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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2020 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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on al-jazeera. the. a sendoff from iran's most powerful the supreme leader leads prayers assassinate him on the cross and so the body as huge crowds packed the streets. and obama is a prominent this is al jazeera on live from doha and so coming up iran says it's suspending its commitment to the 2050 nuclear deal. and the us politicians returned to washington to debate whether the president overstepped his power was when he wanted some sort of monies assassination. and venezuela's opposition denounces what it calls
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a parliamentary could watch opposition leader won by dole is long from entering. the funeral procession for iran in general custom sunday mani has ended and head on by the forelock from his that assassination on friday in a u.s. strike continues to go the wrong supreme leader ayatollah ali how many and president hassan rouhani led prayers at the funeral proceedings in the capital early on monday so the man whose body will now be taken to come on will be buried on tuesday. well amid the funeral proceedings u.s. president donald trump has warned iraq that him pose heavy sanctions if it expels american troops iraq's parliament has voted to expel foreign forces in retaliation for the u.s. strike that killed sunday money last week near baghdad airport now iran is about to
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head back and it suspended its commitments under the 2050 nuclear deal and nato leaders are about to begin an emergency meeting to discuss the situation we will go to washington the committee help that is standing by in just a moment and we'll also check in with the sama been job and he'll be live for us in baghdad but 1st let's go to door. in tehran and also we have been watching those pictures all day of enormous crowds across the country attending the funeral procession which has now ended. yes it was a larger than expected crowd i think we can all agree here that even the officials didn't expect the number of people that turned out to attend the funeral processions of the late general hossam so they money his body took about 6 hours to travel the distance from tehran university which as is located around revolution square in the capital to freedom square which is about 5 and
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a half kilometer journey took over 6 hours because of the number of people that were lined up along the streets trying to get a chance to say goodbye to the general this we understand now the body is on its way to the holy city of we are seeing pictures now from that city of mourners gathering in and around the shrine that is located there this is one of the last stops it will be made as part of this state late funeral procession that we've seen take place which happened started really on a saturday evening after his body was flown back here from baghdad the scenes we've seen today from tehran university is where the supreme leader ayatollah khomeini presided over services prayer services over the coffin. alongside him was the country's president hassan rouhani as well as the speaker of parliament i larijani along with the head of iran's revolutionary guard we also saw the man who was taken over what's force the commander brigadier general.
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sly who was appointed by the supreme leader on friday upon the news of the moneys death all these leaders are the highest authorities in iran paying their respects to the man that they credited with keeping this country safe now the body that is on the way it on its way to all now will have some services there and then it will be making its way to sew him on his hometown of care mine in central iran where it will be buried later on tuesday and also you know as we all await to see how iran will respond to. this as a nation we have had a strong statement from the body called the assembly of experts a powerful body tell us more about that. well this is a clerical body that is tasked with selecting and dealing with any issues that comes out from the office of the supreme leader or they are in charge of selecting
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the next leader or dismissing a supreme leader if they feel it is necessary they've issued a statement condemning the assassination of us and so they money and they've also said that this is an opportunity for the islamic youth of not only iran but also the region to be ready and on standby to answer the calls of their commander in chief that would be the supreme leader himself ayatollah ali khamenei and silence is not acceptable any kind of silence from iran that in this situation means compliance or show weakness so they said that this is an opportunity to get rid of u.s. forces in the middle east and so the money's death is a pivotal point and it is a point that iran will use as a call to get rid of u.s. forces in the region and they specify that their initial calls for u.s. troops to leave will come from iraq itself also thank you for that. with the latest from head on well let's now go to iraq osama bin job it is joining us live
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from the capital baghdad and indeed the parliament and take upon this to calling for the expulsion of about their asama. absolutely now the outgoing prime minister this morning has issued a statement saying that there is going to be a legal framework which is going to begin now after the decision by the parliament to expel u.s. troops you saw the scenes in the last 24 hours at the parliament there was a lot of anger and to u.s. sentiment being portrayed by the members of the parliament and now the legal framework is going to begin but it is going to be not a quick process because now parliamentarians have to come together they have to deliberate a law which will decide essentially how and when these troops will leave and it is going to be problematic because it is not just 824000 request by iraq for 2 for international forces to come in and fight isis there are other agreements which
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govern the presence of these troops as well it is not just the united states france britain germany there are multiple other. members of the u.s. led coalition who have individual agreements with forces as well but the iraqi government has made it clear what it wants to do is that it wants to end any combat missions inside iraq the iraqi prime minister making it clear that now since the events where into the money and ever made the end hundreds were taken out these foreign troops are going to be busy in protecting themselves in iraq troops will have the additional responsibility of protecting them which will be very difficult so that's why he wants these troops to be out immediately it is not going to be as quick as expected or also because when it goes to the parliament all of the parliamentarians will have to agree upon a draft resolution or a law and you saw yesterday that and none of the kurdish b.'s or majority of the sudanese m.p. sony and peace rather were not present and today we've heard from the iraqi prime
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minister who's been receiving members for condolences for a woman behind this and also he's met the chinese ambassador as well so there's a lot that is happening on this fast moving story. here in the iraqi capital thank you for that osama bin job with the latest live and iraq let's go now to our white house correspondent kimberly health that she is joining us live from washington d.c. where we have had really quite incredible statements from the u.s. president not just about iraq and how he will respond to american troops being expelled from there but also about iran and the actions he would take there if provoked. yeah the u.s. president making a lot of headlines and that is continuing to reverberate around the world with the president's threat that if iran retaliates for the u.s. killing of general soleimani that in fact the united states would then in turn according to the president's threat attack 52 sites that are of importance heritage
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wise strategically but also symbolically to the iranian people and this is getting a lot of pushback not only is the u.n. security council saying that this would be in violation of international law but the concern is the the importance in terms of the heritage value of these sites so there is a lot of concern about the claims being made by the president but the white house and the president himself pushing back on this threat even as it is getting making headlines and causing controversy the president saying they're allowed to kill our people they're allowed to torture and maim our people there are allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural sites it doesn't work that way and in fact this is in the last few moments the president's adviser kellyanne conway speaking to reporters at the white house again defending this threat by the president saying that. the actions that the united states will take if it does take those actions will be with in the law iran has
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many strategic and military sites so being a bit more vague about what those sites might be but again defending the president's argument and action should he choose to take it meanwhile can believe we know the house speaker nancy pelosi wants to introduce vote on this resolution this week i mean how likely is it that congress will be able to to limit the president's actions in regards to iran. well it's important to remember that this is a co-equal branch of government it does have the constitutional power but in recent years and with previous administrations not just this one we've seen congress pulling back on that oversight responsibility now as we've seen the trumpet ministration taking this action in recent days escalating the tensions with iran we see an attempt to re as surt that oversight responsibility as you point out the house speaker nancy pelosi saying that she will introduce the war powers resolution
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to try and limit president trumps ability to take action against iran again this is an attempt to try and reassert the oversight responsibility the indicted states congress very concerned that they've been left in the dark up to this point so they're demanding briefings we know that the defense secretary marc asper will be briefing at some point and in fact once again kellyanne conway the counselor to the president defending what the president has done so far saying that congress is going to be briefed it could be as early as this week it's up to the pentagon they'll be briefed in due course that's how the process works well it really depends on which side you are in terms of how the process works the white house saying it works one way congress saying it works very differently and using its constitutional oversight abilities to try and limit the president's power committee thank you for that as committee held it with all the latest live in washington d.c.
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thank you well let's get more on this now we're joined by colum he's a professor at the university if they don he's joining us live from the iranian capital very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so to put into perspective what we've seen today these massive crowds across the country in this disease can you tell us you know why people are mourning and sort of money the way that they are i mean what did he mean to them to the country. the absence of the nation of the general soleimani has created a strong sense of patriotism nationalism and millions of of the rain ians we 1st saw that in was day before yesterday hundreds and thousands of people had come out in our was that the city near to iraq in the south of iran yesterday we saw hundreds and thousands of people again in in
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mattia today the crowd really surprised everyone in tehran and the body is is being moved to or all the holy city in. the pictures are coming out that the again there is a huge crowd there the only explanation that i can offer you as i said is that he has appeared as a defender of the law of the islamic republic not only as defender of the regime but but but as the. integrity of of iran that's why many people are rare paying. in a such a such a huge respect and we have all including iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali how many resources solving during the funeral procession what will the iranian government be considering and how it responds to his assassination.
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while there beyond the rhetoric and the slogans and threatening language of that iranian leaders have been using it would be very difficult to to see within the next few days what iranian military operation can in reality be against the united states given the fact. that that trump has has used against there any operation any military operation by iranian against u.s. forces or against u.s. targets so on the one hand on the one hand iranian leaders must be too happy to see such a huge crowd which in a sense they have come out in support of the islamic regime but on the other hand that they must be getting worried as to what kind of response they are going to show to to towards the united to say given the fact that they have been saying all
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along that the united states would pay a heavy price for this for this crime and while you know that ryan's say that the united states will pay a heavy price how seriously do you think they themselves are taking you know president trumps threats of attacking iran's cultural sites is around us. once again actually the threat of their hitting at the iranian of 52 iranian culture again that has benefited the islamic regime the iranian leaders because there are many either any and who are not happy with the islamic regime they are critical of the performance of the islamic regime but then they day to day have become pretty angry. of what the u.s. president has said. very good to get your thoughts on this we appreciate it.
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live and ted thank you. so ahead on the bulletin astray as a raging read below the scenes confronting emergency service workers as they continue to bash bush fires and undressed in liberia with many unhappy with the political elite. hello there some rather unsettled weather on its way towards the korean peninsula and also on towards japan plenty of activity showing up here on the satellite there is rain and there is a cool some snow in there as well in the cold but have a look at this rain working its way through eastern china look at the temperature had in shanghai 21 celsius on tuesday the rain spreading quite rapidly across into the korean peninsula some heavy rain into south korea we could have some localized
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flooding and then as we had on tuesday into wednesday a very unsettled picture generally cross much of japan and look at that temperature in shanghai dropped down to 8 cells whose was actually the average for this time maybe it will feel very chilly off about 21 this is to me as we've been quite safely through much of japan so no great rain accumulations although the winds will be pretty strong at times and then into indonesia we have got some fairly active weather further to the south. the rains back into the forecast across into more central areas of borneo very light there across much of the marcha and also the met a peninsula it's really a wednesday the rains become require heavy again into will central areas of java and then into india more showers continuing in the south and a lot of rain showers working their way on eventually tools new delhi cooling things off and hopefully carry out that small.
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talk to old jews there are winners more targeted in the military operation has this been addressed by turkey we listen what is the proposal of spain for a couple of years we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter does iran. holding the powerful to account as we examine the u.s. is role in the world on al-jazeera. good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories iran's leaders
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have joined huge crowds and head on to hold prayers at the funeral of assassinated general custom sort of body the procession through the capitol has ended and his body will be taken to care will he be buried on tuesday iraqi politicians have voted to remove all foreign forces and response to the assassination of custom santa monica the brothers non-binding and needs government approval and the us president is threatening sanctions against iraq if it goes ahead with moves to expel foreign troops donald trump says american forces won't leave unless a rock pays for the u.s. base that's there. now they have been chaotic and confusing scenes in venezuela as the government of president nicolas mother forcibly installed a new head of parliament armed troops physically blocked opposition leader why though and his allies from getting into the building ahead of the vote unless america editor lucien newman reports from caracas. inside been israel is legislative palace punches were thrown insults hurled in
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a chaotic to an even more chaotic vote for the presidency of the national assembly . for hours national guards have been prevented dozens of opposition deputies from entering the premises. inside the chamber minority pro-government lawmakers organized a vote with a show of hands that no one counted. at least in opposition deputies choose to corruption and recently expelled from list. party was instantly sworn in and the material had model like all brothers and sisters we have differences but we must end all this confrontation. but outside the confrontation of this intensifying the opposition deputies are trying to break their way into the national assembly but the national guard is outnumbering about this fight and i see no place in the building. in
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a desperate last bid to get in opposition leader. tried to climb over the spiked middle fence surrounding the building. security forces fought him off as well. shaken but determined weisel announced he would convene the assembly elsewhere that you learned and that we're going to assume our responsibility and rise to this new challenge that venezuela is facing. hours later 100 opposition deputies more than the simple majority needed to win reelected why the lies national assembly president vote recognized by washington and many others but not by president nicolas maduro. imperialist came out to say they would not recognize the result of the boat today in the national assembly i say to mike pompei o the u.s. envoy the best way to elliot abrams and the assistant secretary of state that they should explain why they lost the leadership of the national assembly. i.
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clearly the battle for that national assembly until now venezuela's only independent institution is far from over and it will intensify even further when blytheville attempts to reclaim what he says is his rightful place inside the legislative palace on tuesday. to see in human al-jazeera got access. to australia now with 6 smoke and raging flames for some pilots to turn back from missions to rescue people trapped by the bushfires this air force plane was trying to land in monaco to in victoria station on saturday up to 4000 people had to flee the town and shelter on beaches over the weekend when the fires came to close all rain and cooler temperatures are bringing some relief but the blazes are likely to burn for months just to washington has more from batemans bay on the new south wales south coast this is a brief period of for
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a spot is expected to be around 72 hours of these cooler conditions with light winds and even a bit of rain unfortunately that rain is not enough to bring this crisis which has been going for months now it is not enough to bring this crisis to an end it's expected that australia won't get significant rain at least for another 4 to 6 weeks that that's the only thing that can really bring these this bushfire emergency to an end for now crews working to ensure that fires burning along the east coast there also was burning in new south wales and their fee is that those could burn with fires further south and victoria crews working to make sure that those fires don't join up and create a mega blaze that would go between 2 cities to liberia now where hundreds of people have gathered to protest against the government's handling of the economy it is the 3rd such protests and so former football star george waya took over as president 2 years ago demonstrations accuse the government of abuse of power and corruption
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allegations it dismisses as baseless but interest reports from the capital monrovia . 2 generations of liberians a lot about the state of the nation i have another round of and to government protests in the capital. president george weah came to office with a lot of goodwill but that is diminishing and fast i will be front of da protests if i am unable to walk i would carry a stick right now this storm i walk is thick others see the protests as an unnecessary distraction we voted for the politicians if a person wants a change to the constitution they should talk to their politician if someone is yours a money go to your representative. sitting just 15 meters away from this heated argument. is worried about her family she left home at 5 o'clock in the morning to sell vegetables in this market no one is buying there's no money to look at my
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children sitting here in the sun disposed to go back to school but there's no money to pay their fees so they're not starting tomorrow. the money totaling $419.00 is due in less than 24 hours. economic decline and inflation have pushed many liberians below the poverty line. the local currency is also steadily losing value exchanging $192.00 the american dollar from 1462 years ago. for many years since the end of the civil war liberia's relied heavily on united nations spending and world budget so when the united nations mission ended it was a shock to the economy to small and medium sized businesses actress shut down unemployment rose and inflation got worse this content is now in every way. critics of the government accuse it of liking accountability and rampant corruption
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. in 2019 they brought thousands of liberians to the streets to protest 7 months later they say things have only got worse. we've presented it partition continued to manage to the president to address the issue of corruption specific cases of corruption bad governance a violation of the constitution and the president refused to act on any of our demands the 2019 protests lasted a day organizers say this time they won't leave until their demands are met the government has denied allegations that of fishes i've been stealing public money. issue is that. mr president one of the political elite you had your money and i'm not. the president so the army using the view of means. on the mine his authority and to deal or did the election.
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the protest father polarize people in the west african country. for liberia's like what matters most is the opportunity to make some money to feed and send high children to school after that she says the politicians can do what ever they please . but many liberians on both sides of the political divide agree. but to greece i'll just. to india now where i'm asked mom has attacked teachers and students at an elite university in the capital new delhi the student body lent to the governing b j p is being blamed and said in the latest in a series of violent clashes across india and resulted in an increased security presence of the campus of the jail i have met in university around 20 people have been injured on the subject from the campus. the policemen are present here in numbers today but all sunday evening when some of the students and teachers hero
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were under attack they took their time to enter the university one must also get clearance from the security guards so the students who were beaten up are asking while the security guards just careless or was the administration of the university complicit in the attack that took place on sunday evening about 50 people including women wearing mosques holding on roles in their hands went from one also to another they beat up students as well as some teachers and threatened the students as well at the moment about 20 people students and some teachers are receiving treatment at a hospital in new delhi now the students who were beaten up allege that the group that beat them up one gangster but part of the a.b. repeat which is a students' union affiliated with the hindu nationalist party to the party the whole minister of the country who comes from that party has ordered an inquiry and several ministers in the current government have started in this university have condemned the violence but the students here don't feel safe anymore many of them
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have left their hostels and gone back home or to their friends as houses just. steve that the big question that people are now asking is because there's a sense of disbelief and panic that how could such an attack take place are students now not safe inside their hostels the students of this university have been protesting against the controversial citizenship law and more recently also against the proposed fee hike. well we're looking we're looking at live pictures now of the coffin of cost them so no money being taken into a mosque and the iranian holy city of qom the military general was assassinated in a u.s. air strike on his cornball convoy at baghdad airport on friday there was a large few new york funeral procession held for him in the iranian capital tehran today it was attended by iran's top leaders supreme leader ayatollah ali harmony
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the iranian president hassan rouhani so the funeral procession now in the holy city of qom and custom soleimani will be buried at mond on tuesday now there was already a funeral procession held for him in baghdad where the u.s. airstrike took place on friday and there has been reaction to his assassination right across the region many so we have seen crowds as we have seen now huge crowds come out to attend the funeral procession across iran and we saw similar crowds in iraq when there was a procession for him shortly after the attack. as a result iran's leaders have said that they will avenge the the senior military generals death iraq has decided rocks parliament has decided to expel
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all forms lawson's from the country as a result of this assassination we will have to wait and see if the iraqi parliament is able to do that now iranian correspondents dosage of bari has more now from. the body is currently on route from the capital to the holy city of we can see the images that people have come out to say. their goodbyes to the general and as it makes it the copper makes its way to the holy city of rome where their people will also have a chance to pay their respects after that the coffin will make its way from home to his hometown of care mon city in central iran where he will be laid to rest later on tuesday. so iraqi politicians have voted to remove all foreign forces and response to the assassination of the money but the bill is non-binding and needs government approval and the us president is threatening sanctions against iraq if
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it goes ahead with moves to expel hong troops donald trump says american forces won't leave unless iraq pays for the u.s. base that's there. in other news there were chaotic scenes inside and outside venezuela's national assembly off to opposition leader juan and his allies were blocked from entering the building by police those who were allowed in wanted to replace quite a with a politician who was recently kicked out of an opposition party for alleged corruption well those are the headlines on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera is coming up next we have another news hour for you after that from elizabeth rodham thank you very much for watching. counting the cost 2020 we pick through what could be the whole geopolitical and geo economic topics of the year for the most important election in the free world and we are asking if the world can come together the time global warming inequality a globalized. counting the cost on al-jazeera. as we.
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see. on the previous episode of talk to al-jazeera we spoke to even born in the founder of a south african based private army here's what he told us. the operation we're going to we're going to 3 phases the 1st phase was to actually cut a dividing line there. ross northeastern nigeria and isolate about problem into 2 defined areas we were not allowed to finish because it came at a time when governments were in the process of changing president jonathan's government and possibly saw the entire boko haram contract if we called it that almost as a last gasp in order to be gained popularity.


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