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tv   Winds Of Change  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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quickly as possible they're also very they also have to work very carefully and quite slowly now on small scale gold mines like this are quite common throughout indonesia even though they are banned you'll be able to find them not on the inside the whether landslide occurred but also in sumatra and kalimantan and they're not regulated so often they are poorly constructed emergency and safety measures are lacking so it's not uncommon for accidents to happen yet people are still drawn to work in these illegal gold mines driven by a lack of work opportunities and poverty nigeria's president has appealed for unity after he was re-elected leader of africa's biggest economy is main challenger was a teacher i will because his vow to challenge the resulting court calling it a sham election was marred by violence delays and a low turnout particularly in the christian south of the country army tosser reports from. supporters from nigeria's ruling party mark rivals from the
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main opposition party they say they are celebrating and that this is their way of making it clear president mohammed you bihari one saturday his election with more than fifteen million votes. supporters and that is an indication that the b.c.s. widely accepted. absence. of the main opposition leader back up plans to challenge the results in court. with.
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that. the opposition insists there was widespread rigging an allegation rejected by the ruling party opposition parties don't have a great record when it comes to dealing with courts in africa those in zimbabwe and democratic republic of congo recently appealed election results and failed it's not clear how successful the legal challenge made by nigeria's opposition will be. nigeria is africa's most populous country the recent election was the continent's largest democratic exercise how the electoral dispute is handled is crucial but i do and i'm impressed by the temperament of the position in terms of the we've chosen to be able to choose and please clarify the process. the process they're going to form and they claim that they have evidence that has never happened to the president. but also the development for the. twenty fifth or so maybe this is
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another independent and of course. while bihari supporters continue celebrating his rival says he will elaborate more on his plan of action soon how to. approach a. french sports retailer to catalog says it's withdrawing a run as he jumped from sale after a backlash in the secular country a chain store said it had received a wave of insults and unprecedented threats after promoting the veil french politicians of call for a boycott of decathlon accusing it of contradicting the country's secular values france banned the muslim headscarf and state schools and some public buildings back in two thousand and four. you know with the news hour live from london more still ahead we're looking at how five g. is changing the game for that and more from the mobile well coming up very shortly and blowing in the wind the first round of the kite self well to all seize
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a think tank. business updates brought to you by qatar where we're going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar oh we're going places together. welcome back now tech experts at the world at the mobile world congress in barcelona are predicting a revolution in connectivity with the rollout of five g. the new network will usher in an era of super fast internet speeds and that will open up a range of new services and products driverless cars to remote surgery charlie and general ports now from boston. at this tech trade fair there's one thing everyone
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is pitching it's five thirty. five. life is about there if i just look at the network a hundred times faster than forty wireless internet will be rolled out in twenty twenty but in some places it's already operating here patients under the knife at a hospital in barcelona is linked by five g. cameras to the mobile world congress where a senior surgeon is guiding his genius through a gastro intestinal operation the world's first live five g. assisted surgery one of the main problems you are not in the right plane piece you can't make an injury into the year it is estimated that every year one hundred forty three million surgeries can't be performed due to lack of surgical knowledge dr antenatal ac believes five g. can change that the surgeon just needs a simple recommendation for you mean needs of the operation or maybe even have
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a hole into the call and say ok would look inside to do it and that's what we believe even defeat to five g. change our lives change the health system most consumers will first see five hundred beads on their smartphones but companies have building into every device that can be connected to the internet so your tablet will top see the t.v. which again will be connected to your heating and so on this is called high ot the internet of things an improvement won't just be for humans and how will five to make you a better robot or protests. my mind is in the cloud so far general loan terms are complex questions almost constantly and i think it's all goodbye to the old environmental long the last time we did our. tech to say five g. puts us on the cusp of a new industrial revolution but it's not
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a revolution everyone will be able to afford. you see them all while fall asleep so it's possibly the most important thing we can do to to make sure that people feel that today there's two hundred million fewer women the amount that old small bottle sells a shelf forty percent less sub-saharan africa thirty percent. so while this new wave of technology promises a better future there's work to do to make it an equal future charlie and to al-jazeera barcelona. time now for sports news with santa. thank you very much marian while austrian police have arrested five athletes in an anti doping raid to add the nordic skiing a world championships the raid took place at a hotel in seefeld where the event is underway in total nine people including a sports doctor have been arrested across austria and germany the raids are part of an operation targeting criminals in germany who are six suspected of carrying out
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a blood doping two of the athletes arrested are from austria two are staying in and one from a cousin. in the stars who are just here. in order to provide the state prosecution with evidence for the charge grable to catch one athlete red handed during the raid he was caught and arrested with a blood transfusion still in his arms. to spain where barcelona are minutes away from booking their place in the final of the copa del way. real madrid three nail it was suarez got to rafael of on the it scored an own goal in the semifinal second leg this is the first of two encounters between barcelona real madrid in four days they'll go head to head again in legal saturday. while in england chelsea's ninety three million dollar goalkeeper has paid the prize for his muse in it during sunday's league cup final spaniard refused to be substituted during the match
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against a man just to city which his team eventually lost on penalties his behavior left also more it still sorry fuming and as a result that was dropped for wednesday's game against saddam if it is to nil to chelsea. you know liverpool have held on to that one point lead at the top of the table with a thumping five nil a win over what's a good title rivals manchester city beat west ham by a goal to nil but that's not going to be enough to take the lead arsenal have run riot beating bournemouth five one to move up to fourth when a soldier is looking at another win with manchester united to lead crystal palace in the last few minutes. french football club have complained to see further cause the city have not paid the first installment of the transfer fee for him many analysts and time was killed in a playing crash in january two days after signing with the english premier league
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club for more than nineteen million dollars has demanded payment a book cause of say they are waiting for the outcome of the investigation into the crash i love you fell a fever that your granny. has some bodies to deal with these issues this is it's a dispute over a contract but there's a human situation that makes us all very sad about the tragic and craziest thing that happened to him illyana salah at this point the only thing i want to say is that we should embrace his family and bodies and the two clubs will think about it and i hope they find an agreement because we are inventing a still pushing for forty eight team while copping cut us for years from knol for that to happen it might involve sharing the tournament with some of its neighbors well that's a promise because qatar is currently under a blockade imposed by saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind in egypt but sees a president is holding out hope it will all work out for you i mean to you that are joining political relationships in the region are actually complex right now but
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donald trump and kim jong un just met today so if the president of the united states can meet with the leader of north korea then everything is possible as president afifa i am in the beautiful position of working in football and not in politics so maybe with a bit of naivety i can talk about it openly with everybody qatar is open to discuss the situation let's see what the neighboring countries will do. well it's been invented all day of formula one testing in barcelona sebastian vettel crashed into a tire barrier but did not sustain any injuries he's car was damaged though he lost control of the ferrari heading into a turn at all blamed on the mechanical problem is so the car is now being checked. vettel managed to close the second fastest time but for the second day running a so far is a mcclaren stopped of the time this time is try the color sounds of who's the quickest. roger federer has edged closer to his one hundred title as he booked
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his place into the quarter finals of the dubai championships each time a grandstand winner was up against unarmed of our vasco in the last sixteen federer fought from a said down to beat the spaniard in three sets six three three six six three. not some stunning pictures coming from the middle of the atlantic ocean some of the world's best surface that have been competing in the perfect conditions off the coast of cape verde is the first round of the strapless a world tour local competitor meet to montero won the men's contest with the perfect template display a wise one the women's event and we had a really amazing conditions really beautiful green waves and good wind so it was really fun and all the girls are really being green. and that's it for me back to
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maria thank you so not just want to bring in these images now that have just been released of the world's smallest surviving baby boy the infant weighed just two hundred sixty eight grams when he was born in tokyo last august vises area and doctors had to perform the emergency procedure often failed to gain weight during the pregnancy it was just discharged from hospital a week ago weighing three point two kilos. or upset the news al but i'll see you in just a couple minutes. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been ordered to do far isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition
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members have been arrested killed and even disappeared may the house and goes head to head with a gal who is free but going too far to do we want to do it development we don't is disputing the economic revolution what i don't recall saying this is a product development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people who need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development and you can best making sure the people on the left behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground joining us for this historic shift in american politics to bring you more room moved we need documentaries and life moves on and online. rewind return yes i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates and the best of al-jazeera stock human trees the struggle continues. to. use
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distance continuing with australia's lost generation recovery. is a really important issue suicide writes do a mind very high still twice the national average rewind on al-jazeera. he is a racist he is a con man. and used to cheat donald trump's former lawyer launches a blistering attack on the us president and congress saying he ordered him to threaten people or groups some five hundred times over ten years this is trump
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begins his second face to face summit with kim jong un hailing him a great lead to. follow i'm maryam namazie in london with al jazeera also coming up on the program pakistan's prime minister calls for talks with india after both sides say they've shot down each other's fighter jets in kashmir. and the syrian government and its allies intensify attacks on italy problems with reports of more than forty civilians killed in recent weeks. the man who once said he take a bullet for donald trump has given a searing testimony against the u.s. president michael cohen the lawyer for ten years but is now going to prison for campaign finance violation tax evasion and lying to congress in
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a dramatic appearance before congress he said his full of boss knew in advance about wiki leaks dump of e-mails stolen from senior democrats during the twenty sixteen campaign cohen says trump ordered him to threaten people and groups five hundred times over ten years he also testified that trump ordered him to pay one hundred thirty thousand dollars to adult film actress told me daniels to cover up an affair and said he was later reimbursed with some checks signed by trump and his son don jr he launched a bit a tirade against trump calling him a racist a con man and a cheat he wants said that trump told him black people would never vote for him because they were too stupid and said trump only ran for office to make his own brand great north america. has been following the story. affirmative as expected michael cohen explicitly linked donald trump to his conviction for campaign finance violations the president of the united states thus wrote
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a personal check for the payment of hush money as part of a criminal scheme to violate campaign finance laws in so doing cohen also alleged a connection between the president's son and donald trump jr in connection with a criminal conspiracy to which he has pleaded guilty he also laid into the president's character he is a racist he is a con man and he is a cheat what was unexpected is curt also discussed issues related to the russia investigation although he made clear he had no direct evidence of collusion first but the lobbyist roger stone had informed trump that wiki leaks a told him that they would release e-mails damaging to hillary clinton during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign mr trump responded by stating to the effect would that be great prosecutors allege russia supplied wiki leaks with those e-mails we could leaks denies that and also says no conversation with stone took place but that it had publicly announced that publication was imminent either way trump has denied
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for knowledge karen also said he suspects trump knew that a trump tower meeting would take place with russian nationals about getting damaging information on clinton during the campaign and alleged but trump lied throughout the campaign about his attempts to build a trump tower in moscow and that the president's lawyers signed off on polls congressional testimony about those negotiations you need to know mr trump personal lawyers reviewed and edited my statement to congress about the timing of the moscow tower negotiations before i gave it to be clear mr trump knew of and directed the trump moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. he lied about it because he never expected to win cohen also made this tantalizing statement is there any other wrongdoing or illegal act that you are aware of regarding donald trump that we haven't yet discussed today yes and again those are
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part of the investigation that's currently being looked at by the southern district of new york there are also allegations about tax fraud and for on the part of donald trump's charitable foundation this would have made uncomfortable viewing for the president if as was reported he was watching in vietnam even as dog from denies all the allegations sheraton see al-jazeera washington. well there is patchy col hayne has been following the story and joins us now from capitol hill and patty there was a great deal that we heard today from michael cohen that we have heard from president trump's adverse reason the possum then we had some new evidence relating to that as well how would you describe the overall reaction to what we've had today in the contest. well it really is being perceived in a partisan lens we've seen republicans no matter what the allegation is no matter
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what the evidence is that mr cohen has put forward they have come forward defending the president by trying to attack michael cohen we just he's back before the congress right now they should be wrapping up soon it's about five o'clock eastern time here in the united states so it seems like they've chosen a few more congressmen to go but one interesting exchange just happened over the president's tax returns remember for about forty years every presidential candidate has released their tax returns for public disclosure trump never did that president trump always said that his taxes were under audit so mr cohen was just asked about this and he said that mr trump told him that he couldn't release his tax returns to the public because in some think tank would go through them and that in fact could trigger an audit which would seem to indicate the president's taxes are not actually being audited what's important here is what we've just seen of the last hour is congresswoman and congressman laying out exactly what more evidence they want they are making the case that mr cohen is really just the first one that's
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going to testify and they are laying out exactly who knows what where the documents are and what they need to do to get it so this is explosive it's controversial it's being watched across the country but it's just the first one. right that as you say passy there is the crucial question now of the evidence that exists to corroborate these claims but i suppose the second thing is that michael cohen did plead guilty in november to low. lying to congress. that really cost a doubt over his credibility here is the way. well it does and that's the point that the republicans in the conservative media are making and he has actually pled guilty to the felony that is lying to congress the democratic counterargument is that he is over he's facing three years in prison if he is found to have lied to congress again then he could face more prison time so it's really a question bill and a question of what you take away from his credibility from his performance
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throughout the day and that's going to be the key question for the republican base do they believe michael cohen do they believe these allegations are serious will it change their support for president trump he has been the most controversial unconventional president that the country has ever had but his core base supporters have not really left and they've started the poll numbers have started to trickle down words but they still will tell you most of them that they are one hundred percent for the president he once famously said that he could shoot someone on fifth avenue in manhattan and that means any support that has proven pretty much to be the case nothing shot anybody but every time he breaks the norm every time he does something on twitter that there were days that were heard of before from the u.s. president he still keeps his support this is michael cohen laying out that the president of the united states he believes committed a felony while in office setting out those house payment monies does that matter to his supporters well that's something you can bet the white house and more importantly the republicans in congress are going to be watching in the days ahead
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it is important to put today's developments into context isn't it thank you very much patty calling efforts on capitol hill. u.s. president and north korean leader have started their second summit in vietnam's capital hanoi donald trump ailed came in as a great leader and treated later that he'd had great meetings with him the team met for a short one on one meeting before having dinner together in hanoi his country has tremendous economic potential he's hoping to convince him to give up his nuclear weapons program during two days of talks and meeting comes eight months after their first summit in singapore adrian brown has more now from. the formal talks are on the way this was billed as a casual get together which we go through with leader kim jong un and u.s. president don't rub their message of what the first summit was
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a great success and i think this one hopefully will be equal or greater than the first we made a lot of progress and i think the biggest road this was our relationship is really a good one. here we are today sitting next to each other and this time i am convinced that an excellent outcome will be for tuesday but all people can welcome that i will do my best to make that happen this is their first meeting since the historic single pool summit almost nine months ago then at a casual dinner the leaders had just two aides each as well as their interpreters the evening helping to set the toad ahead of thursday's meetings. at the heart of their discussions will be the sprawling young beyond nuclear complex experts say plutonium and highly enriched uranium are produced here essential materials for a nuclear weapon dismantling it could win concessions from the united states like an easing of sanctions but. first.
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the singapore summit was more symbolism than substance and ahead of these talks in hanoi president trump a sort of play down expectations of a significant breakthrough and even if kim were to agree to give up the nuclear weapons we know about it would still be a long and complicated process here for you to fulfill them is like north korea vietnam for a bit a war with the united states more than forty years after that conflict ended the countries achieve strong economic growth while preserving one party rule and trump was happy to fly the flag of his host saying north korea could thrive if it follows vietnam's example you know what. we both felt very good about having this very important summit in vietnam because you really are an example as to what
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can happen with good thinking. if thursday's talks go well a city wants synonymous with war could become a symbol for peace. i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands. but this summit has to be about more than handshakes and friendly gestures it needs to set a framework for future talks and there could be many more of those adrian brown al-jazeera hanoi. well i spoke to bill richardson a former u.s. negotiator with north korea he said that president trunk needs the talks to succeed as a positive distraction from problems on the domestic front such as the fallout from michael cohen's testimony right now the president has had difficulty in the congress with the shutdown of the government the wall now this testimony but at the same time the president may want to hit.


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