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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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attacks on muslim business houses premises that are happening and we will ensure that it does not happen well it's quite interesting it remains tense and particularly here in the northwestern part of sri lanka which is where all of the attacks at the beginning of this week were censored censored and what the minister says is quite interesting because it's you go to a lot of the villages here or to particularly sinhalese buddhist majority believe here and there is this sense of resentment against muslim communities muslim communities that live nearby and that resentment has been given an outlet really by the easter sunday attacks a sort of an excuse that some of the international screws have been looking for looking for perhaps to target muslim groups and when you speak to some of the buddhist villagers some of the in these small communities they'll say that the muslims aren't integrating they'll say that they're not a normal part of sri lankan society and unfortunate this sort of view is quite
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common and i think the government fears that it's being given fuel by the nationalistic street mistruths weiwei has criticised the us government decision to place it and 70 if its affiliates on a trading blacklist calling it unreasonable earlier president donald trump barred u.s. firms amusing telecom equipment made by companies that he says threaten national security adrian brown has more from a tech trade show in tangent. well what you see on display at this exhibition is in many ways at the heart of the current trade friction between china and the united states that friction is in areas such as artificial intelligence robotics and 5 g. technology behind me is walk away and of course they are very much the poster boy for 5 g. technology here in china but of course on thursday they were delivered a blow to their plans to expand in china that said the executive order from president donald trump had been anticipated by the firm they issued
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a statement on thursday in a sense saying the trump's actions were not going to improve safety or security in the united states and that in many ways the real losers would be u.s. companies and consumers it's true that huawei wanted to expand in china but they had their eyes on other markets of course here in china but also southeast asia africa and of course latin america and in countries on those continents the governments have been less questioning in the trumpet ministration about how while way operates but of course what the united states has done could in many ways inflame trade tensions between washington and beijing and those tensions now very much at the forefront still ahead on al-jazeera we'll be live in tehran where with the iranian reaction to washington's military buildup in the region and why the
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ambitious indian health care plan some called mody care is failing the poor. how about the usual rash of showers across southeast asia something a lot of the stones coming in to malaysia. well the piles of indonesia philipines generally set for the time being some pleasant sunshine coming for him a chance of wanted to shout this in the heat of the day as we go through friday some showers and some parts of vietnam into laos some wet weather on the cots for a thailand a sticky 36 celsius bangkok on friday i have a date to saturday so what's the weather coming down. pushing down across a good part of indonesia for sas day instead of one or 2 showers into the fall or winter nature but biologic should be pretty much dried out as right weather into
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australia but we've got a cloud in the rain making its way into western parts this bad of cloud here that's a cold front that's been introducing much cooler temperatures have dropped around 10 celsius in perth over the next couple of days we will be struggling to get to around 16 or 17 degrees in that southerly wind tocsin bit of rain just making its way in there as you can see for friday and that right if anything intensifies becomes a little more active as we go on through saturday strong winds are to the far south of the way that wet weather pushes right up into the interior ahead of that it's not too bad 22 for adelaide and sydney with a high of 90 for melbourne. anything you say tight grounds can be held against the. lines investigates how governments are using israeli software to turn critics into the ultimate tools of surveillance says exposure of your personal world doesn't just stop you right it extends out to
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people you care about who trusted you and it makes you toxic crosspost than any fun in any way targeted by text on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera at least 6 civilians have been killed and so do you equalisation airstrikes on yemen's capital sanaa. to military positions were targeted residential areas were also. talks between sudan's opposition coalition and the military council has been suspended for 3 days this follows an increase in violence the negotiations are trying to decide who heads up
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a town so that will oversee the transition. government hardline buddhist groups are under investigation over a recent wave of anti muslim attacks at least 31 people have appeared in court connection with those attacks. iran's foreign minister says his country is exercising maximum restraint in the face of tightening u.s. sanctions and a military buildup how much of odds are if insisted his country is committed to the 2050 nuclear deal while in tokyo for talks with the japanese prime minister shinzo washington has ramped up its policy of maximum pressure as it calls it on iran over its nuclear program its deployed warships and b. $52.00 bombers to the gulf region meanwhile the leader of iran's revolutionary guard is warning of an imminent confrontation with the united states major general for me says the u.s. escalation in the region represented what he called a decisive moment for the islamic revolution joining us from tehran what are we to
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make of the comments made by. thank you well in the last few weeks during the rhetoric from civilian as well as military leaders has been getting harsher the tone has been getting more heated there's been a sustained development that we can actually see as american pressure has gone up iranian leaders have gotten angrier and they've been sounding that way now let's look at some of what he said we have to say that the rhetoric is changing the message largely remains the same he said that the iran is on the verge of a full scale confrontation with the united states well the supreme leader pointed that out a few weeks ago saying that the country should be prepared for war mr salami also said that the behavior that the united states is carrying out is ostentatious in a speech on tuesday said the supreme leader said that what the united states is doing and the uproar that it's creating in the region this is all an intimidation tactic to make iranians afraid we can point to something that major general sense
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a lot he said that it is a little more tactical we can perhaps read a little more into the comments that he made when he said that the enemy has come to the battlefield this time with all of its capacities at its disposal and he said that is why this is the most decisive moment for iran and what's interesting here is that we have seen a build up of american military hardware of american presence in the middle east before but this perhaps suggest it's one of the 1st times in recent memory where the focus of that military hardware is squarely on iran and so the major general the head of the islamic revolutionary guard corps pointing out that it is an important and seminal time in iran's history at the moment and outside of iran the foreign minister has been making the rounds to oil buyers he was in india on monday then japan on tuesday what's he been telling world leaders. well these countries are very important customers for iranian oil they have traditionally been longstanding customers of iranian crude they were the ones 2 of
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them exempted by the united states from sanctions with waivers that expired not long ago so the foreign minister has been trying to maintain these trade ties and the policy of iran has always been to try to wait it out to try to wait until u.s. president donald trump is out of office and iran's economic relationships with the wider world can once again be normalized no doubt that was the message he was giving to leaders in japan and india he also pointed out that iran remains committed to the nuclear deal that it is not going to let go of the nuclear deal so easily but of course his comments come a day after the atomic energy organization of iran confirmed that it was carrying out president hassan rouhani is orders to start on cooperation with parts of their commitments to the nuclear agreement ok zain thank you the russian president meanwhile vladimir putin says he supports the landmark iran nuclear deal and he says the u.s. will be responsible if it collapses if just but it would freeze we didn't this is a limit we regret that the deals our position is known to all our partners
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including the americans we advocate the maintenance of the agreement after the signing of the agreement iran was and still is the world's most verifiable and transparent country in this american solution to go americans have withdrawn the deal is coming apart and the european countries can't do anything to save it and can't really cooperate with iran to compensate their economic losses but it makes its 1st steps in responding announce its withdrawal everyone will meet we forget that it was the us who initiated the collapse and everyone will end up playing it all on iran with their rights group amnesty international says it has evidence war crimes may have been committed in libya. there warlords 20 for half that has waged a 6 week long offensive to capture the capital tripoli from a un recognized government misty has gathered witness statements and compiled satellite images which it says reveal unlawful rocket attacks on our neighborhood of tripoli the group is calling for an international investigation. there is army
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says the death toll from an ambush on its soldiers has now risen to 28 the soldiers were attacked by rebel fighters near the border with mali close to the village of. several armed groups are active in that area 11 soldiers were initially reported missing but their bodies have now been found its diplomats from venezuela's opposition and government are meeting in norway to try to resolve the political impasse many governments recognize opposition leader interim leader on wednesday he defied a military blockade to enter the opposition controlled national assembly in. protest in rio de janeiro over cuts to brazil's education system have turned violent security forces fired tear gas into the crowd of demonstrators many of them students and teachers the protesters also set fire to a bus tens of thousands gathered across the country in the biggest rally since
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president. took office in march. the philippines has taken drastic action over canada's failure to take tons of rubbish to manila more than 5 years ago canada was given until may 15th to ship back more than 100 containers filled with household waste the philippines has responded by recalling it some and consuls in canada. and has more on the story. in 2014 during the time of former president beneath kena members of the bureau of customs the convert that there were more than 50 container vans containing toxic waste shipped from canada to the philippines says that since then this is been quite an irritant issue between the 2 countries the beer of customs in the us sending letters to the canadian government appealing to find the solution to dispose of this trash when a canadian prime minister just introduced visited the philippines a few years ago he said it was not legally possible for canada to ship that trash
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back because of limitations of its laws that's changed last year when he said it may now be theoretically possible for canada to bring that trash back this has been quite an irritant issue between the 2 countries last month a deadline has been set with no less than president to be good at their day quote unquote threatening to go to war with canada if the trash is not shipped back that mean 15 deadline was set and the trash was not brought back and a tweet from the secretary of foreign affairs in manila basically saying that there have been orders for members of the diplomatic office in canada of the philippine embassy to come back but nothing has been confirmed since that tweet and it's something that many here find surprising even the spokesperson of president of the good that there to said there may be other ways to solve this problem it is unusual
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for the philippine government to go hard to try to diminish the magic relations with other countries even when it is an issue concerning the safety and security of the millions of overseas filipino workers are broad. police in bangladesh shot dead 2 suspected human traffickers outside a refugee camp in the southeast earlier this week or forty's intercepted more than 100 refugees about to make the journey to malaysia by boat bangladeshi officials say traffickers are targeting injure who fled a military crackdown in myanmar. the u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci and says it's up to the courts to decide whether to release donald trump's tax returns steve minucci and was testifying to senators before a congressional committee in washington he's previously blocked a request from congress to hand over the president's tax history.
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it's the 2nd last day of campaigning for the 7th and final leg of india's parliamentary elections the election commission ordered campaigning in bengal be wrapped up a day early after violence at a rally on tuesday more than 900000000 people are eligible to vote over a 6 week period the last round is on sunday may 19th prime minister in a remote he is hoping for a 2nd term while modi's ambitious indian health care plan was designed to solve most of the medical problems for the poor but many say the system is experiencing a slow and challenging starts for the 500000000 people it's supposed to help scott hurdler reports from new delhi. akash has a brain tumor he's travelled with his family from a production state to get specialized care in new delhi. but he and his family don't have the money for this 2nd round of treatment like millions of others they are not poor enough to qualify for the universal health care program launched last
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year known as mody care. they only have benefits from india's national health care system and that does not cover all expenses the president about the other but other times the doctor said that please deposit the money for us i told him said i don't have any money then to get us a slip and told us to go to another county but then it was $1.00 gone to another they were then told the cost would not get free care because he is not from new delhi and were told to leave the hospital. moti care is supposed to help the 60000000 people who currently slip into poverty every year because of health care costs but something that makes the situation more difficult for people living in states not participating in modi care like west bengal and kerala among others but those states have their own health plans so people from those states are blocked out from some of the best hospitals in the country like the ones here in delhi. the few who possess such more gods come to me and me that we took this got to the
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hospital but but it doesn't work the ground reality is that it isn't working as a policy. moti care only covers serious illnesses and hospital stays new delhi's health minister thinks more funding should go into essential primary care doesn't mean we think that primary health care is the best for all treatment big of so much importance on our secondary kit that we have neglected the primary kit. in some states insurance companies administer the funds for moti care and he accuses them of using their role to profit unfairly we have the man who runs motor care refutes this this is of it is not only good for people but it's also good for politics so if it's serving. the country starving the people i don't see why or how any. of the power.
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to stop this. only 6 percent of the $500000000.00 people eligible for medicare have signed up election results are due to be announced later this month and whoever runs motive here afterwards will face the challenge of ensuring millions of people like a cash are not left out scot either al-jazeera new delhi and the head of the roman catholic church has taken a refugee children on a joyride in his popemobile through the vatican city the children were from syria or nigeria democratic republic of congo and had recently arrived by boat from libya the pope has repeatedly called on the international community to do more for those seeking shelter in europe from more famine or prosecution. the headlines on al-jazeera at least 6 civilians have been killed in saudi u.a.e. coalition air strikes on yemen's capital sanaa who the media say 2 military
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positions were targeted residential areas were also hits on tuesday the fees claimed responsibility for several drone attacks that shut down a major oil pipeline in saudi arabia. and talks between sudan's opposition coalition and the military council have been suspended for 3 days this follows a recent upsurge in violence the negotiations are trying to decide who heads up a council that will oversee the transition to civilian rule opposition supporters say they'll continue demonstrating. sri lanka's government says hardline buddhist groups are under investigation over recent wave of anti muslim attacks at least 31 people have appeared in court in connection with the attack. we also ensure that those people who are behind these were arrested and today yesterday also last night would be days peace in this country nothing has happened so even if we
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feel that these are all going nased attacks on. business houses premises that are happening and we will ensure that business happen iran's foreign minister says his country is exercising maximum restraint in the face of tightening u.s. sanctions and a military buildup washington has the ploy and worship zombie 52 bombers to the region warning of an iranian threat it's the advocacy group amnesty international says it has evidence war crimes may have been committed in libya. after it has waged a 6 week long offensive to capture the capital tripoli from the u.n. recognize government has gathered witness statements and compiled satellite images which it says reveal unlawful rocket attacks on a neighborhood of tripoli the group is calling for an international investigation. why way has criticized u.s. government decision to place it in 70 if it's affiliates on a trade blacklist calling it unreasonable those are the headlines faultlines is
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coming up next on al-jazeera. one of australia's most loved making fun of the wombats is under threat from an agonizing disease but one wildlife campaigner is dedicating a life to saving what i want to east makes the woman he's brought 0. high just already. months or as a human rights activist in the united arab emirates. i interviewed him 2 years ago shortly after he'd received strange text messages with suspicious links to the text was spoken about some secrets related to the torture the united arab emirates they tell us that most of it for me to click on the link. that the u.a.e. had bought a powerful spyware called pegasus that can break into almost any smartphone i want
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to target opens an attached link at the bottom line to the government to your is tools monitor activists and certain individuals over interest of the. one source is now serving a 10 year prison sentence in the u.a.e. for publicly criticizing this government. not only learned people in general but that would also cause some people to be killed or. assassinated in. this case was the 1st detective hack of its kind. in the last 4 years pegasus has been used against activists and journalists around the world. in this episode of faultlines reinvestigate how governments are using pegasus to turn their critic cell phones into the whole to the tools of surveillance.
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in 2015. pegasus showed up in mexico. among the 2 dozen targets was mexico's most famous investigative journalist carmen are sticky people use well as the years a senior team had just revealed a major corruption scandal involving the president at the time in reeky opinion miata. the story shocked the nation and soon or stuckey felt the backlash. nor them to give any of the this i thought oh my that is a question in me ponder he means the best young escape again that night to me even in this money it has. 2 months after the revelations and her teenage son started getting strange text messages with enticing links. but on this same as them inside his main sack is going up all the as an. exact escape i lose the
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the fun media are all who got of them the levy's does a job but it won't there i'll even give people their goals i doubt. there is a right to work lot of the bomb in the zone as can our sovereign get us out of mass as it were meant that he was obvious. that they look at the enemy they left on. this last 4 and there's a nice combine you know pretty stance on about us cyber security researchers in canada determine there are a sticky and her son emilio had been targeted with pegasus at the time emilio was a 16 year old high school student studying in the us look at this a movie is in the in there they know her but there is it going on not only saying they are not in the upper case that he will grow. those but right you and i would have it up my your when those soon to be said is the list style or nature i mean into seaver whenever i mean the mood of those are very thought of yes it is.
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i want to listen that. you study the nico going to hell is doesn't get in the saddle i will milo out of anatomy. to find out more about the use of pegasus in mexico we came to our 3 d. the digital rights group that has helped shed light on the cyber attacks here how many pegasus infections have you found in mexico. we know that at least 30 people have been targeted in that and those where human rights defenders journalists politicians even international investigators but we know from the contract that has been made public is that mexico acquired that really did to infect $500.00 targets so we know that there probably were. many many many more targets. because this is the creation of an israeli spy ware company called an a so group. the mexican
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attorney general's office recently disclosed his contracts within a soaker from 2016 in 2017. to show the office had paid at least $32000000.00 for pegasus have you seen anything like this when it comes to surveillance on this scale we have seen other types of malware we have seen some cases here and there we haven't seen the scale of the use we don't model we're too less powerful as these one. one of the things that makes pegasus so powerful is that it can access information on a phone before it can be encrypted. encrypted protects the user's privacy by securing the data on a device. lots of authorities for legitimate and illegitimate purposes want to be able to crack by looking at the devices before that information is encrypted in the 1st place. isis takes total control of phone they can get access to pictures
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chats the contact lens to can open the mike open the camera. with all you know dissing it records everything you type. in a soaker says it only contracts with governments and law enforcement agencies to buy criminals and terrorists. and that their technology has helped thwart terror attacks and save thousands of lives but they won't say how some of the people that seem targeted clearly they're not suspect what why would they target them the government was trying to silence them it was trying to make them not resist. and acts. from our rights violations corruption lies and when the target is particularly difficult to target they call to your immediate circle so in a way some attack on all sides. in a so group says that it can remotely cut off a client's access to pegasus if their abuse it but more had sure ported to mexico
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after the pegasus scandal blew up in. 2017 in the state of sinaloa home to one of mexico's most powerful drug cartels javier valdez was gunned down just blocks from his office. he was a reporter payments for his unflinching coverage of narco violence here. and i'm not a fake tan. i am anti. us and i know. brazil the triana is the widow of the deaths she's a journalist and activist and son a lower. risk companion as man. must. be when they hear more of them and they all christan last seen to somebody yes he had quite a home here. and.
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just days after the shooting triana got strange text messages that included links. fair on me that the sea natalie here whether this. is the minister who met here for one of the yes yes this was a game that i read and the link here is a bit early. l y's so that's hiding with the actual play descent 2 and this is so specific to you. john one candle for. release here on. this side up to here 3 and a commission as you know they simply that. the feet. join us but he had access some. gas. at the supply at the ski poles
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kaminey. and don says misson t. be another. to evolve as his colleagues at the cinema were based newspaper rio dos say also received pegasus affected links within days of the murder. audrey's heriot was one of them. why do you think you were targeted in some illegal we had opinion which up but he supporters were there in borderline things you're maybe at the goodwill geisel. inform us your little star there handle on the door that's how you know that i'm on the saddle for media horses must have guns quite a lot of odyssey i mean also you must you could put us on that on board. in the maybe at the mint those boys at us is he not but. why would they need to secretly illegally surveil your phone is the implication that they think you didn't tell the truth or you're holding something back this is
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a still out but yet it may cause in the just cause s.k. up in the mint this one inexpert governess not conformant back then. you know. they're all that most well there but i would. put in that as i said. i don't which was the as this was a lesson that both of you had in a fight on a phony many apps do you worry about more the authorities or the narcos. no i you know they hadn't that it was. a small you dave you. get it was also we have to say they are most. 2 men were arrested a year after the murder but the mastermind was never apprehended. 99 percent of crimes against journalists go unpunished in mexico. it's unknown if paul desk a similar message just before his death his killers took his phone and laptop. do you think your phone is tapped now. i guess it can mean how about i thought my
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state that. does my net ask can i see. sense has he on the air sent the demand side of that. in 2017 under pressure from the public the mexican attorney general's office launched a criminal investigation into the hacking of journalists and activists. this is the same agency that bought pegasus so far no one has been held accountable. earlier this year the mexican government claimed that it no longer uses pegasus. the 1st people to discover what pegasus is and does were researchers at citizen lab a digital rights group at the university of toronto. they investigate abuses of pegasus worldwide one of the biggest selling points of this stuff is that it's wickedly hard to find there's a cat and mouse game. they hide we seek they were able to associate the links that
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were sent to months or are sticky. undersigned triana many others within a so groups servers. the 1st time that we learn about pegasus about this or get in touch and says listen i think i'm being targeted again. what was special about it was different well this one caught our attention in part because it was about his mobile phone hacking and i phone is a much larger technical lift and we realized that we were looking at a chain of i phone the siri days so these are vulnerabilities that even apple didn't know about at the time they could be used to remotely in fact and penetrate that device and implant a piece of malware on it and people really find scott railton and his colleague bill maher check have investigated abuses of pegasus since 2016. they've identified pegasus infections in the network space of at least 45 countries u.k.
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u.a.e. yemen jordan libya kuwait no country has more reported cases of abuse to mexico what we can see here is the approximate locations of ip addresses of infected devices the thing is we don't know how many devices are within any of these networks it could be one it could be 2. sided mexico because this has been implicated in other high profile cases. the new york times reported that it was used against the emir of qatar in 2014 and then in 2017 the ex president of panama was arrested for using it against political rivals there's a gold rush of investment into this industry and many countries are like you know what after the snowden revelations i've seen this technology i've seen what it can do why don't we have some in all these cases that we looked at how confident are you that it was pegasus it was in this there are remarkable number of abuse cases that we've encountered especially in mexico but also linked to saudi arabia and the
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u.a.e. and those lines draw back to an. pegasus allows governments to extend the reach of their surveillance operations to any cellphone anywhere. since the spring of 2018 released 3 saudi dissidents living in exile in canada in the u.k. were targeted with pegasus. we went to meet one of them. in living in london did you feel like you were beyond the reach of saudi arabia you are now safe i don't think anybody's safe completely about it's safe to be in saudi arabia yeah. yeah yeah siri runs a saudi human rights organization from london where he's lived in exile since 2014 q tell me why electronic communications are so important for what you do there is no independent institutions inside the country so nobody comments that
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violation inside the country people working with the government in the courts in their presence there for a lot of information for us for all the cell phones on the internet. what kind of risk that they take to get you that information. they have been taught try to. ill treat it pastes for sexual harassment just because they can talk to myself. and i got into also because they told the waltz about the violations of the country part of thoughts is came from sort of careless of their more pockets. the information assyria collects from inside the country often makes it into international news he sometimes worked with the slain saudi journalist jamal khashoggi.
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to see. if he walked. all right. sometimes he asked me i've often said just chance or asked about some of automation. the 2 of them spoke to each other over encrypted chat apps in their final exchange just days before his murder at the saudi consulate in turkey in 2018. proposed that they should try to pressure chrome prince mohammed bin some on to release political prisoners and he said that his message maybe you will feel it is silly or he has less but please let's we try maybe public his conscience. is not the enemy for anyone trying to get straight for. the israeli newspaper ha'aretz reported that the saudis paid $55000000.00 for pegasus in july 2017 just before crown prince mohammed bin some on begin to purges
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opponents. since then more than 500 people have been detained and a new law made insults to the crown and offense in a so denies this technology was used to target and refuses to divulge to their clients are. in a so says the pegasus can only be used against high level criminals like cartel members terrorists human traffickers and if it's used otherwise it can be shut off at the source how do you reconcile that what you know so that everyone they are talking to now talking about the freedom of speech criticizing the king the crown prince. criticizing very justice this is. if we are trying to push the government to allow women to drive the car is to act so that's how the. fate agree to go there to fight our freedom in the name of fighting.
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and it's so group was started almost a decade ago by 2 israeli tech entrepreneurs cell of julio and only living. there one of many successful companies in the past growing $12000000000.00 mobile surveillance industry. today the company is worth almost a $1000000000.00 despite the negative press. we asked in a so group about the process they used to vet their customers. they said that they have an ethics committee that's empowered to block sells to potential customers without regard to commercial interests. they also say that committee turned down more than $150000000.00 in sales in the last 3 years. in a so was recently asked about their practices by the u.s. show 60 minutes can you say that you won't and haven't sold
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pegasus to a country that is known to violate human rights and imprison journalists and go after activists i only say that we are setting. in order to prevent crime until. there's currently no evidence that in the so group has license pegasus to the us government but it appears to be interested in doing so. it's american base subsidiary has registered as a federal contractor a crucial step to doing business with the us. and according to the vice report and co-founder only would be demonstrated the company's technology to the drug enforcement administration in 2015. and is so group declined our repeated request for an on camera interview so we went to only levy's home outside of manhattan. the only home.
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we ask your questions. i am a journalist with al-jazeera josh rushing i'll show. you questions when i guess they move from your. private property so i would have to. go just one state like why do you continue to sell the governments that use pegasus to target human rights activists and journalists. so you go where i'll call the police. i was in a so responded to your research and i so continues to. call reporting into question call our evidence based data driven reporting into question but never bringing data or evidence to the table themselves and so the evidence stands for itself. with you they've actually gone a little bit beyond the keyboard right where we don't know who is behind this but
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we do know that my colleague and myself were both approached by individuals under false pretenses we felt that that indicated that they were thinking well we're going to have these people maybe we can make this problem. in january scott realtor was contacted by someone claiming to be a french businessman interested in this work and invited him to meet in new york city. and. it was only because we were so ready for summer it had to happen that we were able to like deploy and do this operation. suspecting it was a set up it's got real tim prepared a sting of his own then i think he controlled the operational environment so i had to make a determination of where he was most likely to sit me and he would go to dinner with the operative back in the corner i have to come in looking like the most wide eyed ph d. student i think the end of it was to reporters with the associated press who come
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in asking questions the 1st hour is just seems like a normal conversation and like finally right at our one the yellow cards come out now he's asking about like citizen lab in the red cards it's like our unity semite he was interested in i think 2 things 1st he wanted to get me to say things that would make citizen lab and myself appear to be less credible maybe even racist which is pretty distasteful and 2nd he wanted to talk to me about our work on this over and specifically in us over that's right. now when we got the a.p. guy to come up such an extreme i think just to try. to. excuse me i don't think he will actually if you want because my critique when it's visiting. company this morning and you know it's very strange she says it
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doesn't. do what you want are you going to do. this is this was the only because we had to face past everywhere that he was in a fight and i don't think that they're accustomed to her being boss that. you. know. you're sure to be yes you know this is. what. you do with the new york times later confirmed that the man was an operative for his really private security company called black q if you know for sure. in a so denies it's in to black cube operative to target scott real to put on the issue here is not about whether or not the industry should exist the issue is here's an industry and whatever we scratch and whatever other investigator scratch we find abuses something's clearly wrong with the business model in the business as usual of this industry and that's why we're here to talk about. you can't see it.
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but there are wars being fought in cyberspace. the weapons are getting more sophisticated and easier to use. unlike conventional or nuclear weapons there's currently no international framework governing the use of cyber weapons. the targeting of these high risk people should be understood as canaries and to do the whole line we're sort of in the early days for the proliferation of this kind of technology and when this technology goes to a place where there's not good oversight the temptation is clearly overwhelming to use it in ways that extend beyond crime fighting is it a case of the law just hasn't caught up with this technology. i mean you know our society has really caught up with i don't have a lot. do you like in this so crews are profiting in the early on reg you. they did years of this new battlefield. and their clients were able to will be surveillance
6:46 pm
weapons with impunity there's a layer of invasion of privacy that happens when the actual invasion takes place. it's a whole nother kettle of fish when you discover that you've been violated in this way. this exposure of your personal world doesn't just stop at you it extends out to people you care about of trusted you and it makes you toxic. just like you're knocking me not. to get up and sat and restaurant or sun ask a tummy bunny task because something he nods. in a can or saying yeah this decade has done no there is that all the end of the 2nd a capacity that i can at least get. in a 2 part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over
6:47 pm
20 years. where insights into circumstances that she plights. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me continues with good morning groups in young on al-jazeera. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is 0. and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi u.a.e. airstrikes on the yemeni capital can at least 6 civilians. the military suspends
6:49 pm
talks on a transition to civilian rule the 3 days. government is investigating hardline put a screen of attacks against muslims. and the disease threatening a stray as one in that population. including the action from the n.b.a. playoffs the milwaukee bucks to be. closer to the final. we begin in yemen where in the past few hours the saudi u.a.e. coalition has launched several air strikes in and around the capital sana residential neighborhoods were also bombed at least 6 people have been killed all from one family the coalition insists it targeted toothy military positions and weapons storage facilities the airstrikes came just days after the repeats came to responsibility for several drone attacks on $22.00 oil pumping stations in saudi
6:50 pm
arabia there are reports that he fighters and coalition backed government forces resumed fighting in the data on wednesday breaching a fragile cease fire there. well there are a b. is a yemeni journalist in sunnah he says the attacks hit a residential area. strikes hitting many places. in the outskirts of the north. we lift him out. and there were also. air strikes in the middle of the house. one where many be. killed and injured receiving some intervention from. a medical or. many of the terms are receiving some but we belong to know exactly how
6:51 pm
many but we we. we can say that there are many dozens of people. have been killed and injured in may be. very intersection of ari bob. or across the street. some honesty in the. military there is no military money to say jim bennett. or. sudan's military has suspended talks with protest leaders for 3 days the opposition alliance which has been demanding civilian rule has called the decision regrettable at least 4 people were killed in violence on monday and protesters are demanding accountability from khartoum al-jazeera reports. on the day that sudan's military council and the opposition coalition were supposed to announce a deal to form
6:52 pm
a transitional government a setback appears and the announcement that came was contrary to what people expected just 24 hours before. we have decided to stop all sorts of allegations actions for $72.00 hours with the freedom and justice alliance and the removal of barricades from bridges. it's all started on wednesday evening when protesters say a fraction of the sudanese military known as the rapid support forces opened fire on them after they refused to allow the removal of barricades they set up. thank them but this is a bullet casing it's one of the live ammunition what happened is that the forces beat up those guarding the barricades ahead and when the protesters tried to defend the barricades they were shot at the sudanese doctors committee says at least a dozen people have been injured in a scene that unfolded very much like the one from monday night when 5 people were killed and more than 200 wounded ones the evening's events happened less than $24.00 hours after the opposition coalition and the military council which ousted
6:53 pm
sudan's 30 year president already bashir announced progress in talks to form a transitional government the coalition said the attacks were an attempt to disperse protesters at the sit in at the army headquarters less than 500 meters away it's now in its 6th week with protesters saying they're there to put pressure on the military council to hand power to civilian rule the opposition coalition which has been leading the calls for the protests and the sit in has urged protesters to remove the new barricades set up on main roads not exactly how we're going to look no one will scare us with bullets will stay and face the bullets but it will be organized and united and it will have certain points. a barricade can be guarded by a 1000 people but we shouldn't have thousands of barricades we can't defend our plans didn't include many of the main roads will now open those roads and return to the roads laid out in our maps. and the protesters list and they move the barricades back to the curb meters set up when the sit in started on april thinks some analysts think some factions of the military stand to lose if it deal is
6:54 pm
reached between the council and the opposition there were allegations that the security forces which. the vice president are messy attacked the crowd on monday there were a number of deaths. and it's quite possible the same forces are involved here he is after all the kingpin in the whole of the military structure that is responsible for holding the whole of the security forces together and i did say that he's not too happy about the idea of sharing power with the civilians meanwhile those at the sit in theory they know they are the power base for the opposition and the pressure card against the military council to hand over power they say they want and they're certain despite the violence until their demands are met with the new orders from the military council their determination to continue with the thetan will be tested he will morgan al jazeera. well let's now return to our top story on c.n.n. where is the director of the gulf study center at castle university and he joins me
6:55 pm
now let's start with today's airstrikes in santa allegedly targeting military ok sions what message is the coalition trying to send especially given the timing it was expected after did admit that the oil pipeline in saudi arabia. which is basically important about this is actually the link between all of what's happening in the region what's happening in the gulf and what's happening in them and they are interlinked so basically the same with the same. complications so. does. the need. need to work on all of the issues to that are so down the situation in the region what are we hearing from the freaky is are we likely to see further retaliation i think i think the hope is you know the reports so far as was being targeted as basically a civilian 6 or 7 people were killed or more casualties so this i'm sure this will bring more actions from the booth east again officials of you know
6:56 pm
action and the action which will continue especially with the absence of any political solution in yemen and much of house is likely to impact the peace process while the attempted peace process especially given what's happening in the data i'm sure this will have a great impact i'm sure there will be this will show to the whole discussion about her they. sure would be more. reluctant to any kind of solutions in the future would come in saudi arabia because it seems that with what's happening in the gulf coast is they try to benefit from the situation and try to basically. apply all of their with their promise of basically. weakening so the position in the region not only in yemen you've been talking about rising regional tensions just talk us through the intentions of the different players here as as you see you know we were talking in the last few weeks about what's happening in the gulf iran the united states looking. at all of these
6:57 pm
stories now in the last 2 days who is joining this busta targeting the oil pipeline of saudi arabia and then again so that it be a can basically blame who thinks with his alliance with iran iran is the united states so that it's a it's a very complicated scene to see and this tells us that all of this tension need to be dealt with as a whole rather than separating it file by file lots of complexities by these little mind what are the primary drivers of this conflict or this imagine. i think the weakness of the states in the region and also the role of non-state actor non-state actors like cozies like the like those are taking a greater role in the region and the state are very weak in the region unfortunately with all of this conflicts you know we have a weak state in iraq and i was doing it in yemen and those non-state actors are taking and it's a strong growth actually and this increase the level of of tensions and also
6:58 pm
complicate complexity in the region and will continue watching all of that not just where a friend has a university thanks for being with us thank you so much there. well now let's return to our other top stories sudan's military council suspending talks with protest organizers let's go live now to mohammed oddo who's in khartoum for us mohammed you are out on the streets in the capital what are you seeing there now ah barricades being removed. the budget curves have been removed and traffic is one of us once again full we through the truth of this time yesterday the road was. closed our rules i'm in * the streets in the central part 2 of the protests. they do look one to end the war drama with the military console the so they know what they want to do with tom to civilian rule is not going to tell you.
6:59 pm
what they're calling excuses from the transitional military consul who whose decision to suspend the talks full 3 been told by the protesters was not really a flimsy excuse saying only remove the but it creates a little of that awful remove the body case they have on the bridges on the also. away lines and they're saying the military council has now no option book review talks with them. out riding out the does it but my agreement over the transitional government but it's unclear at this point without the military council will resume look talks now or wait for the last 3 days for lots al-jazeera as monitors are in khartoum for us thank you well now we can speak to. the spokesman
7:00 pm
for the sudanese professionals association which has been leading these protests he joins us live now on skype from in germany mr ahmed it does appear as our reporter has just told us that some of the barricades and cutting all being removed is this a concession to the military council. actually before even the military council has started this point we have been telling and we have been pointing that there are some surrogates out of the area of assistance are our have been made through some of the even old regimes in germany so. the point was to put the governor on on the political negotiations that have been taking space for the past days the most important thing that we have been committed to our peaceful movement since the middle of december last december and there is nothing new in our path.


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