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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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on live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news grid india airstrikes add to the standoff between two nuclear armed rivals new delhi hits targets close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir in the wake of the recent suicide attack on security forces both countries have come out with conflicting claims on the impact of the strike. kim jong il and donald trump are in vietnam for
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a second that some of their hosts went to war with washington but both sides are now major trading partners does vietnam provide a model for trump on kim on building economic and diplomatic ties from scratch and the resignation of iran's foreign minister is laying bare a power struggle between moderates and conservatives amplified by washington's exit from the nuclear deal by mohammad javad zarif president hassan rouhani. indicated he wants a reef to stay. where the president there's only one foreign policy and only one foreign minister. has been convicted on multiple counts of. social media or action so that story said tweets us throughout this. great. lead. here with the news grid we're live on air we're streaming
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online through you tube facebook live and al jazeera dot com so india has launched airstrikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir its new delhi's first military action in the aftermath of the worst attack on security forces in indian administered kashmir in decades a pakistani military spokesman tweeted these pictures there are said to show debris from the strikes now pakistan based armed group had claimed responsibility for a suicide i suicide attack on february fourteenth that killed forty indian security forces india says this strike killed fighters from known as jaish e mohammad but pakistan denies there were any casualties and says no training camp was hit in the face of. a preemptive strike became absolutely necessary in an intelligence little tradition in the early hours of today. india struck the biggest training camp of the jewish
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a moment in balakot in this operation a very large number of. this chinos senior commanders and groups of jihad these who are being trained for free day in action were eliminated the government of india is firmly and resiliently committed to taking all necessary measures to fight the minutes of terrorism hence this nonmilitary preemptive action was specifically targeted at the moment camp so there have been violent confrontations between soldiers and protesters in indian administered kashmir. this was the scene in srinagar indian troops firing tear gas at demonstrators as you can see violence broke out after the government carried out raids on the houses of pro separatist political leaders and the curfew has been imposed in cities right across the region well pakistan's
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foreign minister says its armed forces are prepared for all eventually. either pakistan cannot if there is aggression against pakistan we have the right to defend our country this equation is unfolding a political level a diplomatic level and at a military level pakistan is planning and pakistan a little respond let's speak to s.k. suit who is a former additional director general of india's border security forces joining us from new delhi thanks for speaking to us what do you expect the pakistani respond to be because we heard the foreign minister say that pakistan shall respond at the time and place of its choosing. thank you for calling me firstly and. the response there to expect i don't think then respond militarily because they wouldn't like the things to escalate too much i only expect conventional responses from them. in the manner that they
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have been so if i can go. against the indian troops too with the help of terrorist organizations based in. part of kashmir and by reading them but moral and financial support but what do you mean by summary conventional responsible conventional research on ice only expect. some conventional responses to me implies that non military response is they were going to new to use the militant organizations which are supported by them which are operating inside me and other parts of india they would continue to use them to target the security forces then for men to travel in kashmir some analysts in new delhi are saying that the targets of the indian air strikes were in fact unclear do you agree with that analysis and if so is india being deliberately vague
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about the area and its heading and if so why no i think the spokesperson off and me was very clear there are in forces struck the part is in bucklebury because you need and you have targeted military base camps the training camps but all i know you're saying that you don't see those camps and the militant camps that you refer to in pakistan had been in fact cleared out in recent days. that is. for for the intelligence community to say whatever they want to see but. have gone instruct did they must have had must have done. proper home they must have ordered the had photographs of their d.v.d.-a which probably if the government considered it fit to leave they would relieve the course of paying for modi has he been under
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political pressure to respond after that attack that took place earlier this month especially in the run up to an election in india is he just trying to get the votes . can you can you please repeat your question i was has modi been under political pressure to respond to the attack that took place earlier this month. i don't see any correlation with political situation in the current even though election two of a response to spawn's had to come to the indian population they did lead the indian security forces a seething with anger and of a response had to come and we have started it did only the militant organizations view never dieted pakistani security forces the park is tiny civilian establishment so this response was expected and even and i don't see any correlations with the
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elections forthcoming elections in india ok s.k. said we thank you for speaking to us from new delhi well it's been a rocky relationship between the two nuclear armed neighbors ever since partition and one nine hundred forty seven so our online team has put together this comparative look at the military budget nuclear capabilities army air force and navy of the two rivals what you can find on the home page of al jazeera dot com. and you can get in touch with us here at the news grid that you can send in your comments to any one of our online platforms on twitter use the hash tag a.j. news grid our handle is a.j. inglis we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera you can send a message on whatsapp or telegram at plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine well in the u.s. president donald trump has now arrived in vietnam's capital that's ahead of talks
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with north korea's leader kim jong un who is already in hanoi the biggest priority is to reach a more concrete agreement on denuclearization on the korean peninsula our diplomatic editor dame's base takes a look at their turbulent relationship leading up to their first and now their second summits. kim jong arriving in hanoi after a long journey by train from north korea all the way across china he's here for the latest state to one of the most unusual diplomatic process is ever in two years range from the threat of imminent war made in the u.n. general assembly we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea to ten months later a face to face summit the first time the leaders of these two countries technically still at war had ever met and there was an instant bond and then we fell in love
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ok no really he wrote me beautiful letters and they're great letters. we fell in love. even though a former state department official from the obama administration was impressed i have a dozen criticisms of the trumpet ministration foreign policy from presidential impulsiveness to disrespect and misuse of dedicated public servants in the u.s. government on this particular issue i am willing to give president trump credit for trying something new he's not correct when he says that the plumber c. has never worked with north korea in fact it has produce positive results in the past but he is correct when he says it's never gotten us to the solution that we really want in the seven months since the singapore summit the diplomacy between the two sides has stalled they've now decided to get the two leaders back together
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to try and reenergize things. president donald trump is believed to assess foreign affairs by how it will be viewed domestically for now north korea is seen as one of his few policy successes turning the threat of imminent war into a fragile peace it's unlikely he'll want to jeopardize that by pressing the north koreans too hard in case the whole process collapses james bays out zerah head on. well the united states went to war with it during the cold war and endured an embarrassing retreats but from zero economic and diplomatic ties vietnam has become one of america's biggest trading partners and that's hope that vietnam can provide clues on how to mend ties with the u.s. as it hosts become trump summits our white house correspondent kimberly takes a look at that. almost a half century after the end of the war in vietnam jim garcia has traveled to the
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vietnam veterans memorial wall to honor those who fought and died in the conflict i think. garcia's father was a marine who served two tours in the vietnam war the conflict cost more than fifty eight thousand american lives most of them mow morial ised here in washington d.c. u.s. president donald trump avoided military service during vietnam citing bone spurs something he's been heavily criticized for. but his trunk heads to the vietnamese capital of hanoi to meet north korean leader kim jong un for the second face to face summit the country will serve as an example of how old fellows can become friends. from the one nine hundred fifty s. through to the early one nine hundred seventy s. the united states sent its men to fight in vietnam a generation later in one nine hundred ninety four bill clinton the other u.s.
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president who avoided military service lifted a trade embargo on the scot in this country completely changing vietnam's relationship with the united states since then the vietnamese economy has been. the us is now one of vietnam's biggest trading partners like vietnam after the war the us and north korea have no formal diplomatic or economic ties we think that north korea. and jim and kim have a tremendous potential as an economic force. as the u.s. tries to convince p.r. yang to abandon its nuclear weapons program. some analysts say kim should look to vietnam as an example of what's possible it's really quite remarkable and it is a reminder to kim jong un that we the united states are capable of moving beyond previously adversarial relationships like vietnam north korea can learn much about transforming its economy despite u.s.
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efforts to isolate it it's one of the so-called carrots trump is dangling as a means of negotiating peace the challenge may be convincing the north korean leader a deal isn't a sign of surrender kimberly health al-jazeera annoy well iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif has quit and a power struggle between moderates and conservatives appears to be behind his decision his resignation still hasn't been accepted the reef still appears to have the backing of iran's president has a rouhani as chief of staff tweeted that iran has only one foreign policy and only one foreign minister mike hanna reports from the united nations. this was a moderate face the nation apparently seeking reconciliation with western powers mohamed was educated in the u.s. and served as ambassador to the united nations before becoming foreign minister in two thousand and thirteen. he was the driving force in the intense negotiations
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with the west a nuclear powers that led to what became known as the joint comprehensive plan of action an agreement which iran agreed to limit to sensitive nuclear activities and give access to international inspectors in return for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions the deal now threatened by the unilateral decision of president trump to no longer abide by it it's a bad deal. it's a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made i blame congress i blame a lot of people for but it should have never been made in the months since the u.s. announcement there's been increasing criticism of the foreign minister by some elements in iran who had argued that it proved the foreign minister had been misled in negotiating the deal. for
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a long time user of social media mohammed was well aware that twitter is restricted in iran and announced his resignation on instagram which is widely available i think the generosity of the dia and courageous people of iran and respect to the fischel so over the last sixty seven months he says i apologize sincerely for my inability to continue serving and for all the shortcomings and flaws during the term of my service be happy and proud the announcement came on the same day that syrian president bashar assad made a surprise visit to iran his first since the civil war broke out in syria eight years ago among those he met was a rainy and president hassan rouhani who's yet to confirm that you'll accept his foreign minister's resignation mike hanna al-jazeera let's go to simon maybe on his senior lecturer in international studies at lancaster university thanks very much for being with us on the news great if we look at the future of the nuclear deal to
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begin with and if. how much of odds are if the resignation is accepted by the president and then the supreme leader does this throw the future of the deal into doubts. yeah i think so and i think if we look at the broader context of the nuclear deal and that reveals a great deal of information and context about the fs alleged resignation so i think the u.s. withdrawal of use they paid quite a negative picture of the agreement broadly and that had a pretty damning impact on iran because seventy five had a great deal of political ballast on the grounds that he had agreed this deal and he had convinced the supreme leader who was not necessarily for the deal in the first place that this was a good thing that it would it would call for the alleviation of sanctions this would be a good thing for the iranian economy but of course with that with president trump pulling out of it and and sanctions being placed again on iran those then there's
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a pretty serious impact on the iranian economy and i think it's had a pretty devastating impact on mr zarif and who knows where we go from here what about the europeans how will they be viewing his resignation i say again if it's accepted by the government in iran because they're they've really stuck by iran and zarif throughout this nuclear deal exactly a number of key european diplomats including the british of what very hard with mr zarif to actually get the deal to pass to actually get all the parties to agree to that field back a couple of years ago and i think there was a great deal of comes trepidation when mr trump was talking about withdrawing from the deal so i think if the european see that seventy five has resigned and has been accepted by president rouhani then they'll become certain amongst the european capitals to walk the future of the dailies will lead be a deal can there be
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a deal with a more hardline foreign minister in iran so what the rexin do you see iranian foreign policy going in. but i guess that's the million dollar question we know that there are a number of different factions in iranian politics that have long sought to control the foreign ministry and this goes at the very heart the sort of the existential issues in the islamic republic is whether whether there should be more of a dialogue with western powers when they should be a more diplomatic approach to the united states mr zarif he studied in the united states is obviously pro dialogue pro diplomacy as evidenced by the nuclear deal but his resignation if if we are to people if we're led to believe that it's a consequence of domestic tensions in iran not suggest that the hard line is a becoming more influential low colorful and that could mark a shift in iran's foreign policy there are away from the play state they're all.
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right but there are also suggestions that he perhaps had resigned because he was excluded from that visit the syrian president bashar assad to iran do you think his resignation had anything to do with that. i think that if room is out to be believed he's been wanting to resign for quite a while now and i would imagine it a light of everything that's happened with the nuclear daily life to the growing frustrations of president trump and his treatment of the deal coupled with the visit of president bashar al assad and us foreign minister in not being in the room when though the symbolic photographs been taken i think that was perhaps the final straw it may not be necessarily did the type of ego issue that some might think it to be but it's perhaps the final straw that this is just the last thing that he could handle after so many of the big important issues being sort of being
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marginalized on them ok simon maybe and we thank you very much for speaking to us from lancaster what we do think you sit down with zarif on a previous episode of talk to al-jazeera where he discussed the range of issues with us from his country's nuclear program to relations with the us and the geo political changes in the middle east so you can head to our show section on al-jazeera dot com and click on talk to al-jazeera to watch this episode the vatican has expressed its upmost respect for australia's judicial system that's after the conviction of a top cleric of child sex crimes it also says cardinal george pell has the right to defend himself to the last level he was found guilty of molesting two choir boys at a cathedral in the city of melbourne in one thousand nine hundred six andrew thomas reports from sydney. he is the highest ranking member of the catholic church ever to be convicted of child sexual abuse cardinal george pell
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a former archbishop of sydney and of melbourne was most recently at the vatican in charge of the church's worldwide finances he was close to the pope now he's been found guilty of sexually abusing two choir boys in a cathedral in melbourne in the one nine hundred ninety s. having somebody of such high status in the church having been convicted it. gives a sense that district is moving in the right direction and no one's above the law pell's personal disgrace comes on top of criticism of his handling of sexual abuse by others that he was in charge of investigating into the fourteen he gave evidence to a national inquiry into institutional sexual abuse in australia and was accused of helping to cover up the sexual abuse of priests pell gave his evidence by video link claiming he was too frail to travel from the vatican to australia but when multiple accusations were made against him personally he was compelled to come to
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australia to defend himself i am innocent of these charges. that was. sexual abuse is horrible to me pal spent much of last year in court a first trial was abandoned after a jury failed to reach a decision but after a second trial a new jury found him guilty but conviction came last december but a legal suppression order banned it from being reported that was because pal was due to face another trial relating to different accusations dating from the one nine hundred seventy s. a judge ordered a legal suppression order banning any reporting of the trials to date in case jurors in the future trial were influenced by what they saw or heard of the previous ones journalists editors even people on twitter were threatened with up to five years in jail if they broke the order but on tuesday prosecutors dropped the
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future trial so december it can now be reported and people here are demanding tough justice george pell is a monster a freak he has to be giles no home detention none of this but very quick justice we want to seem angel we want to see here for all i even help for ever pelle has already started an appeal against his conviction of the four that's heard he is very likely to go to jail after thomas al-jazeera sydney sarah is here to tell us what the social media reaction is looking like on the story well during we're seeing a lot of different reactions cardinal pell's conviction of people talking about his cozy relationship with politicians and there's a lot of talk surrounding a video that recently resurfaced online it's from two thousand and four so the interview with the vent pm tony abbott who later of course became prime minister. actually now that you mention i didn't. so what why should my make the cattle why
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couldn't you recall meeting him ten days ago whenever it was so what why should my make cardinal pell cardinal pell is a fine man he made a very good statement the other. education policy why shouldn't i make with him well houses of people have reacted to that video like this person here who's greg he calls are better friends of pell and then me all of his victims easy isn't the only australian politician that people are criticizing of course because you also have conservative political activists lol shelton that has tweeted about paul saying that he might actually be innocent and is asking that question is well known response this person says that pell had actually two fair trials and was found guilty both times that's how our justice system system works is you can't pick and choose verdicts based on your biases now we got in touch with invests of journalists lucy morris and she was the first person to report she on the
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allegations against held back in twenty sixteen in my view the decision of the jury twelve members of the public from the state of victoria here in australia down a sentence of guilty now that should be respected it's concrete yes there may well be an appeal but as far as i'm concerned it was fair justice occurred i was in court every single day and i feel that cardinal pell needs now to be seen as a convicted paedophile of course people in the supporters in politics and the catholic church may not like to hear that but that is the reality of the situation was you heard earlier vatican also responded to polls conviction now he's been banned from celebrating mass and having any contact whatsoever with mine. the only see agrees with the statement issued by the president of the australian catholic bishops conference regarding the sentence of guilt in the first instance
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concerning cardinal george. this is painful news that is we are well aware has shocked many people not only knows three. is already expressed on other occasions we have the utmost respect for the australian judicial authorities out of this respect we await the outcome of the appeals process recalling that cardinal month they insist here no sense and there's the right to defend himself until the last page of appeal so all those who aren't necessarily focusing much on pell himself are instead acknowledging those who have been affected by all this and dozens of people have actually read tweeted this person who talks about being forced to leave the catholic church back in one thousand nine hundred ninety five they were angered by cardinal pell's actions over two decades ago and this present also adds i'm gods his victims have been heard and believed. well we'd love
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to hear your thoughts of course on this story if you've been following it and the hash tag throughout the show is a.j. news grid sarah thank you well you're with a news group and if you're watching us on facebook live we have a story coming up for you on a photojournalist who was severely injured during a run in with the venezuelan national guard that's from our colleagues at a.j. plus and in just a moment to resume eight plays out options for brooks it including the possibility of delaying the ukase the parcher from the european union. hello there was a very stormy weather that's blasting its way across the middle east at the moment this was the same system that brought us all our destructive weather over the southeastern parts of europe and now it's making its way through parts of turkey into syria and into lebanon as well heavy downpours out of this some snow as well
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but also some incredibly strong winds that are likely to be damaging at times the whole system is making its way eastwards looks pretty messy really for many of us on wednesday lots of wet weather around lots of wintery weather too and that continues even as we head through the day on thursday on thursday that will also be some unsettled weather in the eastern parts of i'm up in that we links back to what's going on to the south so across the arabian peninsula at the moment and the cloud is building over the northern parts of saudi arabia we may see a few outbreaks of rain over the high ground in iran and then not system gradually sinks its way south was for thursday expect some wet weather across parts of qatar maybe a few showers here in doha and behind that is a system moves away it will get incredibly windy as we head through friday and into saturday a very very windy weekend before this was the south and there's some showers clowns in the northern parts of our map particularly heavy over parts of madagascar we've also seen some live you showers in the eastern parts of south africa we could see a couple more for wednesday.
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monch on al-jazeera magic has done debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times in head to heads thailand vote so much the twenty fourth and its first general election since the twenty fourteen military coup join us for special coverage in a powerful new film residents of occupy jerusalem share their thoughts on its past present and future deal or no deal what does the future hold for breadsticks we'll bring you the latest as the march the twenty ninth deadline for the u.k. to meet the edges nearer and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military and me and mom march on al-jazeera made of it every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories until you've been listening financed as we turn the
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cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter and demands on al-jazeera. bang. is the headline on al-jazeera and these stories are the most read articles right
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now on our website al jazeera dot com so had their for all the day's top stories. when prime minister has outlined how the u.k. can avoid leaving the e.u. without a deal or delay breck set to resume a has just announced that parliament will have a second vote on her current e.u. withdrawal deal by march the twelfth politicians rejected that agreement by a massive margin in january as you recall now if they vetoed it again then parliament will get the opportunity to vote on whether the u.k. should depart with no agreement if they decide against no deal then a vote will be held by march the fourteenth on asking the e.u. to delay the march twenty ninth departure dates the house should be clear. the short extension not beyond the end of june would almost certainly have to be a one off if we had not taken part in the european parliament elections it would be extremely difficult to extend again so it would create
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a much sharper cliff edge in a few months time an extension cannot take no deal off the table the only way to do that is to revoke article fifteen. which i shall not do it is ok really do you. well the opposition leader jeremy corbin has proposed to hold another referendum if parliament approves mase backs a deal. we believe in getting the terms of our right that's why we believe in our alternative plan the prime minister's botched deal provides no certainty or guarantees for the future and was comprehensively rejected by this house we cannot risk our country's industry and people's livelihoods and so if somehow if it
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somehow does pass in some form at a later stage we believe there must be a consummate republic both deceive people feel that's what they voted for for all of this let's bring in lawrence they his joining us from london will begin with the prime minister lawrence and how much is he having to concede here. well look i mean i think i think the first thing to say is that she's now losing credibility and or forty on all sides want him. to support so hard bricks it leaving with no deal remind its reason may that she had promise of parliament's one hundred and eight times over the months of the u.k. was going to leave at the end of march and now she's suggesting that's not the case so she's folded on that and that's obviously infuriated those who absolutely want to leave in the march equally those n.p.c. want to delay because they are terrified of no deal or don't want to leave it's all
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frankly a saying at the moment they don't necessarily even trust what she's promised at the moment because she's were negs on her promises so many times over the course of the of the months but given all that if you if you do take what she said at face value then i think you would have to assume that the trajectory of everything the moment is that parliament will again vote down her deal on march the twelfth and then will vote down no deal on march thirteenth and then by extension would have to ask for delay on march the fourteenth so that then becomes the key moment just a fortnight's before the end of march when the u.k. was supposed to leave and the extension that it is assumed would be a couple of months upson exactly the point when there are european elections but then this reason may said if there is no deal that they can agree on then dividing up the choice between extending yet again or having no deal or abandoning the entire project and so all of those different groups who want different things are
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taking from what she said exactly what they want to hear from it and so supportive no deal is saying no deal's off the table there are still people who want to delay and delay with a view to having a referendum or not having breakfast at all and it's basically an exercise still further by allowing him more and more time to try to get a deal on her own terms but i do think at the moment there's very little suggestion just by extending for a couple of months that's very likely happen at home and is that a surprise that lawrence then that labor is edging closer to backing another referendum. well the position has always been since and if this is agreed or imparted conference that if they couldn't get a general election or their own deal which is to leave the e.u. but stay in the customs union if they can get those things passed through parliament then they would back a second referendum and that's what the leadership and jeremy corbin is now saying
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would happen frankly i'm not personally convinced that there is the appetite across parliament for another referendum but i'm saying that now at the end of february if we get to the end of may and it then becomes a choice between the other abandoning the project to leave the european altogether or to have no deal also off the european union for another extension which they may not want to do then they might have actually no choice but so back another referendum and so it's very opaque very unclear and the only thing i think you can say is that despite some reason by looking like she's a buying the will of parliament which stephanie doesn't want the deal she's still trying to hang on by and think it's to get her plan across all right lawrence leigh with an update from london thank you well there could be shortages of medicines vaccines and staff post rex said especially in the u.k. leave the e.u. without a deal that's the stark warning from medical journal the lancet reporting on the immediate and drastic effect of brick said on the u.k.'s national health service
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you can check out our correspondent me barker's story by heading to al-jazeera dot com. in just a few hours the u.n. security council is holding an open meeting on the crisis in venezuela that's at the request of the united states on monday venezuela denounced the lima group there it is accusing it of waging a campaign to oust president nicolas maduro the fourteen member regional bloc had been holding talks in colombia with the u.s. vice president mike pence hence announced a new round of sanctions on close allies off my dear oh and urged regional partners to freeze venezuela's oil assets well at least twenty five people were believed to have been killed in violent confrontations along then as well as border with brazil over the weekend but duros forces were trying to stop opposition supporters from bringing us aid into the country mohamed jump june spoke with some of the survivors . says there is no uncertainty having survived the
6:39 pm
violence that erupted saturday in an area along venezuela's border with brazil he says it's clear to him the lethal force used by venezuelan security forces was deliberate needle for them until they came to militarily take this community they didn't arrive peacefully they were shooting to kill i can say that because i was shot another man help me he was also shot. videos like this one purport to show what happened in and around the venezuelan town of santa elena when security forces attempted to stop opposition supporters from bringing foreign aid into the country . while the number of dead has not been confirmed at least one official from the area now estimates it could be as high as twenty five. among the wounded are members of indigenous groups dozens of those injured in the confrontations were transported across the border for treatment. again exclusive access to this hospital in the brazilian city of boa vista where many of the
6:40 pm
wounded corroborated the amateur footage alfredo perot's tells me he and his children who are also recovering in this hospital were guarding their indigenous community when security forces showed up. at six am there arrived and then started shooting they started shooting everybody that was in front of them it was a massacre they start of the massacre. doctors say it wasn't simply the injuries these people sustained that were life threatening john on the committee gym which they didn't receive appropriate first aid because of the lack of emergency medical supplies in venezuela after the first patient showed up here we sent some materials back with the venezuelan ambulances to help them treat patients better all around pain is apparent and shock is palpable many of the patients we're speaking with her today say that even though things in venezuela have been bad for quite some time they never expected it would come to this.
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sixteen year old carlos had a set out toward the border with brazil on saturday so he could help get aid into his country he says that's when the shooting began on the base and. when i fell down there were two people dead next to me that took me to the hospital and the hospital was full of people there was no space to put the injured people there were several people dead in the hospital. carlos is one day shy of turning seventeen his mother adriana is both worried for and proud of her boy. she says she understands why he took the risk in the horn of something from the fundamental to the youth of the ones who are looking for a better future there was democracy during my childhood things that the children of today did not experience and that's what the youth of venezuela are looking for these days. demands that will no doubt be hard to achieve at a time when threat may be growing but resolve is also deepening. but we've used to
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in my state brazil let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world and high level negotiations to end afghanistan seventeen year war or into their second day in qatar senior taliban leaders are holding talks with the u.s. special envoys. afghan taliban co-founder and political chief bards are is leading the discussions stephanie decker has more from qatar. it is the second day of talks between the high level delegation of the taleban and the americans trying to find some kind of solution to the seventeen year war between them and also the larger forty year conflict inside that country now we mentioned tracked down the taliban spokesperson here in doha i was at the hotel where the talks are taking place he said that basically there were two main issues being discussed one the u.s. troop withdrawal from the country the occupation as he called it a timetable for that and also what the americans really wanted was to have the
6:43 pm
taliban ensure that groups like al qaida and i still would not use the country to stage further attacks now there is of course an important issue that the afghan people want to know about which is security and that is something i pushed him on and one guarantees you giving that if you do find an agreement with the military aspect of your group will cease to operate. yes food drop voter groups come on strong. on a funny consistently good name the country i think there is no need for a military operation so we have sustainable peace in the country and no. military people are a lot of people they will be included in the national guard i also whether the taliban would be talking to the afghan government he said that that was an internal issue and that would only be addressed once the external ones like the troop
6:44 pm
withdrawal would have been confirmed certainly they are complicated issues being discussed the timetable again we're going to have to wait and see what is achieved here over the next coming days we were all skin him whether he's optimistic he said well if we don't achieve something this round of talks there will be more nigeria's opposition party has rejected early polling results which show the incumbent president mohamed who bihari and believes the results of saturday's election are still trickling in but biharis supporters are already celebrating as you can see so far the president is leading in seven states to his opponents five and the opposition people's democratic party has accused biharis a.p.c. party of colluding with the electoral commission to manipulate the results. senegal is also waiting for final results from its weekend election wood saw the highest number of young people voting in twenty years not all are happy with the process though as nicholas hogg reports from dakar. a young woman president facing
6:45 pm
the powerful elite denouncing a flawed electoral process that favors a political establishment influences voters and manipulate the youth. more than social commentary this is a view many young senegalese have of their political system days after sunday's presidential election the anxiously wait for the results. we grew up with this idea that cheating and corruption are part of the political system we have been many plaited them brainwashed to think this is normal that being dishonest is the way to succeed in the system but this is not what we want this has to stop. while the electoral commission is counting the votes cells prime minister announce his victory with fifty seven percent of the vote much to the surprise of the opposition. but in a joint press conference candidate edriss second song goes a monkey cell does not have enough votes to win he needs fifty percent of the
6:46 pm
electorate to claim victory without a second round the election commission has yet to announce the final result and already candidates it seems are preparing to contest the final outcome cartin this hustle for power or the people of senegal it is a young population made up mostly of military most have lived under only two presidents aged ninety two and solve fifty seven according to estimates from civil society observers fifty eight percent of the electorate took part in the polls more young people came out to vote than any other previous election since two thousand today's the us is a very conscious about global issues about climate change about issues relating to how nations position themselves and what what's the relationship between africa and the test of the will issues that they haven't heard of meetings at our company. trying to get their voice heard by any means this video made by
6:47 pm
a collective of senegalese artists heads from beneath a bill bab considered the tree of wisdom in africa she tells viewers to be wary of manipulation from politicians social media and even this video that you're watching instead she says listen to your instincts and be the change. because hawk al-jazeera car protestors in sudan's capital hearts who are defying the government's ban on protests hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets demanding president obama and bashir end his thirty year rule this year imposed a year long state of emergency on friday and the protests than three days later the unrest in sudan began in december over the price of basic goods donald trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen is expected to tell congress if the president broke the law while in office cohen's evidence will be given behind closed doors to
6:48 pm
the senate intelligence committee he's expected to reveal what he claims to know about trump's contacts with russia and other sensitive topics related to the president his public testimony is scheduled for wednesday. now several social media networks are fighting against the anti vaccine movement online especially in the united states sarah's back with the details on lots and in fact pinterest a new chief among others are cracking down hard on a vaccination disinfo mation campaign they've been accused of enabling the spread of forced medical information online now after pressure from advocacy groups and even businesses you tube has removed as like this one from videos that discourage parents from vaccinating their children it says it's also also tweaking its algorithms to recommend a few conspiracy content no i did a little search earlier for all vaccines safe and actually what came up results from mayo clinic john hopkins medicine actually lots of authentic reliable medical
6:49 pm
sources so it seems the crackdown is actually working and then on monday pinterest confirmed it's blocking searches on vaccinations to stem the flow of medical misinformation as you can see i did a little bit of research idea i put in the word vaccination it says sorry we couldn't find any pins for that now in the statement it said it's better not to serve those results than to lead people down what is like a recommendation rabbit hole that says now in january the u.k.'s chief medical officer sally davies criticized social media for fueling fears of being vaccinated and in fact the guardian newspaper a british newspaper earlier this month reported that facebook enables advertisers to promote content to nearly nine hundred thousand people interested in vaccine control the seas and then democratic congressman adam schiff brought it to facebook as well as google airing his concerns over declining vaccination rates he says in
6:50 pm
the u.s. and that's because a measles outbreak this year has affected one hundred fifty nine people in at least ten u.s. states now most of them are non vaccinated children and considering measles in the us was eliminated back in two thousand the world health organization claims vaccine has it and see it says among the top ten global threats now in the u.s. the number of vaccination exemptions rose for the third school year in a row. unvaccinated americans put themselves their families and their communities at risk for measles the best way to stop measles is to make sure that everybody who receives the measles vaccine measles is really scary because it is so contagious if a person with measles is in a room with ten other people who are on vaccinated nine of them will get measles it's also frightening because somebody can transmit measles for days before they have the rash that means they can transmit it even before they know that they're
6:51 pm
infectious many parents who choose not to vaccinate their children blame vaccines you sprint measles mumps and rubella for causing autism and they call themselves anti boxes and you can see that's the hash tag that some of them have been using but there's an active debate going on online with a person who says that we can actually change the antibiotics narrative through social networks and then this was posted from a doctor's clinic it reads please don't confuse your google search with my medical degree sara thank you for that well if you're watching us on facebook you can find out in just a moment what actor rami malik had to say during his oscar acceptance speech that's coming up for you from our colleagues at a.j. plus in a moment and right after the break the game of fetch that's gone viral take a look we're will be here to explain all that's coming up in a moment. hello
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again let's find out what people are talking about in sports today with leo yeah thanks to arenal we start with the big moving football story coming out of britain on tuesday the manager of scottish champions celtic brendan rodgers is set to leave the club and return to the premier league with leicester city this was the statement released by celtic on their website earlier confirming that they had given rodgers permission to talk to leicester who are looking for a new manager after sacking claude on sunday now it will be a big blow for most celtic fans rodgers has delivered back to back scottish premiership titles since taking over at celtic in two thousand and sixteen and they're on track to make it three in
6:54 pm
a row he's also won five domestic cup competitions rodgers has managed in the premier league before he was in charge at liverpool for three years there's been reaction at celtic's big glasgow rivals rangers their manager steven gerard knows rogers well having been his captain at liverpool. brendan's don't have a swell at celtic over the last few years so it's no surprise that all the clubs of a watchin him and. want to acquire the services because he's done a very good job in of itself where good parents own always a very good coach. unless they have obviously decided to move closer to adam so you know it's no surprise and sam's of the time in this thing sometimes you can control all right let's bring in our sports correspondent lee wellings in on this leigh just confusing fill in the context for us all about lester won the premier league in two thousand and sixteen but the season has been quite turbulent tragic hasn't. leicester has been an incredible story of
6:55 pm
triumph and tragedy over the past few years in fact i'd start the story back in twenty fifth day when they were very nearly relegated from the premier league which is powerful around the globe but their managers are not your peers and miraculously kept them in the league he was citing concordia over and yairi they won that late title in twenty six they never seen a sports story like. value him self was sacked his replacement was psychotic shakespear and then we had something to put all of this in separate specs which was the tragic helicopter crash the owner of course was one of five people who died which i was sure of it on a problem and this was only four months ago of course this season and this wasn't just about the football club this was about the city the city so proud of its club were in mourning and still are so in extent the quickly football moves on now we
6:56 pm
have the man who carried himself with such dignity called post socks and in comes a new man brendan mortgages which cause it sounds her brilliance brendan rodgers has won all eight of scotland's domestic trophies that were available since he came in to grant's going in the summer of twenty six day in the him leaving show jk how scottish football itself has problems these days with its status and standing aside from so say usually and it's the premier league and the lure of the premier league and the money as well that the premier league can offer as well as the glory thank you leading us from london heavyweight boxers anthony joshua and darrell miller have met again a week after they had to be separated at a media conference in new york this time they traded insults instead of blows in front of the press in london joshua is the undefeated i.d.f. w b a n w b o champion the pair will face each other in the ring at madison square garden on june first. i'm a stripper movie so in a ring it's all about seven rounds i'll still be in that fly and stroke and if you
6:57 pm
still in the look at his face when the window we construct his face on june first i'm really looking forward to the challenge from one kind of fighting to another there was quite an incident on the mat at a jujitsu meet with former brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion or both santos he lost his fight after an injury but then launched into the crowd and started attacking spectators he even managed to break free in time to take on someone else who reports a fans' taunting santos about faking entry is what made him so mad i'll leave it up to you though to decide if you think he looks injured though he may be after all that. no matter how hard humans try animals just tend to be better athletes like this dog you're his handler duke through my frisbee as part of the halftime show at a football game in florida and of course he caught it. all right hand it back to our i love that story leah thank you for that and thanks for watching the news great keep in touch with us on social media use the hash tag a.j.
6:58 pm
news and we'll see you back here on wednesday thanks for watching but i. went on line. to the audience here for them not to do this only if you join us on sat all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the c.r.s. bossier twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on
6:59 pm
mt is iraq. driven by outreach and spanning generations the real hinge of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was probably if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back ten and the day after tomorrow they'll send back twenty thirty or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minority youth in the world one day if you don't cast arrive into the country club and the decide to play god. and certainly if you can cast to a set. to show you right sure if we put. all the birds or children
7:00 pm
so far this magnificent. a chronicle of the revolution and its aspirations through the prism of its architecture cuba's unfinished space on al-jazeera. donald trump and kim jong un never arrive in vietnam for the historic second summit discussing north korea's pledge to give up its nuclear weapons. on our intended this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. tensions escalate as india and warplanes strike targets along the border of pakistan administered kashmir by no members across the house so genuinely war it's that time is running out. to resume a.


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