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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 78  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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his killers took his phone and laptop. do you think your phone is tapped now. yes it came up that had on my state. does my net ask. they send data mail to have that. in 2017 under pressure from the public the mexican attorney general's office launched a criminal investigation into the hacking of journalists and activists. this is the same agency that bought pegasus so far no one has been held accountable. earlier this year the mexican government claimed that it no longer uses pegasus. the 1st people to discover what pegasus is and does were researchers at citizen lab a digital rights group at the university of toronto. they investigate abuses of pegasus worldwide one of the biggest selling points of this stuff is that it's
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wickedly hard to find there's a cat and mouse game. they hide we seek they were able to associate the links that were sent to months or are stuck in or signed triana in many others within a so groups servers. the 1st time that we learn about pegasus about this or get in touch and says. ok let's try to use take you straight to sudan's capital now a spokesman for the minute she's holding a press conference just listening to what they have to say. we hope and pray that their families. are the horses. and the rabbits rabbit supports. him lead a very important active part. one. and they have became their allies of the population if you can change and supported this holy
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revolution. and iran and eventually aims to give power to the civilians. more to my heart with all our wants me our hearts the military council have started a regular saudi different faceted have sought for negotiations with the opposition . freedom and justice. there and they have also heard different negotiations with the other groups with the exception of the former ruling party. the way with the meetings were very important and useful. there was a lot of understanding with the freedom and justice are lyall's.
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right and so we had serious negotiations and plans to support and protect the revolution and even shooting in a democratic election. but i. want to if i b m a liam was struck a different. damn committees will reform to mix committee. which is supposed to look after the city in protest march in front of the armed forces had coursers or the fight will learn or one of the corrupt voters sorry artemus started art. but there was a serious development. which is escalating the revolution reproduces and the ministrations while negotiations were going on at the same time by a certain group. condemning and
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the service supports forces who have stood with the revolution and proved themselves in protecting the country their leaders also that the rebels support forces believe very important role. in supporting the security and stability of the country. and necessary escalation against armed forces and their leaders and also there are support for this government just cruising off bridges and roads which of caused a lot of germs in the area. affecting the whole population. the railway stations which stopped necessary goods or especially petroleum. to the areas other provinces. the roads around the armed
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forces headquarters which has the. kind of. ammo there is also the confusion pratap out by the species which. is showing anger against our forces. with the fact that there are armed groups inside the city in area and are around it. a number of bridges right and some have been clues and in that area the armed forces were targeted a number of young people died in. numbers of their force also some of them have died there. now the nature of the revolution has begun to lessen. in order to protect the revolution glorious revolution and to show. that you fight lawlessness. are.
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right now but i am have we have decided. we have decided to stop all sorts of negotiations for $72.00 hours with the freedom and justice alliance that the removal of the removal of the cages from brutes and bridges. allowing the release to run normally to supply the provinces and this is. all received as the articles and we are also asking that the armed forces including rebel support forces should not be targeted. because they're there to protect the revolutions and they aren't forces. and they love it support forces and the police will look after these the country and the gains of the revolution.
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and they look forward to protecting the country. i mean russian american i am we ask of our people and they all rebel revolutionaries to protect the revolution. and to remember those who have more were motto in this situation we should work together for this revolution until it reaches its aims and so this is these people will achieve their dreams what are these a security. so you're watching a live press conference from the sudanese capital khartoum where a spokesman for the military has just been giving his nightly press conference he talked about the serious developments on the streets at the protest sites which has led to violence he said the rapid support group which is a paramilitary force in sudan has supported the security of the country and that
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they have attempted to clear roadblocks and barricades he said that there are armed groups operating inside the protest groups which is lessening the peaceful nature of the protest movement and that the military has decided to start negotiations for $72.00 hours let me repeat that that the military has decided to start negotiations for $72.00 hours to remove barricades to the roads lines in the hope to bring some calm to the situation then he said the armed forces should not be targeted as they are there to protect the protesters let's bring in a bit more when she's in the sudanese capital khartoum he but you were listening to that press conference from the spokesman for the military council the significant thing i think there is that he said that they've decided to start negotiations for $72.00 hours to calm down the situation. yes indeed aaron we've already heard from
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the opposition an opposition coalition just a few hours earlier saying that talks between the military council and itself the opposition coalition will be suspended due to what's happened on wednesday evening of course we know that the protesters have accused the rapid support forces of trying to remove their barricades and they said that they rejected the attempts to remove them and hence the rapid support forces opened fire them at least a dozen people have been injured and the tense tense language used by the head of the military council he said that they are going to open the barricades especially the ones that are closing the main streets which has been causing traffic and according to him destruction of normal lives and services including the railway line now the really line is quite significant it's not far from the army headquarters as a matter of fact it overlooks the army headquarters where protesters have been staging a sit in for the past 6 weeks and it's not clear how the protesters would react if they would allow that to happen but we've also heard from the head of the military council just a few minutes ago he said that he does not want the protesters to try and provoke
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the military including the rapid support forces the faction of the military which the protesters have been accusing of opening fire them and killing some injuring more than 200 in the process as well so we're going to have to wait and see what the protesters are going to say to those to those words that came from the head of the military council the opposition coalition had already spoken to them and they said that the sit in area the parameters of the sit in are the pyramids that was set up when the sit ins started on the 6th of april they said that the protesters must stick to those sites and and any other barricades any roadblocks any checkpoints set up by protesters beyond those paramilitaries are deemed illegal and not a part of the protest so with that with those words from the opposition and those words from the military council we're going to have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if the removal of the barrack it's especially the railroad which overlooks the army headquarters if the protesters will allow that to happen or not just tell us a little bit more about this rapid support group because we've heard the name before we understand that there's some kind of paramilitary force but they've come into
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conflict with the protesters before haven't they. yes they did several times in fact in 2015 when now protesters demonstrated against former president i wouldn't be here he resorted to the rapid support forces to clamp down on those protesters and human rights groups say that at least $200.00 people were killed and protesters are accusing them of being the ones behind the attacks when they were initially the acting government protests started in december this year the rapid support for a system that they have always been the 1st supporting this revolution and they were siding with the people in their demands for a fair life and for for the fight against corruption and for there and but they did not say that they were standing with the protesters in their demands from our president i want to show you in fact even after his ousting we heard from the rapid support force this thing that they are not convinced they were they were not in agreement with the military coup that took place and till president former president armitage successor resigned 30 hours after he took the job so the rapid
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support force is a paramilitary group that was set up in 2013 given legal status by the legislative assembly after it came under a lot of criticism for basically the rule that they have been playing in various parts around the country specifically the western region of darfur where a civil war has been raging since 2003 they have i would not say the best human rights record they've been accused of raping women of burning down villages and they've been accused of crimes against humanity as well so a terrible record and civilians have been saying that they do not have the ability to handle power or to handle the civilians and the states and i'm here just bring us up to date with the events of the day that led us up to the point where the protesters said they were temporarily suspending talks with the military because of ongoing violence. well yes i protested as saying that the military council is not to be trusted let's not forget that today was the day that the military council and the opposition coalition were supposed to be meeting to announce the sovereign
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council and its makeup and the role it would play and the sovereign council is the only part the only point that is sticking between the 2 sides in the negotiations to form a transitional government the military council wanted to be. a military majority sovereign council with. the transitional period while the opposition coalition wanted to be a civilian majority suffering council with ceremony in power so lots of disagreements there on just a single body but that was going to be the ultimate point that if they had resolved they would be able to reach a deal so protesters are saying if the military tried to disperse their city and tried to remove the barricades before an announcement was made before the 2 sides came together to talk their last point of contention and i it's how they believe that the military council was not eager to hand over power and that the announcement that would have come from that meeting would be the military council saying that it is going to head this up and council and effectively the transitional period so a lot of suspicion from the protesters
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a lot of suspicion from the opposition as well so we're going to have to hear from the but just as once again bear reaction because ultimately it's their call already but we have to leave it there i'm afraid thank you very much indeed we'll come back to the top of the more news of course at the top of the hour al-jazeera see that and so much about an hour. on him a lot that i was born in the same year as his one voice i feel as though the state is my mother should be a cause of celebration for some a catastrophe for others then that back is still going on they put my sons in jail so every day i feel this catastrophe twice over al-jazeera well tells the stories of palestinian and israeli women born in the same year but on opposite sides of this divide born in 48 on al-jazeera world.
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al-jazeera. where ever you'll. meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theater a group of colombia women fighting the challenges they face do that. al-jazeera was compelling series which showcases fresh film i can talent the down the globe do you find a lot in america presents acting lessons on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when keeping need to be heard and the story needs to be told it was shot. with exclusive interview see dangerous for journalists to editors
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publishers all around the world and in-depth reports are real be made important here with al-jazeera as teams on the ground are not my world to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. was. it was. al jazeera. jordan this is the odyssey or a new life coming up in the next 60 minutes abounds army says it suspending the go see asians with the opposition from the 72 hours and warns protesters not to provoke the security forces. all this just hours after
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gun fire breaks out at a major protest site in the capital khartoum. the u.s. puts its troops on alert in iraq as it pulls non-essential staff. from iraq. and u.s. president donald trump signs an order to protect u.s. telecoms companies the government puts the chinese company who was away on a blacklist. on the leaders of france and new zealand joined forces with tech giants to fight against online extremes. saddam's military says it suspending the go see actions with opposition groups for 3 days in a press conference just a short while ago the head of the ruling military council says the decision was made because of an escalation by protesters who continue to block roads so one protesters not to provoke the security forces but only have 14 people were injured when gunfire broke out at
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a protest let's bring back he morgan live in the capital khartoum the base of the military has decided not to call of talks with the opposition for $70.00 to $72.00 hours this is a significant development isn't it. yes indeed daryn that seems to be an escalation on its own the opposition coalition had earlier said that talks will be suspended until further notice between the opposition and the military council but we've also . you just heard a few minutes ago from the head of the transitional military council saying that the period of suspension is 72 hours now this is all of course a result of as a result of what happened on wednesday evening when protesters said that a faction of the military known as the rapid support force has tried to move barricades and when they said that that was not going to happen they record sport forces units opened fire at the protesters injuring at least a dozen so that turned into escalation protesters were very angry lots of tension and till the opposition coalition and now inside it is suspending talks then it had a word with the with the protesters asking them to remove the barricades to return
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to the pyramids of the sit in which was established when the sit in started on the 6th of april so we've heard from the head of the military council saying that if the all of the road blocks that was set up ever since is not removed then they will take action they've also said that the protesters should not provoke the military and the rapid support forces when they try to open the roads and bridges specifically the armed forces bridges which overlooks the army headquarters where the sit in has been going on for the past 6 weeks now they're saying that it is destructing lives and the movement of services from one state to another and we're going to have to wait and see how protesters will take that if they will allow one of their main one of the main areas that that has been under their control since the since their system started to be taken over by the military and to basically diminish the size of their states and just talk us through the events of the day that led up to this decision by the military because there was more violence on the streets wasn't it. well it wasn't just that today's events are dire and as i've
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said earlier today's event started when the rapid support forces according to protesters on the ground when they said that the rapid support forces opened fire protesters when they tried to move the barricades but this is a for them of the scene that happened on monday evening when protesters also repeated the same accusation against iraq that support forces at least 5 people were killed on monday evening today we know that at least 14 people were injured a total of more than $200.00 injured over the past 3 days alone so lots of tension between the 2 sides lots of escalation and of course not just between the 2 sides as well but the opposition coalition and the military council they were about to make a breakthrough today it was supposed to be the evening when they announced their final details in the in terms of forming a transitional government in fact and mounting a deal to form that transitional government but with the latest development and the escalation of tension and the violence that broke out on wednesday evening that was not to be so so we have this impasse now between the military council and the opposition groups what happens now to the protest movement and what happens now
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with the talks going forward. well what's happened to the protest movement relies largely on the people on the ground they say that they are the only pressure card the militia the opposition coalition has again the military council to hand over power and there has been saying that they will not allow anyone to disperse them from this it's and till they see an independent civilian transitional government formed they've also been saying that if there is no accountability for the loss of lives over the past 5 months of protest then they will not end their state and so we're going to have to wait and see when the army and the rapid support forces come to try to move the barricades to more with the protests that allow that or not we've already we've already heard from the head of the of the transitional council saying that of the transitional military council think that they will not allow any different testers to provoke the military and the rapid support forces so we're going to have to wait and see when they come to move those barricades how the protesters would react and if they would allow their barricades to be removed after being there for more than 6 weeks all right so here morgan there in the sudanese
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capital khartoum he brought thank you for that let's bring in jill she's a sudanese american journalist and activist and joins us via skype from the u.s. state of pennsylvania journalists talk 1st about the latest violence on the streets of the capital that's prompted both the military and the opposition leaders to turn pretty break of talks who do you think is behind these outbreaks of violence over the last few days because this is clearly a huge problem for the talks going forward. i think it's very clear daryn that the rapid support forces are behind this with the help of the transitional military council let's look at the makeup of the transitional military council the number 2 person in charge of these negotiations is how many met he was in charge * of the rapid support forces before he was indoctrinated into this new government essentially people were panicked they were afraid while bashir was still in power that met his forces their comments to look i'm going to take over and now we're at a place where we have been in government and he certainly is inexperienced he's
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illegitimate irresponsible and apathetic you know he hasn't been officially charged with crimes from the international criminal court for the role he's played before but as he was said earlier in the last hour he's been accused of not only rape and genocide and burning down villages and dark for he threatens to undermine the entire revolution with his appointments so that the matter is the rats of workforces want to push back and say no. all right so we're having some problems there. in pennsylvania if we can we'll try and get a bit late in the program but let's move on shall we. because the u.s. state department has ordered all non-emergency government employees to leave iraq immediately the order follows a warning by the u.s.
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military of a threat from iranian linked groups but that appears to contradict the view of a senior at bush's general stationed in iraq but now reports from baghdad. in 2014 iraq's a senior shia religious leader ali al sistani issued a fatwa urging iraqis to take up arms against eisel this came up to the iraqi army fled to isolate french people move slowly without a fight that led to the establishment of the shia groups noticed a popular mobilization forces backed by iran who were highly effective in iraq in syria fighting in coordination with u.s. led coalition forces but the u.s. is putting increasing pressure and sanctions on neighboring iran and some in washington say what they call iran's proxy militias in iraq are a potential stretch to u.s. interests here including 5200 american soldiers but major general christopher
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geek the deputy commander of the anti eisel coalition has contradicted that. no there's been no increased threat from iranian backed forces in iraq and syria where aware of their presence clearly. and we monitor them along with a whole range of others because that's the environment we're in after that statement the u.s. central command issued a strong rebuke comments from the operation inherent resolve deputy commander run counter to the identified credible threats available to intelligence from the u.s. and allies regarding irradiance backed forces in the region the statement said. earlier this month u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe came to iraq on unscheduled visit because of what he said was intelligence on specific increased threats to u.s. . in iraq the us has since sent 2 warships and b. 52 bombers to the gulf. mobilization forces under the command of prime minister
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idol of the little mahdi in his weekly press briefing he said iraq wants to play the role of a mediator between its 2 our allies and it didn't see any threats. of war iraq is currently stable up until this moment we have not seen any military escalation in iraq iraq has expressed this to the u.s. secretary of state iran is iraq's most important ally in the region sharing strong political economic and military and religious ties iraqi politicians and religious leaders have said they will not accept any interference in iraq's sovereignty by any country including iran. the conflicting statements about possible threats from iran has raised concerns that some parties in washington are exaggerating intelligence in order to build a case for some sort of military action against the country now the u.s. state department has ordered the immediate departure from iraq of all non emergency
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government employees and many iraqis are increasingly anxious that after suffering years of conflict and political instability there may be more to come. al jazeera baghdad. has been a following developments from the capital tehran. in the past few weeks whenever the united states has raised the stakes with regards to iran or ratcheted up the pressure leaders in teheran have said that this is simply psychological warfare and have dismissed u.s. moves as fear tactics targeting iranian people and they have continued to maintain that a military conflict is unlikely or even impossible supreme leader ayatollah ali come in a reinforced that idea in a speech on tuesday evening to senior civilian and military leaders in his government he said that iran and america are locked in a battle but that it is a battle of wills and that the upper are coming from the united states need not be
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feared he said that their real power is less than their outward shows of grander essentially that america's bark is worse than its bite but at the same time he also reiterated iran's position that even though iran won't back down from u.s. pressure the country does not want a war with american forces in the region janki than honest there is not going to be any war not the we know them seek war they know it will not be in their interest negotiating is poisonous as long as the u.s. continues with the same course of action and to go shooting with the present american government is twice as poisonous. the supreme leader's latest statement comes of course as the 2015 nuclear deal continues to unravel the atomic energy organization of iran that oversees the country's nuclear activities and nuclear sites confirmed that as of wednesday iran is no longer abiding by the limits on the stockpiling of enrich uranium and heavy water things considered potential bomb making the to.


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