsh so they are and make to where most understanding i'm a little mad for a dissident some of it believe me us to have it there but it may come forth of it
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and this lawyer i'm staring at it the extra extra extra when and where i learned so at school i am a document in front of me living where you really are the dog and the lusaka theory about a little this clue or a bit of fact in one month brewski but let's say you're stuck at only one among pratham drink could be for the battle me. brother or born with you be the brother of the noble throw them in a pool let's go about a proud day this marial folks go at kaamelott a shame to make in the tempest with. can you still beneath. it ok deborah.
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in germany's capital there is a barber like no other sort of quality to have been on my laptop or struck cross what you have. but as his city changes he's moving with the time. and going on the roads. the stories we don't often hear told by
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the people who live them. the master barber of berlin this is europe an out of the era. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. with. the foreign ministry. was. lost and abandoned. found and say. want to reveals how one is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance at life on al-jazeera. zero
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. this is. hello i'm fully back to go this is a news hour live from my headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes indian warplanes strike targets along the border of pakistan administered kashmir as tensions over the disputed territory escalates. and confrontations between soldiers and protesters in indian administered kashmir after a raid.


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