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tv   Alfreds Free Press  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 12:33pm-1:01pm +03

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this time they have had a direct impact on venezuelan oil exports. you know the u.s. financial system has tentacles around the world so any commercial operation that has anything to do with wind as well and will be affected any transaction that is in u.s. dollars will be affected way you know the real sanctions begin. the u.s. the european union and other countries in the region recognize opposition leader one way those as venice were less interim president. the u.s. has said it wants to force model out of office and hope the new sanctions will help speed up the process is. the united states is betting on a total collapse of the country and it has been disappointing there's been applied in cuba and iran and north korea yes the government got weaker they have complications but the government didn't change. many so as economy will certainly deteriorate even further as the u.s.
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sanctions start to impact the oil sector later this year but it will be people like alfredo félix who are surely suffer the most that is how will i just asked almost two hundred countries have agreed to significantly reduce single use plastics by twenty to thirty but critics say in number of nations including the united states blocked efforts for more radical action campaigners at the meeting in kenya had wanted a commitment to phase out plastics that contribute to much of the planet's pollution crisis and they say what was agreed fails to urgently confront the threat to the world's waterways and ecosystems and health. you're watching our desire and these are main stories new zealand's top police officers says there will be a highly visible presence nationwide for the return to work and school on monday
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this after mosque shootings in christchurch friday's attacks killed fifty muslims schools businesses and places of worship will all have extra security prime minister just into our dern hopes all bodies can be handed over for burial by wednesday well the prime minister is also given more details about his so-called manifesto emailed to her its moments before the attack i was one of more than fish the recipients of a mina menefee story that was my old out nine minutes before the attack took place it did not include a location it did not include specific details i'm advised that within two minutes of its receipt at least my office it was conveyed directly to parliamentary security but the assurance i want to go visit had it provided details that could have been edited on immediately it would have been but there unfortunately would
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not be such details in their email one person has been killed in an incident in the occupied west bank at least two israelis have also been injured that's according to the israeli military also says two palestinians fled the scene tropical cycle and its eyes causing more death and destruction in southern africa zimbabwe is the latest country to feel the storm's force at least thirty one people have been killed as flash floods swept away homes bridges and roads dozens remain missing and bad weather is slowing the rescue efforts. and flash floods have also killed at least fifty eight people in the indonesian province of pop or so actual rain triggered the damage in the provincial capital of jayapura floodwaters have receded leaving a trail of mud fallen trees and homes which need drying out but as well as opposition leader has begun a national tour in a new effort to oust president nicolas maduro and why do is in
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a power struggle with maduro. oh those are the headlines we'll have more news but first it's rewind stay with us for that. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby. and three million dollars are going to. reveal secrets and connection some don't want to expose. was going to work. if there will. be really investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon so many guns sometimes even.
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hello and welcome to rewind on the radio over the last ten or so years here at al-jazeera english we've built up an incredible library all award winning documentaries and on rewind we're taking another look at some of the best of them and seeing what's happened in the years since they were first shown this week we're going back to two thousand and twelve and a remarkable film from africa's oldest republic the west african country of liberia and its capital monrovia where less than half the population can read and write and sixty four percent live below the poverty line so with many of those people cut off from normal news sources one man decided to tackle the problem using just a bit of chalk and a large blackboard called the daily talk blackboard lists all the latest news in a simple language used by monrovia's disadvantaged poor from the witness series in
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two thousand and twelve here is alfred's free press. hello. what we're doing is like this our responsibility. to measure the information. from those who. tell you what they receive. that's our job. i'm the. director and they did it tom. to create a nice people that will be on the street and everybody have access to crazy people just believe that this quentin's will never come into reality. but. that's the kind of present our facility is. i believe that people should be
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informed of what is happening. to. the leaders of the world really. rude harsh. it is this war that prompted the creation of the did talk i saw the meat of people wanting to be reform but there was there was no means of getting information loose all the idea of the book came to me to deal talk news put that in the chalkboard news people and some to begin to click to music you can start it was just like.
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a. diary. as sauce or refract to be on the scene there is out of way of origin by something and the salaries that when you are after you less so. it makes sense you had to. get out more oh i want to where heard of wanted to fight drug use. every time i walk along the avenue i usually make a stop like ten or fifteen minutes in a reader there and know what is going on around me in the city what is happening in my country and around the continent. when the war was coming to the country people were forced to take you and they give
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you gone and the rich life to see you go and fight you know. it happened to me. used to used to. take you for the seven ball and the whole country where i was so i was compared to do it for my life as like you take go on and go to hunt for animal in the forest. and to take you and you hunting one another. man of france friend of mine got one. less loser. and even lose the life. activist this is what i do to make a living. i use
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a bullet empty casing to create straw. our ideas are transformation from war to peace. is how we make. this is across germany in front of you. all those dreams and i think. one of the problems my mom would have me for some time is i don't stay with my family. alone. you know if she wanted to walk out of that i'd have don't sit with it funny everything they see this for rains a lot of people call a wild story yeah ok let me call you about
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a five minute please yeah i get. a new story coming in again. oh i didn't think you know there's. always good every morning to get information. information is a bridge between feeling sources. say. yeah just from war. many people who do not. so that we know where we can bring them back together religious and lots of folks just.
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doing the work my parents left me in a rental way and they left me and i left alone. i. get. caught. in this and you have to risk shifts. azita see this side now. we are trying to build a charge. then now now you call me a a c in newbie eighty feet happy see as something is happening around you years i think change is coming to liberia daily chart put to its structure of like this is so doing the people feel that go is still with them.
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we are not seeing where the body will form and then he's having to be updated. by somebody that we don't know and then this is what i'm going up to the nearby exactly how did it how being the boss involving to eat things i believe will be what he told me with just the opposition. alone. good morning talk shows and if i had this morning i would just wrapping it in a bad. light and. you know i just i mean lost. and then about a dozen of us who were running away how could. one when it's good to get fighting over you have an example of what's happening here that. i thank you cause when you . do you. know you didn't rule of law.
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or not. and you don't want to have the. place i just got to. leave you if you have been there and it. made your point this morning you know what they're pretty close to the mail well all i want to know where you are and it's in my groups on the ballot you know. you see there by their voice if you look at it. and. you know us in general if you don't have the signature office you can get it used by just sitting you have to block the p.c. . i don't have t.v. and if you don't miss in the video game news if you don't mean news the phone in the place we're going to get news is folded it up.
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one. day i jam. on my shift. and morning and believe such. and. one into rent in call. so. i have a two children. who who will go to good use. in the school and.
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on the response. live with a. response or to see it in. their.


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