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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions. from a london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. iran is harsher avenge after a u.s. air strike in baghdad kills the elite force commander solo mannie. the u.s. says it remains committed to deescalation with iran but is prepared to defend itself. and i had seen and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. one of the largest evacuations in astray as history is under way with hot weather and strong winds expected to worsen already devastating wildfires. and $100.00 babies dead in
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one month we look at the reasons behind the end usually high child mortality rates at a public hospital in india. iran has voted to retaliate strongly after the u.s. killed the commander who spearheaded tehran's military operations across the middle east major general carson so the money they are strike targets insulin money occurred on a road at baghdad airports we begin our coverage with al-jazeera same basra the. i guess heart rate in the upper ranks of the iranian military at the official announcement of the death of major general qassam saloni the commander of iran's could force the revolutionary guard unit responsible for foreign operations so long he was killed in a u.s. drone strike in but dud. my oh
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and anger at friday prayers in the iranian capital for the assassination of a man who led the charge against eisel in iraq and syria and whose death seems likely to lead to more conflict. back to shake a man god willing it is now time to clear and cleanse the region of these devils it is now time to show the resistance to the americans and show our assistance with action to tell those yankees to get out of here get lost. in the early hours of friday morning shortly after arriving in baghdad international airport u.s. missiles killed so the money and his close ally of the old 100 other members of the group were also killed in the attack a drone strike hit their convoy as they left the airport for iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali come in a slow money was a trusted confidant a member of his inner circle his killing in
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a targeted attack the most extreme escalation in tensions between tehran and washington in recent years come and he warned there will be revenge the cruelest people on earth assassinated the honorable commander who courageously fought for years against the evils and bandis of the world so i moneys martyrdom well make iran more decisive to resist america's expansionism and to defend our islam it values would no doubt iran and other freedom seeking countries in the region will take his revenge. into her own senior leaders met in an emergency meeting of iran's national security council many iranians see the u.s. attack as an act of war across the region there will be implications anywhere where there is an american military presence. american should should leave those countries immediately but if i was in the emirates i would leave now if i was an american in iraq i would leave now if i was an american any part in southwest asia
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i would leave immediately. the united nations high commissioner for human rights described the killings as a likely violation of international law the idea that iran is not going to respond is wishful thinking that will make the debacle of invading iraq look like a walk in the park i do not think the president trying really understands what he's got in the united states into going up against iran i would argue that going to war with iran will be the most significant adversary that the united states has encountered since world war 2 u.s. secretary of state michael impale tweeted a video showing iraqis celebrating the attack feared by his enemies inside iran so the money has for years been one of the most popular national figures in the country the international face of iranian resistance to american pressure he remained largely untouched by the waning popularity in recent years of the country's government over economic issues. while there is talk of revenge
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many iranians don't want to see a war but not totally sure i'm going to tell you mr trump unfortunately acted decisively saying that we won't go for war but push they should toward the leaders must exercise restraint so that the tension in the region wouldn't increase further because this can have very serious consequences for the countries in the region their own class of women it will definitely increase violence but i fundamentally disagree with violence and conflict i believe people moving toward peace in negotiation to stick goals is much better. already told. iranians looked on as someone who could protect cut down at the height of his popularity by a u.s. strike his death marks the lowest point in iran u.s. relations in decades. well the reaction in the u.s.
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to the assassination over a new general cousin salomone can be split time partisan lines republicans have praised president trans actions but democrats such as former vice president joe biden have expressed concern about the consequences why can a isn't washington d.c. with more. u.s. troops reinforcements continue to arrive in the middle east and the state department has issued a travel advisory urging all american civilians to immediately leave iraq this phase deployment of some 750 soldiers from the 82nd airborne rapid reaction division was initially triggered after the demonstrations at the u.s. embassy in baghdad but pentagon officials indicate this number is likely to increase in coming days. president trump remains on for cation in florida but in the early morning tweeted this comment iran never won a war but never lost a negotiation the secretary of state insisted the action was in reaction to
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a clear and present danger we want the world to understand that there was in fact an imminent attack taking place the american people should know that this was an intelligent telegin space and the drove this political reaction in the u.s. is split on partisan lines republicans welcoming the attack democrats expressing deep concern about the consequences republican lindsey graham justified the attack on twitter this action by president trump and our military was in direct response to a reign you know aggression orchestrated by general sort of money and his proxies former vice president joe biden said in a statement president trump just tossed a stick of dynamite into a tinder box and he owes the american people an explanation of the strategy and plan to keep safe our troops and embassy personnel our people and our interests both here at home and abroad former national security adviser. john bolton has also tweeted his congratulations ironically he was fired by president trump following
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his continued calls for regime change in iran just one of a number of points of disagreement the killing of a senior military figure in a sovereign state raises questions about whether the u.s. has violated international law and whether the president has the right to sideline congress in deciding to strike house speaker nancy pelosi has released a statement pointing out that president trump did not inform congress of the attack the house chair of the foreign intelligence committee says the president has ignored congress as a partner in government and the action raises serious legal issues it's an issue that will be hotly debated in congress in coming days a renewal of months of argument about the nature and extent of executive power mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well let's go to some a pinch of aid in baghdad shortly but 1st let's get some more reaction from alan
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fischer he's at the pence again for us allan what have we been hearing from the pentagon. nothing we got the statement early hours of friday morning confirming that they carried out the operation veer drawn but as you can see the put him behind me which would expect at least mark here spur of the secretary of defense to attend at some point on friday there are no plans for briefings at the moment of course there are problems with this with my pompei as the secretary of state going out and saying look americans are no safer because of the actions that the president took although his own state department is issuing travel advisories to iraq and are joining americans who are in iraq to leave the country as soon as possible and there are questions too why did the white house not inform senior figures in congress we've heard from nancy pelosi saying that did not
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happen if you remember back to the attack on abu bakar al baghdadi donald trump at that point decided not to inform congress and he said one of the reasons was that because adam schiff who has been leading the impeachment inquiry against him is the head of the intelligence committee would normally be one of those to be informed but he said adam schiff the leaker he leaks all the time and so he can't keep using that as a justification there are processes that are the norm in the united states and informing senior members of congress on both sides of the aisle is part of that and it is clear that he did not inform the democrats this time around we do know that kevin mccarthy who is the leading figure for the republicans in the house was informed we know that because he put an instagram picture after the attack with donald trump in monologue and he says that he was there and he knew about the attack here's another interesting thing lindsey graham who is a republican big ally of donald trump's he was at mar a lago donald trump's winter estate will be spending christmas in new year at the
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beginning of the week on monday and tuesday and he is now seeing that he was informed that the plans for the whole operation. we're underway so this isn't something that was just decided late on thursday this is been in the works for a number of days that then puts a question mark over the deployment of the 2nd airborne was it really just moving them into the region because of the protests at the embassy or was this a preemptive move because the americans knew that there would be a backlash. scuse me if they decided to take this action and then there are further questions as well to be asked about the intelligence that we use my computer says this was an intelligence led operation the intelligence community went to donald trump presented him with his options that's what normally happens but there are those in congress on both sides of the aisle who will want to know what this intelligence was was there really an immediate threat to american troops in the
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region was there really a threat to american personnel though they might not make that public and you can understand why it could be gathered covertly it could come from intelligence sources no one would put them at risk but there are senior figures in congress who are a load access to that information and they will want to hear from mike pompey or and from mark air support of the defense secretary what that evidence was and why the need to go ahead with the operation in baghdad overnight thursday into friday ok island fresh air live there and i thank you very much indeed let's give you know from iraq a summer joins us now from baghdad some of this money he was an important figure but a fairly divisive figure in iraq itself what's been the reaction there. yes he has been a divisive figure in iraq but what his assassination has done is essentially united
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across the political spectrum of various iraqi political powers who have come out in denying this condemnation of the attack calling it a flagrant vile. of iraq's sovereignty and seeing the car since a limo needs killing was not part of the mandate that was given to the united states and is a breach of the agreement that was between iraq and the united states a special session of the parliament on the advice of the prime minister is expected to take place on sunday on saturday there is going to be a funeral procession here in baghdad through the day we heard reactions from various political leaders saying that there has been not just a crying cold towards what they see an escalation in not just iraq but the whole region but also asking their followers to make sure that there is restraint. the effectively asking them not to take matters into their own hand the mourning period for 3 days has been announced by the house the shabby the popular mobilization
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forces very importantly it was not just custom silly money who was killed in this attack also with him was the hundreds the 2nd in command of iraq's popular mobilization forces here militias who have been in charge of the operation against isis who have been aiding iraqi security forces in the forefront of the fight against isis but also coming into the fore in the last 48 hours in iraq as the attack the u.s. embassy there were the masterminds behind the attack and we heard from 100 saying that this is. what the united states did to his beloved fighters so a lot is at stake here in iraq of the government is an interim government which is rating for a permanent government it does not really have the powers to take to go after the legislation which has been touted in the media here in various political circles that they will ask the united states to reduce its presence just because of the she
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politicking that will be required for such an exercise the bill will need to come from either the government or the president. it looks highly unlikely that they will be able to present it in parliament so a lot at stake there is iraq is on the edge there is that there is a very tense calm that is prevailing right now but we will see what the reaction from these popular mobilization forces and probably reign in militias is going to be in the next hours and days some a bench a face a joining us live from baghdad thank you. i love an ins foreign ministry has condemned the killing and asked the for the country to be spared from any repercussions but this comes after spoilers later issued a statement vowing to pursue the punishment of those who are behind solomon he's killing a son the stroller said it's the responsibility of all fighters or runs the world's he said they will work day and night achieve his goals israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu has cut short his trip to greece this is what he had to say before leaving athens just as israel has the right of self-defense the united states has exactly the same right because until the money is responsible for the death of american citizens and many other innocent people he was planning more such attacks president wrote deserves all the credit for acting swiftly forcefully decisively israel stands with the united states in its just struggling force peace security and self-defense thank you. still to come on al-jazeera. courts in the middle of a u.s. iran tension in iraq lebanon fear the repercussions of a crisis they didn't create. hello
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there plenty of weather across northern sections of the middle east we have a system through the eastern end of the mad and that is bring with us some strong gusty winds some rain showers and then up into turkey we are seeing quite a lot of snow beginning to accumulate again over the next couple of days but really widespread rain showers through syria iraq across into these more central and western areas of iran and as we go into sunday that rain will sing south was working its way through the arabian goal so some showers across into bahrain across into cattle and also some showers into more central areas of the saudi arabia and you can see also we've got more rain pushing through iran and again of course turning to snow as we head across into afghanistan so northern areas of africa we could against a few more showers libya on into egypt but they're becoming lighter as we go through the weekend what we have got there is some pretty strong winds through the interior so for example need jaron child we've got some strong winds that are so we
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could see some pretty big dust storms over the next couple of days mostly dry into south africa still more rain across into more central and northern areas of madagascar and also quite a spread of showers and thunderstorms here tending to push down into both want to as we head over into sunday be staying very warm and to johannesburg maybe the chance of a scattered thunderstorm. more than 7 decades ago a country was split into really big but did anything and now at the time combine been shown to be mob pitch all it took was a pan a map of the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled its servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood.
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all. over. the world. this is al-jazeera the minds of the major developments following the us assassination of a rain in commander a solemn army iran's supreme leader has warned of harsh revenge after a u.s. airstrike killed qassam solomonic at baghdad airports ayatollah khomeini has said the attack would double towns resolve to resist the united states u.s. president donald trump past tweeted that custom salomone was responsible for the deaths of millions of people secretary of state might pump a 0 told us media the strike was justified and legal. in lebanon hezbollah's
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leader has voted to punish those behind some mani's assassination lebanon's foreign ministry has also condemned the killing and asked for the country to be spared from any repercussions. now the attack in baghdad is a dramatic escalation of the crisis between the u.s. and iran let's take a look at the timeline all the vents thus far last friday a rocket attack struck an iraqi military base killing an american contractor the u.s. blames the pro iranian group the husband brigades 2 days later the u.s. launched air strikes against the group's military outposts in iraq and syria killing 27 fighters iran backs paramilitary groups in iraq and storms the american embassy compound in baghdad leading to a 48 hour siege. is shabani is a former iraqi u.n. ambassador he's currently the director of the center for the study of the middle
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east at indiana university thank you very much for joining us for more things in d.c. i guess my 1st question is what happens next how is this going to impact the region in the immediate term well this of course is the question of a $100000.00 question so to speak. the united states can choose how to initiate hostilities directly with iran which is now chosen to do but iran gets to choose how to respond. and it has a number of places that it can respond both in the region and outside the region one of those places of course is iraq another is lebanon amongst other places my fear is that iraq will now become the battleground between the united states and iran in what had been a proxy war but will not now is a direct war between the 2. that's certainly the fear i think of many iraqis as
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well. and how did just the us manage this i mean what's the the american plan for the retaliation because this was clearly an action that was plans it was clear that they had. in their sights they take action that the u.s. must be aware of what's likely to unfold how the plan is to deal with it i hope so . i have not seen very much by way of strategic thought coming out of the white house in the last 3 years. and i'm not sure that there is a strategic and gauge went with the issues relating to iraq one of the things the iranians can do is to mobilize the pro romney and militias in iraq either to begin to confront the americans directly or to be cut to begin to hire us say iraqi forces there will also be aside from iranian interference there may well be
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a certain amount of. incentive for the militias to sort things out. to jockey for power there's been a sort of an uneasy truce between the militias for the last 2 years or so at least in the capital. and the question i have is whether the united states has any plan to deal with those issues i have seen no. preparedness on the part of the united states to deal with this this strikes me as a an escalation of geometric proportion. that i have not detected any planning for what happens tomorrow and that's my fear in terms of the situation in the country itself and in iraq itself i mean this is also a fear of many people in lebanon but there are iraq has a government of sorts but it's a government that chunk of the population to be trying to get rid of how does this
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situation put the ends of the political divisions in the country right now. as you are pointing out very correctly we have a government which has resigned and is a caretaker government we have a president who has refused to appoint the parliamentary nominee. for the prime ministership and hasn't stead offered to resign rather than to name that nominee so we have a tremendous amount of political chaos in the country and this adds to that chaos on top of that for the last 3 months we have had protesters who have been protesting against the government and indeed against the entire political system the fact that the iraqi government is a bystander has iranian officials come and go and as the united states takes military action on iraqi soil without the permission or approval of the
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government of iraq underscores the demonstrators complaint not only that the government is incompetent and incapable but that the entire political system is incompetent incapable and corrupt. action really leaves us i think in a much worse off state from that perspective from the perspective of internal stability in the country than we were 24 hours ago when we were in the dark areas position then. but. it's great to get your thoughts on the analysis that we are to tell you thank you very much indeed for joining us on al-jazeera. thank you now cousin salomone played a key role in events across the middle east designed into her arms policies and defending its interest in places like lebanon iraq and syria as death provoked a strong reaction across iran and especially in his birthplace of care months for
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his body will be berries but only after a prayer service performed by iran's supreme leader at a funeral in teheran on sunday there is such a barina explains the significance of customs on the money. in his hometown of care mon in central iran thousands gathered to say goodbye to a man many saw as more than just the head of iran's elite force. major general essential imani came into the role more than 20 years ago and had been one of the masterminds of iran's military strategy in the region. whatever anyone else thought about so they money he was revered and admired by many in the islamic republic because. i heard it on the radio in the taxi this morning i was waiting for the names of those killed when i heard general salim money's name i said oh god he was martyred on with us the former. because. unfortunately it's clear that wherever the
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u.s. enters it is after domination for its own interests general he was one who stood up gravely especially fighting i saw. he was a key figure 100 percent they were targeting him they knew where he was surely a wrong won't leave it on and sort of will do something so a money rarely spoken public but gave this interview in october saying iran's revolutionary guard had expanded what he called islamic resistance to half a 1000000 square kilometers connecting iran through iraq and syria to lebanon the courts force runs iran's foreign military and clandestine operations so they money delegated iranian diplomats to meet us. officials after the $911.00 attacks and they brutally worked together against the taliban but that relationship didn't last long. the u.s. and iran spirals aligned once again in the fight against eisel but then evolved beyond the battlefield. in april last year the u.s.
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designated iran's islamic revolutionary guards corps as a terrorist organization but solomon he had the full support of his government the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei awarded him iran's highest military honor last year same so money had survived many attempts on his life both here in iran and abroad and now his death will likely embolden the groups who support it as a rainy and mark 3 days of national mourning many here are looking to see what will happen next. al-jazeera to iraq. has praised some other news not far fighters and a strangely i say it's very likely more homes will be destroyed by bush far as but their focus no is on saving lives where the conditions for saturday are being described as catastrophic felicity davey reports from sydney. australia and prime minister scott morrison seen for himself the latest areas devastated by bushfires in new south wales the day after he was confronted by angry residents in the town
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of go this woman refusing to shake his hand so many people have lost their fire here the prime minister said he wanted to offer comfort to those affected by fires on using and he's not surprised at their reaction people are angry it is something that i was there before as we've it is something that i understand it's not something for me to talk personally it's peak holiday season but with the state of emergency declared in the states of new south wales and victoria tens of thousands of people have been leaving tourist areas traffic is being backed up the many kilometers on major highways as people try to get home or at least to safer areas. about a quarter of the 4000 people stranded on a beach in the town of malibu in victoria have been taken on board naval vessels to escape the fires have been a process. yet. for sure and it's something that i want to get
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evacuations will continue as fire conditions on saturday a forecast to be catastrophic making every preparation possible for what will be a very difficult day shamar weather conditions are very unpredictable we know the temperatures will still be in the mid forty's in many parts of our. thousands of firefighters are in the field with additional helicopters on standby we are unfortunately very likely we will lose homes tomorrow but will be very happy and will call excess says there's no lives lost that is their single focus tomorrow a focus on saving lives in the face of an unprecedented bushfire season felicity davey al jazeera sydney. and then vesta geisha has found that a shortage of medical equipment as a public hospital in the indian states of raja's son was in part to blame for the deaths of nearly a 1000 infants are still flora has more. this mother has just heard of the news of the death of an infant her daughter was just 15 days old but doctors have
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not yet told her the reason of her baby's death now there are many such families just in the month of december in this hospital in dr hassan in india a 100 infants died and even though the local government has ordered a quick cleaning operation the hospital is still pretty dirty you can look at that pile of garbage it's just been covered in front of our eyes have a look at this window this is right outside the maternity ward there is that garbage bin we've seen women cleaning the floors still pretty dirty and that garbage bin very close to where the intensive care units of the ailing infants is now the hospital authorities say that this infants are dying because they already come in a very severe state they're suffering from septicemia pneumonia and to have low birth weight botched commission for child rights protection their officials are
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also coming out and they say that they have with their own eyes to see pigs roaming around they have seen that the number of caregivers are far fewer than those who need care and that life sustaining equipment the ventilators have not been functioning many of them if not all according to the report half off the ventilator in this hospital meant for infants are not currently functional now earlier today we saw a truck full of garbage leaving the premises of the hospital but the local government insists that the rate of infant deaths in the state over the years is going down and not increasing. well that runs up the spill is to stay with us and al jazeera inside story is up next.
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iran's top army commander is killed in a u.s. airstrike in iraq to iran is warning a posh revenge some sort of mani's assassination forget a minute for a confrontation and how would that affect the rest of the middle east this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on darren jordan iran is vowing revenge on the u.s. for killing its top military commander got some sort of money died when an american asteroid hit his convoy near the airport in baghdad the nation ordered by president .


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