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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2020 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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when take idea if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. particularly. supporters of an iranian backed group heard surrounded the u.s. embassy compound in iraq have now withdrawn. close once again from doha i'm come on santa maria with the world news from al-jazeera. protesters demanding more democracy in hong kong bring in the new year in defiance on the scene to keep up the pressure also scenes of widespread destruction in australia where firefighters are struggling to
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contain dozens of bushfires and the weather is not helping me talk to the daughter of angola's former leader who is now accused of corruption she says the charges of politically motivated. well supporters of iranian backed groups have just left the fortified green zone of the iraqi capital where they had been laying siege to the u.s. embassy this was after their own leaders ordered them to leave earlier on wednesday the crowds were still there throwing rocks setting fires outside the compound as well angry of a sundays and strikes by the u.s. on hezbollah brigades camps they killed at least 275 has iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei has also condemned those strikes and warned tehran will defend itself if threatened. if you're on decides to confront a country it will do it without hesitation we are strongly committed to the interests dignity and progress of our nation and anyone who threatens that will be
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confronted we won't push any country towards war but if others want to impose something on us then we will powerfully stand against them. we've also got the u.s. deploying $750.00 additional marines to iraq in response to the violence and president donald trump who's blaming iran has warned will pay a very big price but start with simona full tin and the latest details from baghdad seems that the crowds have now fully withdrawn from the u.s. embassy what we saw there early in the port report those were basically the most defiant groups of people who were reluctant to leave and they basically made a last show in front of the embassy burning tires burning flags chanting anti-american slogans before they too made their way out of the green zone back across the hanging bridge to the other side of the river tigris now my understanding is that these groups are now setting up camp on the other side of the
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river across from the u.s. embassy where they will continue their sit in in the meantime u.s. trade the u.s. trained iraqi counterterrorism forces have taken over the security at the embassy we could see them basically having surrounded the u.s. embassy and as the crowds were withdrawing they were taking over ground but they were not using any force to force them withdraw it seems that the crowd simply heeded the call of the leaders of the popular mobilization forces to withdraw some votes now from how many columns out there who is a political analyst and says iran has the power to protect itself from any potential fallout. iranians are not that worried about any escalation and tensions in the region because they know that there is not going to be any war against iran iran is not after war is not something that iran with a welcome to have any fight a war of the united states or anyone else because that it is the main point for any
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country but the point is that iranians know that they have enough power to defend themselves and their new war is about any war and they know that the americans are aware that if there is any tensions any conflicts in the region that would be something that would increase the power of iran as we have seen what has happened in iraq in syria and other places in the region and the tensions have led actually to more power for iran because iran is using its soft power in the region and technically we know that when you have shared calm share faith religion and many other things in common we typically in the region you can have power is not something that you can buy by force or by money as the united states is trying to do in syria at least 9 civilians have been killed in shelling in airstrikes conducted by the syrian government on russian forces 5 children are among the dead in turkey accuses those forces of targeting a school attacks on the last rebel held province in syria have intensified in
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recent weeks in fact in december alone the violence forced nearly 300000 people from their homes. it's a new year but no sign hong kong's antigovernment protesters are going to abandon their kohl's protest leaders say more than a 1000000 people packed the city's streets on wednesday but the largely peaceful news day march eventually turned violent as police shut it down and arrested 400 people florence louis reports from hong kong. what was supposed to be a peaceful march descended into chaos and destruction on the streets of hong kong a small fire most likely caused by a petrol bomb birds before it's doused by a will to carry. elsewhere police stupid to arrest a protester after demonstrators ignore their warnings to leave for hours into the protest march police with drew that permit for this rally deeming this to be an illegal assembly meaning they can take action to clear the street and that is
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exactly what they are doing here riot police have got water cannon clearing the streets of protesters as well as the barricades that protesters have set up crowds of protesters many wearing gas masks had earlier used a braless and breaks to block roads police fired rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowds. the march it started peacefully in the early afternoon attracting tens of thousands of people who slowly made their way along with 3 and a half kilometer route young and old they chose to spend new year's day much the same way hong kong had spent the 2nd half of last year at another street demonstration. by new year's wish for peace in hong kong but that will depend on the government and the chinese communist party if they continue to tighten their grip on home kong and these protests will continue. along the way maybe a union groups set up recruitment booths and volunteers collected donations to
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assist the protest movement a little later the other thing. the crowd didn't let up on its 5 demands which include an independent investigation into allegations of police misconduct during the protests and the right to choose their leaders. police did a distance away keeping a close watch occasionally protesters would direct their anger at the police but there is no doubt the empty government protests at hong kong have gone on for nearly 7 months now and even though there are rallies and gatherings almost every day they've reduced in intensity there's no indication the government is willing to make further concessions they don't no matter what the outcome will be. no one knows for how long this will go on florence louis al jazeera hong kong. bushfires across to australian states are growing along with the devastating toll on lives
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and homes well than 200 bushfires and all burning and for the 1st time many people are witnessing the extent of the damage. as our report. entire neighborhoods have burnt to the ground destroying more than property. jan gilbert is among the thousands of australians who have begun to go back home to nothing. rubble and debris now cover what's left of her belongings all of my positions have been tightly in writing everything there is just simply nothing. nothing except that. in other areas the bushfires are far from over. thousands of firefighters are struggling in the states of the tory i new south wales an area that's home to more than 13000000 people and the conditions are expected to get worse over the next few days the winds are expected to be very
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strong that the 41st degree temperatures we've got a lot for in the last guy that we look at times. in the town of all the doula people wait outside supermarkets to stock up on food and water power and mobile phone outages are also a concern you have a challenge with getting people liable to even access the basics like petrol and atrocity and that's causing enormous stress for communities we understand that the australian military is using planes and helicopters sit downs of flames while preparing for possible evacuations. emergency crews are stretched thin and slight changes in temperatures and the wind could spark even more fires there wasn't much i could do a time a quick and i just couldn't do anything it was just hearing the wind just blew and wind just blew and if you look at everything in mind it's just grosse it's just everything everywhere you go it lifts nothing no one knows yet the precise cost of
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the damage but it's clear the widespread devastation is immense katia locus of a on al-jazeera. we heard from will steffen earlier as the climate change specialist with the striking national university in canberra he says there is little doubt as to why this fire season is so bad. i think the evidence is very very strong that climate change has made these fires much much worse than far as we would have at 30 or 40 years ago they still are not in a couple of ways one is the extreme temperatures we've already had summer like temperatures the last couple of months in the upper thirty's and forty's and as one of the people who was affected by the fire said it's been dry up there the normal winter time cool season rain that we expect in southeastern australia has failed 3 years in a row and it set up the forests the bush in really really dry conditions well there's not much we can do we obviously have to focus on protecting lives and
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protecting our property well i think we're extremely stretched given the number of fires that this screwed over a number of states and then and that's really stretching us i don't think we have the resources to specifically protect natural areas unfortunately they're going to have to pay the price as we've proven has been a massive amount of deaths of wild creatures along mistily in east coast and unfortunately that's that's set to continue for a while the home of guinea bissau prime minister. has won the presidential runoff election he got 54 percent of the voters agree ahead of his main rival but losing it can't affect the main us it's a more spread out says the vote was rigged and he plans to contest the results of the supreme court if i am to take over from the president as a money of ours who was eliminated in the 1st round it's. in the news ahead on al-jazeera he has been accused of corruption many times over but will 2020 finally
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see south africa's former president stand trial and then we'll tell you why the pope and what the park had to say after that bit of an awkward moment. that's still to come. how the weather slushy fun to drive across southern parts of china the maybe the central i was a little bit more clout here to sliding over towards shanghai. he said a little bit watery sunshine for some 10 celsius there in shanghai getting up to 21 in hong kong the northeast the monsoon those winds just diving want to see showers into central parts of vietnam for a time i think most of the slushy dry across a good part of in china alhaji droughts here across western parts of india but for northern and eastern pass thickening clouds rolling in here we could see some
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useful right across northern areas still the cold side mind 1617 celsius for new delhi over the next 7 days this system makes its way through that should help to clear the air to clear the fog the small we'll see things brightening up as we go on into the weekend eastern areas something they supposed will see want to see showers driven in that northeasterly wind a bit towards additional under the dash a little further south which is well certainly a possibility for once them pass it'll stay fine and dry with plenty of sunshine but yes i'm sad to across an age lesser here to set fire temperatures will struggle to get to 23 celsius here in doha and there's a warming up to around 25 by friday and a bit of cloud for the north. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. of the stories. providing the clips into someone else's work. the.
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do d. for. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera. the headlines this hour on al-jazeera and supporters and members of iranian backed troops in iraq have retreated from the u.s. embassy compound in iraq's fortified green zone they responded to an order from leaders of the popular mobilization forces protesters are angry about u.s. air strikes in iraq and in syria on sunday hong kong police say 400 people have
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been arrested in a massive anti-government rally organizes saying a 1000000 people turned up to march on new year's eve and catastrophic. spreading across eastern australia 3 more deaths now confirmed in the state of new south wales one victoria meteorologists say more hot weather is on the way. to somalia where forces say they've killed $25.00 is during a major military operation local media is reporting at least 4 villages in lowish province have been retaken from the armed group it comes 4 days after al-shabaab claimed responsibility for that suicide truck bombing in mogadishu which killed 81 people. 2 indian soldiers have been killed in a gunfight in indian administered kashmir this is the northern district attentions have been rising in that disputed region for months at least have been sent to the area where now. we're keeping an eye on the entire region the army and police
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forces have launched a search operation and barricades have been put in front of and behind it all the search operation is ongoing and vehicles are being checked. in india the family of a young man shot in the head during a protest says he was intentionally killed by police is one of at least 25 people killed since the demonstrations began against the government's new citizenship law police are blaming protesters who they say were carrying illegal firearms and over a report from the northern side of the protests. 24 year old ali was shot in the head he was a bread maker and the sole provider for his family. his 80 year old father is inconsolable his mother less his disabled brother with 3 kids who are raised has no clue how the family will survive the loss. didn't even let his body home for the last. what happened to the government what's happened to the police but you
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came to this fighting. on december 20th some people here in the city of mira to try to protest against a controversial new citizenship law that many say discriminates against muslims the police say the protesters protect them the rocks which led them to use force. limbs family says he was not even part of the protests and was merely walking back home from the restaurant he worked in when the police shot this was a video with someone this it was a witness and claiming he saw the police shooting him al-jazeera cannot independently verify its authenticity. activist who went on a fact finding mission to the city soon after the killings say most gunshots were above the waist and appeared targeted this is absolutely quite deliberate shooting to kill it is not following the standard operating procedure of announcing there were no announcements no warning announcements mean nothing of the kind and no
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attempt to use tear gas or water cannons or anything like that no attempt to shoot at the feet 1st people straight to be shooting to get. activists accuse the pulley . of being biased against muslims. in a recent video the city's superintendent of police saying it was her telling people in a muslim dominated neighborhood to move to pakistan. we asked the superintendent about the allegations and i was i won't comment on that and while he admitted that the police did fire shots he said it was protesters with illegal firearms who killed the people however he added the police were investigating. there's a big difference between a train and an untrained shooter the mob doesn't see whether it's firing from behind a front he said that a dozen police officers were shot and injured and shared this video people here say they are demonstrating for their right to live in the land of their india and that
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they don't want to go to pakistan they also say that they are the police and if you step off the last thing people indiscriminately the safe night they're taking turns their neighborhoods in case says our. family is in mourning they demand an investigation but don't expect the administration to conduct it fairly archibald or al-jazeera made out with their predation india north korea's leader kim jong un says he will soon launch what he calls a new strategic weapon put into south korean media reports kim said the u.s. would suffer helplessly if it continued to delay the denuclearization talks robert bryant with this report from seoul. it may be new year but on the korean peninsula there is a return to some of the old villager rinse of the past north korean leader kim jong un told a special meeting of the ruling workers' party he would continue developing his
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nuclear arsenal. as pyongyang welcomed in 2020 it marked the expiration of the deadline kim had set for the u.s. to come up with concessions installed you clear eyes ation tool. so far kim has stopped short of resuming tests with long range ballistic missiles or nuclear weapons knowing that would risk losing what little chance he has of getting concessions from the u.s. president because donald trump has been probably the most supporter. for negotiations between north korea and they. actually continue so moving his faith there would be great risk for mr king. this hardening of north korea's position leaves the vague commitment by the 2 leaders to denuclearize ation now in tatters it also marks the end for now of south korea's efforts to mediate between
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the 2 powers seoul welcomed in the new year back in the familiar position of facing an increasingly belligerence northern neighbor to come i think we can make a good relationship with north korea and i hope we can have a good discussion with trump to improve things attending a new year's eve party at his mar-a lago resort president trump remained optimistic we have to do what we have to do but he did sign a contract to china and agreement talking about denuclearization that we signed number one chan denuclearization kim jong un also spent much of his speech addressing the need to develop his country's economy with an emphasis on self-reliance it seems to be accepted that crippling economic sanctions will stay in place and may even be further tightened as a punishment for any renewed testing. but the past 2 years of summit diplomacy not
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only with the u.s. but also north korea's neighbors leaves the country far less isolated than it was before and it's continuing weapons development means it goes into 2020 with more advanced missile technologies and an expanded nuclear program rob mcbride al jazeera sold syria flooding in into nation's capital jakarta has killed at least 9 people thousands have been forced into temporary accommodation after torrential rain soaked the city on new year's eve the government says 98 neighborhoods were left under water with power and fresh water supplies cut a 16 year old boy was killed when he was electrocuted while others have died from hypothermia. the daughter of angola's former president is denying allegations of corruption after a court froze her bank accounts isabel dos santos says the accusations are politically motivated the government says the court action against her is part of an anti corruption drive well it's about her sandals has been described as africa's
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richest woman her father former president as they had us led to angola for 38 years until $2017.00 an oil rich country oil production and the industry supporting it contributor around 89 percent of its exports but much of the population is poor last month as a filipino doesn't us the son of the president and half brother of isabel went on trial for corruption and he has pleaded not guilty but we spoke to his about their sentence exclusively on the news. and she said there has been a lack of due process. we have not been summoned we have not received any notices from the court nor i nor any of my directors or companies have been issued any notices whatsoever so this was a completely secret procedure we had no recourse of defense so we were never called to show any documents or even to present any witnesses this is a politically motivated attack there's no doubt about that my father was the former
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ruler of angola he was president for a very long time chose not to stand for this elections he chose not to stand in 2017 believing that it was important to have a transition it was important for someone new to come and unfortunately the new people who came on board have now trying to. use politically motivated attacks on his family and specially on his children my half brother was if you let me know was charged a few months ago and he was under preventive custody for a long time you and all that the law establishes that you're only allowed to be under preventive custody for 4 months in fact he stayed for 9 months so he was arrested for 9 months with no trial no charges this was a complete violation of human rights so there was a blatant violation of his rights all his legal rights he also was not afforded representation on blocking his accounts they have not allowed him to pay for his
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legal fees so in fact he had to ask for estate lawyer to represent him and i am very concerned that these court cases are just instrumental just just political instruments to to to for a for a strategy of undermining the legacy of president assad doesn't he has achieved. gambians president out of a borrower has created a new political party that could allow him to run again after his term ends in january barrow has formally registered the national people's party naming himself as its leader members of his previous party of call for him to step down former south african president jacob zuma is expected to stand trial this year over accusations of corruption charges which he has denied in the next part of al-jazeera series looking forward to the biggest stories of 2020 we're looking at how his time in office shaped south africa with miller in johannesburg.
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corruptions estimated by south africa's government to cost the economy $700000000000.00 for many former president jacob zuma is the symbol of that corruption he was forced to resign during his 2nd term in february 28th has a series of scandals surrounding him and the governing african national congress party intensified. zuma repeatedly says he's done nothing wrong. beef is a conspiracy created by certain people and by as against me. state owned companies were allegedly mismanaged and looted to benefit zuma and his associates from the passenger rail agency which is bankrupt to south african airways which is close to collapse thousands of workers went on strike last month protesting job cuts they say are the direct result of corruption the state owned
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power utility eskom is also in trouble leading to rolling blackouts nationwide the manager of the spake reinsulate so says the power cuts have cost thousands of dollars in lost business and baker's jobs are threatened if they continue. to form a senior managers at eskom have been charged with corruption the blackouts have been disruptive and of course the economy millions of dollars not only were businesses left in the dark but here in soweto as twist area restaurants and shops had to shut their doors when protests broke out while zuma hasn't been charged for alleged crimes during his time in office he's facing a fraud and corruption trial related to a weapons deal in the ninety's which were dropped before he became president and later reinstated it's not yet clear if his trial will proceed in february as he fights to stay out of court by petitioning the supreme court of appeal zoom us
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testified at a government inquiry into corruption but says he's too ill to return to see him through jacob zuma has 2 terms as the president is you know the weakness within the governing party that in seeing you know the fact that the a.n.c. has been up for sale you know the patronage networks you know that operate in the state and in the in 'd c. and that also shows you just how deeply entrenched you know the. problem is many are skeptical they'll get the answers on corruption they're looking for in the years ahead they expect further delays in the justice system and face the certainty that a vital state owned companies will require more bailouts to stay afloat costing taxpayers more than they can possibly afford. johannesburg now pope francis has apologized for slapping a woman on the wrist during a new year's eve celebration the pontiff appeared visibly vexed arenas and was yanked well greeting people in that city. fair enough you might say but the head of
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the roman catholic church has since expressed regret for losing his patience. last question with a no name man cica god salvation is not magical but it is patient salvation that is it involves the patience of love love makes his patient many times we lose patients including me and i apologize for yesterday's bad example protesters have been camping outside mexico's embassy in the bolivian city of the past the supporting the interim government after it expelled the mexican ambassador the protesters accuse the mexican embassy of sheltering allies of former president evo morales bolivia ordered mexico's ambassador and some spanish diplomats to leave on tuesday . well the year 2020 is well and truly here so it's going to leave you now with some of the new year's celebrations from all over the world have a look at this. this
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is al jazeera and these are the top stories supporters and members of iranian backed groups in iraq of retreated from the u.s. embassy compound in iraq's fortified green zone they were responding to an order from the leaders of the popular mobilization forces the protesters angry about u.s. and strikes in iraq and syria on sunday some of the 14 with more now from baghdad seems that the crowds have now fully withdrawn from the u.s.
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embassy what we saw there early in the port report those were basically the most defiant groups of people who were reluctant to leave and they basically made a last show in front of the embassy burning tires burning flags chanting anti-american slogans before they too made their way out of the green zone back across the hanging bridge to the other side of the river tigris. in syria at least 9 civilians have been killed in shelling and airstrikes conducted by the syrian government and russian forces 5 children are among the dead in turkey accuses those forces of targeting a school attacks on the last rebel held province in syria have intensified in recent weeks in december alone the violence force nearly 300000 people from their homes hong kong police say 400 people have been arrested or matt s. of antigovernment rally organizers are claiming a 1000000 people turned up for that new year's eve march catastrophic bushfires
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a spreading across eastern australia 3 more deaths confirmed in new south wales and one in victoria lightnings even started more fires there are enough $200.00 or more burning 2 indian soldiers have been killed in a gun fight in indian administered kashmir it happened in the northern rock district tensions been rising in the disputed region for months and extra police have been sent to try to contain any further unrest and severe flooding in indonesia's capital jakarta has killed at least 9 people thousands of been forced into temporary accommodation after torrential rain soaked the city on new year's eve the government says 90 neighborhoods were left under water with power and fresh water supplies cut a 16 year old boy was killed when he was electrocuted while others have died from hypothermia you're up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera witness starts right now.
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so there he is it was good lenny give me all of the look at the bunny to. me yes let's get him a little bit of a pin we have left but. that's you know it doesn't.


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