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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2020 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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al jazeera. right. down to. the on. iraq's parliament votes to expel u.s. forces as fears grow over the fallout from the killing of iranian general hossam soleimani. this is hundreds of thousands of people mournfully money's death in iran where officials say his assassination who not go unpunished. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a rare moment of rest bite in australia's bushfire crisis but the heat stays on prime minister scott morrison. and the egyptian boy king doing
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a farewell world tour of 10 major cities before heading home for the final time. and iraq's parliament has voted to expel american troops from the country 2 days after a top iranian commander custom silly money and iraqi paramilitary chief and 100 s. were killed in a u.s. air strike in baghdad the resolution was passed during an extraordinary session of parliament and was backed by prime minister abdul mahdi. in iran hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered in the city of mashad to welcome home custom saleman his body that will be taken to the capital tehran before the final burial in come on on tuesday it comes as iran announced its further rolling back on its
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commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal saying there will be no limits on its uranium enrichment capacity. meanwhile in lebanon hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah has warned that the us military will pay the price for solar money's death saying it might marks a new phase in the history of the middle east. well reaction from washington with john hendren in a moment but 1st to a sort of binge of aid in baghdad a summit turns more about the parliament the version parliament. well lauren the day was of rapid developments in the morning the u.s. ambassador being summoned ahead of the parliament recession by the foreign ministry and then the parliamentary session started late because of lack of quorum it was boycotted by kurdish as well as many of the sunni and fees but who overcame the did put their names behind this resolution which asks the iraqi government to. the presence of foreign troops in iraq this is something which we expected will come
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from the parliament because there have been fiery speeches and statements that had come from all political corners here in iraq all sides saying that this the way. this were assassinated is a violation of iraq's sovereignty and international law although now that the decision has been taken it is not legally binding as i just said because not every piece stands behind it and iraq does have an interim government which cannot even pass its own budget so we heard from the iraqi prime minister saying that he wants his government this government and all of the parliamentarians to stand behind him as he thinks that the time has come that the presence of coalition troops which are essentially asked to come in 2014 to defend iraq is from iceland are now having to defend themselves and because they are going to be coming under attack both from inside and outside iraq they will be spending time protecting themselves and the
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iraqi security forces will not be able to protect them as well and that is why they must leave it is going to be clear in the next few days and weeks how this is going to pan out because of the weakness of the government as well as internal opposition because not everybody seems to be on board on expelling foreign troops and iraq is still divided isn't it over silliman his legacy what he does about the clashes that have been taking place. what we saw from the very beginning as soon as the money was killed you saw the celebrations here in tahrir square from protesters who have been camping out for months now who are behind this ignition of the iraqi prime minister who's only leading a temporary government for now and this was also manifested itself in buzzer where multiple groups came out on the same day some were chanting slogans against iran some wanted to carry out a symbolic funeral in the main square and that's why the groups clashed amongst each other there were
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a number of injuries there as well but it goes to sure how deeply divided this country is based on its sectarian is well religious and ethnic lines so you saw the kurds boycotting the session there has been called in social media from various employees and punishing kurds and sunnis and that is something that the kurds and the sunnis fear as well that in the absence of foreign troops in the absence of troops who are guaranteeing the unity of iraq what is going to happen to them these who are marginalized communities here in iraq the capacity of iraqi forces again to protect them and themselves from groups such as isis and also their reliance on the groups which are very closely aligned with iran rather than iraq itself or some of the jihad thank you very much let's go live now to john hendren who's in washington d.c. the u.s. led coalition against eisel john has said that it's suspending operations so already a kind of a casualty from the fallout of all of this. that's right the u.s.
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central command has put out a statement saying it is pausing operations against eisel while it focuses on protecting american bases were rockey bases with an american personnel presence that is after weeks of attacks rocket attacks on those bases that have killed iraqi security personnel and one american contractor the u.s. central command goes on to say. we remain resolute as partners of the government of iraq but as you just heard the government of iraq isn't so sure it is going to want to maintain its partnership with the u.s. that was a non binding vote but it's certainly a shot across the bow here in the u.s. military commanders seem to believe that iraq still needs that u.s. presence there but for now the u.s. is simply protecting itself in iraq so it's effectively not doing anything militarily and if if this statement includes special forces which we believe it
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does that means that ironically it is iran and iraq the forces who will increasingly have to compensate for the lack of the american presence in that eisel fight so the u.s. is not really making friends and influencing people in that region after this is s. a nation that's just compounds a bad situation and u.s. interests it might bump is been he was he had to say. that's right pumping i made the rounds of all of the major talk shows here in the united states and that tells you that the administration believes that it needs to make the argument for this assassination and it's become a real partisan battle now usually when the u.s. goes into some kind of military conflict the american public tends to unite behind the president even if only temporarily as happened in iraq and in afghanistan the public his opinion has dramatically turned over the many years since then but in this case democrats are increasingly speaking out pompei did not offer this
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specific information when he talked on these shows as to what led them to believe that they had to assassinate constant sulaimani however they did give information to congress all of that information is classified and that is why we are not hearing about it the democrats are expressing extreme concern pompei of said i'm not going to get into the game of predictions we have intelligence we have a lot of reconnaissance we have good observations of what's taking place and says they are going to remain vigilant democrats on the other hand say they've nancy pelosi the house speaker a democrat has called this provocative escalatory and disproportionate the democratic senate leader chuck schumer says we do not need this president either bumbling or impulsively getting us into a major war chris murphy another democratic senator says that this might get more americans killed as it likely will in this case so there is definitely divided opinion along partisan lines and this comes of course many years after ironically
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it was donald trump who said he believed in 2011 that barack obama would invade iran or would engage in a military assault against iran in order to get the rip up the public behind him for the 2012 election there is some skepticism among democrats that that is what trump is doing him john thank you very much judy. lebanon's leader hassan nasrallah says responding to the death of silly money is not only iran's responsibility but the responsibility of its allies to say holder has more from beirut his images were put up across beirut's southern suburbs. is being mourned in hezbollah stronghold for the iranian backed group and it's mainly shia are supporters the late head of the elite could this force the revolutionary guards external wing was their commander the public face symbol and architect of the islamic republic's influence across the region was killed in a u.s.
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drone strike in baghdad on friday since then iran and its regional allies have been promising revenge. i'll be clear their response is to target their merican military presence in the region their american military bases their vessels every american officer and soldier in our region and our countries on our soul. many was not only iran's concern but the entire so-called axis of resistance a term used to refer to groups in iraq syria lebanon yemen and the palestinian territories he said it was up to those groups to decide if and how they would retaliate but the hezbollah leader hinted lebanon will not necessarily be an arena . lebanon is not a front line of america's and iran's rivalry there is a us embassy in a few soldiers who are trained on me by hezbollah has a presence in the region i can take part in any outside the country. it now seems clear what the retaliation may involve iranian military commanders made the same
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threat and iran's allies in iraq have already singled out u.s. bases as targets and the u.s. presence in the region is in a strong as words fair punishment for all or has repeatedly threatened a regional war if iran is attacked by the united states iran will not stand alone is what he's promised it is an expected statement of support from an ally which has grown into a regional force photos are emerging of with still a many who the hezbollah leader called a brother he confirmed the late military commander was in lebanon before heading to baghdad via damascus while hezbollah doesn't hide its links with iran it is the strongest political player in lebanon it's careful to protect that power at a time of increasing pressure is the condition for success for the nation out of there because of the economic situation because they cannot cannot sustain what sort of are. likeable to
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2006 let's roll call so many assassination a turning point and a new phase the message here may be one of defiance but in reality the u.s. maximum pressure campaign on iran and its allies seems to be already in a new phase. beirut. my. in kenya a number of fighters from the group have been killed storming a military base which is also used by american forces the base known as camp simba is located in lamu county in southeastern kenya several aircraft and military vehicles were destroyed in the dawn attack al shabaab quickly claimed responsibility as no word yet on any casualties among kenyan or u.s. troops which us or is in kenya's capital nairobi she says plenty of questions are
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left unanswered following a series of our survive attacks over the past few days. it was an audacious attack the military base is heavily fortified protective of both the king and american troops but al shabaab still managed to break through they destroyed the military planes and infrastructure on the base is a very volatile area called born a virus and over the years the kenyan defense force they've been going in to the forest trying to flush out al shabaab fighters and they've been casualties on both sides on thursday a passenger bus was attacked along the road in the county area al-shabaab fighters they shot at the bus and 3 people were killed just last week in somalia a truck bomb went off killing dozens of people in the capital mogadishu there are concerns that al-shabaab is gaining more and more prominence in this particular region they've attacked king in the past they have attacked uganda and also somalia over the weekend as well a few days ago there was an air strike in somalia with the u.s.
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army. some places in somalia trying to flush al shabaab out they say they killed some senior officials by no names or given so people on the ground are now asking how did al-shabaab manage to break through this base which is heavily fortified in alarm and questions are being asked on the ground what security measures does kenya have in place to make sure this doesn't happen again. still to come. the hong kong protests. with police cracking down on trade is showing that i wonder transport of business. had a cold crystal sunshine across much of a central europe and if out is well i the side of these guys it is a kind of sweeping sway
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a tools much of the east go to mix of rain and snow in that particular system and look at this this is the mountain tops in cyprus so plenty of good skiing at the moment there's some rain actually on the way this is one system just very stubborn in the eastern end of the mat and this will produce the rain child through greece and some snow of course into the cold into western and central areas of turkey meanwhile a monday we've got more rain coming across much of the u.k. the flood warnings in place have particularly in the southwest of the u.k. and then by choose a some very strong winds coming in with this next line of very heavy rain and if i have to go some wind warnings in place across areas to scotland and again look at this some very strong winds particularly along coastal areas of norway still that rain setting the send the med so we could actually see some localized flooding if his sits that much longer that same system of course will have some impact on northern sections of africa was not too bad. the line of rain that cloud it will tend to sweep through libya on into egypt so keeping the shah in the
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full cost of the next couple of days into benghazi with the high 40. 7 decades ago a country was split into 3 with. the. baby . with a plan a mile and a collapsing empire when the british had to. al-jazeera examines the violence of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for the neighbors. of blood.
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amount of top stories here on our syria iraq's parliament has voted to expel american troops from the country 2 days after a top iranian commander custom silly money and iraqi paramilitary chief of a body of $100.00 were killed in a u.s. airstrike in baghdad. in iran hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered in the city of mashad to welcome home custom saleman his body comes as iran announced its further rolling back on its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal saying they'll be no limits on its uranium enrichment capacity. number of fighters from the armed group or been killed storming a military base in the southeast which is also used by american forces several aircraft and military vehicles were destroyed in the door attack in kenya. students and teachers at one of india's leading universities have been attacked
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after a group of masked men stormed the campus in the capital new delhi the student body linked to the routing b j p party is being blamed and police also accused of not taking action quickly enough i'm sure has more from new delhi. on sunday evening about 50 miles men holding on drawings went inside a campus of a university in new delhi. he took some students back to many others who were also allegations that the some teachers that is well now the students of the university have protested against the controversial citizenship law this is it these men were members of the repeat which is another students' union affiliated with the ruling party the nationalist party. this happened on the day that protesters of mainly women also complained that police had gone out and asked them to leave. me be arsed to wrap up the protests and all of this is
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happening at a time when india's home minister has started what's being described as a door to door campaign to convince people that the citizenship law may be a good thing for the country venezuela's opposition is denouncing what they're calling a parliamentary coupe after opposition politician who has declared himself as the head of the national assembly for more latin america editor lucia newman joins us live on the phone from caracas so this year just on there were some extraordinary scenes before this happened how significant is it. absolutely extraordinary we were at the national assembly we were waiting for hours and hours for the city to be good at the opposition deputies were being allowed to get past the national guard to. block it as to where they were asking for their documents but wouldn't let the 4 hours 5 hours try to get it was by wide and as long as i thought who was
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until the short while ago the president of the national assembly at the says declared president of the country was also waiting for another group for libertarians to get in so that he could go into that something he wasn't allowed to go retirees or it to be tied to a. former opposition deputy who has now turned around why goal was proclaimed the president of the national assembly 5 sometimes it was all as i say very very chaotic the calls were actually counted people took to the stage there was going to be there were punches and at the end quite bored tried to climb over the fence of the national assembly we watched as the national guard pushed him away he couldn't make it over the press his jacket was ripped and when i asked him what they were going to do next he says that with this. man most undersea than understand human the shoes bring us up to date with a sentences apparently the opposition imploding then fighting against each other
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the going to have been supplanted by opposition politicians whose power in venezuela and will bring you more in a story nation on in the evening. and australian prime minister scott morrison has defended his leadership and his government's response to the australian bush was hundreds of fires of unprecedented size and number continued to devastate large areas of australia morrison is known for his skeptical views on climate change and was heavily criticised for taking a holiday during the crisis but he says now is not the time proportioning blame. or continue to demonstrate what we're doing through our actions sure there's been a lot of commentary there's been plenty of criticism i've had the benefit of a lot of analysis on a lot of issues but i can't be distracted by that and the public i now are not distracted by that what they need us to focus on all of us actually all of us
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focusing on the needs there in the communities and getting the support where it needs to go that's very much where my focus is and and that's where we'll continue to be working closely with the states and territories working closely with my ministers in the i can seize the defense forces the new recovery i can see to be led by mr coburn and ensuring that i have the support resources and communications that i know there is at least some slight relief for firefighters battling the australian bush was a study could have temperatures and even light rain in some regions jessica washington is in great hands bay on australia's east coast this was once a leafy beachside suburb fires ripped apart this community on the new south wales south coast destroying most houses. hundreds of bush fires are burning across parts of the country worsened by severe drought and intense heat but after weeks of bad news finally the much needed arrival of cooler temperatures and even
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a bit of rain quite call it's. in the light twenty's and he's right you have some mind today thank goodness i don't think i've ever seen right for a while so that's helped the fire situation immensely it's still not out there what i want people to get complacent curzon making the most of this brief window of cooler conditions to bring more fires under control but across many parts of australia fires are burning at emergency levels and this brief spell of rain isn't enough just soffits. before the heat inevitably returns thousands of volunteers firefighters are in the field protecting communities around affected states weans are you know very very a lot less than a sly temperatures and there's a great conditions to truong each time watching thousands of people are still without power with no indication of when it will return for those on the front
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lines a stray leah's longest bushfire emergency is taking its toll this volunteer firefighter was defending the houses of others when his prized vintage bend was raised by flames he had spent 10 years collecting the parts to put it together. a cool 4. really aren't always in here. it's got. the size is great. gliders 54. that would come from. purses. treasured possessions family homes but worst of all dozens of lives this bushfire season has already taken so much from so many astray and there's still likely to be weeks of devastation to come jessica washington al-jazeera batemans bay astray. and smoke from the australian fosse's made the sky as far away as new zealand turned an eerie orange as far as
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the city of oakland or than 2000 kilometers east of city trowed in a haze in the early afternoon it was so dark that drivers were forced to turn on their lights for cost as a calling it an unprecedented plume of smoke and warned it could cause temperatures to drop as much as 5 degrees. petrol bombs are thrown at a hong kong police station and dozens of people are arrested after a march near the chinese border thousands demonstrated peacefully and chong through district a demanding that mainland chinese traders leave the territory things turned violent when police tried to end the protest on congress had more than 6 months of anti-government demonstrations and result of those 1st 3 reports there's no end in sight. now this protest is all the nies by local district council of many of whom were just recently elected into office at local district council elections last
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november now the purpose of this protest is to demonstrate the un happiness that people here feel against the practice of power allow trading past the practice of mainland chinese traders who come over to hong kong many of whom here shop here this is the northern territory's and it's close to mainland china they come over here they take advantage of lower taxes that hong kong has they buy items in bulk and to sell them back in china for a profit now locals here dislike this practice because they say causes them difficulties sometimes shortages of goods it also drives up the price of goods now people here say they don't like the practice of parallel trading because it they believe it's something that benefits mainly mainland chinese trade is rather than the people here but it's this protest is also an example of how a local issue is being used by pro-democracy protesters to highlight the wider unhappiness they feel against the hong kong government and protests in hong kong
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have been going on for 7 months now entering into the 8th month and really this turned out this demonstration just highlights how the anti-government sentiment isn't going anywhere. now some of the world's most famous and beautiful ancient artifacts a curtain on display in london treasures of the ancient egyptian king common art a 2 year world tour to he intends cities it will culminate in the permanent return to egypt at a brand new museum in time for the centenary of the discovery by a british archaeologist jessica baldwin which will take a look. treasures from ancient egypt. for the afterlife. for the boy king tootin comet. dazzling ornaments made more than 3000 years ago by the world's best artisans.
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a mini coffin to hold the king's liver. intricately works both inside and out. golden coverings for the pharaohs fingers and toes 150 items are on a world tour with stops in 10 cities. it's pure pop archaeology with music virtual reality hollywood lighting and it's a hit despite high prices nearly $50.00 at peak times the crowds never stop some of the profits are going back to egypt to help pay for the grand egyptian museum where these treasure earth will have a permanent home alongside thousands of artifacts from the country's rich history for egypt it's the ultimate marketing tool for its new museum opening later this year these objects are recreates the finest treasures from from from any point in history from anywhere in the world leonardo da vinci you know whatever it is egypt
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is number one you don't win is number one that will be really important to a country which hasn't always had a good press in the last few years wants people to visit i think this is going to be a success for egypt. an artist in residence at the sachi gallery provide to contemporary interpretation what makes us remember one individual when millions more are forgotten people who are being. killed every day throughout the world in wars and conflicts that we don't hardly even hear about because they're not fashionable anymore people are bored of hearing about syria and we don't seem to remember them but we do remember to some common downstairs. the young king tut riding a chariot as he hunts ostrich a gilded wooden hawk its 1st time out of egypt all alone shows so visitors can wonder at the treasures and perhaps be inspired to learn more about ancient egypt
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or travel further. providing modern egypt with much needed tourist dollars jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. to return to our top story now the funeral ceremony for custom saudi money and iran i said baby joins us at the phone from tehran to tell us more about that funeral in russia. there's been hundreds of thousands of people on the scene that the body of the morning with iran now it's expected in the front tomorrow but funeral will be held the supreme leader i mean he will be in the crowd of the masses people have not witnessed this many people that come to see. the funeral of the founder of the. public eye for the whole many more that. not only in my head but above all over the country paying their respects and morning when you actually live in the face of what some of my comparable thing that people celebrated that coffins of the money had. in fact we're expecting hundreds
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and thousands more people tomorrow on national holidays public offices and businesses will be closed. is. showing respect for the general of also you know i think the question almost certainly could mean a hard line as i would come to get in condemnation and actually thanks for the mention of the money both on both people the polls the pics that. the public even daily life ignites the money was safe if someone is in the thank you captain. of the wrong and thus it is part of its response iran is saying that it's not going to scale back its commitments to the nuclear deal even mole. i'm. on the surface and i hope that they will have no more little. lady in richmond to stuff
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was there. earlier in the days. and did say that they were going to happen. for the steps that have been taken but. i don't need a case is a quick of the talk about the question of your spine of. the results of the nation of the month during the run from the case. thank you very much indeed for that live update from iran and that's it for me for this but in a day when there's been further fallout from the assassination of kasim soleimani in a us ass trying can bag that coming up next it's talk to out of there with more news straight after that thanks for watching i think.
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only. you can or will. would say. for years private armies have provided services to governments around the world they are often secretive and operate in the shadows. blackwater now known as academy is one of the most well known private army it has provided troops and other services to the u.s. government in different conflicts including the war in iraq but it's not always clear how these private armies are formed where they operate or even what their missions consist of so we travel to south africa to find out more even barlow is chairman of specialized tasks training equipment and.


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