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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2020 3:00am-3:34am +03

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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound so no matter when you cool hand luke leading news and current of fables that matter to you. a rocket attack near baghdad's international airport kills a senior member of an iraqi paramilitary group that's backed by iran. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up turkey's parliament approved sending troops to support libya's u.n. backed government prompting a warning from the u.s. president. now you might. have australia's prime minister is heckled by people whose homes are threatened by the raging bush wants. and we're in
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the central african republic where aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian crisis that will only get worse. we begin with breaking news out of the iraqi capital baghdad where rockets have struck an area near the city's international airport a senior member of iraq's paramilitary group the popular mobilization forces has been killed the rockets landed near the air cargo terminal destroying 2 vehicles belonging to the iranian backed group let's get the update now from al jazeera correspondent in baghdad osama bin. what happened here. more details in the last hour or so about what appears to be a good cry to be a good thing. is not pork according to the broker mobilization pork with.
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high profile. and they're being courted by the bond had prior mobilization for the creation protocol office. along with. more names being made by the t.n.f. a. few minutes and we are also hearing. mike being a trike and c.n.n. saying that this could be a strike again that it is worth noting that the pope. was behind. behind the attack. of the u.s. and we have of the going back that. 2 days of very rapid development and now. happening in the early hours of the morning. that. the security forces cordoned off. leaving the airport but according to be
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a port. operations in that area close to that area a. base counterterrorism for. the coalition. led coalition to launch attacks. is it your sense of some of the dispositive piece is almost a continuation of what we've seen taking place over the possible 48 hours now when that militia was allowed by the iraq you know sources to get very very close to the u.s. embassy compound building. absolutely peter if it is got played because they had this attack was carried out as we discussed 6 things of the 2 vehicles and again it goes beyond. the context of a time bomb a u.s. base in kuku where contacts who was killed in retaliation for his long
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strike in iraq and syria. will be a target. a group. of the popular legions comprised of the many many groups in iraq and shia militias who are aligned with iran and then in retaliation they entered the war in baghdad and marched right to the beat of the. crossing into the embassy but me with seems to be seriously and not a lot of security forces coming at them to all these questions about non-state actors and the. control of the. but again like you said this appears to be accomplished with conveyed from the security forces who has told you could. not be afforded all of the rest of the confirmations of this attack the
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targeted killing the people coming from the popular mobilization forces. is there a feeling where you are some of that this might be militia fighting militia. it stated not impossible but it. might be difficult because of the location. because being carried out and. attack was the date the theory is that the object to organize the pack militias operating. it would have to come together to be able to carry out but this is big because besides operation they will. cause a political wrong to the government and another that might want to believe that it is very likely to be a militia imply from the whole boss of the attack could be official that we believe
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or comply profile targets who were hit in a very specific number some of thank you so much about clemency on this developing story we'll talk to lace on show but in the meantime thank you. turning our attention now to turkey where the parliament has approved the deployment of troops to libya in support of the un recognized government in tripoli the one year mandate allows ankara to send troops to help government forces fight against the warlord after who launched an offensive to capture the capital city last april turkey says its troops will protect its rights in the mediterranean and its interests in libya there are challenges explains now from ankara. after all moan and spirited debate the turkish government finally cut it that day the bill gives an initial toll from on monday for the deployment of troops to libya which it gives the president the freedom to decide the scope size and timing of the deployment
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debate on the motion was highly divisive. all repair question for you your biggest successes using the refugees is a threat to europe now you negotiating with that because you've nothing else now it's time for libya turkey is stuck in the eastern mediterranean you've made serious mistakes in your foreign policy and now you want to send soldiers to libya and this is your last desperate attempt. candice in libya requested this military deployment from turkey it has historical and cultural bonds to turkey and we could not be silent following this call this is not the 1st request and it has been done before during the hit a debate on the more short opposition polman tell us call from the guests turkey rushing into what they called the marquee quagmire that the civil war in libya is they said the country is yet to recover from its military intervention in neighboring syria but there are voices of dissent walked quickly drummed by the
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vaulting power in parliament of the ruling party and its affiliate. the tech is government assists it was a moral responsibility to aid the un to cognize the government indeed against forces aligned with warlords highly for half that but they are interest at stake too beneath president adorns military cooperation agreement with libya analysts say is a desire to position take it to explore for oil and gas in the eastern mediterranean off the coast of cyprus in competition with greece cyprus egypt and israel. i dissent agreement on this problem of the one exclusive economic zone in cyprus and a pipeline to transport natural gas to europe by other mediterranean nations has isolated. us hond has since been strengthened by the military cooperation deal on a separate one of the maritime boundary agreement it signed with libya which gives tekkie greater influence in the eastern mediterranean sea but that drew under from
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across the region and beyond moments after the bill was passed egypt condemned take his libya plan saying it could destabilize the region and called on the international community to respond on a list hi of the redoubles hundreds in the position of critics of the turkish plan why they were not alarmed when. judge roberts militia from of darfur. were in white it too from libya by half their groups why they were not alarmed by russian wagnerian mercenaries their turkey is sists it's on the right side of history and now seems set to send its troops to leave. unka. well the u.s. president donald trump did warn the turkish president mr the one against foreign interference in libya he says it could further complicate the situation in life now to washington and our correspondent gabriel elizondo gape hi there was mr trump in
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saying. trump spoke to aired on just a couple hours after that vote in turkey that could potentially send troops to libya and we got a very brief readout or summary of that call from the white house and between the 2 leaders and the message was very clear message was that the trump told aired on any foreign intervention in libya is just going to complicate the situation there in that country sort of warning or giving an admonition to err to want to be careful about anything he does there and that's insinuating that the u.s. would not support that but the u.s. policy towards libya is quite complicated and quite frankly it's been all over the map on one side you have countries such as the u.a.e. united arab emirates russia and egypt that support the war lord half they are speaking to trump out of one side of his ear the other side you have countries like turkey that support the u.n.
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recognized prime minister in tripoli speaking to trump out of the other side of his ear and that's where you're seeing this very divergent policy coming out of the white house in the last year or so related to libya just 2 quick examples last year the u.n. security council was considering a resolution that would have called on half there to stop his aggression towards tripoli but the u.s. than initially said they would support that but then a week later said that they would not support that also you saw last year within a matter of 2 weeks one week secretary of state might pompei was saying that calling for a cease fire and asking her if there's troops to back down and then a week later trump actually spoke to the warlord have there on a phone call and then tweeted out his support for him just a week later so you're seeing these very divergent policies coming out of washington and i think what you're seeing now is basically washington the trump calling heir to juan and saying listen don't know if we want to see your troops in
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libya we don't support that but no clear direction beyond that from washington gabriel thank you very much. israel greece and cyprus have signed a deal to build a major gas pipeline across the mediterranean a development that will add to tensions with turkey and libya tripoli and ankara insists the pipeline will violate a maritime boundary agreement reached between the countries earlier this year the east med pipeline will tap gas reserves from israel's offshore levantine basin it'll run across the mediterranean to the greek island of crete then on to the greek mainland and finally up to italy john seraphina's has more now from athens. there's something for everyone who's in this agreement israel is pursuing gas exports to arab neighbors for regional leverage and east med is an opportunity to develop a permanent alliance with europe cyprus needs powerful allies to develop its gas exports without turkish interference and greece is realizing
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a dream to be an energy transit hub with italy expected to sign on soon this leaves out turkey which feels the region's energy reserves should not be exploited without it so the leaders here stressed inclusiveness. east med then up with only up the. east med doesn't threaten anyone multilateral groups like ours aren't directed against any one regional cooperation is open to all under one condition that they respect international law and the terms of this agreement but governments won't build the pipeline they only support it the job falls to a consortium made up of the public gas corporation of greece and italy's edison earlier in the day they signed a letter of intent to buy 2000000000 cubic meters of israeli gas a year gas they will resell to european distributors a 1st step towards making the pipeline commercially viable if it is built eastward would carry 2 percent of the gas to europe consumed and might manage 4 percent but
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it isn't a game changer europe would still rely on russia for a 3rd of its gas imports but it is a political statement that europe wants pipelines built by europeans that transit across european territory that means diversifying away from russian gas or pipelines that cross turkey which is increasingly at odds with greece over maritime jurisdictions turkey has not signed the international law of the sea and claims areas of the mediterranean that greece and cyprus also claim under that law we want . all of the countries of the border region to port. pay. back to support. these predictors of. international. goodwill east med will cost at least $7000000000.00 to build securing gas sales and
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bank loans will determine whether it happens for now governments are providing the political impetus. afternoons the authorities in australia are rushing to rescue thousands of people stranded across the southeast of the country as more devastating bushfires the forecast for the weekend now with dozens of main roads now closed the transport becomes the only way out in some of these small towns there were huge traffic jams for those who could still get out by car as they tried to rush to safety ahead of an expected heatwave on saturday a state of disaster has been declared for the 1st time in victoria state giving authorities broad powers to order evacuations and a week long state of emergency has just begun in new south wales at least 8 people have been killed this week but the death toll is expected to rise with 28 people still missing in one of the towns ravaged by fire the prime minister scott morrison was heckled by residents furious over the government's response. was.
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that that can have a lot of money but we have 7 the god mr prime minister now you have you know what. you. i understand the very strong feelings people have that have lost everything and there is still you know some very dangerous days ahead and we understand that that's why we're going to do everything we can to ensure i have every every support by my late live to sydney and for this is the day before the state the forecast for the weekend is terrible what are people preparing to do what to be authorities preparing to do. well as we've just seen and heard there is the biggest movement or relocation of people ever undertaken in australia it's underway now kilometers and kilometers of traffic snaking their way from coastal cities and towns in new south wales and victoria as all parties in at the
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state corrections forcibly evacuating people out of fire zones to get them away from these hot conditions with the forecast tomorrow for temperatures in the high forty's that's more than 100 degrees fahrenheit low humidity and high winds or parties are fearing that conditions could be even worse tomorrow that saturday in australia than they were on new year's eve we know that these fires ravaged parts 2 communities in new south wales and victoria claiming 8 lives in new south wales me 2 in victoria and we do we have had an update recently from victoria to say that 28 people are missing still unaccounted for in victoria so the only thing is forced evacuation is to get people out of harm's way it's all about the preservation of life in the advance of these forecasts for potentially catastrophic conditions tomorrow peter we played that videotape felicity of the prime minister being
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heckled how strong is that feeling clearly very strong in that one particular location but across the entire region all the regions the states affected by the flames. be able to tempers and anger is is flaring in astray people are suffering $500.00 pages because these fires have been burning now since october in that particular town that scott morrison the prime minister visited yesterday kabongo they had lost 2 of their local residents in those new year's eve fires so locals were angry and the prime minister certainly received that event of of their anger which he said was understandable he said that that's the reason why he'd gone there was to give comfort and to see how people were coping now further to that the prime minister was asked whether his response to the fire had been adequate and he reiterated that now is the time to remain calm in the face of this crisis so the 2 that the federal labor opposition leader in
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a strong anthony albanese is just called in media conference in response to criticisms of the government's handling of this and he has labelled this bushfire season an unprecedented crisis he says it's a national emergency which desperately requires a national response and he's calling on the prime minister to bring forward this national security committee meeting which is planned for monday in order to better deal with this in the agency as it unfolds peter firstly thank you very much still to come here on al-jazeera why algeria's new cabinet expected anger demonstrators calling for political change. and people in sudan come out on the streets to protest against the killing of dozens of displaced people in darfur.
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hal you couldn't quite call the weather benign in the moment in japan and eastern china there are still showers around and there snow showers in the far north but really it's not that cold tokyo 13 in beijing 6 that they're about this whole area is bathed in sunshine if you can see it there is of course a position fog around equalities not great that really applies to the korean peninsula in china for japan the breeze is enough to keep things nice and tidy brings a few showers through maybe a snow on the great highs but mostly we're talking about sunny skies until you come down half way through china there it's rather more cloudy from shanghai westwood's in science was that apart from that a few showers maybe and you know and that's a bunch a lot further south there is rather more action you already aware i'm sure of the flooding that took place in jakarta well it is the rainy season and you will see some pretty big downpours but i think the trend over the next day or so sets a friday and saturday is you will see the big showers and they are going to be into
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these of tickly in java but it drifting east which more towards bali than the western side if you lysergic acid go days so off that does not preclude further flooding but it's more likely to be further east and possibly still in some parts of sumatra. you out on the streets protesting whether online you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every level or layer further further into the jail or if you join us on set we entering has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your participants this is a dialogue everyone has a voice over the earth as they say it's a part of our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on out is iraq.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our headlining stories 5 members of a pro iranian paramilitary group in iraq are being killed in a rocket attack near baghdad's international airport earlier this week supporters of the popular mobilisation forces stormed the u.s. embassy angry over u.s. airstrikes that killed $27.00 of the hoop spices. turkey's parliament has voted in favor of sending troops into libya to help the country's u.n. recognized government tripoli has been trying to repel the wall or to leave a half to us forces he perceives the capital since april. in australia for weeks on stays with merchants he has now begun in new south wales as more devastating bushfires forecast for the weekend tens of thousands of people have been ordered to
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leave parts of the southeast at least 8 people have died just this week 28 others are known to still missing. ok let's go back to what's going on right now pretty much towers are in real time near the international airport in baghdad osama bin joins us some of developments coming in thick and fast what do we know. absolutely in the last few minutes we've heard from sources in the public normalisation forces did not. think that there is no credible student reports of the killing or not yet i'm on this or possum to lend money to figures that rumors were flying on social media who might have been among those ready killed to commit the crime b culpable as they can for the thing there's no credibility for the were not killed in that attack but they have. one mic among them was in charge of the protocol again that killed him with attack and that was indeed the group for which
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according to government forces were precipitated targeted after picking up. from their pork unconfirmed reports that might have been raining but we didn't really think there from u.s. forces from the government forces who have not come from how this why was this attack carried out but as you said the forces who were behind orchestrating the attack that the embassy and let me get through the. good not because that would mean unfolds here and back that so many questions a few ounces asama but if you've got a counterterrorism center cheek by jowl with the international airport in the city of baghdad and you've got people v.i.p.'s people of interest coming into that facility via the airport presumably they had just landed there must have been tight
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security around but the pictures we're seeing the new security around us hold. this is these pictures if you see through through their deeds in the airports which is to buy out a kilometer or so coming from check to check points to get that. bizarre higher than security but that does not mean that there is not particulary at the particular stretch the falling leaves heavily guarded over the cars of particular. closer to the airport then it is even after the big people are going to the heightened security is here in baghdad so it security very tight can be to be repacked from the rippin the people who come from it the poor the by gunships the more pregnant security forces or maybe the very fact that 4 out of the 10 remain close many roads to be closed with the think all sorts of problems that
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catholic because of the closer security is typed out the event and it looks like it has the whole bar of the decision to strike. because. it may have the boston group of cards and big specifically who carried out that attack according to sources of the problem of mobilizing forces this could have been an american attack but again. that we may have been almost a biographer and we're getting more as we become clear ok we'll leave it there for the time being osama thank you very much sullivan today reporting live on that breaking story. sudan's prime minister has met tribal leaders in west awful following a mass killing the this week saddam's red crescent says 48 people were killed and more than 200 with injured after violence broke out at a camp for internally displaced on sunday the u.n. accuses arab tribes one of indiscriminately firing at civilians hundreds of people
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are fleeing the region they accuse. the country's paramilitary the rapid support forces all being involved well has been anger across sudan over those killings that have been demonstrations in the capital khartoum with protesters angry at the rapid support forces the group has long been blamed for atrocities in darfur and syria's new prime minister has appointed a cabinet but he's retained several officials from the previous regime of the former president abdelaziz bouteflika a former diplomat abdel aziz gerard's was appointed as the country's prime minister on saturday his new cabinet is likely to anger antigovernment protesters who've been gathering every friday for months they're demanding a complete overhaul of the political system meanwhile 76 algerian activists and protesters have been released from prison among them is locked up a prominent veteran from the war of independence hundreds of people have been arrested since widespread anti-government demonstrations began last year. aid
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agencies are warning a humanitarian crisis in the central african republic will get even worse this year they say on going violence and floods are forced thousands of people from their homes militarists reports from bonnie. a few rags on a plastic sheet spread over a down fall on the clothes on their backs all in a plea and his family have left a legacy of central african republic 6 year conflict he says this holding facility in the capital bangui is his 4th home since the civil war began in 2013. and now his children have been diagnosed with tradition some with severe cases. of the need sometimes you get a little food we get only a couple for not enough to feed a family like mine my children and my nourished i'm just waiting and hoping that
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one day things will get better. yellow police one of 2000000 700000 people displaced by the crisis which is 52 percent of the population. the united nations says it is still struggling to reach tens of thousands of people affected in a nation where 2 thirds leave on less than $8.00 a month people would have not received that 3 for 5 years and those who have been seeing for the last 12 months we've been reaching those people for the 1st time groups preventing humanitarian workers reaching areas in need of assistance they're also not allowing civilians to go seek for help the food shortages are made worse by natural disasters including climate change the price of course of a flower the step for many people here has risen sharply over the past few months after flooding has destroyed many farms as a result the number of people requiring food including farmers who are once up for
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life is rising steadily humanitarian workers say for chore to use an inflation will get worse as the lean months drew closer putting more people at risk. for you and a police chief and his family it could be devastating they say that after 6 years on the move they have nowhere else to go ahmed al jazeera bunky. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories so far 5 members of a pro iranian paramilitary group in iraq are being killed in a rocket attack near baghdad's international airport the rockets landed near the cargo terminal destroying 2 vehicles belonging to the popular mobilisation forces earlier this week supporters and members of the group stormed the u.s. embassy angry over u.s. airstrikes that killed 27 fighters or some a binge of a disfiguring developments in baghdad but according to local media early reports
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suggest that there are some tag. it worth noting that the point of attack was very close to be good there is a forces which were very close you could be led coalition and the crowd there is fiction are baghdad now and they are port is ok you like coalition could launch an operation. to that area because the correlation that the large kurds forward operation. turkey's parliament has voted in favor of sending troops into libya to help the country's u.n. recognized government the one year mandate allows an crow to send troops to help government forces fight the war lord only for have to he launched an offensive to capture the capital in april he says its troops will protect rights in the mediterranean and its interests in libya in australia a week long state of emergency has begun in new south wales as more devastating
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bushfires a forecast for the weekend tens of thousands of people have been ordered to leave parts of the southeast at least 8 people have died just this week 28 others are known to be missing. sudan's prime minister has met tribal leaders in west off for following a mass killing there this week sudan's red crescent says 48 people were killed after violence broke out at a camp for internally displaced people on sunday algeria's new prime minister has appointed a cabinet but he's retained several officials from the previous regime of the former president abdelaziz bouteflika the cabinet is likely to face anger and get anger from anti-government protesters who've been gathering every friday for months those are your headlines the news continues after inside story i'll have a quick summary in about 30 minutes see that.
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competition for gas in greece cyprus and israel sign a pipeline deal in the eastern mediterranean but starkey is also expanding its influence there so we'll still feel the rivalry and how is it shaping politics in the region this is inside story. there very warm welcome to the program i'm julie mcdonald worldwide demand from the trial gas is growing and discoveries in the eastern mediterranean are changing the policies on its energy supplies for decades relied on russia for gas but israel
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greece and cyprus have signed off on a project for a pipeline that would lessen europe's dependence on my.


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