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tv   Mali Tribes  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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as you know you know it was a reporter that said we lost the case and he was right in the early could he refused he didn't want to say just refused to say that we won the case in the supreme court so you know but we have a very effective ban and it's very hard for people to come to our country but it's many thousands of miles away whereas russia is right there turkey's right there syria is there they were right there has been a rand is right there iraq is right there they all hate isis so we don't you know in theory they should do something or give you something else the european nations have been a tremendous disappointment because i personally called but my people called a lot take your isis fighters and they didn't want to they said we don't want they came from france it came from germany they came from the u.k. they came from a lot of countries and i actually said to him you don't take i'm going to drop a red on your border and you could have fun capturing them again but the united
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states taxpayer is not going to pay for the next 50 years you see what guantanamo costs we're not going to pay tens of billions of dollars because we were good enough to capture people that want to go back to germany france u.k. and other parts of europe and they can walk back they can't walk to our country we have lots of water in between our country and them so yeah you mentioned you'd met some gotten to know some brilliant people long this process really helped provide information and answers and advice along the way as any one in particular would you like to give anyone credit for getting to this point today well i would but if i mention one i have to mention so many i spoke to senator richard burr this morning . and as you know he's very involved with intelligence and the committee and he's a great gentleman. i spoke with lindsey graham just a little while ago in fact lindsey graham is right over here and he's been very
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much involved in the subject and he's he's a very strong hawk but i think lindsey agrees with what we're doing now and again there are plenty of other countries that can help them patrol i don't want to leave a 1000 or 20023000 soldiers on the border but will lindsey and i totally agree is the oil the oil is you know so valuable for many reasons it fueled isis number one number 2 it helps the kurds because it's basically been taken away from the kurds they were able to live with that oil and number 3 it can help us because we should be able to take some also and what i intend to do perhaps is make a deal with an exxon mobil or one of our great companies to go in there and do it properly right now it's not big it's big oil underground but it's stop they go up top and much of the machinery has been shot and dead it's been through wars but.
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spread out the wealth but no we're protecting the oil we're securing the oil now that doesn't mean we don't make a deal at some point but i don't want to be the if they're fighting for a 1000 years they're fighting for centuries i want to bring our soldiers back home but i do want to secure the earl of use read about the history of donald trump i was a civilian i had absolutely nothing to do with going into iraq and i was totally against it but i always used to say if they're going to go in nobody cared that much but it got written back if they're going to go and i'm sure you've heard the statement because i meant it when any human being alive if they're going into iraq keep the oil. they never did they never did i know lindsey graham had a bill where basically we would have been paid back for all of the billions of dollars that we've spent many many billions of dollars and i hate to say it it's
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actually trillions of dollars but many many billions of dollars and. by one vote they were unable to get that approved in the senate they had some pretty big opposition from people that shouldn't oppose like a president and they were unable if you did that iraq would be a much different story today because they would be owing us a lot of money they would be treating us much differently but i will say iraq was very good with respect to the raid lesson. is to. here you go back to the white house from 430 years in the air to news 'd of the situation well i knew all about this for 3 years we thought for 3 days this is what was going to happen it was actually look nobody was even hurt a canine as they call i call it a dog. a beautiful dog a talented dog was injured and brought back but we had no soldier injured and they did a lot of shooting and they did
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a lot of blasting even not going through the front door you know you think you go through the door if you're a normal person you say knock knock may i come in. the fact is that they blasted their way into the house in a very heavy wall and it took them literally seconds by the time those things went off they had a beautiful big hole and they ran in and they got everybody by surprise on book unbelievably brilliant as fighters i don't i can't imagine there could be anybody better and these as you know are a top operations people back to a really bad you know for some time we're not in the indications that is but we don't know that but he was the last one out and his people had either been killed which there were many or gave up and came out because with the 11 children that came out we were able to do that. we don't know if they were his children they
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might have been but as i said 3 died in the tunnel and the tunnel collapsed with the explosion but a but you had other fighters coming out also and they're being brought back they're being there right now we have them imprisoned. anywhere but do you remember when the situation. well i started at 5 o'clock we were pretty much gathered at 5 o'clock yesterday we were in contact all day long through. hopefully secure phones i'll let you know tomorrow but nothing seemed to leak so i guess they were secure for a change. but we gathered more or less that 5. the attack started moments after that the the lift off started moments after the again the element of attack that they were most afraid of was getting from our base into that compound because this tremendous firepower that we were of you know flying
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over. and i won't go into it but you had a very big russian presence in one area you had a turkish presence you had a syrian presence and you're flying low it's very dangerous and there were shots made but we think these were people that were shooting that were indiscriminately shooting the helicopters took some shots but we think that these were people that were just random people that don't like to see helicopters i guess . they're in there. oh it's another part of of the genius of these people they brought his they have his d.n.a. more of it than they want even and they brought it with them with lab technicians who were with them and they assumed that this was baghdadi they thought visually it was him. but they assumed it was him and they did
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a site an on site test they get samples and to get to his body they had to remove a lot of debris because the tunnel had collapsed but these people are very good at that and and they as i said they brought body parts back with them etc so there wasn't much left the the the vest blew up but there are still substantial pieces that they brought back so they did it on site test because we had to know this. and it was a very quick call that took place about 15 minutes after he was killed and it was positive it was it's this is a confirmations or. it was censored what it is and why and. what it was might have needed to have sort of there are 2 women there were 2 women . both wives both wearing vests they had not detonated
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but the fact that they were dead and they had vests on made it very difficult for our men because they had vests on and it made it very difficult for our men. because you never know what's going to happen they are lying there dead they never detonated but they were dead i know the sas you know possible successors have been briefed on your we know the successes and we've already got them in our sights and we'll tell you that right now but we know the successors. of bin laden was a big thing but this is the biggest there is this is the worst ever osama bin laden was very big but osama bin laden became big with the world trade center this is a man who built a whole. as he would like to call it a country a caliphate. and was trying to do it again and i had not
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heard too much about his health i've heard stories about he may not have been in good health but he died a he died in a ruthless vicious manner that i can tell you. yes we have people that were taken we have many of the people died on the site but we have people who were taken us and the children we are we left them under care of somebody that week. understand you believe in 11 children 11 children how many adults. i'd rather not say i'd leave that to the generals but it's a small group. more dead than alive. involved with which special operations teams were involved. many of them and at the top level and people that were truly incredible at their craft i've never seen anything like it. it's 1st partnerships curves where there are any other forces involved
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where there's only american know in only american forces did you only american forces but we were given great cooperation to the u.s. rely we told the russians what coming in because we had to go over them and. they were curious but but. we said we're coming for our he said one way the yellow quit coming but they were very cooperative they really were good and we did say it would be a mission that they'd like to because you know again they hate isis as much as we do into purposes 3034th intel that proved useful on the way. so we had our own intel we got very little help we didn't need very much help we have some incredible people when we use our intelligence correctly what we can do is incredible when we waste our time with intelligence that hurts our country because we had poor leadership at the top that's not good but i've gotten to know
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many of the intel people and i will say that they are spectacular another are not going to want to talk about it they want to keep it quiet the last thing they want because these are these are great patriots but the people that i've been dealing with are incredible people and it's really a deserving name intelligence i've dealt with some people that aren't very intelligent. having to do with intel but this is the top people and it was incredible it was flawless and it was very complicated but so i do appreciate russia turkey iraq and syria to an extent because you know we're flying into syria a lot of syrian people with lots of guns so we had. a good cover for probably the most dangerous part it would not sound to you know when you fly and it doesn't sound like that would be the most dangerous when you going in to shooting this and all of the things that happened once they broke into that pretty
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powerful compound it was a very strong camp out and as i said had tunnels but. the most dangerous part we had great cooperation with us me former speaker pelosi ahead of time no i didn't i didn't would i didn't do that i wanted to make sure this kept secret i don't want to have men lost and women i don't want to have people lost you're. fighting special forces teams to the white house after you know he invited i don't know if they want to have their faces shown to be honest with you know they want to they're incredible for the country they're not looking for public relations but they love doing what they're doing i've seen it 1st lady was out there recently looking at what they do she came back she said wow i've never seen anything like that so the training you know all of the training and and the power of the people the men and women the strength the physical strength the mental strength these are incredible people these are very unique individuals with. you know. vision
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of where the bridge but. i don't want to talk about it but. he was screaming crying and whimpering. and he was scared out of his mind and think of james foley think of kayla think of the things he did to kayla what he did to foley and so many others and for those people that say oh isn't this a little violent think of how many times have you seen men. i think in all cases men for the most part but in terms of this where you see the orange suits and you see the ocean and they beheaded or how many of you got to see who is out there the jordanian pilot who's plane went down they captured him they put him in a cage and they set him on fire and they came of jordan actually
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attacked very powerfully when that happened they'd never seen a thing like that but he said i'm on fire. this was al baghdadi and you should never ever hopefully see a thing like that again now. they'll be new people emerge but this was the worst of of this particular world this was the worst probably in certain ways the smartest he was also a coward and he didn't want to die but think of it everybody was out and we were able to search him down and find him in the tunnel we knew the tunnel existed and that's where he was. for the serial things will change and well i don't have a serial at i just don't want to guard turkey and syria for the rest of our lives i mean i don't want to do it it's very expensive it's very dangerous they've been fighting for centuries i don't want to have my people if 2000 men and women or
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a 1000 or 28 we had 28 guard and i said i don't want to be there anyway i don't want to now i will secure the oil that happens to be in a certain part but that's tremendous money involved i would love to you know the oil in i mean i'll tell you a story in iraq so they spent president bush went in i strongly disagreed with that even though. it wasn't my expertise at the time but i had a i have a very good instinct about things they went in and i said that's a tremendous mistake and there were no weapons of mass destruction it turned out i was right i what i was right for other reasons but it turned out on top of everything else they had no weapons of mass destruction because that would be a reason to go in but they had none but i heard recently that iraq over the last number of years actually discriminates against america in oil
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leases. in other words some oil companies from other countries after all we've been. have an advantage in iraq for the i said keep the oil give them what they need keep the oil why should we we go when we lose thousands of lives spent trillions of dollars and our companies don't even have an advantage in getting the oil leases so i just tell you that story that's what i heard. and countered. hallway with they're all yes everybody it was great everybody played a role. of joe was great gina was great there were just all of the good your cereal out. into the lives of. known.
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we were looking at this look as i said steve i've been looking at this i'm here almost 3 years i've been look at this for 3 years they'd come in sir we have somebody under a set i don't want somebody i want al baghdadi that's the one i want to say well we have somebody else i said that's great fun take him out but i want to help baghdad if that's who i want i don't want other people and then i also wanted to homs a lot because he's a young man around 30 looks just like his father tall very handsome and he was talking bad things just like his father you know if you read my book you know it's a book just before the world trade center came down. and i don't get any credit for this but that's ok he never do but here we are. i wrote a book a really very successful book and in that book about
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a year before the world trade center was flown up i said there is somebody named osama bin laden. you better kill him or take him out or something to that effect he's big trouble now i wasn't a government i was building buildings and doing what i did but i've always found it fascinating but i saw this man tall hand some very charismatic making horrible statements about wanting to destroy our country and i'm writing a book and i wrote 12 books all did very well and i'm writing a book world trade center had not come down i think it was about if you check it was about a year before the world trade center came down and i'm saying to people take out osama bin laden that nobody ever heard of nobody ever heard of i mean al baghdadi everybody here is because he's built this monster for a long time but nobody ever heard of sama bin laden until really the world trade
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center but about a year you have to check it a year year and a half before the world trade center kid or the book came out i was talking about osama bin laden i said you have to kill him you have to take him out nobody listen to me and to this day i get people coming up to me they said you know what one of the most amazing things i've ever seen about you is that you predicted that osama bin laden had to be killed before he knocked down the world trade center strew now most of the press has to want to write that but you know but it is true if you go back to look at my book i think it was the america we deserve. i made a prediction and i let's put it this way if they would have listened to me a lot of things would have been different about some of the difficult decisions you had along the way here in this operation when anything that weighed on you or that you had just death i mean you know i'm sending a large number of brilliant fighters these are the greatest fighters in the world.
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i'd rather let the generals tell you but a large number we had 8 helicopters and we had many other ships and planes. it was a large group and again this is a large group heading over a very very strong fire power areas where that was decision one will they make it and they made it. but they took fire but they made it they didn't take we don't believe again it was nation fire we believe it was individual group fire or gang fire as they call it so they made it so that was a big relief then they went in they blasted their way in you've heard they blasted their way in so quickly it was incredible because he's building was pretty quite powerful strong they blasted their way in and then all hell broke loose
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it's incredible that nobody was killed or hurt we had nobody even hurt and that's why the dog was so great we actually had a robot to go in the tunnel but we didn't get it because we were tracking him very closely but we had a robot just in case because we were afraid he had a suicide vest on and if you get close to him many blows it up you're going to die you're going to hit a very powerful suicide vest and decisions in the moment while cooper on the ground how they had it just it credible we were getting full reports. on literally a minute by minute basis sir we just broken server the wall is down sir you know we've captured sir to people coming out right now hands up fighters then the 11 children out. numerous people were dead within the building that they killed and then it turned out they gave us a report sir there's only one person in the building we are sure he's in the tunnel
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trying to escape but it's a dead end tunnel. and it was brutal but it was over and as i said when he blew himself up the tunnel collapsed on top of them on top of everything and his children i mean so he led his 3 children to death so you know. that when a robot followed him into that i know robot was said to but we didn't hook it up because we were too they were moving too fast we were moving fast we weren't 100 percent sure about the tunnel being dead end it it's possible that they could have been in the scape patch somewhere along that we didn't know about. so we moved very very quickly i mean these people they were moving they were chasing they were chasing but again because a suicide vest you can't get too close again one of the reasons with the wives is if they have a suicide vest you know you have to be very very careful these vests are brutal
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brutal and they go for a long distance yes please have you spoken to the families like the foley family i'm calling the families now it will be a pleasure to do that the foley family who i know. will be calling kayla's family. what what he did to her was incredible it's a well known story and i'm not going to say it but you know that he kept her in captivity for a long period of time he kept her in his captivity his personal captivity she was a beautiful woman beautiful young woman help people she was there to help people and he saw her and he thought she was beautiful and he brought her into captivity for a long period of time and then he killed her he was an animal. then he was a godless animal thank you overly much appreciate it is a very great day for our country. we've been listening to u.s.
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president speaking for almost an hour the premise the focus of this was to be an announcement the leader of eisel has in fact been killed and the president did began with that information and provided some details we'll wrap it up in just a moment with our white house correspondent meant to be clear he also spent a lot of time repeating himself that meandered at times he. took opportunities to insult the intelligence community european allies he talked about taking or oil from sovereign nations will address all of those things but 1st let's go to our white house correspondent kimberly how who is also listening in to tell us more about what u.s. president donald trump said about the fact that al boubacar was indeed killed in this raid from u.s. special forces can really. yeah this announcement was certainly much like the president's departures that we often hear at the white house we all now getting an opportunity to see what it's like to cover the white house and the varying topics
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of this president but the headline of this very topic the announcement of the death of the ice a leader of the u.s. president going into much detail not only on the operations by u.s. forces somewhat maybe even argue too much detail perhaps review revealing some of the trade secrets of the u.s. forces but also talking about how al baghdadi died very important to this president to underscore repeatedly that in his view he had died like a coward running and screaming from the u.s. forces that he had brought children with him and when he was cornered then it was then that he apparently detonated a suicide vest now there have been a lot of questioning in the united states about how the u.s. president may have rushed to quickly to make this announcement we're getting. timeline from the u.s. president apparently this happened late saturday afternoon into the early evening
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had many people question whether or not a positive identification had been made the u.s. president countering some of those premises and saying that not only had d.n.a. been used and pulled out of the compound along with other intelligence but they actually had conducted site testing through almost like lab style testing right on site the other thing that was really important in all of this is the u.s. president describing who was present as this was taking place describing it almost in movie like terms i think is the word if you use movie it was like watching a movie is this went down the u.s. president in the situation room surrounded by the vice president the national security adviser robert o'brian as well as the defense secretary and joint chiefs what we could take from all of this is there's no question this is a u.s. president that wanted to dominate the news cycle with this announcement he repeatedly underscored that he believed this was even bigger than the killing of
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osama bin laden under his predecessor barack obama highlighting in his view that this was a leader who had overseen its height enormous caliphates and that he felt this was prominence he wanted to inject this into the headlines we should point out the timing of this coming the very important closely watched sunday chat shows here in the united states the u.s. president dominating much of that time in obliterating their news rundowns in order to get his message into the news cycle kimberly he also did kind of broaden it out to what his his policy is and syria and in turkey he was pushed on that how would you characterize how he what he had to say about that there's no question this is a president who is trying to counter criticism this is a president who is trying to make the argument look at despite the criticism of my syria strategy despite the fact that it didn't turn out exactly like.


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