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tv   Bill Browder  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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well what we're hearing from israeli military is that the attacker stopped at a an intersection southwest of nablus the aerial intersection yaki by west bank stabbed an israeli soldier took his weapon and then fired on other vehicles that soldier has just recently confirmed to been killed he was nineteen years old. another civilian was shot and injured in one of those passing cars a forty seven year old who's been named by the israeli media as a rabbi from an illegal settlement in the occupied west bank the attack of then got into another car and one that had been abandoned apparently by another israeli and then drove to another intersection where he fired on a bus stop injuring another israeli soldier excuse me so we now have one confirmed dead two seriously injured. the car was then found abandoned at a nearby palestinian village of burkean and there has been a major
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a concentration of israeli forces in that village during the course of the afternoon some reports of an exchange of gunfire as well and the nearby village of marjah also the center of a lot of military focus as well ok can you explain that just a little more because when we say the israeli army launches a quiet major operation what does that usually constitute. well it constitutes house to house searches and raids that constitutes checkpoints being put up along roads nearby where this attack took place also we saw the closure for a while of an industrial zone in the legal settlements area of bar can other israeli settlements and other palestinian villages nearby were also shut down for a time the israeli prime minister talked about this at his weekly cabinet meeting saying that the perpetrators would be brought to justice and captured there's also
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been reaction from hamas and islamic jihad in gaza where there have been some rallies in support of this action hamas saying it was a natural consequence of israeli crimes against the al aqsa mosque in jerusalem and islamic jihad also welcoming it saying congratulating whoever it was that carried this out it's worth saying as well that the policy in north already its senior officials were saying just a few weeks ago that there was the prospect of an increase in violence in the occupied west bank they said as a result of his ready pressure recent measures such as tax deductions trying to punish the palestinian leadership for paying salaries or paying welfare payments to prisoners and those either convicted or the families of those killed in carrying out attacks on israelis ok thank you for the update harry force in west jerusalem.
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algeria's newly appointed prime minister notre dame badly has started talks to form a new government the new cabinet will include experts without political affiliation in response to the ongoing nationwide demonstrations still unclear whether this would be enough to end the protests that forced algeria's ailing president to abandon his fifth term beards and meanwhile algerian ex-pats in paris continuing their demonstrations against president abdelaziz bouteflika hundreds gather around the marianne monument to plaster the republic one protester complained that algeria has been ruled by what he called a plundering mafia the sixty year it's so obvious president has sent out a warning to protesters a day after they stormed the state run television station demanding his resignation i have opposition supporters crowded the presidency building in belgrade as alexander held a news conference inside this is the first major incident after months of peaceful
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protests against the populist leader demonstrators are calling for fair elections and a free meet. that with. serbia will not allow threats to anyone by violence everyone who thinks that with hooliganism violence attacks on people physical attacks on people can gain political results they are mistaken. i don't want to talk to fascist leaders like. each i don't want to talk as you can see i don't even want to talk now with my life is in danger because i don't care and i'm not afraid at all the philippines is officially withdrawn from the international criminal court it began the process to leave last year after the hague based court launched in examination into president roger go to territories war on drugs thousands of suspected drugs users and dealers have been killed since the crackdown began in twenty sixteen his toby cap and now an international human rights lawyer who says deter they will find it difficult to untangle himself from the i.c.c. process. one of the points of being
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a member of the international criminal court when when you agree to sign up. to its jurisdiction if you withdraw that that withdrawal is suspended for a period of twelve months afterwards that is in effect to prevent situations just like this where where a state is accused of war crimes crimes. and they withdraw to shield themselves from prosecution though the whole point is that you cannot be permitted to do that so the i.c.c. will continue and will have jurisdiction over prosecuting the president and the senior officials that they consider to be responsible clearly there are a lot within the philippines that want to ensure that the the regime is held accountable but you know when one looks at the the allegations that have been made they they are stark where in terms of the number of killings the brutality of the killings and the president hasn't sought to distance himself from them quite
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a country is has taken full credit for it so the evidence against him is overwhelming and of course he should stand trial and this step will not change that and hopefully the supremum court will take a strong stance to uphold the rule of law and ensure that he's held accountable gunmen have attacked an army base in mali killing at least twenty four seoul jets vehicles were destroyed when the base in the central region of mopti was briefly under siege on saturday night a camp commander is amongst those who've been shot groups admitted responsibility but attacks by groups linked to al qaeda and i self are common. the leaders of zimbabwe and mozambique have cut short their foreign trips after tropical cyclone cause death and destruction in southern africa zimbabwe is the latest country to feel the storm's force at least thirty one people killed in fact as flash floods have swept away homes bridges and roads dozens of people are still missing and bad weather is slowing any rescue efforts the storm's already killed about one hundred
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people in malawi and in mozambique tens of thousands there have been forced from their homes and power blackouts have been widespread. there but. i saw a woman being hit by debris it's not safe for people walking here the situation is very chaotic. they said was the majority of houses ninety five percent that collapsed was precarious lee built a poor materials reporting for us from the central mozambique malcolm webb. since the cyclamen mozambique's coast where we are going to wrench the reigns in strong winds rivers of swollen power lines are blown down cyclons are common in the indian ocean at this time of year but few of them hit land and this one has been particularly destructive because it came ashore at mozambique fourth largest city and we're still three hundred kilometers from there we're trying to reach there and that's not easy you can see the kind of damage that the cyclons done even here the
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whole bridge completely washed away because of this wall and river because the enormous amount of rainfall just within the last day or two some aid trucks trying to pass here to try and reach people in bay where they've had to turn around and take another route and in the city of all communications are off the airports closed the power is down so it's very hard to find out what the extent of the damage there actually is with no communications of course and transport routes blocked it's very difficult to find out what's going on also for the people who are there to get the help that they need and still more flash floods and landslides killing at least fifty nine people this is in the indonesian province of pop or several thousands have been forced from their homes as torrential rain causes damage in the provincial capital. floodwaters have receded leaving a trail of mud fallen trees and homes which will need trying out. a mass funeral service has been held for some of the victims of the youth european plane crash last sunday. thousands of
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mourners led a procession through the streets of they accompanied seventeen empty caskets draped in the national flag relatives of the one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew have been given bags of earth from the crash site instead of remains because the d.n.a. and identification process could take up to six months when you information has also emerged about last sunday's crash reuters is quoting an investigation source who says the plane flew at an unusually high speed after takeoff mamata reporting now from. grieving families of some of the one hundred five to seven victims of ethiopian airlines flight three year old to. mourn the loss of their loved ones. arriving at this field where remnants of the allies true not around brings it all home for them. the airline officials say they haven't found even a single body intact just body parts which would make that id process took awhile.
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ethiopian airlines didn't give us anything they told us to wait until thursday we waited and thursday came they are now saying they couldn't find anything i wish they told us that they found nothing in the first place this is major grief heavy we came into handed and we're going back empty handed. the boiling seven thirty seven marks eight went down at eight forty four am on sunday shortly after takeoff from the capital addis ababa and drew tonight will be in neighboring kenya person just from one of them thought to countries were on board this is the time of crisis in ethiopia the airline is a symbol of pride and they feel peons have thrown their full support behind it to paralyze small talk from since i was a small boy was brilliant africa together. and. thus was a win win for seventy five years. and evidence that the cross has done little to
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scare people away from the line can be seen at the capital's mushrooming hotels they're teaming with passengers in transit they have to do it happy to see if it's like india that's in that happens with on our roads you know s.p.c.s. not just enough rekha and globally we have those records of us interacting so as a lawyer travel law and i use that if you've been in l.a. that has not affected my view or perspective. if european airlines has expanded its fleet to one hundred eleven planes it now flies to one hundred six international and twenty three domestic distillations beyond its almost professionals the airline also owns all forty nine percent stake in malawi lines and forty five percent stake in zambia airways what ethiopian is doing is arbitrary corporate governance that basically coming in to a failed business which is not failed because there was not demand there's demand
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that passengers want to fly out of these countries so you've got the demand the willing to pay but the issue has been the mismanagement of those airlines in the country so actually it's buying up cheap assets with strong demand and making it work i think it's a great strategy. back at the crash site walk us continue the search for debris and remains of those who perished in the crush these so windswept filled will continue to be an international crime scene for a long time to come how it all jazeera. is what's coming up on this news hour new u.s. sanctions against venezuela having a devastating effect on families in dire need of medication. for those who are. laid to rest to decades after the georgia was families of missing loved ones can finally say they could find. in sport pakistan takes another big step as it tries to convince the cricketing world attack and host major
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international games. i once again well it's a case of the iranian middle east for sol we have got some wet weather making its way across syria pushing into iraq bright skies to come back in behind you can see some clouds there and some right just around the east side of the med that will make its way further east with the monday eighteen celsius the beirut and also for aleppo ninety celsus of baghdad no great shakes hail the temperatures but the race but this is where we got that wet weather some really heavy rain there just around town pushing for the race was heavy rain there into pakistan northern parts pakistan seeing some heavy downpours we some snow once again into afghanistan at a low try to make its way further east was a few showers some of the wintry do travel away and behind but temperatures
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starting to edge out the place to say twenty celsius by rate nineteen celsius in jerusalem on choose day off name a while some of the weather now in the process of pulling away from the gulf that west assad of iran bright skies here in doha quite brisk winds through monday so a little bit of lift it doesn't sound the wind will ease as we go on into choose day twenty five celsius in much of the potential staying dry and sefl dry and settled into good parts of south africa with a mozambique and to zimbabwe the flooding rains set to continue. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis we doe as illegally maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda they have to foot our nation what has happened to their
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attention that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. but they're not religion this is the politics me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera going as i want to finally we're going ask about it but that's the ball's about what i see and while it's not as i thought of that the set says they're lost on there are others out of all of our cars and the bunch is a bit shocked about that. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera.
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on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories new zealand's prime minister just into our turn hopes all bodies can be handed back to families for burial by weapon state extra police stuff now hoping with identification this is of course after fifty muslims were killed at friday prayers in christ church extra police also guarding schools businesses and places of worship in new zealand following the mosque shootings police commanders say there will be a highly visible presence nationwide on monday morning. and in other news is already soldiers are searching palestinian communities in the occupied west bank after least one is ready was killed in stabbing and shooting attacks. the first of the political prisoners pardoned by democratic.


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