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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2020 11:00am-11:34am +03

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public scrutiny. is the only indigenous group still cult leader who is in the tradition of russia sees this muslim minority as a sort. of the. us president donald trump appears to back away from further military confrontation with iran. probably the worst briefing i've seen at least on the military issue. members of congress criticize the white house for carrying out the attack that killed iranian come on the same sort of money. come about this and this is all just they were live from doha also coming up turkey and russia push for a cease fire in libya the e.u. ones of
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a 2nd syria if the conflict is not resolved. evacuation notices in parts of a strain more hot and windy weather is forecast threatening to fan bush fires burning out of control. u.s. president donald trump appears to be backing away from further military confrontation with iran washington has written to the u.n. stating it will act against techron again if necessary but it's also said it's ready for serious negotiations without preconditions iran carried out air strikes and iraqi military bases hosting u.s. troops on wednesday in the tally ation for the assassination of military come on the house and so the money now we have correspondents in washington and 1st white house correspondent can be halted as a report. with the u.s. and iran edging dangerously clue. to war president donald trump proclaimed that
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tehran appears to be standing down truck gave no indication that the united states intends to strike back hours after running in missile attacks on 2 bases used by the us military in iraq we suffered ok will tease all of our soldiers are safe and orderly minimal damage was sustained at our military bases it was a stark contrast to the president's threats of retaliation without hesitation that have dominated his twitter feed in recent days instead flanked by top advisers in generals troubling aid a surprising suggestion that members of nato to become much more involved in the middle east process it was an astonishing claim from a president who once called nato obsolete he also encouraged u.s. partners and allies to abandon the j c p
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a way an agreement put in place in 2050 and by world powers to live it iran's nuclear program we must all work together toward making a deal with the rain that makes the world a safer and more peaceful place however trouble did announce new sanctions would be coming without giving specifics he also left open the possibility of diplomacy speaking directly to iran's leaders he insisted the united states desires for iran a great future one that you deserve one of prosperity at home in harmony with the nations of the world the united states is ready to embrace peace. with all who seek it but missing from the president's speech evidence that the u.s. killing of iranian general qassam solomonic was justified and necessary to prevent an imminent attack on americans it's evidence opposition democrats are demanding
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from the trumpet ministration also absent a clear strategy something the administration has promised to provide in closed door briefings on wednesday to members of congress including top republicans iran didn't just take an off ramp it took a u. turn because they know they have no capability to fight against america at least based on the presentation that was made. that he does not meet what i consider to be a threat but if president trump chooses to respond by sending even more soldiers to the middle east he breaks a major campaign promise to pull the united states out of what he once called its for ever wars kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house. is joining us live from washington d.c. given seems as though the focus and least in washington at the moment is now essentially who knew what and why and in the run up to the kid the assassination of the solo money what more do we know about what's going on at the moment. you have
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many members of congress were furious that they were not informed in advance of the strike to kill so the money they felt that they should have been informed particularly since so the money was a general of a sovereign state and that can be interpreted in many quarters as an act of war and so that would take an act of congress for that to happen and so the fact that trump did this without informing congress infuriated many many members and that's why you're seeing this fallout now in the days and hours after the house speaker nancy pelosi a democrat is now going to do something about it she is going to on thursday she says bring to the house floor a resolution a war axe resolution that would limit what actions trump can take militarily against iran going forward she says that the house of representatives will vote on it on thursday and it would severely limit what trump
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can do mero militarily in iran they would trump would need to inform congress before any future actions now this would have to be ratified by the senate and given that the senate is dominated by the republican party and that most republicans have rallied around donald trump it seems unlikely that this would go into law but it is. symbolic in a lot of ways that in a very strong symbolism in a lot of ways that nancy pelosi is doing this on thursday because it really is a signal to trump that she is not happy and that she wants congress to be more informed about what's going on in advance now on wednesday trump administration officials did brief both the senate and the house and many members were very unhappy and dissatisfied with some of the information that they received from administration officials about why this strike and so the money happened including some republicans as well let's listen to what republican mike lee had to say
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after he came out. hearing from trump administration officials behind closed doors . i had hoped and expected to receive more information outlining the legal factual and moral justification for the attack that was left somewhat unsatisfied on that front which i would add was probably the worst briefing i've seen at least on a military issue in the 9 years i've served in the united states senate when i found so distressing about that briefing was that one of the messages we received from the briefers was do not debate do not discuss the issue of the appropriateness of further miller military intervention against iran. and that if you do you'll be emboldening iran gave i understand as well that the us ambassador to the un can the cruft has sent a letter to the united the un security council giving some more details about the
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run up to the assassination of the general what more do we know about that letter. yeah this letter came in late wednesday it's about a page and a half long it was from kelly craft or it is from kelly kraft the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and as you correctly mention it was sent to the president of the united nations security council this is part of article $51.00 of the u.n. charter would stipulates that any country that takes military action against another country. do it because of self-defense needs to inform the security council immediately so that's why this letter was sent to sort of a formality but in it there are 2 key points i think they really stand out before i get to those i will mention that in the letter it says that the u.s. will potentially take more action in the middle east should it deem it necessary but in the letter there's 2 things that really stick out or one of them is this
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part that says over the past several months the united states has been the target of a series of escalating threats and armed attacks by the islamic republic of iran that's interesting because nowhere in this letter does it lay out any of the details or even mention that there was any sort of imminent threat that caused this strike killing solo money and that that whole idea of the imminent threat is what trump and his aides around him have been saying why it was so important if they did it so quickly interesting that the u.n. representative for the united states mentions no imminent threat in her letter and also at the end of the letter it in spite saying the united states wishes to know as it has done repeatedly over the past years that we remain committed to a diplomatic resolution we've been hearing that from other administration officials as well why that's interesting coming from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. is that out of one side the u.s. is saying we want diplomacy and they're telling the u.n.
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we want diplomacy with iran but on the other side the iraqis foreign minister. mohamed javid zarif was planning to be in new york at the u.n. attending security council meetings on thursday however he won't be why because the u.s. would not give him a visa so on one side the u.s. say they want diplomacy with iran but on another side they're denying a tell you rance top diplomat timescale iran's supreme leader has held a vigil for sort of money and the others killed by the u.s. airstrikes in iraq on friday ayatollah ali a column in the personally conducted the commemoration next to his official residence in teheran have been a series of ceremonies across iran and iraq for the assassinated commander on tuesday at least 56 people were killed during a stampede and so the money's funeral in the southeastern iranian city of quetta mun runs embassador to the u.n.
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has dismissed any cooperation with the trumpet ministration given the current sanctions situation in an interview with al-jazeera he went on to say that teheran's next move depends on the actions of the us iran is not interested in war iran is not interested in escalation of tension in the region i mean. increasing the tension in the region really not. in the interest of nobody saw it on definitely would like to have to have peace in the neighborhood and the 1st ingredient for peace in the in the region is that he move of of the forces american forces from our teacher ok let's go live to our side because joining us from her on i said is there any indication that there has been any change in the mood of people who are attending this commemoration.
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no this commemorations is in a period of mourning what happens here traditionally in iranian culture is that they are remembered 3 days 7 days 40 days after the death but this memorial service is being attended by high profile and villagers us you said the supreme need how many we have president hassan rouhani we have foreign minister zarif we also have the head of the revolutionary guard have also we have delegations from lebanon's hezbollah and some iraqi political factions but what's also interesting is who is sitting next to this supreme leader on his right hand side is president hassan rouhani and his left hand side is the new leader of the goods force general carney now that shows you how significant and how important that role is of the good for style could force is a faction of iran's revolutionary guard force deals with operations outside of the
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country now these these these events now that are taking place you're hearing you the g.'s of them so the money is poetry being recycled images you'll see people crying still very upset still very emotional over his assassination because he was a very popular individual is one probably the 2nd most popular individual in this country and 2nd most powerful individual he was loved by many he was seen as someone that for tough isis and prevented them from reaching the borders of iran but also that he carried out operations try to unite factions outside of iran in iraq in yemen and work with the palestinians but also with lebanon's hezbollah. thank you very much indeed. the u.n. envoy to libya has welcomed calls by turkey and russia for a cease fire to be implemented by sunday the 2 support opposing sides in the
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conflict moscow backs libyan wallowed khalifa his forces have been trying to seize tripoli since april turkey has begun deploying troops to support the un recognized government based in the capital e.u. leaders have been hosting libyan prime minister fires in brussels. probably for half the has held talks with the italian prime minister. in rome as part of separate diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the conflict in libya italy has urged the e.u. to increase its efforts to stabilize the situation it's concerned about the proximity of libya to the italian island of sicily and the number of people who attempt to flee the violence will nominate other warheads joining us now live from tripoli michael give us an indication if you can 1st of all if there's any chance that a cease fire might actually happen. well the call for the ceasefire has been worldcom by civil institutions here at local and international
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institutions including the you and bad the government of national called the tripoli based high state council and also as you know rob the united nations support the mission in libya namely the unity of nations special representative of the united nations security council of the united nations. secretary-general i mean of the u.n. envoy to libya who will come the call by both the russian president vladimir putin and the turkish president. and also in no way to by the maid said that he hopes that all these calls could lead to the process of peace talks. to be held in berlin but in all cases this could not be implemented on the ground and lists a change happens as you know that meanwhile. has been sending troops it had already
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sent advanced weapons to the government of national called to hold preparing their aggression by have to force according to the government. and meanwhile russia knows very well that russian medicine is from the bagnall company which is close to the president putin have been fighting along with the forces loyal to the war not only for heads or so after this call from both presidents it seems that both forces on the ground either the turkish forces of the russian forces on the other side would most of probably work as a peace keeping force or at least to. put an end to any advancement on the ground for neither side so that they can pave the way to the bilin talks but again this has been welcomed here in libya and also by the united nations support the mission in libya but we cannot we cannot
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confirm for sure that there has been this has been making a change unless the situation on the ground stops i mean meaning the fighting on the ground thanks very much indeed well yes of course joining us now is a professor of political science at qatar university thank you very much for being with us and i want to talk about the possibility of a cease fire given the circumstances that are on the ground in libya at the moment just a few days ago that any sort of cease fire any sort of relaxation in the fighting seemed impossible what's changed when i think i think that the cease fire is most likely at the moment specialist's is due to mumbo to mean buckles for the 2. parties have to do should the government include police. gloster on the one hand until you're on the other hand for political. cease fire who the fuck that have to
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has been. trying to cop to tripoli for the last 4 or 8 months or so mo has gone to italy to meet with the brutal blood minister the. for a ceasefire the fact that turkish troops are on the ground at the moment is kind of a counterbalance to the power of how it seems that ceasefire is much more likely to happen mainly for 2 reasons the 1st one is the oil supply to europe especially given what's happenin. and obviously these are all places my shut up in the next couple of weeks if that situation deteriorates it will be up. to is the issue of. immigrants because italy is just a few 100 kilometers away from libya and germany has been calling for a conference for a ceasefire and to stop his libya because malta 50 percent of immigrants you know
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opened up in germany or get understand why italy for example would be very anxious to for a cease fire to take place for all the reasons you've talked about as well as turkey but then the external involvement in libya doesn't just rest there does it we're talking about several other countries that also have vested interests on both sides of the conflict in libya how does that factor in obviously after is bought by russia egypt saudi arabia the united arab emirates well as the legitimate government of tripoli is but among. the most western governments your government now algeria is coming to the fall deploy the foreign minister of. italy was it all julia recently deployed minister of libya was only recently and the germans have invited the obviously deal does what infections are on the ground but i would argue that they'll nothing with out to the ship all of those foreign powers. if it happens and i think it's much more likely to happen
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comes we don't lose main players buck each party. what kind of agreement has to be reached in order for the ceasefire to be able to hold one would assume that having achieved a significant amount within libya. is unlikely to simply back away and say right i want to accept anything what kind of deal do you think would be done well i think the 1st thing is for both parties to agree to a cease fire we would immediately conditions then we would meet. around the table for negotiations because if i have to as i said before was not necessarily interested in the ceasefire because he fell down on the globe and he could win the bottom eventually with the backing of those countries due to the turkish troops on the ground in libya they controlled balanced political power. i think the balance
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of power on the globe has changed both parties see that they cannot win the situation especially after they cannot win the war using military means so the main thing is for a cease fire then we open up the discussion the fact that he went to italy he spoke to the prime minister of italy suggest that he's willing to at least stop the fighting and meet with the autopilot is explicitly the go to full policy in a little too who will tell some sort of. settlement whether he will get what he wants it's a completely different story but we cannot talk about what sort of conditions is he going to put forward without a ceasefire is a bill and we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed thank you. there are reports of multiple taliban and civilian casualties following u.s. air strikes in afghanistan it happened in the state of herat province a u.s. military spokesman says the strikes were in support of afghan ground forces afghan
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officials have not confirmed the casualty reports at least 20 soldiers have been killed in an attack in northeast nigeria military sources say members of an armed group stormed the town of go in borno state on tuesday evening some residents had to flee their homes for safety there are fears of more casualties. demonstrations against corruption are taking place in the yemeni city of ties protesters are demanding the government pay them salaries a southern city is on the front line of yemen's conflict and has struggled economically with the rebels and saudi backed forces have been battling for control of the city. ukraine's president has declared a national day of mourning after a cranium commercial jet crashed in iran killing all 176 passengers and crew it went down a wide and stay after takeoff from tehran as more. the passengers and crew of
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flight p s 752 didn't stand a chance. minutes after takeoff the ukrainian international airlines flight from tehran to kiev went down in a city suburb recovery teams pick through what's left of the plane from people's lives. most of the dead are rainy and more than 60 canadians who also killed many reportedly students returning from break ation. the boeing 737800 was less than 4 years old and had been recently serviced. video and social media shows a light hurtling to the ground and then a fireball. iranian officials say there was no distress call it was a principle but fortunately it didn't question the reason eventually area but the wreckage has scarce it around the gardens of villas within a large radius nobody has survived. bill airport in kiev the arrivals
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board bears the grim news. this mother and father had been waiting for their son to arrive missing so someone throwing my son is a senior flight attendant my daughter called at 615 this morning to say that in the u.s. they were reporting that a plane had crashed a ukrainian international airlines plane. ukraine's now canceled all flights overran the country's embassy in tehran initially blamed engine failure for the crash later removed the statement. we made the decision to suspend all the activities of all you creating of the asian companies in iranian air space until the causes of this tragedy become clear. the crash comes amid heightened tensions across the region following a u.s. drone strike that killed top iranian general has. in a sign of worsening ties iran's civil aviation authority says it will not give the black box flight recorder to u.s. plane make
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a boeing for analysis it's not clear which country iran will send the box to. the safety audit and it had no accidents whatsoever so there they really do there's a very very good airlines but i do believe it will be mechanical or possibly it might possibly be a terrorist act it's too hard to tell at this stage the crash is a major setback for boeing but struggled to regain trust after the grounding of its 737 max aircraft following 2 fatal accuracies within 5 months. the boeing 737 is one of the most popular aircraft in the sky with a good safety record investigators are us now to turn in how and why so many lives ended here. al-jazeera. firefighters and residents in southeast are preparing for the return of dangerous weather conditions new warnings and evacuation notices have been issued urging people living in high risk areas to leave 27 people have been killed since the forest started in september jessica
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washington's in sydney says the fire season is far from over conditions are expected to worsen tomorrow which will be friday here in australia already had some evacuations in the state of south we know that it's likely to heat up along the east coast region of the states of victoria and new south wales we heard from the prime minister just a short while ago warning that even though it seems that things have been so terrible in these affected areas particularly in new south wales and victoria that things are likely to be worse in the days to come and the crisis is. with using creasing in the south and east and it will spike along the east coast tomorrow $1600.00 defense reservists are currently assigned to operations around the country in the new south wales and. the focus is on risk to black communities.
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bushfire crisis has really gripped the nation and terrified many of the country. that this season will be a turning point we have heard from the prime minister recently saying that his government has always made the connection between this. season and the climate change but of course that hasn't always been the case early on in this in this crisis the government was quick to distance. from climate change we haven't heard from the government any change in policy any indication that it will move back from its dependence on fossil fuels. the mexican government says more than 61000 people have disappeared and the rising violence that's 50 percent war in the government previously estimated as it has gone home and has more from sin a lower in northern mexico. the beginning of another day for isabel looking for her son you'll see garcia she's turned a home into the headquarters of the search for him and others in similar lower
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mexico this is somebody. this is a father and son these ones are brothers the disappeared this one is my son across the country there are many more disappeared 61000 by the government's new estimate victims of rival criminal groups and even authorities every weekend is a bell and other women who have joined together and called themselves sub wessels get ahead as warriors sniffer dogs go out to look for them they have rudimentary tools to check for bodies under the soil now let's be made up but i think we sniff to see if it's got any strange smell when you find a body and you smell it it burns itself into your mind you'll never confuse that smell with any other. they say they've had to carry out the search by themselves let the mother say the last 2 years of my life have been passed off it for me my life just flipped 360 degrees since they took my son and it turned me into
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a search and human rights defender i've become a place woman lawyer friends of for others in different parts of the country have told us the same they've had to do it all alone. groups of volunteers like this one have sprung up all across mexico over the last decade and they exist they say not because they want to but because authorities themselves are interested in looking for their lost loved ones. the administration of president lopez obrador has changed the tone admitting mexico has got a huge problem and setting up a commission to help find the disappeared that many say on the ground little changed meanwhile as the country suffers record levels of violence it's a sure bet that more are going missing and so the warrior sniffer dogs continue searching even as they break for lunch another terrible story emerges. that we
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don't that is here they had him for 3 days tied up and tortured and they left him to die alone it's almost too much to say this is the look we have much i can't go on but they do go on as anyone would if their son or daughter had vanished and they were the only hope of finding them john heilemann how does it or similar or. this is all just here at these other top stories u.s. president donald trump appears to be backing away from further military confrontation with iran that's after iran launched airstrikes on an iraqi military base hosting u.s. troops washington's now written to the un saying it's ready for serious negotiations without preconditions iran's ambassador to the u.n. has dismissed any cooperation with the trumpet ministration given current sanctions he made the comment as morning continued for costs and sort of money who was killed
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by the u.s. on friday iran is not interested in war iran is not interested in escalation of tension. i mean increasing the tension in the. interest of nobody so it on definitely would like to have to have peace in the neighborhood and the 1st. one. is that of of the forces forces from on each there are reports of multiple taliban and civilian casualties following u.s. airstrikes in afghanistan it happened in the district of head province a u.s. military spokesman says the strikes were in support of afghan ground forces at least 20 soldiers have been killed in an attack in northeastern nigeria military sources say members of an armed group stormed the town of mangano in borno state on
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tuesday evening some residents fled into the bush for safety there are fears of more casualties the un envoy to libya has welcomed calls by turkey and russia for a cease fire to be implemented by sunday there to support opposing sides in the conflict moscow backs libyan warlord khalifa haftar whose forces have been trying to seize tripoli since april. oh if i have to i was held talks with the italian prime minister tzipi conte in rome as part of separate diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the conflict in libya italy has urged the e.u. to increase its efforts to stabilize the situation firefighters and residents in southeastern australia are preparing for the return of dangerous weather conditions 37 people have been killed since the fire started in september and those are the headlines coming up next it's the stream. he's notorious for creating fake passports. one of many. as
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he reveals the secrets he's trying. to be. welcome to the stream. the killing of an iranian major general has put the u.s. and iran on the brink of war but iraq is the battlefield so what lies ahead for a country over the struggling with a string of domestic problems central falls for today's show. you could be it. iran's targeting of 2 iraqi military bases hosting u.s. troops has put the world on edge with fears that terrans revenge attacks the u.s. killing of its most important military coup would escalate but it's a rock that's in the firing line and it already has enough problems.


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