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more on being seen here that you realise you've witnessed history in the making. this is al-jazeera. alone has i'm sick and this is the news hour live from doha here's what's coming up in the next 60 minutes iraq's parliament set to take up the prime minister's resignation the protesters want a complete overhaul of the political system. police in hong kong used pepper spray on demonstrators in a new wave of anti-government protests. an angry crowd kills 2 people in the democratic republic of congo after weeks of attacks by rebels in the east. and in
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sport lewis hamilton takes pole for the final race of the formula one season but there's reports he could be planning a move away from mercedes to their rivals ferrari details in action coming up later . hello iraq's parliament will meet in the next few hours on the prime minister's resignation will top the agenda. has formally submitted his resignation but that's done little to calm public anger they're demanding a complete overhaul of the system demonstrations continuing in parts of the country $432.00 people have died in the violence since protests began in october simona fulton is in the capital. the day prime minister other of the mothers submitted his resident. nation crowds in tahrir square showed no intention of packing up and
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going home banners were still held high doctors remained on standby to treat the wounded and new street art sprang to life depicting the aspirations of the protest movement. for many the prime minister's departure is just the 1st perhaps the easiest step on a long road towards change they want parliament dissolved and fresh elections to be held under a new election law the problem is not just the prime minister it's not the queen as a whole all of them have to resign the prime minister to leave someone similar to him will replace him. it's a fear that risks becoming a reality in an emergency cabinet meeting of the mahdi said he would stay on as part of a caretaker government until parliament chose his replacement in the midst of morkel to be. there is no doubt that the council and its parties and members will oversee the finding of an appropriate solution as fast as possible because the
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country in this circumstances cannot endure a caretaker government for a long time so i want the parliament to complete the procedures to appoint a new prime minister and government. that process could take weeks even months and requires buy in from local and foreign power brokers because. for sure the political parties are facing a difficult exam they can't go back to the balance of power that used to be in place they have to come up with an extraordinary government which has to complete the process of passing a new election law that is agreed by the protesters. but reforms won't bring the victims back nor will they appease those who mourn them as the death toll rises demands for justice grow louder. comes to tahrir square every week to pray for the victims she doesn't just want to leave she wants his government to be held accountable good luck than not it is. not just him those who opened fire
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she gave the order this is blood this is the blood of the people of the well it's a guilt their pride claims and they go to the graves instead of celebrating their wedding they're stained with blood. but all those responsible for the bloodshed should be punished the government has promised to investigate the most recent violence but as the focus shifts towards appointing a new prime minister such promises risk being forgotten demonstrators have welcomed the his offer to resign but their joy is overshadowed by uncertainty over whether he will really leave and both will happen next with big changes to iraq's electoral law many fear that whoever succeeds him will simply carry on with what they see as the same failed political force that they want to fulfill all of his era of the. only homage of june is live for us now from baghdad somehow and what are we expecting to happen today that. it is now 1 pm
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local here is that it has been expected of them and it was going to be competing this hour and discussing the resignation of the prime minister either not that maddie but as of now we have still not heard if that is actually going to be taking place now oftentimes that the past he makes the weeks when parliament is announced it is going to be meeting oftentimes the sessions have either been delayed or canceled for various reasons or items that are supposed to be on the agenda find them find their way off of the agenda so to be quite honest it's really it's it's it's not a surprise if parliament meeting is delayed but we'll just have to wait and see what exactly happens going forward now if parliament does meet and if as expected they vote on whether they will accept the prime minister's resignation well if they
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do then that would mean as we understand it that the prime minister will head up a caretaker government for 30 days after that point it's unclear if the parliament were to meet and vote and not accept the prime minister's resignation. well that puts everything in uncharted territory but quite frankly we are already in uncharted territory here and i doubt many of these officials they had really no way to they just didn't believe frankly that this protest movement would last as long as it has lasted and to that end i should add some news that we've heard in the last 90 minutes is a staggering increase in the casualty figures the head off the human rights commission announced that at least 432 people have been killed since the beginning of these anti-government demonstrations in early october and that at least 19000 people have been injured so that really goes to show just how chaotic things have been just just how much of a crisis point this country is that none the less what we see again and again in
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cities like baghdad where we are here at the epicenter of the anti-government demonstrations to or square or in other cities in different parts of the country people continue to come out despite the specter of violence despite the fact that so many have been hurt and killed and where we are today we have seen many symbolic funeral processions for those who have died the past few days in also the in the south and in the south and 2 that is and we're hearing in the past hour that protests have resumed once again in those 2 shiite majority cities now also the and where there has been so much bloodshed the last 48 hours. and how many even if they did the parliament accepts the prime minister's resignation and he's then replaced with with someone else this isn't going to do much to address people's anger is it because they have made it clear that this was never about just removing a guy at the top it was about it it's about much more than that.
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all right it looks like we've lost our connection to him. for that we'll move on. his head of the policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies he joins us from here. thanks very much for being with us again martin so let me ask you that question then that is this. i mean the iraqi people have made it very clear that the day needs to be a complete overhaul of the system and it's not it's not about it's not just about person our it's about the policies and the whole way that the country is run so where do things go from here then you're absolutely right it's about the whole political system which has been actually in place since the u.s. invasion of iraq in 2003 the. just don't want the nation of the prime minister but they want to change the whole political system and that it's a mission however of the prime minister is
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a major step towards achieving that objective although it's not enough as i said as i said earlier i think a lot of the protest movement would want very much the parliament the next step is one of them and to. reform the electoral law dissolve itself and call for early elections this is what the demonstrators actually are trying to get because as we said early on of. the need they need the whole political class actually to go because this political class has been mismanaged mismanaging the downhole. process and the whole. governance of the country for the past 16 years and i am been corruption lack of services. and so many mis abuse. abuse that view is actually of the whole political process needs to be finished and this is what the dimmest are as an
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after. what was the likelihood of that happening. at this point in time because it would seem that the iraqi parliament is is did i mean just on the whole issue of the prime minister's resignation and whether he'll be replaced you're absolutely right this is not going to be easy it's going to be very difficult there is going to be he was that existence by the political parties which had been the word in the country for the past 16 years i think there is a lot of stick here. most of these political factions have divided the country in fact the government the country the main positions within the government between themselves so there is a huge huge interest here i'm. talking about $650000000000.00 of corruption over the past 16 years so this is not going to be easy it's going to be very difficult to achieve how of our people have shown that they are going to be
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a persistent in trying actually to achieve their objectives and i think so far they have forced the prime minister to resign and i think they will need to see more actually coming from those people on top of government if they want to save actually the political system which has been actually put in place since 2003 could to get your a perspective on this as always i want to. thank you police in hong kong have used tear gas and pepper spray on protesters rallying across the city thousands of people are marching near the government headquarters to protest police brutality the rally will end at the polytechnic university which students blockaded during an 11 day siege last month earlier on sunday protesters held a march of gratitude as they call it which ended in front of the u.s.
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consulate organizers say they want to thank the united states for approving legislation last week aimed at protecting protestors in the territory hong kong and mainland chinese officials could now face u.s. sanctions for any human rights abuses in hong kong sarah clarke is live for us in hong kong among the protesters sara what is the latest there. but we are at the end point which you mention it's near the polytechnic university to hang home empty are the train station and we just had about 20 of the police vans up and leave where we are over the last half an hour they are threatening to disperse the crowd here once again using tear gas but this is where the huge group of protesters have dispersed they seem to have scattered almost splintered into different groups but we did earlier have tear gas fired at the beginning point which is down the starfury pier in an area called him charge 3 and this is where
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the tear gas was fired because the police said the bricks were being thrown at those at them at that particular point we also had tear gas here because the protest has agreed to go on a particular route but they've been across blocking some major highways but certainly it started peacefully tear gas was fired some arrests were made and where we are the end point this is where the police were checking identification of a large group of some of the more hardcore protesters simply are indeed bitter in the effort to try to rest and charge those behind some of the more violent rallies that we've seen in the last 6 months but as for numbers here today on sunday at this rally that would be it was. approved by police and as a result more people came out as i felt safe to assemble and march it was about a 3 kilometer march up from where i mention to where we are now the calderon side and it's right near polytechnic university and that's where as you mentioned we had almost a 2 week see where more than a 1000 protesters hold themselves up inside that campus but that would clear that last week but as and where we are now they literally have just left the police and
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the protesters have also long gone. all right sarah clarke live for us there in hong kong thanks here. plenty more ahead on this news out. on the streets across latin america but for different reasons we'll have a report from chile. find out why multis prime minister is facing pressure to step down. and in sport one for the history books as the houston rockets star man sets another record all that later in the program. so that's all ahead but 1st a crowd in eastern democratic republic of congo has killed 2 people it accused of being rebels and happened in the eastern town of beni in north kivu province the crowd attacked a man and woman dressed in civilian clothes off to find the guns and bullets in
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their banks they suspected them of being members of the allied democratic forces which is blamed for killing more than 100 civilians in the past month most recent was on friday when 14 people were killed. the u.n. peacekeeping chief is visiting danny where there been protests against the perceived failure of u.n. troops to protect people against violence he admitted there is room for improvement but call for unity to go bust obedient to the message is that you should make the wrong enemies we are on the side of the people of this region the congolese people are there any things we can do better of course they are and we will work on it are our partners with who we work with every day also thinking about how to work even more closely with us the f a r d c armed forces the national police the authorities. catherine joins us live now from goma in eastern d.r. c so catherine what is the latest there on the violence. well since
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that killing of the couple yesterday by andrew more than there was a child with this couple when they went to pick a taxi to go to areas that nobody else is going to because it's still unsafe so these taxi drivers got in constable questioned them the couple was not very clear on their answers they had no idea and when the taxi people sashed the bags they found all this paraphernalia military equipment bullets military congolese military uniform as well so people gathered and stoned the couple to death but the child is safe so since that happened people inventing houses they want to take charge of their own security because they don't feel that government security forces are doing it so they've set up checkpoints in some areas and us arching people who are coming in vehicles that are coming in particularly from areas where this killing to
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have happened they say they do not trust anymore the security forces with. with their safety and there is an ongoing operation. in the forest a joint operation with the u.n. and the military against a.d.f. we spoke to this book for a book one of the military who said that they are advancing and they've taken several bases that were being held by a.d.f. this killed a senior commander of a.d.f. as well but a lot of people we've talked to in beni are saying why then even with the ongoing offensive can these fighters lady of steel come to villages and kill people as we've seen in this week. and it's happening at the same time as the visits of the world health organization director general in the country what's happening there. yes dr ted draws get better use this is now in benny he is just stalking to the people there boasting the moral of this stuff this week we sold our for
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a boiler responders killed by another rebel group called my my and this has been going on even before this crisis in benghazi we have seen that health workers who are trying to deal with the outbreak of the boil in that area being attacked by rebel groups there's been a lot of mistrust as well so he's just there to boost their confidence in this period of the crisis security crisis right now we have seen wu to a scaling back on appreciations evacuating stop some staff members other humanitarian organizations like the u.n. charter agency unicef and doctors without borders have also pulled out non-essential staff members the director general of w.h.o. has said that if the security situation continues unchecked it's going to be very problematic continue for the health workers to contain that there bullet outbreak and it's going to really set back the gains that have already been made so he's in
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then now and he'll be coming here to goma in the next few hours will be addressing the john journalists before heading back to wonder where he'll be attending a summit on hiv and aids all right karen thanks for that catherine sawyer live for us in goma right now how to deal with convicted terrorists has become an issue in britain's election campaign after friday's attack in central london rory chalons is live for us now from. from london so rory we've been we've been hearing from the leaders of both the main parties on this focusing on this issue of prisoners and early release what are they been saying. yes a lot just listen to boris johnson the u.k. prime minister speaking on the b.b.c.'s andrew marr show where he was getting a bit of a bit of
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a grilling on what went wrong in this case with was one car a prisoner who was technically serving a 16 year sentence but under the u.k. or the english justice system had being released from prison at the half way point of his sentence after after 8 years he was let out a prison in december 2018 and of course as we know what went on to kill 2 people on the streets of london on friday now this in the end point of an election campaign 2 weeks to go until december the 12th when britain goes to vote to go to the polls is obviously a combustible issue and it's a it's a problem i think for the conservative government for boris johnson what he is trying to do with them i'm what he was trying to do on the andrew marr show is say that this is not the fault of the conservatives that they had to let this guy out.
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legislation that was brought in in 2008 by the previous labor ministration and your mother was pressing him hold on a 2nd you guys the conservative party have been in power for 10 years if this was so terrible then why did you not do anything to change it now there are various people pointing out that actually boris johnson's central claim was wrong anyway that there were various ways in which the courts could have kept this guy in jail. not released him early. and that these alleged pieces of legislation have been done by numerous different governments from numerous different parties but clearly what boris johnson is trying to do is say this is not the conservatives fault this was a legacy issue that we have that we. of inherited but the problem is he's not he's a new prime minister but the conservatives have been in power for
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a long time and it's going to be difficult for them to dodge this as a ball that was dropped on their watch so that's what that's the way this is playing out there were 2 weeks to go until the election all right thanks for that really challenges in london a greece's foreign minister is expected in cairo for discussions over the tensions in the mediterranean 2 countries are opposed to a deal signed between turkey and libya which draft maritime boundary in the mediterranean sea greece says the deal ignores the presence of its island of crete between the coasts of turkey and libya egypt has called the deal illegal while turkey says it is about cementing its maritime rights let's take a look at the longstanding maritime dispute between turkey and greece in a little more detail now it's all to do with the island of cyprus which has been divided since 1904 into turkish speaking north and greek cypriot south
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turkey has been drilling for oil and gas off the coast of sign for us which has resulted in sanctions from the european union which says turkey is infringing on cypriot sovereignty while ankara maintains it does not recognize cyprus as a state meanwhile greece is pushing to lead a regional gas market cooperating with both egypt and cyprus a matthew breezer is a former u.s. diplomat and senior fellow at the alleged to counsel regime center and global energy center he joins us now via skype from istanbul thanks very much for being with us so what is at the heart of this deal between libya and turkey essentially and why now. i think the reason now is that greece and the greek cypriot state and israel have been planning a pipeline that would bring gas from israel and cyprus to to crete and then to
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greece to make that happen they would have had to have agreed on their own territorial waters and if they did turkey would have had no way to make a legal claim to block that pipeline because turkey favors a different pipeline it favors a pipeline that would go from from cyprus to turkey crossing greek cypriot waters so the reason why it's happening now also is there's some momentum in that other pipeline project from from israel in cyprus too to greece but also because i think turkey is taking advantage of a very fluid political system in libya where the there are 2 vying governments and turkey signed the agreement president or don't sign the agreement with the head of the government of national accord which is the un recognized government but at the same time there's another government are claimed government in eastern libya that's contending with the government in tripoli so very complex situation yeah it
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certainly is and why i mean what does techie get out of this essentially and what what what is the end game here. and game is number $12.00 to prevent that rival pipeline i mentioned before that would go from cyprus to to greece but it's also to protect its own claim maritime territory turkey claims a total area of around 90000 square kilometers are on the medical it's mediterranean coast but greece has a contending claim that would reduce turkey's area by almost 2000 by more than 2 thirds and that's because there are some islands one island in particular custom c.-o. that extends very very far eastward into the mediterranean beyond the aegean sea and well beyond other greek islands greif says well that island enjoys the ability to define greece's territorial waters turkey says that's uncertain its a tiny island how could it have equal weight to thousands of kilometers of turkish
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coastline in determining where turkey's territorial waters lie and this is a dispute that's extremely difficult to resolve there is a framework out there the un convention on the law of the sea but turkey is not a party to it and by the way neither is the united states but love the sea says islands do acquire full force in determining national waters but again turkey doesn't recognize that agreement so what does libya get out of this that. well this government of national accord gets a sense of legitimacy because its president mr also russia is able to say i have concluded in agreement with a nato member state with with the most populous states on the northern side of the mediterranean i am a legitimate leader of libya. in terms of economic benefits it's not clear yet what libya would get and by the way i should underscore this is just a memorandum of understanding that the libyan side cannot have its parliament ratify even because it doesn't have
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a parliamentary. good to speak of the methane brazier thanks for being with us thank you thank you. several latin countries several countries across latin america rather are expected to hold a similar taney a class or a lot so on sunday it's a type of protest that involves banging on pots and pans and while crowds are coming together for a variety of reasons they all share something in common and see newman has more from one of those demonstrations in the chilean capital santiago was this is the unmistakable sound of the protests. a very special kind of protest. and a very noisy one at that. because the last will require support. for a pan and something to strike if we. all keep doing this until the politicians understand that inequality in chile is unacceptable no him again and it doesn't matter how long it takes i still have plenty of pans left. banging pots and pans
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became famous in chile in 1981 when opponents of the left wing government of president the u.n. day came out to protest food shortages and rationing it was associated with the center and right wing opposition sociologist manuel until you got it done remembers it well. mark we're going to. the concert last so we're part of the best organized protests that would lead to the military overthrow if i ended the idea was to attribute it to civil society and women in the name of protecting their families and children the irony is that 12 years later the 1st major protest against the dictatorship brought the pots and pans back in the middle of an acute economic crisis characterized by hunger especially on the poor and. many assume that chile was the birthplace of the classic. the practice of the banks. and for.
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the 1st. appeared in algeria the so-called. the wealth of independence later they remembered me there they had read over that in america back. in europe and. one of the churches of this form of protest is that you can do it day or night on the street or from your home where presumably there's less risk of being arrested especially when there's a curfew. depending on how widespread and noisy the castle last all one can gauge the degree of support for a given protest. in venezuela for example the pots and pans come out every time there's a blackout or just a protest against president nicolas maduro. but the practice transcends all ideologies it's simply the best way many people feel they have to make themselves heard to see in human al-jazeera something i will. and
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a few moments will have the weather with kevin corriveau but still ahead on al-jazeera. why russian politicians pushing for a law to criminalize domestic violence are facing threats. we want it to be accessible to the 9000000000 people that are going to be on the planet in the next 20 years and eco friendly recipes tell you about the race to create a more attractive veggie burger. possum sport one of the toughest groups ever will tell you what football is you're a 2020 tournament just got a lot more interesting. we are watching typhoon kenya right now making its way towards the philippines you can
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see the storm this is about 24 to 36 hours ago going through its phases but it is increasing in intensity and we are now seeing the effects. the storm on the eastern part of the philippines bring a lot of heavy rain across these areas as those feeder bands push in winds right now $120.00 gusting up to 150 kilometers per hour moving to the west quite quickly we do think though this storm is going to be affecting about 16300000 people as it makes its way towards the philippines then across this is with category one winds are higher and that's going to be a big problem we do have the southeast asian games going on right now in the area around manila some some of those games have been moved some of those games have been pushed further out in terms of when we're going to be seeing schedule with the storm but very heavy rain very heavy winds associate with this we do expect to see a landfall with the storm probably on monday evening local time very strong storm could be equivalent to a category 2 or category 3 hurricane once it makes landfall as a pushes across the philippines on tuesday it will start to weaken but still we do
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expect to see very heavy rain associated with this in terms of the rain it could be well over $300.00 millimeters of rain just in the next 72 hours. whether sponsored by countdown and. our planet is warming as never before with profound consequences for all life on earth but the world's leading scientists say there is still time to plan it as the left sets out the facts and the science behind the issues affecting our planet. and brings the work people across the globe doing to time the crisis around plan attacks on al-jazeera . we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and
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reported on a story that it might take an international networks months to be able to do with united nations peacekeepers out there going i'm tired and old. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies we're going to places where nobody is going . well again you're watching i just did a reminder of our top stories this hour iraq's parliament is set to meet with prime minister the lab to maddy's resignation expected to top the agenda but that's done little to calm protesters who want a total overhaul of the system. police in hong kong have used tear gas and pepper
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spray and protesters rallying across the city thousands of people are marching in the government headquarters to protest police brutality. a crowd in eastern democratic republic of congo killed 2 people accusing them of being rebels fighters from a rebel group has killed more than 100 civilians in the past month. 6 european countries have joined a trading system develop to do business with iran without violating u.s. sanctions belgium denmark finland sweden norway and the netherlands have all become shareholders in sticks the system was founded by france britain and germany all signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal with iran the countries say they are working to facilitate trade with iran but say that iran has to return to full compliance of the nuclear deal or thousands of people have joined protests in israel to demand the resignation of prime minister benjamin netanyahu demonstrators gathered in tel
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aviv waving banners describing netanyahu as a corrupt leader last week he was charged with fraud bribery and breach of trust he has rejected calls to step down then accuse prosecutors of staging an attempted coup. malta's prime minister is due to address his nation later on sunday there's growing pressure on joseph muscat after a prominent businessman who is reportedly close to him was charged over the murder of an investigative journalist you're going to finish has denied complicity to murder daphne kerry won again he's here in 2017 and his family has called on the prime minister to resign his chief of staff quit earlier this week after being questioned by police barbagallo is a journalist at the malta independent he spoke about the possible repercussions this case could have on the prime minister. the prime minister he's expected to be giving a televised address tomorrow morning and the indication is that he will be announcing
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his intention to step down and got talking about the process for the leadership race for the labor party which would he is part of which will culminate cognitively in an election which will involve will take place on the 18th of january as to whether he'll step down imminently we are we are not entirely sore yet. about protesters are demanding that his resignation it is immediate ever since. the 1st of all not in panic to help and days ago there's been a process and it's time with the crown good laws are not there all of them are calling for the same thing that is that if he's in his immediate resignation and this is something that that's tough but our ever since the assassination even the panama paper scandal image 3 years ago when the people who resigned the law are lost today and the new minister who resigned last tuesday where we name the having
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the company. well siri numbs president dessie butera c. is expected to return home from a visit to china as he faces a 20 year prison sentence he was found guilty of planning and ordering the execution of 15 political prisoners in 1902 were to see has 2 weeks to appeal the conviction but authorities have not called for his arrest yet the president has denied the allegations in indonesia protesters in west papua are marking the region's independence from the netherlands more than half a century ago dozens of people have been killed since september after indonesian troops were sent to the region to deal with protests people in west papua are expected to raise the controversial morning star flag which they've been doing since the 1961 and into the indonesian government say the flag is a symbol of an independent spade challenging its sovereignty and papua is
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indonesia's eastern most region then is made up of 2 provinces pathway and west papua now indonesia took control of papua after a disputed referendum in 1969 which many pop would say was rigged the region's poverty rate stands at 20 percent compared to the national rate of 9 percent activists say local people haven't benefited from the wealth generated by the region's mineral trade and the tensions have been made worse by accusations of racism and allegations of rights abuses by security forces or veronica coleman is an indonesian human rights lawyer an activist who lives in exile in australia because of her work in west papua she joins us live now from sydney thanks very much for being with us so tell us what is at the heart of the west papuans grievances and their calls for independence from indonesia.
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yes they believe that as you mentioned before that the referendum that took place in 969 was a sham referendum on the 160-0000 in the west bank wants at that time or. handpicked and honored gunpoint to. be warned the referendum that is in accordance to the nation a law that is one person one vote. i don't know you you have a personal involvement in this which is part of the reason why your living in exile in australia tell us about that. saw it because it happened several months ago when that was our pricing during august and september and following that unprecedented crackdown and the internet shutdown on big. time that. war has gone back to normal but i defied
1:40 pm
that narrative for you because i kept posting all of our house and saw for spot one still taking to the streets demanding independence referendum and the crackdown in seoul i was a me with 4 different laws for that in. in the ass start to silence me. so give us a sense then of what life is like for a people in west papua at the moment and what you believe is the way forward. this year we are seeing the number of work that starts it's much smaller than previous years this is because unprecedented number of security forces presence in the west fatwa or at least since the era of the faith are sheep. and the aggressive tactics to prevent any kind of gathering from taking place right now in the west
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papuan. and in at this basin off today west papuan nation all day the nation all police and military chiefs home security chief security minister and minister of home affairs are stationed in west papuan this has never happened before and i saw there for a rest of our students in the church today because they were carrying morningstar flecks in a church. just 4 days ago there was an impromptu demonstration in city of sauron in a church in c.t. offshore on the show that there is frustration and desperation among what sparked once because they can no longer take to the streets to carry out their expiration blissfully so they go to the turret last resort but even then they are still arrested so west wants me complaining that they cannot pick the district for protesting and they cannot even pray now without interference by the security
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forces. good to speak with you. and they say as a way for. ok we're going to have to leave it there appreciate your time veronica comment thanks very much. italy's coast guard has recovered the bodies of 7 migrants who were missing after their boat capsized last week that raises the death toll now 212149 people were pulled from the water when their boat overturned off the coast of lampedusa hundreds of migrants and refugees have died in the mediterranean sea this year trying to reach europe from north africa. a russia is one of the few european countries where there is no law against domestic violence but some politicians are open to change that a bill to declare it a crime has been resubmitted in parliament but m.p.'s pushing for the new laura facing threats from conservative and religious groups step vasant reports from moscow. had reported her husband's abuse weeks before her death police had sent her
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away saying sergei a policeman himself could only be fined and she would jeopardize his career when she asked for a divorce her husband stabbed her 57 times it had been accepted our child went to wake up his mom in the morning and found her with her throat sliced open covered in blood and her eyes half closed that's how he described it himself the fact that sergei has a child was considered a soft circumstance isn't an absurd situation he killed this child's mother he left this child alone with the body of his mom. there are no official statistics but hundreds or even powers of russian women are murdered by their husbands every year those who managed to escape can go to a crisis center but they are only 15 government sponsored centers nationwide. efforts to criminalize domestic violence have failed so far hundreds showed up at
1:44 pm
this protest against the new domestic violence bill saying the law is counter to russian family values i think family is something which works fine in traditional garb cultures something recent not. by any thoughtful the last number of laws. for family regulation the birth of our fertility brought us like the show no resistance that's facing women who are fighting against the much the violence almost but the opposition goes far beyond these kinds of protest russian women say these groups are well funded and have powerful connections. oksana pushkin a has received threats for initiating the new bill that includes restraining orders for abuses and more crisis centers for victims it is a slogan. of course they have cover in the government it can't be any other way nothing would happen if they didn't have serious court we're aiming to win and if it doesn't happen now it will happen in 25 years when
1:45 pm
a generation changes but it's better if it happens now we can save many lives we can save children who see it all happening at home. but a new generation of russian women is already fighting back while they're protesting in support of the bill elaina's mother is fighting a legal battle to strip the man who murdered her daughter of his parental rights because their 9 year old son nikita is afraid what will happen to him when his father comes out of prison stop fasten al-jazeera mosco. still ahead on the edges into. this norwegian ski jumper cruz why he belongs on top of the world cup standings we'll have the details coming up shortly. and the investigation of how foreign companies climbed africa's natural resources
1:46 pm
the trust is show important in a big question revealing how maybe as officials demand cash in exchange for favors . this week. with confidential documents provided to al-jazeera by wiki leaks people are going to say for you committee for interest i was putting the crunch and i'm not feeling it colleges era investigations the anatomy of a braai. al-jazeera . where every.
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hello again now the push towards a plant based diet is taking on added importance because of global warming companies are racing to create the best vegetarian burger it's all part of an effort to reduce reliance on farming animals which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions well reynolds reports. that's a really good this is a plant based burger made by impossible foods what we do here is we take simple natural ingredients we take our knowledge of what those ingredients are and we recombine them to make amazing delicious products the goal is to revolutionize
1:48 pm
agriculture improve human health and reverse global warming a tall order for a little burger this company's goal is very clear which is to eliminate the need for animals in the food system by 2035 raising food animals and the crops to feed them consumes a 3rd of freshwater and nearly half of all the available land on planet earth remaining forests are rapidly being felled for farming destroying biodiversity and accelerating global warming about 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions come from animal farming methane the product of bovine belching and flatulence is 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping atmospheric heat the people in this industry say that if consumers begin adopting clip based meats in a big way it could have an enormous effect on global warming the current system of
1:49 pm
producing need is not sustainable air go it will definitely go away at some point we've reached peak how so what's in it soya for texture potato protein for flavor and nutrition ferment it soil for flavor coconut oil for fact and sizzle and other natural ingredients getting the taste just right is the priority. key to getting you know very wide adoption plan things products means to actually give. hard core meeting in paris the real experience not like a full moon experience right some nutritionists warned that the processed ingredients in plant based meat are less healthy than vegetables by themselves but the demand is growing and plant based meat is already being sold by fast food chains fine restaurants and supermarkets we want it to be accessible to the mine 1000000000
1:50 pm
people that are going to be on the planet in the next 20 years feeding humanity and healing the planet that's a win win so bon appetit rob reynolds al-jazeera redwood city california. all right time of sport is for thanks as there are reports that formula one champion lewis hamilton is holding talks with ferrari about a possible move away from mercedes he's won 5 of the 6 titles with mercedes boss as things stand he'll be a free agent when his current deal runs out at the end of next season and italian newspaper is reporting he met twice with ferrari chairman john elkan about a possible moves in 2021 hamilton's boss at mercedes toto wolff says he's totally ok with it he said i think this is a free world and i recognise that everybody needs to explore career options and make the best decision for themselves drivers and everybody else included
1:51 pm
hamilton's already won this year's championship but he still put everything into qualifying for the final race of the season in abu dhabi to hold positions ahead of teaming valtteri bottas and red bulls magic happen it's hamilton's 1st pool since the german quad prix in july. of course to end the qualifying season with a pole which has been a while when he had poor thing early on this year so i know it's been a special car and this is the last time i gets qualify with it so i'm glad we did it proud today. adult and is still one behind michael schumacher his record of 7 world titles one of schumacher is ferrari's was sold at auction in our dobie and someone paid quite a lot of money for it 5000000 are not a frozen at $5000000.00 i goodes $1000.00. just short of $6000000.00 it was a car that schumacher drove to win his 5th world title in 2002 with race victories
1:52 pm
in san marino austria and france. the user rocket's james harden had a 60 point game for the 4th time in his career tying him with michael jordan for 3rd most in n.b.a. history arden who only played for 31 minutes led the rockets as they thrashed the visiting atlanta hawks 158-2111 is 60 points was just one shy of his career high our name is the only current player in the league to score 60 points and again more than one. meanwhile in milwaukee young is and take full score $26.00 points in just 20 minutes to leave the box to win over the visiting charlotte hornets and fact 9 milwaukee players in total reach double figures beating the hornets by 41 points it's the box 11 story with. now the draw for football 02020 tournaments taking place in bucharest and there's no doubt what the standout group is. germany.
1:53 pm
saul's france of course portugal. yes the winners of the last 3 major tournaments are all in one group of world champions france european champions portugal and 2014 world cup winners germany won the euros 3 times one more team will join him in that group spread the playoffs i'm happy i'm very glad what. it's really great to have such teams in the group was the goddess of the european championship robinson grow champion he agrees man the world dog or really what would make you go there are very difficult you're more as one would think about it since a lot of your my troubles with the dog. day has won the chinese super league title they did on the final day of the season with the 3 male win over shanghai shun wah at squash it was
1:54 pm
a plea titling 9 seasons last year's winner shanghai outside t.g. and finished in 3rd place this time around. after a great comeback story for german skier thomas truss and on the world cup circuit. an exactly one year to the day since he blew out his knee and dislocated his shoulder in a crash in colorado dressin return to the slopes and didn't hold back competing in the downhill at lake louise in canada he threw himself down the mountain and amazingly he won the race by 21 hundreds of a sack and he said afterwards that he would have been happy just to finish in the top 15. or one of the biggest names in scheme mckayla schifrin was denied victory in the giant slalom race at killington in the us olympic champion had to settle for 3rd place having never won the giant slalom venue she finished behind an italian one to marta winning ahead of her compassionate frederico are known
1:55 pm
a however schifrin is favorites. to win the slalom later on sunday go. over to ski jumping and norway's daniel andre tandy made it 2 wins from to win the world cup season its latest one came in fiddling with this mammoth 2nd jump of 142 meters after his victory in poland last week the 20000 world champion is sitting firmly at the top of the standings. now southeast asian games are up and running and so are the hosts philippines they were already way out in front in the medal table with 15 goals overall one of them came in the martial arts. defending the title she won 2 years ago and she was clearly emotional collecting her medal on the podium in front of a home crowd. and we've covered the sport of setback attack before but not the hoops version of the game it's more like basketball than volleyball teams of 5 players have half an hour to score as many points as possible by getting the ball
1:56 pm
into the net and it was the philippines who took the victory had of cambodia the 1st time ever that the country has won gold and. and that is all your support for now has them back to you thanks for the 4 go thousands of people have visited bethlehem to mark the start of the christmas season lights were turned on outside the church of the nativity where christians believe jesus christ was born palestinian prime minister how much they and the mayor of bethlehem lit the tree on saturday a relic that's been stored at the vatican for more than a 1000 years was returned to bethlehem it's believed to be part of the wooden manger that was used as a crib for the baby jesus is there a need abraham has more from bethlehem where palestinians are hoping the return of the relic will help towards. thousands of. the manger square with just the.
1:57 pm
right. to get here from jerusalem because of israeli checkpoints. but. it's a joyful occasion it's a new beginning nothing competes with the beauty. this year but they have another reason to celebrate early. more than 2000 years ago they'd been moved to the vatican in the 7th century before making their way back to. the ministry. there is not the $3000000.00 visitors that came to palestine last year i think that's a little now and i believe. that's the news out and that's it for me has them say good bye sweet company but pay to dump me will be hit in
1:58 pm
a couple of minutes with more of the day's news. out jazeera world meets to arabs. left the middle east but for successful careers and all the parts of the while. the lebanese kind of just tend to brazil. occupy any of the norwegian oil industry. news on chinese leading to unexpected places. dr hope will my on al-jazeera.
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new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds the book his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. the world's largest oil producer has failed to trade on the foreign stock exchange was a transparency valuation over ambition what happened here the world's largest oil producer and you don't let the world's largest definitely. investigate the politics
2:00 pm
of the middle east's most potent economic weapon saudi aramco company and. on. iraq's parliament to take up the prime minister's resignation but protesters want a complete overhaul of the political system. you're watching al-jazeera live from also coming up an angry crowd kills 2 people the democratic republic of congo after weeks of attacks by rebels in the east. the police in hong kong fired pepper spray on demonstrators and a new wave of anti-government protests.


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