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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 137  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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his killers took his phone and laptop. do you think your phone is tapped now. i guess it can mean how about i thought my state that. does my name ask can i sign says they send data mail to have that. in 2017 under pressure from the public the mexican attorney general's office launched a criminal investigation into the hacking of journalists and activists. this is the same agency that bought pegasus so far no one has been held accountable. earlier this year the mexican government claimed that it no longer uses pegasus. the 1st people to discover what pegasus is and does researchers at citizen lab a digital rights group at the university of toronto. they investigate abuses of pegasus worldwide one of the biggest selling points of this stuff is that it's
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wickedly hard to find there's a cat and mouse game. they hide we seek they were able to associate the links that were sent to months or are sticky and are signed triana in many others within a so groups servers. the 1st time that we learn about pegasus about this or get in touch and says listen i think i'm being targeted i guess. what was special about it was different well this one caught our attention in part because it was about his mobile phone hacking and i phone is a much larger technical lift and we realized that we were looking at a chain of i phone 0 days so these are vulnerabilities that even apple didn't know about at the time they can be used to remotely in fact and penetrate that device and implant a piece of malware on it and really scott railton and his colleague bill maher check have investigated abuses of pegasus since 2016. they've identified
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pegasus infections in the network space of at least 45 countries u.k. u.a.e. yemen jordan libya kuwait no country has more reported cases of abuse the mexico border we can see here is the approximate locations ip addresses of infected devices the thing is we don't know how many devices are within any of these networks it could be one it could be 10. side of mexico because this has been implicated in other high profile cases. the new york times reported that it was used against the emir of qatar in 2014 and then in 2017 the ex president of panama was arrested for using it against political rivals there's a gold rush of investment into this industry and many countries are like you know what after the snowden revelations i've seen this technology i've seen what it can do why don't we have some in all these cases that we looked at how confident are you that it was pegasus and it wasn't us there are remarkable number of abuse cases
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that we've encountered especially in mexico but also linked to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and those lines drawn back to as. pegasus allows governments to extend the reach of their surveillance operations to any cellphone anywhere. since the spring of 2018 at least 3 saudi dissidents living in exile in canada in the u.k. were targeted with pegasus. we went to meet one of them. and living in london did you feel like you were beyond the reach of saudi arabia you are now safe i don't think anybody's safe complain about. it's safe out of that and to be in saudi arabia. siri runs a saudi human rights organization from london where he's lived in exile since 2014 q tell me why electronic communication. these are so important for what you do
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there is nor independent institutions at all inside the country so nobody comments that violation inside the country people walking with the government in the courts in their presence look forward to information to us from all the cell phones through the internet. what kind of risk that they take to get you that information . they have been tortured. ill treated. pastes for sexual harassment just because they contacted myself. and i got into. because they told the warts violations of the country part of thoughts is came from sort of fairness there were parts. the information assyria collects from inside the country after makes it into international news he sometimes worked with the slain saudi journalist jamal khashoggi.
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to see. if he wants to write an article sometimes he asked me i've often said just chance or asked about some of automation. the 2 of them spoke to each other over encrypted chat apps in their final exchange just days before his murder at the saudi consulate in turkey in 2018. proposed that they should try to pressure chrome prince mohammed bin some on to release political prisoners and he said that his message maybe you will feel it is silly or useless but please let's we try. public his conscience. is not the enemy for anyone who was trying to get through far. there's really newspaper her. it's reported that the saudis paid $55000000.00 for
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pegasus in july 2017 just before crown prince mohammed bin so mon began to purges opponents. since then more than 500 people have been detained and a new terror law made insults to the crown an offense in a so denies its technology was used to target and refuses to divulge to their clients are. in there so says that pegasus can only be used against high level criminals like cartel members terrorists human traffickers and if it's used otherwise it can be shut off at the source how do you reconcile that what you know so that even when they are talking to talk about the freedom of speech criticizing the king the culprit is. criticizing very justice this is. if we are trying to push the government to allow women to drive a car is to doctor so that's how they. face the agreed to go there
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to fight our freedom in the name of fighting get to. finish so group was started almost a decade ago by 2 israeli tech entrepreneurs shell of julio and only living. there one of many successful companies in the past growing $12000000000.00 mobile surveillance industry. today the company is worth almost a $1000000000.00 despite the negative press. we asked in a so group about the process they used to vet their customers. they said that they have an ethics committee that's empowered to block sells to potential customers without regard to commercial interests. they also say that committee turned down more than $150000000.00 in sales in the last 3 years. in a so was recently asked about their practices by the u.s.
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show 60 minutes can you say that you won't and haven't sold pegasus to a country that is known to violate human rights and imprison journalists and go after activists i only say that we are setting thanklessness in order to prevent crime until. there's currently no evidence that in the so group has license pegasus to the us government but it appears to be interested in doing so. it's american base subsidiary has registered as a federal contractor a crucial step to doing business with the us. and according to the vice report and co-founder only would be demonstrated the company's technology to the drug imports from the ministration in 2015. minutes so group declined our repeated request for an on camera interview so we went to only levy's home outside of manhattan. the
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only home. we ask your questions. i'm a journalist with al-jazeera josh rushing i'll show called we ask you to your questions when i guess they move from your private property so i would have to. go just one state like why do you continue to sell the governments that use pegasus to target human rights activists and journalists. so you go where i called the police. i was in a so responded to your research and i so continues to. call reporting into question call our evidence based data driven reporting into question but never bringing data or evidence to the table themselves and so the evidence stands for itself. and with
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you they've actually gone a little bit beyond the keyboard right where we don't know who is behind this but we do know that my colleague and myself were both approached by individuals under false pretenses we felt that that indicated that they were thinking well we're going to have these people maybe we can make this problem. in january scott realtor was contacted by someone claiming to be a french businessman interested in his work and invited him to meet in new york city. and. it was only because we were so ready for something about to happen that we were able to like deploy and do this operation. suspecting it was a set up it's got real tim prepared to stink of his own this thing he controlled the operational environment so i had to make a determination of where he was most likely to sit me and he would go to dinner with the operative i'm
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a corner i have to come in looking like the most wide eyed ph d. student i think the end of it was to reporters with the associated press who come in asking questions the 1st hour is just seems like a normal conversation and like finally right at our one the yellow cards come out now he's asking about citizen lab and the red cards it's like a unity summit he was interested in i think 2 things 1st he wanted to get me to say things that would make citizen lab and myself appear to be less credible maybe even racist which is pretty distasteful and 2nd he wanted to talk to me about our work on a server and specifically in a sober that's right. now when we got the a.p. guy to come up such an extreme i think just to try. to. excuse me i don't think he will actually if you want because my critique when it's visiting. company this morning and you know it's very strange she says it
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doesn't. do what you want are you going to do. this is this was the only because we had to face past everywhere that he was in a fight and i don't think that they're accustomed to her being boss that. you. know. your issue is. that. you don't want the new york times later confirmed that the man was an operative for his really private security company called black q if you know for sure. in a so denies it's in to black cube operative to target scott real to put it on but the issue here is not about whether or not the industry should exist the issue is here's an industry and whatever we scratch and whatever other investigator scratch we find abuses something is clearly wrong with the business model in the business
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as usual of this industry and that's what we're here to talk about. you can't see it. but there are wars being fought in cyberspace. the weapons are getting more sophisticated and easier to use. unlike conventional or nuclear weapons there's currently no international framework governing the use of cyber weapons. the targeting of these high risk people should be understood as canaries and the digital coal mine were sort of in the early days for the proliferation of this kind of technology and when this technology goes to a place where there's not good oversight the temptation is clearly overwhelming to use it in ways that extend beyond crime fighting is it a case of the law just hasn't caught up with this technology. i mean you know our society has really caught up with i don't know if you like. dealers like in the so-called or profiting in the early on reg you. they did years of this new
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battlefield. and their clients were able to will be surveillance weapons with impunity there's a layer of invasion of privacy that happens when the actual invasion takes place. but it's a whole nother kettle of fish when you discover that you've been violated in this way. this exposure of your personal world doesn't just stop at you it extends out to people you care about have trusted you and it makes you toxic. johnno so you're knocking me not. to get up and sat and pressed on her son ask a time and money i ask because some communities. in account are saying yeah this decade has no there is that all coriander he said in a custody battle i can see it. i
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really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinist and that isn't friends with in our global federation and it is really hard to get you fired up or if you join us on say the blood of the commies beat up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live here to chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on al-jazeera. he added to. the passion the success and the popularity. and then he gets. it all up.
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for the love of his homeland. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rashid makushi. to fool with the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid mcu feet and the f.l.n. team on al-jazeera. hello i'm the stasi attain doha with the top stories on al-jazeera troops from sudan's rapid support forces have tried to remove barricades person place by protesters outside the army had horses but they eventually gave up more demonstrations are expected in khartoum monitor has more from that i think sean is running high of the square also the military had halters with the protesters saying
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there's been a number of attempts by the up with support forces to try and remove the body cues they're put on the square for their own port action they say that actions by the support forces are aimed at 3 getting some sort of reaction from them and the say they would stay put and will not be distracted from their objective which is to continue piling pressure on the transitional military council for a swift at a time to civilian rule is done and they say they're trying to take advantage of the friday prayers to bring out many people as possible to the square of course they're also surprised that the transitional military council did not. who convened the talks event after they removed the body cubes they had acted on some of the streets of the cup with. when the talks will resume whether the transitional military council will hold for the reconvene the talks before the deadline and
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loves us or would wait until after but the protesters are insisting they will remain calm and would not give any reaction to the what they're calling the actions that are aimed treat getting some reaction from them by the prop would support forces iran's foreign minister job as a reef has arrived in china where he's seeking support in his country's confrontation with the united states china is one of the 5 remaining parties to the iran nuclear deal and the biggest buyer of iranian oil tension between tehran and washington has increased after the trumpet ministration tighten sanctions on iran's oil sector. and president donald trump has announced his plans to overhaul the u.s. immigration system the changes would strongly favor skilled migrants and make it more difficult for non english speakers and asylum seekers in britain cross party
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talks to strike a compromise on prime minister to resume a deal have failed labor leader jeremy corbyn says discussions have gone as far as they can the 2 sides have tried for weeks to agree on the terms for the country's exit from the e.u. brain was britain was due to leave on march 29th about bret's that has been delayed until october 31st the saudi u.a.e. coalition says it's investigating what it calls the possibility of an accidental air strike in the yemeni capital sana'a on thursday the coalition insists it was targeting heathy military positions but residential neighborhoods were also bombed . brazil's president has dismissed mass protests by students and professors saying they were politically motivated demonstrators launched the largest protest yes against president diable sonar on wednesday over education spending cuts also morris says the protests were hijacked by supporters of jailed former president
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lula da silva. education is in bad shape i'd rather not have to cut or limit any funding anywhere but that's the reality if i don't do it i have to answer to the fiscal responsibility law i could even have to face impeachment and i believe no one wants this in brazil thousands of algerians have returned to the capital streets in protest for the 13th friday in a row there they're demanding democratic reforms and the removal of politicians from former president abilities beautifully because regime presidential elections are expected in july the longtime leader was forced to step down last month and author of arrested several people for corruption. india's near 7 week election is drawing to a close official campaigning ends on friday with the 7th and final phase of voting to be held on sunday the governing b j p s campaign has been highly focused on prime minister narendra modi who seeking a 2nd term in office well those are the headlines next stop 20 years of me stay
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with us. killing to kill dogs who are. high she doesn't seem almost. to how old ill bred this shoura. this is rosemary if she is in 2002 up here just 10. minutes is where she lives
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her senior. from community in the brazilian city of rio. and not be senile can. push by a fellow mob i just watch you all get up and about their house. out of the way of it all out there my girl didn't. fall and i was going to reach it. we 1st met rosemary when she was a baby born in 1992. this is the story of her life so phones are. now a pillar said. she. was still a bit already there no way she. knew from
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phone. for gentle resentful. and a man who put on post keeping them in one person can do some good we need the movie of the compass so. yeah i mean the comparison could have been a permanent. give us a go there. and this would be made and all of them found that they. don't pay for that but from an efficient. pace if you want to kill town to see something boring. so what's got to end up ok. and then on the flip top. quando show may allophonic well on the one hand. yes someone at school who caught it and. i loved it wish it wasn't us i hope i can make that i end up on paper i have
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a. bunch of kids so i hope the. people can get out they know. the neighborhood. sympathized. he stepped into hope and her extended family. if one could go to the big. hall and push. you would you. still. want you going. to. give us a coke or oppose feed you. play you don't want to this is cool for you don't tell me that you me and.
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this fish the bosses of rio de ever since he was a boy. the feeling bullish. i love. you but no bill blah. blah a bullish so did i say oh this is big this is the days i feel good all the good. will fiasco i told you would you kill gene you laugh. a little quirky. he has a. fool to do what. is good lizzie good she was good as it is if you believe he should be the hero. faulting kind of thing one can telephones on. the. road this is the thing that.
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i say want to go i. don't want to pass on i want to do finish. last because if. i didn't went down 50 on the way down you know on. going off. into a mansion and institutions would. feel limited but their family could i get by far the medical leave. my fellow home did you. think i'm going to get what i would you be
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a thief if there's any other people define to be on the phone for you before. well you give it. now to. our. 2002 and rosemary is now 10. the family have moved into a new house. and california like you know me i still need them. on my wall to wall by fish caught. my big question matt. your model of is it. why do you see a male and male. killing still do or who are.
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going to kill normal dog key. key to how long ill bred the shura. for a short while rosemary's parents have got back together. to miss it and by then i think i've been. cast as a pet a sawmill mildew is your friend as a condition i wish i had gotten them with a problem out there in launching or want to. go to her mom who want. to do us a simple sum for us. because frankly me with her bikini a guy who's a married man who ought. to be paid i mean moves on the school to become super police for the beginning it's. kind of him what he and the man is a long list of unknown after the shot only to get a little up on them.


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