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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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and fear the making of them is the liberal media attitudes the writers want to tackle had gone. soapbox mexico breaking taboos on al-jazeera. the u.s. house condemns president donald trump for racially charged comments against 4 congress women. and how he in this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up. i feel so honored and i'm overwhelmed germany's defense minister is live on the line is elected to the e.u.'s top job becoming the 1st female president of the european commission. the u.s. imposes sanctions on some of myanmar's top military affairs officers over abuses
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against ring of muslims. and sprees former president of the 100 so they go is a respite in the u.s. on corruption charges links to a prison in construction giants. the u.s. house of representatives has voted to condemn the court's racist comments that president donald trump made but for congresswoman on sunday president trump tweeted it's telling the for politicians to go back to where they came from and he's refused to let up despite growing criticism both at home and abroad mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table the vote went largely along party lines only for republicans joining house democrats in their rebuke of president trump it was a rare occasion on which all in the house were forced to go on the record in
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response to intemperate comments made by the president these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and that comment are racist the vote was delayed by republicans who attempted to have the accusation of racism made by the house speaker introducing the bill struck off the record i urge genuine if you will and you know that the balance of my house is going to the general speaker of the house if she would like to rephrase that comment i had actually read my remarks as a parliamentarian before i read them the unprecedented argument delayed the vote for hours many republicans clearly more angered by the speaker's words than by those treated by the president as a general making a demand of the words be taken down. a request for jones words are on parliamentary question to be taken down despite the republican fury a vote was taken and the house ruled the speaker's words should be kept on the
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record then another moment of drama for the 1st time a formal attempt in the house to move articles of impeachment against the president impeaching donald john truck president of the united states of misdemeanors the move is likely to intensify what has been a bitter debate among house democrats about impeachment more than 80 representatives are on record as urging such a move others including the house speaker have been arguing that it would be better to continue investigating the president through house committees rather than risk a failed move to impeach therefore downall john traub by causing such harm. to the society of the united states is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment trial and removal from office a decision may non-meat to be made one way or the other my kind of al-jazeera
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washington well bill schneider is a political analyst and professor of public policy at george mason university he says trump is trying to appeal to his base some really rather unprecedented a vote to condemn the president by a house of congress you don't see that very often and it'll make it much more difficult in the future for the president to seek cooperation from congress and particularly any kind of collaboration with democrats who are the ones who are sponsoring. the resolution some republicans soon again but basically what we're seeing is a poisonous party divide made worse by this episode every move he makes as president is to galvanize his base he governs on behalf of his base he's a very unusual president most presidents seek to unite the country seek to create consensus this president governs by dividing he deliberately exploits the division
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of the country that was there long before he took office it's been building for 50 years he sees it as an opportunity and rally rallies his base in defiance of those who are on the other side it's a very divisive strategy it's resented by a lot of americans and it's unlikely to work. european parliament has narraway elected. as presidents off the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post when she replaces in the 2 and a whole has more now from strasburg. approval from the european parliament tight vote means the line becomes the 1st woman to hold the e.u.'s top job as commission president she'll set the policy agenda for the next 5 years i feel so on notes and i'm overwhelmed and i thank you for the trust your place in me you're the trust you've placed in me is confidence you've placed in europe your confidence in
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the united and a strong europe from east to west from south to north. as a german woman and a close ally of angle a merkel on the line will be seen as an extension of the chancellor's dominant role in european politics she owes her career to merkel and like merkel she's a political conservative and a passionate supporter of european integration. but big spending promises designed to sway down to any peace are a departure and may prove hard to fulfill we must take bold steps to get mrs from the lion is indebted for their support to opposing quarters from the socialists to the nationalists which means someone will have to be disappointed supporters in the heavyweight center right european peoples party bloc to which belongs brush those concerns aside she managed to get the support of $27.00 out of $28.00 heads of
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government in the european union so western europeans eastern europeans were supporting her representatives from a different political families and what she also managed to do is together with us to bring france and germany closer back together the french german cooperation is not everything in the good opinion that sure but without a close friend german cooperation things really don't move forward in the european union among the promises. has made is reform of the very electoral process that had failed to produce a democratically elected candidate with her name emerging instead from behind closed doors as the preferred pick of e.u. heads of government and state it's not only far right populists talking about a democratic deficit in the e.u. anymore many other any p's a saying it as well. and try as she might to be the consensus candidate for all her promise of a green climate deal for europe wasn't enough to sway the greens what is this dream
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deal for europe can you explain that to me i can't well if you can't i can't either i mean again a slogan it's not a program what is it how much in which direction. but they'll be abiding sense of relief an autumn of crises beckons a trade war with trump and britain sliding towards a no deal breaks it at least europe now knows who's in charge jonah hill al-jazeera strasberg. the us government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on me and mars top military leaders it's in response see the mass killing overhang of muslims in 2017 the sanctions target me and most commander in chief and several other senior commanders orson's and says the government hasn't taken any action against those responsible for human rights abuses wealthy smith is the co-founder and chief executive of search for survivors rights he welcomes the sanctions but says the
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u.s. could do more. governments around the world have taken several measures including the us government to apply certain sanctions against people responsible for genocide this is the 1st time however that a government has come out and acknowledged senior gentlemen on lyings responsibility for those crimes and that is significant but there is certainly more that the u.s. government could and should do this particular set of sanctions really only prevents these generals from entering the united states but you know it's good news if this is the 1st measure that the united states government will take in addressing genocide in me and morgans the running of people it's bad news if this is all that secretary pompei in the administration are planning to do so we are hopeful that they'll do more and the impacts can be serious this will flag the responsibility of these individuals for international prosecutors for example the international criminal court it will give pause to business leaders going to me and
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more in doing business with the medium our military or military owned enterprises so there can be significant ripple effects of british arena aid worker jailed in teheran is being held at a psychiatric hospital after being moved there from prison and as a means of going about close family say she's been kept at a facility under the control of iran's revolutionary guards she was sentenced to 5 years in prison on spying charges after being arrested at tehran airport in 2016 last month she went on a 2 week hunger strike along with her u.k. based husband designed to push for her release. former proven president of $102.00 ladies who has been arrested in the united states for extradition on corruption charges he's elisa's politician coats off in latin america's largest ever corruption scandal sensor its own brazilian construction company or depressed mariana sanchez francis more now from lima. he's been living freely for some time
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in california and last night his lawyer said that he had spoken with him and there was no indication that little was a aware that this arrest would be imminent but this has been indeed a result of a very intense work by the peruvian government which requests that the extradition one year ago also very intense work by the prosecutors the prosecutor's office in peru that is working on the case and that has gone through thousands and thousands of papers paperwork to be able to prove that during that a little government between 20012006 there were bribes. paid as well another very important matter in this is that there's been intense work in brazil itself with the carwash investigation the other bridge scandal has put the man out that the link between peru. government proves companies and all they would have to
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testify in the old rich case he has given all the information he continues to give out information and a result of this is that this has had peru has been the country most impacted by the scandal. mainly with arrests from the most important politicians in peru to more importantly the house arrest of former president bill. and as we all know of course the suicide of former president alan garcia who killed himself just minutes after of arrived in his home in lima to arrest him we in relation to the case. so it's come on al-jazeera the u.k. government is accused of discriminating against these africans from africa. and a white police officer in the u.s. he choked a black american today it's a few face criminal charges. and
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oh there we have of course been watching the remnants of what was tropical storm barry across sections of the south united states on the south the cloud really beginning to break up so a pretty good indicator that the system really house but they're all still some warnings in place and flash flood warnings really from often saw right there up into southern areas of missouri but on wednesday a lot of that rain now beginning to push out tools and take up into the northeast so possibly a wet day in new york but warm with a high of 32 bit dry in the south 34 and atlanta and then as we head off into thursday at that rain actually becoming a little bit lighter but still waveland along the eastern seaboard so 28 in new york but what you will see out across the midwest some pretty high temperatures and we have got some excessive heat watches in place the much of the midwest 35 in chicago on thursday that she won in minneapolis on a warm day encounters the city on storm systems posturing with
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a high of 34 degrees celsius than we had down towards the caribbean not a bad couple of days ahead here we have got the usual thunderstorms developing usually a little bit late in the day but really as we head towards central america the yucatan peninsula and to the east of there the rain showers becoming fairly widespread heavy at times heavy at times and also pushing into southern portions of mexico $23.00 in mexico city and $23.00 in guatemala. discover new developments in surgery under covered up somewhere in hiroshima japan to meet the surgeon hiring new techniques in regenerating money and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed on to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all the evidence we have the virus is at least $100.00 fold more impact than cutting. the cure revisited on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera quit trying to of the top stories this hour the u.s. house of representatives as force it to condemn president donald trump for racially charged comments against for minority congresswoman truck told them to go back to where they came from for republicans backs the democratic preservation. era be in parliament has not only elected ursula von delay in as president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the post when she replaces sean quote in the family. and the u.s.
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government is imposing its strongest sanctions to date on myanmar as top military leaders as a response to the mass killing of ring of muslims and 2017 the sanctions target men mars' commander in chief and several other senior commanders. a new york police officer whose actions fueled a national movement against police brutality will not face charges for killing a black man he was trying to arrest. the justice department made the announcement on cheese stay 5 years after eric gone his death kristen salumi has more. than 60. days officer daniel pan to lay all was caught on video putting eric garner in a choke hold that led to his death police were attempting to arrest are now on charges of illegally selling loose cigarettes are important. to know if the agent but after what was described as an exhaustive review the department of
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justice decided the evidence did not meet the high bar required to bring civil rights charges against the officer when we evaluated the actions and white his training and experience mr gardner size weight and actions to resist arrest and the duration and escalating nature of the interaction we determined that was insufficient evidence garners family and their supporters were quick to have jacked but years ago my son said. it today we came. because they have let us down. by the way those words i can't breathe became a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement against police brutality after garners death in 2014 bringing thousands to the street in protest. the mayor of new york issued
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a statement expressing disappointment with the justice department's decision but clearly that wasn't enough for activists and members of their garters family who gathered outside city hall demanding that the mayor now fire officer bandolero while panta lay a won't face criminal charges he could still face disciplinary action by the new york police department but the department is known for protecting its officers. u.s. attorney william barr a trouble point he approved the decision not to charge panda layo a fact that was not lost on activists and local politicians it's a pretty clearly to communities of color. which on the mystery is showing yet again they don't give a damn about those protesters are again vowing to hit the streets in a country where race relations are already strained and a city where the mare is running for president as a democrat the pressure to act will be intense kristen salumi al jazeera new york.
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well i stay with this bruce fein is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general and joins us now live from washington d.c. thank you so much for speaking with us here on al-jazeera we heard in distance louise reports that phrase there is not enough evidence for a conviction but for for the average man or woman watching this show seeing that video hearing i can't breathe that many times it doesn't appear to match up just why is the justice department not pressing charges. well we need to take a comprehensive picture of all the investigations and evidence necessary to prove not only that a death occurred but there was a mental state of mind that satisfied the criminal threshold needed to convict remember that the state of new york also investigated and didn't even indict mr banta layo so in the state doesn't have the extra high threshold of proof needed in
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a federal case to show busy that the accused policeman intended to violate a constitutional right that's a very high subjective standard that has to be met and also remember that this isn't simply a decision of the trump administration the obama administration which to be candid he was black he had a black attorney general 2 of them also ahead declined to go forward with a prosecution so if you look at everything go ahead as the sub starts to cut you off there was this going to say it doesn't. well we'll get into the i was just going to say to set your hands i do have. the bullets in a 2nd but certainly from a legal perspective what exactly would it take to get a conviction. you have in a federal civil rights criminal case the u.s. supreme court has said you have to prove that the policeman specifically intended mentally to deprive the victim of the constitutional right to life that they was
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thinking about there's no due process i want to take this individual's life and not give him a judicial trial that's a very high standard it's not insurmountable in the rodney glen king case several years ago it was met with regard to illegal seizure if you will of mr. king it wasn't a death but it's still a very exacting standard and it's the rare case that you do get convictions when i was in the department there is an effort to prosecute 8 national guardsman for kent state killings after the cambodian vacation and they were all acquitted but that's what you have to prove not only the acts but a mental state of mind that specifically intends to deprive a constitutional right well given the standard is so high it can seem to the casual observer who does not have the legal training that this does not seem like justice has been done it appears that this officer has got off scot free no charges will be
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brought forth message do you think this sends about the legal system as it stands. well i think maybe your statement is a little bit incomplete because busy the city did pay $5900000.00 to the family for a claim of wrongful death moreover it wasn't just the federal department of justice involved the state authorities busy also had jurisdiction over the case because they have the so-called dual sovereignty docked in the state authorities also did not move forward and it's known that new york is a very heavily democratic state and there's also the possibility that you could change the statute it's not fixed in granite congress could lower the mental state of mind needed for a conviction and moreover i don't think it's fair to just pick out a single isolated case and say well the system is terrible because maybe it miscarried on one or 2 occasions i remember that kind of refrain was said we should have jury trials after o.j.
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simpson was acquitted of charges of murder but we kept jury trial system we are human there are going to be imperfections i don't think we should throw the baby out with the bathwater ok bruce for. unfortunately we have run out of time but thanks very much for joining us there live from washington d.c. thank you thank you south african a singer and and singapore side activist johnny clegg has died at the age of 66. clegg was one of the few point arsonists to defy segregation rules and openly criticize the apartheid system nicknamed the point he was famous for blending traditional african rhythms western sickle styles. and african seeking short term visas in the united kingdom are more than twice as likely to be refused than other applicants that's according to reports that find the home office responsible for
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financial discrimination and careless decision making me focker reports from london . katonah louis is twice married the london bar of enfield before entering local politics she spent 40 years working as a midwife to many she's a pillar of the community but her success hasn't helped her only sister to visit the u.k. from nigeria she's been denied a visa 3 times on financial grounds despite showing evidence that her costs are being covered by her sister in london on the way says her family of victims of a prejudice a visa process is very emotional is very disturbing i'm 70 i'm not getting younger you know so maybe when i die and then. you know she's not paying anything under one painted and if there's anything that i've gone which is the reason why do i want to know. according to a new report african visa applicants are more than twice as likely to be refused to people from other parts of the world the authors blame
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a catalogue of careless often offensive decisions the cost applicants sometimes hundreds of dollars per application the home office speech the processing system is broken and africans are paying the price this has been outsourced to private sector companies and we find just to be all but so so you have a scientific delegation some of them will be refused others with exactly the same background qualifications finance. this is british gambian perform a solid job she's a rising star in the world music scene she recently attempted to bring over session musicians from gambia to record a new album they weren't allowed in and she's not alone leading academics diplomats ngo workers and world famous performers have all been barred from entering the u.k. for seemingly arbitrary reasons we've just found it really difficult. when we were applying to have people come over for the person long it's so expensive sometimes
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they're having to go to neighboring countries to get the visa sitting around waiting for interviews in those countries flights i mean it's really big we contacted the home office for comment and they gave us the following statement for the u.k. welcomes all genuine visitors from africa and wants his visa system to support our important and increasing business and trade ties with the continent visa applications from african nationals are at their highest level since 2013 said the statement and decision makers do not discriminate on the basis of age gender religion or race the statement also says that the home office remains committed to making the right decision on visas 1st time every time after 3 successive rejections louise determined to challenge the home office is to sit in regarding her sister a move she believes is anything right the. london. and
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the government protesters in hong kong are promising to fight on sheaf exacts of kerry was forced to withdraw an extradition bill that would have sent suspects to mainland china but many activists say they'll continue to defy what they see as beijing's efforts to tighten control jimmy the island open reports being. to say how was he on solid data years among the smoke of the future knock on the golden. ball they hoit the light disappears and it starts to get dark saying look it's a silent policeman or barking in the deepest places upon kong with. the words of a poet sandwich on convey anger grief and resolve can mean so you they only care about policing beginning not the people this is why i am inspired by these people who take to the streets risking their lives to fight for the future of hong kong
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jason doesn't use his real name and wants to stay anonymous 22 years ago they're already dark to. hong kong. used to have freedom since june a proposed law change that could lead to hong kong extradited to china sparked huge protests and the level of violence and seen in years sealing chang is one of the thousands of mothers who staged a protests and filed a petition in support of the youth movement kerry alam claimed ourselves to be the mother of hong kong people who behave like unruly children and don't know what's best for them and she was there to help us this is our future our right of freedom of expression of assembly all b.'s. a guaranteed by the basic law most protests are planned online where security logistics fund raising and exit
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routes can be decided without anyone having to meet in person across hong kong ordinary lives have been transformed by a wave of solidarity protesters tell us the 2014 and breland movement provided a lot of lessons because it led to imprisonment and factions now they've adopted a new wave of dissent a leaderless movement they say is harder for the government to pin down. hong kong is widely seen as the place of constant change and innovation and is one of the world's most visited cities. and many here want to make sure none of that's lost protesters here have adopted a slogan of the late famous martial arts star bruce lee the water my friend the sea like water they'll be fluid and adaptable and accept that what do you see
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is a fight for the mental freedoms will be a long term struggle. doug and al jazeera hong kong knows exactly 50 years since the apollo 11 blasted off from the mission of the man to the moon for the very 1st time to market michael collins return to the spots where he was launched into space with neil armstrong and buzz aldrin l'arche on you tube 1st small step on $1000000.00 in 2012 the space suit he wore though is back on public display for the 1st time in 13 years as president my parents and armstrong son filled it as part of week long celebration sent to commemorate the anniversary. on image of the rocket is being binns on to the washington monument bringing their life pictures from washington d.c. .
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the u.s. house of representatives voted to condemn president donald trump for racially charged comments against for minority congresswoman truck told them to go back to where they came from for republicans backs the democratic resolution these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and experiment are racist how shameful to hear him continue to defend those offensive words words that we have all heard him repeat not only about our members but about countless others the european parliament has narrowly elected ursula vander then as the president of the european commission the german defense minister will become the 1st woman to hold the poles when she replaces on court younker in the. the us government says imposing its strongest sanctions to date on me and mars top military leaders is in response to the mass killing offering of muslims in 2017 the sanctions target me and marks commander.


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