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where every. al-jazeera. they're watching the news our life from a headquarters in doha i'm dead to you navigate coming up in the next 60 minutes. a student is shot in the chest as police use live ammunition against anti-government protesters in hong kong. meanwhile in mainland china celebrate 70 years of communist rule. new controversy surrounds donald trump as it emerges he sought help from another foreign leader in a bid to discredit the moeller investigation. stand at the world championships at
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the international stadium with 4 time up for grabs on tuesday no liles looks for its 1st gold medal in the 200 meters final. hello for the 1st time in the months of unrest in hong kong police have shot a protester with a live round leaving him in critical condition so the incident and the large scale protests in the city are overshadowing the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china a day when the communist leadership wanted to present its best face to the world so these are pictures of the moment the officer pulled his pistol and shot the protester in the chest at close range of the hong kong police force was quick to explain the officer's actions in a post on social media. by quite. a large group of protesters were attacking
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police officers despite warnings from the police the assailant still continued the violent attacks the police officers lives were under serious threat to save his own life and his colleagues lives he fired a live shot at the assailant 118 year old man was shot his left shoulder area was injured he was sent to the princess margaret hospital in a conscious state the police do not wish to see anyone injured in the incident it is really heartbreaking here we must again warn all rioters must stop all illegal acts police will continue to enforce the law seriously well earlier some 100000 protesters defied a police baton and they took part in what they called a national grief march the rally turned into some of the worst violence hong kong has seen recently dozens of people have been injured and street battles right across the city but it was a very different picture in beijing take
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a look that's where the latest military hardware and thousands of troops were paraded across gentleman square well more on how china marked its national day in beijing but 1st let's look at how the day unfolded in hong kong start heiler starts our coverage. the annual national day flag raising ceremony in hong kong this year was watched by dignitaries and guests of the government on t.v. for security to $12000.00 attendees were inside the hong kong convention center for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china officials were concerned that the protesters would disrupt the ceremony a heavy security ring was placed around the convention center matthew chunkin chung stood in as acting chief executive as kerry lamb along with a delegation from hong kong travelled to beijing for the ceremony there he addressed the ongoing protests now in their 17 week. hong kong citizens have been shocked and saddened by the violence which has turned the city that will call home
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to an unfamiliar place desperate for a way out of this thailand a group of about 100 beijing supporters gathering here with the flag raising ceremony was earlier in the day this is one of several groups who have gone to different locations around hong kong to wave the chinese flag and to sing the anthem. a small group of pro-democracy protesters made their way close to the venue for the national day ceremony led by an activist politician the group was quickly met by riot police part of intense security in the territories m.t.r. train stations across hong kong were closed to stymie protesters from gathering a protester groups petition for a march was rejected by police several rallies were still planned. you know why but for those in hong kong who see this as a day of national celebration not a national calamity as the protesters call it it was an opportunity to fly their colors it's got harder al-jazeera hong kong. let's get an update from adrian brown
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he's joining us from hong kong as we've been reporting adrian this is the 1st time a protester has been shot by live live ammunition could this be a turning point at all. well i think it tells us that the violence here is getting much more intensified i think in many ways to rain it's remarkable that given we've had 4 months now of violent protests that no one has so far been killed the chief executive of hong kong curry in fact made that very point just a few days ago but i'm sure this incident in which a policeman pulled out his pistol and fired at close range at a young protest is something that lawmakers here in hong kong will be debating and debating fiercely in the days to come it has by and large as you pointed out been a very violent day even by the standards of recent protests we know according to
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local media that more than a 100 people have been arrested i saw some of those arrests myself there have been more than 50 injuries and of course this has been a day of striking contrast to relieve scene in beijing china's current leaders past leaders men in their ninety's 8070 s. and sixty's presiding over this huge celebration in beijing exhorting the masses to remember all the good things that communism has brought to china where as here in hong kong the focus has been on the young people people in their teens people under 30 and people who in many ways have no sort of hope in the future of hong kong they're deeply disillusioned about what the future holds i've lived in china for you know 5 years and there i can tell you the mood amongst most young people in the big cities is very different they feel that they're part of something truly dynamic they believe that china has a bright future and that they will do well but the mood here is just so striking.
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really different and it's a reminder of the of the huge job that china's leaders and hong kong leaders have to do to try to rectify this festering problem which is getting worse and that's one of hope and the question is what china does next because up until now up until recently it's been focused on this national day parade so will we expect china to now turn its attention to hong kong. well i think you're absolutely right you cannot underestimate the importance of this celebration in china this is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china it is the most important entry in president xi jinping diary on his calendar and that has been their focus really for the past few months really since the protests began here in hong kong but i think now you're going to see that hong kong is going to start getting their undivided attention now carrie the chief executive of hong kong was in beijing on shoes day not here in hong kong and of course she
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has been leader for 2 and a half years now and some commentators analysts are starting to say that if you were to get rid of kerry now would probably be the time to do it because it would be midway through her term but you know what china does next i think is still really very much up in the air but you have to say to yourself how can they let this sort of thing continue for much longer because this is you know open defiance to me the people protesting here today 100000 of them this in a sense were in individual acts of defiance because these marches had been banned so everybody who was on the streets today knew that they were breaking the law but they were prepared to do that ok adrian brown with an update from hong kong thank you so as we mentioned the anniversary is being marked on mainland china in a very different way large parades have been held in beijing at
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a sensitive time for chinese diplomacy as well as its economy rob matheson reports from beijing. aircraft funded through the skies of asian armored vehicles rumbled through china square a display of china's military strength as president xi jinping calls for economic and political confidence and sends a message to hong kong or me out here we have to maintain that peaceful united one . one tree to sit on principle to keep hong kong and macau is a long term prosperity at the state realty 70 years ago when jan and square communist party chairman mao tse dong announced the founding of the people's republic of china. in the following 27 years most so-called great leap forward plan to boost farming and industrial production led to famine and the deaths of an estimated 30000000 people his cultural revolution clamped down dissent a year after mao's death in 1986 new leader dench helping declared china would open
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up internally and to the outside world the china of today bears little resemblance to the china of chairman mao the new middle class is getting wealthier and the country's transformed itself into an economic global power but one of the central messages of things celebrations today seems to be a cautionary one yes we should acknowledge what china has achieved so far but there could be tough times ahead. for president xi as centralizing and strengthening control in beijing some of the president's political rivals have been swept up in his crackdown on corruption as well as the ongoing protests in hong kong and allegations linked to human rights the trade war with the us is forcing china's economy to slow and this is a not a adversity of high expectations that is going to be very glorious in the near future it's an anniversary in which we look back on what china has been able to attain and we talk about
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a new era of sacrifices and struggle in 198910 and one square saw bloodshed when pro-democracy demonstrators stood up against tanks in 2019 china is determined to show that its military is stronger than ever but the success of president xi jinping his leadership may depend on how he handles china's newfound respect little rock madison. beijing. let's. discussed this with every gomez he's a policy analyst for defense and foreign policy studies at the cato institute he's joining us from washington thanks for speaking to us on the al-jazeera news hour so it really is a sensitive time for chinese diplomacy as well as its economy in your opinion from what you saw from the parade what do you think the message was that china wanted to get out. i think it was if you look at the long history of china from when the p.r.c. was 1st established 70 years ago to now china is no longer the sort of defense
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backwater or underdeveloped country in that regard and that they've invested considerable resources in the parade the military assets came 1st and the party has invested conservative resources in making sure that they have the military capabilities to reflect their rise of the general power and this this military rise is also i think a big focus of concern among the united states and also other regional countries. we didn't see one of the new weapons the hypersonic ballistic nuclear missile which in fact is capable of breaching anti-missile defenses to reach the u.s. so what that has been a direct message to the united states and how is the u.s. viewing this in particular. definitely a message for the united states the development of road mobile solid fuel ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple warheads which is what the dia 41 is has been a major goal of china's nuclear force structure and again this is important to remember though that china's nuclear force structure is not very much like the
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united states they're not trying to match in terms of number of warheads but they're trying to keep an arsenal that's significantly smaller but has a guarantee of surviving 1st strikes and retaliate ing and as the united states has become more concerned about china's rise i think there is a tendency to see nuclear developments as particularly threatening because china is fielding new systems and there is a tendency to sort of overhype what they mean or misunderstand what they mean and i think that there's a good academics understanding of what is actually going on with china's nuclear forces and how they are developing but i'm not sure that that understanding is being reflected in policy maker discussions or threat perception. publicly china has said that the parade is meant to celebrate the country's founding and not and it's really not directed at any other nation at least that's that's the public statement but you talked about how the u.s. will be viewing this how about regional neighbors. well clearly taiwan is going to
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be very very concerned a combination of the one country 2 systems promise or idea sort of breaking down and hong kong as we speak is driving this increase in taiwanese. reluctance or outright opposition to the one country 2 systems model being applied to taiwan and for good reason i think and then china also and the parade by disobeying a lot of these weapons systems that would be very useful in conducting a military an exception of taiwan i think definitely sends that message of you know the see the c.c.p. is still very interested in what happens to taiwan and very interested in its legal status and presenting these systems as i think a deterrent message to them to say you know you might not like us and but do not do things that would cross our red lines and do things like declaring legal
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independence from china for example because if you do so then it will be met with force yeah you're right to say that china has a lot on its plate right now including obviously what we're seeing in hong kong as well as taiwan but when it comes to the trade war with the united states does that impact china's military capabilities at all going forward. so far the chinese economy before the trade war started was already sort of slowing down from the meteoric levels of g.d.p. growth that we saw 5 to 10 years ago and the chinese government was kind of prepared for this i am not sure how much of an effect the trade war is having on their growth figures for looking ahead. but in the past when the growth rate slowed down it did not produce a slowdown in military spending and so i think that if the trade war does impact the military aspects of u.s. china or the u.s. china relationship it will be through affecting the economy in
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a way that slows down military spending but again we haven't seen that in the past and it's pretty clear that she jinping has placed military modernization and reform at a very high level of importance for his own domestic agenda so i do not anticipate that a trade war would change this unless it produced a truly catastrophic result for the chinese economy something like in the order of a massive recession right ok eric gomez we thank you very much for speaking to us from washington. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including. iran that it wants to lower a steadily rising tensions with saudi arabia. a leadership crisis strikes peru why the country now 2 presidents and in sport a dream run for africans at the world championships peter has the action a little later in the news hour.
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it's been revealed the u.s. president sought to enlist the help of another foreign leader for political gain donald trump asked the australian prime minister to help the u.s. justice department investigate the moeller inquiry which examined russian interference in the 2016 election the australian government has said it greed to help the u.s. president is already facing an impeachment inquiry into his dealings with the ukrainian presidents andrew thomas has reaction from sydney. a spokesperson for australia's government essentially said that there's nothing unusual about this funding cool in a statement they said the ghostwriting government has always been ready to assist and cooperate with efforts that help shed further light on the matters under investigation and the prime minister scott morrison confirmed this readiness once again in a conversation with the president so they've characterized that there merely as the prime minister of australia helping out the leader of a friendly country the us president in an ongoing investigation well the opposition party here in australia sees things very differently they think that this is scott
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morrison helping donald trump with what is essentially a political investigation into a political problem the miller investigation and they have said that his assistance is in disparate saying that mullah investigation and answer the elder naisi the leader of the opposition here has said that australia's prime minister has involved himself in what is essentially a domestic issue inside the united states and has a lot of explaining to do well australia is involved in a workplace because it was a conversation between an australian diplomat in london and an aide to the then crump campaign back in $26.00 saying that kick started the more inquiry george papadopoulos a young aide on the front campaign told alexander downer the australian high commissioner in london at the time that the russian so you believe had on hillary clinton that they were going to leak during the campaign and that meant that trump was more likely to win the election than he might otherwise have been alexandr down
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the fact that information back to australia's capital camera and in turn his superiors in town buckled important enough information to tell the f.b.i. and that is where the whole millette investigation began well there's a lot of conspiracy theories perhaps in the us that that initial conversation in london was in some way orchestrated by the clinton campaign and that in many ways is what donald trump is trying to prove in some ways through this investigation so that's australia's involvement and here is scott morrison australia's prime minister saying that he will do what he can to help donald trump further those inquiries. about the reaction from sydney let's not cross over to our white house correspondent kelly for more reaction from washington to tell us how damaging of a 2nd allegation of trump asking a foreign leader for personal political favor has been. well as the president tries to make the case that he is innocent of these accusations there is further evidence almost a doubling down in terms of illustrations of how the president potentially has used
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his position in the oval office to be used as since he's abused those powers in order to get sort of negative publicity negative press on. political adversary in this case former vice president joe biden so what we're seeing throughout the day is the president much as he has this impeachment inquiry was launched he is taking to twitter trying to set the tone in his defense of this day has been no exception there has been almost a half a dozen tweets related to this case they have ranged from talking about how he believes that his call with the former you pretty or rather the ukrainian leader of lotteries lenski that it was in fact a perfect call he's talked about the media being it working in conjunction with the democratic party calling this impeachment inquiry a hoax even he has targeted the chair of the house intelligence committee adam
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schiff saying in fact that he himself should be arrested although the president doesn't isolate any particular charge for the fact that he when he spoke to congress last week read kind of a fictional like almost a comedic sketch account of the president's telephone call that is now the focus of this investigation what we can take from all of this that it appears the president does view this through a lens that this is very damaging and he's fighting back making the case that this will only help him in his reelection efforts in fact he's put out a map stating that most of the country he believes supports him does not support this in. pietschmann effort we should point out as well the president has been using this as a fundraising tool he put out a series of ads on facebook on social media that have allowed him to not only get 50000 new donors but raise an additional 8 and a half $1000000.00 in his reelection effort and what about republicans because they have put up a defense clearly but are they really worried now about the pace of allegations
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they're very worried because there are a couple of things going on the democratic demographics in the united states are changing the republican base was already facing a sharper roshan add to this that there's a real challenge when it comes to this impeachment inquiry that the messaging has not been very consistent donald trump being the main spokes person has really been all over the map in terms of his defense that leaves many republicans floundering well they have tried own recent days to unify that message with 2 key points namely that they believe that there was no evidence of wrongdoing was this edited transcript of the call with the ukrainian leader was released they're also saying that what was released doesn't rise to the level of impeachment but these are very weak messages in contrast to the defense that the president is trying to put out to make his case right kimberly thank you. the speaker of parliament has told us. it is open to the idea of opening
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a dialogue with saudi arabia it follows saudi crown prince mohammed bin saying he would prefer a peaceful resolution with iran and settling regional security disputes as opposed to a military conflict. at all. iran is open to starting a dialogue with saudi arabia and other countries in the region and are ready in the saudi dialogue could solve many of the region security and political problems while we can say is that it's not a misstep at the for saudi arabia to rely or depend on america riyadh can submit its proposals to be discussed at the iranian saudi dialogue table without preconditions from our side we also welcome what has been quoted that prince mohammed bin sultan man once dialogue perhaps it is good to know saudi arabia is thinking of the regions interests 1st we say to the who these in yemen that any ceasefire will be very important we also confirm that it will be for the interest of saudi arabia. the speaker of parliament
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a leader in johnny has said he welcomes reports that side the crown prince mohammed bin still manuel's to resolve issues that it has with iran through dialogue he said they want all this favors dialogue and many of the political and security issues in the region can be solved through dialogue and without the help of the united states i mean there are calls for a security system to be set on the region that didn't involve the united states he also said that iran would be calling on the rebels in yemen to accept a ceasefire and would be telling sagger a bit that it's also in their favor to do so that the hutu rebels are iran's allies he said that he didn't rule out negotiations with the united states but said that the sanctions must be lifted 1st and this is a longstanding policy longstanding policy of iran now president rouhani is visiting armenia for a summit where is expected to meet with president vladimir putin now the main issues on the agenda all of the increase of tensions at the strait of hormuz in the gulf where we know the united states has put together a naval coalition made up of the united kingdom astray sag arabia and the u.a.e.
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now president rouhani did present an alternative at the united nations general assembly where he called upon regional countries to solve the security and stability of the region and not just the united states iran seizing i just state as a destabilizing factor in the region though the issue is the 2015 nuclear deal now iran has given 60 days for the europeans to come up with a solution before they start taking the 3rd phase step back from their commitments towards that deal now russia will be concerned we do know that iran has said that they using modern centrifuges richelle as them and rich into a higher percentage and faster we don't know what percentage that your brain will be but from previous step back from the commitments iran has all is left the door open for iran to reverse those decisions now iran is an ally of russia and russia was important in organizing this 2015 nuclear deal and they would be very much concerned about the increase of tensions and iran stepped back from that nuclear
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deal and would want iran to stay in the 2015. but iran is looking to other countries to build economic ties to shore up its economy in the face of unilateral united states sanctions. police in iraq have fired rubber bullets and tear gas on antigovernment protesters in the capital baghdad there are reports of some injuries the rally began earlier as thousands gathered into haiti to square they're demanding an end to the regime with many young protesters accusing the government of not creating enough jobs. time for an update from the world athletics championships and cross over to peter's that met in our sports studio at national stadium. there in we've got 4 titles up for grabs here on tuesday the highlight is the men's 200 meters final american know a lot of the hot favorites for gold after his impressive win in the same east africa is still celebrating after an incredible might in the stadium will have the
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action including the big upset from this ugandan runner in the in time to meet his final we also hear from triple jump gold medalist christian taylor that's all to come in about 20 minutes 3 see you in 20 thank you also ahead on the al-jazeera news hour greece looks to an energy lead to economic recovery but at what cost to its environment. indonesia whereas in a new government despite a night of violent protests details coming up. hello maybe surprisingly for october as a hint once again of cloud in southern iran and pakistan list surprisingly is the wintery stuff trying to get into the caucasus and the far north of iran but we're not talking about winter yet apart from the very high ground on the edges of the
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himalayas was because snow which is warm sunshine once more but maybe a shower too still possible run the straits of hormuz more especially south and pakistan in the next day or 2 for most of us it's sunshine still well below 30 in tehran but above 40 in baghdad clearly cooler only slightly on the coast and it's rainy and that's around the arabian peninsula it's quiet the wind is not strong this is a blues not for the most part it's quite humid during the morning in the evening in doha as an example. as it should be so i was seeing rather more of the sunshine than of late the hobbies morris is finished and this green stuff is potential showers in yemen to the far south west to society of the next couple of days travel to office to elect tropical africa selective southern africa maybe more active still with the changes season of course we're going through spring to summer is not too frontal system so yet more ideas possible over the next day asa.
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al-jazeera world tells the dramatic story of the birth of a nation and how a political agreement reached my france in 2 newseum would spark the bitterest of fear. this god of the land and sea a demand that meant we were still occupied rivalry conflict and division ought to have to newseum the battle for independence on al-jazeera. rewind returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the best around to see the documentary. rewind continues with uncomfortably you know this is central and this is the section where they're holding prisoners on drug charges users and dealers here is
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120 of them in 3 different cells on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour china's day of celebration turned violence in hong kong mass rallies came running street battles between protesters and police on the 70th anniversary of the founding of communist china police use live rounds of ammunition and one person is reportedly in a critical condition after being shot. well despite the violence in hong kong china's capital is marking the anniversary with mass celebrations a large ceremony ending a day that had highlighted the nation's military might china was wanting to show
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how much has changed since the start of communist rule 70 years ago. it's been revealed a u.s. president sought the help of another foreign leader for political gain donald trump asked the australian prime minister to help investigate the moeller probe trump is already facing an impeachment inquiry into what was said in a phone call to ukraine's president. greece is preparing to host its 1st summit on the mediterranean burgeoning oil and gas industry the country will soon become a hydrocarbon producer and it's hoped the revenue will help pay off its billions of dollars in debts but as johnson reports the drive for cash comes at risk to the environment. greece produces only about one percent of the oil and gas it consumes it spends more than $13000000000.00 a year importing the rest the government wants to keep more of that money in the greek economy it has spent
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a decade selling concessions for oil and gas exploration along the country's west coast on and off sure the benefit of the date from their own reality. if it were really were the 1st months of to. portray gore in the future for all there are going to dictate we'll. hear from that odd thing will be more than $215000000.00 a year these royalties could be repeated dozen times over if other areas of exploration bear fruit and they would be used to create a national pension fund domestic production would also mean corporate tax revenue and jobs every wednesday edition. in exploration is supported by another 4 positions of the entire industry i mean you have a defined and you have a 3 story you have transport thing most importantly perhaps it means energy
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security greece currently imports 3 quarters of its total energy needs that makes it one of the most energy insecure countries in europe and vulnerable to rises in international oil prices petroleum believes they could find $140000000.00 barrels of oil in these waters in the west petrus gulf that alone could cover greece's needs for almost a decade but there's a serious downside the waters of greece's west coast are a key feeding and spawning grounds for vulnerable populations of sperm whales dolphins monk seals and other marine animals scientists say drilling could disorient or even kill these animals if greece is here to make sure that oil drilling does not start it's not only an ill conceived experiment for marine environment or our nigerian their own it's very dangerous for
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a climate for our local communities and of course our national economy a single accident could damage greece's $56000000000.00 tourism industry or oil and gas exploration is to continue for now but it is creating a divide between those who see the potential to monetize hydrocarbons and those who see greece's true treasure in its history its natural beauty jumpstart ople us al-jazeera in the past or scoff let's speak to colonel young meyer she's an oil and gas specialist joining us from bern switzerland thanks very much for joining us on the al-jazeera news hour so greece is not the only country that's eyeing exploration in that area give us a sense of how big the reserves are and how significant the entire area is. what he did the area for the eastern mediterranean it's a city it's significant but it's we're talking more about gas than about oil and if i look at it's about $120.00 trillion cubic feet t c f that we have to there and if you compared that if you take to get at the
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biggest people with the biggest reserves which is russia and cat that it's about 3.3 percent of that but that doesn't mean it's insignificant and you look at each ship egypt has really started to become again and they export today have started chiefest sell it israel has stumped things with it with its with its gas and there is a pipeline plant from cyprus. to d. to the processing sites in them in egypt but you know where i asked this can be very useful and it certainly helps countries like greece to be more and the pendant it's still compared to the big gas reefer reserves in the world it's very minor and infrastructure is very expensive also the political side is not that easy to which is what i wanted to i don't care about writing about. exactly the political
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complexity is like the battle over who develops natural gas as well as this agreement's over maritime territory how much does that sort of hamper our development plans. it absolutely have to stiffen up and plans because you look at cyprus which position of cyprus is not yet resolved there is still a greek cypriot site not and the turkish side not getting along especially about gas there is there is always greece and turkey there is very markedly israel and lebanon so if you look at all of this it takes billions to develop this infrastructure. liquefaction. facilities oid a pipeline to pipeline from cyprus to egypt it's supposed to cost about 6000000000 if i'm an oil company before i put in that amount of investment i need to make sure that my my production is not going to be held up in skirmishes for europe though
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how important is the same store in mediterranean region for it. i would say for europe for greece it's nice a foot for the rest of europe and the baltic states and so on it's a nice to have but not a necessary and obviously you know de weese and it's been my especially when it comes to gas states the big debate on how dependent. europe based on russian gas so it's an alternative to russian gas there is also a dare i just sang tunes on iran which sort of make may make less a gas flow from iran into europe so it's a nice addition but it's not something that would give europe and that you security it make if greece which is a relative small economy some bit of energy security certainly gives cyprus and that you security it helps each ship because they can export to one currency revenue but other than that i mean it's not it's not
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a major thing let's not forget 120 trillion cubic feet is 3.3 percent of what what's in the ground in iraq russia and qatar ok we got it thank you cordelia meyer good to speak with you on the al-jazeera news hour thank you thank you very much. police and military chiefs say they still support martin it's caught us president despite congress voting to suspend him from office opposition politicians had some sworn in as vice president after discards assaults congress that was in a bid to stop the congress for electing judges to the constitutional tribunals but the opposition members defied the order and remained in congress for the vote against the scar on my honest sanchez has the latest from lima. and now 2 presidents. at the presidential palace. have been sworn in in congress
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that happened a while ago and. said in a small speech that the. move by president microscopical was unconstitutional move although president he's got out of the program ask president to close congress if if he receives a 2nd. vote of confidence which happened today declared the vacancy of the president to say i was unfit he was. moral incapacitated to continue being a precedent this happened without an impeachment without a trial which of course will raise questions about the legality of this move in congress in the meantime president. of the military in the presidential palace they have gone there. you see the resignation of members and sworn in a new prime minister or
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a chief. outside of congress protesters supporting these are confronting the. tear gas for some time and. protests have continued for some time in this crisis that has. now the british prime minister boris johnson says he'll present new plans for a brics a deal shortly but league details have been met with skepticism one of the major issues stalling progress has been how to avoid a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland. just 30 days time lawrence in manchester where the conservative party conference is underway. it's october and october is when breakfast supposed to happen and consequently the conservative party is trying to build up a head of steam before prime minister boris johnson speech here to conference on wednesday saying that he's of buyouts to tell the european union what the british
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government's new idea is to try to get some sort of exit deal before the end of october but the trouble days even though the government won't say yet what is the idea of all the theories about what they are in that light there like it is in the dead ends for example there's a rumor doing the rounds that there might be new customs posts put in somewhere near the irish border that will never ever work with europeans or alternatively there would be customs posts and islands but the british government will only allow the free movement of food through heirlooms but not so for example tractors or machinery or any other goods like that that won't work with the european union either because interferes with their idea of the european single markets equally another idea that's in circulation is of the british government to say to the europeans look if you grant us an extension to correct it we will behave so badly that you would wish you'd blocked us from having the extension in the 1st place so why not just do that and let's us go the europeans will accept that either because
6:42 pm
they know a national election in this country is coming and they would rather wait to see if this conservative government is got rid of and someone a bit more amenable to their points of view comes in instead and so everywhere you look it seems to be dead ends and this seems to be a sense growing that the conservative party wants to create and present a situation where you can say look we tried these ideas but the europeans just keep saying don't make it look like it's all their fault. the afghan security forces have been left to fight on the frontlines alone since the united states pulled out its ground troops 5 years ago in that time they've lost at least $45000.00 personnel and that figure is rising there are hopes that the collapse of peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban. will be resumed soon but many people say there could be pitfalls in any peace tony brooklier reports from kabul. it's a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased their suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s.
6:43 pm
forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for patchy arctic reasons for others it's the only way to get a job despite the risks the afghan government says it doesn't keep a record of casualties but president ashraf ghani announced earlier this year that $45000.00 police and army personnel have been killed fighting the taliban since 2015. midway's carry me was an army bomb disposal engineer in helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as he tried to defuse it as you are catching up with us at the always aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines losing an arm or a leg i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is to sacrifice we have to make to serve this country. and more have made that sacrifice since the u.s. pulled out the bulk of its forces in afghanistan that once numbered 100000 the
6:44 pm
$13000.00 americans left don't fight on the front lines that's left to the afghan security forces and they say they don't miss the u.s. manpower as much as its military technology and that means money we have a very sophisticated army and defense and security forces. all we need right now is financial support because the african national defense killed the forces as essentially been fighting this war since 2014 and no major foreign force forces have been engaging in a battle in a big scale or even at a smaller scale. the support we get from the resolution of port and also from the u.s. forces here is only limited to financial. even though peace talks between the taliban and the us of collapsed many people still hope the negotiations will resume in the near future but they acknowledge peace in afghanistan is not going to be straightforward the consensus is that the afghan security forces can't face the taliban without outside help that's
6:45 pm
a given but there is another potential problem in the future when peace finally comes to afghanistan how can 2 bitter enemies who fought in kill for 80 years come together in a national defense force. it's one of the many problems afghanistan will need to overcome if peace is to become a reality instead of a dream tony berkeley al jazeera. in indonesia a new members of parliament have been sworn in following. night of protests and hundreds of arrests many indonesians believe the new parliament intends to pass legislation that will curtail freedoms and cripple efforts to stop corruption. has more from jakarta but if that money. inside indonesia's parliament the swearing in of $575.00 members taking an oath to uphold the country's laws and democracy. but outside tension is palpable parliament has come under fire for rushing through several controversial bills before the end of the
6:46 pm
legislative time what initially started as a student protest turned into a wider movement of civil society groups trying to protect their rights thousands of taking to the streets over the past week calling for a revised anti-corruption law to be repealed critics say it weakens the power of the corruption eradication commission and only benefits the elite and corrupt officials one of the largest if the freedom of indonesia we cannot express ourselves we are really i guess in some cases demonstrations turned violent protesters threw rocks petrol bombs and lit firecrackers around 26000 security personnel responded with tear gas to disperse crowds on monday. mass protests led to president joke of a daughter delaying the passing of some bills 5 will be up a discussion in the new parliamentary term but the most controversial a pending criminal code which could discriminate against religious minorities out all sex outside marriage ban abortion and even make it illegal to insult the president protesters say the measures could turn indonesia into
6:47 pm
a repressive society how can we call our country democratic when that nation is violating the people's rights women one be allowed on the street after 10 we know that many in the nation women who work late to support their families this is very unfair and demands have grown beyond legislative issues there are calls to end forest fires and to military action in west papua the government has tried to make change. to its goals for many years detaching from wars that have been the south asian stocks colonial rule for many here it could reverse progress already made pressure is mounting on the president as he heads into his 2nd 5 year term in office he maintains the upcoming laws and bills may require more consideration while his caught in a tug of war between appeasing the public and political elite analysts believe all i should be on the new parliament to communicate with more transparency the new congress can see ok if i'm not. from the public then there was like more
6:48 pm
write all of these generations e. and 1000000 the us has shown all of us that it can make a very good public demand and slackness it these are some of the biggest demonstrations indonesia has seen since 1908 the protesters say they want the president to side with them and hear their aspirations and for now they say that demonstrations will continue here mohammed al jazeera jakarta. thank. you.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
for who. you. are the world. welcome back to the international stadium where the action is underway on day 5 of the world athletics championships the highlight is expected to be the final of the men's 200 meters american know liles leaves the hot favorite for gold after his impressive win in the semifinals. under the grass jimmy and alex can you on this are expected to be his main rivals there are 4 titles to be decided on tuesday the mains pole bolts and women's javelin in the field events on the track it's the finals of the men's 800 meters and then the 200 meters now the stadium is still buzzing from a goal the night for africa on day 4 rowperfect rounds up the action. following
6:51 pm
reports of poor attendances home previous days it was a very different fields of the belief a stadium on monday thanks mainly to the african fans they certainly had lost the chair about that african athlete winning fall off of the gold medals on offer the women's 800 meter final produced one of the night's most dramatic finishes ugandan in the kite upsetting the right favorite g wilson to win gold for the reigning olympic champion cast the so many are still fighting the art of alliance in the courts over the testosterone rules our game could have a very different look to it from the take a woman picks next year can stand as soft as she was i would phrase we still respect that other may some way to create a day more about 80 5 am very proud of her worries and they respect. another great finish and another african success in the men's 4000 meet is as mr adie's defended his title as he led an ethiopian one to have set him on the radio.
6:52 pm
2 years ago in london kenya's beatrice chip co-ax nicky took a wrong turn in the 3000 meter steeple chase after streit cost her a world title then he made amends in daraa home on monday to win our country's 2nd gold of these championships. one of the noise most eagerly awaited for news was the men's 400 meter hurdles with 3 of the fastest man in history who taking part defending champion cost and will hard retaining his title ahead of america right benjamin and qatar's of the roma samba some by winning his country's 1st. middle of winter you know and. that celebration of the very down to the caring from down your style the swede winning the discus then making a light gauge for the swedish tracting with the i have to acknowledge his era of american christian taylor is celebrating his 4th world title in the triple jump earlier he told you and i got to rob that he's big goal is still to break the world
6:53 pm
record which has stood for 24 years the pressure was on it's going to make such an impact back at home it's very surreal moment in i'm happy to be here again and tell me about the pressure because that final wasn't the easiest start to a final with it yes very emotional roller coaster for friends for family to pals going into the last jump in and i thought i really are eyes everything was on this world record i keep speaking about the world record in it's a dream of mine this is what pushes me every single day but then i thought if i don't even make it to the final i'm going to i may just lose opportunity altogether so spoke to my coach and he just said you know compose yourself and just do what you know how to do this what we do every single day and so got to the final minute i thought ok time to rock and roll. sports correspondent soho malik has been keeping across all the action and joins us now in the studio we have to talk about the 200 meters men's final that's the big one tonight no liles all eyes on him what
6:54 pm
are you expecting well no allies the really the superstar of these games well he should be and he should deliver he's looked really impressive so far this event basically we had christian taylor with us earlier on in the he himself knows a bit about running in something really run as well as a jumper and he says as well that little eyes is just basically going up out 2nd gear plenty to go with no allies but he's got a little bit of competition grass elliptic silver medalist has really been held back by injuries that hamstring injury the last couple years and he was once talked to be the big superstar like noah lyles and 40 injuries that held him back so let's see maybe he can spring an upset tonight and also that adam jimmy lee from great britain that's pretty impressive as well should be a great showdown now any competition is generally judged by how well the host nation does men's high jump taking place right now as we speak of 3 words for you.
6:55 pm
bush him talk about it well i got 2 words for you and that is home favorite this guy is really loved over here in qatar he's a world champion and you know what for a guy that's got so much talent hasn't really hit the heavy heights he should have considering how good he is he has an opportunity now to start racking up those medals if you wins gold here and maybe go to lympics year to have a nice collection of gold to say hey the guy on the mound there were some concerns about him coming into descent that terrible ankle injury had to have emergency surgery there were doubts whether she'd be a full pelt for the spent in qualifying he's a pretty good and had pretty good success he's been clearing the bar pretty smoothly so so far so good for motors you know the home fans could have somebody shouted out in the final home i thank you very much i was most chatting to you staying with epileptics the. former coach of double olympic champion mo fara has been banned for 4 years salazar or train far from 2010 to 2017 while he
6:56 pm
was head coach of the nike oregon project the u.s. anti-doping agency found sellers are guilty of a range of doping offenses including trafficking testosterone salazar says he will appeal the decision away from the athletics the barrett brothers are getting ready to make history at the rugby world cup bowden jodie and scot are all in the new zealand starting line up for wednesday's pool match with canada it's the 1st time 3 siblings have played in the same team at the world cup the all blacks have had any live in daybreak since the opening game win over south africa and that's all the sport for now we'll have more from mr lee for international stadium later on all right peter thank you very much well the u.s. secretary of state my pompei o has met with the italian prime minister just epic kaante in rome his visit comes as the push to impeach president donald trump gains momentum home payoh didn't
6:57 pm
respond to questions about the issue during an earlier meeting with italy's president it's pompei was 1st official visit to italy as part of a european tour. and renowned american opera singer jessye norman has died she was 74. the 4 time grammy award winning singer made her operatic debut in 1969 and gained worldwide fame in 1907 norman became the youngest person to earn a prestigious kennedy center honor and she was also awarded the u.s. is highest honor for the arts norman died from complications related to a spinal cord injury that she suffered in 2015 well you can find much more about norman on our website the address is al jazeera dot com we're back in a moment with more news.
6:58 pm
on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go for a mob of dungy and this and that brutal sizzle from plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is 0 on al-jazeera. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of
6:59 pm
evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. international trade would you have supported having free trade with nazi germany or the japanese or chinese dogs or germany controversial immigration policies that anyone who has a well founded fear of persecution should be able to calm them as well from a list of from syria has closed the door to syrian refugees is a confession that maybe his son goes head to head with senior trump advisor stephen moore this year the trump deficit a trillion dollars to the world not to reelect an affront well no i'm not putting
7:00 pm
out a gun on al jazeera. a new state of violence in hong kong a student shot in the chest as police used live ammunition against anti-government protesters. but it's a whole different scene in mainland china as it celebrates 70 years of communist rule. is there on live from a headquarters and. also ahead. tonight iraq's government boils over with protests in the capital and other parts of the country. and hints from iran that it .


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