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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 353  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2019 3:32am-4:00am +03

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in india at least 3 protesters have been shot and killed during confrontations with police the nationwide rallies against a new citizenship law went ahead despite a government ban that all makes it easier for non muslims from 3 neighboring countries to get indian citizenship to volunteer firefighters have been killed in australia while battling bushfires near sydney becomes a strain experienced its hottest day ever with average temperatures reaching 41.9 degrees celsius the extreme heat and strong winds are making it even more dangerous for fire crews. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside story is coming up next thank you very much for watching.
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algeria swears in a new president after an election few people wanted protesters rejected. as illegitimate so how will he manage his critics and can he ends months of demonstrations demanding political change this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. for the 1st time in 20 years algeria has a president who isn't. the former leader stepped down in april when thousands of people rallied against his bid for a 5th term in office but it appears many people are also unhappy with the man taking over. a sworn in on thursday after winning last week's election which had
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the lowest turnout in algeria's history at less than 40 percent the former prime minister was one of 5 candidates who all had ties with. to boone has offered to hold talks with protesters who for 10 months i've been calling for a complete overhaul of the political system he says the election put algeria back on the path to legitimacy. in the you could be a big success of the fruits of the civil movement people felt that things needed to be changed in order to stop that the minds of the states and its institutions. thank the citizens for the contribution to the 6. this is democratic free and transparent process i thank them for their competence so who was a bit of a boon while the 73 year old businessman didn't enter politics until he was in his forty's that was in the early 1990 s. and 2017 he served as prime minister for less than 3 months before being dismissed
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by the former president of the law. to boom will need to win over antigovernment protesters who say the election was a ploy by the old guard to maintain their grip on politics and he'll have to try and fix a struggling economy energy revenues have been declining forcing severe cuts to state spending but the biggest test for the new president could be his relationship with the military the powerful army chief general by the gods a son called the election after both a step down. let's introduce the panel here in the high use of beyond those joining us he's a professor of political science and international race relations at qatar university in algiers finest type bakhash is a research fellow at the school for advanced studies in the social sciences also in algiers via skype is to him and kasi associate fellow with the middle east and north africa program at chatham house welcome to you all thanks very much for
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joining us i'm going way back another to the new president to boone has been sworn in talk us through what the mood is in the country and and what's being said well i think that this is business as usual you know that the elgin mission has always used the mass function as demands. from the people you know order to internalize them and to stand having so once again people were of why are willing to get rid of what should they have a new president and according to their if you want. hope it goes full then this is old the same old risky he's watching a president while the armies try to. to everything in order not to negotiate with the people and especially not to negotiate a transition some of the mood within the hill act is that riots are protests are going to go on that is why it's maybe in some of the country yet many of
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the americans and all dust out of the regime they are trying to do what they have done their cop trying to talk about the youth ranks about to talk about the renewal and of the constitution and yes it should without having any kind of form so yes business as usual again and still the statement from the even though i'm allowed to stick with you for a moment in his speech earlier on thursday he did say that a comprehensive strategic plan must be laid to pass the current political situation and to also begin reforming the country what do you make of those words and was there anything else for you that you took away from the speech well i called into the head act and according to all internal and external observers any serious change in the country won't be able to add and east the the army is not able to think about its position about the way it is actually living and using simply and
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will it examine everyone there's no doubt that it would have chills and the are made up by the people and if the army again is not busy to chance tyrants and negotiation process with the people that want to be in you and thought of us that this should that somehow that's going what's the ideal a minute you know is that on the contrary to the old the revulsion of this to this of the old political class he's not willing or you have not pulled under oath you were. part of yes then. but still i mean he has you have any parts. the old regime and again it. was quite a day with no. hope you know i did too and you know so we should stop actions are there to allow the army ok let's bring in 10 and then boom in his speech on thursday also he did say that he extends his hand to the protest movement
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the head arc for a dialogue how do you think the protest movement going to respond to that i think it will not be easy for him to come down the streets many people see him as somebody who represents the containment of the only year ian walker is the elder insistent and people are not happy about this because when people took to the streets in february 19th of this year it was about radical change it was about transforming the political regime in the meaningful way and clearly have been does not represent this structure with the old system so it will be complicated for him to to change the you know to come down the street in his speech today he mainly spoke about reforming the constitution and you know it very much seems like a new. system to kind of use keep things going and continue the war without
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introducing and you will change but people are very much aware of this many argue that he was not elected and that the official numbers that say that he was elected with over 58 percent of the voices are wrong and that he was basically appointed by the military and so it's going to be complicated and hard for him to convince the streets there is a huge gap of trust in. her and he will have to make very significant moves to calm down the protesters on the street and you yourself a 10 year old this very recently as paradoxical as this may be canceling the electoral process schedule. for december the 12th would be a win for the democratic struggle in algeria now that the election went ahead and you have a new president that has been sworn in do you see this then as a setback for the democratic struggle as you put it in algeria it's clearly some
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sort of win for the regime however i don't think that. because people are continuing to protest people are a conscious thought this president likely to see and so the regime is not in this power who posture because that blue very much likes to to see and this is why he's trying to engage in dialogue with the head and people within the of positions to the society he feels he's leadership is weak and had be contested and so it's still a battle and i think the good side is that the people in the streets are still protesting and so it we will have to sit out a negotiating table at some point to negotiate algorithm a critic transition ok use abandon my 2 guests from algeria they seem to say this is business as usual how do you see all of this and the same question to you the president has proposed dialogue with the head off movement is this a good move is this a perhaps
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a new chapter in algerian politics i mean would see it as a new chapter in algiers politics when the iraq begun on the 22nd of february the 1st thing that they asked for is no 5th done for the president but for the car that's the main demand and weeks went by the demand to see did of demands has increased obviously regardless of what of a hop and a president to be president of up today. so many people talk about he lacks legitimacy and so on and so forth which i understand but i would argue that legitimacy has never been in an important issue in politics arguably the most popular presidents of algeria. and wondered what the of both of them were not elected. for instance came to power to put it up and boudia off came to power brought in by the military after the consideration of the little process in january
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the 1991 obviously what the elections has done today is divided the algerian people. the big division that we've been listening to the late eighty's and early ninety's between so-called islamist radicals and the radicals we did in the military even before. the to boone was sworn in as president somebody please at the tip of the hill like well talking about negotiations or a log i agree with one of your 2nd guest formal g. is that the main problem in algiers politics today is lack of trust. the boom made the in his speech he made some some kind of promises that he will be inclusive we talked about a new algerian a new republic that means he's talking about
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a break away from past practices plot ective elysia and so on and so forth which as far as i can tell is music to. everybody in algeria. but the problem is to what extent is he going to deliver on this and where the algerians would believe him now i guess that the 1st 3 or 4 months of his tenure in office will determine to what extent he's going to go. with his policies and this is something that was just that was brought up from i guess in algeria to what extent is the military going to be sort of pulling the strings behind the scenes. the algerian military has always been put into strings behind the scene since before 1962 every single algerian president since 962 until today has always been a military man all enjoyed the support of the military so the military
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was not going to go away it will always be. it may act as a watch dog as long as its interests are not. affected by whatever the president is going to do i think that he will get the support he needs from them i meant to what extent can he actually so that he's not part of the ruling powers. can he so that he's going to pursue differently i think if i mean this is not a good question we should choose the arab league and here we are asking about to influence towards did he act as you told us chirac who has in the end the solutions the power to reformists to sions and to have all of the will to control the police and for example we should shift our adding and ask about if we are to talk about the book has a president he used to be able to have any kind of influence on the army will be
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able for example to fragment all too clearly on the divergence that oh already exists within the army circles as bush just so by putting get get in the side in 2004 at the end of the army and marginalizing generals who are when they were asked to been discovered since i don't think so and that's where the discipline that he's actually i don't think that will be able to work on carraige are to put pressure on the army in order to arm from within in marjah to stop requesting we're pressing people i mean the same day he was talking about that i logged a lot of people in what about an hour and a whisper it's not hard to buy one request and this has launched a total so directly campaign throughout the country with the the repressed the most trust also just so this is really the question have now what kind of leadership can
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be put on the army commitments in our to do politics for real and not just about golf having the civilian president once again ok let's put that question. ok ok let's put that point of view of. is he going to be able to put pressure on the army well i think this is going to be a big challenge and you know usually because so many argue that he has quite a close relationship to. mr general gates that it will be difficult for him to you know kind of back the military you know into a smaller position within a larger in political scene so this is going to be a real challenge however regarding the head act he will have to make it important if he is to come down the streets so it just wasn't me so a moment for counting all those 300 political detainees these are people who where arrested and put into jail for their political views and several students and young
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people were sent to jail for. basically carrying the verbal flag so these people would have to be released immediately before engaging in any kind of negotiation with the with the head. or with the civil society also the media the media are completely closed and shut down in algeria and you person presenting differing views from those of the regime. into public media and private media as well the justice system is completely controlled politically and has served as a tool of the political system for decades so if the voom wants to calm down the situation he will have to show that there are significant changes in the way the judiciary system functions in the way you know that the media functions also the political scene is completely controlled it's very complicated not to read to. party or an association or to voice views that are radically opposed to those of
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the system in place and so i think that. we will have to make important moves if he. and to. appease the head up and down. and i don't think any serious negotiation dialogue can be the gate without important moves from the region and from the sides the man was outlining a few points of the want to see i mean for you what would constitute a victory for the movement i think if president. ensures that his promises. fulfilled because he made a number of promises during his election money 1st election campaign even though it was limited and also in his speech on thursday so i guess
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if boone style some sort of a process of reform like he said that would be something very tangible obviously it's very very early cause there were the bone was inaugurated on thursday. friday saturday is to do we care and and obviously it's i think it would be a mistake to to condemn him at this stage i would say for at least now let's try to give him the benefit of the doubt and i understand he's doubtless given the slug of this important lack of trust between the new rules and the ruled but. the board has a very very very difficult job to do not necessarily. but buckley in the socio economic problems that people. are that i wanted to ask you about talk to us about some of the economic problems because they run very deep in algeria for
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instance we could talk about unemployment lot of housing. the minimum wage which is about $18000.00 dinars which is not enough for a family to live on fall let's say week corruption which is a very very important issue and we saw so many already. in jail and called in to paul to do something like 480 cases opened against formal offices. they say former officials i mean people. are anybody who held a position of responsibility would be will answer for his or her influence. from the competent cold to flow and so on and so forth so does on a very very important issues that the bone on the economic social side has to did with one saw on the legal constitutional side he will have to face those particular things as an order of blanche. and i think that he should own so
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free that was political a pleased was if they have a case to answer before a competent court of law tried them otherwise they should be freed he talked about for his does the media he talked about a new constitution he talked about the foundation for the new republic all that was thinks we take and i think if he fulfills at least some of the promises he will stock slowly he will start to the to win all vital some voters obviously there will be something with the even after a year. and a half they will never again agree with him and they will always vote him but i think he's got a very daunting job to do and it's not going to be easy. to do the selection and sir any of the demands of the head off movement for you at all
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we were just talking about the economic situation. and that decision has to have in order to so you've got to make prizes and that's doing a lot to 1st. actually on the mast he said at the time how did you guys and now his oldest i was on corruption back going to start a new economy iraq i mean do you really think that having this trials is without any structural only farce it. would be a mouse to have a proper it's in the me situation in all especially these trials and just it's i mean everybody is in full even that promise. so many insults and by the way the using corruption trials in order to put pressure on people they watch to death they want to work with them are not as always been a classical tool on the side of the young generation so correction that i'm going
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to try and you're not and then you have the. last night. and see that he'll come along and subsidiaries and we're just shocked to read of crandall's of the rats actually and that that's got to be able because they don't have the money to do so but actually i think the fact is already beyond that i don't want to sound too pissed at the kids always trying to chew hasso in a sign of poetry local political authority all delusion that means that the dog trick of the eyes and the adelaide of parliament to make not only the musicians and the party but also any kind of classical tool that the duration will try to impose upon them to do politics without trying to do all it takes on their all and people are talking are some months now and it has the election has accelerated these debates they're talking about organizing their own referendum talking about
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organizing they're all elections out talking about the some transitional or tickers objective next to local communities so it will be quite difficult to do that because as secure each area repositioning still is very very important so let. me just ask you then about the peaceful nature or the relatively peaceful nature of the demonstrations that we've seen so far is there a risk that this changes look i'm sure that it will still try to request somehow some parts of outrage out there will try actually break. through just and that's something that will be very difficult to go back to massive like in the ninety's. just look at your army and i'm not talking about the command and ask you know the military is as well somehow chops as that shared in the line and that is that they haven't they haven't been sensational point and that. a lot
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of the conservation that defacto gave impunity generals and actually question those at the state of doubt describes remains and that is as even worse is the well and that's also pushed back. the happy couples the shocker let me just jump in there for the sake of time and to amend the last question over to you we were just hearing about the 1990 s. obviously in the civil war then to what extent does this legacy of the civil war factor at all into the calculations of people today as algerians continue with their struggle and they take a forward well i think i think there is a new generation and this is the movement shows that the head archimedes shows is that people who over who were born during the 1090s you know john very much have this souvenir of the war and so they're willing to go further and demand more rights and more change so for many years the regime has used the threat of violence
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and threat and you know the kind of insisted on in the violence and the horror that algeria went through during the 1990 s. to kind of keep people calm and to keep them from demanding any significant political change but now there's this post doesn't work anymore and i actually get one of the slogans of the head out people say. you know basically we are not a threat you anymore and algeria is not syria or libya so while the discourse of violence and the threat of violence has having been used by the regime it seems that it's not an argument that has been well all right so i am not a leave it. thank you thank you very much for joining us from algeria to thank you as well. here with us and we thank you for joining us on inside story thanks for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com you can go for further discussion to our facebook page that's facebook dot
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com forward slash a.j. inside story you can join the conversation on twitter our handle is. inside story for myself and the whole team thanks for watching. i. from the al-jazeera in london through a cost center to special guests in conversation this is the chance to start the revolution unprompted uninterrupted we need to do away with the way evil because it
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stops conversation which should make it a land to put on meets i.e.c. at can be this is the beginning of friendship this is the beginning of love growth we're getting somewhere we can really break through the barriers studio unscripted on al-jazeera. a football tournament like no other than the at the beginning we used to play football in the streets using a soccer al-jazeera world meets a group of sudanese boys determined to win against a backdrop of conflict and uncertainty as well. when i walk in the street people stop me oh man it's because of. darfur football for peace on al-jazeera.
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hello aman is the problem and the big headlines on al-jazeera libya's un recognized government has approved a military danger with turkey which could see turkish troops deployed to defend tripoli from border collie for half the egypt which backs half the has rejected the agreement for chalons reports. libya's warring forces are on the move here soldiers of highly for have to libyan national army advance west aerobraking now and hoping to open a new front it's for months they've been fighting on the outskirts of tripoli against the army of the government of national.


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