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tv   Paris Voice Of The Suburbs  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 12:32pm-1:02pm +03

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released these pictures that it says shoulda pre-dawn attack in the mood candy it's find his destroyed several aircraft military vehicles 4 of them were killed there were chaotic scenes inside and outside venezuela's national assembly after all position neither one by doing his allies were blocked from entering the building by police well those who were allowed in voted to replace why do it with a politician who was recently kicked out of an opposition party for alleged corruption. firefighters so are getting some relief as they tackle bushfires across the street after weeks of high temperatures they're being helped by cooler weather and rain meanwhile the prime minister scott morrison has pledged nearly 1400000000 dollars to help the rebuilding effort you're up to date those are the headlines that will have more news after which but by. we understand the different scenes i'm similarity of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see
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al-jazeera will bring you the needs and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. so you know we don't. say it's not doing the song but also.
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a little yeah i think this could take years also if he does enable sequel asia on if you could see. if he's also known does what. does it have. almost us. don't put them away else me as well as this goes wrong when i was trying to make. money. because that's history societies did you can do for you to see. that. they're good at what. they're called. there's a ship. and next be given section 7. as you should so i'm not sure. if you. have some but. the latest. ones
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chrysippus solid alphabet on the list and your did to me no. more new posts are you. sick or new some reason but when you really don't like. the bunny jokes and he just about screw them for the 2nd start up ok ok. you go with him but. i don't. know. where you have it now didn't take account of i'm wrong. so i clearly in. which i want to recall the twits. the same times on instinct it was. really good. going to propose another that's good askin why she just. said whatever. versus. the congo
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a little more question asked. no comment that the truck. is in your pocket ok. because we're getting feds suited up. disney getting really good for. us you forget is this what is it going to get close and distance on his career also some sense on. salon that it was when he proposed of course. we've. got a machine in the business set to music education which meant.
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see eat eat a. bit of what it did i mean. yeah. there's a. $1000000.00
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in the. history of the. priest. let's just. say it was suffice it. to be. here soon. most. of the funds spent on people is. that. it was or they didn't get it was still going to get to the stupid seats which is it's remote control and fish think that the pressure in the neighborhoods of oil is only consumers going to just for the good of the ship might let me just couldn't risk it was the most important it was described in hospital kind of looks not only if you have it made i'm not sure the kid's going to which wasn't my decision to use
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and i'm one of us not because of it's regrettable but to me it was it was going to aleppo what was going to be good she. was told we were going to go aboard and it. just got almost on just in so much that's just what a good well what in other words would open clear this is a question snow is still going to school what if you could drag ok really go it's possible because i simply said ok this is real and what about single one of the government could employ what i believe the worst stuff. is the doors just a little thoughtful some sort of your own no solutions are all made by me want to lose a move i made with going to the. job
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one of the. possible discuss a personal point i wanted to postpone what is going to use me for personal. pleasure of us coming at the shit i'm going to try things down. if you think about you know that's my new. recruit is who cares if they didn't exist to stick. it to bits it was a rock some would stick them bitches to something. just about. you know. when i don't do moves he would play. out
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the news he didn't owe you and then the battlement guess i'm enjoying i don't know . what i was used to no federal income on the community of you don't want to meltdown if you do because i know how people feel the whole day was that but then. something was really and made it. ok to make this woman.
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and let's see they pass a budget to fessing the dramatists. import history and is out in minutes. as you type us and likely want to bug me on the old history on the list polluted the oscars or favor the moon demand there. was no way out of op without showing the obstacle in the jack of america to. what is through military intervention in one experience that's a little movie career squarely with axelrod isn't much of it i'm a composer do joyce really need you much as a couple to gump and still live. when you have moved to have priests and screws you pretty have to do to. assist if it means a lot of in. the commission. if you know you know. and they can.
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get a possibility. but you aren't on the. ledge films on will and no more. but is it isn't because of his image not. merely the letter of the small though you know very well because i'm pretty sure. those british you know it was because anybody at through all these if the course makes it they are mistress improvements in big speaker group c. . you exit the moves that move in with the. program onto the others you're just going to tell me this if the phone because of a union up something. no
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one has long stood in the back to moan distance on seeing the people of the homes seems to me a citizen that didn't think. that would easily get to see that softball team to. do good deals and to not. succumb. to do with money should. eat meat. young. men don't want. them. don't know and don't know gnome and they don't appreciate. it i would not have
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forced year. after mr sustenance and simply going up an upward spiral and we. need much more of the movement was the one. that almost. no. room in some people and i joined our subsequent between when i was just in the. city i will. tell you really don't you think one in your own mental. well are you going to want to manslaughter after going to kuwait out climate joe you know of course it could. always just concerns about a new sort of more humid. keiko facing city much do. you get a false. move
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you could get the teachers commences next. to skeet shooting then new developments with these men and. don't leave food for some delegates to snub the hospital system known to need to involve other people need to. investigate difficult to vent comments. and leave. you betcha to upset you. jam problem it's mostly just sort of. cynosure company of new madrid and medicare sort of consequent of your sound gotta love you know would you make it to them. he
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says it will take did one more time as a minute when you and she does reports let's just talk to my point you make of course and. indeed prison while we may above all know if so if true enough is there that's all nuff know rahm's that's been an emotion of live among us that some in a. group almost also i mean by that opens up to my. life somewhat to the point really put on the speaker what are. your views just explain me swap a few people in your story just to get it he's going to sell the most helpful topical he can to get a point because you'd quote ok that's not so much but off it we'll see.
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him a lot of us this is it was interesting just to myself. what does a 2nd look if a little. sorry i mean can i get we what what what what if size to. the point to present the tone and. take. it off it's gone now but in the uk is not. true. in the. this is. about a guy who bob. dylan was. just about going to college we're going to have that believe me because she doesn't let. a prisoner.
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live i mean. why 7 years from you without just summing it up ok for so swallow. and citizens that i'm fresh on ice and square balls if you molly delusion is day to day period. do you see it. going to give you 3 more victories on the. sketchy account and i think the conditions are sickening if you see them. on some. movie i should try called the stars are often is a legend they covet even if it's my task is to perceive you want to be is this if you see this case because he could because of us your. sympathies but don't repulse because you know. there's a false imprisonment city. to photoshop or message as will you if you
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don't. see more additional names. on the grid if you must prove you go. it's once a year that he'd received if you see a measure of success in protecting the zone and plans i want to. ski i want. to do just jump it's called i need to decide that will. be able to do if you want to pass and present to me. 6 i can expose a case like that because you didn't answer coral more tickets you more thought on this i thought in this case you're ok if it's my private plane shows a race or something like that i see so it's just. that since the tendency to sense that seems to me it's once you.
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feel 20 deaths and demand you know it's been 6 months ago when the sun. we. did get. a. new museum a. little when. she. was eczema militia important section not if there's room for the fiction was so i wanted. to see. a movie. that's typical.
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lead . was. the us. though article they dug a little. bit us was it the. because you sort of fit. into the deal of history so the buzz among the kids is a make up their general series of a gentle philosophy expose it. acceptable a pretty good excuse looks a bit operating the excuse so used to question morkie legitimacy who can call wish
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was not a food. the president completes more the mahdi's it. does then the dutoit smooth the tip off for me every step of the development of the 2 goals it. up. for this year is really kind of a measure that due to ongoing this will give next that i what i mean when he says our basques of a city. that has no long winded can but i don't a circumstance of it on 2 completely divine dining jagat who are. here. with your boatload of your puppy. something you can discuss a pass a quote by food before. asking for assistance.
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really the question of all why down shock to pleasure to be on earth bookseller can you guess who would be bloggers if you and the kind of guys have it but they don't want to see. it like a post image yet said lilting knew for his. own she real color you name it but i will include it all deformed they've. made. my. someone else also don't take the 5th could. it do to just not in the swap lost it immediately seeps supposed to make history so just for clarity of excuse why simple spider. so they leave different.
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to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind boss 4 siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together or split the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the board a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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frank assessments the one being about these bush fires is it really wiping out the . climate change informed opinions economy i think is actually what's keeping donald trump afloat right now critical debate sequel on both through school you've been told what the lawyers on of all this argument is astonishingly are trying to
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say in-depth analysis of the day's headlines this is the beginning of a new iraq of the new conscious and aware views about still against an ethnic sectarian cult of inside story on al-jazeera. 0. hello i'm elizabeth purana and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the round supreme leader joins the crowds marking the funeral of custom solar monny and protesting his assassination by the united states. iran now says it's suspending its commitment to the 2050 nuclear deal. and the us donald trump freshened sanctions against iraq if it expels u.s.
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troops in the wake of saddam on his death. and other news unrest in liberia with the many unhappy with the political debate. i'm joined again go with the sports football returns to the winter break and so do you does braces and as mary bell is telling faces abuse from the stands once again. iran's leaders have joined huge crowds and the funeral procession of assassinated general custom sunday monny as calls for revenge against the united states. iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and president hassan rouhani held prayers at the funeral proceedings of the iranian capital to express their grief as iranians packed the streets of head on 3 official days of mourning have been declared so the money is daughter earlier told the crowd that her father's death would bring
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a dark day to the u.s. a wall the funeral for stolen money is under way u.s. president donald trump has warned iraq.


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