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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2020 6:00am-6:33am +03

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development to our community and country. the u.s. embassy in iraq the siege by angry crowds startled trump claims iran and sends in reinforcements. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up north korea's leader talks of a new strategic weapon and says the hostile policy from the u.s. must stop. desperate battle into the new year to save homes and lives in australia the military on standby as lightning starts even more bushfires. and stepping into a new decade across the world the 2020 is ushered in with spectacular celebrations
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. the u.s. marine reinforcements into its iraqi embassy off to angry protesters tried to storm the compound president donald trump is blaming iran but it's denied any positives there's widespread anger over u.s. airstrikes in iraq and in iraq and syria targeting the hizbullah brigades an iranian backed group zero-sum of fulton begins our coverage with this report from iraq's capital. angry and determined they marched across the river tigris through unmanned checkpoints into the heart of the fortified green zone thousands of members of the iranian backed popular mobilization forces and their supporters surrounded the compound of the u.s. embassy to deliver a stern warning to get out it's not a. defense them. message to trump and to the american embassy and consulate in
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baghdad. watch out you have touched our soldiers and our brothers they set fires at the outer gates as they tried to get inside the embassy grounds the situation appears to be escalating now with hundreds perhaps thousands of members of the popular mobilization for setting the reach to the close of the us embassy there filming stones there burning ceased the trying to climb the wall to reach the u.s. embassy compound and they're chanting anti-american slogans they're demanding the waves roll off american troops from iraq. the action is in response to u.s. airstrikes that killed dozens of fighters from the hezbollah brigades which form part of the popular mobilization of forces it all began as a funeral procession to honor those killed crowds pay their respects as the bodies passed by and vowed to avenge their deaths in the hall there on the road although not all the discouraged the act was carried out by the u.s.
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and israel they will pay a high price we will take a strong stand and we will not forget the blood of the martyrs as long as there's breath inside of us we will tell them that we are here on the streets and we are here to stay and there will be an aggressive response to their bases are not saying . top pm of their support of this march including hard money the leader of the biggest bloc in parliament and there is. bullet an insurgency after the u.s. led invasion in 2003 they pledged to use both military and political means to expel u.s. troops that are part of the dog this embassy has proved its conspires against iraq this is the embassy where they spy on iraq and where they lead to destruction of iraq this is where the saboteurs are supported the u.s. embassy is located in the heavily fortified green zone for months iraqi security forces have guarded it against anti-government protesters but this time they appear to have orders to stand down the. prime minister has condemned the attack on the
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embassy but the fact that these crowds have been allowed to reach the embassy gates appears to signal the government's implicit endorsement of the message they're trying to send iran has strong relations not only with the security groups that we talk about that we've been talking about but also with the political groups with the institutions with state and non-state actors inside iraq and across the political spectrum from sin and kurdish groups. to loudspeakers crowds in tahrir square who have camped out for months to protest against the government and iranian influence renounced any connection to the group that entered the green zone this attack on the u.s. embassy could turn into a diplomatic crisis many fear it could be the beginning of an escalating proxy war between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil seem want to full teen al jazeera. was speaking a short time ago on his way to new year's eve celebrations u.s.
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president donald trump spoke about the situation he says that he doesn't want to go to war with iran. well i think it's been handled very well the marines came in we had some great warriors come in and do a fantastic job but they were there instantaneously as soon as we heard. i used the word immediately they came immediately and it's in great shape as you know this will not be a benghazi i also want to thank the iraqi government they really stepped up i spoke to the prime minister today i thanked him but they stepped up very nice i want to have peace i like peace and iran should want peace more than anybody. but the pentagon is planning to send another $750.00 troops to the middle east and says that there could be further deployments al-jazeera is cable news on the reports from washington. well it's 750 u.s. soldiers that are being sent to the middle east immediately according to this
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pentagon these are soldiers a battalion of soldiers from the 82nd airborne of the u.s. army one of the more battle tested divisions of the u.s. army they are being sent there immediately presumably to kuwait although the pentagon would not confirm that make no doubt about it these are soldiers that are going to or could be sent immediately in to baghdad should the security situation deem it warranted the pentagon also saying that more troops are put on standby for possible deployment to the region in the next few days how many more troops the pentagon won't say however at least one media organization in the united states is estimating that they are hearing that it could be as many as $4000.00 u.s. troops that could be sent to the region but the pentagon not giving that number but clearly this is
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a major escalation by the united states and by the pentagon sending these troops there in the wake of the disturbances outside the u.s. embassy in baghdad and i think what this shows is clearly one thing that the pentagon and the trumpet ministration do not trust the iraqi security forces to protect american lives or protect the u.s. embassy in baghdad and clearly this shows that the pentagon is worried about how things could potentially turn. north korea's leader kim jong un has promised to soon launch a new strategic weapon denuclearization talks between pyongyang and washington story in october south korean media is reporting that it in his annual address to his party kim said that the u.s. would suffer helplessly if it continued to delay talks cues the white house of making gangsta like demands well kim jong un's annual address was watched closely in south korea bride as the reaction from seoul. these statements obviously have
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been long awaited here we knew that there was this end of year deadline for the u.s. to come up with concessions to get things moving again obviously that has passed and so. everyone has been expecting to see what exactly will be the new path that north korea chooses to take so they had by their statements at this special session of the workers party of career which had been carried extensively this new year's day morning on north korean t.v. kim jong un has basically said that this moratorium on longer range weapons testing and possibly even nuclear testing has come to an end and we will see what happens the north korean leader did say that just the scope and the depth of this testing of what it gets of the development of its. arsenal depends upon the attitude of the u.s. so it does seem to be leaving open just very slightly although you do get
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a sense that this is now a final warning from north korea of the possibility that there could be some kind of dialogue at some point in the future north korea enters 2020 still believing that it has some leverage in this election year over donald trump but when you look at these statements although it isn't quite the same kind of belligerence of the past when you compare these statements with the heady days of the single pour summit meeting between donald trump and kim jong un which was all very historic some 18 months ago and the signing of a piece of paper as flimsy as it was talking about the you clear eyes ation of the whole korean peninsula it does seem to leave all that now in tatters. but. bush has risen to 12 after 2 people were killed protecting the home in the state of new south wales in victoria 4 people are missing more than 200 fires and are burning across australia southeast threatening several towns reports.
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of choking on smoke with a hose to protect to. face destroyed. head on with a father sure they fought for 5 hours saving their house cars and garden in rural victoria. the professionals is struggling to. thousands of firefighters are battling to contain the wildfires scorching the states of victoria and new south wales an area home to more 1000000 people was once the front hit the wind just picked up a name just took off and that was the everything they just went wolf is going to come. and the conditions they'll draw everywhere. international help is arriving by this weekend the u.s. will have seems nearly 100 firefighters canada has sent more than 60 military is
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using planes and helicopters to douse flames or preparing for possible back to ations. on the ground police are trying to keep people out of fire zones areas that change suddenly with the wind. west of us. and it's actually cut through and it's. going to short. thousands of residents along the east coast have been pushed to the water's edge if not. fires along the beach now. and i think. all the right. in sydney the mayor was determined to the show must go on for the new year the spectacle was granted an exemption to a statewide fireworks and despite a petition signed by nearly 300000 people calling for them to be cancelled. it is
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the most beautiful place in the world to celebrate and that's why people say it's on their bucket list i want to come to straight to do that but it's on the international calendar it is a really important to the economy. the cost of this bushfire crisis is yet to be quantified more than $1000.00 homes and thousands of pictures of farmland destroyed what are the animals the university of sydney estimating nearly half a 1000000000 have been killed we are absolutely stretched right across new south wales we've got falls booming from the queensland border all right down to the victorian border across the great dividing range. and the heat of summer is utah rife bellus al-jazeera. let's go live now to sydney felicity davey 1st it's been a dreadful and 2019 a bad what a bad start 2020 with news of more deaths what's the situation there right now. it's reindeers trying to flee in these are the night that the last day of 2019 or
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so it proved to be a very deadly one on the new south wales coast of new south wales we called the nation today of the deaths of 3 more people we know that among those who died was a father and son from a dairy farming family on the south coast the 2 men died together defending their property news today too that another man's body has been found just a few kilometers away from the major highway and they're also fears for the safety and life of a 72 year old man who is also missing in that same region of the south coast so 200 homes now i have also been lost in this region many communities as we heard remain without power and mobile phone connectivity and as we know the fire authorities are telling us that this is just placing more and more pressure on them and making it so much harder for them to get access to these communities because we do know that entire populations now engulfed by flames many tourists of course have flocked to
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these popular holiday destinations it's peak summer holiday season here and 6 of the major highway in and out of the south coast of new south wales remain stuck down in victoria felicity lightning started fires overnight what's the situation today. yeah adrian sadly mother nature hasn't helped out overnight no rain but lightning strikes same 2 to spot new fires which is just what federal authorities particularly in the east gets known region of victoria don't need at the moment it's estimated that around $550000.00 hectares of land are now covered in flames in this land region so bad is the situation the navy is now being called to help and it's sending ships and helicopters as part of a major deployment to rescue thousands of people who are now trapped because of these fires and. the dream is if that is not as a dire enough situation there are now real fears among fire authorities across the
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2 states south of new south wales and victoria that the one of the 5 is on the south coast of new south wales and another across the border in victoria may join up to form what is so cold being korda a super fire front struggling bud state borders so as you can see the potential threat that would of course for this stretch firefighting resources during what is already a very relentless fire season across much of the strength of a green felicity davey reporting live from sydney for the city but it's pretty. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera that the u.n. to cleanse the central african republic scarpa to a weapons free zone as it tries to recover from days of violence. ethnic council tax shelter her experiences from detention camps in china.
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hello there we've been watching this big winter storm across all the sections of the united states is beginning to work its way for the beginning to weaken but plenty of cat as you can see here and it's also brought a fed dumping of snow up into new hampshire 10 centimeters of poland and at the town of exeter and you can see had tried to keep those walkways clear but there's actually a much much better pictures go through wednesday so new year's day should be a dry one fairly chilly but not for you too bad one celsius in toronto the snow would have cleared just hovering close to freezing and also a note but generally across the eastern half the u.s. but if a different story out across the rockies look at this a mass of snow pushing its way into wednesday but again it's fairly short lived that kid is out of the way and makes room for a few into coastal areas so it could be an unsettled day into seattle but certainly
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some very heavy rain then pushing in across much of the south in the southeast so wet and atlanta and we could have a similar class flooding some of that rain could be quite heavy at times wanted to showers particularly impacting the leeward islands over the next couple of days and areas of rain across central america but nothing particularly heavy it's really a fairly cloudy picture but it's improving nicely in the bahamas with a high on thursday over 25. my name is some people say that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think the real then they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android is one of the more advanced robots in the world can or about feel that's a philosophical question it's not alive but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity techno. 0.
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well again this is al jazeera let's remind you of the main news that additional u.s. troops have arrived in baghdad to secure the american embassy after it was targeted by protesters demonstrators are angry of a u.s. air strikes in iraq in syria on sunday which targeted a powerful the rainy and backed group. by thing strikes have started new bushfires in the strait in say victoria hundreds of people remain trapped on a beach there for a 2nd day state of new south wales has also been badly his. north korean leader kim
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jong un is trying to develop what he calls a new strategic weapon denuclearization talks between pyongyang and washington stalled in october. the united nations and government forces in the central african republic have declared a notorious neighborhood in the capital bangui a weapons free zone the area known as p.k. 5 recently saw days of fighting between a militia and local traders the armed group was given a deadline to disarm which is now passed out a series of address reports from bangui. i sure force by united nations troops in an effort to avoid an all out war between traders and their former militia protect is in bundy's speaking a 5 day boat the area was once described as one of the most volatile districts in the country. now the united nations has stepped in calling on both sides to this. matter. anyone seen with arms will be arrested disarmed or neutralized if he or she
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resists the population shouldn't take long to their hands it's the responsibility of niska and local forces we will also occupied control bases of self-defense groups for government forces this is the 1st time they're setting foot in 5 says 242 you. know we should pretend about the current situation if one is a traitor you're a traitor if you're a militia man who reintegrate you to work last week clashes broke out between traders and the local militia protecting them of accusation of extortion more than 40 people were killed days later the traders vow to chase the militia out of the area that a collaboration of the pickier 5 never told us a weapons free zone came just hours before a deadline for some running in the neighborhood as fire traders who had relied on militia men for protection told them that they need to surrender all weapons in
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their position or freeze an all out war now i should outside order has been on anyone seen carrying a gun and this never. does i mean fighters which the united nations want to carry out is something no one was able to do in 5 since the outbreak of civil war in 2030 in some residents wary of the bloodshed hope this time it will be different. our message is clear people should really be careful we're going to make sure no one is using guns to hold people to ransom. people who are fed up and disappointed with whatever the longer they're doing that's why they want the presence of international and local forces to take charge and get into everyone's safety. for now a bloody confrontation on new year's eve is averted but no one knows for how long this peace will hold our mighty breeze al-jazeera buggy
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cambias president adama barrow has created a new political party which could allow him to run again after his term ends in january as formally registered the national people's party naming himself as its leader his relationship with his previous party have been deteriorating as calls for him to step down grow corruption scandals in south africa are expected to remain in the headlines in 2020 whether or not former president jacob zuma ends up in court he's denied charges against him that is appealing a trial on deals made during his presidency in the next part of the serious serious looking ahead to some of the biggest stories of 2020 we examine how soon as time in office to shape the country today for me to miller reports from johannesburg. corruptions estimated by south africa's government to cost the economy $700000000000.00 for many former president jacob zuma is the symbol of that
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corruption he was forced to resign during his 2nd term in february 28th as a series of scandals surrounding him and the governing african national congress party intensified. zuma repeatedly says he's done nothing wrong. beat his accounts by those recruited by certain people and by his again history. state owned companies were allegedly mismanaged and looted to benefit zuma and his associates from the passenger rail agency which is bankrupt 2 south african airways which is close to collapse thousands of workers went on strike last month protesting job cuts they say are the direct result of corruption the state owned power utility eskom is also in trouble leading to rolling blackouts nationwide the manager of the spake re in soweto says the power cuts have cost thousands of
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dollars in lost business and baker's jobs are threatened if they continue. to form a senior managers it is scum have been charged with corruption. the blackouts have been disruptive and of course the economy millions of dollars not only were businesses left in the dark but in so with those twitter hysteria restaurants and shops not to shop their doors when protests broke out while zuma hasn't been charged for alleged crimes during his time in office he's facing a fraud and corruption trial related to a weapons deal in the ninety's which were dropped before he became president and later reinstated it's not yet clear if his trial will proceed in february as he fights to stay out of court by petitioning the supreme court of appeal zoom us testified at a government inquiry into corruption but says he's too ill to return to see him through jacob zuma has 2 terms as the president is you know the weakness within the
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governing party the in c. you know the fact that the n.c. has been up for skilled you know the patronage networks you know that operate in the state and in the in 'd c. and that also shows you just how deeply entrenched you know the problem is many are skeptical bill get the answers on corruption they're looking for in the year ahead they expect further delays in the justice system and face the certainty that a vital state owned companies will require more bailouts to stay afloat costing taxpayers more than they can possibly afford. to hannah's book and on thursday we'll continue our series with a look at what 2020 has in store for the united kingdom and europe after brics and . there's been global condemnation of china's treatment of weaker muslims now there are testimonies from ethnic council acts who've been speaking about their harrowing experiences inside detention camps as well in the 2nd of our special reports some
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a binge of it speaks to some of them who say that there's nothing they can do to bring their abusers to justice. on this wall in the in kazakhstan are the faces of people who were held in china relative say they're being held in internment camps but beijing called reeducation camps to counter what it calls extremism goes here was held in such a camp she didn't talk about her experience until after she'd been awarded citizenship in kazakhstan she says abuse she suffered has scarred her for life and she frequently suffers headaches. when i was crossing the border they saw i am using whatsapp i was detained and sent for thera medical test they found i am pregnant and forced me to abort after the abortion they isolated me in a clinic they gave me some medicine which they said was for tuberculosis i don't know what it was members of the turkey community accuse chinese authorities of using abortions as a weapon against muslims either women afraid to reveal their identities have also told al jazeera about abuse at the camps the relative safe haven in kazakhstan is
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only for its nationals and does not apply to ethnic conflicts or chinese nationals and that's among the causes creating empty china sentiment inside cars because. dozens of people were arrested in neutral cardinal monti during in mt sinai demonstration in september these men crossed illegally into gaza to stand after the reportedly face terrorist meant by chinese authorities. and where i get him only now risk being sent back to china activists see events like this fuel and to sign a sentiment and kazakhstan should not roll over for its powerful neighbor if it nick. jews prosecutor mass massively a prosecutor for example in russia in europe israel states they will talk against of its government must defend any ethnic cousin in the world this analysts working with a government funded think tank says the china kazakhstan relationship is a delicate subject the message china's internal affairs but is sometimes if you
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take take into account the united nations motions on there we go if you are correct . answer position was quite pragmatic and we abstain from voting. on. this motion so we have more independent stance and about the same time where realize that your political reality so i believe it's. a style diplomacy where we try to sustain their illusion the same time show our case some question why should kazakhstan oppose china with which it shares a 700 kilometer border when other muslim majority countries support beijing earlier this year more than a dozen member countries of the organization of islamic cooperation or i.c. signed a statement in favor of china's policies commenting on internment camps the chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman has said the rigorousness city is part of the big family consisting of 56 ethnic groups in china tightly united together like the seeds of a pomegranate they are living a better life and fully enjoy freedom and rights china also enjoys friendly in close relations with the vast majority of muslim countries in the world. many of
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because exceed china's violating human rights on a large scale in the name of fighting terrorism they say their next generation has been killed before birth and their muslim identity is being systematically erased yet they argue there is no leader from the islamic world standing up to support them. some injury down to 0 and marty. now most of the world is already into the new decade a happy new year to you by the way this is how 2020 was ushered in was. one of the 1st countries to celebrate was new zealand where a fireworks display was launched from the sky tower in oakland. the celebrating in the chinese city of shanghai were treated to a unique spectacle more than 2000 drones took off from the banks of the one cool river forming these patterns in the night sky. this was the scene in one of the
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most famous streets in the world the show's elisei paris packed with party revelers who looked on as the on the trail from the top to ring in the new year. and 30 minutes ago brazil began the new year with the biggest party in latin america around 2000000 people gathered on. copacabana beach. it is good tell you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines and i was 0 additional u.s. troops have arrived in baghdad to secure the american embassy that was targeted in a day of violent protests demonstrators an angry of the u.s.'s strikes in iraq and syria on sunday which targeted a powerful iranian backed group the hezbollah brigades $27.00 of its fighters were killed iran has rejected u.s. accusations that it was behind the rest speaking a short time ago donald trump said that he doesn't want to go to war with iran.
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well i think it's been handled very well the marines came in we had so much great warriors come in and do a fantastic job and they were there instantaneously as soon as we heard. i used the word immediately they came immediately and it's in great shape as you know this will not be a benghazi i also want to thank the iraqi government they real. he stepped up i spoke to the prime minister today i thanked him but they stepped up heard that i want to have peace and i like peace and iran should want peace more than everybody north korea's leader kim jong un as promised to soon launch a new strategic weapon denuclearization talks between pyongyang and washington stalled in october south korean media is reporting that in his annual address to his policy kim said that the u.s. would suffer helplessly if it continued to delay talks he accused the white house
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of making gangsta liked among. lightning strikes have started new bush files in this trade in state of victoria as the crisis there and in neighboring new south wales threatens to get even worse the death toll has now risen to 12 after 2 people were killed protecting that more than $200.00 fires and across australia southeast the united nations and the government in the central african republic have declared a notorious neighborhood in the capital bangui a weapons feel free zone the area known as p.k. 5 recently sold days of fighting and those are the headlines these continues after techno next. what kind of care does that provide and is anyone willing to pick up the cost we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in so is it possible for trump to actually obliterate the economy counting the cost on al-jazeera. my name is erica
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it's a pleasure to meet the boy a blink of an eye him unlike responses from a machine. techno explores the social robots the newest generation of androids. this is technically a show about innovations that can change lives we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in a unique way this is a show about science by scientists. it's a fascinating glimpse into the future a world where robots and human.


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