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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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hello again i'm mr and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes india's prime minister defends a new citizenship role that sparked protests and denies accusations that it discriminates against muslims. afghanistan's incumbent president looks on track to save the 2nd but his main rival plans to appeal the preliminary election results. hello i'm in london with the top stories from europe including at least 9 people are killed as powerful storm smashed their way through western europe. and an exclusive report from mexico where al-jazeera reveals
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just how easy it is for cocktails to smuggle in guns from the u.s. . and this poor man beaten by a bottom of the table would put in the premier league and that is city ac milan suffer the heaviest league defeat in 20 years. now india's prime minister is refusing to back down on a controversial 7 inch rule that opponents say discriminates against muslims they argue that the legislation is an attack on the country's secular constitution but he insists there's no trace of discrimination in his policies or work so to has the latest from new delhi. it's a great as challenge india's prime minister narendra modi has faced since he came to power 5 years ago dozens of people have been killed during protests against
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a citizenship law which many say discriminates against muslims addressing thousands of his supporters at an election rally in new delhi modi blamed the opposition for stoking the protests little by little is a big. brothers since this law has been passed some political parties have been spreading rumors these people are misleading the public they are inciting the public. you know our part of our i want to ask those who are pelting stones and sticks getting people to enjoy police trying to do this what are you hoping to achieve the police is no one's enemy. the citizenship amendment act makes it easier for migrants from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan who aren't muslim to become indian citizens critics say the law could lead to many muslims losing their citizenship. borders a matter right staging protests is our right they should not be violent so i oppose
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that whatever the police are doing i request them not to do it they should also listen we are also indians like you we are also humans i. as protests continued on sunday in the capital and other parts of the country the government insisted that law will not be repealed i protest has been ongoing since parliament passed the law earlier in december i was but a student protests and. university in the capital a week ago turned into a movement of hundreds of thousands of students and anti-government protesters nationwide people were angered after government forces fought with students and stormed the campus firing tear gas into the library and classrooms. i. the worst violence has been the british for more than 5000 people have been
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detained at least 1500 have been arrested in other parts of india. some muslims can get so than shipped under the citizenship amendment act but it is feared millions who are unable to provide proof could be rendered stateless even if their families have lived in india but generations to be out of the new delhi. australian challenge as a professor and dean at the general school of international affairs and he says prime minister modi is trying to dispel misinformation. assured muslims especially and mentioned a number of these policies have actually benefited them and you also spoke of mode more gospel unity in diversity accepting the pluralism of india and of secularism aquaria not the whole idea of equality of all religious states and he gave you know a lot of issuances so i think that matters and those as some of the you know fears
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that have been or that are in the minds of you know since the last couple of weeks as far as the congress and their sympathizers go i don't think they're going to change because for them it's a matter of political survival they have been marginalized they've been using elections and then i'll try to use the citizenship act as a basis on which to cry out and galvanize the medical community and she's to be their savior for electoral gains it's become a political football and you know look next and look at it this way mr moore they made a clear distinction between refugees who are facing prosecution neighboring countries and that would boost local content but at the same day he was clear that you know immigrants who are coming in for economic opportunities cannot be allowed in such massive numbers we have to relive it and i think it was like an educational speech in many ways in the society to get the macias you know who are as our dad and also hearing it at this party are there in the ship understand the me wants us. now the
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3 month wait for the results of the presidential election in afghanistan has ended with a provisional win for president ashraf ghani the electoral commission says he secured a slim majority of just over 50 percent but supporters of his main rival abdullah abdullah say they don't accept the results and what they call questionable votes need investigating the electoral commission also says the final count from that election back in september could change well let's speak now to graeme smith who's a senior consultant at the international crisis group and also a former political affairs officer for the u.n. assistance mission in afghanistan he joins us now from london graham how legitimate do most afghans view this election as being in aside from party loyalties i'm talking about the poll itself i see something like $100000.00 ballots were registered outside voting hours but the commission continues to insist it's independent. i just spent a month travelling across afghanistan and i have to say that none of my old friends
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people have known more than a dozen years none of them voted and very few of them were asking me about the results of the election afghanistan is a country of 38000000 people half of them are qualified to vote because they're majority age and the reported tally of votes was fewer than 2000000 so you're talking about a really poor turnout. even so president gandhi's victory in preliminary results is razor thin only $11000.00 or so votes and so you're probably looking at a real vicious argument coming up in the torah complaints commission over the course of the next month well abdullah abdullah supporters have already said that they're not going to accept the results and this looks a lot like what happened back in 2014 and back then john kerry had to step in and broker the power sharing agreement that ended it but now the u.s. i believe is saying they're not going to mediate because of the taliban talks so
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what happens now. yeah that's right i think we're unlikely to see another sort of john kerry moment in kabul where the americans step in and try to formulate 'd a unity government. it's more likely that the arena for compromise this time around will be the nascent afghan peace process so rather than having the losers in the election get a chunk of the government you're more likely to see people being invited in to take part in the negotiations that are believed to be coming up with the taliban about the political future of the country well those peace talks have been very stop start for some time and just a couple of days ago the taliban said they won't come back to the table unless the u.s. agrees to withdraw all foreign troops how does this election results affect those talks it's really unclear but it does appear as though 'd things are moving forward the united states has been negotiating biologically with the taliban
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for quite a while now more than a year and a half and that appears to be on the verge of bearing fruit we don't have any formal announcements but there are some leaks coming out suggesting that the taliban might be willing to accept a period of negotiations with reduced violence and negotiating directly with the afghan government and other political factions in the country while american troops are still on the ground in the process of withdrawing and that's a big compromise by the taliban because they'd always said that they would never negotiate under the shadow of b. $52.00 bombers and and now it seems like they're ready to do just that i think everyone has keen for that all to be resolved graeme smith there and senior consultant at the international crisis group thank you for joining us on outta there. now votes are being counted in respect to stands parliamentary elections the 1st since president chavez took power 3 years ago that poll is being held following
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reforms to the voting system and that includes a new electoral code and 5 parties are competing for the 150 seats in parliament but analysts say the balance of power is unlikely to change as all of them have backed president mysteria of the country has seen major human rights reforms since those last elections and 2016 and they include allowing people with criminal convictions to vote and a minimum number of female candidates but the 5 registered parties still have to operate within strict rules laid out by the government how do i really need reports from the capital tashkent. it's issued at 1st done and then galvanize the country allows political debate unscripted that it a 1st moves because. there have been 29 others over the past 3 months where wide range of topics were discussed often putting the candidates on the spot
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to the point that this party leader admitted it was big politicians lack courage lots of them and some we didn't anticipate this level of success it was difficult at 1st because politicians weren't ready for this but then they appeared and were able to answer questions they didn't expect. people have become more interested in the parties and their programs. then he'll come back off is a proud cook of the stans national dish cloth and despite steering hundreds of kilos of rice a day he followed the debates your passion as there was a lot of truth and real issues with these debates we can understand what needs to be done in the correct way and what is wrong there is a lot of change and these elections are very different from previous ones who specs will have to choose between 5 parties ranging from left to right on the political spectrum but all government funded with similar platforms. there are no opposition
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or independent candidates running in this election. is only 28 years old it was formed after the fall of the soviet union and $99.00 to $1.00 so regardless of those 2 it coming people are excited to go to the ballot boxes still for the 1st time the parties are somehow competing against each other to win over voters since president shafqat museo you have took power in 2016 he is gradually taking the country out of isolation reforms. in almost all spheres of life social life political life a canonical. in some spheres we see great success in some spheres we see some controversial changes and saddam's fears we see the real problems of reforming he has permitted greater freedom of expression which allows come only he said cool off to speak to us without fear of repercussion a 31 he's
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a 1st time voter he supports the liberal democratic party because it promised to back small businesses like his on the. us military is elections were just nominal now we say freely what we think before we are very scared we can see the reality even if it's still not completely transparent i hope this will continue and it will become more liberal. president museo you have promised that parliament will become a true school of democracy really is a hope that day comes sooner rather than later but at that hammy. it was because that. while there is plenty more ahead for you this news hour including forced to abandon their homes why tens of thousands of syrians are heading to the turkish border. astray as prime minister comes under fire as his country enjoys unprecedented find out what hawaii has to do with it. and pakistan close in on
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a historic test victory sunnah will have the support. now turkish president on his warning his country cannot handle another wave of refugees from syria at least $25000.00 civilians have reportedly fled their province just in the last 2 days they are going to the turkish border as the syrian and russian forces intensify the airstrikes russian backed syrian troops are advancing on the country's last rebel held. area it's a biggest push in more than 3 months and that's resulted in a major a civilian exodus the un is already calling for an immediate deescalation and does want to feather mass displacement if the violence continues while the un refugee agency says that since the conflict began 8 years ago more than 6 and a half 1000000 people have been intensely displaced and more than 5000000 have been
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forced to leave the country and seek refuge elsewhere most of them have gone to nearby countries turkey lebanon and jordan turkey hosts the largest number. now prime minister scott morrison has returned to australia after taking a family vacation as wildfires and a heat wave swept across the country he's facing public outrage for being in hawaii as more than $100.00. anderson has. he's long been criticized for failing to directly link climate change to the bush fires in australia but his prime minister scott morrison visited areas affected by fires on sunday that changed our government as a was and i have always acknowledged the connection between those weather events in these broader far events and the impacts got i believe climate change but his critics say he's let australia fall behind and then there's his decision to take a family vacation in hawaii as a stray burnt morrison cut short the trip after 2 volunteer firefighters died in
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new south wales the worst hit state. school weather over the weekend has given firefighters some relief but the situation is still out of control more than a 5th of the blue mountains world heritage site has been burnt by fire while some towns including balmoral have been ravaged twice in 3 days the fires have burned an area the size of belgium and destroyed more than 800 homes is devastating not knowing whether your property is standing on unfortunately we have or saved bad news is not much left in dhamaal. some survivors say the sound of the fire terrified them the most as winds blew flames over mountains like a. river of oil i would cry try to think carton you could hear the trees exploding . thousands of firefighters many of them volunteers are also tiring as they try to contain about 60 fires that are out of control we've got fawaz spreading from
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little face new south wales a queensland border down to the south coast of new south wales logistical challenges transport and an accommodation challenges to. writing and moving people right across such a broad geographic area all add to the challenges of foot. and lower temperatures have helped the fight but there's no rain forecast for the days ahead and temperatures will soon rise again enter chapelle al-jazeera. a political party in pakistan has organized a protest in the capital against india's decision to strip kashmir of its what tanami indian administered kashmir was divided into 2 new federal territories last month to mount a islamist has mobilized support over the past 2 weeks to highlight what it says is a forgotten issue the poor state of the kashmiri economy is also a major concern for the party out of there as correspondent says pakistanis nationwide have shown mass solidarity with kashmir. if the wrong choice of the
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border by the right wing. reject her before. the board the people over. and out again here trotted being meted out by the indian security forces and their dear their visitors to read. the purpose of the rally is to highlight the atrocities being committed by india against the kashmiris and to draw the world's attention to their plight under islam not only are young if modi is not stopped it will become a problem for the minorities in india and will also have dangerous consequences for the world. of our day were good never come from all across the country. make sure our women and children 7 or no you didn't did a very bad should. i know god why did maybe 300 good come of the government for political death rally florida the people of august on their.
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own living on the other side of the line of do y. . and chill a a policeman's been charged with causing grievous bodily harm to t.v. pictures appear to show police trucks running over the anti-government protest is a 20 year old as in hospital with a suspected broken pelvis following friday's battle in santiago opposition parties are calling for the resignation of the capital's police chief police chief for his 0 tolerance policy on unauthorized demonstrations. well at least $26.00 have been killed during 2 months of protests against poverty inequality and social injustice thousands of others have been injured and arrested congress has now approved raising pension subsidies for the poor but many want a complete overhaul of one of the world's most controversial private pension systems a latin america and a tell use in human reports from the capital. it's the holiday season and become one to see nurses making the christmas cake but not for her family selling these
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cakes is just one of the many ways the 62 year old pensioner tries to make ends meet. she also fixes clothes like other pensioners her low income neighborhood better the has to keep working because after 35 years of factory work her monthly retirement check is $133.00 well below chile's poverty line with us talking about him on the same street there are 4 grandparents in their eighty's and 3 still work the other is too ill and she lay retirement's nothing to look forward to. who lives in an upper middle class area agrees she retired at the beginning of last year after working 37 years 1st as a nurse and then as a university professor with a master's degree she used to make nearly $2000.00 a month. with a look at them but when i went to do my retirement papers i discovered that i had
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a popper's pension i said is this a joke and i was told no madam it's like this for everyone the $300.00 i am getting isn't even enough to pay for my health insurance. nothing infuriates chileans of all walks of life more than their compulsory private retirement system or a.f.p. it was created under chile's military dictatorship and was supposed to guarantee pensions equivalent to 70 percent of one's last paycheck. instead 10 to 20 percent is the average with good reason the a.f.p.'s are the number one target of millions of protestors from. chilis pension funds make massive profits which are not redistributed to the contributors even as pensions drop work at the world over the 4 years and you know this model was designed with the objective to transfer the workers savings to capital markets like banks the big retailers etc that's hope create large economic groups that have concentrated wealth in
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a few hands as never before and worst of all it's forced millions of chileans to live in misery. in chile the suicide rate for elderly people has soared and one of the prime reasons is because they no longer have enough money with which to survive amid all the protests the government has actually raised the state pension subsidy but even after doubling that subsidy for people over the age of 80 it is still nowhere near a minimum wage at a time in life when people have greater expenses for medicine and for doctors. the government's offer to partially compensate for the a.f.p.'s shortcomings with tax payers money has only added more fuel to the fire and it's unlikely to be put out without a major overhaul of the pension system that only seems to be benefiting those who don't pay for it you see in human santiago now the
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worst drought for decades in southern africa is affecting 45000000 people in 14 countries and wildlife is suffering to make the story from zimbabwe one of the worst affected countries and a warning some viewers may find some of the pictures in this report from matabeleland disturbing. deep in zimbabwe's months a 1000000000 people are dying of hunger. margaret my gunday and her 5 grandchildren are picking what will be their 1st and last meal of the day for the pumpkin leaves weakened by months of this diet by gunday worries the worst is yet to come what decorum and i know would be what do you and your wife they smell food in the end we asked songkran that the strength to go on sometimes a least they cloned and then it's called open up in all. the united nations says southern africa is experiencing the worst drought in a century 45000000 people across 14 countries are in need of urgent assistance
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while food distribution is taking place in some areas my gunday has not received any help a 3 hour drive away there is food at the market but at a price my gunday and most cannot afford the $10.00 a kilo for me or the $5.00 pack of rice cashing in from the desperation or traders looking to make a profit this is to. present going up for influence and so i want to get the best but i was possible we are all suffering here we are all trying to make ends meet. zimbabwe needs more rainfall for food to grow in november traditional healers invoked the spirits of the mighty is an easy river to release the rains but they have yet to come and so the world's largest waterfall that separates him from zambia doesn't quite look the same with tourists asking where has the water gone this isn't just a tourist attraction it's a lifeline for millions of people beyond zimbabwe's border because the water is
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used both for food and power but look at it now. gone is the thunderous sound of falling water left below are hungry animals dying of thirst after traveling for hundreds of kilometers in search of water a hippopotamus experiences the slow painful death from hunger $200.00 elephants have died since the summer there could be more with endangered species especially vulnerable to those alive both animals and humans are left to graze on whatever they can and so dulled by hunger margaret and a 10 day in her grandchildren share their meal today treat a portion of maize tomorrow is uncertain nicholas hawk al-jazeera a land zimbabwe. still ahead on al-jazeera find out why critics say one of president on trump's campaign promises is a threat to one of the most biologically died vast cases in the u.s.
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. on a friendly welcome fuels this n.b.a. star found out will be here that story. the weather's fine and dry across much of the middle east some pieces of cloud and rain rolling out of the black sea the caspian sea pushing further east with as we go on through the next couple days things are going to chinese not seep out as we go on through monday lotty fondant live brief set around 21 cells but you can see the next area of disturbed weather that wet weather moving across to the snow over the high ground havey rain there in society for us and the levant 20 celsius in beirut as the cloud starts to thicken we are looking at some really wet weather see go on through this week by the time we come to christmas leaving base them
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a rain pushing into bethlehem some wet and windy weather for christmas day throughout the night as well so the southeast generally try and find 23 celsius in doha in the next couple days and a lot when it is going to feel absolutely fantastic actually for the south we have got a little bit of cloud the just around southern most parts of amman might just please add a specialty of right into salada well just a small sort of right into the south africa was seeing some lively showers here recently going to stay in the full cost a few showers there over the high ground the what's the weather will be a little further north into parts of big and staying very wet right up the rift valley. a city defined by military occupation there's never been. the arab states with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structural things because only project just what we diffuse it was one of the saunders said to him and we.
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the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation and discrimination injustice this is in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks boeing is the lone jewish manufacturing exports in the u.s. . with detailed coverage critics say secular protections are great in the indian constitution and now the rest. of fearless journalism from around the world recycling centers like this one play a crucial role in argentina's waste management system.
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and again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour india's prime minister is accusing his political opponents of fueling on rest of a controversial citizenship nor that critics say discriminates against muslims around remote he has also defended india's security forces have been accused of using disproportionate force on protesters its. preliminary results from afghanistan's presidential election show incumbent ashraf ghani has secured a slim majority officials by his main rival abdullah abdullah say they don't accept the results. and turkish president about 0 on his warning his country cannot handle another wave of refugees from syria at least $25.00. 1000 civilians have reportedly fled their province in 2 days they headed to the turkish border as the syrian and russian forces intensified their ass strikes on that last rebel held area. while 2
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bombings in the southern philippines have killed more than a dozen people one exploded and caught the bottle city killing at least 8 soldiers and 4 civilians at the same time 5 people died when another bomb exploded just north in. the philippines on forces says the bangsamoro islamic freedom fighters group could be behind the attacks now mexico is dealing with its highest murder rates on record with the majority of firearms involved being smuggled in from the united states violence across the border has been under increasing scrutiny after a number of u.s. citizens were mad last month in the fast of a 2 part investigation into arms trafficking between the u.s. and mexico john heilemann talks to those smuggling the guns across the border and the hit men that end up using. that shot to make the 17th of october 2019 the day the silly little cult turned out like an army with a devastating great fire power they subjugated to miss camilla treat self and took
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over the streets of coolie a kind that he would but this man says he was there fighting with the cartel we're talking about their weapons were most of the people they were in on the side of the cult with american go. yes of course because all the arms that we use here are from the other side of the border. what they got to go he's a hit man a soldier for organized crime one of the many across mexico responsible for record murder rate how difficult would it be to do your job. if there wasn't this free flow coming from the united states. it would be hard because the u.s. is the chief supplier that's where we get the new explosive guns we need going to support all of the guns that have been seized in mexico and traced 70 percent come from the united states there's a reason it's hard to get a gun legally in mexico but the regulations are extremely strict not so in the u.s.
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and cartels you straw buyers and gun shop scene shows to get glocks a k 47 off if things and even machine guns it's this man's job to smuggle them across the border with. the truth is that it's very easy to get them across we do hide them in the upholstery or where we can but the customs agents here don't really focus on that and searching it they never searched the car. we saw that for us selves when we made the journey from the u.s. into mexico on a busy thursday night there were no possible controls we saw no border offices and just to customs officials checked to see of cars that were already free where internets could. a lack of vigilance which is hard to reconcile with mexico's concerns to let myself up over the last year the most worrying issue in mexico are the guns the guns that we saw on coulier khan were impressive i want to propose again but using the latest technology from both countries we can stop the arms
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trafficking at the border. we asked for an interview with mexico's foreign ministry and its customs agency 2 to discuss those border security plans we didn't hear back . meanwhile quantities of weapons continue to be brought across this stashed in a multitude of safe houses on arrival the gun run is in charge of this one in a suburb of the border town mccully. when you move when we come back with guns they can stay here a day or 2 and then our people come to get them when everything is ready to take them away they're distributed throughout the country being caught with one should mean jail time but if the government is get stopped by local police there's a simple solution. as they say here with money the dog dances sort it all out with cash and then we each coraline way i don't know you and you don't know me. the guns make their way to the cartel soldiers the same ones the battle to become it's going to thirty's and the 17th of october this confrontation between caught hell in the
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government. that wouldn't have happened if the single hadn't have this easy access to weapons. yes it would have happened but obviously as you say it would have been hard for us without the number of weapons i mean we probably wouldn't have beaten them if it wasn't so easy to get hold of the guns. the mexican forces humiliation then and in direct consequence of leaving us gun regulations and this country's insufficient border security but there were other consequences to more intimate ones for the thousands of victims of mexico's shootings in part to tell their stories john homan al jazeera mccully well let's dig into this a little with mike the hill here is the former chief of international operations at the u.s. drug enforcement administration he's also written several books on the drug trade and cartels and he joins us now on skype from albuquerque new mexico so mike we
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were just hearing 70 percent of guns being used in mexico come from the u.s. that's a huge number what's the u.s. doing to try to stop the flow. well the united states needs to do a lot more than what it's doing right now to stop the movement of military grade weapons going into mexico number one the inc gun shows me to do background checks on the purchasers of these weapons secondly sellers of these weapons have got to reach or multiple purchases of these weapons to law enforcement to be able to take action against the aesop buyers of weapons as you mention we estimate that there is 253000. weapons that go into mexico every year and most of those weapons are going into
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organized crime groups such as the mexican drug cartels. well as we were just hearing in john's report that hit man was telling us that without such easy access to guns the violence would still be ongoing but perhaps be less bloody what's your take on that. well that is absolutely correct because again 70 percent of the weapons that go into mexico come from the united states mexico has spread this gun laws in the world they only have one gun store in that is on the outskirts of mexico city and it's run by the mexican army they only sell 30 weapons a day in mexico they conduct background checks that go on for miles the gun and purchasing laws here in the united states are very lax and people can come in in they can buy these weapons from gun shows from private
9:37 pm
sellers in other different venues so it's very easy to purchase weapons in the united states the crime administration under donald trump you know has not made any effort to control these weapons you know the administration is very concerned about crime flowing northward from mexico but you know they're not a comedian they forget that we are you know the conflict that's going on in mexico between rival cartels and then court house playing against mexican security forces mike as we're saying surely this comes down 24 spent on both sides of the border right but did the mexicans have the results as to try to manage this or talking about so many guns flying around from the u.s. and we've been hearing about this culture of corruption how do you change that. well the thing is. there are you know there has to be
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a change in the laws here in the united states number one you know it's not only you or deceived by it we have to choose the crow laws in terms of weapons mexico has got to address the issues of corruption in the truly by a national effort it's got to involve both you know in mexico to address this issue of a wall. trying proposers is not going to stop the movement of drugs into the. image certainly not going to stop the weapons morningstar that we're you know that we're at now is that mexico like a hill the former chief of international operations at the u.s. drug enforcement administration thank you for joining us on al-jazeera like it's my pleasure thank you now about 3800000 people have voted in the fast round of
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croatia's presidential election for more let's go to mary in the monsey who is in our european forecast center. yeah that's right polls have closed in the past half hour in what is expected to be a tight race the incumbent kalinda of each is seeking a 2nd 5 year term as question prepares to take over the european union's or taking presidency for the 1st time that of the church is up against the leftist former prime minister zoran milankovitch and right wing singer shikar of iran alone is likely to be held as no can that is expected to win an outright majority let's cross to a bit of being who is in the creation capital zagreb i think the initial exit polls are showing that the leftist candidate not out of it ship is to be leading. that scar that as you can see behind me probably you can see behind me votes are being counted we here have 11 candidates fighting for police
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in the presidency amongst them incumbent president former prime minister for turned politician also court judge turned politician we also have a wonder t.v. or turkey's documentary t.v. author acting like a comedian in this election campaign which is pretty unusual for creation not so unusual for this part of the rural became very popular to have comedians running for president in this region having day in mind this election campaign was everything but adult as you said exit polls point to a tree. between incumbent conservative calling the guy bucket out which a left leaning former prime minister milan of each and a right wing independent. or is all saw for singer and
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former m.p. aegis palling around 20 percent range that means we want to have a clean been there in this 1st round to secure outright victory one of the candidates should have 50 percent plus one vote which is less likely more probably going to have a presidential run of on january 5th i guess get a better idea pretty soon official results i think expected in about 20 minutes time at 900 g.m.t. thank you very much are doing that they've been from zagreb but the latest on the. now russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says the us president is working to find arms treaty solutions with moscow speaking on state t.v. mr lavrov said donald trump and sent a letter to the russian president about the intermediate u.k. forces treaty relations between the nations have been strained since the u.s. left the treaty an organist moscow says the letter was in response to vladimir putin's offer to delay the development of missiles which are banned under the
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treaty. at least 9 people have been killed in spain and portugal when 2 storms struck in quick succession following storm midweek storm family and arrived late on saturday in its way across france and into the mediterranean it's only has been affected as well spain civil defense agency is warning of winds of up to 140 kilometers per hour and waves of up to 9 meters high or a challenge reports. to rescue the crew the helicopter had to come down low so it was being sprayed by huge waves crashing on the vessel but italian coast guards managed to lift 12 people to safety after their cargo ship was known to sardinia as rocky coastline across spain portugal and france more than 118000 households are without electricity in portugal storm surge flooding has forced the evacuation of 250 people many houses have been left on the water here except for
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those homes built higher up. islanders on corsica are being warned to stay away from the seaside. still as far as waiting for this concert we're seeing the end of the crisis with regards to the wind we're still in a crisis that could last a dozen or so i was 15 or so more in coast. it is very important to advise the population not to go to the beaches in the coastline because it can be potentially dangerous. on western spain's atlantic tip is no stranger to storms but sites like this is still remarkable a coastal prominence a warship with sea folk by the pounding of countless waves and blown ashore by storm fabian's full force. and might just power always fascinates people and some get as close as they did this video was recorded in france the wind is so strong it's almost blowing the phone out of the camera man's hand. al-jazeera. a 6 year
9:44 pm
old english girl found a plea for help supposedly from 4. in prison as within china inside her charity christmas cards the u.k.'s biggest supermarket chain tesco has suspended production of the cards a factory in shanghai the message said it was written by people who are being forced to work against their will it said quote please help us and then asked who ever found the message to contact peter humphrey a british journalist who was himself imprisoned in the same jail 4 years ago tesco said it shocked by the report adding that it would never allow prison in a company supply chain. cooking in forces actually at this table here just going through the calls more to friends and sharpen one up and started laughing and said almost look somebody is already written in this card isn't that funny and when it's called it's of course said what it did which is that that saw the call to come from somebody imprisoned in shanghai and was raising human rights concerns
9:45 pm
and asked who are from the not to possible into pizza humphries and earlier i spoke to the journalist we're mentioning there and former corporate investigative peter humphrey and he spoke to me about the importance of transparency and accountability for the big corporate companies that have supply chains in china 1st of all i wouldn't blame tesco in a certain sense you know i spent 15 years as a due diligence investigator in china before my arrest and i'm actually familiar with these challenges and the kind of work that needs to be done it is not possible for a company like tesco to drill down to the bottom of the supply chain to see if something in their order is being made in a prison is just simply not possible there are severe limitations to how far they can take that you diligence through the chain. well now it's being called a christmas miracle the spy and nationwide strike in france thousands of children
9:46 pm
have been able to travel home in time for the holiday season special trains have been chartered to take young people from paris to must say the strikes against the government's pension reforms are now entering a 3rd week crippling the country's transport system and forcing schools to close hopes of a holiday truce with dashed this week though when talks between the government and union leaders failed to break the deadlock. he cried he was crying and it was such a hassle since he bought the tickets 2 months in advance so it's very complicated blue similar move we didn't use but i would have been very disappointed because i don't see my father often i miss him sometimes i really want to see him. and thousands of people have sat upright at the went to solstice person stonehenge crowd sang clapped and cheered as the sun rose over the prehistoric sites in southwest england just after 0800 g.m.t. it marks the end of the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere
9:47 pm
solstice is notable in ancient celtic culture as the symbolic death and rebirth of the sun which begins the gradual lengthening of the days. i'll have more from london very shortly in about 10 minutes time now back to the stars here in dakar thanks very much mary and well sudan has opened an investigation into crimes committed in the darfur region by members of the regime of ousted president omar al bashir the conflict was between pro-government forces an ethnic minority rebels but the u.n. says at least 300000 people were killed and more than 2000000 displaced but here is wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity and genocide for his role he denies any wrongdoing. now donald trump's election promise to build a border wall with mexico is taking shape construction crews out busy in arizona but environmentalists say irreversible damage is being down to one of the most biologically divests regions of the united states has the story.
9:48 pm
president donald trump's border barrier is under construction in southern arizona. crews with heavy weapons are carving a path through the desert the wall will go along the southern edge of the organ pipe cactus national monument an area of exceptional beauty the u.s. national park service says the 1340 square kilometer monument preserves one of the earth's major ecosystems in nearly unspoiled condition. the united nations designated organ pipe national monument as an international biosphere reserve environmentalists say a wall construction threat these this pristine environment we've got endangered. pup fish also known as this and up fish right here in this stream you can see and swim around over there are they an endangered species they are a lot of 4 endangered species here workers will pump water from underground to mix
9:49 pm
concrete for the barriers base possibly drying out this desert always this which is just a few 100 meters from the border the barrier will block the normal migration routes of rare animal species like pool and antelope the human experience will also change a 50 kilometer 9 meter tall wall equipped with floodlights that are on all night long that's what's being proposed here and it's insane our night skies are going to be destroyed we're not going to see the stars anymore from the campground and it's going to be an eyesore this is a place that's designated wilderness it's supposed to look pristine and now it's going to look like. 50 kilometer prison wall in order to build the wall president trump declared a state of national emergency here on the border now that together with other legal loopholes has allowed the government to completely disregard numerous laws designed
9:50 pm
to protect environmentally sensitive areas like this environmentalists have taken the administration to court in an effort to slow or halt construction but for now the wall marches relentlessly forward. rob rebels al jazeera near solenoid mexico. well still ahead on al jazeera and sport italy hope to sweep the board at the winter sports world cup find out what happened. she chipped strongman is ruling within a family and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark for city for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong
9:51 pm
words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation but i use the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique a moment is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist moment international filmmakers and well cost journalists bringing programs to in spying. on al-jazeera.
9:52 pm
and now it's time for sports lots of drama in all of the football on european football mostly i think so when the say we start with premier league 1st where frank lampard got the better of his old manager shows a marine yaba chelsea's win at tottenham was marred by allegations of crowd racism 1st half goals from a willian a one a penalty but put to chelsea in control of the match if it got worse said owen a son young man was given a red card after of last check a full kicking out and antonio after that incident stadium announcements were made a warning about waste this behavior an unhappy day for moreno tottenham beaten 2 now a bad day 2 for majesty not to beaten 2 nil by bottom of the table watford the 2nd half goals from. an a troll it did a penalty saw them when the for all me the 2nd time this season but today i was at
9:53 pm
this moment i'm very disappointed because we have to come to these stadiums and. get your voice against teams like today i'm sure they were low in computers because they must be looking good when you get to the table we were confident because we've done well lately it just wasn't that there was no intent to really see me to make has decided to win again. well liverpool a will return to the premier league still with a temp point lead in the title race team have arrived back up from their successful trip to doha where they won the fifa club world cup european club side that beat flamingo one nail in the final to take the trophy for the 1st time in their history . ac milan are going into the winter break in italy off the back of their heaviest defeat in syria for over 20 years while they were thumped 5 nil by atalanta on sunday i'll handle gomes with
9:54 pm
a stunning individual goal and 2 from yossi beilin cheech for the home side milan a find themselves tense in the table 21 points behind the leaders while i thought i'd climb to 58th. german champions up by munich have awarded interior coach a handsome flick off the stage in the recovery from their difficult start to the season where he's been put in charge for the rest of the campaign by and go into the winter break in the league of 4 points behind leaders in place champions i.x. head into the winter break in the dutch league in confident mood they were 61 winners of a struggling 10 have on sunday i can see with the pick of the goals. pakistan's cricket is it need just 3 more wickets on the final day against sri lanka in karachi 2 in the 1st test series on home soil for a decade. as them both made centuries on day 4 as pakistan declared
9:55 pm
the 2nd innings on 555 for 3 set the tourists an unlikely target to 476. 221247 at the close with the same saw taken 3 wickets pakistan have played their home matches in neutral countries since 2009 due to security reasons. australian golf adam scott has ended his 4 year weight of with the title the former masters champion who won the australian p.g.a. championship at royal piles on the gold coast by 2 shots on sunday scott winning at this site for the 2nd time and claiming the 30th victory of his career there was opportunities for everyone who wanted to come today and started this is a long time coming but i'm really having to win another p.g.a. here for most 1st. got quiet an unfriendly while come on his return san
9:56 pm
antonio on saturday the now l.a. clippers have played a lead to his players led his side to huge win over the spurs then on was a good every time he touched the ball the less who was traded from san antonio to toronto in 2000 eighties called 26 points as the visitors thrashed the clippers 134209 over in brooklyn the nets overcame an 18 point deficit to be the visits in atlanta hawks spencer in windy scored 39 points to lead the nets 122212. meanwhile injured the nets player kevin durant's used his down time to spread holiday cheer to some kids in new york the 31 year old handed out gifts to about 40 children whose families are facing homelessness. with a cancellation of major skiing events in europe to excess snow the sport of snowboard cross the has been stepping into the spotlight this has been in the
9:57 pm
olympic sport since 2006 and it's walk up season is well underway it was a photo finish here at the men's final in italy and it was the home hope a lot enzo someone even who wanted to head of another it's allan so not too tense in the end. the women's cross-country it woke up in slovenia went ahead despite the heavy snow that's proved too much of for other events reasons a 2nd pairing that thrived in the conditions that winning this one as head of none other than swede 1st perry a great day for sweden and that's when we'll have more later on the stanza thanks so much saima. that's it for meanest ozzy attack him but i'll hand you ever to marry him ozzy will have more of our day's news from our london new center stay with us and i was there.
9:58 pm
with one of the highest murder rates in the world is the main challenge i want to central america smallest countries is gang related violence you are a country that's not technically a war but you have levels of qualls that look like country as. the president of el salvador. talks to how does iraq it's a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased their suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s. forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for reasons for others is the only way to get a job despite the risks midway's karimi was an army bomb disposal engineer in
9:59 pm
helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as you try to defuse it always aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is to sacrifice we have to like to serve this country. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i'd rather sit there and what are you looking like today we get tests that wind with their day to day tasks and give them more and up and then sent this for us like a tornado hit that sure is a tomato that exploration process was amazing and i'm glad that we have that technology available to us techno.
10:00 pm
india's prime minister denies a controversial new citizenship nor excludes muslims as angry protesters mount their biggest advocates challenge to his rule. hello i'm maryam namazie in london here with al jazeera also coming up on the program at least 9 people are killed as powerful storm smashed their way through western europe. is back is down aleck's a new parliament for the 1st time since a reformist president took charge and ended years of isolation.


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